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#high life

“What do you know about cruelty?”

A group of criminals sentenced to life imprisonment or death sentence is sent to space for scientific experiences about a black hole. Monte is the only one surviving, with his baby daughter, and he remembers his days on board of the spaceship as he and his daughter get closer to the black hole each and every day. 

I am very disappointed in this movie. It started off really well and seemed very promising, but as the flashbacks from when everyone was still on board started, it got so boring and plainly weird and disturbing at times (wtf is The Box?!). I felt that it lacked a lot of depth, or I just simply didn’t understand the movie well, but everything just looked out of place and the whole of it just seemed unstructured. I also thought we didn’t know enough about the characters’ background, why they were here, what they did to go to prison before being sent to space. The dialogues were a bit all over the place, and it made it harder for me to have any feelings towards any of the characters, except for Monte. 

Overall, the perfomances weren’t that memorable. I was mostly sad about Juliette Binoche’s one cause I remember her from another movie and she was great in it - nowhere near as great in High Life. Robert Pattinson on the other hand, delivered an amazing performance given his movie material. 

I was excepting the end to be at least exciting, but I was just so bored that I didn’t appreciate it enough. 

directed by : claire denis

release year : 2018

my rating :  ★★☆☆☆

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Day 9426

Dinner/munchies included cashew milk cookies and cream ice cream, one pizza slice with ketchup, leftover mangu from breakfast, and a bowl of chocolate cinnamon blueberry banana and walnuts oatmeal. In that order.. after an 8 mile hike 😂

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