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#high lord rhysand
feysandandnyx · 13 hours ago
My babies 😭😭😭😭
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hellogoodbye14 · 17 hours ago
Feysand in an argument
Rhys: Feyre darling you have to listen to me, ITS NOT RIGHT
Feyre: oh fuck you
Rhys: okay right now? Lemme just lock the door…. Or we can leave it open..?? The threat of discovery makes it more thrilling 👀
Feyre: You’re impossible!!! …. leave it open…
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Tarquin, High Lord of Summer and Holding Grudges
Helion, High Lord of Day, Acting and Chaotic Bisexuals
Rhysand, High Lord of Night and Panicking Internally
Beron, High Lord of Autumn and Trying His Very Best to Get Killed by Someone (I volunteer)
Kallias, High Lord of Winter and Inability to Confess Feelings (him and Rhys should start a support group, Azriel will sign up)
Thesan, High Lord of Dawn and Awkward Peace-keeping
Tamlin, High Lord of Spring and Being Manipulated
Feyre, High Lady of Night and Bargaining For the Tattoos
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hellogoodbye14 · 2 days ago
Cass and Az babysitting for about 2 minutes…. (Inspired by “Fall” by Kristen Callihan)
Azriel: “We have to head out, just waiting on those reports.”
Rhys: “Feyre was almost done checking them, she’s bringing them down. Here take Nyx, I need to rush to the bathroom real quick.”
*Az holding Nyx a bit awkwardly*
Cassian: “You know you could put him in his crib?”
Rhys: “Try it, I dare you.”
Az and Cass frown at one another.
A door slams, and they are left alone with twenty pounds of drooling baby who has decided that Az’s eyebrows would be better off detached from his face.
Azriel: “Okay, little man, let’s find you something better to play with.”
He sets Nyx down and Cass hands him some toy caterpillar.
He looks at the bug, then at Cass, then back at the bug. His little chin prunes up. Cass hears an internal warning alarm blaring, “Danger! Danger!”
Azriel jiggles another of the toy bugs. “Fun, yeah?”
No, no it is not. Tears well in Nyx’s eyes, and he sucks in a deep breath. His temper breaks with an ungodly wail, his little arms flailing, face bright red.
Az picks him up immediately, “Okay, okay. Those bugs are creepy anyway.”
Cass, “Im sorry little man! Oh god what do we do?!”
Nyx’s back arches as he screams his fury. “Holy Cauldron, I thought I was emotional. What about this?” Cass picks up a monkey toy, “Monkey? You want your monkey?”
lumpy monkey goes flying with one indignant swat.
“Right. Monkeys suck. Noted. Az move him like Feyre does.”
“Don’t yell at me, Nyx is already doing it enough!”
Rhys strides into the room with a harried expression. “You put him down, didn’t you?”
Azriel: “we thought he might want to play!”
Rhys takes his son, grabs a pacifier, and holds it up to Nyx’s mouth. “Here you go, love.”
He immediately sucks it in and then rests his head on Rhys’s shoulder with a shuddering sigh like he’s just been through a long, hard battle. Clearly, one Cass and Azriel lost.
Cassian: “Plug up the hole.” He slaps his forehead. “I should have known.”
Rhys and Nyx shoot him twin glares.
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hellogoodbye14 · 2 days ago
Cass and Nesta visiting Feysand’s Estate because Cass has to pick some reports from Rhys.
Rhys answers the door on the fifth knock. His hair is sticking up on one side and his tie is askew—being clutched in the merciless grip on a chubby baby fist. Nyx gives them a smile as if to say look who I made my bitch today.
Cassian: “Oh how the mighty have fallen”
Nesta: “Hold my bag, I need a picture of this”
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hellogoodbye14 · 3 days ago
Nesta with Nyx
Nesta: “You’re all spoiling him too much”
Also Nesta: *notices he likes a certain kind of candy, buys the stores entire stock for him*, “here you go little man.”
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hellogoodbye14 · 4 days ago
Cass: I’m bored
Rhys *cradling a sleeping Nyx*: don’t feather pluckin say it!
Azriel: Why can’t he say what?
Cass *trying to hold in his laughter*: Did you just say feather pluckin?
Rhys *rolling his eyes*: I’m trying not to swear in front of my toddler Cass.
Cass *biting his fist to not laugh out loud and wake Nyx up*
Azriel: okay, but why isn’t Cass allowed to say he’s bored?
Rhys: He’s going to jinx the peace
Azriel *scoffing* : there’s no such thing and even I’m bored. There’s nothing to do anymore... no fighting... no spying
Cass: TRUTH!
Rhys: Will you two shut the frig up!
Cassian: but....but....
*Amren comes crashing into the living room, nyx wakes up*
Amren: we have a problem
Cass and Az *eyes wide in shock*
Rhys *trying to lull back nyx to sleep*: you just had to jinx it
Amren: They did what?!
Azriel: ..... we said that we were bored
Amren *steps on the table near the illyrians and smacks them both on their heads*: YOU IDIOTS!
Cass: fucking ow Amren!!!
Nyx: ffff-aaackeeeeen
*Rhys glaring at an ashen Cass*
Cass: Feyre is going to send her water wolves my way isn’t she?
Rhys: Run.
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feysandandnyx · 4 days ago
I think you have to be brave to say that any hot in acosf is better than chapter 55. Seriously guys, did you understand chapter 55? I mean, it wasn't just about sex 🤷🏽‍♀️
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fangirlofacotar · 5 days ago
Feyre with Tamlin
Feyre: Tamlin I am suffering being closed in here. I need-
Tamlin: Walks with Ianthe of course!
Feyre: Hell no. I-
Tamlin: Need more paint? Need more jewellery? Need more clothes?
Feyre: Of course not! I need-
Tamlin: To get married?
Tamlin: Right. I forgot the flowers. Of course you are the bride of the High Lord of Spring Court. You need flowers of course!
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hellogoodbye14 · 5 days ago
You fight because you survived - Rhysand/Gwyn interaction on healing
Part 2
Rhys moved his gaze towards the priestess. His brows furrowed in confusion.
“How do I do what?”
Rhys could see her throat work, he could see her nervously tuck a strand behind her ear.
She nodded to herself, as if convincing herself of something. Something he had seen her do every time before she tried to perfect a new combat move.
Her eyes met his, filled with resolve. Her back a bit more straight.
“You have experienced a lot. I don’t know the details but what I do know is enough to establish that you have seen and experienced some horrible things. Experiences somewhat similar to mine. Yet, I see you live and thrive. I see you be vulnerable.... so my question to you is, how do you do it?”
Her question was met with silence, Rhys looked at her for a moment and then shifted his gaze towards the night sky. His gaze shifting as if looking for an answer, an answer to a question no one had ever really asked him before.
He heard Gwyn shift, “I’m sorry if that was too intrusive, you don’t have to answer.”
He shook his head before she even finished her sentence. “No, its not. I mean it is but I’m trying to articulate my thoughts .”
Gwyn nodded. Giving him the time to sort out his own thoughts. It was hard enough processing her thoughts at times but even harder to find the right words to communicate them.
“I won’t lie to you Gwyn, the demons that haunt me haven’t vanished and I don’t think they ever will. There are days when you remember, days when you are forced to remember.”
Gwyn nodded, afraid to break the flow of words he worked hard to start in the first place.
“The days I am forced to remember is when I walk around Velaris. When I see a sister and brother bickering, or even when I see my mate and her sisters interacting. The days I am forced to remember is when I see a mother hold their childs hand tightly, or embrace them in greeting. There are days when I am forced to remember loosing them.”
Gwyn felt tears forming in her eyes. She couldn’t help it, couldn’t ignore the pain in the high lords voice. The agony in it, she understood it. She looked up at the night sky he looked at in effort to keep her tears at bay.
“When I am forced to remember, I remember that it was because of my action, of my trust in the wrong person that led to me loosing them. That those beautiful lives were horribly lost too soon, because of me.”
“How do you deal with that Rhysand? I - those thoughts, when you’re forced to remember.”
“In my heart, I know that it was the actions of cruel people that led to their deaths not mine. But telling yourself that doesn’t always help does it?”
“No it doesn’t” she sniffled. “No matter how many times I tell myself that, no matter how logical I make it sound... I can never convince myself.”
“Maybe we’re not meant to convince ourselves Gwyn.”
She looked at him confused. He turned his head towards her, his inky hair ruffled by the tame wind.
“What do you mean? If we can’t accept it then how can we heal?”
“We heal by accepting that it happened, by accepting that when we are forced to remember them it is by good memories of them. I’m forced to remember them when I see siblings in the streets teasing and pranking one another, it tells me I’d done the same once with my sister. I remember my mother when I see my mate with my son, I remember her gentleness and her love. When I am forced to remember, I focus on what I’m remembering and I acknowledge that I lost them but I also acknowledge that they left me gifts, gifts in the memories I hold of them. What did your sister leave you with Gwyn?”
Gwyn stayed silent for a moment, thinking of all the times she was recently forced to remember her sister.
“I remember her protecting me when I see Nesta and Feyre together. Her teasing nature when I see you, Cassian and Azriel interact. i remember her utter focus when Emerie sets her mind to finish any obstacle.”
“Well Gwyn, she left you with a lot of gifts too then didn’t she? Your teasing nature, your focus so strong that you’re set on besting one of the strongest Illyrians in history tomorrow.”
Gwyn giggled and wiped a tear off her face.
“But most of all she left the gift of protectiveness to you, perhaps even before she left this world too soon. You protected those children Gwyn, that action, if anything is a tribute to your sister. An acknowledgment that you learned from her and carried it on for her.”
Gwyn could not stop the tears, she couldn’t. She tried looking up at the night sky to stop, but to no avail. She never thought of it like that. The wind blew on her face, the coolness of it settling on her face as if kissing her to comfort, to embrace, to feel.
“I never thought of it that way”
“Its hard to, we embrace the pain far more quickly than we embrace what they left us because we think punishing ourselves could heal us. But it wont Gwyn and it would also be a disservice to those we lost. Yes we lost them, but we get to live. We get to live for them, to continue their legacy and to share their gifts with the world. To bring good to this world. So live. Live to honour her, live for her unapologetically and brave.”
Gwyn nodded, “you’re right, it would be a waste of her life and mine to not share her goodness with the world.”
Rhysand smiled at her and nodded
“... but what of the times I remember the painful memories Rhysand, the one that bring the guilt back.”
“Those will keep coming, they still do with me at least and on days like that I go and take a moment to myself. I try to sit and remember the thousands of good memories of them to set aside that one bad one.”
“When you visit the library?”
“The silence there helps me sort through my thoughts”
Gwyn smiled, “helps me too, so does training which is why you came here tonight too?”
Rhys nodded, “frustration will arise from time to time, the unfairness of it all.” He pointed at the ring. “ At such times, I come here to work it off.”
Gwyn nodded and released a breath,
“Thank you for talking to me, I know its not easy but I - it’s difficult to ask for help from someone who doesn’t understand it.”
Rhysand smiled at her, “It is. I should also be thanking you.”
Gwyn looked at him perplexed
“Its hard talking about it but I do feel lighter after I do. Everyone except for Feyre is afraid to ask these questions so I never get to voice what I feel, and when you don’t get to voice them...”
Gwyn continued for him, “you don’t get to understand your feelings”
Rhys nodded, “precisely”.
To be continued......
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nikethestatue · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Via carlosgzz003 on Instagram
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feysandandnyx · 5 days ago
I really hate the pregnancy plot line, to me it doesn't make any sense. In my opinion, Rhysand is being mischaracterized by hiding Feyre's pregnancy risk. However, I think Sarah's intention was to show that Rhysand is being severely affected by Feyre's pregnancy, including his ability to judge or think. Basically, he's more overprotective than usual. Rhysand all the time tries to keep Feyre safe and hassle-free. He's not making it easy for anyone, not even himself.
"Did you really need to give Nesta that death glare earlier?" He sat up, the soul of innocence. "I don't know what you're talk about, Feyre darling" - "I'd never do such a thing. You must be thinking of your other mate." 'Yes, the cruel, overprotective, half-insane one" (acosf - Sarah. K. Maas)
"You have a pregnant mate, Rhys. You’ll kill anyone that presents a threat to Feyre. You’re a danger to all of us right now". "I’d never harm someone Feyre loves. You know that." There was enough tension in the words that Cassian clapped his brother on the shoulder, squeezing the hard muscle beneath. (ACOSF - sjm)
Tonight also served another purpose: to tell the world of Feyre’s pregnancy. She wore a dress of sparkling black panels, muchlike the one she’d first worn here—and it did nothing to hide her swelling belly. No, it showed off her pregnant womb, gleaming in the candlelight. Rhys’s face was a portrait of smug, male pride. Cassian knew he’d shred anyone who so much as blinked wrong at Feyre into a million bloody ribbons. Indeed, cold violence rippled off Rhys as they walked toward the dais, Feyre’s babyrich scent filling the air. (Acosf - Sarah J. maas)
Rhysand is being a danger to himself because he can't stand the idea of ​​hurting Feyre.
“Because I can’t bring myself to give her that fear. To take away one bit of the joy in her eyes every time she puts a hand on her belly.” His voice shook. “It is fucking eating me alive, this terror. I keep myself busy, but … there is no one to bargain with for her life, in the amount of wealth to buy it, nothing that I can do to save her.” (Acosf - Sarah J. Maas)
The secret seems to arise from the need to keep Feyre safe:
Amren threw a withering glare in Nesta’s direction, but said, “We did not wish to alarm you. Fear can be as deadly as any physical threat.” (acosf - Sarah J. maas)
But Rhysand is overreacting, because he's more overprotective than usual:
Rhysand overreacted. He completely and utterly overreacted. Cassian shook his head, though Feyre couldn’t see it. I’m sorry you had to learn of it. I’m not. I’m furious with all of you. I understand why you didn’t tell me, but I’m furious. (Acosf - Sarah J. Maas)
“I think Eris is our ally, and will expect to dance with a lady of this court at the ball no matter what. I won’t let Feyre within five feet of him, Mor might kill him, and Amren is more likely to scare him off than win him over, so you and Elain are the only options.”“Elain doesn’t go near him,” Feyre said. “And you won’t let me near him?” Rhys threw her a charming smile. “You know what I mean.” Feyre rolled her eyes. “You’re becoming insufferable.” (Acosf - Sarah J. Maas)
Let's remember that alongside Feyre's pregnancy there is the possibility of war on the horizon and during ACOMAF Rhys was saying this:
“If I am a High Lord’s mate, I’m expected to bear you offspring, aren’t I? So perhaps I shouldn’t.”“You are not expected to bear me anything,” he snarled. “Children are rare, yes. So rare, and so precious. But I don’t want you to have them unless you want to—unless we both want to. And right now, with this war coming, with Hybern … I’ll admit that I’m terrified at the thought of my mate being pregnant with so many enemies around us. I’m terrified of what I might do if you’re pregnant and threatened. Or harmed.Something tight in my chest eased, even as a chill went down my back as I considered that power, that rage I’d seen at the Night Court, unleashed upon the earth.” (Acomaf - Sarah J. Maas)
There is no part of the book that says Rhysand wouldn't tell Feyre the truth. This is what Nesta is saying but 1) she knew how Rhysand was feeling 2) she knew he was looking for a way to save Feyre
“Is Feyre distraught?” “She doesn't know the full scope of it. In this she willed herself to settle the fear by leaching through her. "And Rhys needed to fight out his fear." "Yes. Along with his guilt and pain." (Acosf - Sarah J. Maas)
And Feyre is saying this about his relationship with Rhysand:
I knew he was hedging, and I let it slide. I'd learned that Rhys would tell me what was bothering him when he was good and ready.
It had always been part of our friendship: to give each other the space to decide when we were ready to talk. (Acosf - Sarah J. Maas)
Perhaps that explains why Feyre forgave Rhysand too quickly and she isn't calling him Tamlin 2.0.
No one is considering that Feyre could have an abortion (it's like there's no such option since it's not mentioned) and Madja was the one who forbade Feyre to do shape-shifting.
“Madja has put a ban on any more shape-shifting. She says that to alter Feyre’s body in any way right now could put the baby at risk. On the chance that it could be bad for the baby, Feyre is forbidden to so much as change the color of her hair until after the birth.” (Acosf - Sarah J. Maas)
Even if Feyre chose to make a shapeshift (which she doesn't), nothing could guarantee that she would miscarry or that the fetus wouldn't be deformed or anything like that.
So why is Rhysand controlling Feyre's body? Why can't he, as a parent, be worried about Feyre and the baby's life? Of course Feyre deserved to know, it was her right as well as Rhysand's. But why does he appear like a monster in some speeches? I believe that Sarah failed in this construction, especially when she does not write clear dialogue and leaves things for the reader to guess and this allows anyone to have their own interpretation of the subject. She could have written a dialogue between Feyre and Cassian where these things would have been clear. Feyre could have been talking through Cassian what it was like to kick Rhysand for that. I mean, does Cassian have time to wish Rhysand the same happiness but not to give depth to him or Feyre through his point of view?
Dialogues serve to clarify developments and contain damages. This should be taken into account, especially when you're writing a book where the main point of view doesn't favor the IC for a considerable part of the narrative.
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violetstarfleckedeyes · 5 days ago
I would love Rhysand for an eternity just for these lines.
Despite being mates, and his primal instinct to protect her there is always a choice.
This is truly the difference between love and possession.
Too much love is a poison.
“You might be my mate,” he said, “but you remain your own person. You decide your fate—your choices. Not me. You chose yesterday. You choose every day. Forever.”
It is so important to be your own person in a relationship.
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