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#high queen feyre
violetstarfleckedeyes5 days ago
I would love Rhysand for an eternity just for these lines.
Despite being mates, and his primal instinct to protect her there is always a choice.
This is truly the difference between love and possession.
Too much love is a poison.
鈥淵ou might be my mate,鈥 he said, 鈥渂ut you remain your own person. You decide your fate鈥攜our choices. Not me. You chose yesterday. You choose every day. Forever.鈥
It is so important to be your own person in a relationship.
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violetstarfleckedeyes6 days ago
I am not breathing either 馃槶
My heart stopped beating.
I wasn鈥檛 sure I was breathing.
鈥淚 painted stars and the moon and clouds and just endless, dark sky.鈥
鈥淚 never knew why. I rarely went outside at night鈥攗sually, I was so tired from hunting that I just wanted to sleep. But I wonder 鈥 鈥 I pulled out the seventh and final arrow. 鈥淚 wonder if some part of me knew what was waiting for me.
I thought nothing of them, until one of the images was of a hand 鈥 This beautiful, human hand. Holding a brush. Painting鈥攆lowers on a table.鈥
And that time, I pushed a thought back. Of the night sky鈥攐f the image that brought me joy when I needed it most. Open night sky, stars, and the moon. I didn鈥檛 know if it was received, but I tried, anyway.鈥
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violetstarfleckedeyes8 days ago
Tam Tam is the king of saying no
Feyre : " I want to go.鈥
Tamlin : 鈥淣o.鈥
Feyre : 鈥淚t鈥檚 been three months. Nothing鈥檚 happened, and the village isn鈥檛 even five miles鈥斺
Tamlin : 鈥淣o.鈥
Lucien : " Let's train her abilities, give her a chance"
Tamlin : " No"
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violetstarfleckedeyes9 days ago
Things I would have loved to read in a court of silver and flames
How Rhys handled Feyre's pregnancy.
How Feyre handled the pregnancy, she does have the powers of all the seven Lords in her.
All the other mates have not been able to keep away from each other, how does Lucien manage to be away from Elain
More snow fight scenes.
How the inner circle took care of baby Nyx
Mor's adventures.
Amren taking care of Feyre after she knew the baby had Illyrian wings.
So many more.
How about a bonus chapter on the three months Rhys spent away from Feyre, when she was engaged to Tamlin
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violetstarfleckedeyes10 days ago
Tumblr media
Rhysand knew he would bow to noone
The tattoo on his knee was a proof of that.
But here is the strongest high lord of Pyrithian, being himself , bowing to a girl even before he knew she loved him.
Sooo many reasons to love Rhysand
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hellogoodbye1410 days ago
Why do I picture Rowan pulling a Hopper from stranger things when it鈥檒l come to his daughter dating Nyx?
鈥淣o young lady, for the sake of your dad KEEP THE DOOR OPEN THREE INCHES. 鈥
Tumblr media
And if they don鈥檛 follow his rules
Tumblr media
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violetstarfleckedeyes11 days ago
Feyre was born on the Winter solstice , the longest night of the year.
She never went outside at night but painted stars and night sky for herself.
She felt most at home in the Night Court even though she was there because of the bargain.
She looked bitching in the night court attire.I mean even the night dress was sexy and sleek.
She was born to be the high lady of night court.
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violetstarfleckedeyes16 days ago
His hands slid down to cup the backs of my knees as he said with a roguish grin, 鈥淵ou are my salvation, Feyre.鈥
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blackreaders-assemble17 days ago
When people say that Nesta didn鈥檛 abuse Feyre, it gives me the same sick feeling as when people say that beating children isn鈥檛 abuse
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bookfanfics17 days ago
Feysand throne smut
In which they give the night court a show.
Smut, exhibitionism锟, mature content
Rhys motions to me with a flick of his finger. A slight movement that sends my heart spinning at the thought of what we are about to do. Earlier today, we agreed there was no need to hold back when holding court tonight. We no longer take any of the inner circle with us to the Court of Nightmares, as both our magic is enough that nobody is stupid enough to try anything. Plus, Rhys has been working on his shielding and nobody would be able to get close to us anyway. Territorial fae male bullshit. So when I make my way onto his lap with just this scrap of fabric covering me, my stomach drops with fear, not at Rhys - never at Rhys - but at the show we are about star in.
鈥淎re you sure, Feyre darling?鈥 He purrs, nuzzling my ears and firmly placing a palm聽 against the small arch of my back.
鈥淎re you?鈥 I whisper back, and any inch of concern drains out of his lilac eyes as his pupils expand and a hunger enters them. I never get used to seeing him like this; never get used to the way my body tenses with need and loosens at the same time. I trace a hand down the swirls I can see through the low neck line of his tunic and he stills my hand. 鈥淚n the mood for playing first, my beautiful, wicked mate?鈥
He grabs both of my wrists and pins them with one hand at the base of my back, and then tugs making me display my hardly covered breasts to him. How useless this cloth was finally hits me and I realise the whole room is watching. Not only watching, but probably scenting our arousal too. Rhys must have read my thoughts, because with his free hand he holds my chin and angles it until I鈥檓 looking directly at him through my lashes. 鈥淵ou think I鈥檓 going to take my time with you, darling? Why would I do that, when I can I have them watch you cum for me within a matter of seconds? When I can add your moans as another part of the musician's melody?鈥 Without hesitation, he picks me up and sets me back down facing the court. He pins my back against him with an arm crossing my stomach, while his other hand circles the tops of my thighs. 鈥淲ould you like that, darling?鈥
I nod. 鈥淲ith words鈥 he growls into my neck. 鈥淵es鈥 I moan. He slowly peels back the fabric covering my right breast and slides it down my shoulder till it鈥檚 fully bare. I see the fae staring now, not at the both of us anymore but at me at my bare breast. It only makes my adrenaline pump and I feel myself grow wetter. Rhys starts to circle his finger around my breast, getting gradually closer to my hardened nipple as his hand starts to snake further up my thighs. Still teasing and biting my neck and ears with his mouth, he whispers 鈥渄o you like that, darling? Do you like them watching as I claim you? As you let me touch you like my own personal play thing?鈥
鈥淵es, more... please鈥 I moan.
鈥淪ince you said please鈥. His hands stop their delicate touches and he goes straight to my core, rubbing a finger on my most sensitive part through the fabric at the same time as pinching my exposed nipple. A moan escaped me at the sudden contact and anyone who hadn鈥檛 been watching was watching now, but I couldn鈥檛 bring myself to care as Rhys stroked me.
鈥淢ore... please鈥 I breathed, arching my back into him. 鈥淕reedy little thing鈥 he said, blowing warm breath onto my neck and pushing the fabric at my crotch back, revealing how wet and ready I am for him to the room. The room gasped along with me as I felt the sensation of his thumb caressing my wetness and then back up to my throbbing bundle of nerves. He knew that it would only take a few of his expert sweeps to push me over the edge, so of course wanting to prove how fast he can make me cum, his thumb started its careful massaging as he played with my nipple. I could feel myself rising at an alarming pace and all he had to say was 鈥渃ome for me darling鈥 and I was a writhing mess of pure starlight. The thought of everyone in the room watching me as noises escaped my mouth, that I was too high to register, only drew my orgasm on. Only when I went limp against him did his thumb stop.
Breathing heavily and practically feeling his smirk of male satisfaction. 鈥淏oastful prick鈥 I panted heavily.
鈥淲ell, why not when I have so much to be boastful for? Shall we show them what else we can do?鈥
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toomuch-zoe17 days ago
Right, I鈥檝e been scrolling Tinder for long enough. Where is my Rhysand at?
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kayla-218 days ago
The only thing Mama Archeron did right was give birth to The Feyre. She is otherwise useless.
Tumblr media
Credit: @/itswibell_art (Instagram)
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blackreaders-assemble20 days ago
I鈥檓 getting ripped tonight, RIP that- I would have waited five hundred more years for you. A thousand years. And if this is all the time we were allowed to have... the wait was worth it.
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dreaminginvelaris21 days ago
listen, i want rhys and feyre to have 3 boys and 1 girl. and i want the girl to be the youngest. that way her three older brothers are over protective of her. and that way she can also be daddy鈥檚 little girl bc yk rhysand will spoil the fuck outta her. and feyre would dote on her the most bc thats her baby girl. this is the only way i鈥檒l take it.
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kayla-223 days ago
Feyre antis have the absolute deluded, worst takes on a character in the series. And I鈥檝e seen bad takes on every side, even the sides I don鈥檛 like. Like, what book are you reading? Did you read? Are you paying attention? I can at least point to quotes in the books for evidence. They never point to actually pages, specific books, chapters, sections in the books.
It鈥檚 just imagination and vibes.
It takes literally two sentences and a quick page turn to debunk much of the theories. But it mostly show that there isn鈥檛 much to say about her, when arguments have no substance.
Just worry about your favorite characters and leave the feyre hot takes in the draft it鈥檚 embarrassing...
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elucienschild27 days ago
i鈥檓 mad at sjm for not exploiting feyre鈥檚 full potential. my girl has the power of the seven court, and she only use her water, metamorphosis and daemati one? naaah i need to see my girl use all of her powers at the same time 馃ぉ
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dreaminginvelaris28 days ago
yeah im not gonna kill myself over a piece of shit like nesta. i mean i鈥檒l kill myself for feyre, rhys, gwyn and az. those characters are worth it. i鈥檒l gladly do it. but for nesta? yeah no, not for that disgrace. if imma end myself might as well do it for a character whos worthy. and nesta...well shes defs not. and im definitely not gonna do it when nestas piece of shits fanatics tell me too. no, no, i鈥檒l off myself for characters who are amazing. anyways imma go look at feysand and gwynriel fanart while i write more posts on why nesta can go to hell and praise feyre馃拝馃徏
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colorlesschristmastree29 days ago
Forever wishing I was Nesta or Elain so I could have the privilege and the honor of saying I鈥檓 related to the High Lady of The Night Court, Feyre Archeron. 馃馃徎鈥嶁檧锔忦煂
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