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#high school
specialagentdalepooper · 37 minutes ago
riverdale is trying so hard to be twin peaks but it’s really just invitation to love
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mspec-culture-is · 41 minutes ago
Mspec culture is Ouran High School Host Club
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pyrchance · 53 minutes ago
pete's playing "that's not my name" and i love him for it
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as self-conscious as i am to post on the internet, i know it's not just me thinking this
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ace-humanphobe · an hour ago
I hate the fact, that i was the fucking talented student. I was the talented student for 8 fucking years. Ever since Kindergarten. And i fuck up in 8th grade because I'm stressed and depressed. And everyone is suddenly fucking disappointed and pressuring me because "just do it" "there are somethings in life you just have to do". BUT THATS THE FUCKING THING. I CANT BRING MYSELF TO DO THE SHIT.
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justhighschoolquotes · an hour ago
random kid: isn’t it weird how there are like, no old teachers in this school? everybody’s in their 20s or 30s, where are the old people?
other kid: well maybe there were and they had to... be suddenly replaced
first kid: the teachers died???
other kid: possibly
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theroyalbiness · an hour ago
Random Things I Remember from High School - Classes I had
So here are the classes I had through out high school, at least the ones I remember. I’m not going to say what year I had them, a little tedious to day that I had math for each one when I could just put it once.
Advisory (not really a class but still have some stories)
AP World History
Fit for Life (gym)
Clothing I
Beg. Dance
English/Language Arts
Health Education
Peer Tutor (can’t share too much with this)
UC US History
Financial Literacy
ACT Prep
Technical Theater
Advance Dance
Ceramics TA
Medical Terminology
Medical Anatomy & Physiology (MAPs)
Health Science
Study Hall/AP Contract
I’m pretty sure that are all of the classes I took in high school (a little hard because my senior year we went from 4 class periods a day with advisory from time to time to 5 classes a day with advisory from time to time). So just comment or message me one you want a random story from (I’ll go with the first thing I think of) if you want or I’ll just continue doing ones I randomly remember each day.
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xkmusesx · an hour ago
looking for someone who’s willing to play EJ Caswell against an oc of mine! Please be 18+. I have a few ideas but we can always plot together. If you are interested please DM me or like this post!
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