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#high school
michaelbogild · a day ago
Our entire educational system has ignorantly placed its entire philosophical focus on the act of thinking and not on the act of observation.
Wording (if you may allow me the expression) is culturally seen as far more important than watching, sound more significant than silence, mechanical method to be preferred to unconditioned meditation. 
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I have been out of school for maybe half a year. I was very close to not getting all of my credits to graduate but my teachers were very nice. So far I have had AT LEAST 2 dreams where I was either made to do Summer School to make up for it or I had to go for a whole extra year.
honestly I've been genuinely interested in how school effects people psychologically after the fact. cuz I've heard of several people having nightmares about school even tho they were out of school for years.
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soviet-amateurs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
High school, Penza 1967
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ereri-lost-and-found · 2 days ago
hello! could you recommend any fics where they’re both yanderes, or any that would fall under the ‘psychopaths in love’ tag? ty <3
Here you go~
Please be sure to read tags on each fic link.
Normal by chenziee
(Rated M, 3,524 words, oneshot, complete)
Levi knew he probably had a problem. That he wasn’t normal. It wasn’t normal to fantasize about slitting people’s throats, about watching them bleed dry. It wasn’t normal to have friends explain to you that stabbing people really really wasn’t okay and to have them eye you warily like you were going to go full on psycho on them.
Then he met Eren.
Breathless by lmaok
(Rated E, 14,099 words, oneshot, complete, TW rape elements)
A lot of things are confusing in Levi's life -- and more importantly, uncertain -- as a result of his secondary gender. But he knows Eren is meant to be his alpha, even if his popular, god-like classmate doesn't know it yet. All the other omega bitches vying for him can fuck off.
Levi might not be proud to be a male omega, but he has talents that the competitive girls can't even fathom.
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odetteden · 4 months ago
here’s a shout out to all the students who pulled through during this chaotic year - and whether you are satisfied with how you did or not, please know that grades do not define you or your worth and that you should feel proud of yourself no matter what <3
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public-school-things · 2 days ago
On multiple occasions during my time in the education system, random animals have been known to just wander into the school buildings. The teachers pretty much always over-reacted as if they've never seen a dog or goat before. Meanwhile us students would end up just petting and feeding the animals as they walked around the building, while the teachers looked on in horror.
Never happened in my college, but somewhat related, there are a bunch of kids that get dropped off at the college by their parents in tractors.
Not a nightmare, I know, but fun and interesting memories for sure.
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nasa · 4 months ago
I want to start an Astronomy club at my high school, and I was wondering if there were any opportunities within NASA that I can take advantage of for my club? Thanks!
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kropotkindersurprise · a year ago
Tumblr media
June 14 2020 - Students at Jefferson High School in Portland tore down the Thomas Jefferson statue in front of their school. Thomas Jefferson wrote “All men are created equal“ in the US declaration of Independence, but he was a life-long slave owner who enslaved over 600 people throughout his lifetime. [video]
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catchymemes · 5 months ago
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werelivingarts · 4 months ago
debunking productivity myths
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Tumblr media
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Ahoy! It’s werelivingarts and this time I will debunk some of the most widespread productivity method myths. 
Some methods are not completely inaccurate, and many people successfully adopt some part of these habits. However, some will hinder your productivity, effort, and motivation if you use it in a wrong way. So please be aware of these! ✨
Hope you find the post helpful 💙💜❤️
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