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#high school au

Kara Troupa

Best Subject: Gym

Extracurriculars: Gang-Related Crime

Cooper’s energetic twin sister Kara began doubling as a drug runner when Mario and his friends started beating Cooper up. Now one of them is a decoy, and the Maritello Brothers don’t know who!  Her wily tactics and bouncy fighting style have given her the edge over the Bros more times than her brother, but it only takes a couple good hits to knock the wind out of her pigtails and send her backpack flying.

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rowaelin high school bff au

CW: Dub-con ish? Idk. It’s not quite, but I figured I’d rather over warn than under warn. 

“Hey,” Lysandra rushed into class, a worried look on her face. “Are you okay?”

Aelin glanced up from her notebook, confused. Despite the intense history of the war of roses they were about to embark upon, she was fine. Well, mostly fine. If she didn’t think about everything too hard.

“Yeah?” she replied nervously. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

Lysandra’s face fell and she reached for Aelin’s hand, her expression solemn, as if someone had died. Oh my gods. Had someone died?

“What’s going on?” Aelin asked, and her stomach clenched as Lys leaned forward.

“You really haven’t heard?” she asked, and Aelin shook her head. The anticipation was killing her. Lysandra took a deep breath and squeezed around Aelin’s fingers. “Rowan and Lyria…”

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Cooper Troupa

Best Subject: English

Extracurriculars: Gang-Related Crime

A mediocre scholastic performance and a forgettable face made Cooper the perfect member of the Koopa Kids to help Bowser smuggle drugs into the school and sell them. Unfortunately, he’s a bit of a weakling – when Bowser ordered his goons to stop selling to his rival Mario and his friends, Mario simply began beating him up, kicking his backpack across the floor, and stealing all the drugs. It can be a double-edged sword, though – Mario has been caught red-handed with a stolen backpack full of contraband before.

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The New Virgil?

Part 1!

Virgil had always been known as a short person, everyone know it even Virgil himself, but then he moved away at the beginning of middle school, leaving his old friends behind  none of them where able to keep in contact sadly so they friendship was long forgotten.

In the beginning of high school everyone was  elated to hear Virgil was moving back at the beginning of high school though no one was ready for how much Virgil had changed in the past 3 years.

The  once short slim Virgil with bright green eyes and puffy black hair, but now no one would guess this was him! He was now tall and strong, with the same eyes and hair as he had before, but no one would guess this was him now that he grew so much…

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Gilberto Gomez

Best Subject: Spanish

Extracurriculars: Gang-Related Crime

As part of Bowser’s gang, the Koopa Kids, Gomez may be the most loyal but least reliable. His upper body strength is almost nonexistent, and he’s usually put down by Mario and Luigi with a single kick in the teeth. Still, it’s not like he hasn’t been able to get a good one in on the Maritello Brothers when they’re not paying attention, and he’s always ready to give his cousins a call if Bowser needs to throw a posse together.

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The only long fic is this one!

👑 Bad Influence (88k)

❝Bad company corrupts good morals.❞

Influence. Impact. Leadership. Authority. Influence allows the dominant to overrule the follower. It allows the dominant to reshape the follower into a whole new form, generally consisting of rebellion and illegality.

In this case, Louis Tomlinson is the dominant bad boy and Harry Styles is the innocent, unaware follower.

Hopefully it isn’t the one you read already hehe. Enjoy! 💖

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Read from left to right

Im dumb and put the school shot on the right instead of left.

Anyway hello, today I bring to you, generic highschool au.

I got very inspired by some lovely fanart around here, such as @catboy-maid-benrey-comic (hello i love your art bye), and very much wanted to contribute.

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pairing: cake

“Huh, hi,” Calum says awkwardly as he comes to a stop beside him. The boy looks up hastily, startled, his hood sliding off his head to reveal tousled, long-ish curly hair and big blue eyes staring up at him, wet and sad. Calum knows this is him right there and then. “It’s Luke, right?” he asks still, just to be sure. “I’m Calum. Can I sit with you? I don’t really have any friends.”

In which Calum meets a boy who struggles with being himself. Calum tries to help, all while pretending he isn’t falling in love in the process.

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Mikey Knight

Best Subject: Poetry

Extracurriculars: Hockey Team, Part-Time Job

Mikey must be the only one who takes his job at Maximum Burger seriously! He’s always having to keep those two slackers, Kirby and DeAndre, in line, even though DeAndre is the shift lead… It’s time for a coup around here, and maybe the rest of the hockey team, under Mikey’s authoritarian captainship, can help him sort things out – with a good, old-fashioned rumble! During his free time, Mikey likes to brood in his room, reading Gothic poetry and blaring screamo albums.

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Homecoming was vastly approaching for the students of Mordland Senior high, and Lily Murdoch was getting asked left and right but she was waiting for a certain person to ask her.. she had a crush on a boy in her class and she prayed every day that he’d ask her to homecoming. She had been friends with him and his bandmates for years. Lily made her way to her locker and grabbed her books for first period, sociology. She shared her first class with the boy she liked so maybe he’d ask her then.


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The only thing I’m excited for about high school next year, is that I’ll finally be able to write a proper High School AU.

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