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#high school musical

I think it’s finally time i came out with a secret.

Ages ago i had this Family Feud computer game. I played it all. The. Time. I got to design as many families as i wanted and, if i played with my friend and neither of us knew what to guess for an answer we’d type something random or gibberish. And what family did i ALWAYS have to play with on this game?

A family consisting of (horrible) looking figures of Troy, Gabriella, Ryan, Chad, and Taylor.

(Sidenote Sharpay was on another team consisting of equally questionable-looking digital figures of her, Kelsi, Zeke, Jason, and Darbus.)

And what did i call this HSM-inspired family that i insisted on using every dog gone time i played this computer game? What last name did i give them? I could’ve gone with the obvious and just called them the Wildcats. But no. Quirky over-creative little 16-year-old me had to combine all their last names together to come up with the messiest, craziest, oddest last name ever. And that last name was?

The McBoltforthtezans.

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For a series that had Troy struggling against the status quo to both sing and play basketball, Disney really said no to Ryan and Chad being gay due to status quo

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Okok think—Newsies High School Musical AU- c h a o s

Okay, so since I already outlined High School Musical, which you can find right here, I decided to write one of the scenes from it. Hope you guys like it! It’s Jack and Katherine’s accidental audition for their school musical.

The song “I Never Planned On You” is featured in this one. The Bowery Beauties part is sung differently by Katherine. It’s a bit more long and flowy, rather than staccato and showgirl-ish. But still a little showgirl-ish.

Anyways, please enjoy!

Papers flew across the stage and the pianist hit the ground on his hip.

Jack didn’t waste a second. He knew how badly that could hurt.

Katherine was right behind him.

“Are you alright?” she asked as Jack helped the boy back up.

“Yeah… yeah, I’m alright…” Charlie stayed, as Katherine grabbed his crutch and helped place the thing back under his arm just as Jack began to calmly reach around for the sheer music that had flown everywhere.

Looking down at the pages, the older boy smiled. “Hey… uh… you write this?” he asked, impressed at the professionalism of the score in his hand.

A small blush rose up on Charlie’s cheeks as he limped back to the piano bench. He nodded. “Uh… yeah… yeah, I’ve been uh… workin’ on this musical for about three years…” he confirmed.

Smiling as she helped gather the remains of the papers, Katherine nodded. “It sounded really good when they sang it…” she commented, trailing off a bit as her hand brushed up against Jack’s as they reached for the same page.

Jack smiled and withdrew his hand as they tried to rearrange the pages back in order.

But Charlie just sighed and shook his head. “They’re delivery was… not quite what I was goin’ for…” he admitted, smiling bitterly as he thought about the odd, perky rearrangement of this song he’d been working so hard on. “It’s supposed to be a little slower than that… n’… just… not that…” he stated, not quite knowing how to phrase it. He looked back up at the pair in front of him who were both reading his work intently. And he allowed himself a small smile. “Do you guys wanna try it out?”

Jack paled at that, practically shoving the pages at Katherine, trying to hide his fascination in anyway he could. “Oh no… no, that’s okay…”

Katherine just laughed and bumped Jack’s shoulder a bit, smiling up at him. “Cmon Jack… where’s your sense of adventure?” she joked, holding out the sheet music in front of both of them and moving to stand behind the piano. “We’d love to try it.”

Jack’s heart was beating fast in his chest as Charlie just smiled, ignoring the older boy’s obvious terror. And the piano began. “Alright… so it starts out slow… I’ll count ya in…”

The blond did as he said, counting up from five as he began to play the keys so effortlessly and Jack’s mind scrambled to try and remember everything he’d ever learned about music that was somewhere in the back of his head. He cleared his throat as he leaned closer to the page and took a breath. “I got no use for moonlight,” he sang quietly, his voice shaking ever so slightly. “Or sappy poetry…” He looked over once. She was smiling at him.

His eyes had never rushed back to a page so quickly.

Love at first eights for suckers… at least it used to be.” He would be forever grateful that Charlie was playing the melody line along with him as he sang. “Look, girls are nice, once or twice… till I find someone new but…” He looked over at Katherine and watched her eyes sparkle with amusement and intrigue as he continued on. “I neva’ planned on no one… like you…

Katherine smirked, suddenly a little sassy as she began to sing her part so differently from his Sarah had performed it merely moments ago. “Don’t come a’ knockin’ on my door,” she sang, a perfect rich legato placed just so with her own unique vibrato.

I got no use for moonlight…” Jack sang just at the end of her phrase, almost making it up now. But Charlie didn’t seem to mind.

You aren’t welcome here no more.” Katherine was smiling now. Like she didn’t mean it.

Jack could only grin back. “Or sappy poetry…” He didn’t know his voice could still move like this. But damn if it wasn’t fun as hell.

I should’ve known you stunk like yesterday’s trash, the night you stole my heart plus forty dollars in cash,” she laughed a bit at that line. Charlie did too. But he never stopped playing. “Turns out my beau is just some bum…

Love at first sights for suckers… at least it used to be…

Turns out that love ain’t blind it’s dumb…” Katherine let her voice ring and echo around the room. She stuck her tongue out at Jack, like he’d really done this to her. And he laughed.

Little did they know, a certain drama teacher had walked back into the auditorium.

You’ve never told the truth or worked a day in your life. In fact you’re so revolting I feel bad for your wife.” Charlie couldn’t help but smile. This is exactly how this song was supposed to be sung. They weren’t arguing with him. They weren’t even trying to make suggestions. They just sang what was written. It might not have been exactly perfect. But it didn’t matter. “I won’t be shaving your back anymore, no señor, don’t come a’ knockin’ on my door… don’t come a’ knockin’ on my door…” Katherine winked at Jack. “Don’t come a knockin’ on my door…

Jack shook his head and blushed hard, unable to hide his joy as an odd but warm feeling crept up inside his chest. “No, I never planned on no one… like you…

Crutchie played the last few fleeting cords and then allowed himself to laugh and nod. “Yeah! Yeah, that was it! That was great!”

Shaking her head, Katherine laughed. Jack did too.

But someone else began clapping. All three of them jumped. “Alright, you two… callbacks are next Thursday. I suggest you both rehearse the song. I’m sure Charlie would love to help you with it—“

Breaking out into a grin, Charlie nodded. “Yes! Yeah, you can always find me in here! Before school, after school, lunch, break, sometimes during science class…” he rambled, unable to stop himself. Because Sarah and David might not be able to win this time.

Maybe these guys could do it.

Jack’s eyes widened and he let out a small laugh. “I… I mean, Miss Medda… Cmon, we was just messin’ around—“

“I’ll see you both, next week! Thank you!” Miss Medda called as she turned to leave, almost like she hadn’t heard the boy.

Katherine laughed. And Jack turned back to her, looking terrified at the thought. “Oh Jack, come on, you know that was fun. Why not give it a shot?” she asked, turning back towards Charlie who was still grinning like mad.

And Jack shrugged. “I… I ain’t sung in fron’ a’ people since I was like six… n’ that wasn’t even cause I wan’ed to. It was because the whole first grade class had ta do it,” he argued.

But Charlie scoffed. “You just sang an entire song you didn’t know with me hardly helping you and you did it with almost correct placement the whole time. And I’ll help you! Please?”

Katherine nodded. “I’m in if you are,” she smiled, holding out her hand for him to shake, like it was some kind of business deal.

Jack looked at her and then towards Charlie, then back at her. And he sighed. “Fine…” he shook her hand.

And that was that.

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On some days I just can’t shake the knowledge that Gustav was voiced by Lucas Grabeel (Ryan in High School Musical) and that in any modern AU, Gustav and Snotlout would totally do this performance together.

I would say it’s a burden but it honestly just makes my day.

High School Musical AU anyone? 

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I’ve never done this before but I want more blog to follow so like/reblog if you post any of these fandoms & editors, leave your edit tags in the tags & I’ll check them out:

  • once upon a time
  • descendants
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  • the vampire diaries
  • the originals
  • high school musical
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