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manicmindy · a month ago
Sometimes I feel that art invalidates me. If a picture tells a thousand words, what’s the point of words at all?
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wordsmyter · a month ago
Once one has moved past the past. One must learn not to succumb to the anxiety of the future by seeing ones-self already there. This is the beauty and the magic of the present. This can be the foundation of meditation.
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myartofhealthyliving · 3 months ago
What is an oxygen concentrator? Why you should know about this?
Oxygen concentrator and oxygen cylinder have both been designed to deliver patients with oxygen therapy, who on their own are not able to get the suitable amount of oxygen. The good part is that you can get oxygen concentrators on SanraiMed.
Oxygen concentrators dispense oxygen in almost exactly the same way that oxygen tanks do, delivering oxygen directly to the patient via the same nasal cannula or oxygen masks. However, where oxygen tanks contain a fixed amount of pressurized oxygen, concentrators collect oxygen from the surrounding air, concentrate it, and then deliver it to the patient, removing the need for replacement or refilling.
Advantages of oxygen concentrators
The ability of oxygen concentrators to continuously draw in and treat air ensures that, unlike oxygen tanks, the concentrator will never run out of oxygen.
Because they do not rely on pressurized oxygen, concentrators do not require a dense metal tank. This means that they are notably lighter and more portable than most oxygen tanks. 
Oxygen concentrators are available in a wide selection of sizes, models, and styles, each designed to perfectly accommodate a specific user base. 
While oxygen tanks frequently need to be refilled or replaced, oxygen concentrators use ambient air and therefore don't require the long-term maintenance costs that tanks do. It's a one-time investment.
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Winds of change
Don’t resist the turbulence, the seeming major shift
Keep your third eye open, watch the ascension
Embrace the evolving from ego’s fear mentality
Steady on to levels of Love’s higher dimension
Tumblr media
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beyondwordsandworlds · a month ago
It’s time to evolve,
It’s time to evolve together.
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blazemusicnet · a year ago
🙏🙏👉 Repost Via @crybaby.gangsta6 God bless you. #NoBodyShaming from yours truly @official_pretty_yani..... #WHOSKIDISTHIS 🙌🏼🙏🏼💪🏼💪🏼 #Viral #PositiveVibesOnly #GodsChild and @l_curvy_l child. HELLO ! @@blazemusicnet #BodyShaming #Stop #TikTok #ChildrenOfGod #HigherThoughts #No #LetsUnite (at New York, New York)
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