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When I was in highschool, I ended up losing the biggest friendships of my life because they weren’t truthful with me. Ever since then I have struggled to make friends my own age. Instead, my closest friends are people from my family and from the community I volunteer in. But I am either much older than them or much younger than them. I think because of what I went through in highschool, I am afraid of making friends my own age because I know how people can be, and I don’t want to risk getting hurt again.

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06/06/2020~ [D-3 to exams] 

12:08pm, about to make lunch and then get to studying albeit being truly wiped out this week, I have a math exam on Tuesday and then another on Wednesday, and then Chemistry on Friday ;-; crazy to think it’ll all be over in a week 

side note, happy haechan day! ☀️ 

today’s goals 

  • two past papers (one for each exam) 
  • review of math concepts (the exam is mostly calc so it’s really a bunch of integrals) 
  • hopefully go for a run

🎧currently listening; go, NCT dream (the most iconic dream song) 

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in real life, we are not actually this close, but we are closer.

radar kami memiliki kesamaan bernama frekuensi.

tempat di mana segala cerita dan sudut pandang bebas diutarakan tanpa perlu merasa takut untuk dihakimi. meski sering saling tampak mengabaikan chat, tapi pintunya sangat terbuka kalau sewaktu-waktu ada yang datang dengan segudang drama hingga patah hati. alarm nya pun ngga henti-hentinya mengingatkan kalau ada luka, jangan dipendam sendiri, dan sama sekali ngga pernah iri sekalipun hanya salah satu saja yang bisa dipilih untuk berbagi.

berkali-kali mencelakakan diri pun, nggak pernah dimaki-maki. sama sekali.

bahkan ngga perlu ngucapin… “ngga usah bilang siapa-siapa ya” udah cukup tau gitu mana yang bisa dibagi, dan mana yang perlu untuk dijadikan konsumsi pribadi. sekalipun itu.. di dalam lingkaran kami sendiri.

kalau biasanya pada ngucapin “mulai dari nol”, bahkan kami mungkin menerapkan yang namanya “auto-forgive”.


lingkaran yang sangat positif seperti ini adalah nikmat luar biasa lagi wajib untuk disyukuri. karena belum tentu akan bisa dijumpai ke mana langkah kaki beranjak dikemudian hari.

kenyataan ini menyadarkan saya jikalau terkadang, guru terbaik bisa hadir dalam pribadi teman-teman sendiri.

p.s. dita, maafkan jilbab buatanku yang kurang proper ini. wqwq.

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Bokura ga Tsugai ni Naru Made

Description:  Haruki is a poor omega, who is the oldest of seven kids. Even though he has multiple part-time jobs and sacrifices eating well in order to pay for his meds, he still remains the top of his 3rd year class. Life may not be ideal, but Haruki had accepted it and is used to the hardships. But all of a sudden, he is being stalked by a very stubborn 1st year alpha…

Chapters: 5 Chapters

Status: Completed

Tags: Omegaverse, Highschool, TW: Rape, Big Family, Irresponsible Parents, Persistent Seme

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As a high school student, the habit of learning about the times as they pass based on the situation of society is something that never really leaves. And in these kinda times, where there is so much adversity across the world due to a single virus, the wave of precaution has hit the United States, and there have been many actions taken by the countries around the world. 

The biggest rise in confirmed cases for the corona virus, aka COVID-19, has been Italy, where many of the forms of entertainment have been taken out of the general public. One thing is for sure, this virus is here to stay and I feel like there is a certain metaphysical message being made visible to us with the spread of this virus. Seeing the damage this virus has caused (and hopefully doesn’t cause more) is the loss of population and the loss of economic functionality, which are somethings that are indispensable for a nation to prosper today. Still, the amount of international travel happening is the same but there is no knowledge of whether there will be a complete stop in international flights or will it be minimalized.

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Sun Jing really just wants to spend as much time as possible with her girlfriend that she planned to sneak into another school’s bus just to be able to sit next to Qiu Tong for the drive. Despite both their schools’ buses going to the same location due to being on a joint spring trip.

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Paranormal Class 11B - The cursed hope

Mr. Kirorimal was sleeping in his bedroom at night. The night lamp next to his bed was dimmed enough not to interrupt his sleep - which was evident from his loud snoring that surged and ebbed like waves on a sea shore. In the faint illumination of the lamp, only the things in the vicinities of his king sized bed was visible, beyond which the room was filled with all engulfing darkness in the wake of heavily curtained glass windows, that prevented any of the moon’s silver beams to penetrate into his room. A careful glance at Mr. Kirorimal’s face would tell anyone that even though sleeping, he was experiencing a nightmare. Pearls of shimmering sweat droplets in his forehead gleamed in the golden aura of the lamp. (TBC)

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Blue Sky Complex  

Description:  Narasaki only wanted a place where he could sit and read books in peace, but was blackmailed by his teacher into supervising a delinquent called Terashima while working at the school library.

As they spend their days in silent but close proximity, they begin to feel drawn to each other. And then…

Chapters: 21 Chapters + Extras

Status: Ongoing

Tags: Highschool, Delinquents, First Love, Unexpected Feelings, Opposites Attract, Slow-Burn

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Proud moment my nephew received his championship ring this week… Jackets are next can’t wait… You and your team earned it…
#TheSVPWay 🐾 #PantherPride 💪🏾 - #regrann
#pallottipride #pallotti #maryland #laurel #collegebound #highschool #football #nextup #ncaa #recruiting #collegefootball  #princegeorgescounty #support #love #wildout Class of 2021 👣👣👣👣👣➡️➡️ @districtt3_ #KeyshawnWheeler6 👣👣👣👣👣➡️➡️ @9kblackyy #EmaniAlford9 @1_uv_a_kind @curtis_godforgaveme  @coach_tee_warriors
#LABRON [ #friend #crazy #artwork #australia #canada #southafrica #nipseyhussle #unitedkingdom

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