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“My entire life is just pure chaos all the time”

“I lost my colors, my plyers, what’s next? My soul?”

- Bailey’s Best

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Part B; Essay Structure:

This tips also apply to high school essays. I’ve skipped over planning because everyone does this in different ways. Formatting should be done by following the departmental essay writing guide. Before you even start planning make sure you’ve read and understood the question correctly!

1. The Introduction.

This is a paragraph that will explain what the essay is about. I do this by rephrasing the question and combining it with a “This essay will” statement. It’s also a good idea to briefly explain how the essay will do this. Some people do the introduction last but I prefer to do it first as it helps me figure out how I’m going to answer the question (I will sometimes edit when proofreading to better tailor it to the body of the essay). 

For example: This essay will provide some simple advice for writing an essay by going over basic essay structure; namely how an introduction, body and conclusion work.

(This introduction would be if I had been given “Basic Tips For Writing An Essay” as a topic).

2. The Body

Unless otherwise specified this is done in paragraphs and not bullet points. A good rule of thumb, certainly at an undergrad level, is to avoid subheadings unless the question specifically asks for you to use them. 

Write one point per a paragraph. 

Provide evidence to support your point. Reference your evidence correctly as per referencing guidelines for the citation style your department requires. Similarly, reference any points that were not your own (as in you read them somewhere else). Referencing correctly is the fragile line that separates adequate research from plagiarism. 

Explain how your evidence proves your point. Use your own words. This is a good opportunity to show you really understand the material. 

Link your point back to the main aim or topic of the essay. 

A paragraph should be made up of a POINT, the EVIDENCE supporting that point, an EXPLANATION of how that evidence supports your point and lastly should LINK you paragraphs point back to the main aim of the essay.

Think PEEL (Point, Evidence, Explanation and Link). 

Keep it as a single point per a paragraph otherwise you will end up with these huge rambling essays. You may want to use linking words (therefore, similarly, however etc) to start new paragraphs to show how your points are connected and, hence, that your essay has a good flow to it. It is also okay if your paragraphs PEEL shifts about a bit because it flows better for that paragraph and become PELE or whatever.

3. The conclusion 

This is your final paragraph. Nothing new should be introduced in this paragraph. It really is just the briefest, bust still specific, summary of your essay.It ties everything together. A good idea is to repeat the main aim of the essay and show how that has been proved/discussed by just listing the main points you made throughout the essay. 

For example. This essay has given some basic tips for writing an essay by explaining the structure of an essay. This was done by showing how an introduction, body and conclusion should be written. The introduction should be a paragraph that rewords the question in a “This essay will” statement. The body should be made of paragraphs and each paragraph should have a point, evidence, explanation and link back to the aim of the essay. Lastly, the conclusion should be a summary of the essay that ties everything together without introducing anything new. 

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HE IS 16

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I just heard someone say “do you even know how the respiratory system works? You can breathe in and out of your nose”

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Love, Alexander - ✨note✨ (on Wattpad) “It is easy to live for others. Everyone does. I call on you to live for youself.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson Dear Reader, This short story you are about to read isn’t your normal everyday book. It’s not about 2 characters falling in love and having a happily ever after. Instead, it’s about you. Yes, you. The reader. Once you open this short story, you go on a live changing experience when you meet Alexander… aka me. As you read, you’ll meet me, and find out that one secret I’ve been keeping from you. I hope you will walk out of this book with a smile on your face and a desire to help the world. Love, Alexander.



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He who Devours the Gods(cheated Male Reader x Highschool DXD) (Hiatus)

He who Devours the Gods(cheated Male Reader x Highschool DXD) (Hiatus)


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“You better put your mask on or I’m literally going to Thor you through the wall” -AP Lang Teacher

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I just want to tell any highschoolers that are graduating in the next couple of months that its okay if you don’t want to go to college. It’s okay if you don’t know what you want to be or what you want to study, it’s okay if takes a year, or 2, or 3, or 10, before you figure out what you want to do.

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