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gen-z-in-a-nutshell · a year ago
Day 1 of quarantine: I’m going to use this as an opportunity to learn a new language, learn an instrument, teach myself how to paint, work on writing, take up cooking, meditate, do a big house clean and re-organization, get around to reading that book...
Day 8 of quarantine: I haven’t left the couch in 17 hours
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sociialism · a year ago
trying to get highschool me to do homework was like trying to get michaelangelo to paint naked women
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modstudies · a year ago
Tumblr media
hello!! as an online college student, i’ve been lucky enough to already have some experience with online schooling, so i’m here to offer all my advice for the students of quarantined schools! due to the covid-19 outbreak, it’s been very difficult for many who’ve had to switch to online school. however, there are many way to make it simpler and faster, and i’m here to give my best tips!!
firstly, make a list. whether you’re more comfortable with a physical to-do list or a virtual calendar to schedule things out (i’ve used google calendar almost my whole life but i just got the app elisi and it’s beautiful, minimalist, and easy to use! available on pretty much every device). planning out your work is the most efficient way to get it done.
don’t try to do everything at once. while it’s best to get things done soon, space out your work efficiently so you don’t feel overwhelmed!
create a simple, comfortable study space. it doesn’t have to be a perfectly organized desk or gorgeous setup at the kitchen table; i do all of my college work from my bed with a comfy throw blanket and fairy lights up. the most important thing is that you are in the right position to do work, you are comfortable, and that you are able to keep everything you need close to you.
work in chunks. to best knock out your work, take it an hour at a time with 10 to 15 minute breaks in between. make some tea, get a snack, stay energized.
drink lots of water. you are not immune to the coronavirus. it’s also easier to stay energized and focused when you’re hydrated.
MOST IMPORTANTLY: COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR INSTRUCTORS. at first i was very timid to communicate back and forth with my professors when something was wrong but i have learned that it is the most important thing to have good communication. if you don’t understand a concept, have trouble with the online system, or just need general help in your academics, sending them an email is the best way to solve the problem.
reward yourself!! once you’ve finished an assignment, give yourself a little treat (maybe a half hour of minecraft or your favorite snack to munch on!!)–it’s the best way to encourage your mind to work harder.
don’t work too late. you’re off from school. unless it’s the night of the due date, don’t push yourself until it’s done. the morning is just a sleep away.
these are some good playlists for background music.
another important tip! communicate with your classmates in case you don’t understand something. everybody learns differently and some pick up info different than others. 
make fancy notes!! get fancy with your stationery!! you have plenty of time now and can go bonkers with your beautiful notes.
continue to check your temperature and monitor symptoms. your school has closed for a reason. your safety and health are important.
retain a relatively normal sleep schedule, similar to the one you have when you normally go to school. slipping out of your regular sleep cycle can and will kick your ass when it’s time to go back.
lastly, eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. take a nap when you’re tired. remember to go to the bathroom and keep your water filled. take care of yourself.
if i think of anything else to add, i will!! just wanted to bring forth my advice in hopes that it benefits anybody who is at home b/c of quarantine or school cancellation :)
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mimgukkie · 3 years ago
the star signs in high school
people think they’re the bullies bc of their moody exterior,,
actually most probably just having a bad day.
competitive, compares exam results.
close with their teachers but not a suck up
probably hangs out at lunch with the same group of friends they've had for 4 years
gets taken for granted a bit too much
gets into awkward situations all the time but is still chill
depressed in lessons, happy at break
artsy- enjoys art/textiles/music lessons
acts tumblr af and gets away with it
messy buns everyday
starts crying at the end of every school term
shy, hates talking to anyone who they aren’t close with
the one their friends confide in
dramatic, loves to watch the tea spill
the one their friends go to when they need to confront someone
makes plans but cancels them bc they need to catch up on sleep
really secretive but knows everyone else’s secrets
probably the best friend you could have
good at everything
has probably had several boyfriends in the span of a year
doesn’t like to start fights but loves to watch them
makeup queen 
people think they’re fierce when they actually just have a hard time opening up
really trustworthy
may get into arguments regularly but only bc they have very strong opinions and views
always eating but also shares their food with friends
everyone loves them bc of their relaxed personality
bad puns but their laugh makes up for it
knows about all the sh*t going on but keeps the tea to themselves
speaks so fast they could start a rap album
look responsible but it’s all an act to hide the fact they’re wild
cries in the bathroom stall if they do badly in a test bc they don’t want any one to think they’re weak
effortlessly clever 
always brings a packed lunch bc school dinners are ‘gross’
friends with everyone bc they’re easy going
only funny bc they act like they’re high all the time
has good advice for angsty teens
(this is just my opinion from observing people at my school and also after reading about the signs, in no way am i an expert afsjdgdgdg hope at least some of it is right for u tho!)
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riffatmatinpoetry · 2 years ago
I know that all of this is going to pay off. I just have to stay consistent. It's not always easy but this is all going to work out in the end.
Affirmation of the day.
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tabbystudyblr · a year ago
if you're a freshman and chose to pursue a field that goes against your parent's/guardian's wishes but makes you happy i want you to know that i see you and i'm proud of you.
if you chose to switch fields in the middle of a degree because the field you were in no longer made you happy, i see you and i'm so proud of you. that takes a lot of courage.
if you chose to get a second degree that's radically different than the first, i see you and i'm proud of you. you'll do well.
for everyone that realised you should enjoy academia and your career and had the courage necessary to go against society's wishes to achieve that, i see you and i'm so, so proud of you.
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savassite · 3 years ago
Tips for doing well on your exams.
• Make a study-plan: Organize your time so you can be able to study more than one lesson per day and finish everything on time. Devote your mornings to one subject and study another one in the afternoon. Making progress in more than one class really makes it seem like you finished your studying quicker and easier.
• Sleep: You have to sleep for about 7-8 hours every day. Set an alarm on your phone and when the clock shows 10:00 pm close your books, go grab a drink or a snack, do your night routine and get back on your studying the next day with a more fresh and well rested mind.
• Get a tutor: Asking for your help does not reduce your value as a student. You struggle just like everybody else; asking for a helping hand from a person that spent 4+ years studying this subject will definitely help.
• Eat good: Eat healthy and rich in protein and carbs meals, you will need all the energy you can get. Prioritize studying rather than dieting for a month and fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to be able to work and stay focused these many hours.
• Always paraphrase: Memorizing a whole book is near to impossible. Read the chapters 2-3 times, take good and detailed notes and focus more on understanding what these chapters are trying to get across so you’ll be able to answer every question the professor might choose to throw at you in the exams. Learning by heart requires way more effort and is not always effective when the question requires critical thinking.
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