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He said that particular TV show I watched was haunted by his spirit because it was supposed to be him in all the scenes and it was like the other actor was like a puppet of himself but the spirit of him was really inside all the dialogue and everything because it had been written for him.

That he’d been on set the whole time it was made, watching kind of disappointed and confused because they were shooting it without him but he’d still shown up to do his job as an actor.

He said this as we sat in the room with a lot of potted plants on a bench seat looking at the shadows the potted plants made on the hard wood floor.

The still alive family that occupied the house moved around the room sometimes like they were a strobe light. I asked him, “Why are they like that?”

And he explained that humans while they are alive don’t understand how we spend a sliver of a fraction of time alive and if we become ghosts we spend eternity dead. So to the dead minutes for the living look like that. @philipseymourhoffmanrip_ @feral_house #hijax & #hijinx #autobiocomics @damedarcy

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Time didn’t matter, but at the same #time it was tedious. I was in the the house I was #haunting and also the house became a #ghost sometimes too that I could see through to the land the house was built on.

Philip laughed when I threw a potted plant at the living people for fun because I was bored. The #dirt went everywhere and spattered the horrified face of the Mom. Then I felt bad.

When I woke up at 5am realizing it was a dream and that I was alive the realization made even more #scary because the dream highlighted the temporary state of #beingalive and how that the temporary solution of being alive really wouldn’t be for long in the spectrum of time and eternity.

I sat up in the dark, hearing those annoying little knocks all around the room in random places that can’t be explained but i know it’s “ghosts” or whatever.

I really am bothered by it because when they still happen after turning on the light it just makes it worse.
So I wait in the dark for morning to come so they either stop or life in the day makes it so they aren’t noticeable. Fortunately it doesn’t always happen.

I searched where @philipseymourhoffmanrip_ is from, Rochester NY. Because the house he had haunted seemed to be somewhere very white and midwestern like Minnesota, so I thought he had gone home. But no. @feral_house #hijax #hijinx #graphicnovel #autobiography @damedarcy

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Unused sprites from the game, because I couldn’t figure out how to change the dialogue portraits lol

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So this is the craziness of my family, please enjoy (click the last three for closer photos)

I didn’t join in as I’m unwell

the first is by my 39 year old sister and her three kids (9) (6) (5)

The second is by my 28 year old brother who didn’t let his kids help (and yet it somehow turned out the worst)

The last is made out of actual wood by my 25 year old brother and 16 year old sister

My family gets competitive over things which shouldn’t be turned into competitions and I love it

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been on a horrible art block so take this!

finally got down my designs for two key characters for a story im writing. Both of them being Deli’s ex’s. 

Roland Suarez is Whaley’s cousin on his dads side and has a love for sports and the paranormal! Hes a himbo, pure of heart: dumb of ass. He dated deli back in high school! they are still on amazing terms that sometimes when he’s in town deli calls him and they hang out!

Gideon Richards is delis other Ex..and ine of the few she cant stand to be around anymore. another high school flame, Gideon was friends with the entire group and came from a rich family. he basically wore deli down to the point she gave into dating him….they have been on and off again for years in high school till she had it and officially dumped him. he didn’t take it well. 

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So I didn’t address this in Hijinx’s ref post, but Hijinx doesn’t care if she is addressed as Headmaster or Head Mistress, she’s okay with either and doesn’t really care if people jump between calling her the two. 

Hijinx is another one of my oldest characters, and one of the very first villain characters  created and planned to write  a story for back when she was a Villanious OC - though I don’t mind Villanious me personally, I just lost interest after a while and gradually moved on from the fandom. I still adore the show! But as said, I gradually lost interest with drawing the OC’s I had for that fandom, so I changed Hjinx to a HHOC

Few Notes:

-Hijnx died of starvation, and that cause of death affected her demon self and the abilities she now has. Hijinx can go for months at a time without eating, and can even store items in his stomach if she has something she wants to keep safe at all times - the objects in which she keeps in her stomach are protected by a thick layer of her saliva to keep them safe, and when she needs to use the items stored in her stomach, she essentially either has to throw up, or make a giant mouth appear over her stomach so she can easily grab them. Most of the time Hijinx uses this stomach storage ability to store extra food in case of an emergency, or if she suddenly has a shortage of food. But she also uses this trick to help keep confiscated goods that may come in handy in the future

-Since Hijinx has to protect these stored items in her stomach with her own saliva, Hijinx does have a tendency to drool and..its pretty gross, and sticky, and above all slippery. Butch has lost count of the amount of times Hijinx has pulled a prank on him by ‘accidentally’ leaving some drool on the floor that he then slips on. Hijinx also has the ability to detach her jaw and grow extra sets of teeth in her mouth, she often doesn’t use these skills unless she’s trying to store a large item in her stomach, or if she’s exceptionally hungry to the point she plans on swallowing both the food, the plates and table all at once

-Being a demon that thrives on feasting and when in the mood can eat monsterous sizes of food in seconds flat, one of Hijinx’s most powerful muscles is her tongue. A large percent of the time Hijinx has a typical slim tongue like an average lizard. But when Hijinx is in a more ravenous state of mind or has been starved from food for a while, her tongue grows into a thick gloopy like tentacle - and it is strong. When in this state her tongue works similar to a frog, she’ll shoot her tongue out and fling food into her mouth with ease and in impeccable speed. She could probably arm wrestle and win with her tongue in this state 

-Hijinx likes to experiment with food, she likes throwing random objects - sometimes even non edible objects - into a dish and see what happens. On some days, she can be genuinely very passionate about cooking, making some really impressive dishes - if Hijinx wasn’t a teacher she’d defiantly be a chef. And on other days she couldn’t care less and just grabs whatever is laying around the fridge to eat. She has a strong liking to foods with strange textures 


Hijinx - me

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museum paul, literally leaning over me trying to steal a block of wood from my shelf

me, on the phone with an artist: hi. It’s Catherine. Hold on, I’m arguing with Paul- stop it! leave it! leave it! do not take that! P-Paul, put it down! put it down!

MP, simultaneously, still trying to steal my wood: huh? What? you want this?

me, threatening to slap his arm: yes I want it! it’s on my desk! Put it down!

MP: 😏😏 alright 😏😏

me, returns to the phone: hello? Sorry I had to yell at Paul. anyway..

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