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we went looking for przewalsky-horses yesterday and accidentally took a loooong walk around a beautiful forest!!😍

day 8 - what is the best about studyblr?

The motivation behind each post, the safe space for exhausted students, the aesthetic of working!

day 9 - what is the worst about studyblr?

It might be toxic for people who aren’t mentally stable/can’t stop comparing themselves ❤️

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I feel as if it is not good form, as an environmentalist, to actively hate a species of plant. Part of learning how to observe nature is understanding that everything has its place and purpose, no matter how annoying. With that being said, I hate glossy buckthorn. It’s a dreadfully nasty plant that grows in dense thickets that have a direct impact on the forest under-stories that they invade. On top of them destroying the biodiversity of a forest ecosystem, they’re an absolute pain to get through. Some of my worst field days have been when I had to run plant transects through 100 meters of glossy buckthorn. If I could burn all of them to the ground and leave the surrounding forest untouched, I would in an instant. 

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It’s dreadfully hot. The chilling embrace of the autumnal transition is nowhere to be found, in its stead the humid heat of an extended August. I find myself laying on the bare granite slabs of a bald summit. Rewarded with what amounts to a lack of shade and a gust of wind. Many tell me that this is the best part, that the view is well worth the four hour climb. However, to me that was far from the truth. There was no “best” part, instead the “best” aspects of the climb occurred over the course of many moments and observations. Mountains offer a unique opportunity to observe nature. One of the biggest problems you encounter when trying to record nature is that you rarely can find an area that hasn’t been affected by humans in any way. You may walk five miles into the woods and still find a can of Bud Light or a popped foil balloon stuck on a branch. However, due to their nature, mountains almost never have this issue. Verticality deters development, so no runoff. It also deters those who may litter, and the incursion of invasive species (though that may only be true further up the mountain). Although, if one might imagine an especially determined balloon, you may still run into a rare popped balloon among the pines. The first subject I saw that caught my attention was a bright orange group of mushrooms extending out of a tree as if they were a strange pair of ears. Fungi are not my specialty so I couldn’t identify them, I just knew not to put them in my mouth. I have a friend who’s a little too into mushrooms, so I tried calling him in order to figure out what they were. Unfortunately he didn’t answer, probably too busy with his own mushrooms to identify mine. From then onwards I observed what local flora and fauna I could. A red-tailed hawk circling its prey, a white tailed deer scuttle away just barely out of sight, an old pine growing tall and old, and a hemlock whose bark was well feasted on by tenacious porcupines. I was thankful that I could observe these facets of nature in peace. An unfortunate side effect of working in the environmental field is that you’re always bogged down with a question, constantly on the quest for data. Nature is tarnished when viewed through the lens of a report. So here, from on high, I sit with no reason. I lose myself in an open sky.

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