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Yeah sex is cool but your poop ever stuck in your but and after some troubles it finally comes out….

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A little thing happened on my old class’s chat today

(Fake names/code chat names for privacy)

Ben: @ Stalker dude could you unsleep me at 7 tomorrow?

Ben: Oh sorry wrong chat

Camel: First of all, what? Secondly, repeat that again?

Ben: I asked him to unsleep me at 7 tomorrow. He usually calls me at 8 but I need to do something.

Camel: Oh. My. Lord.

Camel: Ben, what does unsleep mean?

Ben: What the - mate are you alright it’s the opposite of sleeping after you sleep you unsleep and you become awake what is wrong with you

Camel: It’s not ’unsleep

Ben: What is it then? Hmm?

Camel: To wake up.

Ben: Oh

Ben: Jesus Christ-


MOMo: It is.

1 AM.

In the morning.

Me: What are you two doing up?

Adam: For god’s sake let us sleep.

Thomas MS: Stop sending messages in the group chat in the middle of the night.

Ben: Oh no the parents are up

Camel: Jesus Christ do you guys have telepathy or something? It’s like you knew what the others were going to say and only said your bit.

MOMo: Don’t change the subject.

Thomas MS: We aren’t in the moods to deal with you tonight.

Me: I just hope you haven’t woken anyone else up

Adam: It’s a miracle that they haven’t been. My phone sounded like an alarm with all the notifications.

Me: Now.

Adam: Go.

Thomas MS: To.

MOMo: Sleep. Or else. You know what’ll happen if this happens again.

Adam: I’ll yeet your phones out the window before you go to sleep every night.

Thomas MS: A bit extreme, Adam, but maybe I’ll be mad enough to condone it.

Me: And that’s just the tip of the iceberg (:

Ben: Do you think we made them mad?

Camel: Not fully yet. They’re just pissed.

MOMo: Watch your profanities.

the meme lord: I suggest you don’t make them mad, you two. You know what they can get like.

Me: Oh no, please don’t tell me we woke you up Thomas! We’re so sorry!

the meme lord: Don’t be sorry, Ririka, it’s fine! I was here the whole time, it wasn’t any inconvenience :)

Adam: Now, you two idiots get to bed. You should get some rest too, Thomas.

the meme lord: Okay Dad. Night @ Ben, @ Camel! Night Mums and Dads!

MOMo: We’re not even going to bother correcting you at this point, we’re too tired. Good night.

Adam: You win. Night.

Thomas MS: Get lots of rest everyone. See you.

Me: Sweet dreams everybody!

There was actually a second part where the rest of the ‘parents’ and I were talking in our own private group chat. Just to clarify, we are all the same age and not each other’s parents! I would have included it but this is already so long. Anyways, that’s why I’m awake now and not able to get back to sleep. It’s funny reading it back now, though.

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[OC] Celebrating 35 years of people calling him Zelda

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Special comic! This is for a non-profit called Ticatove beach cleanup. Be sure to check out their website, as well as the blog post that this comic is featured in-

[link will be here shortly]

By the way, did you know that if you follow me, you’ll get the little exclusive comics too? This is sort of an announcement, so if you want some little comics that might not be funny, or might be, be sure to follow me! Also if you want pages of my ObiTree comic as they come out, be sure to follow!

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« No I’m not that anxious about going back to school » I say while my skin is breaking out, my stomach hurts and my lips get dry

« It’s fine really college isn’t that bad » I say holding back the screams of agony that so desperately want to get out of my chest

« Everything is going great » I say as I remember my very low grades and my constant failures

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