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#him fan fic

Why do i feel like Alex can braid hair, like surprisingly well? Maybe he had to learn when he was younger, ‘cause his mom would make him braid Eija’s hair when she needed help and since he’s the oldest obviously he was the chosen one.

And so he braids our readers hair before she goes to bed sometimes, even putting some almond oil on her ends to make sure they’re nice and mositurized, and he gives it a little tug and just kisses the very top of her head when he’s all done.

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hm, I think with my GoT fic I’ll end up adding Quaithe to Dany’s court, since I want to add more obvious magic and Quaithe is loyal to Dany. (Even if the show like…completely forgot about her lol just like Kinvara) Quaithe didn’t introduce herself to Dany in Quarth so she’ll probably reach out to her during the Meereen arc since that’s when I’ll start really deviating my fic from canon

Magic is actually a really integral part of being a Targaryen and a Valyrian, since Valyrian steel has spells woven into it and same could be said for the ruins of Valyria as it still stands even after the Doom and not to mention all the weird unnatural shit that still lives in Valyria even after it blew up. Since dragons in canon are connected to magic and also blood-connected to the Targs and Targs tend to have dragon/prophetic dreams, fire resistance and are magically inclined due to their bloodline it would make sense Dany gets a magical advisor.

Of course since with my fic Dany hatches Ghidorah, not the dragons, the magical ‘rules’ of that universe change a lot since he’s an invasive alien species, not a true dragon. Anyway in his various carnations he has strange and unusual powers- the one I’m using for my fic is largely based off his King of Monsters form but in other forms he has differing powers, including one where he’s an extra-dimensional energy being and one of his titles is even King of the Void.

I think Quaithe would be a good fit for that even if she wouldn’t really know wtf Ghidorah is, but she’d still support Dany since Ghidorah’s birth rejuvenated magic since he ‘highjacked it’ much like his KoM self did with the Titans. And I just want a witch who isn’t a completely douche like that red bitch Melisandre

Tho I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the Night King and the Others, since he sure as shit isn’t gonna be killed in the completely lame and worthless way as he was in the show like what were those two stupid idiots thinking with that

Also fuck the Starks, if Dany ever meets them in my fic she’ll tell them to fuck off the whole ungrateful racist lot

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Everyone Lives AU

Hey Prongs and Lils! You’ll never guess who next year’s Defense teacher is. (wink wink). Tell Harry that just because Uncle Moony’s his teacher doesn’t mean he’s guaranteed O’s, and if he doesn’t nail the werewolf section he’s officially disowned. 

See you soon, 

Padfoot & Moony.

PS. Tell Moony he should let the beard grow. He’s not listening to me. - P

PPS. Tell Padfoot he can grow his own beard and to leave mine alone. - M


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A Field of Grandeur

A Reylo Victorian Royalty AU

“So how does London sound Finn?”

“I’ve never been, could be fun though. Never know what you’ll find there … or who.” He smirks, shrugging his shoulders to the man in front of him.  

“You’re a pretty adventurous guy, I could use some help in that department. Care to join me?” Ben looks smugly, resting his pen on the desk in front of him.

“Oh, absolutely. This will be fun.”

You can find chapter two here!

It took a day longer than I would’ve liked, but I’m really happy with how this chapter turned out. I decided to take the more shy, tentative good boi approach for Ben, but don’t worry. He’ll have his cheeky broody moments in the future.

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Your girl is sleep deprived and going a bit stir crazy but that’s when the ideas start rolling so I have a celebrity!y/n coming that could fall into the vanity fair universe if you want it too so yeah. If you don’t like it sorry but I’m obsessed :)


Ps @wholesomemendes you’re the real one for having this picture I saved from one of your post 😂 😂

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author: This ask is from so so very long ago but I didn’t know how to write for pregnant!Y/N so I had to figure that one out lol. I did research on pregnancy and now I’m sure my mom had concerns.

synopsis: Shawn just wants to take care of you.

warnings: requested by anon. 1.3k of workaholic!pregnant!Y/N. It’s kinda angsty but ends fluffy because that’s just what I do and that’s just who I am. 😂

Everything hurt but you wouldn’t go home.

You had always been a workaholic and being eight months pregnant didn’t change anything much to your husband’s dissatisfaction. He told you no one would be upset if you took a maternity leave before you gave birth and if they did he would cover it, but you refused to sit around when all your limbs were able. That’s how you found yourself in another argument, same as the ones every other day, about taking some time at home.

“Honey, I just don’t understand why the hospital can’t switch your shifts for someone else? I’m sure your colleagues would be more than happ-”

“It’s not about that, Shawn!”

“Then what is it about? Seriously, Y/N!”

You were a nurse at Toronto Western and technically you should’ve started your maternity leave two weeks ago, but the idea of not working stressed you out.

Shawn has always been more than happy to pay for you on all fronts but you weren’t that kind of girl. You wanted to work for yourself and help pay for everything from taxes for your shared home in Pickering to paying the check at Monday dinners. You wouldn’t let your husband pay for you even if you were carrying his baby.

“I don’t want to not work! I don’t want to feel helpless in the way of money! And I definitely don’t want to depend on you for that sort of thing!”

“Or anything,” your husband basically whispered, a sharp contrast to the yelling.

“What does that even mean?”

You hated to admit it but Shawn was right. Ever since you’d gotten pregnant you wanted to do everything yourself. It’s not like you didn’t trust him but you wanted the sense of control carrying a baby took away. You had told him that and he understood seeing he knew you better than you knew yourself.

“I just, Bub, I just need to be able to do things by myself.”

“But you don’t have to,” he looked at you for the first time that night, his eyes were rimmed with tears, “you are my wife and you are carrying our baby so let me be here with you. I’m here, okay? I know you’ve done things by yourself a lot because of the tours and my crazy schedule but I’m here now.”

“I don’t know how to let go.”

“Let go.”

It sounded stupid, Shawn just saying those words so you’d let go but they worked. He’d always been the one person who’d make you let go and that would never change.

“I’m sorry. I know I should’ve taken leave when I was supposed to but I’ve been so stressed and I threw it all into work.”

“Hey, honey?”

You hummed.

“I love you and I’m going to take care of you, eh?”

You hugged him as best you could. Shawn chuckled as your bulging stomach pressed into his body and your short arms could barely reach around his neck. This was everything you needed, just the tranquil silence of hugging your husband. As you finally let go the ache in your feet came back and the nauseating pain in your head started pushing against you but you let it this time.

“Bubba,” he hummed against your neck, “I’m really nauseous and my feet are tired. Can we go to sleep?”

“Mmm, nope.”

“Shawn, please. I actually can’t stay upright mu-”

“You need to take your vitamin B-6 supplements that I got you last week but still haven’t touched.”

That was true. Shawn had brought home all the pain relievers and at-home remedies he could find but you had brushed it off saying you were fine.

Your husband guided you into the kitchen making sure you were comfortable as he sat you down at the island. He kissed your forehead before going into the cabinet above the fridge and bringing over your supplements and a half full glass of water.

“Slow sips, yeah? If you drink too fast you’ll make it worse.”

You hummed in agreement and Shawn squeezed your hand before disappearing up the stairs. You followed his orders taking slow, small sips and eventually swallowing the pill. You had just shifted from your seat to put the glass in the dishwasher and the bottle back above the fridge when your husband snatched both items from your hand.

“Bub, I could’ve done that.”

“If you bend over or try to reach too high your blood will rush to your head.”

“When did you become an expert?”

He bashfully looked away, suddenly finding his tattooed hand much more interesting than your confused face.

Itookadadclass,” he spoke so fast you didn’t process the words.


“I took a dad class,” he smiled shyly at your shocked features, “I’ve been going for the past couple weeks. I’m not writing a new album because then I’ll have to go on tour and I’m not leaving you alone with our baby. So, instead I used my newfound free time to go to a dad class.”

You couldn’t help but smile at your husband. It didn’t matter that you shut him out, Shawn still did everything in his power to make sure he was prepared for the day you let him in. You felt guilty tears start forming in your waterline.

“Bubba,” his thumbs were stroking your tears away, “I’m sorry for not letting you in. You’ve been nothing but perfect to me and I just keep pushing you away.”

“Honey, hey, I chose to do this, alright? I knew you’d want to do this alone but I wasn’t about to let you. So, it’s all in the past, eh? I have a bath running upstairs and then we’ll go to sleep.”

Sure enough, Shawn guided you into the bathroom pulling your scrubs from your swollen skin before undressing himself and slipping into the warm water.

“C’mere,” he made grabby gestures at your big belly, “relax, okay?”

And you did. For the first time in over eight months you felt completely relaxed. Your husband massaged your hips and slid calming strokes up and down your thighs, his silver wedding band leaving a trail of happy goosebumps. Your head laid back against his trained chest as his hands moved up around your belly.


“Yes, Baby?”

“Will you sing to me?”

He hesitated and you knew exactly why. About thirteen weeks into your pregnancy you had felt the first kick. According to your doctor, it was earlier than the average who don’t feel any movement until they’re sixteen to twenty five weeks in. It had been because of Shawn.

The two of you had been curled up on his white couch back at his old condo, your laptop sat on his thighs with Zillow pulled up. Shawn and you were looking for your first real home in Pickering. Some people said it was late in their marriage to buy a house but it made sense because your husband hadn’t really settled down yet, still touring the world every other year. His hand had been resting on your bump when he started singing a John Mayer song and the little baby kicked right into his hand.

Shawn never stopped singing around your belly until you were whining about being too sore from all the movement. He kissed you and apologized but didn’t stop singing to your baby whenever he had the chance,

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“It won’t, I promise I’ll tell you to stop if it does.”

With a kiss to your cheek he started singing, stopping to giggle as the baby kicked along to the beat. You two stayed there until the water was cold. You had completely forgotten about your cramps.

He pulled an oversized shirt over your head, an outfit you lived in when you were home, before lightly dragging you to your shared bed. You laid on your side, your belly on top of his abdomen, and your chin tucked happily under his.

You fell asleep happier than you had in awhile. Listening to Shawn’s whispers of love.

“You look absolutely perfect to me. I love you, Baby, oh and you too, honey.”

Well, almost whispers of love.

permanent taglist: @wholesomemendes @fallinallincurls @ashwarren32 @mendesficsxbombay @haute-shawn @turtoix @prncsnee @http-isabela

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So, I finally figured out the plot of this (it had simply been simply domestic fluff before), and now it’s simply domestic fluff with some plot so I’m going to count this as the first sneak peek. Don’t worry, the previous ones that I’ve shared are still going to be included, but they might be slightly different or changed up a little.

I hope you enjoy it as I try to keep my own sanity!

Epilogue to Unattainable and Safe

With his legs dangling over the edge of the wall, not far from where he and the boys always came on Saturdays for skating, music pounded in his ears, loud and heavy beats. It wasn’t the typical David Bowie that encompassed the majority of the past year, the past five-hundred thousand plus minutes, but it was one of Robbe’s favorite artist’s new albums. His legs swung back and forth, his backpack resting against his side, his phone clenched between his hands, but his eyes were focused across the riverbank on an empty wall. 

The mural had lasted longer than any of them expected. 

But, Sander had completed the mural on the wall of some company’s private property so they had painted over it after three months. 

Keep reading

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