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moonlight19256 · 23 hours ago
Deus Ex Machina - Chapter One
'Deus ex machina' is an unexpected power or event saving a seemingly hopeless situation. Lila didn't believe in this saying before, but after she learned Ladybug's secret, that quote was the answer to all of the suspicious things happening to her.
Lila figures out Ladybug's identity but something stops her from telling anyone. Either by way of bird attacks, convenient door slamming into her, and other suspicious situations.
Lila made her way to her second class: Maths. Lila hated mathematics; so many numbers, too many variables. She hoped that an akuma would be appearing, anything to get out of maths.
As if Hawkmoth read her thoughts, a loud crash was heard in the distance. Lila’s eyes widened and she quickly ran the other way to the girls’ locker room. Lila saw Marinette on the other side, but didn’t bother to annoy her. 
Lila looked out of the window and saw giant pigeons running through Paris. The fuck? she thought. She heard a soft ‘Spots on!’ and confused, she looked back at Marinette. But Marinette wasn't there. Instead, Ladybug was there running out of the door towards the akuma. Marinette is Ladybug??
Lila ran out of the locker room to look out the windows. "Come, my dear pigeons, together we will rule Paris! Humans are overrated anyway!" shouted Mr Pigeon. Mr Pigeon again? For the fortieth time or something? Really Hawkmoth? That dude needs therapy. Or a hobby. Maybe both.
The girl grabbed her phone and opened the Ladyblog. Alya was already livestreaming the fight.
"Check out Ladybug and Chat Noir who are fighting Mister Pigeon, again! The fellow has already been akumatized thirty-eight times, I guess he just really likes pigeons?" Lila snorted.
After half an hour of trying to tame and ride the pigeons, "Lucky Charm!" "Ooh look, Ladybug summons her lucky charm! What would it be this time? Maybe cinnamon rolls, I read somewhere that pigeons hate cinnamon." Alya rambles. The camera zoomed in on the heroes' yoyo, and Ladybug summoned a... can of pepper spray?
"Pepper spray? What's she supposed to do with that? Spray all the pigeons?" Alya joked. Ladybug started spraying all of the surrounding mega-pigeons with pepper spray, and surprisingly, it works. The pigeons flew away, cooing loudly.
Chat Noir grabbed the pepper spray and ran to the top of the Eiffel Tower, where Mister Pigeon was with his giant pigeons.
"Chat, what are you doing?" yelled Ladybug. "Just follow me bugaboo, I have a plan."
"Normally I'm the one with a plan." joked Ladybug.
"Don't worry, my plan is purrrfect!" Ladybug groaned and went somewhere to recharge. Chat reached the top of the Eiffel tower, and he began pushing the large pigeons of the tower with his baton. It was a funny sight really, Lila wondered how it would look like if someone who wasn't from Paris would react.
Two superheroes in a Cat and Ladybug suit battling enormous pigeons and a man in a pink suit with wings.
All of the big pigeons were now flying in the sky, and Chat Noir was alone with the akuma.
"Give me your Miraculous!"
"You didn't say please, so now I am going to take your whistle. It would be cat-astrophic if I just left it there." Chat smirked. He grabbed his baton and began battling Mister Pigeon. Soon Ladybug joined and tied the villain up..
Mister Pigeon tried to fly but Chat sprayed pepper spray in his face, causing him to fall to the ground. Ladybug grabbed the man's pigeon whistle and crushed it in her palm. The akuma fluttered out, and Ladybug caught it with her yoyo. "No more evil-doing for you little akuma. Time to de-evilize!" She tapped on her yoyo and a white, purified butterfly flew out. "Bye bye little butterfly!
“Miraculous Ladybug!"
A few minutes after the magic ladybugs washed over the city, she went to her next class: literature. How did the fight even last 45 minutes with a dude and giant pigeons? Lila went to her seat in the back and grabbed her books. She noticed that Marinette was already present. Lila smirked.
This is going to be fun.
Lila glanced at the clock, class was going to start in a few minutes. She smirked and went to Marinette and Alya. "Y'know, Ladybug saved me again from the akuma." Lila paused to look at everyone's faces, they were all intrigued, but Marinette had an annoyed expression on her face.
Satisfied, she continued, "I was outside to make sure everyone was safe, but a giant pigeon flew towards me. Ladybug then swung by and saved me from being eaten, she is such a good friend!"
Suddenly an idea popped into her head. She grinned and proceeded; "We really have an unspoken understanding. We trust each other so much, she even told me her secret identity last night! I'm not allowed to let anyone know of course, but you are such good friends, I trust you both not to tell anyone." She stared at Alya and Marinette, and the Ladyblogger quickly nodded. Lila ignored the confused and annoyed look on Marinette's face.
"But isn't it dangerous for you to know who she is already?" Alya started. "It would be kinda dumb to tell us too, as much as I would like to know who she is."
"Oh no, if you two don't get akumatized or tell anyone," she looked at Alya. "then it all should be fine. Ladybug… is…"
"Alright class, please go to your seats and open your books on page 394. You too Lila!" The bell ringed, also signaling that class was about to begin.
Lila grumbled and went back to her seat. Literature was better than maths, but she still didn't like it. Books are better to read if you don't have to do it for school. After three quarters of boring book reviews, lunch came and saved her from starvation and boredom. She grabbed her lunch and sat with her 'friends'.
Nino showed them his new beat he was working on, it actually sounded pretty cool in Lila's opinion, and Alya showed the newest scoop on the Ladyblog. Marinette spent the majority of the time glaring at Lila and Adrien was just enjoying his croissants.
"As I was saying earlier, I wanted to trust you with Ladybug's identity."
"What!?" Adrien replied with his mouth still half full and a doubtful look on his face.
"You know Ladybug's identity, for real? Why would she trust you with her secret?" Right, Adrien knows that I am a liar. She thought.
"We’re just very good friends, and she gave me a lucky charm so I can't get akumatized anymore." She showed her bracelet that she bought somewhere in Italy a while ago.
"Anyways, Ladybug is- OUCH! What was that?" A wad of paper bounced against her head, but it looked like it came from above.
An akuma maybe? No... no one else seems to have any paper dropping on their head… weird.
Whatever. I’ll just tell them tomorrow.
And chapter one is done! Hope y'all like it, and thank you @pebble_12345 for your beta-reading and editing!
I'm hungry, I'm gonna eat some pringles.
Btw I'm also posting this^^ on Ao3, so feel free to check that out too!
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forgottenyogurtgods · a day ago
Tumblr media
Summary: A simple collection of quick fics for somewhat interconnected. 100 prompts, 100 Saturdays.
Master List
Oh! You Pretty Things
Prompt 6 — 19. Tears
There were only a handful of people that she could say she hated. Chloé for all her nonsense over the years (really, it was time to grow up) and that Papillon guy who insisted on getting the Miraculous stones (time to give up, guy). They were the top competitors for the crown most days of the year.
But she never thought she would hate Adrien Agreste.
She had heard what happened — eavesdropping with Nino — just beyond the corner where he stood in a secluded section of the school. She had been so excited when Marinette had told her that she was going to confess, and when she finally did…
“I… Marinette,”  she recalled Adrien saying in a soft, gentle tone.  “I'm beyond flattered, really. You're an incredible person — anyone would be lucky to have you like them. I'm sorry, but I just… I can't. I already like someone else.”
She remembered hearing Marinette’s nonchalance afterwards. In a vain attempt to shake it off as a schoolgirl crush, but they all knew the truth. It ran deeper than that. It was love.
Somehow along the way, that little crush blossomed into love, and it clung so steadfast to Marinette’s tender, little heart. She had seen the goofy, sweet side of that stupid boy, and she had seen the sad, lonely side of him. And she still liked him.
Alya recalled the night Marinette told her about it.
“I  really  like him,”  she'd said, blushing in that way only she could.  “I really, really like him. Gah, Alya, you should have seen him today. He was just… He looked like he needed a hug.”  Alya had teased her about it — giving him the hug. She had seen it — it had been short and cute and sweet — and she had seen the repercussions — both were left blushing furiously. God, could they be any cuter together?
“And… I don't know, maybe I'm crazy, but I like it when he tells his stupid puns. Did you hear the one he said earlier? About the cats and the police?”
Marinette had it so bad , and he just… turned her down. It was so obvious to everyone. They would all break with her, Alya knew. Pats on the shoulder and coos would shortly follow. Rose had been adamant that it would happen before they left for the year — that they would be together. But it didn't look like it would happen.
And now… and now Alya was left to clean up the pieces Adrien left.
“It'll be alright,” Alya said, feeling the cold from the bathroom tiles seep in through her jeans. “He doesn't know what he just did. Give him some time. Maybe a little distance? To see what he's missing.”
A shuddering sob was her only response. Alya pulled her closer, feeling her eyes heat as the tears began to burn and blur her vision. Damnit, she couldn't cry. She wouldn't  cry. She had to be the strong one right now.
But the tears came anyway.
Also found on
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miraculouscontent · 7 days ago
Anonymous asked:
Any thoughts on Zoe so far?
Anonymous asked:
Hey, I am curious about one thing. What is your opinion about Zoé Lee? In my opinion, she is better than I expected. She is not just a Mary-Sue (Even though, she is close to being one). I think that this whole “I need to pretend to be someone else to pleasure others” kind of interesting, and also, it can be relatable to a lot of people out there. I just think that the pacing could be a little better, but, it’s miraculous, could we expect anything different. Still, I think she became something more than just “The new bee”. She has her issues, her struggles, and her insecurities, but, it seems she will work on them. Also, her friendship with Marinette is really nice to see. (Maybe I am imagining things, but, it seems Marinette will finally have a healthy friend). I am also glad they didn’t add a Zoé X Luka scene at the end, as I though they were (like he making a joke and she giggling while blushing).
Seconded about the Zoe/Luka thing. I saw the two in the same shot and had to hold my breath like do not.
Anyway, my opinion of Zoe... she’s nice. I like nice and soft characters, and I can actually relate to the “I have to pretend to be someone else” thing. I also appreciate that her friendship with Marinette is very pure and I like how it went.
My main problem with her is that she has the “sad and rich” character type that I am so, very, extremely tired of. I’m tolerating it for now but every time she started sulking, I felt less sympathy and more, “grin and bear it, it’ll be over soon.”
I don’t think the scene at the end where she made a big sad speech was necessary. She was already sympathetic and the whole thing about being bullied made it just... it’s too much. I’m bitter that they just used “they were bullied” for sympathy points when Zoe already has Audrey as a mom and Chloe as a half-sister. Adding that she was bullied by mystery people we don’t even know was overkill.
Anonymous asked:
On Zoe, I’ve only just started coming around on her, both because of an artist I adore, and that she reminds me of when I got to college and found “my people,” and made a bunch of wonderful friends (super small town anon here).
But before “Sole Crusher” actually aired, I was kinda instantly soured on her, because she felt like a consolation prize for Luka, or something. Oh look, a girl with (slightly) colored hair and some punkish style elements, she’ll be _much_ better suited for Luka than Marinette ever was. Esp since she’s only introduced after they break up.
I mean, I adore Luka beyond description, so on the one hand, I absolutely want him to find happiness with someone (and it’s clear the writers won’t let Lukanette happen, thank god for fanon), but I’m also still salty about how immediately his relationship with Marinette ended. (I also note that there’s no obvious new romance option for Kagami, which is unfair)
Only semi-related: can’t the poor guy get a new (even just blank!) shirt?
I think all of my followers are with you on this one, mutually fearing Luka/Zoe. I’m also rolling my eyes fandom-wise because it’ll just become the inevitable ship to force Luka into as if to say, “See?? He’s paired off with someone else so Marinette can’t possibly have him now!”
I’m already seeing it around and I’m sighing. Like this is exactly what the narrative wanted, I’m sure, and that’s why Zoe has so many similarities to both Luka and Marinette (i.e: making her “match” Luka and giving her enough of traits from the girl Luka fell for).
I agree as well on the whole Kagami thing. The way the side love interests were just shoved to... well, the side, and then here comes this Zoe character and - who knows - maybe another character who’ll have links/traits that Kagami might like?
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jennagrinsoverml · 10 days ago
ML Fic Recs - Fluff
I’m back with your weekly rec list. As usual, I’m trying to rec fics that readers are less likely to have read. (I base that off of kudos on AO3. The general rule is fics under 1000 kudos, but usually I try to keep it under 500!) You can find my other rec lists on my blog at #jennarecsml
If you enjoy these, please reblog so more readers can find these awesome fics!
We all know canon’s coming for us with a big hurt, and the fandom’s been having a collective meltdown over the last week. So let’s indulge in some sweet happy fics!
La Vie en Rose by @chatonne-rousse
She taps her finger against her chin. "What do you think of Hawaii?"
"Oooh, does my bug want to get lei'd?" He chuckles at her eye roll and cocks his head left, then right, contemplating. "I definitely want to go there with you someday, but it's a hell of a long flight, and we only have a week before the semester starts."
"Ugh. You and your post-secondary education. Didn't know I'd end up marrying a nerd."
He grins. "Yes, you did."
Bermuda is a quiet island, bathed in pink from flowers to architecture to the sand itself. It's the perfect place for newlyweds - who happen to also be superheroes in dire need of a break - to relax and enjoy each other for one idyllic honeymoon week in paradise.
One-shot. This fic is a beautiful love letter to the post-reveal established relationship love square, an absolutely gorgeous imagining of what Adrien and Marinette will be to each other one day. It’s funny and sweet and fluffy and soft and exactly what my poor heart needs right now.
Truth or Dare by Taitai83
Ladybug has taken to visiting Adrien, and they pass the time playing a very innocent game of truth or dare.
One-shot. I can’t have my first rec list in Ladrien June without a little ladrien! Ladybug and Adrien are just so playful here and I absolutely love to see it. This is cute, sweet fluff!
It’s Me, Dummy by therealjanebingley
Ladybug is falling for her partner. Chat Noir takes her advances the wrong way.
One-shot. They’re so stupid I love them. After Sentibug, Chat doesn’t trust Ladybug’s confession lol This is ridiculous and silly and has a happy ending. I enjoyed it so much!
Glad It’s You by @ominousunflower
After fighting four late-night akumas in a row, the heroes of Paris are desperately in need of a nap.
“We’re a great team,” Adrien says. “No amount of sleepiness can make us lose.”
“Well,” Marinette says, a smirk tugging at her lips, “that may be true, but—eek!”
She stumbles and pitches forward, and Adrien wraps his arms around her, pulling her against him before she can tumble down the stairs.
“Careful, buguinette,” he says. “Falling down the stairs might be quicker, but I imagine it’s a lot more painful, too.”
One-shot. PRPR. I never thought I’d see the day where I’d be recommending a fic with so much pining and calling it fluff, but somehow ominousunflower managed it here! The dynamic here is so fun, closer to how they are as Ladybug and Chat Noir, and the whole thing is so sweet.
at every table, i’ll save you a seat by @ladynoirist
unbeknownst to them, adrien and plagg have the same plan for christmas morning: giving their kitten the best christmas he’s ever had
One-shot. This PRPR is pure fluff and so freaking sweet it will give you a toothache. There’s a fic set before this one, but I read them out of order and found I didn’t feel like I’d missed anything.
Three Kids and a Hamster by @chatonne-rousse​
During a sleepy late-night snuggle, Marinette and Adrien talk about their dreams for the future.
One-shot. I recently read a post that talked about how the sweetness of Adrien’s feelings for Marinette is that he gives her those soft, soft looks while she’s out here being weird af. But he loves her weird. And this fic is that concept encapsulated. Adrien and Marinette are ridiculous, but they’re ridiculous in a way that works together. “Can I be weird for a second?” It’s a really beautiful and healthy approach to their relationship!
an uncurtain discovery by @ladyofthenoodle
When he returns from school on Wednesday afternoon, Adrien discovers the darkness in his own home. He struggles to come to terms with it. To his utter mortification and delight, Ladybug is nearby to rescue him.
(He does not discover that his father is supervillain. That will happen on a different Wednesday.)
One-shot. More Ladrien goodness! This one is so silly and so funny, but also sweet and awesome. Plus, there’s an identity reveal! And it features one of my favourite tropes ever: Adrien imagining the boy Ladybug’s in love with and getting it fantastically wrong. Pleae read this it’s so funny.
Surprise by plikki
As far as announcements go, Marinette has chosen a rather unconventional way to tell Adrien her big news.
One-shot. I’m sure you can figure out what the announcement is, but even knowing that it’s still worth a read. It’s just so soft and full of genuine emotion. The sweetest fluff!
aloe-infused fuzzy socks by @peachcitt​
“So now you’re stealing my socks?”
Marinette froze, biting the inside of her cheek. She squeezed her eyes shut, mouthing a choice curse word before dropping the three pairs of Adrien’s fuzzy aloe-infused socks that she’d been holding in her gloved hands. She took a deep breath and turned around, closing his sock drawer with her hip.
“No, of course not,” she lied through her teeth.
One-shot. PRPR with a ladrien flavour. This is short and cute and sweet and worth a read! Reading it just makes me happy.
Catouflage by @botherkupo
In which Chat Noir takes up gatecrashing, someone needs to call the fashion police, and marichat are the new couple goals. (aka, marichat at the beach 2: electric boogaloo)
One-shot. Adrien isn’t allowed to go on a trip to the beach, but Chat Noir doesn’t have that problem. This is silly and fun with little moments of sweet, softness that made me smile.
Your heart's desire by plikki
An akuma forces people to look for their heart's desire. Out of Adrien and Marinette, only one is surprised that it leads them to each other. But the surprises don't end there.
One-shot. This just hits all of my soft spots. Adrien and Marinette care for each other in all their forms, and this highlights that. Add in an identity reveal and my heart is full to bursting.
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yueasuka · 11 days ago
For @ladrienjune 2021 day 1 : Private Island
No beta, no grammar check. I'll come back to it later.
An AU where Adrien is never come to the public school and therefore never meet the guardian and Marinette become the guardian not long after she become a Ladybug because Master Fu passed away without giving her much clue about the Miracle Box because the grimoire is never found.
This is basically a sidekick!Adrien AU that I recently found and want to try to write it for once. 😭
The first time she met him was at one of Chloe party that she held on her family's private island. She was skeptical about this party. Chloe don't just invite people, not unless they're famous or rich, she would never. But upon knowing that she held this party for Ms Bustier's birthday make her lower her guard. After all, nothing could go wrong with that, right?
"Of course something must go wrong whenever Chloe is involved!" She rant, her yo-yo spinning in her hand in defence mode as she run to find somewhere safe so she could summon her Lucky Charm.
His soft-awkward laugh could be heard from the earpiece and she almost smacked her hand to her face. "No offence to your friends but she's does has terrible attitude." She muttered.
"None taken. There's a refreshing table not far from your right, you can throw it to the akuma to create an opening so you can go out from the akuma's view then turned left toward the corridor it should be give you enough space for you to summon your charm."
She glanced to her right and quickly found the table that he mentioned. "Got it." Just like he instructed, she quickly run toward the table and use her yo-yo string to throw it toward the akuma before she turned toward the corridor and summoned her Lucky Charm.
After that everything is going smoothly. She finally purify the akuma and reverse all the damage.
"Next time Chloe throw a party, remind me to not coming no matter what." She grumbled after she make sure the victim was okay and going to the room that he pointed out to detransform.
"You regrets coming tonight?"
"Ye-" she paused and contemplated her words. True that coming to this party had make her identity got revealed to him, (accidentally!!) which is a disaster. But at the same time, him knowing her identity also what make the fight tonight become smooth and faster, since he could guide her and pointed out something that she missed. "Okay, I'll give that half and half then." She said as she get into the room, lock the door behind her and let the magic of Miraculous washed away from her. "Which is, by the way, still dangerous for you." She added, blue eyes looks pointedly at the other occupant in the room.
"Tell you what, M'Lady? Dangerous is my middle name." He said after he raised from the chair and approached her with his outstretched hand and smile on his face. "Adrien Agreste."
She looked at his hands for a moment before she accept it. "Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Although I'm sure you know that."
"Considering how much time Chloe yelled your name tonight? Yes. But we never properly introduce each other so..." he shrugged.
She sighed. "Look, I'm grateful for your help tonight Adrien but..."
"It's dangerous, if somehow Hawkmoth know I know your identity then he could use that to his advantage, right?"
"But that is only a scenario /if/ he knows, what he doesn't know won't hurt you. Look," he said before she could reply. "Fighting alone is already dangerous, don't tell me you're never feel stressed all these months."
And he was right. She almost give up if she didn't remember that she's currently the Guardian because the old man has passed away, leaving her with a duty that shouldn't be her and a responsibility that no sixteen years old should have. Just how many lies she has told her family and friends in the past few months? Marinette was glad Alya is still her friends despite her keeping her at arm length now that she was busy with her duty. But then again, just how many close call she must endure before Alya renounce her friendship? After all, those lies and unexplainable disappearances was what make her break up with Luka. What stop Alya to do the same? The imagination of Alya leaving her make her clench her fist and it was only Adrien's soft touch on her shoulders that stop her from hurt herself.
"What I want to say is that, there's nothing wrong with telling people about it. No one should do it alone, not even you. I'm not saying you're not capable, it's the opposite, but there's only so much burden one can hold before they explode and trust me Marinette, I know."
She looked up at him, looking at his green eyes, understanding was in there, along with some emotion that she doesn't know.
"I know we just meet and you don't know me well but I do want to help you. Or maybe you can tell your secret with Alya-"
"No, you knowing is dangerous enough. I couldn't drag her too." She said, voice cracking. "And I shouldn't drag you too."
"You didn't though, this is something that I decided."
"It's dangerous."
"I know."
"You could be hurt."
"We don't know that."
"You don't have a miraculous."
"One does not need a miraculous to help. I can be your confidant and like tonight I can help you give another perspective and I don't need to be in the battlefield to help."
A confidant, a friends that she could share her burden, a friend she could tell about her secret. It does... Sounds appealing and as she feel the nudge from her purse, she glanced down to see Tikki's smile of approval.
"Okay." She finally said. "Just promise me you will be out from the battlefield, let me do the hard work."
"And I can help you from the shadow with my superpower!"
"She raised a brow. "A superpower? I thought you don't have a miraculous."
"No, I don't."
"Then what is this the superpower you mentioned?"
"I'm rich." He said with the stupidest grin she ever saw, one that make her laugh erupted.
Maybe tonight isn't as disaster as he thought it be.
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fairyqueenmab28 · 11 days ago
Lukadrien June: Day 2
Tags: @lukadrien-june
Adrien sobbed in his room, tears streaming down his face. After finally defeating Shadowmoth two days ago, he had to face his father and Nathalie, the person he considered his second mother, and now had to go through the grief of losing his mother for the second time. He hadn’t touched his phone or left the house for fear of harassment and reporters hurling questions at him. Not even Plagg could console him.
He wiped his tears off his face, thinking about what he was going to do now. He couldn’t stay here, it would always bring back the memory of the battle with his father and the sight of his mother’s body in the glass coffin. But where would he go?
Stay with Amelie and Felix? He couldn’t handle that right now.
Stay with Marinette? He didn’t want to put pressure on her as she was dealing with the defeat of Shadowmoth too.
Stay with Luka?
Luka! He’d know what to do. His amazing boyfriend could help him find somewhere to stay, and if not, he could stay with him. Anarka had already declared him her future son-in-law. Yeah, Luka seemed like the best option. He transformed and leapt out the window.
Luka was anxious. It had been two days since Ladybug and Chat Noir had defeated Shadowmoth, revealing he was Gabriel Agreste. He’d tried calling and messaging Adrien for two days with no reply, too worried about his boyfriend to do anything else.
He jumped at a knock on his window before quickly running up to it and opening it before his beloved Adrien leapt through into his arms. They held each other close, neither of them wanting to let go.
“Oh, Adri, I was so worried!! You would answer any of my calls. I thought you’d disappeared!”
“I’m sorry Lu. I just could handle the constant texts about fucking interviews and people accusing me of being an accomplice to my father! But Luka that's not why I came here.”
“Why did you, then?”, he asked, pulling him to the bed, letting Adrien detransform and get Plagg some Camembert.
“I… I can't stay here Luka!” he cried, tears spilling from his eyes. “ I won't be able to go anywhere without being hunted by reporters and being harassed, but I don't know what to do!!”
Luka sat back, pulling his sobbing boyfriend into his lap, letting him cry into his shoulder and petting back his soft blond hair. Platt curled up on Adrien’s chest, purring softly to help calm him down.
“Hey, hey shh, shh I'm here Love, I'm here.”
“I'm just so scared Luka. I don't know what to do..”
“Is there anything you do know in this situation?”
Adrian pondered over the question before giving his answer.
“I just know I can't stay in Paris and I don't want to leave you or Plagg.”
“And you won't have to. We'll figure something out.”
And two months later, sitting on a Metro train to Bordeaux, they had their solution. The next day after their talk, Luka was looking at apartments outside the city, trying to find a new place for them to live.
Luka found them a small one-bedroom apartment with a sea view in Bordeaux. After viewing the apartment, they agreed, buying the apartment using half of the funds from the sale of the mansion, using the other half to secure groceries and other household items until they could find jobs.
Neither of them knew what was in store for their future, but they were more than prepared to handle it.
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lilaacstars · 12 days ago
with a touch of gravity (and quite madly)
established relationship adrienette, and ladynoir as enemies. 
01: my only one. 
The sun sets on the horizon as her whole world lies on the bed, shining under the strokes of sunlight leaking in the bedroom.
Golden hair and smooth tan skin, eyes closed as he slowly breathes at the rhythm of an unknown beat that he is probably dreaming. It is always like this with him, music runs through his veins and blooms in his thoughts, even in unconscious shifts and moves.  
Only a week ago he had performed a music piece for her, written by him.
Every note a word, every chord a feeling, and all of it wrapped up in the most beautiful harmony of love.
How long have they been together?
Four years?
It’s probably been longer if she counts the awkward first stage of mutual pining, of mutual uncertainty.
She touches his lips, drawing his hidden smile and hums as the rays of sun leak in the room, is the golden hour and the warmth of the light matches the one in her heart.
They are a romance story in the flesh and will turn out to be the most beautiful epilogue.
She can feel it.
They’re perfect for each other, not because they are made for each other but because they make an effort to be the right person for one another.  
A brush of skin against skin catches her attention. He hasn't opened his eyes but he is awake. His hand wraps around her arm and pulls her close.
She lies on top of him. Euphoria is turning into bubbles, popping around the air and getting her drunk in the sight of him.
To this day it all seems unreal, to have found the person that would become her soulmate, to love him and be loved back.
He cups her cheek and brings her closer, catching her lips with such expertise and skill that only years of practice can give.
A spark cracks in the air, it ignites the room like a box of matches recently lit up yet it quickly changes into a bonfire.
How has the sensation endured for four years? She is unsure, but she doesn’t want it to ever go away.
“I’ve missed you,” He whispers and finally his green eyes find hers.
“I’ve missed you too,” She kisses him again, smiling at the end, “You look rather tired.”
“You can’t imagine the day I had.”
Marinette shifts to the side, dropping on the mattress again but managing to still have her arms and legs wrapped around him.
She’s had a terrible and tiring day herself, so she can match his energy easily.
“What happened? Last time we spoke, you were skimming through an article while drinking a matcha latte. You sounded quite happy.”
“I was, but then my father called,” He grunts.
It is enough explanation.
“Do you want to talk about it?”
“No, I'd rather make out with you.”
Marinette laughs, “You always say that.”
“Because it is the truth; you should take it as a compliment. Also, why ruin our time together talking about my father, when it is the same old situation.”
She sighs, he is right about that.
“Tell me about your day, princess.”
“There’s nothing to tell, it was one of those boring days, just the same as the others.”
“I like to listen to you nonetheless.”
“You're such a simp,” She whispers and leans to find him in a kiss.
“Nah, just whipped,” He laughs against her lips and then they’re making out again.
The kiss is soft and slow, edging on provocative without the energy to turn the situation into something more. They are both tired, it is obvious by the way they move, but with slouchy brushes of lips and skin, it is the best thing that’s happened to her in the whole day.
Adrien’s hands drop on her waist to pull her to be on top of him, when she bends to help him out on the task, a muscle pulls and the wound she got this evening spreads the pain around her body.
For all the years she’s been doing this, she’s learned to pretend, to hide every wound and scratch, yet today it is impossible.
She whines and contorts in her place and grips Adrien’s shirt tightly.
“ Nette? ” He puts his weight on his elbows and lifts himself up, turning to her, extending his hand but not touching, just looking at her with raw concern in his eyes.
“I might have gotten caught in the attack today,” She lies.
Adrien’s eyes grow wide, and the colour disappears off his face. His hands shake and his frown deepens.
to read the rest of the chapter go to ao3 uwu.
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aalissy · 17 days ago
A shorter chapter today but it’s filled with Marichat banter which is my favorite thing ever haha! Lemme know what you think!! Also, are you guys excited for tomorrow’s episode <3. I can’t waittt to see more of Zoé <3
“Has anyone ever told you how awful you are at singing?” Marinette giggled, flicking Chat’s nose to interrupt his awful yowling. Her book hung limply in her hand after his singing had officially distracted her. 
He pouted at her, rubbing his nose as he gave her an offended look. “Aw, purrincess, come on. I’ll have you know that my singing is absolutely purrfect.”
“More like loud and abrasive.” She said dryly, rolling her eyes at him fondly. 
“Hey!” Chat spoke loudly, glaring at her rather dramatically.
Laughing at his pout, Marinette pointed over at him. “It’s true and you know it! Your singing is just awful!”
His pout deepened before he whined, crossing his arms across his chest, “I’d like to see you do any better.”
“I can assure you that my voice is a little better than your screeching.” She shot him an amused smirk. Even when he was being distracting and loud he was still so adorable. She was so lucky to have him for a best friend.
“Really?” Chat leaned closer to her, making her tense briefly as his breath brushed lightly against her face. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard this voice of yours. Care to share with the rest of the class?”
Grinning with a pair of bright red cheeks, Marinette tried to calm her racing heart. He was just challenging her. Nothing to get too flustered by. Even when he was inches away from her face. Sucking in a deep breath for courage, she gave him a somewhat shaky smile. “Of course I can!”
With that, Marinette began to sing quietly. As she got more and more comfortable and confident, her singing gradually grew louder. She felt rather proud as she gazed over at Chat’s look of awe. At least her teasing wasn’t all bravado. 
After she had finished her simple, sweet song, Chat applauded her. Her face turned a light shade of pink once again as butterflies fluttered happily in her stomach. Giggling rather shyly, she tucked a strand of loose hair behind her ear. Murmuring quietly, she asked, “That wasn’t too awful, I hope. Was it?” 
“No, purrincess, that was beautiful. You have a pawsitively wonderful voice.” Chat gave her a soft smile. After a brief pause, he chuckled, “Plus, it was a nice change from my awful yowling, you said.”
He bumped his shoulder against hers lightly. Marinette threw her head back in a loud laugh. He joined her and they laughed together for a few, wonderful moments before she lifted her head back up to look at him in amusement. Her eyes twinkling with joy, she nudged him back. “Alright, maybe your voice wasn’t that bad.”
“You’re just saying that to not hurt my feelings,” Chat said, draping a hand over his eyes dramatically. “Well, it didn’t work. I’m feline very hurt right now.”
With a quiet snort, Marinette shoved him with a roll of her eyes. “Get over it, dork. Your ego is big enough already.”
“And now you’re calling me a dork,” he sniffled pathetically. “Why do I come here if all you do is insult me?”
“Because you love me,” she shot back proudly. After he stared over at her with a pair of wide eyes, however, she quickly realized what exactly she had said. Slapping a hand over her mouth, she then stuttered, “I-I mean... I-I didn’t mean...”
Before she could completely clarify herself, though, Chat looked at her almost adoringly. He slowly took one of her hands in his own, giving it a light squeeze. Quietly, he murmured, “It’s alright, purrincess. Y-you’re right.”
Marinette tensed up, staring down at their entwined fingers in shock. After a few moments she looked back up to meet his gaze. “R-really?” she whispered.
“Mhm,” he nodded with a light hum. One of his hands came up to tuck another strand of her hair behind her ear before he caressed her cheek lightly. “Really.”
Blushing faintly, she hesitantly leaned closer to him. Watching his eyes carefully for any sign that this was wrong, she found nothing there but eagerness. Slowly, her eyelids fluttered closed and she brought their lips together in a sweet kiss. Her hands dove into his hair as she smiled into his lips. Sighing lightly into his lips, Marinette deepened their kiss, pleased that he didn’t pull away. Maybe she was grateful for Chat’s singing after all. It did mean that she got to kiss him like this at long last. 
Pulling away, she rested her forehead against his, panting quietly, “I love you too, by the way.” 
Instead of saying anything, Chat instead pulled her back into another sweet kiss, his hands trailing up and down her back.
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isitbussinjanelle · 18 days ago
Reposting this because I FINALLY have an Archiveofourown account! :D (also wanted to link this story for anyone who never got to read it. I also made some corrections and changes in this version).
Tumblr media
“No no no no please rethink this ba!” Raya is currently following the chief of heart through the halls of the palace. The chief, benja, is busy planning on the upcoming summer festival, and doesn’t have time for Raya’s whining- again. He’s busy emailing the chiefs of other lands about things like food, and entertainment ideas.
“Dewdrop, what’s the big deal? Is it so hard to volunteer at the beach?” Benja complains as he turns around, with the glow of the phone screen shining on his face.
“Um- Yeah! Whenever I volunteer at the beach, Namaari and her fang posse are ALWAYS there, causing havoc and being loud, and they don’t give a damn!” Raya shouts. The staff of heart are looking over at this father-daughter quarrel, noticing Raya’s raise in tone.
“Dewdrop, I understand that Namaari has the tendency to be...rambunctious, but it’s for the community? What if you save someone from drowning! Think about that and not Namaari, eh?” Benja pats the side of Raya’s shoulder and walks over to Tao, the head of the heart land cook team to talk about dinner plans for the festival. Raya starts to walk after him but stops and pouts to her self.
“You good?” Sisu questions. She came from the kitchen with a bowl of spicy shrimp congee
“No- far from that. Ba’s making me volunteer at the beach.” Raya sulks in the chair behind her and rests her chin on her hand.
“Why do you sound sad? That’s a good thing! Beach’s are fun, and- beachy!” Sisu exclaims, taking a sip from her congee.
“There not super “beachy” when the person I despise most is there- Namaari.” Raya pouts and crosses her arms.
“Sure- “despise”. I think you should go though. And I’ll come too! I’ll be your wing-women,” Sisu walks away with a wink and whispers the last part, but that doesn’t stop Raya from over hearing this jeering remark from the dragon. Sisu knows that Namaari and Raya have a love hate relationship- and the flirty banter they show when there together proves just that.
“We’re here,” Raya parks her Jeep and opens the car door. She’s wearing a scarlet read swim suit with the words, “life guard” on the front and, “Raya” Imprinted on the back, both in bold white letters. She’s also wearing her iconic bamboo hat.
Sisu jumps out of the trunk of the car with pool noodles and water guns.
“Time to terrorize as many kids as I can find- catch ya later Raya!” Sisu dashes to the area of the beach with the most children, prancing like a goblin. Raya puts her hand on her hip and laughs, afterwards applying sunscreen to her nose.
Raya scans the sun lit beach- no Namaari. Was this Raya’s lucky day? A day of...peace and quiet? She silently celebrated, but still looked around to make sure her hopes were true.
She suddenly feels a tall presence arrive behind her. Her bamboo hat nearly falls off as she shrieks with terror.
“Boo!” Namaari shakes Raya’s shoulders from behind in attempts of scaring her- it worked. Raya turned around in a defense position, only to realize it was her rival.
“Namaari,” Raya spat with a mean look, taking a good look at the tall, muscular women.
“What’s dripping dep la?” Namaari says nostalgically. She new that Raya hated it when Namaari called her Dep la.
“I told you to stop calling me that, undercut,” Raya crosses her arms and smirks. Namaari rolls her eyes at the remark.
“Wheres your little posse of fang people?” Raya asked with attitude. Namaari thought this was cute.
“Didn’t show- and I didn’t want them too. I wanted a day all to my self. To get a good beach work out in.” Namaari winked as she tossed the dumbell in her hand up in the air effortlessly and caught it.
Raya sucked her lips and tried not to stare at namaari’s biceps, which was very, very hard for her.
“Volunteering again?” Namaari teased with an eye brow quirk as she looked Raya up and down.
“Yes- is that a problem little miss muscles?” Raya responded, quite embarrassed by how she admitted to the fact that she was looking at Namaari’s biceps. This made Namaari chuckle deeply.
“Not at all, princess. Besides,” she leaned in closer, “I kinda like seeing you in your cute little bathing suit.” She looked Raya up and down once more, smirked, and turned to head towards the beach.
Raya stood their with her face red and her arms still crossed and completely still, her feet hot from the asphalt.
Sisu came to meet Raya at her life gaurd chair after a while.
“Good news- found lots of kids to scare. Bad news- I think their mothers called the cops so I might have to split later on,” Sisu chuckled.
“Yeah. Uh huh.” Raya responded, only half listening because she was busy watching Namaari do high knees and bicep curls and sit ups. Hot. Hot. Hot- Was all Raya could think about. But she would never actually say that, ew.
Sisu soon noticed what Raya was so occupied by, and teased, “hmm...interesting. Namaari is super fine, huh?” Sisu said as a test.
“Yes ma’am,” Raya was practically frothing at the mouth, but snapped out of it when she fully thought about what Sisu had asked. “I-I MEAN NO! Of course she’s not! I mean sh-she’s okay looking, but I’ve seen WAY better than Namaari. Like, WAY.” Raya sat back in her chair with her arms crossed and lips pursed, still staring at Namaari helplessly.
“Oh yeah? Name ‘em,” Sisu interrogated, trying on Raya’s bamboo hat hat hat was nestled in the sand.
“No problem! There’s- know that one...guy..” Raya trails off as she stared at Namaari doing push ups. She shakes her head out of the trance.
“YOU CANT EVEN NAME ONE BYE-“ Sisu couldn’t help but laugh. Raya frowned with crossed arms and slumped.
“You know, I’ve seems that “one guy” tons of times...he’s not that bad looking if I’m honest.” Namaari is suddenly leaning on the right side of Raya’s chair, still doing bicep curls with the arm not on the chair.
“YOU- h-how much did you here..?” Raya felt like telling her off, but that wouldn’t do anything. When Raya was in private, she could think of all kinds of ways to tell Namaari off. But she can never apply that stuff when she sees her face to face.
“Not much...only the part where YOU couldn’t name anyone more attractive than ME.” Namaari smiled up at Raya from where she was at the bottom of the tall chair.
“Um, NO. That’s not what I was asked. I was asked to name someone BETTER than you, not attractive,” Raya climbed down from her chair and leaned against it, arching her back with both hands on her hips, looking up at the fang princess.
“Pfft- not what I heard but, puh-taytoe puh-tatoe right?” Namaari jeered. “You’d be a really good liar if your blushing didn’t always give you away Princess,” Namaari had a hand on the side of the chair, trapping Raya against it. Namaari caressed Raya’s hot face and used her index finger to raise her chin and smiled, “it’s cute though”. Namaari said with a smirk. That damn smirk.
Screw it, Raya thought. She grabbed namaari’s tank top with both hands and crashed her lips against hers. Namaari hummed with approval, one hand on Raya’s waist and the other in her hair. Sisu was on the side, jumping and silently squealing with happiness.
They kept this up for another 30 seconds or so. Raya was the first to break away from the kiss.
“I knew your lips were soft.” Namaari said all smiley as she backed away to return to her work out area. “Thanks for giving me a taste!” She shouted over her shoulder.
Raya was standing still with her lips pursed and her arms stiff to her side.
“Oh m-my spirits...I just did that.” Raya whispered aloud.
“UH- YEAH YOU DID!” Sisu hollered as she high fives the hand Raya was using just then to wave at Namaari nervously with a dorkish smile and giggle.
“But quit making that face. You’re starting to remind me of Marinette from MLB,” Sisu rolled her eyes and laughed.
“YESH NAMAARI LIKES ME TOOOOO!” Raya pumped her fists like a kid and yells a little too loud, causing the beach occupants near by to turn around, some even laugh. Raya’s knees turned in nervously.
“Can we please leave before I embarrass my self anymore?” Raya whines.
“Sure, lets get outta here lover girl, I’ll cover you for chief Benja.” Sisu grabs her arm.
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miraculouspenta · 19 days ago
Don't Leave Us Again
"Hello, Father."
At those words Bruce could only stare. Those eyes. He hasn't seen them for 5 years, ever since he made the mistake of not trusting what his son had said. The mistake of not having proof before accusing someone. He couldn't move. What was he supposed to say? He has imagined this scene more than once, but which one is right? What if-
His thoughts were cut off by Damian who decided to walk forward and give him a hug.
"Stop overthinking, Father," he said, "I can hear your thoughts."
Bruce looked at his son who was now his height and finally hugged him back.
"I'm so sorry, Damian," he said, "We know the truth now, I'm so very sorry.
Damian hummed. "I missed you..." the younger confessed in a soft voice, "I forgive you."
Marinette looked at her husband's brothers and gave them a look that said "Well? What are you waiting for? Join them idiots."
That was all they needed to join in on the hug. Dick cried loudest, Tim, Jason, and Bruce had tears pooling in their eyes which soon ran down their faces.
After a good couple of minutes, they pulled away and wiped their tears.
"I'd like you all to actually meet my wife," Damian said, pulling his wife over.
"Marinette Wayne," she said taking off her mask, "formerly Dupain-Cheng."
Bruce nodded, "Thank you for being there for my son."
"It isn't me you should thank for that," Marinette said humorously, "Goodness knows we still owe Marianne, bless her heart. I don't know where we would've stayed had it not been for her."
Damian chuckled, "You should meet her sometimes, Father, she has a habit of picking up strays just like you."
The group shared a good laugh, a sense of relief washing over the Wayne family.
They were glad to have Damian back, moreover they were glad that he forgave them.
≻───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────≺
"Come on, Mama! Grandpere is waiting!" little five year old Cairo Wayne said to his mother. They were planning on going to his grandfather's today, and he was very impatient. "I'm coming! I'm coming!" Marinette said as she ran down the stairs of their mansion and entered the car where her husband and son were waiting.
They drove for around 30 minutes and soon enough they pulled up to the famous Wayne Manor. Cairo quickly open the car door and run towards his grandfather who was waiting at the door.
"Grandpere!" he exclaimed, "Do you like new shirt? I helped Maman design it!"
"It looks wonderful little one," Bruce praised his grandson lifting him off the floor, despite the fact that he does not want to admit that he is old.
"Hi Dad," Damian and Marinette greeted, never in a million years did he thought someone would call him dad, yet here he is.
"Baby Bird! Little Bug! You're here!" Dick shouted as he ran down the stairs towards the front door. His energy, enthusiasm, and charisma never seemed to leave him. Kor'i followed behind him and so did Mar'i.
"Mar'i!" Cairo greeted his older cousin as he wiggled out of Bruce's hold.
"Hi Cairo! You wanna play?" the ten year old half Tamaran asked.
"Yes!" Cairo replied, "Race you to the garden! No powers this time!"
"Alright," Mar'i said, "On three. One... Two... Three!"
They both ran towards the garden, leaving the adults in the room. Jason and Tim had joined them shortly after they hears Dick's scream.
They all laughed as they walked towards the living room, happily talking with one another.
Damian and Marinette were very happy that they decide to accept the invitation. Had they not, they wouldn't be living this life right now.
620 words
Two posts in one day, wow... these sprints really help a lot
XOXO ~Leen
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aalissy · 19 days ago
Day 25 is doneee!! Can’t believe May is almost over!! It’s crazyyy!! Also, this chapter is a lil shorter I hope you don’t mind :). Lemme know what you think! Also, how did you guys feel about the new episode. I love Zoé soooo much haha
Chat whined, nudging his head into Marinette’s palm after her fingers had stopped running through his hair. They were currently on her chaise, her partner in her lap as she balanced a textbook in her hands. One of her hands had been casually running through his hair while the other one had been tapping a pencil to her lip. She had a final tomorrow that she was attempting to take notes for. Of course, Chat was making it difficult as he constantly demanded attention.
Huffing, Marinette glared at him over her notebook. “I’m trying to study, kitty!”
“Study tomorrow,” he snuggled closer to her, blinking an innocent pair of green eyes at her. “Tonight is supposed to be our night!”
She twisted her lips to the side as she continued to look down at him. “I know, Chaton, but my final is tomorrow. I promise as soon as I’m done with this chapter we can focus on our games night. I’ve just been busy lately and haven’t studied as much as I wanted to.”
Chat sighed, his lower lip jutting out in a pout. He accepted her words, though, sitting up as he glared at the wall. Bitterly, he muttered, “I can’t believe you purrfer studying over hanging out with me. Purrincess, you’re literally the smartest in your class. You’re going to get an A.”
“And how would you know that?” Marinette paused in her scribblings to lift a curious eyebrow at him, her lips quirking with amusement. She had only been kidding but the way Chat’s eyes widened as a panicked look arose in them told her he hadn’t taken it as a joke.  
“I... uh...,” he stuttered, his eyes skittering away from hers as he stared off into the distance. 
Tilting her head in confusion, she rested a hand on his arm lightly, bringing his gaze back to hers. Giving him a small smile that she hoped would release some of the tension in his shoulders, she murmured, “Relax, kitty. I was only joking. I’ve shown you enough exams of mine that it would be hard for you to not know I was at least a little smart.”
Chat blew out a harsh breath before he chuckled nervously. He scratched the back of his neck before replying, “Right... right.”
Well, that had been an odd reaction. It was almost like... nope! Secret identities were meant to stay secret for a reason and she couldn’t be looking into things too much, lest she find out something she shouldn’t. Besides, there was no way she actually knew Chat Noir. It wouldn’t be that difficult to figure out who her partner was. 
Shaking her head roughly, Marinette shoved any thoughts about secret identities away as far as she could. She quickly buried her nose back into her textbook, scrambling to write down more notes to distract herself. 
After a few more moments of tense silence, Chat then slowly lowered himself back down onto her lap. Dragging her eyes away from her textbook, she gave him a soft look, running her fingers through his hair once again as he purred quietly. Back to this again, Marinette sighed to herself. He was too cute to deny. Even when she had studying to do. 
Rolling her eyes at herself, she shut her textbook closed, placing it on the floor gently. She leaned her head back on the headrest as she ran both of her hands through his hair, closing her eyes once she relaxed. Marinette could practically hear Chat’s smug smirk as he spoke up, “Done with studying already?”
“Shut up, kitty.” She shot back even as she scratched behind his ears. “I’ll just wake up early tomorrow.”
“Good luck with that,” he snickered.
Simply ignoring that comment, Marinette hummed lightly, feeling sleepy as they cuddled together. Unfortunately, Chat was probably right. She did have a tendency to sleep through her alarms. She wasn’t too worried about her final, though. She felt pretty prepared and besides, she could use a night of good sleep. A little cat-nap couldn’t hurt, right? Yawning softly, Marinette slowly felt herself drift off, a fond smile on her face as images of her smiling partner danced in her head.
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nightlychaotic · 21 days ago
“I never thought I’d meet the infamous ‘Shadow,’” he spoke up, turning to catch the woman in the light before she slipped back into the shadows, the way she’d been doing all night as she’d followed him.
“Infamous?” she asked, a small laugh following behind as she jumped, pulling herself up to sit on top of the stairwell bulkhead. “That’s good to know. We’ve met before though if you don’t remember. You almost caught me a month ago.”
Red Robin sat there for a short moment reviewing what had happened in the last month. “The Robertson Estate. You practically disappeared as soon as I rounded the corner.”
“I barely had enough time to make my escape. Consider yourself one of the lucky few to see me, let alone meet me face to face,” she informed him, grinning.
He studied her, taking a moment to memorise what she looked like. She was right when she said few had seen her, and even fewer face to face. She was an enigma. There was a reason she’d become a tall tale known by the moniker of ‘Shadow.’ A name that seemed almost ironic given the black cat motif she had.
“So why is Gotham’s resident fairytale coming out of the woodworks now?”
She let out a small breath before speaking up. “I need help. I know you and your team have support and connections to the Waynes. I need an invite to the masquerade gala being held next weekend.”
“You want me to get you an invite to the gala. Sneaking in isn’t worth your time?”
“Oh it most definitely is. If it was any other situation I might, but I need a bit more legitimate reason to be there. Hence the invite. Feel free to put conditions on it. I’m flexible.”
He stepped away, feeling her eyes on him as he opened his comms up to discuss with Batman her request. He glanced back a couple of times, to find her bright green eyes, practically glowing in the darkness, fixed on him as he talked, the ears on her head twitching every now and again. He kept one eye on her as he listened, nodding as they came to a solution, turning fully back to her.
“This doesn’t mean we trust you, but I’ll get you an invite under a few conditions. You will need to give me your real name. No destroying or stealing anything on the premises. No weapons. And you will go as Timothy Drake’s date.”
“And I’m not expecting your trust. There’s one thing I’ll need to steal though, more like reacquire, from a guest that will be attending. But other than that I can work with your terms. Though I will request to make Mr. Drake’s suit for the gala.”
“I’ll speak to him about it.”
“Thank you. Here, drop on by tomorrow with information, and Mr. Drake’s measurements if I can make his suit,” she said, hopping off her perch and handing him a card. “And don’t worry. I’m not typically an extreme criminal.”
“You had me fooled.”
“Name one thing.”
“Larceny, Destruction of property-”
“No one was in the building, no one was going to get hurt. Things are better now because of it,” she cut him off.
“You can’t just run around destroying buildings with a single touch.”
She laughed, looking back at him, head tilted. “I can’t? News to me. Catch you later, little birdy,” she said, before disappearing over the rooftops, her suit seemingly melting into the dark of the night.
Red Robin looked at the card in his hand. She’d just given him more information about herself than anyone had on her. Why? He considered she could be lying to him, more research would have to be done tonight before he dropped by tomorrow. He glanced down, reading the information again once more.
Marinette Dupain-Cheng (555) 555 - 5555 376 West Kane Street Gotham City, NJ 07305
Tim looked briefly at the small studio, before opening the door, a small bell ringing as he stepped inside.
“One minute!” got called out from the back as he looked around, spotting a few finished products, flashy suits and embroidered dresses. A few dress forms simply had fabric draped or pinned, looking nowhere like the end products scattered around the area.
“Can I help you?”
Tim turned to face the voice from behind him. He blinked. This was Shadow? Gone was her insanely long braid, green eyes and sharp grin. Instead she sported soft blue eyes, her hair falling just above her shoulders, and a sweet smile. He had seen her picture last night when he had begun researching her, but seeing the difference in person was a bit unnerving.
“You can call me Marinette, but that’s me.”
“Tim Drake. Red Robin asked me to come with more information about the gala next week and he said you mentioned something about my suit.”
She raised a brow as he said this, glancing around briefly, before moving to lock her studio’s door. “By yourself? No bats or birds to escort and protect you?”
“Why?” he asked, feigning ignorance.
“Surely they told you I was a ‘dangerous criminal.’ Though I imagine you may have some self-defense training, so maybe they believe you can hold your own well enough.”
“What makes you say that?”
She smiled and gestured for him to follow her into a back room as she started to explain. “A few things. I know your family has been targeted numerous times by local villains, and you definitely have the money for lessons, it would be foolish not to. Besides that, the way you hold yourself and move can give a lot away,” she told him sitting. “Anyways, feel free to take a seat. What have you got for me?”
Tim was well aware of how the way a person moved and held themselves could tell a lot about them, but he was also aware of how few people realized what it could say about a person and actually take the time to pay attention to it and draw a conclusion. He took another look at the woman sitting across from him before speaking.
“I’ll be holding onto your invitation to the gala until the night of. You are welcome to come to the manor beforehand to get ready, under some sort of supervision, or I’ll come to pick you up. The gala starts at 8 as I’m sure you are already aware. You’ll be there as my date and we’ll be staying near to or next to each other the whole night, upon Batman’s request.”
She nodded, a Chesire grin reminiscent of her alter ego graced her lips. “We’ll be as thick as thieves all night then.”
“That is one way to put it.”
“Is that all the information?”
“All that I was given.”
She nodded, eyeing him. ‘I imagine you already have a suit for the event but would you consider allowing me to redesign and make a suit for the occasion? Consider it a thank you or payment for going through all this trouble on my account.”
“I’m not sure...”
“If you’re worried about it because of my nightly activities, don’t be. I keep businesses separate. I’m not about to risk losing potential clients.”
“Not scared to lose current clients?”
She laughed and smiled, as she stood tossing him a magazine, and rolling a dress form over. Tim glanced at the magazine, reading the headline Jagged Stone and Clara Nightingale spill the beans about their new designer: Nette.
He flicked the magazine open, simming the contents, before looking over at what Marinette had brought over. A suit, clearly made for Jagged Stone’s style, though a bit more formal and subtle than his typical over the top ‘Rock n’ Roll’ style, aligning with what he’d seen in the magazine and in concerts in recent years. None of his research had drawn this connection, and he couldn’t help but wonder how many other well kept secrets she had.
“My dress and Jagged’s suit will be the only pieces of mine at the gala but I would love to match with my date, but I’ll leave the choice up to you.”
He looked over at her and nodded. “Anything you’ll need from me?”
“Just your measurements and preferences, which we can get out of the way right now, and I’ll take you up on your offer to get ready at the manor and bring your suit with.”
He nodded, answering her questions as she moved around him, quickly taking his measurements and jotting them down before straightening up, jotting down a few notes and smiling.
“Thank you so much for everything, Mr. Drake.”
“Tim,” he corrected. When she tilted her head slightly and looked at him, raising a brow with a small grin, he quickly spoke up. “Since we will be dates after all.”
“Alright. Thank you, Tim. Would it be okay for me to showup at the manor around 5 to get ready next week?”
“That should be fine.”
“Great. Here’s my number if anything changes otherwise I will see you in a week,” she said handing him a card and leading him out the door.
Tim glanced in the mirror as he adjusted the suit Marinette had made for him, feeling slightly apprehensive at the subtle underlying ladybug theme of the suit, before fixing the spotted mask on as he went to collect his date for the night.
He knocked on the door, breath catching as he saw her. The cat ears and mask she wore as Shadow were back, her eyes almost glowing green once more, her long hair braided and piled on top of her head. Bright green opera gloves hugged her arms, leading into the bridge looking suspiciously like Shadows costume, with a large voluminous skirt with green edging.
“Cat got your tongue?” she asked, grinning, voice light with laughter, brushing past him. “Shall we?” she asked, holding her arm out.
“You look beautiful,” he heard himself say as he took her arm.
“You don’t look half bad in my design either,” she said, grinning, a small blush creeping onto her cheeks, as they made their way out to the car waiting for them, going separately from the rest of his family, planning to meet at the gala itself.
The two sat in a surprisingly comfortable silence as they traveled, and quick enough, they were there. Tim got out, holding a hand to help her out of the car, ignoring the camera’s flashing around them as they moved inside.
They had barely stepped foot inside when they were being swept into the crowd, many wondering who his date was, how serious they were, among other questions. Tim was surprised at how well Marinette held herself in that crowd before they found themselves face to face with a tall blonde man with a blue mask and cape fixed around his shoulders with a gold chain and peacock shaped brooch. Adrien Agreste. He gave a bright smile as he looked at them, giving a bow to Marinette, taking her hand and kissing the back of it.
“I wasn’t expecting to see you here, M’Lady.”
“Really? I was hoping I’d run into you, Chaton.”
Tim blinked his surprise away at the bite in Marinette’s voice as she talked.
“It’s been a while. Care to dance?”
“You may take care to ask my date before stealing me away.”
“Well, may I steal the lady from your arm?”
Tim glanced at the two, before hesitantly parting from Marinette, keeping care to keep an eye on her and within earshot of their conversation
“I see you have my ring, M’Lady.”
“It hasn’t been yours for a long time, Kitty. You know that. And you have something that belongs to me.”
“I’m not sure what you mean, Princess.”
“You mean you don’t know what this is?” she asked, holding up a brooch, causing the cape around his shoulders to fall to the ground, as she stepped away from their dance. “I thought you knew better than to wear this and even try to use it. You know this will kill you if you use it right? I don’t even understand what your motivations are.”
“Curiosity killed the cat you know.”
“Never seemed to stop you from prying.”
“I was a better cat. Now if you’ll give it back, please. Or will I need to take it back?”
“Now, Adrien, I’m not letting you take it back. I’m not letting you get your hands on any more miraculi. Not after you lied to me and broke my trust telling me you didn’t know who Hawkmoth was and then lying about the fate of the peacock. You don’t get another chance with something like this. Not again.”
Tim moved to intervene when he saw Adrien grab Marinette’s wrist as the music ended. He drew back sharply as Marinette dropped into a deep curtsey and swiftly left the dance floor grabbing his wrist and tugging him behind her as she moved. “Time to go,” she muttered.
“What just happened?”
“Took something very powerful and very dangerous from my ex-partner. He’s mad, probably at his wit’s end, and definitely coming to get the brooch and or ring from me.”
Tim’s mind reeled at the new information. Ex-partner? “He wants jewelry?”
“It's more than that but essentially. It's the reason I went underground. This is why I hate identities being shared.”
Tim wrested his hand out of her grip, keeping pace with her as she maneuvered them outside and around the back of the building.
“You seemed fairly open about sharing your identity with Red Robin and I.”
“Calculated risk. The benefits outweighed the risks in that case. Now I need you to hold on,” she said, grabbing a baton from under the waistband of her skirt, grabbing him around the waist and extending it, carrying them up into the sky, lightly landing on the roof. She ripped her skirt off and threw it at him. “Get in a corner and hide under that. Don’t make a noise. You should be able to melt in the darkness under that.”
“I can help.”
“I don’t doubt you can, but Adrien can hold himself against world class fencers, knows how to fight, and I have taken many things from him. You are a liability and civilian. While you may be able to fight, you’re more of a risk than a help at this point. Honestly, a bit surprised none of your bat friends have swooped in to save you from me yet.”
The ears on top of her head twitched and she hissed slightly, grabbing the skirt from him and pushing him down into the corner, throwing it on top of him. “Stay down,” she muttered, straightening. Tim lifted the skirt slightly, peering out to watch as Marinette, Shadow, moved twirling her baton as the door to the roof opened to reveal Adrien, now wielding a type of sword.
“Staying to fight? Not running to hide or get help?”
“And lead you back to destroy what I’ve worked so hard to build? No thanks.”
“Give the ring and brooch back to me.”
“You didn’t really think I’d just give them to you, kitty?” she asked, blocking a strike from him.
The two began trading hits. Matching each other blow for blow, but it was clear to Tim that they knew the others fighting style and pattern and that Shadow was not the level of swordsman Adrien was, struggling to block his blows from time to time with the baton. He winced slightly as the loud noise as the two weapons made especially hard contact, watching as Shadow’s baton got wrenched out of her hands, flying towards his corner.
Tim grabbed the baton, praying that it worked something like his own staff, and tried to extend it like he’d seen earlier, grinning slightly as it worked, before moving to close the distance, blocking Adrien’s blow with the baton, pushing him back, following with another blow to put him on his back.
“I thought I told you to stay put,” she asked, coming around to Tim’s side, hair long braid having fallen out of it’s up do to trail down her back as usual.
“And I told you I could help.”
She studied him for a moment before grinning at him. “Oh I imagine you can, little birdy,” she whispered, grabbing her baton back and looking over at Adrien who’d caught his breath and stood back up. “I would love to see this drag on, but I believe I have another conversation, Chaton. You should be able to survive this small drop. Do stay out of my business or I will take more extreme measures than a simple Cataclysm,” she said, touching her now glowing hand to the roof, extending the staff and catching Tim as Adrien fell to the level below them.
She carried him to another roof, setting him down and putting her baton away.
“I imagine you have questions. Ask away.”
“How’d you figure it out?”
She hummed slightly before answering. “Partially the way you moved, partially from your build, and partially from the confidence and way you used the staff with no hesitation. You also had no fear when I grabbed you and ran, just accepted it and tried to help. That’s not the standard operating procedure for civilians.”
Tim stared at her, taking a minute to process the new information he’d been given with what he knew.
“Why do I get the feeling that we had you pinned all wrong?”
“From what you guys have you do have me right to a degree. Stealing, destruction, all that’s right. I just have some purer motivations than you get to know. Can’t be giving away all your secrets now can I?”
“You know you’re going to have surveillance on you constantly now right?”
“I’d be disappointed if I didn’t. I’ll be sure to put on a show for you, Red. Anyways, I should get going. If you’re lucky maybe you’ll catch me again,” she said, pressing a kiss to his cheek as she passed. “You know where to find me.”
Tim watched as she moved away, disappearing into the night once more, before gently touching his cheek as he stood there.
He shook his head slightly as he made his way off the roof she’d left him on. He had more research to do and a fairytale to catch.
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aalissy · 21 days ago
Anddd new chapter doneee!! Lemme know what you guys think <3. It’s another reveal hehehe. My faveeee!! Also lemme know if you saw the new episode. I’d love to hear your thoughts!! It’s my new favorite of s4 and definitely in my top 3 favorite episodes haha!
Marinette pursed her lips as she tapped her foot against her floor impatiently. Chat was supposed to have been there an hour ago and she was getting restless. After checking the Ladyblog for the countless time that night, she determined that there was no akuma attack keeping him. Crossing her arms against her chest, she huffed, wishing that he would get to her house faster. They were supposed to have a video game tournament tonight and he wasn’t usually late.
Chewing on her lip, Marinette glanced at the time again, wondering if he had forgotten or if he was in trouble. Her gaze drifted sullenly over to the macarons and croissants that she had made fresh beforehand which had now cooled considerably. With a quiet sigh, she turned to her kwami. “Do you think something could have happened to him? Why is he so late?”
“I’m sure everything’s fine, Marinette,” Tikki chirped positively, “Maybe he’s just busy.”
She tilted her head in acceptance to Tikki’s words but turned to her balcony trapdoor to stare at it forlornly. In a bout of Ladybug luck, a soft knock sounded from it. Marinette immediately brightened, rushing up her ladder to open it for him. Running a hand through her hair, she spoke rather breathlessly, “Hi.”
Chat gave her a soft smile, raising a hand in a wave. “Hi, purrincess. Sorry I’m late. My work ran late tonight.”
Her eyebrow rose as her lips twitched in amusement. “You work? Are you sure?”  
He chuckled, shaking his head before he jumped down into her bedroom. He tapped her nose playfully as he said, “Yes, I do. I’m a pawsitively irresistible model that people can’t get enough of.”
Chat flexed in front of her and Marinette scoffed, rolling her eyes at him. Giving him an unimpressed look, she slid back down her ladder. “Sure you are kitty. And my designs are as famous as Gabriel Agreste’s.”
He snickered, following after her as his eyes glimmered with a mischievous, knowing look. “Purrhaps they will be in a few years, Marinette. You’re very talented.”
She flushed faintly, glancing at him softly out of the corner of her eye as she sank into her chair. “Aw, thank you, kitty! That’s very sweet of you to say.”
“You’re welcome,” Chat beamed back, sitting down next to her. His face lit up as he rubbed his hands together. “Now, are you ready for our competition? I think I’m pawpared to finally beat you this time.”
“Good luck,” Marinette shot him a smirk as she picked up her controller. “I’ve been practicing with a good friend of mine. I’d wager that he’s better than you too, so I’m pretty sure I’ve got this in the bag.”
With a pair of teasing blue eyes, she leaned in to flick his bell confidently. She had been practicing. Alya had begun dragging her to more game nights after learning how stressed she was so she and Adrien had begun playing together more often. It was a nice, relaxing break from her usual stresses of Ladybug. Plus, Adrien had actually managed to beat her once. He had pulled off a combo move that Marinette had never seen before, leaving her with too little health to finish him off in the end. Though she had pouted about it at the time, she was grateful for the new combo and even began practicing a defense against it.
Lost in her memories as she was, she barely heard Chat chuckle with a low murmur, “We’ll see about that.”
Narrowing her eyes at him playfully, Marinette then picked up a macaron, gesturing at the plate she had made for them. “By the way, I made some treats if you get hungry. Feel free to take some.”
Chat nodded at her happily, eagerly plucking up a croissant and gulping it down like he had been eyeing it since he sat down. Giggling quietly at his content expression, she booted up the game to catch him off guard.
“Hey!” Marinette heard him shout as she landed a punch that he didn’t have enough time to block. “That’s cheating!”
“Hmm,” she tilted her head from side to side. “I think it’s pretty fair considering you made me wait an hour before you got here.”
Sneaking a quick peek over at him, she saw his lower lip jutted out in an adorable pout. He whined quietly as their characters fought on the screen, “I already told you that it wasn’t my fault.”
Distracted by his pout for that brief second, Chat managed to get a good hit on her character. Pursing her lips in concentration, she focused her gaze entirely on the computer screen as her competitive streak kicked in. Marinette’s fingers moved across the buttons with ease, watching as Chat’s health gradually got lower and lower.
Just when she thought she was about to win, he shouted with pride, “Check this move out, purrincess!”
Marinette blinked in surprise as he began to play the exact combo that Adrien had used to win against her before. Fortunately for her the defense she had practiced still worked and she ended up winning. She wasn’t certain how exactly she had managed to win that game, though. She had just been struck with an eerie feeling of deja vu after Chat had shouted those words. Adrien had said something very similar before taking her down at their last game night and now images of the two boys were clashing and colliding in her head.
“Nice job, purrincess,” his voice snapped her out of her thoughts. “I thought that last combo would have taken you down fur sure.”
“It did,” Marinette murmured unthinkingly, her gaze stuck on his messy, blonde hair trying to imagine it neater.
He tilted his head at her in confusion, gesturing to the computer screen. “Huh? No I didn’t... It says you won.”
“No,” she shook her head rapidly, trying to calm her racing thoughts. “I meant that it did before. The friend I told you I was practicing with... he used that combo and beat me.”
Marinette searched his gaze, looking for any sign of recognition or acknowledgment. She got it. Chat glanced away, scratching the back of his neck in a very familiar way. Her heart practically stopped as her breath hitched. She was right.
Lost in her realization, she barely heard him murmur quietly, “You were right, then... he does sound like a better player than me.”
Sucking in a steadying breath of air, Marinette then chewed her lower lip as she hummed, “You know, I don’t think I was right about that. In fact, I’d say that you two are probably at the exact same level. The only reason that move didn’t work on me this time was because I practiced ways to defend against it.”
Chat’s gaze had snapped to hers as he stiffened considerably. He chuckled nervously, his hand leaving the back of his neck to run through his hair. “R-right.”
How had she not noticed it before? It was so obvious. Her lips quirked in amusement as she looked up at him. Nudging his arm, she teased, “Next time, try coming up with a different combo to defeat me, Adrien.”
“I know,” he sighed, seemingly not noticing that she called him by his civilian name. “But you’re so amazing, that it’s so difficult.”
Instead of answering, she continued to stare at him pointedly. Her eyebrows rose after a few more moments of silence and Chat’s mouth eventually dropped open as he realized. He scrambled out of his chair as he held his hands up. “I-I mean, uh, who’s Adrien? W-what are you talking about, purrincess?”
Giggling, Marinette leaned down to stare into his familiar, green eyes. Now that she knew, there were so many signs. She wondered if he’d feel the same when she told him she was Ladybug. Giving him a small smirk, she then said, “That’s you, silly kitty.”
Chat sagged, looking up at her desperately as he pleaded with his eyes. “Please, Marinette. You can’t tell anyone. If Ladybug finds out you know who I am, she’ll probably kill you and me.”
Marinette threw her head back in a loud laugh that she was certain confused him. When she finally caught her breath again, she leaned back down to stare into his bemused gaze, teasing him, “It might be good for you to start running then because Ladybug knows that I know.”
“Wha? How? How could that even be possible?!” He frowned up at her, looking terrified for his life.
“Because, mon Chaton,” she flicked his bell, pointing at herself. “Ladybug’s right here.”
“What?! No! I, y-you can’t be Ladybug. What about Multimouse?” Chat asked desperately.
She shook her head a few times before responding, “Just an illusion. I was using the fox miraculous at the time and--”
Marinette got cut off as Chat tugged her down onto his chest, wrapping her up in a tight embrace. Squeaking with a bright red blush on her face, she hugged him back with all of her strength. This was Adrien. The love of her life. The boy who was currently brushing a kiss against the top of her head, sending shivers up and down her spine.
“I’m so glad it’s you,” he murmured, his warm breath on her head giving her goosebumps.
“Me too, my silly kitty,” Marinette whispered, closing her eyes as she relaxed in his arms. “Me too.”
Right now, everything was perfect. In fact, she’d be content to spend the rest of her life here if he let her. Snuggling closer to Chat, she sighed happily. She needed to remember to thank Alya for those extra game nights. They really were the best.
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coffeecomicsgalore · 21 days ago
Navigating the Chaos
Chapter 27: Future Kids
Marinette and Adrien laid on her bed, comfortably cuddling as they watched a movie. Every so often, Adrien would grab a treat from the plate and place it in his mouth, never once allowing his eyes to leave the little screen. Marinette’s head had made its way from the pillow to his shoulder, her head tucked perfectly under his chin while her cheek rested against his chest. She was perfectly content to spend the rest of the night like this, especially knowing how tough life would be beginning tomorrow.
When Marinette had cuddled up against him, he had wrapped his arm around her shoulders, ensuring that he had her as close to him as he could. She hummed in delight as Adrien’s hand rubbed soothing circles across the skin on her arm, and he couldn’t help but look at her with an endearing smile before placing a soft kiss to the top of her head.
“Hey, Marinette?” Adrien asked during a flashback moment of the movie, still keeping his eyes on the screen as he spoke.
“Hmm?” She hummed, looking up at him to give him her attention.
“I just wanted to say how much I love this.”
“Oh.” Marinette smiled, turning on her stomach and placing her chin on his chest. “Well, I’m glad I was able to cheer you up.”
“You always do.” He smiled, poking her on the nose with his fingertip. “But I was just thinking…”
“Thinking? Sounds dangerous.”
“Hey!” He retorted playfully, making her laugh at his faux outburst. After they calmed their giggles, he let out a gratifying sigh, bringing out a lovesick smile on his lips as he recounted his thoughts. “I was just thinking how you said earlier about our future. So, I was thinking about it too.”
“Well, whatever you’re thinking about sounds like something I would love to hear.” She smiled softly. “What were you thinking about?”
“You sure it won’t freak you out?” Marinette tilted her head as she shot him a deadpanned glare, and he chuckled at her expression. “I know. You’re right about where I’m at, if not more. But I was thinking about how we could have moments like this. Just relaxing on the couch or relaxing on our bed before we go to sleep. How we could cuddle and kiss and tease and tickle each other to our hearts content without someone telling us we can’t be together. How our future kids would run into our room in the morning or jump on us on the couch, and we could just be in each other’s company with happiness and fun and love. I just…” He sighed; his lips twisted into a sad smile. “I just want a family that I could love with my entire heart... and that would love me back just as much.”
“Oh, minou. You will. You have so much love to give. I just hope I can give you all that love back in the way that you deserve.”
Adrien leaned his head down and pressed a kiss to her lips. “You have given me the love that I have been missing since my mother passed. I just wish that my father could have helped fill that role, but I could never deny how much having your love has filled me with happiness. I couldn’t imagine not having that love in my life.”
“I will always be here to give you that love until you never want it anymore.” She smiled as he furrowed his brows in mock annoyance. Marinette began to laugh, chuckling into her hand to keep the noise level to a minimum. “What’s with the long face?”
“You, milady, believe that this alley cat wouldn’t want your love until the end of time?” He pointedly asked, poking her nose with his finger. “Well then, you must know that I will never let you go.”
“Good. Because I’m never letting you go either.”
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somethingvaguetodo · 21 days ago
Better Half
Written for @feeldaylight who requested this kiss prompt: “routine kisses where the other person presents their cheek/forehead for the hello/goodbye kiss without even looking up from what they’re doing”
Read on AO3 here.
“And then I said, ‘that’s not an akuma, that’s my tail!’”
Ladybug laughed, relishing in the freedom of feeling carefree. She could feel the rumble of laughter in Chat’s chest as he laughed at his own joke, and she tilted her head back to look him in the eye. His eyes were glinting with mirth behind his mask, and she grinned.
Rena nudged her foot against Ladybug’s to get her attention. “Not to burst your happy little bubble, but I think it’s getting late.”
Ladybug sighed in reluctant agreement. Despite the angst of the past few months, they had finally fallen into a comfortable and happy rhythm. Impulsively revealing her identity to Alya had been a risk that ultimately strengthened their relationship, but put a strain on the bond that she had with Chat Noir. But, after a few arguments and even more productive conversations, they had reached a point where they could all gather outside of a fight without jealousy getting in the way. While she had not yet revealed her identity to Chat, they both were okay with waiting until the time felt right, instead of rushing it because of their joint frustrations.
Sitting here enjoying a post-patrol evening with her two best friends, Ladybug truly felt like Lady Luck.
“She’s right, I should get going, m’lady,” Chat murmured in her ear. She leaned back further into him, his arms still looped loosely around her waist. “Can’t have anyone missing me.”
“I’ll miss you,” she pouted. Chat tugged lightly on both of her pigtails, pulling her head back so that he could look down at her.
“I’ll miss you too, bugaboo,” he said, pressing a light kiss to the top of her head.
Ladybug let him disentangle himself from around her, watching as he waved goodbye to Rena. “À bientôt, ma moitié,” she called to him, and he winked back before leaping away.
She watched with a soft smile as he bounded over rooftops, his figure growing smaller and smaller, not turning away until Rena loudly cleared her throat.
Rena’s eyes were laughing. “Nothing,” she bit her lip to hold in the giggles.
“If it’s nothing, why are you looking at me like that?” Ladybug asked, crossing her arms over her chest.
“À bientôt, ma moitié,” Rena imitated her, batting her eyes in an over-exaggerated manner. “It’s cute.”
Ladybug tilted her head to the side in question. “What’s cute?”
“The way you’re in love with him.”
As she did every time Rena brought it up, Ladybug rolled her eyes. “I’m not even going to entertain that with a response.” It made no sense to say that she was in love with Chat Noir. Just because they used loving pet names for each other, she liked to sit wrapped up in his arms, and he gave her a kiss goodnight didn’t mean anything. Rena had no clue what she was talking about. “Just give me your miraculous and go home.”
Rena laughed, not at all offended by Ladybug’s tone. “Unless you want me to walk alone through three arrondissements in the dead of night, I’m gonna need this to get home,” Rena flicked the pendant hanging from her neck. Ladybug scowled at her.
“Fine, keep it,” she acquiesced. “Bring it back to me tomorrow.” With that, Ladybug took off, not waiting to hear Rena’s answer, but the ringing laughter that followed her was enough.
“Alright everyone, change seats so that you’re sitting with your partner, and spend the last ten minutes of class working on your presentations.”
Chatter filled the room following Mlle. Busier’s instructions, and Adrien grabbed his bag and his tablet and walked up the few steps on the inner aisle to his new seat. Ivan scooted over on the bench to make room for him, and Adrien sat down, taking a second to observe the room from his new vantage point.
Even though he was only two rows back from where he normally sat, the classroom layout was vastly different. It reminded him of the brief time when he shared the back row with Marinette. Marinette was now sitting directly in front of him, and he could see a little of her profile as she talked to Alix. He laughed silently, thinking of how strange it was that he could see the back of her head when she usually saw the back of his.
“Um, Adrien?”
He snapped his head toward Ivan, who, for some reason, looked amused. “Yeah?”
“I don’t think our presentation notes are on the back of Marinette’s head,” Ivan said with a smirk.
Adrien felt his face heat up and hastened to unlock his tablet. “I outlined my half of the chapter last night,” he babbled, “we can see how much we want to use from that?”
Ivan chuckled but let it go, and he and Adrien spent the next ten minutes immersed in creating slides for their presentation.
Despite his earlier embarrassment, Adrien couldn’t help but sneak glances at Marinette. There was something so different about seeing her from this perspective, seeing the straight line of her part and the way the tips of her pigtails brushed against her shoulder blades as she moved. It was an unusual perspective for him, but there was something oddly familiar about it, something he couldn’t put his finger on.
Mlle. Bustier dismissed them at the end of the class period, reminding them to have the completed presentations ready to go on Monday.
Adrien took his time packing up, listening with one ear to Alix, who had twisted around in her seat to talk to Ivan, and waiting for his driver’s text before leaving for his lunch hour.
Nino was still at the front of the room, and Marinette was scribbling something on her tablet. 
The overhead light was shining against her hair, making the black glow almost blue. There was something mesmerizing about it, and Adrien would feel more self-conscious about the way he couldn’t look away if he took the time to think about it.
His phone lit up with a text.
“Well, that’s my driver.” Adrien glanced at his phone, swiping aside the message. “Better get going. See you all after lunch,” he said. He reached forward and tilted her head back by the pigtails, dropping a kiss to her hair.
“À bientôt, ma moitié,” she giggled, raising a distracted hand in farewell.
Adrien was able to stand up and pull the strap of his messenger bag over one shoulder before time froze around him.
“Did you just kiss her?” Ivan asked, incredulous.
“I…” Adrien started, but decided it was better to close his mouth than try to finish that thought. He stared at the back of Marinette’s head, trying to process what had just happened. As slowly as a spooked animal, Marinette swiveled her head around, eyes wide and unblinking.
“He did!” Alix sounded gleeful.
“I…” Marinette choked out, her voice sounding strained.
“Oh my god,” Alya said from across the aisle.
Adrien realized then that most of his classmates were still in the room, and all of them were staring at him.
“But you’re not…” Marinette said, looking like she was trying to figure out a puzzle.
“But you said…” Adrien said, thinking about how only Ladybug called him her other half.
“Oh my god,” Marinette breathed, realization in her eyes.
“Oh my god,” Adrien answered back, understanding that this went too far beyond a coincidence.
“Oh my god!” Alya repeated, a grin on her face.
“Anyone want to clue me in as to what’s happening?” Nino asked from the front of the room, but Adrien seemed to have lost all powers of speech, and Marinette was clearly in the same position.
“It’s happening,” Alya helpfully explained, ushering everyone out of the room until it was only Adrien and Marinette left. She may have tried to send them a message, but Adrien couldn’t pull his eyes away from Marinette’s to notice.
She was right, it was happening.
“I can’t believe you just kissed me,” Marinette broke the silence.
Adrien felt his face split into a grin. “Well, ma moitié, it seemed like the right thing to do. Was I wrong?”
Marinette grinned back at him. “Not at all.”
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quickspinner · 26 days ago
What about Lukanette juleka👀
Ooh, I think I wrote this one after Miracle Queen, and the basic idea was that Marinette just starts showing up at the boat whenever she’s sad, and Luka just sits with her and holds her. This time when she pops up, Juleka is there. It wasn’t enough to be a story by itself, but I really liked it, so I set it aside in case I thought of more to do with it or found a place I could use it in a larger fic. I don’t think I ever have though. I kinda just plunged in as I usually do, figuring I could go back and write a begnning later, so this picks up where Marinette’s just kind of popped up on the gangplank, but Juleka’s on deck as well and Marinette just kind of freezes.
Juleka blinked. “Marinette?” she mumbled. 
Marinette’s eyes widened and she looked almost scared. 
Juleka jumped as she felt Luka’s hand come down on her shoulder. He gave her a quick squeeze, then a little turn and a slight shove as he walked past, telling her to go below. Luka moved between her and Marinette and wordlessly held out his hand. 
For a moment all three of them stood frozen, Juleka in confusion, Marinette in indecision, and Luka waiting patiently for...what?
Marinette eyes flicked between Luka and Juleka, resting on Luka a little longer each time. Finally her face stayed on Luka for a long moment, and 
Marinette stepped slowly off the gangplank, taking Luka’s hand as she stepped onto the deck. Luka’s back was to Juleka and she couldn’t see what sort of face he was making, but he lifted his other arm and Marinette ran the last few steps to bury her face in his chest. 
Luka folded her up tightly, saying something soft and soothing. He walked her to one of the deck chairs, sat down with her between his legs, and wrapped himself around her. Marinette burrowed onto him, shoulders shaking. 
Juleka knew that embrace. How many times had he held her like that, been her safe place while she cried or raged over being ignored, forgotten, abandoned, overshadowed, erased? 
But what she had never seen before was the pain on Luka’s face as he held someone he loved, curled around her, trying to be a shield against all the world’s cruelties, all along knowing that he would have to let her go to face them again. 
He loved Marinette. She could see it now. It wasn’t just admiration or the type of fleeting crush he was prone to have. Luka loved Marinette as deeply as he did Juleka, though obviously in a different way. 
It hurt her heart for him. Her brother was so full of love, and he gave all of himself without ever asking for anything. He deserved love like that himself, and Juleka just wasn’t sure Marinette’s chronically mixed-up heart could give it to him. 
Marinette sobbed something Juleka couldn’t understand and Luka curled tighter around her, murmuring softly back. He ran his long fingers gently through her hair. There was anger as well as pain in his face now, and Juleka glanced automatically at the sky, beginning to be worried,
Luka had been akumatized over Marinette before, Juleka realized. She had been surprised at the time, but only a little. Luka’s music was such a huge part of him, and though his fuse was long, when he blew, he blew big. To have his work ripped off so shamelessly was enough explanation, but she saw it was more now. Luka loved Marinette and Luka, though quiet, was fierce in his love. 
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coffeecomicsgalore · 26 days ago
Navigating the Chaos
Chapter 22: Anniversary
Adrien could only stare as Marinette blushed from her words. She shyly ducked her head as an embarrassed smirk replaced the affectionate smile on her lips, before turning completely and playing with a kitten that had climbed onto her lap.
If there was ever a moment to fall deeper in love with someone, Adrien would have said this was one of those moments. It wasn’t a secret to Plagg that he had dreamed of marrying Ladybug one day—she was his soulmate in every sense of the word—but it was something that he had failed to mention to Marinette ever since they had found out their identities.
Watching their feelings twist and tangle between their two separate versions of themselves before finally blooming into the soft, affectionate, and passionate love that at least he, himself, was feeling, he would one hundred percent say that he would marry Marinette tomorrow if he could. But it was definitely something he didn’t want to say in case it would have scared her off.
That would have been a catastrophe.
He couldn’t deny that he has already envisioned Marinette walking down the aisle with Tom escorting her towards him, her gown every bit of Marinette that he has learned to love and he could see the mayor giving his blessing as they exchanged their vows. He pictured themselves buying a place with a balcony so they could escape into the night as their alter egos. He could picture the day Marinette would bless him with the news that they were expecting, then seeing his newest child in her arms at the hospital. Even possibly having more children so their family could be full of the love and life that he always wished he had.
So, for Marinette to mention that this little kitten could be a perfect addition to their lives? It only made his heart soar.
“We could?” He finally asked after the silence was stretched thin. She turned slightly towards him with a slight smirk pulling at one side of her lip, and he wished he could kiss it with all the passion in the world.
“I’ve told you before, Adrien. I’ve planned my entire life with you in it. I’ve had a wedding album made just so I can write everything that I dreamed of for our big day. I even have names for our kids… you know what? I’m probably making this weird. I should stop—"
She began to turn, a flustered look on her face as she said her last words, prompting Adrien to place his hand on her shoulder to get her to stop.
“Hey.” He called to her sincerely; his tone low. “I love the fact that you have all that already. And I love that you still think about our future like this. If anything, it just makes me fall in love with you even more.”
Marinette blushed. “So, you don’t think it’s weird or over the top? I mean, we are only fifteen.”
“Age is just a number.”
“Then how about this.” Marinette thought as she petted the kitten Adrien was holding. “On our first wedding anniversary, we go out and buy our very first pet: a kitten—”
“—or a hamster?”
She giggled. “Or a hamster. And we’ll name him—”
“I’m sorry, Mr. Agreste,” the shopkeeper sadly interrupted, ending their conversation, “but it’s time that I close the shop.”
“Oh!” Adrien and Marinette placed their kittens down with one last pet on their heads before standing up and brushing some stray fur off their clothes. “I didn’t realize it was closing time.”
“I apologize for not giving you the warning. A customer had come in to buy some food and I had to walk to the backroom to grab it. It took me a little longer than I thought.”
“No worries. Thank you again for letting us play with them. They are so cute.”
“Yes,” Marinette added. “Thank you so much. We had fun with them.”
The shopkeeper smiled. “Thank you. Looks like you tuckered a few of them out from the way they are asleep. If you ever want to come back, please do. It’s better for them to learn to love people instead of shy away from them.”
Marinette and Adrien looked at each other with a smile after they both silently agreeing to come again. “We definitely will! Goodnight!”
Adrien took out his phone and texted his bodyguard, letting him know that he would walk Marinette home and that he should just meet him there. After a few minutes of walking and a subway trip later, they reached the service entrance to Marinette’s apartment.
“I had a really great time tonight, Adrien.”
“Me too.” He began, his eyes scanning the area for someone that shouldn’t be there.
“There’s no one behind you.” Marinette whispered, knowing exactly why he was looking around.
“And there’s no one behind you.” Adrien whispered back, bringing his face closer to hers. “May I?”
And with that, they sealed the end of their night with a sweet, yet loving kiss.
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coffeecomicsgalore · 26 days ago
Navigating the Chaos
Chapter 21: Kittens
Chloe had managed to run off before Adrien and Marinette could finish their dinner. Sabrina sorrowfully explained that she spilled her tart all over Chloe’s designer jeans and that ‘she couldn’t bear to be seen looking like a disaster’ to even say goodbye.
Adrien and Marinette looked worried for a moment, making sure they gave their star performance of concern for their friend. Sabrina then gave them a hug for coming out with them tonight, even if it did end up being a disaster, with a near-silent, ‘Chloe says to call her after’ into his ear, which Adrien promptly nodded to.
“What should we do now?” Marinette asked as she watched Sabrina run over to the elevator where Chloe was waiting. “I know Chloe wanted to see that movie. I don’t feel right seeing it without her.”
“Well, we could still go and see a movie? Or we can just go for a walk?”
“Let’s go for a walk and see where the night takes us then.”
Adrien smiled and tried to pay for their meal, only to find out that Chloe had paid their tab at some point during the dinner. He helped Marinette out of her chair and gestured her to walk ahead of him, only to open the door as they entered out into the chilly night air.
They walked side by side, each wishing they could hold on to each other’s hand. Instead, they chose to steal silent moments of lovesick stares between the silence and silly conversations.
They made their way towards the Seine as they contemplated their next adventure, but they realized how late it had become when they passed by a slew of shops that were beginning to close for the night. They did happen to see one that was still open—a pet shop storefront—the lights still on this late in the evening. Adrien cooed out as he noticed a black cat with a white spot over his right eye, and he couldn’t help but squeal as he noticed the little kittens that played around their mother from a spot inside the store.
“Aww. Looks like my minou has a soft spot for little kittens.” She teased as he pressed his hand against the glass.
Adrien kneeled down to see the small selection at eye level while Marinette looked to see if the store was still open for a little while longer.
“Adrien, look.” She said, pointing to the door. “There’s an adoption event tonight. We know that we can’t buy a kitten, but maybe we could be allowed to pet them? Do you want to do that?”
Adrien turned to her and smiled, excitement flashing across his eyes. “Yes!”
He grabbed onto her hand and ran into the shop, smiling as he walked towards the shopkeeper who was petting an orange tabby kitten at the counter.
“Hello. How can I help you?” She smiled politely, placing a kiss on the kitten’s head before placing it back in the large pen. When she looked back at them, she tilted her head as she came to a realization. “Oh! You’re Adrien Agreste.”
“I am.” He responded shyly, rubbing the back of his neck for comfort. “I noticed you have an adoption event going on. I can’t buy one, but we were wondering if we could play with the kittens for a little bit?”
“Of course! They love to play. We close in an hour though. I’ll give you a fifteen-minute warning before then.”
“That’s perfect. Thank you.”
Marinette and Adrien walked towards the open pen, each scooping up a tiny kitten to play with. Adrien had chosen a black cat with white spots on his paws, while Marinette picked up a white kitten with gray splotches on his belly and tail.
“They are so cute!” She squealed, pressing her nose into its fur.
“They really are.” He replied as he scratched under the kitten’s chin. He knew it was something that Plagg loved, and the roaring purr only proved that the kitten loved it just as much.
“I wish I could take him home.” Adrien muttered as he pressed his nose to the kitten’s nose.
“I don’t see why not.” Marinette answered back, a soft smile mirroring her affectionate gaze as she looked at her boyfriend. “It would be a purrfect addition in our lives.”
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Will You Marry Me?
Marinette hissed, ears flattening on top of her head as she whipped around low in a crouch, as Nightwing landed behind her.
“Evening, Lady Noire.”
“Nightwing. Can we settle this quickly for once?”
“You going to give me what you stole?”
“Then unfortunately for the both of us. I don’t think so.”
She gave a soft moan of frustration as she grabbed her baton and extended it into a staff twirling it around her, dropping into a low ready position, tilting her head slightly as she blocked a blow from Nightwing’s own weapons. She ducked underneath a blow, whipping her staff around, aiming for the knees. He flipped over it, grabbing it as he went and ripping it from her hands tossing it onto the roof. She moved to quickly retrieve it, failing to block a blow from Nightwing, grunting as it made contact, followed by him pinning her onto the ground.
“Get off of me, you molting bird,” she spat, throwing Nightwing off of her and rolling away, eyes scanning for her baton on the roof as she reoriented herself. Of course. It’s behind Nightwing. Just my luck. She took a deep breath as she assessed her choices.
“Cataclysm!” she called, taking a step back, hand held slightly in front of her, the glowing energy surrounding her hand the only thing between her and Nightwing. “Just a fair warning. You come at me. You touch me, you’re gone. Don’t know how much it might hurt, but the results aren’t pretty. If there’s a strong wind, no one may find what remains. Now I’m going to walk by you, grab my baton, and get out of here. I’m already running late.”
“Got a hot date?”
“As a matter of fact I do. Going to have dinner before a nice stroll through the gardens and then get some late night ice cream and a movie. I wanted to be ready by now but you got in my way,” she said, walking around Nightwing, glancing around briefly, grabbing a small rock from the roof, destroying it with her cataclysm before giving a small smirk and salute to Nightwing before making her way over the rooftops towards the restaurant where she was supposed to meet Dick.
Dick watched her leave, mind racing as he thought about what she’d said about her date. “Going to have dinner before a nice stroll through the gardens and then get some late night ice cream and a movie.” That sounded an awful lot like what he had planned with Marinette.
They were the same height and build, with hair the same color. Though Marinette’s eyes were blue and Lady Noire’s were green, it was clear that she possessed some sort of magic. Hair lengths were wildly different too.
Dick was snapped out of his thoughts as his phone began to ring. Think of your girlfriend and she shall ring.
“Hey, Dick. Sorry I’m running late. Think we can meet 15 minutes later? I got caught up on my way back from the store. I’m on my way now, but I’ll be late. Sorry If I’m holding you up.”
Dick cursed internally as he listened. “That sounds great. I’m actually running late again myself. Small emergency at the manor.”
“Is everything okay? We can cancel if we need to.”
“No! No, everything’s fine. TIm just decided he’d try his hand at making something on the stove and started a small fire. Everything’s under control, and Alfred’s giving him a thorough lessen on the use of oil with heat.”
The sound of her laugh over the phone, brought a small smile to his face. “I swear. I’m going to drag all of you into the kitchen and teach you how to properly bake macarons as a thank you for Alfred for all he's done for you guys and an apology for the abuse that you and your brothers have put that poor kitchen through.”
“I look forward to that. See you in a few?”
“See you in a few.”
Dick quickly hung up and made his way to get changed and meet Marinette. He’d only beat her to the restaurant by a minute and smiled as she made her way over to him. Greeting her with a hug he frowned hearing a small groan of pain from her as she put a hand to the side of her chest as they pulled apart. Right where I managed to hit Lady Noire earlier.
“Are you okay?”
“Hm? I’m fine. Just tripped in my studio and hit my side,” she said, not meeting his eyes. A lie. A bit too many coincidences for him to push the idea that Marinette was Lady Noire from his mind.
“Are you sure?”
“I’m fine. I’ve taken worse hits,” she said before glancing over at him, and pulling him into the gardens. “Forget that I said that.I’m fine. Sorry I’m late.”
Dick stared at her for a moment. “What do you think about cats?”
The sputtering noises as he asked that, asking why and the short and sharp no as she looked at him made up his mind on Lad Noire’s identity.
Of course my girlfriend just threatened to kill me to get to go on a date with me. Of course she’s a criminal.
He shook his head slightly before giving her a small kiss on top of her head.
I still love her though.
Marinette ran over the roofs, trying to get home before Dick showed up for their date night in, mind wandering. He’d been acting odd since their last date. Sneaking looks at her and asking odd questions. He’d seemed guarded the first few days after their garden date when they talked before he asked to schedule a date at her place tonight. She agreed, on the terms that they would talk about what had been preoccupying him and getting him acting all odd as a part of it. He’d agreed, much to her relief.
Marinette, landed on the roof of her apartment, and stretched for a minute before freezing, hearing a slight scrap of something against the concrete behind her. She turned around to find herself face to face with Batman. She reached back and grabbed her baton, twirling it idly in her fingers as she studied Batman in front of her. He had his usual glower on his face as he looked down at her, the brightly colored party hat, slipping forward slightly. She blinked owlishly at him and the party hat, making sure she wasn’t seeing things. She spotted Red Robin, Spoiler, and Red Hood a bit further back by a table full of food. Was that Barbara with them? Robin and Black Bat had at some point, climbed on top of the sitting on top of the bulkhead with Signal, all wearing similar party hats.
She took a small step back, eyes darting between the Bat Clan, none of them saying anything, most of them grinning and looking at her. Was this some form of Joker Venom? No. Batman seems normal, though he is wearing a party hat. Please don’t let it be Joker Venom. I don’t have the resource or energy to deal with that today. She opened her mouth to say something as she bumped into someone behind her. She turned around to find Nightwing had come up behind her and had dropped to one knee and held a box with a ring in it out to her.
“Will you marry me?”
“What?” Marinette forced out, staring at him as she tried to block out what was going on around her.
“Will you marry me?” he repeated.
“I tried to kill you last week.”
“And you're asking me to marry you?”
“I am.”
“You don’t even know who I am under the mask,” she said. He made a small face that said otherwise. “You know my identity. How long?”
“A week.”
Marinette nodded slowly as she took a deep breath trying to wrap her head around everything that was happening. “You know I have a boyfriend- Dick?” she asked. He nodded. “You're Nightwing. I tried to kill you. oH MY GOD. mY BOYFRIEND IS A VIGILANTE AND I TRIED TO KILL HIM.”
Nightwing- Dick, grabbed her hand and smiled. “But you failed and I’m proposing to a criminal. I think it’s safe to say there’s no bad blood.”
“Are you sure?”
“Positive. Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Lady Noire. Purritiest cat I know. Will you marry me?”
“Nothing would make me happier.”
Dick grinned, taking the ring out of the box to slip it on her finger, before realizing she had gloves as a part of her costume and hesitating. “Hold onto it for now and we'll put it on later,” she murmured, pulling him up into a hug, burying her face into his chest.
“Now Kiss!” Red Hood called out.
“I’m guessing that the Bat Clan is your family?” she whispered, smiling up at him.
“Yeah. Hood’s Jason. I’m pretty sure you can figure it out from there.”
“Mmmm. And whose idea was the food and party hats?”
“I could have guessed,” she said laughing, leaning up to catch him with a kiss, ignoring the whistles from several members of the BatFam, before pulling apart. She turned to glare softly at some of the brothers, wrapping an arm around Dick and resting her head on his shoulder. “Shall we go and face the music?”
“Lead the way.”
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