glorfindelridesagain · a day ago
Thorin: *carrying a lot of food from the market*
Bilbo: Hey, let me give you a hand.
Thorin: *transfers all the ingredients to one hand and takes Bilbo's hand in his*
Bilbo: Not what I meant, but sure.
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dorkybilly · a day ago
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Sweet beach himbo boyfriend vibes ‘86
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enhancedstuds · 22 hours ago
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the-sugar-crash · 2 days ago
about the hcs of the damn polycule finding FL’s sketchbook, can i request something like that but instead it’s another sketchbook of like FL’s old friends, places they used to go maybe even an ex partner? and they have no idea how to ask them about it?
Hi! I'm so sorry this took so long, I was just not happy with it at all. I don't like the ideas I put into it, the writing or itself, or the amount of time it put into it. It was a good request, but idk. But I'm posting it anyway! But it's done! It's here! I feel very touched you asked for a part two. This was the first time I've continued a head canon before. Idk, enjoy. This is set after the first part, right after they move into a house together, but they aren't married yet. Anyway onto the show.
CW: mentions of strained relationship with family, alludes to being kicked out
Huxley, Lasko, and Damien are working on unpacking boxes in their new house while Gavin and the Freelancer go get something for everyone to eat.
Well, technically Lasko is the only one actually unpacking
Damien is trying to organize all the boxes into a system and Huxley is moving the heavy furniture
(Lasko and Damien may also be slightly distracted while watching their boyfriend lift heavy objects)
Huxley is moving one heavy box into the office when the bottom of the box breaks open, sending all of its contents onto the floor
They all start to pick everything up off the floor and put it away when they realize what the box is
It’s a bunch of the Freelancer’s things from before they enrolled at Damn, including about half a dozen older sketchbooks
The Freelancer is a lot more comfortable with their work now, and has told their partners they don’t mind if they look through their artwork,
So the boys sit down on the floor and flip through them together
Damien picks up the first book, thumbing through the pages quickly, scanning over each page for only a moment before something seems to catch his eye
He turns back a few pages and flips through it again, slower this time so he can get better look
He ends up stopping on one page, furring his brow at what he’s looking at
Huxley and Lasko stop looking through their own book and ask Damien what he found.
He flips back a couple pages and then turns the book around for them to see.
It looks like a normal page of several rough sketches of the same man
There were hundreds of pages just like it in the current sketchbook the freelancer was working through
The Freelancer would pick a random stranger and make several rough sketches to practice their realism and anatomy on a page, and that would be it
Except the same man was on the next page.
And the next. And the next.
But there was one drawing that makes them all pause
It was a full page drawing of both the man who had taken up the last couple of pages and the freelancer. Kissing.
As uncomfortable as it it to see your partner kissing someone else, that wasn’t what made them all pause
The thing that threw them all off was the fact that the freelancer absolutely hated drawing themselves.
As far as the boys knew, they had only just recently started to feel comfortable enough to include themselves in their artwork, and this piece was much older than anything the boys had seen.
They look through the rest of the book, seeing similar pictures of the mystery man and the freelancer together.
They finish one sketchbook and book onto the next.
In each is more drawing with the freelancer, not just with the man, but with other people as well, some of them had small names next to each figure, others has small notes about the person
The three of them sat there for about half an hour, flipping through pages of drawings of their partner next to different people, some of them friends or family or partners.
They finally make it to the last sketchbook and notice that the date is just a couple months from their start at DAMN
The first dozen pages or so looked similar to their other notebooks, a mix of portraits and random drawings, so more stylized than others
There's one that catches the boys’ eyes
It’s a half finished portrait of the Freelancer’s family, except each of the faces was scratched over with a dark marker so you couldn’t tell who each person was
After that there are several abstract drawings of a figure standing by themself before it goes back to normal
This time the portraits are all of either friends or strangers, and any trace of their family is gone
The freelancer is also no longer in any of the pictures
They finish looking through the last book and aren’t really sure what to say
They move the old books onto the bottom shelf of one of the bookcases in the office where the rest of the Freelancer’s sketchbooks are
They put the other items back into the box after re-taping the bottom, that way the freelancer can look through it when they get home
Speaking of the freelancer, the boys can hear them and Gavin walk into the house downstairs, both of them laughing
They finish putting everything back and head downstairs to eat with their lovers
When they get there, the freelancer is laughing at Gavin, telling him he needs to stop picking on the poor pizza guy
The couple enjoy their dinner together and once they’re done eating they all go back upstairs to continue unpacking
Hux shows the freelancer the box of their old stuff so they can sort through everything
Most of it is just old momentos or keepsakes, nothing that needed to have out, so they pack it back up so it can go in the attic
While Huxley is helping the freelancer put the box away, Damien and Lasko show Gavin what they found, specifically the last notebook
It’s not too hard to piece together
Both the Freelancer and Lasko have told their partners about how their families reacted when their powers manifested
And the date in the corner of the unfinished family portrait lines up with the approximate timeframe they would have left their family
None of them are sure how to bring it up, or if they even should
They all just want their partner to be happy
On one hand, maybe asking about their family could and encouraging them to reconnect would be beneficial
It would be great for them to have another support system backing them up
But on the other hand, there’s no way of knowing if either the freelancer or their family would even want to reconnect
And they boys would hate to see the person they love get turned away from their bio family for a second time
And after all, they have all the family they need between the five of them.
kind of an open ending. Oh well :)
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Air Himbo
Tumblr media
Water Himbo
Tumblr media
Earth Himbo
Tumblr media
Fire Himbo
Tumblr media
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stormcallart · 2 months ago
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Pro Himbo Hero Kirishima!
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encanto-side-blog · 18 days ago
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marlinspirkhall · a year ago
I explained what a himbo was to my dad yesterday.
Dad: (nodding) The man from the ghostbusters reboot
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duck-that-draws · a month ago
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the-lonely-only-child · a year ago
My favorite trope is Guy Gets Absolutely Wrecked By A Girl And Immediately Decides She’s The Love Of His Life
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go-big-or-go-homo · 7 months ago
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lamaery · 3 months ago
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And because with today’s prompt the Stormlight Archive bullied it’s way into my mind… hence additionally I had to draw Adolin flirting with basically everyone – not just his wife, but with ardents and scribes, his surgeon, his sword and his (father‘s) horse. And then of course there is Navani happily flirting with her spouse, but I’d say her attempts here border heavily on the territory of foreplay…
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keylimeimagines · a month ago
love your work !! i would love to see your take on montgomery gator from FNAFSB x reader !
i feel monty would be such a simp; writing songs for their s/o, tries to teach them guitar and OOO! if the reader helps monty practice his songs !
this is such a good request! i love monty, he seems like a himbo and i love that <3
when he is in love, OH BOY will he be a show-off
puffing his chest, talking deeper than usual, showing off his guitar skills, you name it.
"ayo babe this one is for you" *misses*
he'll act all cool and strong, but on the inside, he has no idea what he's doing. he'll never admit that he's kind of new to romance
he's so much softer with his s/o (surprising absolutely no one) than he is with anyone else, and that's saying something considering his anger issues.
he'd LOVE to teach them how to play guitar! it boosts his ego AND he gets to spend time with them!! it's a win-win!! and it's even better if they already know how to play guitar!
speaking of which, musical duets are a common way of showing affection with this dude!! his s/o is always the first to hear his new song ideas <3
THIS DUDE WOULD GIVE BEAR HUGS (not as much as freddy tho....) and he is proud! he's big and strong and he'd just be amazing to hug (although he may hug a little tight)!
his s/o is the only one who can truly calm him down from one of his outbursts, and when they do finally calm him down, he's just sort of gently collapses on their lap, since his anger can take out a lot of energy out of him
he feels like he can be vulnerable when he's alone with his s/o, and that he doesn't have to live up to a certain reputation of being this 'big strong man'. even monty has some softness in him <3
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grandmoments · 19 days ago
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The Dragon Prince 3x8
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pisss-offf-ghostt · a year ago
we love and stan mando asking luke laser sword skywalker "u a jedi lol" GOD hes so out of touch out of time
His Himbo energy is at a zenith this season.
From laser swords
Tumblr media
To trying to strong arm his way through a force barrier. Three. Different times.
Tumblr media
To asking anyone he approaches ...
Tumblr media
Only this pure of heart- dumb of ass space dad could inadvertently become the ruler of a planet he’s never been to
Tumblr media
In conclusion, we love you Din Djarin and we can’t wait to see you again next December.
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cosmocomics · a month ago
Tumblr media
Wolverine calling Matt Murdock a Himbo back in 2005 is killing me.
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glorfindelridesagain · a month ago
Frodo: How long are we going to let him do that?
Bilbo: Just… just give him another minute
Thorin, pushing on a door clearly labelled pull
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we all love himbos. however there are some characters who are actually quite smart, both in book and street smarts, but still make dumbass choices bc they drink their Loving People juice and suddenly have no brain cells. what do we call them?
schrodinger's himbo
these characters also drink respect women juice and are usually quite strong! but they're NOT stupid. they're just dumbasses and we do love them for that. schrodinger's himbo's achilles heel is a big heart.
examples include: Oberyn Martell, Percy Jackson, Sokka, Lance from Voltron, Glimmer's dad King Micah from She-Ra, Benson from Kipo, Kanan Jarrus, Edward Elric, Sam Winchester
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