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#himekawa aoi

yes ofc, i love him so much!


you often wondered how you got so lucky to have such a great man as your boyfriend. his kindness, his boyishly handsome looks, the pretty big brown eyes that always seemed to full of endless love pouring out for you and you alone. Himekawa Aoi loved you more than he ever thought possible.

it’s 2am, and you’re in the kitchen drinking a glass of warm milk because you can’t sleep. scrolling your phone mindlessly as you yawn a fourth or fifth time.

“come back to bed” you hear a familiar voice say in the quiet of the kitchen. you exhale softly through your nose and shake your head,

“im sorry babe, i can’t. my brain just won’t turn off yet. you go to sleep okay?” you smile, taking in how he always looks so soft and cozy in his plaid pajama pants and disheveled fluffy chestnut curls. he pouts, ruffling his hair and making his way to you in a few short strides.

he overwhelms your body with his, his frame covering yours as he guides your hand to set down your glass on the counter behind you. he rests his forehead on yours as gentle but large hands rest on your hips, swaying you to an unheard melody. your arms rest over his broad shoulders, fingers playing with the ends of his hair as you dance in the kitchen, bodies feeling like they’re stuck in honey, moving slowly and sweetly-melding into each other in the dim light.

“sleep darling, sleep” he murmurs against your temple as you relax in his hold, eyes closing against his warm chest. you hum with a smile and the vibrations of your voice make Aoi chuckle softly. he holds your face in his hands and presses a kiss to your lips, guiding you back to the bedroom with a tenderness only your lover can muster.

and you rest.

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in which Himekawa Aoi goes on a hunt. part of the “and ill choose you again” Valentines Day series!

genre: fluff warnings: none, reader and Aoi are still in high school :)


it starts with a hot pink sticky note on his locker. it’s shaped like a heart and Aoi is already shaking when he removes it to read the note.

i think you’re really cute. come find me.

Aoi stares at the heart, feeling confused. how was he supposed to find you? he didn’t even know who it was who sent him the note, and there were no clues. he opened his locker, searching all through it but found nothing. he grumbled, leaning his forehead against the lockers when he felt a tap on his shoulder. he looked up to see some random classmate, him handing Aoi another sticky note. this time a bright red heart. the boy ran off before Aoi could even ask a question.

where do you see the flowers? come get a gift i have for you.

Aoi scratched his head, flowers? the school garden? but he’s been up there a lot, and has seen numerous people there whenever he’s gone. the young man shrugs and runs up the stairs of the school, completely ignoring the incoming tardy bell.

he opens the door to the roof, immediately flooded with the scent of all the flowers and herbs growing in the sunshine. it’s chilly, but sunny enough outside today for the warmth of the sun to kiss Aoi’s cheeks. his eyes scan the area, falling on an orange heart shaped sticky note and he runs to it, ripping it off of a bouquet of flowers wrapped in red paper.

these flowers are for you Aoi. meet me for real in the place where you caught me. i fell for you then, and im still falling. i hope you feel the same!

Aoi’s eyes go as wide as dinner plates. he squeezes his eyes shut, the memory bursting behind his eyelids like a feature film.

he was just walking up the stairs to his next class, when he made the mistake of looking right in your eyes as you passed him on the staircase. you, the person who since he saw you just a week ago-has preoccupied his thoughts like nothing else has. you then tripped on your own two feet, and Aoi dropped all of his belongings to catch you. his cheeks flushed red and the soft smile on your lips when you giggled out a ‘thank you’ made his heart race and he was done for.

Aoi held the bouquet of flowers you left him and raced to the stairwell, his chest heavy with panting as his legs took him faster and faster. the crinkle of the paper the flowers were wrapped in and his school shoes padding along the tiled hallways the only sound he hears.

and there you are, fiddling with your fingers, biting your lip. he stops when you look up at him and grin. his legs must be moving again though because before he knows it he’s standing in front of you, and you whisper a hello. he squeaks and his eyes flutter shut when you lean up on your tiptoes to kiss him quickly.

“Aoi, will you be my Valentine?” you murmur, and heat spreads on his face once again, he nods and this time he drops the bouquet on the floor with a ‘yes’ to kiss you back. his arms loop around your waist that makes you yelp in surprise.

he breaks away to smile at you and says “im happy i found you.”

“im happy you found me.” and you smile in return.


taglist: @linak @hohoshiumi @avylee @motoyafightclub @frozenovernova @hajiswife @rosecaffelatte @churochuu

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Okay but Himekawa is so underated like look at him!


I struggled finding references for him but I persisted!


He’s one of my favorite characters.

Good day.

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⊹ 𖡼 ָ࣪ ˖ʜɪᴍᴇᴋᴀᴡᴀ ᴀᴏɪ // ʜᴀɪᴋyᴜᴜ!!.༢

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Himekawa doodles from yesterday!

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Happy Birthday Himekawa Aoi! :DD

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i come back to life to give u a rarepair i made up for myself by myself at 3am. also passive expressions which is annoyin me uh.

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@ himekawa aoi stans!!!!

i’m sorry i forgot to post this earlier but here is ur boy’s voice actor proposing to you as ashe from fire emblem three houses uwu

pls play war criminal dating sim

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request. AAAH HIMEKAWA ANON HERE IM SORRY FOR THE SECOND ASK BUT 👉👈 could you mayhaps have the reader have anxiety too because same 🥺 akshdjsh i love your writing and again,, have a great day!! - anon

a/n. anything for you himekawa anon 😌😌


himekawa with an anxious s/o

- pairing. himekawa x gender neutral reader

- genre. fluff

- warnings. anxiety lol


► now playing…

  • okay himekawa is just as anxious as you if not more
  • but that doesn’t mean he’ll ever compare his anxiety to yours or he’ll never want to make it seem like your anxiety is insignificant because it isn’t !!
  • it’s so important that you feel safe and content around him because as your boyfriend, he feels the need to keep you safe and protect you
  • he knows you’re your own person, but he just wants to make sure you’re alright all the time 🥺
  • most caring boyfriend i stg
  • if you exhibit any signs of a panic attack starting, he’s so quick to pull you to a secluded area and just bring you into a tight hug while his hand soothes out your hair
  • if you’d rather not have any physical touch, he’ll make sure you’re sitting down somewhere with a bottle of water in your hand so that you don’t hyperventilate and get light headed
  • if you feel like you aren’t getting any better, he’s so quick to ditch your date so he can take you home and away from any crowd
  • if you feel better and you want to continue your date, he’ll keep checking up on you, making sure you’re truly feeling better because now he’s anxious that he pressured you into staying 🥺
  • he loves having little dates at his or your house where the two of you just eat dinner together and watch movies on the couch so he never wants you to feel like he’s angry that you want to go home
  • he loves those types of dates especially because one, he gets to kiss you without prying eyes and two, because it feels so domestic and he just loves it so much.
  • if you’re ever anxious about a test/quiz/anything he’s definitely one to leave lil notes everywhere with encouraging words and cute lil pictures 🥺
  • if you’re anxious for any other reason and you’re not with him, he’s already pressing the call button so you can hear his voice as he’s soothing you
  • he’ll ask if the two of you can facetime instead so he can see your cute face, and every. single. time. when you pick up he goes “there they are! hi cutie.”
  • such a dork i swear
  • alright you’ve done it himekawa anon
  • i’ve fallen for him

general taglist. @tetsoleil@akaashirin@tsukisemi@otsut-writing@hikari-writes@vhskenma@ash-writes-things@humanitysbiggestsimp​ @kurooano @sushii10@elianetsantana

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request. hi!! i was uHm wondering if you could write for aoi himekawa from tsubakihara 👉👈 KJSDHS he’s just so cute i love him sm!!! just general hcs like what he’d be as a boyfriend or anything i don’t really have anything in mind!! but if ur not taking requests atm you can ignore this im sorry! have a great day <3 - anon

a/n. i totally forgot about him tbh but he’s so cute 🥺🥺 sighs don’t make me fall for a background character pls


what he’s like as your boyfriend

- pairing. himekawa x gender neutral reader

- genre. fluff

- warnings. mentions of vomit


► now playing…

  • bby boy is just yamaguchi in another font
  • just even shyer
  • yet, that doesn’t make him any less of a hopeless romantic
  • the two of you weren’t even friends, just two people in the same class that kept stealing glances at one another
  • you were slicker about it, he wasn’t
  • he would get caught staring at your face every. single. class.
  • but the scolding he got from the teacher was worth it if he got to hear your giggles as they called him out for staring
  • eventually, it became all too much for him, and his feelings just poured out of his mouth non-stop as he handed you a love letter underneath a tree during lunch break
  • thus beginning your happy relationship :)
  • the letter included all of the things he loved about you - your eyes, your nose, mouth, your whole face, your laugh, everything. this boy listed practically everything.
  • and even though the two of you have been dating for a while now, he still gets shy around you
  • he absolutely loves when you attend his games, your cheers being the loudest in the gym as he goes to serve
  • the rest of the game that he’s on the side, he’s spending most of his time glancing up to where you’re sitting and flashing you the biggest smiles
  • because of you, he isn’t so nervous about playing anymore, in fact, he feels proud that he’s playing his sport
  • the upperclassmen can’t help but notice, teasing him about his cute partner
  • when alone, he absolutely loves cuddling
  • there isn’t a time when the two of you are hanging out where he doesn’t ask if the two of you can cuddle
  • he’s just a very touchy person and he loves holding you in his arms or laying on top of you
  • he LOVES when you play with his hair !!
  • it’s so fluffy and soft, and it’s right there, so why wouldn’t you ?
  • he melts instantly when he feels your fingertips working at his scalp, the stress practically leaving his body at once
  • he totally loves picnics. i take no criticism because this boy is SOFT and he looks like he would just love taking you to a secluded area and laying out a checkered blanket with some snacks
  • the two of you will lay there after the sun sets, pointing out stars and constellations
  • (he’s a capricorn and he knows it, and he always looks for where capricorn is along with your star sign.)
  • this is getting pretty long but i can’t help it he’s too cute
  • he loves making lunches for you
  • boy can COOK.
  • he will leave tiny notes on your desk, in your shoe locker, in your bag, anywhere if you’re feeling a little bit down or even if you’re completely fine, he just loves letting you know how in love with you he is
  • his kisses are soft and airy, but he nearly threw up during your first kiss because of nerves
  • it was perfect - the two of you just happened to lean in at the same time while your legs were entangled in your bed during a cuddle session
  • he had to run to the bathroom after because he was genuinely terrified he would throw up from overthinking
  • was he good ? did his breath smell ? did he look stupid ? did he kiss you for too long ?
  • no, because he kissed you for the perfect amount of time, and he definitely made sure to brush his teeth before going over because he decided that would be the day to suck it up and kiss you 🥺

general taglist. @tetsoleil@akaashirin@tsukisemi@otsut-writing@hikari-writes@vhskenma@ash-writes-things@humanitysbiggestsimp​ @kurooano @sushii10@elianetsantana

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Moon and Stars

+ himeyachi au (Himekawa Aoi & Yachi Hitoka)

+ 969 words

+ tooth-rotting fluff

+ please ship my babies himeyachi


It was a chilly Friday night at Hitoka’s rooftop. It was one of those nights their work schedules coordinated. So, it felt like a long weekend for the both of them, but it also meant they’ll be with each other for that long span of time.

Both of them are sprawled over the big, soft blanket–yes, with peaches for patterns–that Aoi brought. Pizza boxes and baskets of mojos leftovers were abandoned on the side. Hitoka was resting her head on Aoi’s shoulder, looking up to the cloudless night sky. Millions of stars stretched above; the crescent moon, smiling down on them, and planet venus accompanying it.

Hitoka stretched both of her hands towards the sky, reaching out the vast space. “What do you think would it feel like? Holding those stars?” Hitoka looked up to Aoi who was already gazing at her.

“Mmmm,” Aoi scrunched his eyebrows, thinking. “I think I would be blinded by it.” He covered her eyes and chuckled at her startled reaction. Hitoka held his hand and pushed it away, “Aoiiii!!” she laughed at her boyfriend’s silly tactics.

Aoi is always fascinated when his girlfriend talks about astronomy. The way her eyes sparkle when someone chats with her about it. The way her body bounces and radiates energy when she discloses it. It’s impossible to ignore it; you’ll be drawn in on how she passionately discusses it, like a black hole vacuuming you in.

“Did you know there’s a white hole? Instead of sucking matter in, white hole spits it out.”

“Can you please construct your sentence better?”

“What? It’s theoretically the opposite of a black hole. Doesn’t that intrigue you?”

“Of course, it does.” He really was curious. Ever since Hitoka developed an interest in astronomy, he’s also been doing his research to keep up with her.

Aoi snapped out his thoughts when Hitoka grabbed his hand and pushed it towards the sky. “With the naked eye, we can see 2,000 to 2,500 stars so imagine those little gaseous matter in your hands.” Hitoka stated, smiling back at the moon.

“Do you really want to have those stars in your pretty hands?” Aoi jokingly asked, intertwining his fingers on his girlfriend’s hands. “Are you not listening to me?” She pouted and snapped her head to him, eyebrows frowning.

“Of course, I am. If I was not listening then I wouldn’t have this.” Aoi pulled out a ring and placed it beside Hitoka’s reached out hand. It’s a simple ring; a thin gold band, engraved with stars that are filled with diamonds. Hitoka squinted to see what it was. “What’s that?” It was like one of the twinkling stars above, but closer. When realization hits, she looked at Aoi who was smiling and eyes tearing up. He was always a cry baby.

Aoi sat up and held the ring in front of Hitoka. “You have been a blessing in my life. You came in like a shooting star, suddenly appearing and burning so bright, but you didn’t disappear; you stayed with me. Through my ups and downs, you saw who I was; my principles, my beliefs, my virtues. Even though we have our differences, we communicated and made it work. You never gave up on me when I was on the verge of giving up. And I promise you, I will never give us up. I want to be with you forever. And I hope you want that too. Will you marry me, Hitoka?” Aoi held his breath when he said the question.

Hitoka was already crying when Aoi started his speech. Damn, she loves the guy. So much. He really loves her to the moon and back. He loved her even in her darkest of times. She believes that they’re soulmates in this life, in another life, and in many more lives. Aoi made her the happiest woman alive and she would want that to happen for the rest of her life. Who wouldn’t?

With a smile, and tears like stars, Hitoka breathed out, “Yes. A million stars, yes!”

Aoi exhaled the breath that he has been holding in and let out a delighted laugh. He positioned the ring to Hitoka’s ring finger with a cheery smile. Hitoka then admirably stared at the gold band and spread out her fingers; her hand got a lot more prettier decorated by it. She looked at it with one eye, like taking a picture with a camera, and stretched out her hands to the sky, to the city lights, then in front of his fiancé. The similarities? They all look like stars.

“Do you like it?” Aoi asked because Hitoka can’t seem to stop staring at her ring. “Of course, I like it. I love it!” She put her hand on top of her chest. “I love you. Thank you, Aoi, for all of these; for effortlessly making me happy at all times, for listening to my astronomical babblers, for being by my side when I get a little side tracked, and for making me love you.”

Aoi moved towards his fiancé and hugged her comfortingly. “I should be the one thanking you.” He kissed the side of her head and felt her vibrate as she laughed at him. “Then we should be thanking ourselves.”

Hitoka lovingly looked at Aoi’s chocolate brown eyes and kissed him on his lips. She smiled when he gently kissed back.

The crescent moon glowed and the stars twinkled above, happily witnessing the newly engaged couple glimmered with love.



i know i haven’t posted in a while cause school has been giving me hell 😭

writing has been my stress reliever and i’m enjoying every story i make 💜

i might post all of my stories here from twitter. for archive matters 😌

feedbacks are appreciated!! my ask is always open. let’s talk about haikyuu or just anything!!


love lots xx

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Aaaa…. Done with himekawa

WELL I NOT A GOOD ARTIST DAH… Me see my friend art and you’re My drawing just crying in the corner

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“aoi chan, you feel soooo good.” you gasp and thread your fingers through his hair. your hands go to cuff his cheek thumbing at his red and dampen cheeks. he babbles out love confessions as you bounced on his cock, hands gripping at your hips as you clamp your walls around him.

“p-please let me c-cum, baby, please.” he moans, looking up at you through his eyelashes as he rests his cheek on your chest. you moans and roll your hips, kissing him as an answer. he huffs into the kiss, whining as you suck on his tongue.

it didnt take long until he came, painting your walls white. aoi shakes under you as you ride his orgasm out. you smile against his lips, moaning as you feel your own fast approaching.

“hold on for a second, aoi chan. be a good boy and wait, m almost there.”

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guys help me himekawa is so cute i just might die-

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i took those btw ^


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himekawa aoi

iphone 10 lockscreen + homescreen wallpapers [2436 x 1125]

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Himekawa Appreciation Hours

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