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I’m emo thinking about the league still possibly being friends in a world where quirks don’t exist. And it’s bittersweet because without those powers they can’t really do anything to change society on their own like they do in canon but also,,, they’re safe, and they’re friends, and they can find confort and recognition and understanding in each other. And they’re peaceful and Magne and Twice are alive,,, and maybe Hawks joins them and learns to think for himself and form friendships for real,,, and I cry.

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(so, I've written myself into a corner here. do you think people compressed can perceive anything outside the marble? Are the in a comatose-like state? If I can see what's happening outside of me and I saw Mr. Compress' and Toga's interaction, I'm just trying to stay calm, remember the rule about harming guests, hope I'll be free eventually, and swearing to myself to never play with villains' quirks. If I can't, well... just what is Toga up to?)

Originally posted by vaoka

Jin Bubaigawara: “Huh, so you’re still carrying that marble around Toga?” 

Himiko Toga: *Nods* “Yes.” “Such a shame i can’t kill her, but with her in the marble, she’s at my mercy, isn’t she?” *Sadistic smile*

Jin Bubaigawara: *Nodding* “Right, so what’s the plan?” 

Himiko Toga: “Well…to be honest, i wanted to just have my fun and drain her of her blood, but since admin kari was watching me today and of course, blog rules about not killing the askers….gosh these admins ruin everything don’t they?” 

Jin Bubaigawara: *Eye roll* “Tell me about it.” “So anyway, you were saying?”

Himiko Toga: “Righhtttt….im gonna sneak into the male section of the macademics bath houses and drop this marble near that levi guy, and have compress snap her back to normal.” 


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Yeah, I can make people pop. depends how long their blood takes to make them explode. I could get you some blood that way if you want Toga. :> I know how much you love blood.

Originally posted by desubringer

Himiko Toga: “Ooooh you’re tempting me, you really are!!” “Hey, hey, compress trapped a pretty lady in a marble for me earlier, maybe we can make her pop?!” 

Admin Kari:


Himiko Toga: “Yikes! If looks could kill. Maybe we hold off on that idea…..Killing askers is prohibited on maca.” 

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Some comic relief for coronavirus - Villain style



Originally posted by ogkillua

“It’s not like I’m around many people anyway. You can’t consider most of these guys,” -the rogue villain eyes his companions, gaze coming to rest on Shigaraki,- “’ human.’ “

Kai Chisaki


“NO ONE COME NEAR ME. The world is a fucking NIGHTMARE!” *scrubs hands aggressively*



“Wait a second…. does it spread through blood?”

Himiko Toga


*Spitting out a mouthful of blood* “WAIT, DOES IT???

Tomura Shigaraki


Originally posted by xx-kachi-xx

“It sure would be a shame if we lost any valiant heroes to this terrible disease,” Tomura snickers, scratching his neck until the flesh burns like hot raked coals. “Me? I’m fine. It’s you low-levels that should worry.” 



“Look at all this chaos… how wonderful… To hell with hygiene, every man for themselves.”

“Oop! Let me just go ahead and disinfect that doorknob. Stay safe and sanitary everybody!”

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Shigaraki, Dabi, and Toga with an s/o who did the aheago face trend on tiktok and posted it? What would their reaction be to finding out through a notification? What about thirst comments? (headcanons please!) Thank you so much!! I love you're writing! 💕 :)

(art is not mine)

a/n - LMAO THIS REQUEST IS AMAZING THANK U SO MUCH FOR SENDING ME IT ANONIE <3333333 also this is my first time writing for toga and shes my fucming favourite so im v happy 😌✌️ and thank u buba !!!

p.s. - i made it so that with dabis and togas their s/o is tiktok famous, i hope u don’t mind anon

warnings - slight nsfw ???? the request is about doing the aheago so it was expected y’all

❀✿ ~~ ✰ ~~ ✿❀

Tomura Shigaraki

  • tomura probably knows everything there is to tiktok
  • he claims that he hates the app, and he probably does, but of course this he knows about the aheago trend this horny bastard
  • he high-key WISHES you could do the trend just because he thinks it’s so hot
  • toga probably sent him a link your post, because she definitely uses the app
  • he opened it expecting it to be a video of you dancing or something because he already knows you have tiktok from the number of times you’ve asked to do the dances with him
  • boy grew hard in an INSTANT the second you’re tongue lolled out of your mouth and your eyes rolled to the back of your head
  • you even had the audacity you smirk while biting your lip before the video restarted
  • of course his first thoughts were how hot you were doing the aheago, but his overprotective nature took over quickly as he scanned the comments
  • randoms thirsting over your post, over his s/o
  • it isn’t going to end well for you, or for the randoms
  • yes shigi will definitely find their address and teach them a lesson LMAO
  • calls for you and he can’t help but chuckle as he sees you innocently standing in front of him
  • “why’d you post that?”
  • “just because i knew you’d find it eventually,” 
  • you were in for a l o n g night


  • dabi’s a clown but we stan clowns on this blog and probably has NO idea what tiktok is
  • of course he knows what the aheago face is like this is dabi we’re talking about-
  • scrolling through twitter and see’s a tweet on his timeline about some famous tiktoker doing the aheago face challenge
  • he’s intrigued because “what’s tiktok?” but like “monkey brain hot celebrity doing aheago face”
  • clicks on the link and he drops his phone because it’s you in the video???
  • does his infamous smirk as he watches your tongue roll out of your mouth as your eyelids flutter half-close with your eyes rolled to the back of your head
  • like not only is his s/o apparently famous but you did the aheago face aswell
  • get’s slightly pissed off because you’ve never done it in front of him but you showed your millions of fans
  • he notices the number of comments on the post and decides to read through some of the comments
  • it was mainly teenage boys going on and on about how hot you were
  • chuckles because these teenagers are thirsting over you and he knows they’ll never get you
  • “so you’re famous y/n?”
  • “well yeah i’m in the league-”
  • “yeah well not everyone in the league does the aheago trend,”
  • smirks as you become a flustered blushing mess
  • dabi laughs it off as he places a kiss to your forehead
  • “stop posting videos of you doing it and show me it in person maybe?”

Himiko Toga

  • toga is your biggest fan and has all your post notifications on for your tiktok account
  • her heart melted when she opened the notification and saw you doing a cute innocent dance for your fans
  • but then the beat dropped and your tongue rolled out of your mouth as your eyes went cross-eyed, smirking at the camera before the video restarted
  • she was ECSTATIC because you’re already so freaking adorable and that grows tenfold when you do the aheago face
  • she calls you into the room and tackles you onto the bed as she lays on top of you
  • places a quick kiss to your lips and she brightly grinned as your cheeks and nose reddened
  • “what’s this all about bub?” you knew very well, that she has your post notifications on so she had definitely seen your recent tiktok post
  • “you’re so pretty (y/n)! and when you do the aheago face it’s just a massive bonus!”
  • she giggled as she kissed you on the nose, still flustered by both her words and antics
  • “and everyone talking about how hot you are in the comments! they’d be so jealous to know someone as pretty as you is taken! 
  • “maybe we should tell them all we’re dating then himiko”
  • “but then everyone would know you’re dating a villain, that wouldn’t be very good for you,” you smiled as her bottom lip stuck out in a pout
  • “thats a risk i’m willing to take cutie,”
  • the next day the whole of japan was shaken by the fact that one of their most famous social media users was dating a villain
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