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#himiko x reader

Headcanons for: “My Hero Academia”


Helps young hero through panic attack


Pairing:  Toga x Reader  |  Shigaraki  x Reader  |  Dabi x Reader  

Request: “Heyo, how would the LOV react to finding YPH instead of the heroes out of costume and having a panic attack? - Anonymous”

Notes: I hope the usual suspects are okay for this request



Originally posted by codenamesazanka


  • Toga is very protective of those she cares about
  • Seeing you in the middle of a panic attack will bring out her more softer side
  • Since she’s naturally so cheerful she’ll try cheering you up to take your mind off of it
  • “I saw you on the news yesterday when you saved that girl. You did so great y/n.”
  • And she’ll continue bringing up all the good you’ve done to divert your focus onto something more positive
  • It may not work right away, but she’ll keep at it, gently rubbing your back every now and again
  • For someone usually so outgoing and wild, she can be very calm and sensitive when she needs to
  • She’ll stay by your side as long as you need until you’re back to normal again



Originally posted by xx-kachi-xx


  • Seeing you so vulnerable in front of him makes him uncomfortable
  • He doesn’t know what to do
  • As you sit there trembling clutching your head, he’ll just tower over you scratching at his neck
  • “Do you need something?”
  • He doesn’t know what will help but, he’ll give anything a try
  • If you stay silent he’ll just assume that you don’t want to talk and will just hang around until you are ready
  • When he’s upset he likes his father on him so he might do the same to you
  • He’ll grip your shoulder with three fingers, and it actually does a good job of keeping your grounded and focused
  • Overall, he’ll just try to comfort you with his company because that’s all he really can think to do



Originally posted by demigodxtonio


  • He knows what a panic attack looks like
  • He won’t say it, but he’s had a few of his own, so he knows leaving you alone probably wont be the best thing for you
  • “Just go away.”
  • “Yeah, and what if you don’t get better. Then I would look like the asshole.”
  • He’ll help you without you realizing what he’s doing
  • “Fuck your breathing is annoying. Just do what I’m doing.” And he’ll slowly breath in and out, until you’ve managed to calm down some
  • He’ll sneak in a few more exercises, acting as if he’s annoyed, but really everything he has you do serves a purpose
  • Your surprised when your panic attack ends faster than usual. But Dabi isn’t. He knew as long as he kept you doing the exercises it would only be a matter of time.
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🥺 omg thank you 🥺 i loved doing that request- it was super fun to do and listen to kpop as “research” jfhklds im so happy you liked it! hope you like this one too ✨

🖤 Dabi 🖤

song inspo: literally every hoe anthem ever. but specifically Spit It Out by Solar and EXO’s Love Shot


🖤 loves the lacey, cutesy, girly concept clothes as much as the suit look in WSJN’s cover of Love Shot like

🖤 he’s jus a firm believer that all your stage performance outfits look killer the best on his bedroom floor

🖤 you can only do so many slut drops in dances before you get in trouble, esp w/ those songs? hope you don’t need to walk anywhere the following morning imgoingtohellforthat

🖤 saves all your toxic fan mail for a big ol bonfire bc you don’t really ?? want him going out and burning p e o p l e ? it’s a compromise

🖤 has to laugh at the juxtaposition in skin btwn you and him and always shrugs off kisses like “wow, a celebrity has a crush on me? scandalous.”

🩸 Toga 🩸

song inspo: La Vie en Rose by IZ*ONE


🩸 honestly a dream come true / fantasy made reality

🩸 impeccable skincare routine girlfriends

🩸 listens to your songs during LOV meetings and always stream them on repeat at HQ

🩸 the most likely (and capable) of impersonating shitty managers / staff to tear their reputations down while making sure you’re safe and rightfully accounted for

🩸 mess w/ her girlfriend, it’s all Blood, Sweat and Tears but w/o BTS

💀 Shigaraki 💀

song inspo: Get It by Pristin V


💀 in the same boat as Dabi as far as like how and why are you so perfect at everything ?? at just existing ?

💀 some industry magic sure, but also loves everything about you much more than just skin deep attractiveness

💀 not that he’s blind tho. like he has hands on his face but he’s not stupid. as far as he’s concerned, you’re the main singer, dancer and visual

💀 will probably react like a feral cat if you try to hug him but it’s bc he would never want anything bad to happen to you- and like. he’s bad at everything soo

💀 gives you cheek kisses if nothing else just to see you smile but only when no one else is around. i mean even if he was caught, the person wouldn’t be around for long anyway

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Young Hero gets turned into a baby


Pairing:  LOV x Reader 

Request: “You’re amazing and I love the yph series!!! Could we get a headcanon where baby YPH was found by the League instead of the heroes? - Anonymous”

Notes: Aww thank you! I wasn’t sure if you meant individually or as a whole so I went with the league as a whole

[Part One]


  • They were there when it happened. They saw that villain hit you with his quirk and take off running.
  • They were worried for a second and thought for sure you were dead. But when they went up to you and saw that you were still moving they were relieved.
  • However, that relief quickly vanished when they realized that you had been turned into a god damn baby!
  • The league is not ready for a child, none of them know what they’re doing, and they can’t bring you to the heroes because they know they’ll get blamed.
  • They decided to keep you around while they search for the person really responsible and figure out how to reverse it
  • At first they tried to just stick you with Kurogiri, but you would freak out whenever you went near him
  • The thing that shocked everyone though was how quickly you bonded with Dabi and Shigaraki
  • Even Dabi was surprised, because of his scars he expected you to be afraid of him like Kurogiri, but you really liked rubbing your tiny little hands over the discolored skin. 
  • You were never rough, almost as if you knew it would hurt, instead the look you gave him and the gentleness in your touch, almost made it seem like you were trying to comfort him
  • Whenever you try to cuddle up next the Shigaraki, he’s quick to put you down on the floor so he was out of reach.
  • “I don’t want some bubbling brat crawling all over me.”
  • But when no one else is around he’s actually a lot nicer. He’ll give you a turned off controller to his game and set you in front of the screen and it entertains you for hours.
  • Meanwhile, he’s on his bed playing on his hand held console, making sure to glance down at you every now and again, to make sure you haven’t crawled off somewhere
  • Toga and twice love dressing you up in little outfits, and spoiling you, but Dabi doesn’t like leaving you alone with them
  • He doubts they would hurt you in anyway, it’s just they don’t really know how to say no to you. The last time they returned you, your face was covered in paint, from a ‘makeover’ and chocolate from ‘snack time’
  • “She’s a baby! Babies can’t have chocolate!”
  • “But she wanted some and was crying. How were we supposed to say no to that?”
  • Dabi then has to wash all the paint and candy off of your face and hair, trying to be as gentle as possible, but it’s so hard when you keep squirming. 
  • When he’s done, he puts your hair in those spiky little baby ponytails that stick up from the top of your head and he hates to say it by you look adorable. (He takes plenty of pictures of you to embarrass you with for when you do get turned back to normal)
  • Then he has you nap on his chest while he’s scrolling through his phone. Or if he’s in a meeting with the league, he’ll just hold you in his arms and give everyone a dirty look when they coo about how cute he looks 
  • Eventually the heroes would get a whiff of where you were and come to get you immediately
  • The league thought they would be excited to finally get you out of their hair, but honestly the base seems a lot emptier without you in it
  • You made things more interesting for all of them
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Warning: None. (I made up a Hero alias for Himiko. Deal with it.

Fandom: My Hero Academia 

Pairing: Hero!Himiko x Reader 


“Wow y/n! You’re amazing!” The small praise came from Himiko Toga, a fellow 3rd year and one of your closest friends. You two had met at the entrance exam and Himiko was one of the more friendly competitors, she even gave you some encouragement when you commented that you probably wouldn’t pass because your quirk wasn’t as impressive as the other students. But here you were years later and though you weren’t a member of The Big 3 or anything. 

You still had others that looked up to you and were impressed by your skills. Himiko included, but she too had impressive skills. When it came to blades and physical combat she was unmatched. Still, you couldn’t help but smile. “Heh uh, thanks Himiko. But uh, you’re far more amazing!” You said, giving a shy chuckle as your cheeks turned red. Himiko seemed to notice the blush and walked closer to you, her hands placed behind her back and those few strands of hair that stuck out of her buns seemed to bounce as she moved. 

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Warning: Himiko’s Crazy Nature, Assumed Kidnapping, Mention Of Knife, Blood Warning (Lots of blood), Forced Affection

Fandom: My Hero Academia 

Pairing: Himiko Toga x Reader 

(As a Hero you always believed in standing up for others. But you never imagined standing up for Himiko Toga would come back to bite you in the ass years later.


“Heheheheh …” Her laughter filled the air as you stirred awake.“Ohhhhh, aren’t you just the cutest?! Even unconscious, you’re simply beautiful! Hehehehe and soon to be all MINE.” You let out a groan and tilted your head back, feeling a dull ache course through your body. Were you beaten with something? You couldn’t remember, one moment you were running to the sound of someone screaming for help and the next, well it was blank. 

“Ohhhh! Are you waking up y/n!? I can’t wait to see those GORGEOUS eyes of yours, hehe.” You let out another groan, slowly opening your eyes. A hiss came from you as your eyes adjusted to the brightness of the room, but once they did you let out a gasp. Your head shooting up, the room itself reminded you of a prison cell. The walls were gray and rust painted a few spots. There was little else in the room beside the bed you were laying in, well at least whoever kidnapped you was nice enough to not leave you on the dirty floor. 

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‧͙☾ Flower crowns ☽‧͙

♥ ♡ Pairing: Toga Himiko x Reader ♥ ♡


»»————-                                                                                         ————-««

“Oh, Y/n!” a cheerful voice rang through the league of villains base of operations. Glancing at the bouncy blonde, you put down your drink, hand resting on your cheek as you watched her gleefully take a seat opposite you at the booth. You noted that she kept her hand hidden behind her back, an action that caused a sneaking suspicion to erupt within you.

“Hello to you too, Toga,” you hummed.

Her eyes widened in joy seeing that you were giving her your full attention. You were special like that. And even though her job was volatile and dangerous, being a criminal and all, she still couldn’t help that her heart ‘secretly’ (Not that it really was one. Everyone knew of her crush on you) yearned for your affection.

Remembering the little present she intended to gift you, Himiko exclaimed, “Look what I made you, Y/n!”

Nearly knocking your drink over, she held out a messily woven, but still lovely looking flower crown. Stems were haphazardly sticking out and some of the roses still had thorns, but the gesture made your heart warm.

“And I made one for me too. We can match!” Pulling out another, equally messy but still beautiful flower crown. The two crowns complemented each other, as one, yours, held bolder and vibrant colours, hers was much softer and more feminine. That didn’t particularly surprise you as Toga loved cute things.

It wasn’t really the gift that warmed your heart, it was her expression. A sincere look of desperate approval was plastered all over her face. She proudly, yet timidly, presented her creations to you in hopes of you finally understanding her feelings.

Leaning over the table, you pressed a small, barely there peck on her pale, round cheeks. A blush more intense than you’ve ever seen on her spread over her face. 

You then placed your respective flower crowns on your heads, giggling at how cute the other was, drink long forgotten. And not even Shigaraki’s complaints were enough to get the both of your moods down. Ignoring him, the pair of you continued on with your day, flower crowns still adorned atop your heads.

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Toga Himiko Headcanon

S/o joined the L.O.V. with her, has a crush on her. M! Reader


  • So when Dabi, you, and herself joined the League, she was a ball of joy. in her own mind.
  • She often asked her teammates for a bit of blood, when they rejected her offer. Except you.
  • “Really?! Hehe, your so kind Y/n!“ She then would sink her fang-like canines. You couldn’t help but like how she seemed so happy.
  • When both were on a sneak attack on the U.A. students, she had an infatuation with the young boy, Midoriya Izuku.
  • Which made you a bit jealous, you knew you liked her, it was obvious by the way you talked to her.
  • She seemed to know as well, but she played along with this “little game” of cat and mouse.
  • She watched from afar how you and Twice would try to “Flirt” with her. which made her more intrigued by your infatuation with her.
  • One day, you were on a mission with Toga. Which meant you were able to talk to her, without Twice butting in.
  • “So, Toga why do you like Midoriya?“ You asked, even though her answer was always the same.
  • “I dunno.“ that’s a first, “What do you mean you don’t know?“ You asked since you never heard that answer before.
  • “I dunno Y/n, I just changed targets~ Hehe!“ she looked at you, before skipping in front of you.
  • You blushed, realizing what she meant, she liked you. YOU!
  • “Come on Y/n! Oh! Call me Himiko! Since your my boyfriend now!” She grabbed your hand and dragged you with her.
  •  “What?!“ You were stunned, “You’re my boyfriend now, Y/n! After all, I knew how you felt about me! You don’t find me annoying! You’re also cute!“ She kept running. 
  • “Now let’s start getting those documents that Tomura wants!“ She had a glint in her eyes, one of bloodlust. “Yeah and you can have your fill, Himiko-chan~” You chirped, as the both of you sneaked in the building.
  • Both of you were a force to be reckoned with, with your quirk it was easy to get passed anyone without anyone noticing you.
  • Toga went on slashing people as she made her way to get the documents they need to get for Tomura.
  • While you were admiring her different style of slashes, that’s one of the twisted things you LOVED about her.
  • After you two had retrieved the documents, the both of you walked into the base hand-in-hand which ticked off Twice.
  • “I’ll see you in a bit, Himiko babe~” You told her, as you kissed her cheek. walking towards the back to change your clothes, while you passed Twice. (Poor Twice I feel bad :.( )
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Day 2: Ritual

Pairing: Himiko x Reader.

Warnings: cunniligus

Word count: 170 something

You moaned softly as your girlfriend sucked and licked you. She was so good at eating you out it and it made you so happy. Every Sunday, she would do this to you, and it was a sort of ritual to you. She worship your body like she was at a church or a temple.

You felt the right knot of pleasure in your belly, and your legs began to shake because you couldn’t hold in the pleasure. She pulled her head up and smiled

“You’re more excited than usual, y/n” She said lazily. “What’s going on.” She said and sat up, her boobs bouncing as she sat up. You growled, but the pleasure was dissipating. You shrugged.

“It’s just that — it’s been so stressful with Shigaraki trying to take over UA and whatnot” you shrugged and pulled her up next to you, snuggling. She hummed. “I get the feeling.” She said and rubbed your side.

You snuggled into her, and smiled. Maybe rituals can be changed.

( sorry this one is bad I just— I didn’t know what to write sksks )

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For the villain thing how about we give toga and Dabi some love!! Maybe a cute cuddly thing with their SO being nervous about things in general?? And needing reassurance in things?? xoxo


-Toga is incredibly good when it comes to behaviorism and psychology. She needs to be with her quirk. She has to analyze a persons entire behavior and such by one brief meeting.

-She tries to help reassure you in small ways. Working her way up from there.

-Similar to Dabi she has a code for when you need to leave or are to anxious in a situation. Three simple taps to her shoulder will have her steering you to the closest exit.

-She usually has her arm secured around your waist or shoulders so you know that she’s there for you. She will always give you words or comfort if she notices you becoming nervous.

-She tries to actively avoid things she knows make you anxious. Like if you’re nervous in larger crowds or certain places she’ll try not to go there.

-Toga will always offer her affectionate hugs if you need them. Telling you that you are good enough and that everything is okay.


-He understands anxiety and uncertainty from years of his terrible home life. He never forces you to go outside of your little bubble unless he absolutely must.

-He is fine with constantly reassuring you that it’s okay.

-If it’s something physical that you’re worried about. He’ll often times tell you that nothing could ever get to you because he’d incinerate it.

-However if it’s just the intense feeling of dread he’ll pull you close. Wrapping you in his jacket as he holds you as close as possible.

-He won’t make you talk if you don’t want to. He’ll often times just ramble about his day or tell you about a prank Toga and Twice pulled on Shigiraki.

-He knows whenever you get uneasy. He’s recognized the signs you give off and your anxious habits. He’ll slip his hands into yours. Giving it a tight squeeze to reassure you everything’s okay.

-He’s made up a small code for you to use. Whenever you’re to nervous to be someplace or you want to leave you can squeeze his hand twice and you’ll both leave.

-He doesn’t want you to be insecure when he could easily fix the situation. He will do everything in his power to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

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whew, i know you love Dabi and all but Toga??i love her so can we pretty pretty please get some headcanons of Toga with a chubby female s/o? love you!!

I love my crazy little psycho🖤

Toga with a chubby fem s/o

  • Toga loves your chub! She’s a hugger and she thinks you’re perfect for hugging!
  • Okay this is weird but she gives you playful nips like it doesn’t even hurt but you feel something on your arm and oh! it’s just your girlfriend nipping you!
  • I feel like Toga gets cold easily so you have to cuddle her or else she’ll be dramatic and act like she’s freezing to death
  • She dares someone to try and make fun of you it’ll be like, “Babe why is there a dead person on the floor?!” Toga cleaning her knife, “Oh don’t worry Darling they just kinda fell into my knife!”
  • She loves and I mean LOVES taking baths with you I’m talking rose petals, bubbles, candles everything!
  • If you feel self-conscious she’ll grab your hips and start whispering sweet things.
  • Toga really does love you and she makes sure to tell you all the time.
  • You and Togas aesthetic is gentle bbys with flower crowns with a mix of knifes!

There you dear I loved doing these I hope you enjoy them too!!


Originally posted by winamp

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If you have the time and/or the inspiration, would you mind doing headcannons for Shigaraki or Toga?? Love me some villains.

(I don’t know if you can tell yet, but I love me some villains too. I’m doing Toga here but if anyone wants Shigaraki, I’d be glad to.)

(CW: Blood/gore)


Originally posted by tetsuruo

Yandere Toga:

  • Like, basically already a yandere. Throw a love interest in there and you’re done. She’s twisted, sadistic and has a wild misunderstanding of love that leads her to torture and kill. All the qualities you want to see in an organic, home-grown yandere.
  • Your first meeting will be violent. Whether you’re a hero trying to stop her or a civilian in her way, whatever confrontation there is will end with her being on top of you, straddling your waist and sliding a knife across your skin. While you whimper or beg, she uses a needle to drain blood from you, saying how lovely you are and that she loves the smell of your blood. The last thing you see before you pass out is her widening grin.
  • You wake up in the League of Villains’ headquarters with… yourself standing over you. They giggle at your confused face and your attempts to move away despite the restraints on most of your body, leaning over you to get a closer look at all the cuts and scratches lining your skin. You’re sore, hazy, dizzy and can’t quite feel your quirk, so you have no choice but to let her.
  • The clone in front of you melts into grey liquid, pooling on the floor to reveal the person who attacked you. She says that it’s only natural to want to be the person you admire, and your breathing quickens, shallows, as you cramp yourself into the corner of the bed. She leans over, blushing harder and giggling. “Does this mean you like me?”
  • She lets you have more freedom than most other yanderes would. For the first week or so, you’re tied up and unable to leave the bed, but she’ll eventually let you come with her into meetings and even go outside on your own. You’re never really on your own though - she’ll always be disguised as someone in the crowd to keep an eye on you, and you know that.
  • This comes at the cost of her sadism. She loves cutting you up, hearing you beg, seeing your blood pool in front of her, watching you go from scared to terrified to submissive. You’ll be tied down initially, making resistance impossible, but she’ll remove the ropes after it’s clear you won’t be trying anything. She’ll hug you afterwards, though, holding you close and holding your face in her hands. 
  • She loves it when you’re being rebellious, since it gives her more of an excuse to punish you. She doesn’t like you being cold, though. Do that, and she’ll force you to join her to meet and chat with the rest of the League, them leaving you with snide comments and vague threats. It’s a not-so-gentle reminder of how dangerous your company is, and that you shouldn’t upset them.
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Hello dear pasta <3 may I please see some Toga fluff of her and her dragon s/o enjoying some time too themselves just and cuddled up? Pretty please?

You MAY! It’s been a while since I wrote for Toga, this feels refreshing. It’s more of a drabble than anything, :> I hope I got what you meant by “dragon” correctly!

-Mod Pasta 🍜 🍝

Three blankets and five pillows, that’s what Toga’s bed consisted of. She only really ever slept with one on when you were over, and it was quite thin; your skin was warm enough for you. After coaxing Kurogiri into letting you stay later than usual tonight, since he had to stay up to warp you back home before your shift started, Toga grabbed a bag of chips and settled down with her small laptop opened to a series that she wasn’t paying too much attention to.

She never cared for TV other than the news. She liked to live in the “now,” and “now” was you hugging her from behind while laying on the bed. Your large arms, small flexible spikes protruding from the elbows, secured her tightly against yourself as she revelled in the feeling. You were in your human state now, and had minimal dragon features. Just the sharp teeth, slit eyes, a tail, claws, and spikes in a couple areas. Your face rested against her neck, smelling her copper, vanilla, and musky scent. She loved that you reacted using your instincts, and always let you do little animal-like things that you were worried would weird out previous partners.

This was, by far, her favourite. You’d take your entire body and envelope her, tail and all, and let her bathe in your scent. To her, you smelled like burning logs, a strong perfume named Riverside Cabin, and metal.

When she shifted slightly, your eyes perked open. She chuckled, and you had to loosen up as she twisted her body around to come face to face with you. Your glowing (F/C) eyes observed her, tracing the little lines that appeared when she smiled, how her hair that wasn’t in a bun for once bunched up on the pillow underneath her, and how her pupils were blown with affection. When she exhaled, you could smell the pheromones in her breath; she was content, happy, and placid. It was hard to get her so calm, so you cherished these moments.

She nuzzled you, giving you an eskimo kiss. You purred, your dragon-noises eliciting a quick smirk from her that faded back into her previous smile. The warmth was just right for her to wrap her own arms around you and pull you closer while your legs became even more intertwined with hers’. You blinked in question with a small head tilt, and she seemed to think for a few seconds before speaking.

“I never want to leave you, ever,” She whispered, and you nodded quickly. She shook her head, leaning her head down a little so you were forehead to forehead, “No, no silly, not like that…”

“What do you mean?” You kept the game of being quiet up, and she awarded you with a small kiss that left you with a small pang of need. You expressed this with a soft coo of want.

“What I do… it’s risky, oh boy, I could get hurt,” Your brain instantly started racing when she mentioned danger, “I don’t want my personal life and my… uh, business life, to clash.”

“I won’t let that happen,” You pulled her upper half to you, hugging her and laying her head on your broad shoulder, “I’ll fight off all those heroes, you’ll never have to step foot outside.”

“Right, and you’re just that violent, huh?” Toga laughed, and you groaned, tracing circled around her back with your manicured claws. She was right; you lived a moderate life, your quirk being enough to protect yourself. She’d suggested you join the league, but you’re not near villainous to do that. She thinks it’s cute to have such an innocent lover, but you liked to prove her wrong behind closed doors.

“You know me, that’s not true.”

“Oh, hunny, you know what I mean,” She purred, and you chuckled, burying your face in the soft skin of the back of her neck and inhaling deeply. That calmed you back down, but she had other plans; she play-bit your ear, and you growled, not-so-play nipping her neck. She laughed, “Hey, that tickles!”

“Mmm,” You mumbled brattily, and she happily squirmed as you finished off the bite mark. She was surprisingly ticklish, which lead to some really funny hickey experiences. She was clinging onto your shoulders, laughing like you had just stolen a joke from the stupid show still playing in the background.

“I love you, (F/M),” She intentionally lowered her voice to just under a whisper, and you rolled your eyes as you nuzzled against her head.

“I love you too, Toga.”

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Toga whose s/o who just randomly picks her up like a cat. In a meeting boom toga is in their lap if she wasnt already. Just random cuddles

Toga Himiko

  • She really likes i! Toga enjoys having an s/o who’s comfortable with pda
  • At first she would let out a surprised yelp but once she’s used to it, she just enjoys it and cuddles back
  • Toga will probably crawl into her s/o’s lap herself and just chill for awhile
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I鈥檓 so happy your open again 馃崫!! I have the biggest crush on himiko so can I request for a scenario of her and her gf having a sleepover with some cute fluff please? Perhaps Dabi crashes it to be the annoying big bother type he is? Thanks so much for all your hard work鉁

Absolutely! This is going to be headcanons so I can get it out in time. I’m very busy right now and have to get this done on my way home. I added a small bit of NSFW, but not even enough to label it as NSFW :P
P.S. What if Kurogiri’s warp gates were called Derp Gates?

-Mod Pasta🍜🍝

💉Since Toga always moved and lived with the League of Villains, you couldn’t share an apartment with her. When she wasn’t busy or preparing to be busy, you tried to have Kurogiri warp you to her as much as possible. So, on one of your off days, you had him promise to warp you straight to work the next morning, and you slept at the League of Villains.

💉You didn’t know what you expected to happen, but a house of mentally unstable and deranged lunatics rarely differs from interesting. When she warned you to bring your own blankets, she was serious; Twice couldn’t sleep that night in literally anything but a bed made of blankets. Nothing else, no pillows, no mattress, just blankets. Dabi and Spinner stayed up for hours on end talking about their admiration of Stain, and Toga almost got caught up in the drama.
Brushing your teeth was a fiasco; Shigaraki accidentally disintegrated his second toothbrush that week, exclaiming “IT TASTES LIKE A GODDAMN PLATE!” And washing his mouth out until Kurogiri warped him a fresh one.

💉When all was said and done, you settled down with Toga and a bag of chips to watch a movie. She cuddles to your side, much preferring you than the movie. When she finally crawled atop of you and straddled you, the movie began irrelevant as she moved her hips against you, her arms wrapping greedily behind you as she devoured your mouth. Your own hands gripped her hips, happy that you were getting to the real business at hand. She pawed at your chest and giggled as you took her shirt off, moving to her bra and unclipping it.

He might of well have not knocked, because when Dabi did, he opened the door a second later without announcing he would do so. To make matters worse, it was right when Toga’s bra fell to the ground. His eyes locked with your own, your hands hovering over her back and colour draining from your face.

“H-Hey Dabi.”

“GET OUT!” Toga threw her bra at him, how brilliant. So innovative. He caught it, closing the door behind him and standing there as she covered her chest with the blanket, “Dabi, you better-“

“Whatcha watching?” He was all too friendly, plopping down beside the two of you and taking interesting in the movie as he held Toga’s bra out. She snatched it from him, changing back into it and her shirt quickly under the blanket. You scooted away from Dabi, fear coursing through you; he was much too chipper to not have an ulterior motive.

“Dabi, go away,” Toga warned, and he shot her a glare back. She eventually scowled, looking away in defeat as he smirked to himself and continued watching the movie. The rest of the night was spent in silent tension, watching a couple more movies before he finally left. That was terrifying…

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This is cute! I struggled with these a little, so I hope this is what you wanted! I tried doing a scenario but couldn’t get it to work 😔


LoV and someone trying to steal their super soft s/o!


  • I can see Tomura jumping back and forth between “I’m a grown ass man and a dangerous ass villain” and “take care of me and spoil me because you’re the first person who’s ever loved me.” So honestly? He’s not going to respond well!
  • He’d stumble upon you and the offender accidentally, and it wouldn’t take him long to figure out what was going on.
  • If it’s another member of the League, it will really set him off. He’s the leader, damn it, and you’re his. They know that! So what the hell are they doing?! It won’t be a bloodbath, obviously, but he’s not behind threatening.
  • But if it’s some random out on the streets, his inner tantrum becomes less inner and more outer. He’ll tell off and threaten the stranger, and then he’ll latch onto you like “hey, what the hell was that?” If he’s in a particularly bad mood, things will get bloody.
  • Believe or not, he was worried there for a second! He can’t let anyone take you away! What would he do without your lovely lullabies to help him sleep and your cooking to keep him fed and nourished?
  • It makes him appreciate you more, to know that at any moment you could saunter off with someone else a non-villain but all your love and affection is directed at him anyway.
  • But anyway, when all is said and done and your focus is back on him, he’s going to be clingy. But quiet. And brooding. His saltiness knows no bounds!
  • The best way to relieve his broodiness and stop his pout is to assure him that you have no intentions of leaving him and how special he is to you!

Mr. Compress:

  • He’s not going to be as childish and possessive as Tomura, but he’s not going to be thrilled that someone is trying to get your attention in a way he doesn’t like.
  • He’s a mature adult, he’s going to handle it like one. Mr. will watch whoever it is try to woo you over, waiting to step in if the person makes you overly uncomfortable, and mentally give you a pat on the forehead as you show your disinterest in the person and try to get them to back off, politely.
  • Then he just has to take a breath. People are vying for the amazing, kind-hearted you - of course they are! - but to no avail, because you’re with him and you care for him. Hah! In their faces!
  • Maybe he’s a little immature about it, but how could he not be happy? You make him happy.
  • His adoration for you spills over in that moment, because by the skies above he can’t live without you. Now he’s the one showering you in cuddles and kisses!
  • And he’s not above asking for you to return the favor.
  • After this, Mr. will be pretty outright with how he feels, he’s not going to pull punches in letting you know how much he appreciates what you do.
  • And he’ll return the favor much more often, too. He’ll cook whatever it is you ask him for - he’s a perfectionist so it’s always going to be good - or coddle you if you’re having a bad day.


  • He’ll be a little off-put by the situation, pouting from afar and wondering how you will respond to the other person.
  • Like Mr., he’s not going to step in unless he thinks you’re in danger. In which case, he’s charging in screaming like a madman hoping that alone will send the offender running.
  • Oh my god you told them off and turned them away holy-
  • His lungs forcefully toss out the quantity of air he’d been holding in as he watches you turn around and beam at him before making your way over.
  • And then he’ll just latch onto you and feel like never letting go because that was pure torture to watch. You’re the sole thing that brings him normalcy and reminds him that hey, life isn’t so bad, so he doesn’t want you to leave! He couldn’t bear it!
  • He’ll be right by your side for the rest of the day, no matter what your plans are. He’ll follow you around like a starved pup, with a little less pep in his step than usual. He’s still afraid of losing you, after all.
  • Twice hates to go without your cuddles or kisses. Then, he remembers you turned the other person down, and realizes maybe it’s the same way for you.
  • Needless to say the next time some tries to steal your attention, he’s not going to sit idly by!


  • It’s going to royally piss her off. She won’t confront the person or you directly; instead, she’ll linger behind you and leer at the other party like she’s plotting their murder - and she is.
  • Himiko loves having someone around to spoil her, someone who’s not going to look at her with repulsivity and glare because of her quirk or personality.
  • So she’s not going to take someone else trying to steal you away lightly. If her glare doesn’t make them wet their pants in fear and she has to resort to slitting their throat in front of you, she will.
  • If she thinks you’d prefer it that way, she’ll just send them off with a menacing threat to get them to back off, instead of slaughtering them where they stand like she’d want to.
  • And she’ll be ridiculously clingy afterward.
  • She’ll smother you in kisses and rub her cheek all over you like a cat claiming you, cooing at you and giving you all sorts of compliments.
  • She’ll be even more selfish when it comes to you. She’ll thank you more vehemently for cooking, she’ll huddle up to you a little closer, and she’ll relish in your smooches more.
  • Himiko is a little afraid of losing you, all of what she does makes it more apparent than before. She can’t outright tell you how much you mean to her, so she’ll show you.


  • Dabi isn’t the greatest at receiving or giving affection, but eventually he gets used to it. Not good at it, used to it.
  • And Dabi, being the possessive ass he is, won’t just sit and watch as someone tries to woo you, unless he conjures up a plan that involves sitting back and watching before he strolls up and does something… obscene.
  • He has no filter whatsoever - it’s common knowledge by now. So he’s going to stroll right up to the dimwit trying to steal you away and tell them off like his tongue is the sharpest in all of Japan and he’s damn good at it - which he is.
  • And if they sass back or try to fight him on it? May All Might himself help them! He’s not going to pull punches, even if you’re there to see.
  • Needless to say, he’ll come out on top and get you away from whatever happened. And to say he’s a jealous creature is an understatement.
  • He’s going to be all over you, hugging you from behind, resting his head on your shoulder, or leaving hickeys in obvious places so that the next asshole who comes along knows not to even try.
  • Maybe he’ll willingly, verbally express how much that incident dug into his skin, or how glad he is that you’re around. But it’ll be hardest to pry out of him how much it scared him.
  • Because for a second it did scare him. For a second, he thought he’d lost the sole person who loved him for who he was, despite who he was and what he was capable of.


  • He’s not going to be happy or docile. He’s not going to be pissed and violent. But he will be upset at least.
  • Spinner won’t confront you or the other party, because he doesn’t want to come off as jealous and uneasy and scare you away.
  • He’s upset for obvious reasons, but also upset because he’s just now realizing how important you are to him, and he feels like a dolt. Maybe he even feels like he’s not given you proper appreciation, taking it all and not giving you anything in return.
  • Obviously, he’s relieved when you walk away and latch onto him because you just know he saw it, and you can see what he’s thinking on his face.
  • He’ll pout for a while, and he just can’t hide it very well.
  • All you have to do is ask him if he’s alright and suddenly the tables have turned for the day - he’s coddling you and trying to cook for you. He’s not the best cook, but he tries, as a way of showing you that he appreciates you and holy hell he can’t go an hour without your spoiling him.
  • From then on, he’s going to tell you more often how much he appreciates what you do for him and try in his own way to make up for it.
  • Spinner won’t be clingy per se, but he’ll put more effort into helping you out, whether it’s helping you cook or doing something like a snack run for you.
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Ooooo sure thing, dearie! :> also it’s okay I love that you’re spamming me! ^^


LoV with reader who cries easily!


  • This poor boy won’t know what to do!
  • Obviously he’s seen people cry before, but he’s not the type to really know what to do when someone cries. Same, shiggy So he won’t really do anything to comfort you.
  • Maybe he’ll just give you the side-eye the first time he’s around when it happens, wondering “what the hell, y/n?” because you’re obviously not in danger or anything. And when he realizes what you’re crying about, he’s really confused. How could something that’s not real like a movie make you cry?
  • He’s not gonna coddle you, but he’s not against letting you cry into his shirt or hold onto him. He might not reciprocate, he might. Depends on what kind of day he’s had and whether or not he’s feeling cuddly.
  • He thinks it’s cute that you’re so empathetic, maybe even admires it, and so he’ll secretly enjoy seeing it. Not that he likes seeing you sad or upset! It’s nice for him to have someone around who knows a thing or two about empathy or sympathy. It makes him feel a little normal.
  • Naturally, he’s going to be a little wary. Oftentimes he’s going to feel like it’s pity rather than empathy or sympathy if it’s directed at him. He wants someone to understand and love him, not pity and feel sorry for him! Even if that’s not the case, he’ll still often read it that way.
  • Most importantly, since you’re part of the League, he can’t let it get the better of you, so he’ll be really picky what kinds of missions he sends you on.
  • Obviously he’s not going to join you in your waterwork antics, but he’s not going to stop you either. So long as you’re quiet. He can’t have you wailing in the middle of something important…

Mr. Compress:

  • It’s going to catch him off guard, but not in the same way as Tomura.
  • As someone who’s keen in the entertainment department, he’s going to internally wonder if it’s an act at first. Perhaps you cry so that the League will underestimate you and not be hostile towards you. Perhaps you cry so they think you’re a sobbing fool but are actually stronger than all of them. He doesn’t know.
  • But when he realizes that’s how you are, it’s surprising for him to see raw emotion (or emotion regarded as weak or vulnerable) like that amongst someone in the League. It doesn’t bother him at all, and he’ll at least try to cheer you up.
  • 100% will pull a water bottle out of nowhere to give you because “honey, you’re going to dehydrate yourself at this rate!” And he can’t let that happen.
  • This man won’t hesitate to pull out tricks and jokes that’ll get you crying from laughter instead of sadness.
  • If that fails, he’ll probably rub your back and let you ride through it, nodding and humming in acknowledgement if you tell him about what made you cry.
  • Mr. will make sure you’re okay before leaving or splitting off from you if you’re on a mission, but if time is of the essence, he won’t try very long to cheer you up. You matter to him, but he’s still serious about being in the League.
  • He’ll think it’s sweet you have such a big heart, and unlike Tomura, he’ll outright tell you, maybe patting your head or taking his mask off to smile at you.


  • You can be damn sure this man is going to cry with you. We all know he has a lot of heart, and no matter how badly his trauma starts up, he’s going to be spilling waterworks alongside you. That’s inherently who he is.
  • He’s very similar in respect to seeing someone else cry and crying at them, so most of his crying with you is his crying for you, in a way. If he sees you cry, he’ll instantly cry!
  • Most of the time Twice is going to be too busy shedding tears with you to really comfort you, although he’ll offer some words of encouragement and try to.
  • If it’s not affecting him as much as it is affecting you, he’ll run for water to give you and possibly a little trinket that’ll lift your mood. Maybe he’ll grab a sugary treat, if it’s included in your normal diet and appreciated by your palate, but he’ll find something else that’s not sugary if you’re diabetic or whatnot.
  • Suuuper relieved there’s another crier in the League. If something gets him going, he’ll show it to you and you can cry together! I can also see Twice as a happy crier, so he’ll show you whatever made him happy whether or not you happy cry, too. But it’ll make him really happy if you enjoy it with him!
  • He actually doesn’t like seeing you sad. It’s kind of painful for him to watch, so he looks forward to happy crying with you the most.
  • If you’re still crying by the time he’s moved on, he’ll sit with you and help you ride out your tears, but I think it’ll be hard for him to think of what to say, so he’ll mostly make cheesy or bad jokes to try.
  • If you cry more often than usual in a day, he’ll take the reigns and steer you away from anything potentially tear-inducing because he’ll get worried about you. Is there something in particular that’s made you more sensitive? Are you overloaded and stressed from being in the League? Are you okay? He’ll be almost frantic if you cry too much.


  • Himiko will find it adorable and enjoy seeing you cry way too much. If she feels like it, she’ll show you something to make you cry!
  • She relishes in your crying face, grinning like a cheshire cat with flushed cheeks as her eyes dance across the tear stains on your cheeks and the reddening sclera of your eyes.
  • She might mock-cry with you - not to mock you but so that you don’t feel alone in your salty antics. You’re important to her and she’s going so show it in ways like that, to show you she’s right there with you. Even if it’s odd for her to do so.
  • This girl wouldn’t dare make fun of you for being a “softie” or so open to vulnerability and hell hath no fury like Himiko if someone else does. She won’t hesitate to cut a bitch for making fun of you!
  • Even if you’re in public and someone glares at you or looks at you funnily, it’ll rile her up and she’ll send a terrifying glare their way.
  • Her use of pet names will increase tenfold while you’re crying, almost like a loving partner trying to console you - but she’s not. She loves seeing you like that, so she wants to coddle you.
  • She’ll likely latch onto in any way possible when you start up and cling onto you.
  • Himiko won’t encourage hydration, but if you ask for it almost every time you cry, she’ll put two and two together and start carrying water with her to give you. Hey, that blood-sucking contraption is good for something!


  • He’s not going to be so nice. He can be a teasing bastard - rather, he is one.
  • He won’t coddle you and he’ll tease the hell out of you. “Aw, y/n. What could possibly have you cryin’ now? I thought you quit for the fifth time just a few minutes ago!” Sometimes he’ll come off as downright mean, but he doesn’t mean it that way.
  • He does think it’s cute, though. To see someone become so vulnerable so easily reminds him how much you stand out from the League. It seems innocent to him.
  • Don’t expect him to get cuddly while you cry like Tomura or Himiko, he won’t have any of it. He’ll tolerate your crying, obviously, because he cares about you. And unless you’re extremely upset and alone with him, he won’t try to comfort you and build a damn for those waterworks of yours.
  • He certainly won’t join you, either. He literally can’t even if he wanted to, and it’s just not easy to make him cry.
  • If your eyes get dry and irritated from crying, you can bet he’ll pass eye drops to you. His tear ducts are burnt, he’s going to have some sort of drops or eye lubricant on him pretty much at all times.
  • He wouldn’t offer water; instead, I think he’d hand you liquor to get you to calm down and relax if it was on-hand. Does drowning your sorrows in alcohol solve the problem? No. Is it unhealthy? Yes. Does Dabi know all this? Yes!
  • In all, he’s not gonna downright complain about it, but he’s not really going to do much to stop it. Unless someone made you cry. In which case, he’ll cremate them on the spot.


  • Already he’s going to want to protect you to prove himself, but if you cry that easily he’ll become really protective!
  • Ain’t nobody gonna make his s/o cry on purpose. Spinner may not have a destructive quirk like Tomura’s or Dabi’s, but he can hold his own in a fight, and he’s going to prove it if someone upsets you intentionally.
  • But if he sees you crying at a movie or book, he’ll think it’s precious and he’s 100% gonna flip a switch and be there to comfort you. But that doesn’t mean he’s good at it!
  • He’ll be flustered because he doesn’t entirely know what to do. He can offer sweet words and gentle pats and rubs, but what else? He’ll up and run for anything you ask for, no matter the time. Tissues? Got it. Water? Okay. A stuffed animal? Here- why didn’t you say so earlier?!
  • Spinner will probably coddle up to you first, instead of the other way around. He doesn’t want to see you sad and bummed out, so he gets the urge to hold you.
  • But if you manage to catch him off guard and latch on first, it’ll fluster him and he’ll be a stuttering mess.
  • It’s not easy for him to be sweet and caring in front of the League because he’s afraid they won’t take him seriously, so when you’re crying in front of them, he’ll try to usher you to the sidelines and calm you down quietly.
  • He’s happy that his s/o is so empathetic. It gives him a sense of normalcy within the League, and he’s not complaining.
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