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knb-incorrect · 2 months ago
murasakibara: why do people who use baby changing stations always come back with the same baby?
himuro: what the fuck are you even talking about anymore
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scenariosnoknb · 2 months ago
KNB Boys as your Classmate
Basically a part 2 of the GOM as your classmate, I'm just too lazy to edit that title again
Kagami Taiga
That student-athlete who always attends class but ends up sleeping anyways
He's that guy who instead of having notebooks and books in his bag, it's always filled with an extra shirt, basketball shorts, and his snickers
He's barely passing but because of his friends he has enough people to let him copy off their assignments and exam
The good thing about him tho is that he's actually kinda cooperative when there are group projects. Sure he's not the brightest but you can always tell that he's trying his best to help you out
You'll either find him in the cafeteria stuffing his face with food or in the gym playing b-ball with his friends during break time
Kuroko Tetsuya
That kid almost everyone forgets
The one who's always in the background and if the class takes pictures together, he's always the one they forget. They'll only remember him once his friends start looking for him
That said, he's the best seatmate
He lets you copy off his notes, he's easy to talk too and he always has an extra pen
He's also quite quiet so focusing on the class wouldn't be difficult with him beside you
Takao Kazunari
That guy who always have plans to cheat during exams
The best thing is that He.Hardly.Gets.Caught.
Another good thing about him is that he's open to letting anybody copy off him
He's also one of the class clowns who manages to make any class a lot livelier, even if it was the dullest of teachers, he manages to make the class laugh
Teachers will either love or hate him
Himuro Tatsuya
That one guy who all the underclassmen have a crush on
Legitimately receives confessions almost every week
Whenever he plays basketball, there's always a band of underclassmen cheering for him
He's really nice too. Even though at the start he's intimidating once you talk to him he's actually easy to get along with
Which just adds to his popularity
He's also smart
And reliable
Even the teachers love him
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yuliqht · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thesadkidontheblock · 4 months ago
himuro is so funny to me, because off-court (most of the time, at least, not in that one scene with alex) he's pretty calm and easy-going, but on-court, he's like "i need more bloodlust from you."
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ultfreakme · 10 months ago
I need a Kuroko no Basuke Season 4 desperately but we’re never getting it so I will be throwing around a bunch of ideas on what could’ve been based on where we left off ;_;
Lucky for us, Fujimaki did give us hints on how things are going (Last Game does not exists *shuts ears* lalalalallaLALALALA). 
In the manga, the newest captains are:
Yosen- Himuro
Kaijou- Hayakawa
Shuutoku- Miyaji(Yuya)
Touou- Wakamatsu
Seirin- Hyuuga(unchanged)
Rakuzan- Akashi(unchanged)
Seirin has two new first years in a canon extra: Asahina Daigo and Yaagi Yuta. So that’s basically set the Seirin team pretty well. Supposing this goes like a usual sports anime and we got all three years, then season 4 would’ve focused on Riko and gang’s graduation, the second-years wrapping up & preparing Kagami, Kuroko and the bench trio to take over because they’d probably be playing first string. 
We could have a lot of stuff going on with the Uncrowned Kings, Himuro and the current captains(final year). I kind of want the Seirin upperclassmen to graduate with a win but I doubt Rakuzan would let it happen. Yosen hopefully makes it to the top three, and Shuutoku top 5. 
Kise’s pretty pissed after Kaijou losing against Touou- and honestly Touou’s going to need some work on being a team. Wakamtasu and Aomine have always been on bad terms and it’d take time to fix it, but Kaijou is getting good at team work. If they did go up against each other I think Touou would lose because of how much the team started to clash against each other(redemption arc in 3rd year tho so it’s fine). 
Yosen’s going to be on another level now that Himuro’s captain, It’s his final shot at taking on Kagami before graduation. I don’t think Seirin could win against them if they were to play in a match. They’d probably lose. Seirin placing third or fourth. 
Idk why but I’m picturing the Winter Cup finals as Yosen vs Rakuzan with Rakuzan winning. 
Shuutoku- okay I don’t remember a lot of the team dynamics but I do remember it being like- Midorima gets into a position to do his shot- ball travels- a Shuutoku member is under the basket to ensure the ball goes in if he misses. He depends on his team a LOT. Takao’s Hawk Eye, the rebound member under the basket, ensuring that no one is around him- his 3-pointers takes time. In the set-up for his 3-pointers, a lot of energy is spent. Takao’s eye and his proficiency as a PG +Shuutoku’s competency makes it possible but it clearly takes a lot of team effort- which hinders the rest of the members. 
Touou- As I mentioned before, Wakamatsu and Aomine really need to learn to put aside their differences, otherwise it’s going to be difficult to play. Aomine is literally unstoppable and in reality probably the most well-rounded player(there’s Kise and Murasakibara when he goes all out) in GoM. Any conflict probably arises from his inability to coordinate with the team and letting his pride get to him- the best way that could happen is in a match with Kise. Kise riles him up and is his eternal rival. He’s always won against him, so if he gets close to losing or actually loses- it’s going to throw him off. (We can have some Momoi and Aomine conflict as well).
Yosen- Murasakibara stated that he has to hold back lest he hurt people during games, now he doesn’t have that restriction because the GoM can handle his strength and holding back would be a problem. Honestly Yosen has a pretty good line up in second year. Murasakibara isn’t just a shield anymore- never was. All is looking good for Yosen actually, their arc could be focused around their positive developments because Himuro was so vengeful last time. MuraHimu just enjoying b-ball in s4 thank you very much. 
Rakuzan- Actually, same as Yosen, they’ve all come together as friends after first year. It’s Uncrowned Kings’ final year and you best believe that Akashi would make it fucking spectacular for them. We could probably get some insight into what’s up with Akashi’s dad and that whole thing. I can’t see them losing tbh. 
Kaijou- This team. Honestly Kaijou might be wiping the floor with everyone. Kise’s actually ready to go unhinged, he’s probably seeking fucking vengence after Kasamtasu cried and they lost. He’s got Perfect Copy on lock too, he can copy all of GoM. He’s a lean mean killing machine out for victory and he’d do anything to get it. He’s getting along well with his team too and has the flexibility to compromise. I’m genuinely scared of Kaijou in 2nd year. 
Seirin- I feel like there’s going be hiccups with the first years- Kuroko’s just learning to be his own ‘light’ but it’s such a feeble first step into a new territory and style, there’s bound to be some conflicts with Kagami. Probably in terms of passing- like Kagami expects Kuroko to pass the ball, Kuroko gets reckless with his new found abilites at times, etc. The seniors though, they’d be fine. They’d probably brush up on their pre-existing abilities and move forward. 
Really interesting match-ups:
- Yosen vs Rakuzan(we get little to nothing of Akashi & Murasakibara’s dynamics) - Touou vs Kaijou- but Kaijou wins -Shuutoku vs Touou -Seirin vs Yosen- but Yosen wins -Rakuzan vs Kaijou would be cool -Kirisaki Daiichi vs Rakuzan(somehow, idk)
This is just a huge ramble. If anyone knows basketball well and wants to write/has written a sequel of sorts for KNB, please lmk so I can read and quench my thirst :_;. 
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kumikoshortcake · 8 months ago
OH HEY I spy another active KnB writer blog 👀 may I ask for some soft cuddles with Himuro, please? Maybe something about the reader having a hard day at uni and coming home to his hugs :> thank youu!
HEY I spy a wonderful human being 👀 YES HIMURO WOULD GIVE THE BEST CUDDLES OMG! I have returned....again. Uni has been kicking my ass, life sucks, and I’m sorry this is so late. I hope soft Himuro is soft enough. Thanks for the request, I had fun writing it! 
Two more minutes.
You glare at the clock willing it to go faster. It was almost mocking you with how slow the hands were moving. The professor’s voice drones on in the background as students struggle to keep their eyes open while many have succumbed to the temptation of sleep. There were the very few that actually participated in the class and took notes but the only reason you were here was because it was mandatory social sciences course. You glance at the clock again.
One minute and forty-one seconds.
Has it really only been nineteen seconds? The universe must be enjoying your suffering for it to only have been nineteen seconds. Mumbling a curse, you quietly put away your empty notebook and pencil bag (you had yet to take the writing utensils out in the duration of the class) and think about what you will do with your newly gained free time. Exams were over so you could finally catch up on some much needed rest and delicious food. Not to mention, spend time with your boyfriend. The past few days have been absolute hell and you wanted to do nothing but cuddle your worries away.
The clock finally turns 4:30 and you were out the door before the professor finished his farewell. Dashing home, you immediately plopped your bag on the floor before collapsing on the couch. You let out a groan as your muscles cracked and stretch your back. 
“Welcome home, darling” a smooth voice calls out.
Raising an eyebrow you retort, “I’ve always been home.”
“Technically, yes. But considering you were always cooped up at your desk studying until the early hours of the morning, it sure didn’t feel like it.” You pout feeling a little guilty at neglecting your boyfriend. He laughs at your response pressing a quick kiss to your forehead. “Don’t worry, I understand. But now, we have the weekend and are free to do whatever. Which means...” he trailed off with arms open wide. You jumped into his arms immediately pulling at the soft fabric of his sweater. His arms wrapped around your back while his right hand massaged your neck. A  grateful sigh escapes your lips as you feel the knots in your neck loosen. Your words are muffled through his sweater as you refuse to let go of this newly acquired warmth.
“I missed this.” “Me too, darling. Me too.”
A comfortable silence settles in as you feel the remnants of your stress dissipate which each stroke of his fingers. You take one of his hands and gently press your lips to each finger as you rub his knuckles with the pad of your thumb. Himuro laughs quietly at your ministrations finding you cute. He tugs you closer as his arm tightens around your back enveloping you in a proper hug. The quiet hum of the AC fades as you both drift off to sleep in each others arms.
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scenariosnoknb · 3 months ago
Hello) Could you do some head cannons for Himuro, where he falls in love with a reader who really hates popular guys🙏
Himuro Tatsuya
Himuro had his eyes on you; he was planning to confess, he was just finding the right time to do it
But then he overheard you basically announce to your friend that you would never ever go out with some popular guy
At first he was disheartened, how would he confess if you aren't fond of popular guys? He didn't want to get turned down and most importantly he didn't want to perhaps annoy or make you uncomfortable
Then he got an idea, perhaps befriending you would be a good starter
You were cold; often ignoring him and keeping your replies short but Himuro didn't lose heart
As time passed you started to grow onto him, letting smiles slip and jokes come out
But still, Himuro didn't want to push it just yet, he was still unsure if you did feel the same way for him
So he waited, he continued being your friend and if he was honest it was hard to resist the urges to just pull you into him and confess, but he managed to do it
Until one day you were suddenly quiet around him once again
Himuro was confused, did he do anything that could make you like that?
Little did he know you were already starting to think, weighing everything down; whether you really hate popular guys and if you do, why the hell is your stomach fluttering whenever Himuro's there?
It took atleast a week or two before you can make up your mind
Himuro started losing hope at that point
So it was a surprise when he saw you leave him a message, basically asking him to talk privately
Himuro was stunned when he heard you confess, he was sure you were going to tell him that you didn't wanna be friends or something
Your relationship was slow, Himuro figured that you wouldn't be used to the attention you would have from people for being his girlfriend
So you two kept it lowkey but of course, people talk and not even a month, the whole school knew of your relationship
But don't be scared, Himuro has your back when anything happens
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svanhild-from-paris · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
i tried to find the artist.
If you have the name please tell me as it’s important to not steal others art ☺️
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yuliqht · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thesadkidontheblock · 4 months ago
"please drop this deeply problematic habit" himuro i love you and i'm sorry to the english dub for making fun of it
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coocoocatchoo · a year ago
so i was thinking about haikyuu + kuroko no basuke this morning (as usual) + i was wondering like what their respective ships would be.
obviously iwaoi is kikasa because they're literally the same, but what about the rest of the ships ? so i came up w,,,
bokuaka - kagakuro
iwaoi - kikasa
kagehina - aokaga
kuroken - murahimu
tsukiyama - aokise
ushiten - midotaka
this was more difficult than i thought + i'm purely basing this off of each person's personality. like, kenma + murasakibara can both be seen as lazy + obsessive over one thing + they'll only let a select few people get close to them. kuroo + himuro are special to kenma + murasakibara + also look after them a l o t.
anyway, this is all speculation !! i'd love it if y'all came to discuss 🥺
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