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Reading beyond this point contains some spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the whole series yet or haven’t read the manga, skip this post if you don’t want to get spoiled ^-^


Tōkyō Gūru 東京喰種 (Tokyo Ghoul)

Originally a Manga Series
Author and Illustrator: Sui Ishida

To take… to have something taken…

To capture… to be captured…

To obey… to make someone obey…

After repeating the actions of affirming and denying over and over, we fight so we don’t lose anymore. And yet, the people we love, our place in this world will one day disappear. In the end, we will be forgotten. It’s sad to be alive. It’s painful. Even then… even if we know we’re going to suffer loss someday… Even though we know we’re going to disappear someday… We undesirably seek it. We want to stay beautiful. And so I choose, and will continue to choose, and continue to be chosen.” ~ Kaneki Ken ~

I never imagined I would find myself watching Tokyo Ghoul and see myself crying at some episodes, especially the part where I thought Hide died and the part where Arima died T_T. I really have no words to describe how awesome it is although I haven’t read the manga yet and according to those who read it, the manga turned out to be way better.

Well, it would be up to you if you would solely watch the series or read the manga along with it. All I know is after watching another anime end again, although it already ended years ago, makes me question myself how the heck am I supposed to deal with reality?

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Chiaki and Hajime on a date and it goes rlly well

“A actual request from you Chiaki! Lovely.

~Hinanami on a date!~

  • Hajime is kinda sucky at emotions
  • Asking Chiaki out in the first place was a big thing
  • He actually had to ask Akane and Fuyuhiko how
  • Eventually, he did, and Chiaki of course accepted
  • They were gonna go out for ice cream!
  • Hajime waits anxiously at the table before Chiaki shows up
  • Hes holding a 3ds, always
  • Hajime is a l i t t l e disappointed her attention wasnt all on him, but he was a little relieved
  • After Chiaki actually realized he was there, he pulled out..
  •  “Wanna play pokemon”
  • “y,,yes?”
  • They dont even get ice cream, they just sit in the shop and play pokemon
  • After a while the shops getting ready to close and Hajime walks Chiaki home
  • Chiaki ends up letting Hajime keep her spare ds
  • They play pokemon alot now
  • Chiaki asks Hajime to be her actual boyfriend by saying “Hajime, I choose you”
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Think Naegiri would be the type of couple to go to dance club? Saimatsu would definitely go clubbing and probably Hinanami, but I ain't sure with Egg boy and Detective Queen,

Honestly? I am not sure if any of them would get much out of the club experience, or at least… not based on the clubs I’ve been to.


I mean, maybe if Saimatsu were going to a piano bar, but that’s not a typical ‘dance club,’ and I think Shuichi would kind of hate most dance clubs/public dancing. Kaede could probably get into it, though. Perhaps a swing club would be their speed? :)


Well, they’d definitely go to a few clubs when Kiri was dragging Makoto along for investigative purposes… but neither one seems like they’d be into the scene for personal pleasure of any kind.


Nanami: *observing the spotlights on the floor and the dimly lit tables* Real-time lighting. An impressive feature.

Hinata: You… you know this is reality, right?

Nanami: *puffing out her cheeks in irritation* Of course I do.

Hinata: Sorry…

Nanami: But, um, how do I say this? … This place? … It looks fake.

Hinata: Oh. …… Wait, what?

Nanami: The dance floor — it’s not real wood.

Hinata: Sure, but-

Nanami: And those women gathered by the DJ look like they’re made of plastic.

Hinata: That’s just-

Nanami: And I’m pretty sure I started a mission in GTA5 by meeting somebody here.

Hinata: Okay, that’s definitely not true.

Nanami: No, I’m right. *pointing* It was that table. Definitely.

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A few people have reached out to me with the names of TG fan artists who they would love to see in the zine. If there are any such artists that come to mind, please provide their social media handle(s) via this form:

Potential Guest Artist

Since this would be a tribute project, I would love to have a mixture of guest artists and applicants, so supporters can see new artists while getting to see those who they have admired in the fandom

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