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luvbub · a day ago
falling for a fan
Tumblr media
feat. MSBY boys (Sakusa, Bokuto, Hinata, Atsumu)
♡ a/n: wow my first post in such a long time sjdfsjkfdfsdhkj forgive me
Tumblr media
“Oh, look who’s here” Atsumu chuckles, nudging Sakusa shortly before the game started.
Sakusa followed Atsumu’s gaze to the audience. He couldn’t tell who exactly Atsumu was looking at.
“What are you talking abo-” his words fell short when he saw exactly who the setter was referring to.
There you sat amongst the other spectators, chatting with your friend seated next to you.
Earlier this morning you unfortunately bumped into the volleyball player at a cafe. Atsumu, Bokuto, and Hinata were also there- which was cool- but Sakusa was your favorite of the players. Normally as a fan, this would be a momentous occasion for you- meeting your favorite athlete in the outside world doesn’t just happen to anyone. But you literally had bumped into him.
And may have spilled your hot drink onto him. You panicked, immediately finding the closest source of napkins to pat some of the drink off his chest.
“Oh I- I’m so sorry!” you cry out, frantically dabbing his shirt. And when you came to realize you were touching the chest of essentially a stranger, you freaked out even more.
Sakusa wasn’t sure if the warm feeling inside of him was from how cute you were or the fact that your drink was spilled on him. He went with the former. Unfortunately, as soon as he reassured you that he was alright, you took off.
The other three cackled at the situation, but they found more amusement in the blush that was sprawled across their friend’s face.
So when they recognized a familiar face in the audience- one that was wearing a Sakusa jersey- of course they wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to tease him.
“Aw it looks like the cutie that Omi has a crush on is also a fan of is~ what are the odds~” Atsumu says, inciting laughter from Bokuto and Hinata.
“Atsumu whenever you set me the ball I promise you that I will spike it directly onto your face” Sakusa replies almost immediately.
Atsumu wasn’t fazed at all, instead his lips curled up into a smirk.
“That’s if you can even keep your eyes on the ball and not on your crush”
Sakusa snaps out of his daze, coming to the realization that he had been staring at you this entire time. To his surprise, you were looking right back at him. He tentatively raises his hand up to wave at you before turning back around and rejoining his team.
“Don’t worry Sakusa, after the game we’ll help you find them!” Bokuto pats his friend on the back. And that was a promise.
Back in the audience, you’re surrounded by screams of excitement. Nearly each person around you thought that Sakusa was waving at them specifically. You could have sworn that perhaps Sakusa’s attention was towards you, but what were the odds that was the case?
Unbeknownst to you, the odds were ever so in your favor.
 You often attended volleyball games- as you were a large fan of the sport. Specifically you tried to show up to as many games as possible for your favorite team, the MSBY Black Jackals. And today was no exception. You sat in your usual spot, donned your Bokuto jersey, and anticipated for the team’s win.
Except something made you uneasy this time.
From the corner of your eye, you sensed that someone was staring at you. No- the guy next to you definitely was staring.
“Can I help you?” you suddenly ask, turning to face the stranger.
The man, who admittedly had a pretty face, seemed surprised you suddenly talked to him.
“I- sorry. It’s just.. okay I’m not sure if you’ll believe me if I tell you.”
“Well might as well tell me, don’t you think?” you gesture at him to tell his story.
The man sighs, “So one of my best friend’s is a player for the Black Jackals and uhhh okay he’s been talking about having seen a really cute fan lately. He’s pointed them out to me a few times and just my luck they happen to be sitting next to me today”
Your eyes narrow at the boy. You would’ve thought in a situation a strange man would’ve hit on you. Never would you have expected him to be advocating for his best friend.
“I don’t believe you” you tell him- it seemed too outlandish that any professional athlete would take notice of a fan.
The stranger chuckles and looks over to the court. The game was entering a new set, and the teams were in the process of switching sides.
You watch as the guy cups his mouth with his hands, shouting out Bokuto’s name. The two of you were seated fairly close to the front, so it wouldn’t be hard for Bokuto to hear.
“HI AKAASHI” Bokuto yells back, waving at his friend. Akaashi gestures to you, and Bokuto’s eyes widen at the sight of you, a rosy blush forming on his cheeks. He quickly turns his back on the audience to rush to where the rest of his team were. But every so often he would peak back at you, only to turn his head back quickly.
“I told you so” Akaashi nudges you, giving you one of those ‘I-told-you-so’ smirks.
You gripped the bottom of the jersey you were wearing, feeling quite flustered yourself. No, because wasn’t this too good to be true?
“And you’re absolutely sure he likes me?”
“Did you- did you not see his reaction to you? He’s probably worried right now that I’m saying bad things about him you know.” Akaashi chuckles.
You swing your legs a bit, processing the information given. Either this was all the truth, or this was the most elaborate prank ever set up. You’d like to believe that Bokuto and this stranger were above pranking strangers, so you took the leap of faith.
“Alright Akaashi, if that’s the case then do you mind introducing us after the game?” you ask, smiling at him.
Akaashi smiles back, nodding at your request, “Honestly, even if I didn’t, he would probably try to find you”
He turns his head back to the court, and surely enough, Bokuto was staring at the both of you. Akaashi gives his friends a thumbs up and nudges you to do something too. You wave at Bokuto with both hands and watch as his already flushed cheeks become even more red.
One thing’s for sure, neither you nor Bokuto were able to focus on the game.
Out of all times to run into your athlete crush, you were hoping it wouldn’t be while you were buying his merch. Of course the universe seemed to be against your side today. Because when you turned around right after purchasing the cutest little Hinata plush, who else would be standing in front of you than the volleyball player himself?
“Oh, you have excellent taste if I do say so myself” he teases, smiling at you.
“If I’m being honest... I had to settle because they ran out of Atsumu plushes” you sigh, watching as the smile on his face drop.
“I’m kidding, I’m kidding! I swear there are still Atsumu plushes at the vendor I promise” you begin laughing- the sight go Hinata’s unamused expression made it all the more funny.
“Bullied by my own fan... betrayal never comes from the enemy huh” Hinata dramatically sighs, causing you to playfully hit him with the plush.
“Had I know you were this dramatic, I would’ve chosen Atsumu as my favorite” you say.
Hinata scoffs back, shaking his head, “Please, Atsumu is ten times more dramatic than I am. I’m pretty sure he’s the reason why I act like this sometimes”
You laugh even more. Was it supposed to be this fun seeing your favorite athlete? The atmosphere was so nonchalant- you would’ve thought that things would’ve felt super intimidating or nerve-wracking. The only thing that was making you nervous was the fact that Hinata was way cuter than you could have ever imagined. Other than that, you felt comfortable around Hinata- it was nice.
However, as the small talk progressed, Hinata was anything but calm. Admittedly, Hinata had first approached you because he saw someone buy his merch and got excited at that. First, he didn’t expect you to be so cute. Second, he definitely didn’t expect this short conversation with you to be so wildly entertaining.
He found you charming and endearing- your laughter was something he could listen to for hours on end. And Hinata felt his heart beat just a bit faster.
As the two of you were winding down on the conversation, a bit of panicked settled in Hinata’s mind. Would this just be a one time interaction with you? If Hinata left to get ready for the game, would this be the last time he would run into you?
“Would you like to grab something to eat after the match?” he suddenly blurts out. Hinata didn’t mean to be so forward, but he knew he didn’t want to pass up any opportunity to get to know you better.
You were taken aback, and you felt the heat rising to your cheeks as you agreed, scribbling your number on the back of your receipt for him.
Hinata pocketed the paper, saying goodbye to you before rushing off to the locker rooms. Surely his cheeks were red by now. But he didn’t care at all.
His teammates could tease all they want, but the only thing on the forefront of Hinata’s mind was you.
No one told you.
You kept repeating that in your head throughout the game. It was your first time even watching volleyball- your friend had invited you because they had an extra ticket. All you knew is that you were supposed to cheer for the MSBY Black Jackals.
No one told you that you were supposed to stay dead silent when Atsumu was serving.
When hundreds of eyes glanced over to you, Atsumu’s included, you absolutely wanted to fold up into a ball and disappear. It wasn’t until after Atsumu’s serve that the silence was dispelled and the gym began to slowly get noisier again.
That was when your friend told you about Atsumu’s need for absolute silence.
On the court however, the team was in hysterics over your little blunder.
“Do you think they’re a fan of the other team trying to screw you over?” Hinata asks as the teams switched sides for the next set.
“I doubt it- did you see the look on their face? Absolute embarrassment. Probably a new fan” even Sakusa chuckles at the incident.
Atsumu on the other hand, stayed silent. He couldn’t get the image of your flustered, panicked face out of his head. It was endearing to him. Sure you had messed up his routine but you were so earnest in your cheers and so apologetic face was just too cute for him.
Once the game was over, Atsumu immediately made it to the doors where the audience would exit the stadium. He made sure to stay obscured from the crowd so they wouldn’t attract any attention from him. His eyes scoured the many people walking past him, and when he saw a familiar figure, his eyes widened.
He hurried up behind you, tapping your shoulder quickly. As you turned around, your smiling expression soon turned into surprise when you saw Atsumu’s grinning face.
“I- oh uh hello!” you stammered, absolutely flustered that Atsumu was standing right in front of you.
“Oh hey, you’re making the same face you made when you-”
“Shhhhhhh! Don’t say it out loud, there are people around,” you quickly interrupt his teasing, “it’s my first game, how was I supposed to know any of the etiquette”
Atsumu felt his heart flutter at the sight of your little pout. You were just too cute.
“Well- wait sorry I don’t know your name” Atsumu says, looking expectantly for you to answer. You were honestly surprised that he even wanted to know your name. You had just assumed it was a one time conversation where he would tease you and then leave.
“I’m Y/n” you introduce, your cheeks getting warmer when you see Atsumu smiles after hearing your name.
“Well Y/n, would you like to grab some coffee or a small bite to eat? I’d be glad to teach you all of the rules and etiquette to volleyball. Just so you don’t embarrass yourself during our next game.” you weren’t sure if Atsumu’s smug grin made you flustered or made you want to hit him. Maybe both.
“Please, now I’m just tempted to scream each time erode you serve” you roll your eyes at Atsumu, letting him lead you outside.
He hopes you keep your word. He would absolutely love it if you showed up to every game just to scream for him.
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il4ngs · 2 days ago
𝗰𝗵𝗿𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗺𝗮s icons !! 🎄 (Haikyuu)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
୧ ׅ𖥔 ۫ ♡ or reblog if you use <3
  ֗   ִ  ۫   🎄ˑ   ᳝ ࣪  𓄹 ⊹   ᳝🎁 ࣪⠀. 
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kageyamatobiyogurt · 2 days ago
calling haikyuu boys pretty pt. 5 
a/n: HI AGAIN OMG. WE’VE DONE IT. 600. 600??? THANK YOU ALWAYS AH. once again,, these are all always for you guys and i really love the support and hope this goes on for a while :)))) (p.s. if i didn’t get to your request this time, pt. 6 has the characters you requested)
also we’re literally at 630 something as i write this — so sorry it’s late, life is in the wayy, hope y’all still enjoy. bare with me with this part pls i’m not too used to hinata and tanaka
requests from: @timelesslyjune and @sasa747
includes: tanaka, ushijima, hinata 
part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 
Tumblr media
he’s usually the one hyping you up. after all, his y/n is the most beautiful so why wouldn’t he???
he doesn’t think too much for himself but mans is cruising through life with what he enjoys yk 
but he’s pretty too (AHEM s4 ep 5 with him in the beanie and keys on his finger) 
you two were walking together, arms swaying and fingers interlocked, when you glanced at him
ofc course he noticed you turn your head and he just flashed you this cheeky smile as he gave your hand a squeeze
“babe do you know you’re so pretty?” you asked casually
he was so focused on you he almost walked into a sign
when he just barely dodges, his head is whipping back to you
“what’d you say?” he asks, hand coming up behind his head 
“that you’re pretty,” you chuckled, “just had to say it” 
“stopppp,” he blushes, playfully pushing your head to look away 
like cmon y/n you’re ruining his bad boy image NYDHS he’s such a softie we’ve been knew 
“but you are!” you try to jokingly argue
PLS his larger hand on your head is still there, stopping you from getting any closer to him 
you try to reach out to him but his arms are unfortunately longer
“y/n! you’re melting my heart again!” he exclaims
“babe, let me call you pretty!” you go again, trying to take his hand off of your face 
he’s so extra he gasps at your words again
when he finally lets you come close he just buries his head in your neck, still refusing to let you see him so blushy 
his arms wrap around your middle so snuggly as he exhales into you, tickling your neck 
“you better be ready to keep me forever y/n” 
he had a busy schedule with games and all, but he never forgot to put aside time for you 
plus he misses you too much if he doesn’t get to see you 
wakatoshi came over one day as a “surprise”, sneakily (in his mind) telling you that he had a game even though their schedule was literally online 
he tried okay and that’s what matters 
as your doorbell rung, you still couldn’t hold back the slight hop in your step as you went to greet him 
you even played along going, “who is iiiit?” 
“y/n, it’s me,” you heard over the door
most people would miss the excitement in his voice 
when you finally saw him he had the cutest little smile and you swore your heart was just about to combust when he said, “surprise,” holding a bag with food from your favorite bakery 
“hi baby,” you grinned, opening the door further to let him in 
he stepped in, automatically going for the embrace that he’d been craving for days 
he was a little more smiley that usual that day, though he was always happy when he was with you 
you two sat in your living room with something playing in the background as you ate 
you couldn’t help but notice the way he looked so pretty with the morning light coming through your windows 
“you look so pretty, toshi,” you told him 
he didn’t hear the word pretty used for him usually
sure, he heard handsome, good-looking, or even hot and you always told him your appreciations, but this... this was new
it was usually a word he’d use for you because well, you were the prettiest in his eyes 
what he couldn’t entirely figure out was why he liked the compliment so much 
“why that word, y/n?” he asked
“just because you’re very pretty,” you replied, “couldn’t think of a better one” 
he nodded, you did make a fair point 
“well, thank you y/n” he smiled, slightly looking away 
he didn’t say much else regarding the matter but it did make his heart leap every other time you said it that day and you knew what it was doing lmao 
you found yourself with a very cuddly wakatoshi that day <3
this guyy LMAOAO 
you were in this new little bubble tea place and he just looked so happy with the array of food between you two 
“y/n! these look great!” he exclaimed, marveling at everything and lowkey not knowing what to try first 
you adored him in his moments like these, and they’re largely a reason of why you fell for him in the first place 
something about the apples of his cheeks lifting with his smile and the way his eyes lit up 
he was just so bright 
“shoyo, you’re so pretty,” you said suddenly, leaning a bit more into the table to get closer to him 
his smile dropped a little, only because he was caught off guard 
suddenly he’s looking away, his neck slowly tinting pink 
both of hands just come up to squish his own cheeks 
he doesn’t really know what to do NYDSYDY
he’s the type to be quick to return the compliment though 
“but you’re prettier,” he mumbles back, his voice is softer because his brain is reeling lmao 
“thank you baby,” you smiled back, reaching over to hold one of his hands, “still can’t believe i have someone pretty like the sun” 
he heats up even more pls his brain is short circuiting with love overload 
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christeningsakusa · 2 days ago
[karasuno] what type of dog they own
Warnings: none, fluff
ᥫ᭡ Hinata: Fell in love with a stray he found on the streets of Brazil and doesn’t know/care the breed. He’s an active dog, rivaling Hinata when it comes to stamina on their morning and evening jogs. The dog has a beautiful multi-colored coat that Hinata keeps well brushed and fluffy. Will get stopped by ladies, babies, and everyone in between for a pat.
ᥫ᭡ Kageyama: A big fluffy samoyed! but he didn’t know the name of his dog’s breed until someone commented it on an insta post of his. He just really enjoys how the smiley face of his dog contrasts his seemingly cold demeanor, and how smart she is. Does struggle to keep her coat nice and white though.
ᥫ᭡ Yamaguchi: He keeps a quiet life and wanted a dog that would easily fit in with his routine. His english cocker spaniel was a perfect fit into his daily routine. The two spend afternoons curled up on the couch, or enjoying a nice stroll to the convince store nearby. Frequently buys new sweaters or bandanas for his good boy.
ᥫ᭡ Tsukishima: Crusty white dog energy. She’s a maltese but kept with a puppy cut- named her sue after the largest t-rex skeleton ever found. Neither of them are very high energy and she doesn’t need out that frequently. Sweet girl is often sleeping in his lap while he works in his office.
ᥫ᭡ Yachi: Fell for the golden doodle trend but who can blame her. She runs a doggie Instagram for him that is actually quite popular and will get stopped on the street when they frequent dog friendly cafes. He’s a sweet boy but incredibly protective of Yachi and will bark at any one who he senses is making her nervous.
ᥫ᭡ Tanaka: Street pit bull to sweater baby pipeline at its finest. One of the first things he did when he moved out is rescue this sweet baby boy. Tanaka uses this as an excuse to stay fit, and will frequently take him for walks/jogs. Fully convinced the matching sweaters they have on are a ladies magnet.
ᥫ᭡ Noya: Small man: big dog. He just thinks english mastiffs are really rad. The two are quite the sight out on the town, mostly because people are amazed at how his dog isn’t pulling him off of his feet. The size of him does make it difficult for Noya’s frequent travel but he makes it work. The two are often found on his boat.
ᥫ᭡ Asahi: Large man: tiny dog. The embodiment of a lap dog, his yorkie terrier is spoiled to the max. Asahi’s career in fashion design actually allows him to bring her with him most days complete with small bag and everything. When him and Noya meet up, people think their dogs are switched and a few heads turn when it’s Asahi picking up the handbag.
ᥫ᭡ Suga: French bulldog lover, has been dreaming about owning one since primary school. Him and his handsome boy match well with their contrasting grey hair. Will use bringing his dog into school as a bribe for his students good behavior. Suga is really into dog training, and this good boy knows many tricks- makes the kids go crazy with play dead for hours.
ᥫ᭡ Daichi: No, he doesn’t have a German Shepard. His boxer was the family dog back in high school but he is so attached to the sweet girl he snuck her to his apartment as soon as he was done with the Academy. The two have a strict walk routine even at her older age, and will jog for long distances around the neighborhood every morning. She has the shiniest coat from her incredibly well rounded diet.
ᥫ᭡ Kiyoko: A Pomeranian that thinks it’s a cat. She had two cats when she decided to adopt her dog as a puppy. Poor thing doesn’t understand why it can’t jump as far her brother and sister. Similarly to Yachi she owns a popular Instagram for her dog and the two will frequently collab for photo shoots.
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littlexbimbo · a day ago
play pretend: baefy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-who came up with the word baefy. how did that come to be.
-tobio 😏😏😏
-that’s all i have to say 4 2day; eat ur vegetables
-fun fact whenever there is a character i like i IMMEDIATELY head cannon them as he/they because i can. ghoulia n draculaura have been victims of this 💔
@lavedi @yokey-egg @princealastor @putmeinyourdeathnote @faewraithsworld @afairywithacrown @theoriginaleclipse @revrse @vicolangelo @sugaslilsugabby @jiminslajibolala @momluvr123 @anniesfavoritesimp @bananasquash
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therescrackinmytea · a day ago
L E M!!!!!
Happy 500 very happy for you!!!
May I request “your hands are like ice.” With Hinata?
Congratumaglations! 🤸‍♀️
Tumblr media
Frozen Fingertips
A/N: Ducky! Tysm! I’ve never written for Hinata before :o I got a bit carried away with this one 🥲 is this even in character? I’m not sure 🥴 BUT this entire scenario is very wholesome, a bit cheesy and just hella fluffy, hope you like it! :)))
Tumblr media
From your spot on the sofa, swaddled in a fluffy blanket, you dozed in and out of consciousness. It was warm, comfy and so hard not to just give in to the sleep that tugged at the corners of your eyes. The TV did a poor job of keeping you from giving in to sleep, reduced to a quiet hum in the background. You wanted to wait for him, you promised you’d wait. It wasn’t even late or anything, you were just tired and sleepy… so sleepy…
Your eyes fluttered shut just moments before the front door creaked open, the old hinges squeaking in protest. With a sniffle and ruffle of his hair, Hinata shook out the remaining snowflakes clinging to his thick ginger locks. Even during winter and the off season, the man would diligently train, with or without the other members of the MSBY team. He wiggled his fingers, cold and red since he’d forgotten his gloves when he left, only remembering them once he’d gotten to the gym.
As he made his way into the living room, he spotted you curled up in front of the TV, snoring softly. His typically loud greeting died in his throat. You looked so cute and cosy, your features smooth and relaxed. His numb fingers itched to reach forward and brush back the hair that covered your cheek. However, they also itched to slip under your pyjama top and splay over your skin of your back to jolt you awake. He could just imagine how hysterical your reaction would be and you looked so warm, and it would heat his hands up immediately if he could just-
No! No. Don’t disturb her! His mind was at war with itself, flitting between wanting to see your reaction from his cold hands shocking you awake or just leaving you to rest. He crept closer, kneeling before you, before his mind sparked a brilliant idea.
Blunt fingertips quickly sated their urge to push your hair back, the silky strands now tucked behind your ear. He watched your nose twitch adorably when he did so, letting his hand slip slowly down the nape of your neck before disappearing beneath the neckline of your top. His touch was barely-there, featherlight, almost ghostlike, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.
With a cheeky grin, he pressed his entire hand against your spine, the frigid skin forcing your eyes to fly open with a shriek.
“What the fuck!” Your hand flew up to latch onto his wrist, yanking his hand out of your top and fixing him with a glare that should’ve been chilling, had he not been busy howling with laughter. “Your hands are like ice, Sho!” you complained.
“I’m sorry! I couldn’t help myself!” he snickered, his brilliant smile lighting up his entire face.
“God you’re such a dick sometimes,” you grumbled, sitting up and tugging your blanket around yourself more tightly in a huff. Hinata moved from the floor to flop beside you on the sofa, nudging you with his shoulder.
“Come on, don’t be mad. Gimme a kiss, hm?” he grinned sweetly, shifting his head closer to yours. You rolled your eyes, meeting him halfway to press your lips to his. You felt him smile against your mouth, his lips stretching wider as his cold fingertips found their way to your waist. He’d noticed that the hem of your top had shifted, baring your skin a little. Another opportunity.
Before you could complain about his chilly hands again, his fingers fluttered lightly over the curve of your waist. With a yelp, you squirmed futilely away from his firm grip as he tickled you, shrieks of breathless laughter falling from your lips as his fingers dug into your sides a little more.
“Oh my- STOP!!” you screeched.
“Never!” he gave an exaggerated maniacal laugh, as you tipped over, trying to get out of his grasp. Neither of you realised how close to the edge of the sofa you’d gotten until you slipped off it with a resounding thump and a groan.
“Ow.” Hinata stared at you, hand frozen midair as you sat up and rubbed your head. He grinned sheepishly when you looked over at him with a pout, before snorts of laughter filled the room again.
“You’re a hazard,” you giggled, taking his offered hand and letting him help you up.
“Maybe,” he chuckled. ”But this hazard knows exactly how to put that pretty smile on your face.” Cheeks warming at his offhanded compliment, you smacked his chest lightly, that same smile threatening to return.
“Shut up.”
“My hands are warm now too. See?” He reached out to engulf your warm cheeks in his palms stroking the apples lightly with his thumbs and both your heart and stomach fluttered. It was almost infuriating how he didn’t even need to try to turn you into putty in his hands. Turning your head slightly, you pressed a soft kiss to his calloused skin, and watched his smile widen until he was beaming brighter than the sun itself.
“Yeah, they are. So warm.”
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redriottrash · 12 hours ago
Haikyuu Boys but as things my brothers have said
Kuroo- *struggling with homework* "Calculate the trajectory of my foot up your ass, bitch"
Sugawara- "Gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss, and then gaslight again 💅"
Hinata- "Wait, ice cream is supposed to go in the freezer and not the fridge?"
Kageyama- "There's gonna be people there? EWWW"
Terushima- "I'm a slut for Costco pizza"
Bokuto- *pointing to BTS poster* "omg is that Dylan O'Brien??"
Atsumu- *gets kicked in the balls* "OH MY GOD, MY UVULA"
Kenma- "I'm playing animal crossing and this bitch won't get off my island, I'm gonna whack her with my net"
Sakusa- "Shit just hit the fan and life had taco bell"
Tendo- "I'm going to commit arson with a magnifying glass"
Ushijima- "am I feeling emotions? Yes. Do I want to express them? Never"
Oikawa- "damn, look at Ryan Reynolds ass in that frame- no, seriously, LOOK"
Iwaizumi- "if I hit him hard enough over the head, do you think it'll shake his brain back into place? Hopefully it will end our suffering."
(Fun fact I only remember these, because everytime one of my brothers says something funny, I have to write it down in my phone so I remember it.)
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awaari · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Are there any fics that are about kagehina and sakuatsu going on a double date? Asking for a friend...
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urgirliscute · 2 days ago
Hinata: [searches up why he's been coughing]
google: [websites showing death symptoms]
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christeningsakusa · 4 hours ago
[hq boys] their favorite place you rest your head
the classic head on shoulder gets them everytime. your hand ever so gently grasping onto their bicep like you are asking for him to protect you- makes his heart soar with pride. will not move an inch while you rest no matter how tired his arm gets.
ᥫ᭡ iwazumi, bokuto, USHIJIMA, kyotani
laying your head on their chest is their favorite. you’ll often listen to their heart beat and drift off to sleep- he’ll be following you soon because the weight of your body is a comfort to them. 9/10 times he will be shirtless, and will beg you to be too just so he can feel you close.
ᥫ᭡ SAMU, hinata, kita, akaashi
you often find your head resting on their lap, and they live for it. it gives them perfect access to run their fingers through your hair or lean down and give your temple a kiss. likes it when you doze off so they can take a picture of you for “safe keeping”
ᥫ᭡ suna, tendou, oikawa, KENMA
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sukunababy · 4 months ago
Hi Mars i know you don't typically write for Haikyu but I wanted to ask you if you could do a nsfw visual with just your favourite characters. If you don't want to it doesn't matter thank you anyway
Tumblr media
Haikyū!! NSFT Visual
Part 2 / Part 3
Tumblr media
DAICHI SAWAMURA: link link link link link link
ASAHI AZUMANE: link link link link
SHŌYŌ HINATA: link link
TOBIO KAGEYAMA: link link link link link
KEISHIN UKAI: link link link link link link
Tumblr media
TETSURŌ KUROO: link link link link link link link link
KENMA KOZUME: link link link link link
ALISA HAIBA kinda hot so I add her in too: link link link
Tumblr media
TŌRU OIKAWA: link link link link link link link link link
HAJIME IWAIZUMI: link link link link link link
Tumblr media
KŌTARŌ BOKUTO: link link link link link link
KEIJI AKAASHI: link link link link
Tumblr media
WAKATOSHI USHIJIMA: link link link link link link link
EITA SEMI: link link
Tumblr media
RINTARŌ SUNA: link link link link
ATSUMU MIYA: link link link
OSAMU MIYA: link link link
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littlexbimbo · a day ago
play pretend: bestie westie
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- i believe in noya and tanaka being stupid supremacy
-oh to be two little friends tryna expose our other two little friends
-y/n in denial
-me 🤝 shoyo
making fake scenarios to fall asleep to
-jeff the killer🥴🥴😍😍 i miss my creepypasta phase that was one hell of a phase ngl
-i too love to bet on my ego
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