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#hinata x reader
christeningsakusa · 2 days ago
[hq boys] their favorite place you rest your head
the classic head on shoulder gets them everytime. your hand ever so gently grasping onto their bicep like you are asking for him to protect you- makes his heart soar with pride. will not move an inch while you rest no matter how tired his arm gets.
ᥫ᭡ iwazumi, bokuto, USHIJIMA, kyotani
laying your head on their chest is their favorite. you’ll often listen to their heart beat and drift off to sleep- he’ll be following you soon because the weight of your body is a comfort to them. 9/10 times he will be shirtless, and will beg you to be too just so he can feel you close.
ᥫ᭡ SAMU, hinata, kita, akaashi
you often find your head resting on their lap, and they live for it. it gives them perfect access to run their fingers through your hair or lean down and give your temple a kiss. likes it when you doze off so they can take a picture of you for “safe keeping”
ᥫ᭡ suna, tendou, oikawa, KENMA
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bratinc · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
+ scenario. 341 words.
+ warnings. crack, suggestive content.
+ contains. various.
+ various. re-upload ‘cause this is still hilarious to me.
Tumblr media
the real life version of 😐, just gives you a blank stare before throwing you over their shoulder and carrying you to their bedroom while grumbling, ‘not moanable name my ass’
— daichi, ukai, tanaka, futakuchi, yamamoto, iwaizumi, atsumu
grabs your chin and makes you look up at them and says, ‘not moanable, hm? guess i’ll have to make you scream it then’ like a smooth motherfucker
— kuroo, kyoutani, tendou, ushijima, aran, akaashi, daishou
cue the cocky grin as they slip their arms around your waist and pull you closer to whisper in your ear, ‘you can always call me other things in bed, sweetheart. master.. daddy?’
— oikawa, sugawara, terushima, kita (says it bluntly)
gets butt ass hurt and they literally have such an obvious pout on their face because why would you even say that to them??
— nishinoya, bokuto, hinata, kageyama, asahi, lev, yaku, goshiki, yahaba, yamaguchi, hoshiumi, aone, koganegawa
uno reverses the insult because they’re petty, probably says something like, ‘and you think you do?’
— suna, mattsun, kenma, tsukishima, shirabu, kunimi, konoha, sakusa, osamu
Tumblr media
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tomankitten · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
with: karasuno, nekoma, fukurodani, inarizaki + seijoh !! <3
warnings: these are a lil’ spicy in some areas. xx
Tumblr media
⤷ asahi loves to hear you whisper how much you love him each night, nuzzling into his neck and kissing the spot right below his ear where he’s most sensitive. it’s so cute the way he shies away from your touch and he ends up getting all nervous and flustered as you lean down for a kiss on the lips. time spent with you before bed is his favorite because you get to see each other at your most relaxed, and he loves making you feel just as flustered when he wraps his arms around you and kisses that spot on your neck that makes you weak.
⤷ hinata loves it when you kiss his stomach and abs. if you’re arguing or need to lighten the mood, you let your hands speak for you, fingers tracing lightly up and down his sides and tickling him playfully while you pepper soft kisses up and down his abs— he can’t help but laugh every time and it’s the perfect way to cut the tension and have him melting into your touch, always ending up with his fingers tangled in your hair and a kiss that lasts a little longer than expected... he just loves the way you can make him laugh in any situation.
⤷ daichi likes it when you kiss the tips of his fingers, he just finds it to be the most simple and kind gesture. sometimes when you wake up in the middle of the night, you’ll miss him and wake him up by bringing his hands to your lips and gently kissing each of his fingers, his eyes fluttering open with the way it feels like electricity is dancing across his skin, like you’re warming him up instantly with just your touch. he can’t help but sigh and pull you in close, thankful for your sweet touches and the way you bring such elegance and peace to his life.
⤷ kageyama loves it when you kiss the spot between his collarbones. he’s sensitive all over but the spot right where his collarbones meet is heaven. he’s really shy about asking for kisses, but whenever he’s tense or worked up, you know it’s exactly what he needs. as soon as you press a few light kisses to the area his mind goes completely blank, forgetting about all of his anxieties and stressors for the day— everything except you and the way your lips feel against his skin. he’d be lying if he said it wasn’t his favorite way to relax after a long day. 
⤷ tadashi just loves kissing you, though his favorite spot for you to kiss him is on the cheeks. he was always insecure about his freckles growing up, being teased for them relentlessly until he befriended tsukki and the bullying finally stopped. his complex never fully went away though, so whenever you kiss his cheeks and tell him how much you love his freckles, how they make him look so sexy and unique, how you adore everything about him, he can’t stop the shy smile on his face, grateful he’s found someone who loves him for him.
⤷ kuroo likes it when you come up behind him when he’s getting changed, wrapping your arms around him as you kiss the center of his back right between his shoulder blades. the way your hands wander up his abs, your lips making their way up his neck to nibble on his ear, it’s so intoxicating to him. as smooth as he is, he doesn’t always like being the one who’s in control. the way you have him feeling so weak and vulnerable at times is so unique to him, and it’s a feeling he can’t help but find himself wanting to experience over and over again.
⤷ kenma likes it when you kiss his forehead. you’ve always been so sweet and nurturing— your kisses are just another reminder that you’ll always be there for him. he’s been very independent throughout his life, and he likes that about himself, but sometimes he likes having someone spoil him a little too, to tell him it’s ok to find comfort in the warmth of someone else. his heart almost bursts when you cradle his head to your chest, placing a few sweet kisses onto his forehead, telling him how proud you are for all that he’s accomplished.
⤷ bokuto likes it when you kiss his thighs. he’s got a lot of power in his legs and there’s something so sexy about you worshipping him there— it feels like you’re admiring the part of his body he’s put the most work into and he appreciates it so much. after a long post-game shower, when all of his muscles are warmed up and relaxed, the feeling of your lips kissing up his thighs is overwhelming. all of the tension leaves his body, his eyes drifting close as he finally allows himself to relax and enjoy the euphoria of your sweet touches and his post-victory high.
⤷ akaashi loves it when you kiss him deeply. he’s not one for doing things halfway— he favors the kind of love that’s wild and crazy and all-consuming. as much as he enjoys your light kisses on the cheek or forehead, or the tip of the nose when you’ve been missing him like crazy, there’s nothing he loves more than the feeling of your mouth on his as he breathes you in, feeling his soul connecting with the person who means more to him than words can explain. there’s a connection there that can’t be replicated, one he cherishes so deeply it hurts.
⤷ suna doesn’t care where you kiss him, as long as it’s in public. he’s calm and gentle but he’s got a possessive side that comes out when he sees the way people ogle you. he’s used to it by now, but there’s something in him that wants to know you’re proud he’s the one you chose. he can’t help the way he feels, you’re his greatest accomplishment and he wants to show you off to the world for all of your beauty. nothing makes him happier than when you lean in for a kiss when you’re out and about or hanging with his friends— it lets him know you’re his, as much as he is yours.
⤷ atsumu likes it when you kiss his feet (i don’t make the rules). he really loves it when you kiss him anywhere, but his feet are really sensitive and it’s such an erogenous zone for him. he’ll absolutely never admit it to anyone else, but he thinks his feet are really pretty and there’s something about the way you both laugh and giggle as you give him little kisses on his ankles and the inside of his calves; it’s a special moment that calms him anytime he’s feeling anxious or overwhelmed, a little lighthearted moment in the midst of an otherwise glum day.
⤷ oikawa loves it when you kiss all over his chest. he tries to act all smooth when you do it but he’s blushing so deeply, scoffing as he looks away— he does get flustered but he tries to hide it underneath his charm. “can’t get enough of me, huh sweetheart?” it’s the way his words are a little strained as you continue peppering kisses all over his pale skin, lingering around his weak spot that has him glancing down at you, mouth slightly agape as he runs his fingers through your hair. he tries to hide it but he knows you’ve got him in the palm of your hand.
⤷ iwaizumi loves it when you kiss your way down his neck. he hates to admit that you’re his weakness, but as hard as he tries to avoid acting soft around you, as soon as you’re brushing your nose against his cheek and kissing him all over he’s completely forgotten the whole tough guy act. everything you do feels great to him, but he’s really sensitive on his neck and chest and luckily that’s your favorite place to leave a few soft kisses at the end of each day, staring up at him as you continue trailing kisses all over the places that he loves.
⤷ sakusa loves the way your lips feel when they brush over his knuckles while he’s driving, one hand on the wheel and the other clutched in your smaller hand. “omi, you’re so pretty...” you let your head rest against the seat as you stare at him, his cheeks flushed as he keeps his eyes on the road. “thank you, baby. but i need to focus.” you smile and bring his hand up to your lips again, knowing he’s only trying to keep you both safe but the way he clears his throat nervously lets you know he’s dying a little inside when you kiss his hand again.
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kageyamatobiyogurt · a day ago
haikyuu boys at a haunted house 
a/n: mmmm here’s an idea that i now realize would have been perfect for october.. and not december.. MAYBE i’ll do a christmas post for the holidays -- WAIT i may have just come up with something... will update you guys hehe 
- n e ways here’s my brain just spitballing and here’s the most characters i’ve written (individual) hcs for in one post wehey 
includes: hinata, kageyama, yamaguchi, tsukishima, tendou, ushijima, kuroo, iwaizumi, oikawa, atsumu, osamu, suna, bokuto, akaashi 
Tumblr media
he really couldn’t hide his stress even when y’all were on line 
his eyes kept darting back and forth while the loud noises played around you guys 
mans got visibly more stressed the closer you got to the entrance 
“it can’t be too bad right?” “like, kids are going in and they can’t really scare people” 
the first time he gets jumpscared inside he can no longer walk and y’all have to take the emergency exit 
can’t help his heart from thumping even though he knows this is all fake 
he holds onto you the whole time, whether it be your arm, your sleeve, your shoulder, anything 
the type just to curse under his breath and briefly close his eyes, “oh fuck-” 
overly polite baby pls 
he’s nervous too but he wants to keep you company until the end 
let. him. hold. your. hand. rn. 
mans yelps when he gets scared but he’s still so nice to the staff
“EE!” he’ll yelp (but he still sounds so soft idk how else to say it)
“you really got me there” he’ll say to the ghost after he composes himself, hand coming up behind his head as he does this little curtesy to the ghost 
one to aggravate the staff because he shows barely any reaction 
“that was so obvious” he’ll laugh loud after something pops up and the lights stop flashing 
it’s all in good fun for him but this is not what the haunted house staff intended???
once again i believe nothing like this would scare him 
so he’s good to have around if you’re more nervous yourself 
he knows exactly where someone would try to pop out at you guys so it doesn’t even phase him 
this one time, he beats the “ghost” at their own job and yells first. PLS the guy in costume falls back and it takes everyone out of their immersion 
he is asked to not come back after this </3
i feel like he wouldn’t be too scared but he does jump at unexpected loud noises (who wouldn’t) 
he just trembles here and there and you’d only know if you held his hand 
he’s your anchor and before you realize it, you’re his too 
so maybe he keeps an arm around you most of the time or holds your hand a little tighter 
tries to be suave, as he does 
but he’s making up for his nerves by talking to you and trying to distract himself 
PLS he’s in the middle of telling you some cheesy pickup line when something grabs his leg and his voice does this CRACK 
“y/n did you knoWwWOh”
he’s too embarrassed that he’s not scared anymore no, but he’s in his head wondering how he can undo wtf his voice just did 
he didn’t claim he wasn’t scared because he didn’t feel like he had to? 
plus he was pretty calm going into it 
at the end of the day, this haunted house is just filled with more people in costume
what he didn’t expect however is for this screeching woman to come out of this closet you were walking by 
when he realizes what he almost did he feels so bAd lmao 
luckily you can’t see how red he is in this darkness 
really really did not want to go in in the first place 
mans was just trying to save his pride ahead of time okaY 
but you got him to cave when you pouted and said, “but tooru what if i get scared and then i’m all alone” 
this changed his mindset entirely, even with him going, “well of course i’m here to protect you y/n-chan” 
bro but his grip on you when you enter is so TIGHT PLS 
the second you two are in dim light his hand is digging into your arm like CHILL 
you couldn’t even leave him in there if you wanted to 
he also may screech inside but he will die not admitting it 
atsumu and osamu: 
ofc it becomes a competition between these two 
“let’s see who gets more scared” 
“yer on, loser” 
“whatever, we all know who’s the braver twin” 
eventually they place bets on who will buy the other food and y’all make your way inside 
in conclusion: both get scared shitless and they somehow wind up holding each other’s hands regardless if there’s an s/o present 
these things also don’t really scare him 
mans is the type to watch horror movies and creepy theory videos late at night and still manage to sleep peacefully 
you may hold onto his arm while you guys walk 
he’s just out here snapping a picture of the most grotesque monster inside and captioning it with “mood” or “same” 
ohmygod he’s fun but also chaotic 
mans contributes to half the times you get surprised 
he’s so loud that him gasping or yelping is unintentionally scary 
“y/n what is that over.. THERE OH MY GOD” he booms, scaring you and those walking behind you pls 
but he always laughs off what happens to him after, saying something like, “that was a good one, y/n” 
pretty chill but he can’t help his heart racing a little 
the most that he’ll let out is a gasp or a sharp intake of breath 
he can’t really find it in himself to let out a yell or anything if he’s that surprised by something 
honorable mentions to those who just didn’t go inside, saving themselves from unnecessary stress: kenma, kita, asahi
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tartagliasgirlfriend · 14 hours ago
msby boys when you kiss them for the first time
a/n hi. drabble(-ish idk) becauseeee yeah!
warnings/tags FLUFFF WOW!! shocking, includes mbsy main 4, sha’s brain malfunctioning, gn!reader, sha being soft for msby
Tumblr media
SAKUSA KIYOOMI stares at you, wide-eyed and shocked. he swore he was dead for a moment—his heart had skipped a few beats. you were just bidding him goodbye after another date, and he was dropping you off at your house. as you both approached the front door, you suddenly grabbed his wrist and gave him a quick peck on the lips. not really a kiss as most would call it—but still, anything you do to him makes his face flush and his heart stop.
“just go home already, it’s cold out here.” he rushes you after you pull away from his lips, trying oh-so-hard to hide the grin creeping up on his face.
MIYA ATSUMU pulls you back in for another kiss. he was secretly hoping for the past week that you’d kiss him first—he wasn’t sure if you were ready to be that close yet. and when you finally do, man is ecstatic. the tips of his ears turn a bright red, and as soon as you pull away, his hands are reaching for the sides of your neck, behind your ear. his lips are warm against yours—a very big contrast to the cold snow falling on top of your heads. not that you would complain, you didn’t really like the cold that much.
“you should’ve kissed me earlier,” he frowned as you waved him goodbye, a slight smile on your face.
BOKUTO KOUTAROU shortcircuits. he’s frozen, as if he was trapped in ice—and when you pull away, he’s in the same position as he was before you even kissed him. “kou?” you raised an eyebrow. maybe it was too cold for him that he froze, you thought that he put on too much scarfs anyway. he realises what just happened, and it’s times like this where he wished that he read that wikihow article on how to kiss your significant other—he thought that he would be a natural at it. but when it came to you, he’s frozen, you make him shortcircuit in the best way possible—he doesn’t know what to do when you’re so close to him.
“i’m sorry, i’m fine, i swear.” he’d smile at you, and you sigh in relief because you can tell he didn’t hate the kiss—the crimson colour on his cheeks tell you everything.
HINATA SHOUYO melts. he literally feels his knees go weak, threatening to make him fall any second. no words can describe how elated this man felt. perhaps he’s being too dramatic, but he felt like he was going to faint when your lips met his. he’d loved you for a long time, and you’d never gotten this close to him before. so when you do, he’s melting away at your touch. you’re lucky he didn’t pass out then and there, if not there’d be some serious issues at the hospital—and how you would’ve had to explain to them that your boyfriend fainted because you kissed him.
“i did not.” shouyo argued as you asked him why he almost fell when you pulled away, refusing to admit that he’s so weak in front of you. you knew that fact too well though, hinata was never good at hiding things.
Tumblr media
I HATE THIS SO MUCH nothing comes up in my head when i try write fluffy stuff…. lmk your thoughts on this tho if yall like it ill try n do more — 051221
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aruuq · 2 days ago
Gifts Headcanons – Haikyuu Characters; Advent Calendar Day 2
Tumblr media
characters: akaashi, atsumu, bokuto, fukunaga, futakuchi, hanamaki, hinata, kageyama, kenma, kita, kuroo, oikawa, osamu, sakusa, suna, tendou, terushima, ushijima x gn!reader
genre & style: fluff
word count: 1.7k
notes: i really tried to turn my creativity on with this one
warnings: mention of food
event’s masterlist
Tumblr media
❄ Kageyama seems like a really awkward person. He wants to show you how much you mean to him, but at the same time he doesn’t want to scare you. Tobio’s terrified that if he buys you something much cheaper than a gift that you bought for him, you’ll be upset; but at the same time if he buys you something wayyyy too expensive, he’s scared of you feeling uncomfortable with a cheap gift. There is only one solution to this situation. Kageyama buys you a few gifts (the range of them is from a carton of favorite yoghurt to a gold necklace with little gems in a charm), and he only gives you your present after he receives his, so that he knows which one should he pick.
❄ This precious ball of sunshine sees the whole world in you. Hinata loves you and wants to share his passion for volleyball with you, so he buys you a ball from his favourite brand (be it Mikasa or Molten). Then he tries his best in wrapping it in a red ribbon, and ta-dah! He gives you your present with a bunch of hand-made coupons for private lessons of volleyball with him!
❄ Kuroo looks like a man who would buy you a giant bouquet of your favourite flowers (they can be artificial if you are allergic), and invite you for dinner in an expensive restaurant. He prefers experiences over material goods, so he makes sure to take you somewhere interesting after eating! It may be a simple walk over a nearby lake, or a night in an arcades, Tetsurou choses it based on your likings!
❄ Kenma is a simple boy. Don’t expect him to give you anything other than a game. But don’t get me wrong. He does it only so you can both spend more time together playing this one specific game you’ve been wanting to play with him for so long. But if you really really don’t like playing games, then he buys you something different that has to be connected with your hobby, and preferably, is useful.
❄ Fukunaga wants to give you something you’ll remember forever. That is exactly why he prepares you something to be an experience you will never forget. Your date starts with a dinner he cooked himself, then it moves to his room where he’s prepared a comfy seat for you to rest while he tells you all sorts of jokes he specially prepared for this occasion.
❄ I think that our Grand King starts looking for a gift for you wayyyy too early. It’s only September, when he creates a note in his planner with ideas of what he could possibly get for you. The funniest thing is that, when time finally comes when he’s facing the decision of buying you something, Oikawa goes blank. There’s way too many options scribbled on the dedicated page in his notebook, and across random places (like his note app on the phone, receipts, tissues, pages of magazines). Finally, he proceeds to buy you something he’s remembered you talking about a long time ago, ignoring all of his helpful notes.
❄ You expect him to give you something stupid. A shirt with a low quality meme printed on it, a whole box of these lighters that shock you with electricity when you use it, or just a silly trinket that reminds him of you. But Hanamaki has different plans for a gift for you. After he saw an ad with some beauty products on your phone that seemed to attract your attention, he decided to buy it for you. It may be a mascara, eyeshadow palette, a moisturizing cream or literally anything that makes him think “Wow. A beauty product. So cool.” It doesn’t necessarily need to be a beauty-beauty product, it just has to scream to his little brain that it is a beauty product. He also wants it to be tested on him right after you open it, because he’s curious how good a job he did by buying it for you.
❄ Bokuto is very excited about the idea of exchanging gifts with you. The big boy that he is with the character that he has, I’m sure he buys you a giant teddy bear that’s his height. He wants you to be able to hug him even if it’s not actually him but a plushy. He also gives you a self-made Christmas card that may be a bit crooked and uneven, and stained with way too much glitter, and maybe some of the kanjis are misspelled, but it’s from Bokuto. And that’s what matters the most.
❄ I think that Akaashi buys you something he knows you want but you will never buy it yourself, cause you think it’s not worth the money (even tho you really want it). For some people this thing might be some clothes, for others a book, and for different ones a game or a phone case or literally anything, so I will not give you any specifics. But you get what I mean.
❄ Ushijima straightforwardly asks you if there’s anything you need so that he can provide this to you. He knows he’s not good at reading people, so he doesn’t want to upset you by giving you an unwanted gift. Your ideal answer would be showing him the exact product that you want (for example showing him the exact pair of shoes you want) – he can also work with a specific item (something like I just want a long blue dress or I want a new coffeemaker) – but what feels like a nightmare to him is you saying that you doesn’t care what he gets you. It probably ends with him buying you a horrifying porcelain statue he’s found in the local bazaar or other weird shit.
❄ Tendou, honestly, is a cutie. His idea for a gift is easy. It’s plain. And maybe basic. But it’s something you associate with him the most. He gives you a giant hand-made chocolate bar with nuts or dried fruits in it shaped like your favourite anime or cartoon character. Tendou even goes one step further and adds tiny gold particles in it to make it more bourgeois. And if you are allergic to cocoa – he does it with white chocolate. And if you don’t like white chocolate – he adds crushed freeze-dried fruit to change its taste.
❄ He’s a rational but romantic man. For sure Kita buys you something he knows will be useful in your everyday life that also reminds you of him. It may be a handkerchief that he himself has embroidered floral patterns on it, because he knows you always complain after eating a meal in public that your hands are dirty, and you don’t want to wipe them in your palms; it may be a wallet he has put his picture in before giving it to you, due to the fact that yours has a broken zipper; or a metal key ring with a fox pendant, ‘cause he knows you always lose your keys.
❄ He’s a funny little man, I love him. Atsumu for sure buys you something very original, you’ll remember for ages. My personal headcanon of him is that he highly craves adrenaline, so I think he’ll buy you a voucher for a bungee jump or a parachute jump, or diving with sharks. He also buys one for himself, so you are not alone while doing this crazy thing.
❄ Suna is a lil shit. When you meet for the exchanging of gifts, he acts surprised as if he’s forgotten about it. No matter if you are disappointed or you tell him that nothing has happened, he continues his little game until you two arrive at his place. In the middle of a movie marathon, he hands you an envelope with tickets. These can be tickets to the cinema, to an amusement park, or for a train to a place you've been wanting to go for a long time.
❄ Osamu invites you over for dinner. But it's not just any dinner. It’s a dinner you could buy for a lot of money at a bourgie restaurant, the one with twelve courses, decades-old wine, and someone playing violin in the background (it’s probably someone from his team that has taken a few lessons in their childhood, but hey! it’s the efforts that matters). Oh, he also sends Atsumu to one of their friends, so that you can spend this precious time alone, without the interruption of his annoying (ily Atsumu, dw) twin brother.
❄ Sakusa buys you something small and classy you can wear on special events. It can be a pretty gold brooch, silver cufflinks or a tie clip matching your favourite tie. He wants you to think about him while in situations where you may be stressed, surrounded by lots of people talking to you and not giving you a moment to breathe. When your fingers clasp onto the present he’s given you, you already feel better, even if he’s not by your side.
❄ I think that Futakuchi may try to include a bit of everything when preparing a gift for you. A bit of something hand-made, a bit of something he has to buy, a bit of going out, a bit of food, a bit of something he’s seen you wanting for a long time and a bit of surprise. When you mix it all together, the only thing I can imagine is preparing a round of scavenger hunt. You need to go after the hints he has scattered around the city, only to find out that the final place is his backyard. He then gives you the real present, being something you’ve really wanted, and orders a takeout you can eat in his room while enjoying each other’s presence.
❄ Terushima’s idea for a present for you is at the same time really predictable, but not really. It suits him tho. He makes sure you will not know what he has prepared for you until the moment of exchanging gifts. Terushima buys you pretty (and probably expensive) jewelry for your favourite piercing – and if you don’t have any, he takes you to his piercer and tells you that you can do whatever you want; no matter how many you want, he'll pay for them all.
Tumblr media
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terriblecorpse · 2 days ago
head post
A brief explanation of what the fuck is happening below is; I am a smut and fluff fic writer who is above the age of 21 and this is where I dump what I write for my friend and I. The only fandoms I’m writing is JJK and Naruto.
JJK -/ Gojo, Toji, Sukuna, Geto
Naruto -/ Uchiha clan (Izuna and Shisui are aged-up), Kakashi, Deidara, Shikamaru, Hinata, Naruto, Kohan, Hashirama
Tumblr media
𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐧𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬
getting breed by him -/ 𝐒𝐚𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐞, 𝐈𝐧𝐝𝐫𝐚, 𝐌𝐚𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐚, 𝐎𝐛𝐢𝐭𝐨
licking/sucking on his balls -/ 𝐒𝐚𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐞, 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐤𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐮, 𝐈𝐭𝐚𝐜𝐡𝐢, 𝐃𝐞𝐢𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐚
sucking on his cock -/ 𝐓𝐨𝐣𝐢, 𝐆𝐨𝐣𝐨, 𝐆𝐞𝐭𝐨, 𝐒𝐮𝐤𝐮𝐧𝐚
he gets you off in front of his friends -/ 𝐓𝐨𝐣𝐢, 𝐆𝐨𝐣𝐨, 𝐆𝐞𝐭𝐨, 𝐒𝐮𝐤𝐮𝐧𝐚
𝐟𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬
the comfort he gives when your sad/stressed -/ 𝐌𝐚𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐚, 𝐒𝐚𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐞, 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐬𝐮𝐢, 𝐎𝐛𝐢𝐭𝐨 -/ 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐬𝐮𝐢 is aged up
what it’s like to snuggle him -/ 𝐊𝐚𝐤𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐢, 𝐎𝐛𝐢𝐭𝐨, 𝐌𝐚𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐚, 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐤𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐮
your first kiss with him -/ 𝐌𝐚𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐚, 𝐎𝐛𝐢𝐭𝐨, 𝐒𝐚𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐞, 𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐤𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐮
the kisses he gives that stick out the most -/ 𝐓𝐨𝐣𝐢, 𝐆𝐨𝐣𝐨, 𝐆𝐞𝐭𝐨, 𝐒𝐮𝐤𝐮𝐧𝐚
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sunbeamx · a day ago
How your first kiss with them would go
Tumblr media
with: songs
genre: fluff
type: song cannons (I CAME UP WITH A CONCEPT BYE)
ft: multiple characters x gn!reader
a/n: i have no clue how to name it so i’m just gonna give a gist. it’s basically songs with time stamps and a little description about the setting. idk how else to say it just read you’ll see😭
Tumblr media
Right at 1:03
i wrote a song for you, and all the things you do, and it was called yellow
You’re in his room and he probably has the LED lights on
The both of you are messing around, and you’re throwing pillows at him cause he said something stupid
The song’s playing in the background and all of a sudden he holds you by the waist and rests his hand under your chin
He looks into your eyes for what seems like forever
And smiles right before his lips crash yours
Oikawa, Kuroo, Tendou, Hinata, Bokuto, Terushima
at 1:12
your voice lives in my head, when i’m in bed, when i’m not feeling confident
When he’s listening to music while trying to make breakfast but you’re touch deprived
And you’ve just woken up so you’re very drowsy
You just hug him from the back
He turns around to face you with a smile like you’ve never seen before
He pulls you in his arms, your face buried in his chest
The song starts playing in the back since the music is on shuffle
You start swaying to the melody and he holds you by the arms causing you to look at him
Then he smiles and leans in to kiss you
“Good morning”
Ushijima, Akaashi, Kita, Suga, Kyotani, Osamu
at 1:48
as long as i got you, i’m gonna be alright, as long as i got you, i’m not afraid to die
You both get off the bus, hand in hand
The both of you have one earplug in your ears and are listening to music together
When you’re walking the cloud water starts tumbling down
You rush to find shelter but suddenly you felt him grab your hand by the wrist
The songs playing
“as long as I got you”
He starts singing while leaning closer to you
“i’m gonna be alright”
You stop dead in the tracks and look into his eyes; they’re filled with nothing but love
“as long as i got you”
The words are now almost a whisper as he leans in to the point where both your foreheads are against each other
“i’m not afraid to die”
His lips finally meet yours
Atsumu, Daichi, Kenma, Matsukawa, Konoha, Suna
After the song ends
You both likes eachother
EVERYONE knew but you both just couldn’t believe the fact that the other liked you
So everyone set up a plan
They both dragged you to a party and set up a karaoke machine
You both were forced to sing together
He finally took the risk and help you hand the whole time you both sang
After the song was over it was like it was just the both of you in the room
He kissed you like there was no tomorrow
Asahi, Nishinoya, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Yamaguchi, Lev, Iwaizumi, Semi
Tumblr media
taglist: join here
@ri-days @just-that-bi-girl @bokubear @yatsurinamikaze @sakusaww @mxtchalilies
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angelicstrwbrry · 2 days ago
how they love you >♡<
Tumblr media
->soft whispers through cold winds. hands interlocked so tightly as if they are afraid if their grip loosens, you'll fly away like the snow delicately dancing it's merry way. protective and firm, however delicate in both their words, and their touches. all of this only to affirm the world that they never want to let you go.
♡IWAIZUMI, noya, tsukishima, USHIJIMA,
->exciting and carefree, filled with the joy of a child in a toy store. they truthfully feel so blessed to have an angel like you in their life and have made it a personal mission to show you this everyday. they know your ups and downs, the bad and ugly, but they never could love anyone more. gifts and confessions of love become commonplace in your life with their sweet smile as accompaniment.
♡tendō, HINATA, BOKUTO, daichi
->comforting like a candle. a warm. calming presence that only they seem to be able to provide. it seems as though they read your mind with the amount of simple affection that somehow just is what you needed. communication on a completely stellar level to the point that you know when they smile and hand you a cup of tea, pressing a kiss to your head, that they are loving you in the best way.
Tumblr media
dec 3.
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oooobokuto · a day ago
honestly just thinking about fireman!daichi who constantly keeps you up whenever he suddenly is on call, but once he finally comes home to you, it’s the best feeling in the world. it’s tough being married to someone who works in such a dangerous force, and you know that he would do anything to make sure his team and the families he’s saving make it out alive, even if it means that he might have to put his own at risk. that’s just him. what can i say? he’s got a heart of gold. anyways, he comes home, looking a little worn and tired, but that’s how you both know that he did well. his buddies insisted that he slept at the station that night, told him it was too dangerous to drive home, but all he could say to them was “gotta get back to my girl.” and he does. he always does. he comes back home to you, and he sees you on the couch, watching some stupid show on netflix, and he immediately scoops you up in to his arms, carrying you into bed. he spends the rest of the night inside of you, letting you know he’s really there. he’s really home. 
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kingscourtofcrows · 7 hours ago
Haikyuu!! & Lust
Who can’t concentrate when you’re talking because all they can think about is pushing you up against a wall and kissing you breathless?
Hinata, Akaashi, Sugawara, Yamaguchi, Kenma, Lev, Iwaizumi, Yachi
Who can’t stop staring at you when you’re doing a simple task because the way your ass looks when you bend over makes them want to push you over the end of the couch and fuck you until you can’t speak?
KUROO, Tsukishima, Ushijima, Kageyama, Tanaka, Kyoutani
Who just wants to rip your shirt off and and tease you until you’re begging because your crop top rides up every time you move or reach for something and seeing that much skin drives them crazy?
Bokuto, Daichi, Ennoshita, Asahi, Nishinoya, OIKAWA, Kiyoko
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christeningsakusa · a day ago
[hq boys] can they do their daughters hair?
no. honestly almost afraid of it? he’s afraid of brushing too hard, or having to untangle a knot. his fingers don’t have the dexterity to tie a pony tail, or keep the strands of braids in place. will watch you everytime though because his baby girl is just too precious.
ᥫ᭡ bokuto, tanaka, ushijima, iwazumi
he tries his best. poor thing has watched about a million “easy hair tutorials”, but no matter how gentle he tries to be with the brush she always ends up in tears. he’ll look up at you with a defeated look, handing you the brush. hasn’t given up though and will jump to at least start every time she needs a new ‘do.
ᥫ᭡ hinata, kuroo, sakusa, daichi
yes! but it’s a little messy. has mastered the perfect park time, spaghetti for dinner, “daddy i’m hot” pony, but still struggles with some of the more complex hair styles like pig tails and braids. can normally detangle but some times has to refer to you if it’s too knotted.
ᥫ᭡ yamaguchi, tendo, aran, kenma
you don’t even get to touch a brush most days. was he a hair stylist in his past life? he’s got those tiny rubber pony tails coming out of pockets 24/7. no braid is too complex, no style is out of reach. if you do happen to pick up a brush it’s usually accompanied with “no daddy do it”.
ᥫ᭡ atsumu, akaashi, suga, kageyama
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shoyotime · 18 hours ago
v. — NOT jealous
warnings : none | series m.list
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nez's notes.
-> im so sorry for not updating, i didn't plan on doing it today either but tbh i wasn't abt to focus on studies
-> also yes, kenma can bake !
-> yachi panicked assuming that you thought she and shoyo were dating pls </3
taglist : open ; fill this form.
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kurooslove · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Good Girls Piss On Their Daddies
Tumblr media
+ Content Warnings: Piss kink, vaginal penetration, unprotected intercourse, forced soiling
+ Genre: Smut (18+)
+ Cast: Timeskip!Hinata x Female!Reader
+ Director’s Notes: Ah I’m sorry for the slight disappearance but I’m back for now with dom Hinata ;) I don’t really like this but I’m sure it’ll do!
+ WC: 856
Tumblr media
Jabbing jolts of painful aches spasmed through your legs as you were forced to keep bouncing up and down on your boyfriend’s thick cock. His toned hands gripped at your hips, keeping you steady with his guidance as his eyes studied your features heavily as if he were waiting for you to disobey any instructions given. Prying your eyes open slightly, you peered down at the man below you who was resting against the headboard, his lips parted as his chest rose. The sight alone was enough to spawn butterflies in your stomach while you engaged in curling your toes.
Soon enough, the aching sensations were overridden as a strong feeling began to grow within your lower tummy. Realisation struck and you whined out pathetically, shaky hands reaching for his tanned arms as you attempted to stop despite his orders. Unfortunately for yourself, Hinata already had everything memorised, from the way you indicate disobedience to how he deals with it.
“Sho-!” You cried out as he bucked his hips up to meet yours, the angry, reddened tip smashing into your cervix. The air was ripped from your lungs and your eyes rolled back into their sockets, showing the delicate white colouration of your optic orbs. Your hands flexed, taking a hold of his arms in desperation as your tight walls sporadically clamped down on this twitching length.
“You never follow rules, do you?” He spat, brows stiffened in annoyance at your defiance as his hands clutched more relentlessly into your hips. “I don’t know why I don’t just fuck the brattiness out of you.” The tone laced within his voice was unforgiving, words dripping with venom as they singularly rolled off of his tongue, each one like a slap to the face. A groan left your parted mouth, eyes closing as you gathered the strength to speak once again.
“Sho, please…I need..-“ Your words ceased to continue, embarrassment flooding into your exhausted body that soon become evident in your cheeks as they shifted colour. Mustering up the courage, you began to talk again, eyes opening in which they immediately landed on your boyfriend before you. “I need to pee…” Humiliation dug into your skin like a thousand needles as the words tumbled from out of your mouth. You watched on as Hinata raised a single eyebrow in amusement. The motion tipped the awkwardness over the edge, resulting in you flicking your eyes down to his abdomen while you removed your hands from him before fiddling with your fingers.
Breaking the silence, the spiker chuckled lowly at your announcement. He revelled in the way you bit down upon your lower lip in ignominy, adoring how you, his sweet and innocent doll, always fell into mortification over small things. “Oh well..” He trailed off, knuckles turning white as his grasp constricted your waist. “You’ll just have to hold it won’t you?” The rhetorical question fell on deaf ears as pleasure struck again deep within your core as Hinata ground you down onto his cock. A harsh whine slipped past your lips as your head tipped back slightly at the different sensations mixing together like an absurd cooking recipe.
“No no please I’ll be quick.” Entreaties fled you as you endeavoured to still your hips but your attempt was deemed futile as the man’s grasp was unmistakably stronger than your own.
Deep, velvety brown eyes trailed down from your pleasure stricken expression to the region where you both met. Hinata's shaft was nestled perfectly within your cunt, plugging all of your slick inside your warmth while he continued to move your hips against himself. With a groan, he composed himself before beginning to speak to you.
"If you're that desperate to relieve yourself, why don't you just go right here, right on top of me." A mischievous glint shimmered in his eyes as one of his hands reached over to your lower tummy, pushing down with his fingers just to watch you squirm before him. The way his thick fingers nudged into the plush flesh had you teetering on the edge of something horrendous. You couldn't afford to let yourself break like this, however, Hinata seemed to be intoxicated with the idea of you soiling yourself on him.
The dam was close to breaking, cracking as the pressure grew stronger with each prod your boyfriend delivered to your bladder. He was relentless, not caring to listen to your begging as he loosened up the barrier deep inside you.
As he pushed his fingers onto your skin once more, the intense need became too much and you allowed the wall to shatter under the weight. The golden urine splashed out from your tiny hole, soaking both of you and the bed below. Your entire face was coated in a deep shade of red which you instantly covered with your hands out of pure embarrassment. Your boyfriend noticed this, immediately stopping his movements before reaching up to cup your face within the palm of his calloused hand. The action calmed you, allowing you to slide your hands away from your face slightly to look at the man in front of you.
"Now that you've been a good girl for me, how about I give you a reward?"
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dearomi · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
featuring… fem!reader, sakusa, bokuto, atsumu, meian, hinata
warnings… dumbification if you squint real hard, some lovey dovey talk
word count… a little over 1k
a message from shae… lil repost from my old blog
Tumblr media
riding koutarou is an experience, to say the least. he’s not one to give up power, and whether he’s aware of it or not, he controls every little move you make. from his hands gripping and squeezing your waist, pushing and pulling so that you’re grinding on his fat cock, to his gentle words, lips bright pink and slick with spit as he whispers, “that’s it, baby. you’ve got it, feel good for me.” those last four words are repeated over and over as he holds you still, feet pressed into the mattress as he fucks up into you with everything he’s got, watching your tits bounce and eyes roll to the back of your head. despite the fact that you’re very clearly losing your mind on his cock, he’s still unaware of the fact that he holds the power, the fact that you’re taking heed to his every wish. he still begs and pleads, “cum for me baby, i wanna make you feel good,” his voice raised a few octaves, need dripping with every word. “can i cum? can i cum inside you, pretty girl?’’
a tease, such a tease. it’s like he knows you won’t be able to take it, he knows he’ll end up having to flip the two of you over and make himself cum because his pretty baby fucked herself stupid on his cock. he’ll egg you on, lips quirked into a smirk as he asks if you can take it. if you’re looking too confident, a little less fucked out than he’d like, he latches to your nipples, pinching and pulling and sucking and biting while he keeps a hand on your clit, rubbing the swollen bud harshly— as if he wants to see you all dumb and cock-drunk. when he knows you can’t take anymore, when your legs shake and wobble and your pussy’s creaming around him, making a sticky white mess around the base of his cock, he’ll pull you closer, lips ghosting over your ear as he asks, “who’s cock is this?” he grins when you babble out, “mine, ‘s mine, ‘s mine,” over and over again, eyes squeezed shut, hips grinding against his with desperation. “yeah? fuck it, then— fuck me. prove that this is yer cock, baby.”
kiyoomi likes to see you on top of him, likes to see and worship every inch of you while you use him to get off. he runs his fingers over every curve and dip of your body, taking note of which spots make you giggle, and which spots make you shudder and let out a heavy, sultry sigh. he doesn’t focus on how good you make him feel (although his head is spinning with how fucking good you’re making him feel), he keeps his attention and how good he wants to make you feel. he wants you creaming and squirting and dripping down his balls before he’ll even think about cumming himself. he keeps his fingers splayed out over your tummy, his thumb rubbing circles over your clit while you lose yourself in him. this is what he loves the most, watching you let yourself go— if you let yourself drown in him, he’ll do the same. he’ll get lost in you, lost in the love and desire he feels all at the same time, keeping his eyes stuck to yours, whispering “i love you” as you cum, praising you when you fuck yourself through it, his eyes trained on where the two of you meet, where you bounce on him like it’s the only thing you know how to do. “just like that, angel. use that cock— you deserve it.”
another one who just wants to appreciate you. he’s used to fucking you, ramming his cock as deep as it’ll go, leaving you a sticky, sweaty mess before the nights over with, but shugo lacks experience in making love to you like this. it’s a rare sight, seeing him relaxed into the mattress, eyes glassy and mouth hung open, his fat cock buried deep in your cunt while you bounce in his lap. he stares in wonder, his heart nearly bursting out of his chest when you reach for his hand, pulling it towards your hip so he gets the message and rests both of his hands on your hips. he can’t help but let out low grunts and groans as you lean forwards, hands pressed to his broad chest, hips rolling slowly. he’s bewildered as you cum— it’s not like he’s never seen it before, but he’s never seen it like this. the love of his life, above him, back arched, eyes shut, mouth hung open as you let out the prettiest noises he’d ever heard. you look like an angel, he decides— he can almost see your halo as you come down from your high. his trails his hands up, gripping your waist, squeezing and pulling your chest to his. he can’t help but gawk at you, unashamedly staring in awe. “you’re fucking perfect. can’t believe you’re mine.”
to put it simply, he can’t handle it. the second he sees you sink down on him, sees your lips spread while your cunt swallows him whole, he nearly passes out. his eyes roll back, a lewd, porn-worthy moan escaping his lips— he’s totally gone. soon enough, the two of you are rutting against each other, your movements frenzied, near panicked, as if one of you could disappear from the other's arms at any given moment. he meets every rut and roll of your hips with ease, fucking you like he misses you, like he hasn’t seen you in months. he doesn’t stop until both of you have cum more than once, until you’re both shaking and sweating. then he’ll sink into the mattress, watching as you keep going, keep grinding and bouncing your puffy cunt on his cock, nearly using him as a toy. he’s too pussy-drunk to speak in full sentences, simply babbling a mix of “thank you” and “i love you” as he fills up your pussy again and again.
Tumblr media
© DEAROMI 2021
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kurosukii · 2 months ago
imagine "accidentally" sending nudes to the msby 4 guys (individually)
☀︎ MINORS DNI 18+ ONLY — male masturbation, filming/taking a picture, mentions of fingering, tit-fucking, sex toy, kind of exhibitionism, msby boys have naughty thoughts about you <3
Tumblr media
❖ — ATSUMU wipes his wet hands on a paper towel before he reaches for his phone when he hears it buzz in his pocket. he blinks once and suddenly he finds himself locked in one of the bathroom stalls in his brother's restaurant. his mouth drops down in shock as his eyes widen upon scrutinizing the photo you sent him. you're on all fours, back arched with your naked ass beckoning him. he groans as he bumps his head on the door, seeing a sliver of your pussy lips teasing him. his cock is already hard and there's no other thing to do but relieve himself of the problem you gave him. atsumu zooms in your glistening cunt as he dips his hand down his pants and pulls his cock out, biting his lower lip as he rapidly strokes his shaft to the thought of fucking you from behind as you moan his name again and again.
❖ — BOKUTO thinks he's having his regular wet dream in which you're always the star. his naturally owlish eyes grow wider when he sees the risqué photo that you may have accidentally sent him; your eyes are glossy, lips between your teeth as two fingers are buried in your wet cunt. bokuto groans low in his throat, feeling his cock twitch and harden in his shorts underneath the blanket. he looks to his left, seeing that roommate is facing away from him, and thinks fuck it before he quietly pulls his shorts down until his aching cock springs free and slaps against his stomach. he bites his lip to stifle his whine as he looks at your picture again, large hand wrapped around his shaft as heavy pants and the slick sounds of him fisting his cock to your lewd picture fills the dark room—imagining that it's his thicker and longer fingers playing with your cunt.
❖ — HINATA groans as he tilts his head back towards his locker, silently thanking every god or deity out there that he's the only one left in the locker room, because there's no way he'll ever show the rest of the guys a photo of you cupping your bare tits with your fingers pinching your nipples. his face is hot and red as he turns around, his forehead pressing against the cold metal as he tugs his shorts down until they're pooled around his ankles. he reaches for the hem of his shirt and puts them between his teeth, his cock leaking and angry as he angles his phone so that his hand wrapped around his dick fills the screen. hinata presses play and closes his eyes tightly, vividly picturing that he's fucking your tits and cumming all over your chest and neck.
❖ — SAKUSA grunts as his phone dings, his eyebrows furrowed in annoyance as he remembers how he explicitly told his teammates not to contact him on his day off. but his expression quickly becomes dumbfounded when he realizes that it's you and the photo you sent is something that he has only daydreamed of. you're squatting, and not only that, you're squatting with a dildo inside of you. sakusa's brain short-circuits when he realizes that the toy is eerily similar to that of his own cock. he doesn't care if the photo isn't meant for him or that he already has his hand down his pants as his thumb smears a bead of pre-cum leaking from his tip. he moans your name breathily, pulling his pants down to his thighs as he takes a photo of his hand wrapped around his thick cock before throwing his phone to the side. he starts stroking his cock, squeezing his shaft tightly as he imagines it's your wet pussy clenching and dragging along the length of him.
Tumblr media
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luvbub · 3 months ago
(this is a req btw u can ignore this!) // angst
scenario with any of the hq boys where ur bf had to kiss the most attractive person in the room and he didnt kiss u so his friend (who likes u maybe) saves/defends u
“kiss the most attractive person in the room”
Tumblr media
feat. Bokuto, Sakusa, Hinata, Atsumu
♡ note: f!reader
♡ a/n: I have to clarify that your bf in this scenario IS NOT another hq boy!!
♡ part two, part three
Tumblr media
The room fell dead silent. No one spoke a word, but they all glanced at one another, all thinking the same thing.
Poor Y/n.
Your boyfriend was dared to kiss the most attractive person in the room, and in his drunken stupor he stumbled his way over to ex, effectively making out with her. You couldn’t say you were surprised by this- you always did feel like you were just a replacement- a rebound of sorts.
Still, you made your way out and onto the balcony, alone and away from everyone. You heard some sort of commotion inside, but what did it matter really.
And a few moments later, Bokuto comes out to join you, resting his arms on the balcony railing.
“If it makes you feel any better.... I punched him” he admits, and you chuckle.
“As a friend should” you murmur, resting your head on his shoulder. But Bokuto didn’t chuckle back, in fact, he was silent- a rare occurrence for him.
“Kou?” you ask, lifting your head, and you see Bokuto’s sad longing gaze towards you.
He leans his forehead onto yours, sighing to himself.
“Yup, just as friends should” he mutters, staring off to the empty street in front of him. Because as long as you’re still with your jerk of a boyfriend, that’s all Bokuto could ever be for you.
You stay silent for a moment before smiling to yourself, giving Bokuto a small nudge to catch his attention.
“I’m thinking about breaking up with him you know. I mean, I’ve been thinking about it for a while- but I always held on because I gave him the benefit of the doubt. And then tonight happened... so I think it’s a sign” you say, watching Bokuto slowly nod at your words.
“So,” you continue, turning your gaze back onto the street, resting your head on his shoulder once again, “if you ever think we should change our ‘friend’ status to something else.. just let me know”
You don’t see the way Bokuto shakes his head in disbelief, a grin forming on his face. But his hand finds yours, and he holds it tight.
“Alright, I’ll be sure to tell you then”
Sakusa wouldn’t normally go to any party- especially one thrown by your boyfriend. But you had urged him to go so he (begrudgingly) attends.
Fortunately- or maybe unfortunately- he arrived right at the beginning of truth or dare. And within in the two turns, things had gone horrendously wrong.
In the first turn, a girl answered truth. And when she had to name someone she would hookup with, she named your boyfriend. But that could be overlooked.. right?
Well when it was your boyfriend’s turn and he received the dare of kissing the most attractive person, he got right up to kiss the girl who wanted to hookup with him. You stood from where you sat, absolutely in shock of what had just happened. But before you could make any rash decisions, Sakusa holds you back.
When your asshole of a boyfriend turns around, seeing you in the arms of another man, he rushes up to the two of you, ready to confront Sakusa.
“How the hell did you get your driver’s license when you’re that blind?” Sakusa asks, carefully moving you behind him just in case any violence ensued. You hugged him tight, wondering if Sakusa could feel your heart beating hard.
“No but really, like I guess no offense to that girl for trying to get with a taken guy, but her morals are shit” Sakusa says out loud, and the girl becomes red with embarrassment when the people around her begin to laugh. But Sakusa turns back to your boyfriend, getting more pissed off the more he looked at your boyfriend’s face.
“What kind of sorry excuse of a boyfriend would ever think to kiss someone else when they have the most attractive s/o ever by their side? What more do you want from Y/n?” Sakusa asks, his towering height now apparent as he straightens up his posture.
Your boyfriend rolls his eyes, but secretly he did not want to get into any physical altercation- especially with Sakusa.
“Whatever, if you want to date Y/n go ahead” he mutters, effectively breaking up with you on the spot, and turning his attention back to the girl from earlier.
Sakusa escorts you out of the party, holding onto your hand tight. You gave it a little squeeze, catching his attention.
“Thanks.... for defending me back there” you murmur, “I really appreciate it”
He nods at you, and hesitates for a second before leaning down to give you a quick peck on the cheek. You don’t move away or protest, in fact you felt your own cheeks getting warm despite the cool air outside.
“I would’ve kissed you if I got the dare” he admits, his cheeks tinted a rosy pink. Sakusa didn’t want to progress any further just yet,- after all you had just been humiliated and dumped by your boyfriend.
He could be patient and wait for you to be ready. Heck, he’s been patient for as long as he could remember.
There was no rush for him.
You smiled when you heard the dare your boyfriend was given.
Kiss the most attractive person in the room.
You turn towards him, expecting for him to kiss you- but to your horror, he made his way to the other side of the circle, kissing another girl- and for quite a while too. You didn’t know how to react. It was an absolute slap on the face to witness that. And when your boyfriend returned to his seat next to you, he saw the look on your face and shrugged.
“What? C’mon babe, when else am I gonna get the chance to kiss her?” he chuckles, and some of his own friends laugh as well. You were utterly embarrassed, but you didn’t want to make a scene, so you stay put. Tears were threatening to spill out of your eyes, but thank goodness the dimly lit room hid that from others.
“Wait can I get that prompt too?” someone asks, and there’s more laughter ensuing. You look up, recognizing that voice.
“Sure Hinata, go kiss the most attractive person in this room” one of your boyfriend’s friends says, and Hinata nods, slowly standing up.
Without any hesitation, Hinata walks directly over to you, kneeling down next to you. You blink at him in surprise, was he actually in front of you right now? Did he have you mistaken for someone else in this dim light?
“Hi Y/n” he says, smiling softly at you. His voice was enough to get your heart to flutter- something you felt guilty about feeling given that your boyfriend was sitting right next to you. Then again, you just saw your boyfriend’s true colors unfold right before you.
“Hinata what the f-” but your boyfriend is quickly interrupted.
“C’mon man, when else am I gonna get the chance to kiss them” Hinata mocks, ensuing more laughter from the crowd.
Hinata cups your cheek with one hand, “You don’t have to you know, just let me know, and I’ll back away.”
But to Hinata’s surprise, you leaned in first, kissing him. He slowly melted into the kiss, and you felt the butterflies in your stomach fluttering around. You wanted more, but Hinata quickly pulled away. His eyes slightly widen at you and he nervously covers his mouth with the back of his hand. You can barely make out a slight blush forming on his cheeks. He nods at you before returning back to his seat.
You’re still in a daze, not realizing that your own boyfriend has his hand resting on your thigh, his eyes shooting glares at Hinata. Hinata knows better than to fall for someone who’s already taken. It’ll only cause awkwardness and his own broken heart. But he sees the way you snap out of your thoughts. You side eye your boyfriend before shooing away his hand off your thigh. And when the two of you make eye contact, you give him a shy smile.
Hm, maybe, just maybe, Hinata’s willing to pursue this.
Now, you would think when your boyfriend is dared to kiss the most attractive person in the room, he’d choose his own s/o. You would think.
So why the heck was he approaching some girl at the party? Not just that, but the same girl who you told your boyfriend you were uncomfortable with because it felt like she wanted to steal him away. The same girl he said not to worry about.
And when you see the smirk on the girl’s face right before she kisses your boyfriend, you get sinking feeling in your stomach, turning away to not look at the kiss. You wanted to disappear from everyone- you could sense the pity they took upon you.
“She’s B-tier at best” Atsumu hollers out, causing an uproar of laughter. You look up, and you see your boyfriend and the girl, both annoyed at Atsumu’s outburst.
“Dude, tell me why you have the most attractive person on this planet as your s/o and you go kissing the Wal-Mart version of them? As if there aren’t thousands of people waiting to date Y/n if given the chance” Atsumu says, and you feel your cheeks getting warmer with each praises he throws at you.
Atsumu makes his way towards you, and when he’s standing right in front of you, he wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you close.
“I- ‘Tsumu are you drunk” you ask, wondering where his sudden outburst is coming from. It was already embarrassing for your boyfriend to kiss someone else on his accord, you didn’t want to be further embarrassed by Atsumu’s little performance he was showing.
“I’m not.” he firmly says, his tone was serious. All of the lightheartedness from his earlier spiel was gone. If the music in the room wasn’t so loud, the room could’ve heard your heart beating.
“So many people are heard over heels for you Y/n, including me” he admits, leaning in to kiss you. And to everyone’s surprise, you kiss him back, limiting a roar of cheers from everyone else.
It was a brief kiss- but it felt like forever. And when Atsumu parts lips with you, he can’t help but smile. He pulls you in closer for a hug, resting his chin at the top of your head.
To no one’s surprise, your boyfriend breaks up with you then and there- outraged that you kissed another person. But the rest of the party berates your boyfriend for being a hypocrite, causing him and the other girl to leave the party.
When they’re gone, Atsumu pulls you aside, out of the eyes of others, making sure you were alright.
“Did you mean that?” you ask him, taking him by surprise. You had to make sure, that the little stunt Atsumu had pulled was genuine- that he wasn’t just saying those words as a performance.
Atsumu shakes his head at you, cupping your face to kiss you on the forehead.
“If anything, I didn’t even get close enough to expressing all of my feelings for you Y/n” he softly says, resting his forehead on yours.
And you knew that his words were anything but a performance.
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tobiokuns · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
— morning after with haikyuu boys
Tumblr media
summary: when you wake up after an amazing night, you’re sad to see that he’s not there anymore. [start / next] tags: suggestive content + aged up characters, hurt/comfort + angst to fluff, insecurities featuring: bokuto koutarou, miya atsumu, sakusa kiyoomi, hinata shoyo image credit: @seerlight on twitter
Tumblr media
—bokuto koutarou
when you wake up and bokuto is no longer in the bed beside you, you think, ah, i should’ve expected this. he’s always been popular, going off to do big things, and there was no way that he would settle for you.   
you think that the way his eyes sparkled as he rocked into you last night, chanting you’re amazing, y/n, must have been just in the heat of the moment, because there’s just no way bokuto, larger than life, would want someone as quiet as you. then your phone pings, and you see a text from him.
bokuto [10:12am] hey hey, i had a great time last night  ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ bokuto [10:12am] have a good day y/n!!!
your heart lightens a little, but you notice that he doesn’t say that he wants to see you again, so you turn off your phone and leave him on read. he was probably just being nice anyway. 
a day passes, and you don’t receive any more messages from him, so you think you’re right. but then the door bell rings, and you open it to see bokuto standing there, his hair deflated, his eyes downward, pouting at you. 
“koutarou?” you urge him inside, tamping down your own feelings, “what’s wrong, can i—”
“did you not have a good time?” he bursts, holding you by the shoulders, “cuz i had a really good time, but you didn’t answer my messages, so if you didn’t, please tell me what i could do better!”
you look at him, bewildered, but also a little embarrassed. you could’ve at least replied to his text, you think now, but you were so sure that he hadn’t wanted you back.
“s-sorry,” you blush, “i-i just thought you were being nice. you left so i thought you didn’t want to see me again—”
“that’s not true!!” he exclaims immediately, wrapping a strong arm around you, “i was just excited, i didn’t want to scare you so i left, to give you some space or something. was that wrong? i won’t do it again if you don’t want me to!”
he’s talking so much, his voice booming. you start to melt into him, your face in his chest, just like last night. he stops when he notices your cheek rubbing against him, and lowers his voice just a little. 
“i should’ve just stayed, huh?” he asks sheepishly, holding your shoulder tightly against him. you nod, laughing lightly. yeah, you agree, but just don’t leave next time.
—miya atsumu
atsumu shows up at your door exactly a week after he’d left you alone in bed, a dozen roses in his arms. you stare at him for a few moments, taking in the sight of his pleading eyes, and shut the door on him.
you had been completely ready to roll over and tell him all your feelings that morning: how you’ve been watching him since high school, how amazing you thought he was, despite all the bad things people say about his personality and attitude. you didn’t care about any of that, and you wanted to tell him how much you admired him, but he hadn’t been there.
you laid in bed for the next few hours, wasting away your sunday, and when you get up to wash your face, you decide that if he’s not going to at least call to say where he’d gone, then maybe he was as bad as people say.
“y/n...” his voice cuts through your thoughts, but it sounds muffled, as if he had his head against the wood of the door. “y/n, can ya hear me?” when you don’t answer, he continues: “i’m sorry fer leavin’ ya... ‘samu said i was stupid, and y’know he’s never right, but since ya haven’t talked to me... i think he might have been this time...”
there’s a pause, and you wait, still refusing to open the door. it’s been a whole week, you reason.
“how do i put this...” he mutters, lightly tapping his head against the door, “i guess i was jus’ feelin’ awkward ‘bout it... i never done that before so—”
you rip open the door, cheeks red, “never? ‘tsumu, you’re a virgin?”
you think about all the girls that have flocked to him over the years and the way that he easily interacted with them. you thought you never had a chance, not against the girls with the prettier faces, the curvier bodies, the glossier hair. but when he had kissed you last night, sloppy and desperate, you felt all those feelings melt away.
“...ya don’t hafta say it like that...” he pouts, and when you start to giggle, he scowls even harder. “i was just... waitin’ for the right time, y’know?”
when you don’t say anything, staring at him dumbfounded, he manages to stutter, “s-so? w-will you take the flowers?”
your eyes soften, covering his fingers with yours, “yes,” you agree, “but only if you agree never to leave me again.”
— sakusa kiyoomi
sakusa hadn’t meant to stay the night—he knew he had an early morning practice that he needed to be properly rested for, but after the way you had clung onto him, and realizing how good that felt, he decided he couldn’t just leave you. and when he wakes up, glancing over at your peaceful face, he also decides to just pull the covers up to your chin and text you later.
but when you wake up alone and a little warm, with no new messages from him on your phone, your heart sinks. you think of the way he let you pull down his mask, the way he pressed forward to kiss you, and wonder if it all meant nothing. you leave him a message anyway, pressing send before you second guess yourself. 
y/n [9:52am] kiyoomi, if you didn’t want to see me again, you could’ve just let me know. i don’t blame you or anything.
you throw your phone on the bed and proceed with your day as if nothing had happened. life goes on, you tell yourself. but when the doorbell rings that evening, the last person you expect to see is sakusa, who looks a little worn out, still dressed in his training attire.
“kiyoomi? what are you—” 
he cuts you off, his voice so deep and serious that you shrink a little:  “i had practice. i left my keys here, so i was going to come back anyway.”
“so you just needed your keys?” you repeat, a little numb, and turn away to grab them from the bowl in the doorway. you hand it it to him with a tremble, mumbling, “ you go.”
he takes them from your hand, but intertwines his fingers with yours anyway. “no,” he says slowly, “not just my keys. i forgot to let you know where i was. i’m sorry.”
“i-it’s not like you have to tell me where you are all the time...” you’re blushing, your heart thumping in your chest. 
he grips your fingers tighter, “yes, i do,” he pulls you closer gently, “we’re together now, right?”
— hinata shoyo
when you wake up, the spot next to you is still warm, but there’s nobody there. you blink, thinking about how gentle hinata had been with you last night, the look in his eyes as he pressed into you, and wonder if he’d changed his mind.
“shoyo?” you call, but there’s no answer, which only confirms your worst fears.
hinata had always been too nice and a little immature. you can’t imagine that if he wanted to leave after a night like that he would be able to effectively communicate it to you without messing up. well, you think as you turn over, staring at the ceiling, maybe this is better than rejection.
but then you hear the front door open, and someone’s bounding up to your bedroom door. hinata pokes his head in.
“y/n, you awake? i got food, i didn’t know what you wanted so i kinda got a lot but if you can’t finish—” he stops when he realizes that you’re curled up beneath the covers, your glassy eyes blinking back at him.
hinata scrambles over, dropping the bags on the floor, and burrowing into your side, “what’s wrong? are you sore? was it me—”
you start to wail midway, cutting him off, “i-i thought you left!” you hiccup, “you weren’t there when i woke up so i thought you regretted it and—”
“no, no, i would never—” he protests, and his gaze softens when he sees your patchy face, “y/n, please don’t cry! i-i won’t leave you ever! come on, let’s go eat, okay?”
you wipe your tears hastily, lip still quivering. but you believe him, his eyes as bright as they were the day you met him, and you say okay.
Tumblr media
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bratinc · 16 days ago
— 𝐓𝐖𝐎 𝐈𝐍 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐏𝐈𝐍𝐊, 𝐎𝐍𝐄 𝐈𝐍 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐊 | msby version.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
+ visuals.
+ contains. twt porn, fem-bodied links.
+ note. kinda just wanted to share my bomb ass taste with y’all.
Tumblr media
meian can’t tear his eyes away from the way your tits bounce with his every thrust.
after fucking you stupid, he’ll pull out and make a mess of you. covering your ruined little cunt with his seed.
he can’t help but fuck his cum deeper into you, breeding his pretty baby.
him spoiling you and letting you cum all over his face cause you’ve been a good girl.
adriah ramming his cock into you hard and fast, fucking you however he wants while he lets his fat cum-filled balls perfectly slap against your ass.
he loves the way your throat bulges as he eases his cock into your waiting mouth, spit and tears making a mess of your face.
a creampie, size kink and his big breeder balls.
just him spanking your ass raw.
he loves watching your pretty ass bounce while you fuck yourself on him.
bokuto’s fat cock fills your pussy up so perfectly.
jealous bo fucking you in his car because he gets too impatient to wait till you get home, he wants everyone to know you’re his now.
fucking your pretty face before he lets you ride his cock.
he just can’t get enough of your sweet moans as he plays with your cute cunt, the sight of your thighs covered in your own arousal as you cream all over his fingers making him groan.
atsumu kissing your clit before he eats you out, nice and teasingly slow.
pervert atsumu making you jerk him off before he covers your panties with his seed and makes you wear it around for the rest of the day.
‘tsumu playing with your pussy while you stroke his cock.
sakusa stuffing your little hole full with his fingers while he makes you choke on his pretty cock.
mean dom omi and pussy slaps for his whiny baby <3
helping subby omi release some tension in the shower.
him hitting it hard from the back while your face is shoved into the mattress.
shō letting you take control, and grind against his cock before he fills you up with his cum.
giving shoyo and his pretty cock a pussyjob.
him fucking you hard and taking his frustrations out on you after a shitty practice.
fingering you harshly, plus a few pussy slaps after he makes you cum.
Tumblr media
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