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AS WE KNOW IT ─ Sakusa Kiyoomi.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
001. A trip to Brazil? Fantastic. A group vacation to visit Hinata Shōyō? Even better. But, that’s not your only plan for this trip - you’re insistent on learning how to touch a man, hoping that your best friend, Sakusa Kiyoomi, would teach you. 
However, you never anticipated falling in love with said best friend.
002. cw: smut (mdni), unprotected sex, cursing, fingering, mentions of alcohol and drinking, mentions of clubbing, slight love triangle (not really), thoughts of unrequited feelings (not really unrequited), slight size kink, slight corruption kink, reader is referred to as “girl and she”, so fem afab reader
003. w/c: 12.7k (this is my magnum opus wow) | I simply adore this story. it’s a mishmash of some of my favorite tropes, and I sincerely hope you all enjoy it! I literally have spent weeks on this, and I’m truly truly so proud of it!!
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Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi wonders if he’s died and gone to hell.
Or, more appropriately, heaven.
He doesn’t exactly recall how his second night in Brazil ended up like this: you - his sweet, innocent best friend - standing in front of him, shyly pulling off your top as you face him.
“Teach me?” you ask, eyes wide and desperate as you corner Sakusa on his bed. His eyes are wide, leaning against the mattress with his legs spread a bit more hopeful than he would like to admit. At the sight of you in just a bra, a rushed feeling of adrenaline washes over his body in waves, causing his heart to pound furiously against his ribcage. His head swims and he swears that the room is spinning when you step closer to him, simultaneously knocking him out of his surprise and sucking the air out of his lungs.
“Teach me how to love you,” you repeat, running your hands up his arms.
“We can’t do this,” Sakusa breathes out distractedly, again wondering how you ended up in this situation.
But that’s a lie. He knows how you ended up in this situation, and he can hardly bring himself to regret it.
It all started with a little trip to Brazil, and a night on the beach that jumpstarted his entire future with you.
Tumblr media
Your first day in Brazil starts off in your hotel room.
The hotel room that you’ll be sharing with Sakusa Kiyoomi.
You sigh at a recent memory - you were all so excited to come and visit Hinata in Brazil, your small friend group having missed him dearly over these past few months. Therefore, you suppose you could deal with the travel fatigue for Hinata’s sake. Besides, the hotel-roommate situation could’ve been worse: you could’ve ended up with Kuroo or Bokuto, having to deal with their insufferable snoring.
The thought has you biting your lip in distaste, coming to the conclusion that sharing a room with your best friend is preferable.
“Everything okay?” Sakusa asks, making his way past you in the doorframe. He shoulders his bag and yours, nudging your arm with a playful grin and prolonged eye contact. You smile back, but begin to protest as Saksua makes his way to his preferred bed - which just so happened to be the one you were going to choose.
“Hey!” you fuss, slapping your hands on your thighs when Sakusa promptly flops face-down onto the neat bed. He groans in pleasure, stretching his long legs after the lengthy flight. The bags fall from his grip as he closes his eyes, and you cross your arms and cock your head in amusement.
“Finders, keepers,” Sakusa reasons, grinning at you with a lazy smile as you scowl cutely at him.
“You know,” you begin, crossing the room to open the white curtains and blinds. Greeted by the beautiful Brazilian coastline, feelings of excitement course through your body at the smell of fresh flowers and the beach. When you turn your head to glance back at Sakusa, you smirk. “You’re getting germs all over your bed with those airport clothes on.”
All Sakusa does is let out another groan - this one a bit more annoyed than the previous at your reminder.
“I’m so tired right now, I don’t even think I care,” Sakusa relents, relaxing his body on the plush mattress as you snort. Making your way around the bed, you flick Sakusa’s head before curiously peeking your head into the bathroom, exploring the nice hotel room.
“Ow,” he states with a glare, and you just barely manage to dodge a suddenly flying pillow. Ducking behind the bathroom door, you flick on the lights to admire the luxurious bathtub.
“You missed,” you tease in a singsong voice, running your hand over the white marbled countertop. You smile at the expensive hotel samples - already recognizing a few costly name-brand soaps and shampoos. This trip is going to be so much fun.
“So much for that impeccable aim,” you joke under your breath, already fiddling with the water faucets and messing with the fancy soaps.
“Hey, this bath is really nice!” you exclaim, feeling giddy at the fact that you’re in a luxurious hotel in Brazil, surrounded by your best friends on a trip to see your other best friend. It’s been hard not having Hinata around - a strain that you know your friend group also struggles with. But you all know how hard he’s worked to make his way to Brazil and are incredibly proud of all his accomplishments. A fond smile makes its way onto your features, a simple happiness and bubbling anticipation rising inside you at the prospect of seeing him again.
However, you have another plan for this trip, and the reminder has your heart suddenly pounding in your chest.
A plan to finally learn how to love a man in the most intimate ways possible.
And you hope that man will be Sakusa.
“Oh yeah?” Sakusa pops his head in, glancing at the freestanding marble bathtub and quietly appraising it. Glancing at you, Sakusa chuckles at the childlike astonishment and enthusiasm bubbling off of you. “Wanna try it out together?”
Despite his obviously teasing tone, you feel like your heart could burst out of your throat. Your words catch on your tongue, and the anxiety makes it a bit more challenging to breathe as you try closing your eyes, attempting to take a deep breath. 
When you do, you shoot him a glare, turning off the faucets and wiping your hands on your shorts. His gaze meets yours in the mirror when you stand, and Sakusa swears he can feel slight nerves radiating off of you in waves.
“You okay?” Sakusa parrots from earlier, growing a bit concerned when you don’t immediately respond with a snarky comeback. Furrowing his brows, Sakusa is suddenly afraid he took his joke a bit too far.
You attempt to gather yourself, building up some kind of snarky retort, until a knock from the door rescues you from having to answer him. Following him out of the bathroom, you’re greeted by an exuberant Bokuto and Kuroo. 
Already, they’re bouncing off the walls, and you have half a mind to corral them before they break something expensive.
“We come bearing gifts!” Bokuto shouts, earning a swift smack on the head from someone behind him. You eye Kuroo suspiciously as he simply stands there, an obnoxious smile on his face when he merely shrugs at you. They seem to be blocking said “gift,” and curiosity gets the better of you when you try to crane your head to get a better look, before you suddenly hear a familiar voice.
“That’s kinda mean, calling me a ‘gift’ and all, don’t you think?” Hinata states good-naturedly, nudging his way past Kuroo and Bokuto to greet you.
Giddiness and excitement fill you at the sight of your old friend, and you can’t help the loud squeal that flies past your lips when he opens his arms for you.
Throwing yourself into his arms, you don’t miss the exaggerated huff Hinata lets out before he happily returns the embrace. His arms wind tightly around you, pulling you closer as he lets out a loud laugh. You simply hug him close, attempting to convey the excitement and joy you feel at seeing him again.  
Burying your face in his chest, you smile brightly, closing your eyes as Sakusa starts protesting from behind you. You can’t really bring yourself to care, and you know your friends missed Hinata just as much as you.
“All right, all right. Let’s not crowd him, please,” Sakusa complains, a tight feeling striking his heart as the sight of Hinata enveloping you in his arms. It’s a painful sensation, and he knows exactly where it stems from; it hurts even more to see you so happily tucked away in his embrace, and Sakusa feels guilty at the unexpected revelation that he wishes it was him embracing you like that.
“You’re monopolizing him!” Bokuto shouts, his voice loud and obnoxious as he knocks you out of Hinata’s arms. Quickly taking over, Bokuto shoots you a playful glare as you merely smile at him.
You meet up with the rest of your group, greeting Atsumu, Ushijima, and Kageyama in the hotel lobby. Hinata guides you to a nice local restaurant, and  you don’t think you’ve ever felt happier or more at ease. Your friend insists on outdoor seating, leading your large group to crowd around an almost too-small wooden picnic table on the eatery’s outdoor patio. Loud laughter echoes around you as you place your drink orders, a plethora of different fruity smoothies and bubbly alcohols to tide your giddy emotions.
The entire moment is heightened with happiness, forming a small bubble around your friend group as you catch up. The smell of the beach causes your smiles to grow wider, sipping on sweet drinks and stealing fries off each other’s plates. The teal paint of the picnic table chips off underneath your nail, and the cool breeze fights against the heat of the bright sun beaming down on you.
Surrounded by your friends, don’t think you’ve ever been happier in your entire life.
As they continue to chatter, exchanging greetings, stories, and hugs, you silently study Hinata. The Brazilian air seems to have agreed with him - he’s much taller, with tanned skin and more built muscles than you remembered. His bright orange hair is a bit shorter, a charming smile on his features as he laughs at something Atsumu says. Despite his eyes being slightly hidden by dark sunglasses perched stylishly on his nose, you can see the cheerfulness that swims in them, overwhelmed at having his friends in his new home. The confidence that oozes off of him is attractive, you realize, and it has your breath hitching in your chest when he makes eye contact with you.
It is intense, and it feels as if everyone else disappears - you can’t feel Sakusa’s shoulder brushing against yours, or hear Kuroo’s spitting laughter as Kageyama’s relays his unfortunate airport experience. All you can focus on is Hinata Shōyõ and how his eyes latch onto yours, grinning with mirth as a small smirk makes its way onto his face. It causes your palms to bead with sweat, a warm feeling taking over your face when he refuses to break eye contact. You feel sheepish, starting to get embarrassed as Hinata takes a short sip of his drink, licking his lips when he pulls away and now you can only focus on how soft his lips suddenly look and -
“Hello! Earth to Hinata!” Bokuto shoves his arm, displeased at his lack of attention. The disruption has you and Hinata snapping out of your daze, and Hinata simply laughs before diving into another long-winded story.
With shaky fingers, you snatch one of Sakusa’s fries, eyes darting down to focus on the chipping paint on the table. Your heart still pounds furiously, and you can’t fight the confusion that suddenly rises inside of you. Furrowing your brows, you take a trembling breath, utterly unaware of a pair of dark eyes from a certain man sitting next to you, latched onto your every reaction.
꒰ ა ♡ ໒ ꒱
Your second afternoon in Brazil starts off at the beach.
A shadow suddenly disrupts Sakusa’s peaceful sunbathing, the slight darkness of it covering his body in a cool shade. His brows furrow at the intrusion, a scowl tugging at his features as he throws an arm over his face. It is painful to adjust to the new lighting, and having just gotten used to the bright Brazilian sun, his annoyance is even more pronounced.
“Are you going to lie there all day? Or actually come and have some fun?” he hears a voice admonish him, exasperation coating their words.
When his eyes adjust, Sakusa feels comfortable enough to lower his hand, a slight smirk on his lips at the sight of you in front of him. Your arms are crossed, brow raised in a question as you wait for an appropriate response. Almost comically, Sakusa watches as your foot impatiently taps against the warm sand, causing a teasing chuckle to bubble up in his chest.
Shifting on the wooden sunlounger, Sakusa relaxes against the orange cushions once again.
“Probably lie here all day,” he responds honestly, crossing his arms behind his head to lean against them. The playful smirk lilting his lips is a bit uncharacteristic for him - all the more reason for you to enjoy this moment.
“Well, that’s boring,” you state, still seeking a bit of shade as a reprieve from the blinding sun.
Sakusa merely glances at you, brows quirking in amusement. “I’m a boring guy,” he retorts.
At his obvious falsity, you uncross your arms, letting your head fall back as laughter spills past your lips.
“That’s a lie,” humor grazes your words.
“Only to you,” his words are teasing.
The sky is a vibrant blue - not a cloud in the sky, as the sun’s rays threaten to blind you all. However, the ocean’s sparkling water is refreshing as it washes over your skin, cooling the heat with a blissful, soothing touch. Laughter bubbles around the private beach area, a group of boys running around, splashing each other, drinking, and getting into their own kind of trouble.
You feel as if you are on cloud nine - a fruity drink buzzing in your system, beautiful flowers blooming in lush bushes around the pure sand, surrounded by the ocean and your greatest friends. Hinata’s bubbly voice rises among the chaos, yelling something about a turtle that promptly piques Bokuto’s and Atsumu’s attention.
Peering your head over your shoulder, you catch a glimpse of the trio crashing into the water, excitement pumping their every movement.
You can’t help the fond smile that makes its way onto your face, happy at finally being reunited with the redhead. Knowing how much everyone missed Hinata only makes this vacation more precious, knowing that your time with your old friend is limited.
The nostalgia that washes over you is unexpected and instantaneous and causes a bittersweet feeling to kiss the edges of your emotions. Now that you are all older - finished with high school and pursuing your lives as adults - you learned that these minuscule moments are priceless. Sooner, rather than later, your tiny group would be separated again; Hinata would have to stay in Brazil to further pursue his professional volleyball career, you would return to Japan, and everyone would go about their own lives.
You long to keep your friends together, all wrapped in a comforting bubble of companionship; you wish for it more than anything.
It is a bittersweet revelation, but one that is gently soothed by the calming breeze that kisses your cheeks and the nape of your neck.
A breathy chuckle from the sun lounger has you drawing your attention back to Sakusa. Again, the picture of him has your breath catching in your throat - he really is a sight for sore eyes. 
Despite what happened earlier with Hinata, you know your heart lies with Sakusa. Honestly, it feels like betrayal from your heart. Out of all the men in the world, you had to fall in love with your best friend? It’s a painful thing, you realize, to be in love with someone when you’re sure they don't love you back. It constantly makes you feel guilty, but you were determined to confess to him during this trip.
When you allow your eyes to trail over his features, you only start to feel more flustered. The white linen shirt is missing a few buttons on the top, allowing his tanned skin to peek through. You can see a few freckles and moles dotting the muscled skin, and with his arms crossed behind his head, you can see every ripple of his toned biceps as he flexes them slightly. His dark, wavy hair looks a bit windswept from the nice breeze and so soft that you can’t help but feel the urge to curl your fingers through it. His swim trunks have a cute little drawstring on them, and you’re shocked at the sudden desire to kneel in front of him, untie the neat bow, and run your fingers along -
“...are you even listening to me?”
Sakusa’s slightly annoyed tone breaks you out of your reverie, a heat flushing through your body at having been caught staring.
“Honestly?” you manage to reply smoothly, and you smile to yourself at having pulled off the calm and collected routine. Moving to sit down next to him, you relish at how the sand feels soft and warm underneath your toes and fingers. “No, I wasn’t.”
A glare from Sakusa causes you to shoot an apologetic grin in his direction, leaning back on your elbows to bask in the slight shade from the area. “Sorry.”
But the mischievous lilt to your apology only has Sakusa rolling his eyes. “That didn’t sound very genuine,” he complains.
You’re amused by this interaction, enjoying how Sakusa seems legitimately pouty at your confession. Wanting to pull more of those reactions from him, you continue.
“Probably because it wasn’t,” you laugh, a light sound that corresponds with a sweet breeze. With it comes the scent of fresh fruits and flowers, and you close your eyes to take in the peaceful moment. You still feel a bit flustered at seeing Sakusa in such a relaxed state, your heart pounding traitorously against your ribcage.
When he adjusts his head, still resting on his arms, the thin linen shirt he wears rides up a bit on his stomach. Your eyes are immediately drawn to his tanned abs, to the little divets that lead to a tantalizing v-line only serving to tease you further.
“You’re just trying to break my heart, aren’t you?” Sakusa concedes, attempting to hide the smidgen of truth in his words as he runs a large hand through his black waves. Again, you find your eyes following his every movement, almost entranced at how he brushes his messy curls out of his face. The little moles just above his eyebrow are visible now - those piercing eyes focused on your strange silence.
Little does he know, that was the last thing you were trying to do.
“Got you speechless?” he teases, his hand falling from his hair to relax on the armrest. Sakusa’s dark eyes glint with a playful charm as he tilts his head in your direction. Not wanting him to get the better of you, protestations start to rise on your tongue, but your throat chokes up when you meet his gaze.
When your eyes catch each other’s, the tension between you turns thick, and your heart begins to pound at how Sakusa seems to stare through you. You watch as Sakusa’s eyes rake down your figure, tracing over your body clad only in a skimpy bikini; you don’t miss how his fingers tighten around the armrest of his chair, his body unconsciously moving towards you, appreciatively.
The air feels as if it’s tinged with electricity, rushing over your arms until goosebumps form. While your heart feels as if it’s about to burst, you can’t bring yourself to break the heated eye contact; his eyes are dark and passionate, and it feels deliciously intoxicating to have his attention on you.
Sakusa makes you feel lightheaded and dizzy, and you attempt to corral your wandering thoughts by crossing your arms over your chest to hold your knees close to your body. However, all this does is press your breasts together, the soft swell of them pushing up against your delicate bikini top. Sakusa’s eyes are instantly transfixed at the sight, dark eyes becoming a bit darker as you shy away from his ardent gaze.
Adrenaline bubbles up in your stomach, and though Sakusa would never admit it to you, he is just as equally affected. His usual clear thoughts feel hazy as he drowns in you, your embarrassed expressions giving away more than you would want.
When you look away, thoroughly sheepish, your eyes fall to his thighs - thick with muscles and tensing slightly as he sits up, swinging his legs over the side of the sunlounger to lean towards you. Pressing his hands to his knees, Sakusa still manages to dwarf over you, his tall stature almost intimidating as you sit on the ground before him.
His turning his full attention towards you has you finally breaking free of your intense reverie. Your surroundings flood back to you, the laughter and chatter of your friends splashing in the water making you realize where you are. Wrestling with yourself over your feuding emotions for your two best friends, you attempt to shove down your sudden wave of lust for the tall volleyball player. You ground yourself, and when you feel appropriately calmed down after a few seconds, your spirited grin finally returns.
“You wish,” you finally retaliate, the teasing smirk doing nothing to hide your true emotions.
You both know your answer is false; you both know you make each other speechless.
A hesitant look crosses over Sakusa’s face, and his eyes flick down to your lips before he continues. “You know -”
However, a sprinting Kuroo and Bokuto suddenly disrupts your game of back-and-forth, loud yells from the two men alarming you both. They chase each other animatedly, and you squeal when they shove between you two; however, your cries of irritation are drowned out by ringing laughter. They kick up sand when they run between you and Sakusa, almost knocking you over as Sakusa curses and leans away from them.
“Can’t you two watch where you’re going?” Sakusa shouts after them, ruffling his hair to get any excess sand out. He is promptly ignored as they continue chasing each other, soon joined by Ushijima.
“Nope,” Hinata makes his way over to you and Sakusa, popping the ‘p’ as he nurses some kind of orange drink. “You know they can’t.”
Sighing, you attempt to get comfortable again, a frown decorating your features at the sand now stuck in your bathing suit. Hinata crosses his legs as he sits next to you, nudging you playfully to draw a smile from you.
Sakusa feels distaste crawl up his back at the sweet smile you shoot your friend, his face pulling into a scowl as he takes a deep breath.
Looking up, you don’t notice Sakusa’s change in demeanor, but you do notice how Atsumu begins to pout from the other side of the sun lounger. He jogs towards you, a contagious smile overtaking his smile as he tugs on Sakusa’s ear.
“What’re we talkin’ about?” he asks when he forces Sakusa to scoot over, sitting next to him on the sunlounger. With a slight grumble of annoyance, Sakusa moves to one side of the beach chair, glaring at Atsumu as he does so.
“Make yourself at home, why don’t you?” Sakusa frowns, but you can tell his tone is full of enjoyment as he rubs his ear. Atsumu merely shrugs, leaning back as he smirks in mirth.
“We were just talking about Bokuto and Kuroo causing trouble,” Hinata explains good-naturedly, taking a sip of his drink as he does so. Holding in a laugh at the sight, Hinata looks at you with a raised brow.
“Nothing!” you exclaim, holding your palms out in defense.
Sakusa interrupts you, pride exuding from him at the knowledge that only he knows all your tells. “(Y/N) thinks it’s funny that your drink matches your hair.”
Hinata looks martyred, looking at you pointedly for an explanation. Letting your mouth fall open in betrayal, you sputter indignantly before pointing at Sakusa.
“Don’t go putting words in my mouth!”
“But that’s what you were thinking, wasn’t it?” Atsumu adds, his shoulders shaking with laughter.
Thoroughly annoyed by the duo, you grasp onto a clump of sand, sloppily hurling at the two men in front of you.
“Well that’s no fair,” Atsumu cries, dodging the handful of sand and knocking into Sakusa at the same time.
“Aww - you two lay off. You’re making her mad,” Hinata defends you, setting his half-full drink to the side and extending his arms. “Come here!”
You pout playfully, letting Hinata draw you into a warm hug as he semi-comforts you. You smile pointedly at Atsumu and Sakusa, settling your head on the other boy’s tanned shoulder before blissfully closing your eyes.
What you don’t catch is Sakusa’s eyes narrowing at the sight, leaning back and crossing his arms as he bites at his bottom lip.
“So!” Kuroo slumps down next to you, amiably throwing an arm around your shoulders as he pulls you away from Hinata. A short cry of ‘hey!’ is ignored by the taller man as he takes a deep swig of water.
“Here to apologize?” Sakusa asks, a frustrated tone in his words.
For the life of you, you can’t figure out why.
Next to you, Hinata pouts. “You took (Y/N) away from me,” he frowns, jabbing Kuroo in the side.
Kuroo swiftly evades it, leaning away so far that he begins to fall. With his arms around you, you’re brought down with him, exclamations falling past your lips as you crash to the hot sand.
“Hey!” you yell, feeling crushed in Kuroo’s tight embrace as he rolls you over in the sand.
“Geez, Kuroo. Be more careful,” Atsumu chides, leaning down to snatch Hinata’s drink from him. Again, Hinata’s protestations are ignored.
“We all want time with (Y/N)!” Kuroo explains to Hinata’s previous statement, grinning as you wriggle in his large arms.
“Get off,” a gruff voice responds.
Sakusa leans down to untangle Kuroo’s arms from around your trapped body, and you spare him an appreciative look as he sits back down next to Atsumu.
“What’re we doin’ tonight?” Atsumu asks, gleefully finishing off Hinata’s drink.
“I wanna do something fun!” Bokuto yells, suddenly sinking to a spot next to Hinata on the sand. You lean your head back on Hinata’s shoulder, missing the feeling of his warm skin pressed to your cheek as you close your eyes. “You always wanna do something fun,” you murmur, fatigue washing over you as you settle against the taller boy.
Kuroo is the only one who sees Sakusa’s splitting gaze.
“Well, we could go to this club?” Hinata offers, and you feel comforted by the feeling of his body moving when he talks.
“Bokuto and Kuroo in a club? Because that’s a great idea,” Kageyama’s voice perks up, and he soon sits down. You feel like your group is complete when he throws an arm around Hinata, and, therefore you.
Sakusa swears he’s going to have a heart attack.
“Ooo, no, that sounds like fun!” you add, defending Hinata. You can basically feel how he glows with delight at your slight praise, his arm shouldering around your back.
“You guys know I’m always down for clubbing,” Atsumu states, gaining sounds of affirmation from everyone else.
“We know,” you all manage to chorus simultaneously, drawing laughter that shifts through the sweet air as Atsumu grumbles sheepishly.
“Well then, it’s settled,” Hinata states, excitement exuding his words as he stands up, suddenly swinging you around in his arms. Your loud squeals are all that can be heard, a bright smile accompanying your sounds as your head falls back in laughter. Hinata dances you around the beach, and your other friends only feed into the contagious happiness that bubbles off you.
“Let’s go clubbing!” Bokuto cries, pumping his fist as he drags Kuroo and Ushijima into the water once more.
Again, Sakusa can only watch you spin in Hinata’s arms, and an emotion he finally realizes as jealousy rearing its ugly head.
꒰ ა ♡ ໒ ꒱
Your second evening in Brazil starts off at an outdoor club, the sun bleeding into the sky behind you. 
Swirls of oranges, reds, yellows, and blues mix with the darkening sky, and as you nurse a drink of similar colors, all you can feel is bliss.
The music is loud and thrumming across the wooden dancefloor, the crashing of the ocean waves wholly drowned out by the pounding bass. You lean against the fancy bar, the intoxicating alcohol buzzing sweetly in your system as giddiness bubbles inside your chest. The warm lights from numerous candles and a simple chandelier cast shadows across your body, swaying delightfully next to Hinata. 
“That’s enough of that,” Hinata mouths against your ear, briskly snatching your alcoholic drink out of your grasp. His warm breath causes shivers to spread down your neck, and when you tilt your head to look at him, your tipsy mind doesn’t seem to notice how close he suddenly is. 
However, Hinata notices. His gaze darkens and he swallows thickly, quickly enamored with the way your eyes catch his. His head starts to spin when you lean against him, a teasing grin tugging at your lips when you notice how his breath hitches in his throat.
“That’s mean! I’m perfectly fine!” you exclaim, shaking your head as you reach for your drink again. Hinata gathers his composure, pushing down his true feelings as he smirks at you. 
“You’re fine now,” he starts, eyeing your drink before downing the little bit left. He ignores your protests, setting it on the bar behind him before turning back to you. “If you keep drinking like that, you won’t be.”
You pout at his words, despite their truth. However, you have to agree with him: you want to keep the happy buzz you feel now - not get completely drunk. “Boo, you’re no fun.”
Hinata snorts, grabbing a bottle of water and shoving it in your hands. “Please. You love me,” he retorts, distractedly watching as Kuroo and Atsumu swing back some kind of shot, taking note of the damage he’ll have to corral tonight. Rolling your eyes, you take a deep swig of water, allowing its coolness to wash away the sweetness of the alcohol coating your tongue.
Smiling happily, you watch your friends as they have fun. Most of them are on the dance floor, being pulled in by attractive people, all vying for the attention of the athletes. Some of them are at the bar with you and Hinata, and you note with a disgruntled mumble that he isn’t trying to take their drinks. 
It earns you a small laugh, and you can’t help but grin in return as he fiddles with a stray straw.
Your goal for this trip was to reunite with Hinata, taking in the love of your friends as you celebrate all of his accomplishments. You’d been looking forward to it for months, and your newfound feelings weren’t going to change that.
Except for the fact that you had another plan for this trip, and your nerves come tumbling back with a ferocious force. 
It was a stupid thing, really, that led you to this point; simple curiosities about how to love a man - how to please a man. However, it was a ‘stupid thing’ that invaded your mind and hasn’t escaped, so you figured this trip would be the perfect place to learn. 
Sensing your shift in moods, Hinata carefully pulls you to his side, tucking your head under his chin as he wraps his arm around your shoulder. His heart soars when you nuzzle into his touch, making it even worse when he sees Sakusa making his way towards you. 
Hinata isn’t blind - he may be frustrated by his own feelings for you, but it doesn’t cloud his judgment. Everyone can see how completely enamored Sakusa is with you - his eyes follow your every movement, his cheeks flush when you speak to him, and he takes every opportunity to be close to you. You’ve been best friends with him for years, and it seems as if everyone knows of his love for you.
Before he left for Brazil, Hinata came to a realization: you were blind to his affections, and even more blind when it came to Sakusa’s love.
“Mind if I steal our favorite girl?” Sakusa asks, shouldering up next to you and reaching for your hand. Hinata knows you miss just how true Sakusa’s words are as a sweet giggle makes its way to his ears, and he attempts to shove down the slight contempt that threatens his features. 
And in that moment, Hinata finally relents; he knows that even if it’s not him who gets to make you happy, all he cares about is that you’re happy.
“Sure. Go have fun,” he nudges, shooting a knowing smile to Sakusa as the tall man grips onto your hand, dragging you to the dance floor. 
“Where are we going?” you whisper to him, giggling as Sakusa expertly makes his way through the throngs of people. Again, you find yourself admiring just how tall and strong he is, easily towering over you as he glances at you over his shoulder. 
“You’ll see,” he simply states, moving until you’re at the edge of the dancefloor. You’re closest to the water this way, a simple stone’s throw away from the relaxed waves as Sakusa takes you into his arms.
The group of people thins at the edge of the dancefloor, but Sakusa would rather die than miss the opportunity to pull you tighter into his embrace. His hands grip your hips, and you shiver as you feel the heat of his palms searing through your thin dress. Looking up at him from underneath your lashes, you smile at Sakusa’s lazy grin as your hands tighten around his muscular biceps. While the group of people around you is no longer suffocating, the breath feels as if it’s been stolen from your lungs when he leans down, brushing his lips over the curve of your ear. 
“Having fun?” he merely questions, pulling away as his gaze flickers to your lips. Sakusa licks his own as he feels the desire pooling inside him, enraptured with the feeling of you so small in his arms. 
You shyly duck your head against his chest at his intense gaze, allowing him to tuck you into the crook of his neck. His arms come around your waist to hug you as you start to sway, ignoring the fast-paced beat of the music. “’F course, Sakusa. You know I always have fun with you,” you murmur, closing your eyes as you sink into his warmth. He smells so good, and you’re so surrounded by everything Sakusa that it makes your head spin. 
A chuckle reverberates through his chest, and you take comfort in how his body moves against yours. “Why do you keep calling me ‘Sakusa’?” he asks, his tone only slightly joking. 
When you were younger, you would happily call him any nickname your mind could come up with. When you got a bit older, you started going along with Atsumu, calling Sakusa every iteration of his name. However, these past few months, you’ve gone back to calling him the more formal ‘Sakusa,’ something that significantly troubles him.
“Say my name,” he demands, his gaze suddenly more intense than you used to as he peers down at you. 
For some reason, it feels different than when you used to say his name. New feelings swirl in your chest, causing your throat to close up as you attempt to mutter out his name. 
“K-Kiyoomi,” you whisper shyly, and your best friend almost misses it over the loudness of the music. He leans his head down, pulling you back until his eyes gaze into yours. Feeling the need to tease you, a rare mischievous grin makes its way onto his face. 
“Say it again.”
You freeze against him, his eyes swimming with mirth as he messes with you. Your heart thunders in your chest so much that you’re sure Sakusa can feel it, yet he doesn’t make any move towards you.
The need to hear you say his given name almost consumes him, and Sakusa knows it’s bad to feel turned on simply by the sound of one of his best friends saying his name. However, when you look so cute and shy underneath his intense gaze, how can he stop his cock from hardening in his beach shorts?
“Kiyoomi,” you state, a bit more confident than last time. 
The two of you have stopped dancing, and Sakusa’s fingers twitch against your waist as his cock throbs with need. He knows he shouldn’t feel like this – you’re one of his oldest friends, and he cherishes that friendship deeply. The guilt that builds in his heart is even worse considering how obviously Hinata is crushing on you, and the last thing he wants to do is hurt anyone. 
But he can’t ignore these feelings he’s had for years – not with the way you’re innocently looking up at him. 
“Wanna do something fun?” he merely whispers conspiratorially, giving in to his emotions and wants. Sakusa’s eyes sparkle with mischievousness as you look up at him, only pausing a moment before nodding happily. You trust him, and with the thick tension that mounts in the air, all you want to do is be alone with him. 
A few minutes later, you find yourselves inches from the water, watching with wide eyes as Sakusa starts to shrug off his white shirt. Your eyes cling to every inch of skin, mouth almost falling open at the smooth planes of muscle he reveals to you. Even under the soft moonlight, he looks absolutely gorgeous, and all you can do is wring your wrists as butterflies erupt in your chest.
His eyes rake down your figure as you hurriedly move to join him, closing your eyes and ignoring the nerves that threaten to overwhelm you. Tugging your thin dress off, you’re thankful that you decided to wear a bikini under the fabric when it pools at your feet.
“Wow,” is all Sakusa murmurs, and you snap your head up to meet his gaze. It is heavy and intense, his eyes darkening as they glide along your body. An unfamiliar feeling starts to build inside of you, one that so closely resembles love that it scares you. Sakusa is your best friend - you didn’t intend to fall in love with him.
But maybe that idea was becoming more and more welcome in your mind.
You start to feel shy, and, taking a deep breath, you hold out your hand.
Maybe Sakusa could teach more than just how to touch a man.
“We goin’ or what?” you tease, smiling widely at him and his distracted gaze. Your words cause Sakusa to snap out of his distracted reverie, and he grins when he slides his palm in your hand. 
“I dunno, I might wanna do something else now,” he jokes, his gaze pointedly moving down his body until you playfully smack his arm. He winces, but the grin is still wide on his face as you pull him into the water. 
You gasp when the waves wash over your ankles, taking in the blissful feeling of the water’s coolness. It feels euphoric as you continue making your way into the water, Sakusa’s grip firm around you the entire time. You continue until the water is at your chest, Sakusa still towering over you as he turns to face you.
His sudden proximity feels even better than the water, the waves lapping against your body as Sakusa leans toward you. They cause you to sway, a bit unbalanced with the unusual feeling of the tide pushing and pulling you. 
“Whoa there,” Sakusa smiles quietly, taking the opportunity to wrap his arms around your waist. He pulls you close to his body, and you shiver when you feel the heat emanating from him. You bring your hand to rest on his pale chest, gently looking up when he swallows thickly at your touch. It is curious, your fingers padding along the freckles that dot his skin as you look at him with wide eyes. He can hardly bear it as the tension builds, and he holds his breath as his heart pounds in his chest.
“(Y/N)…” Sakusa murmurs, his voice a warning, but for who? He doesn’t know. Time seems to stop as he caresses your cheek, his gaze lingering on your features as you lean into his touch. His thumb brushes your cheekbone, your body arching against his until your chest is pressed against his. Sakusa can feel the way your nipples harden through the flimsy fabric of your bikini top, and the rush of emotions he feels shoots straight to his cock. 
All he wants to do is ignore the rational side of him: he wants to ignore the fact that kissing you right now could ruin everything – years of friendship down the drain. It is a feeling that fights inside him, pushing and pulling until it rages like a nauseous storm in his gut. All he wants to do is hold you in his arms, take in the feeling of your body pressed close to his and your lips on his skin. 
He fights with himself, dark eyes flitting back and forth from your eyes to your lips. His grip around your waist tightens as he leans down, allowing his lips to just barely graze yours. Sakusa swallows, attempting to shove down the nerves that threaten to suffocate him as you nod – an action so small and simple that he could almost miss it. 
Leaning down, Sakusa relishes how your hands curiously curl around his neck, pulling him closer to you until you’re mere centimeters apart. You’re so close that one move would cause you to kiss, and the feeling is addicting. Sakusa swears that he’s drunk – despite not having a drop of alcohol all night. It’s with a shocking revelation that he realizes it’s you - you’re addicting, pulling him in until all Sakusa can think about is you.
It takes everything in him to focus, head swimming with thoughts of you, you, you - as he presses you closer to his wet body. Sakusa’s heart picks up in speed as you curl into him. His grip moves to the nape of your neck, and while you can feel the strength behind his actions, he is still so gentle and loving with every touch. 
Your breath hitches at his proximity, your fingers playing with the short hair at the nape of his neck. Arousal courses through his body as the waves try to cool your heated embrace, and he can feel your body’s response is similar to his own as your hardened nipples strain against the flimsy fabric of your bikini. And Sakusa is seconds away from giving in – he can taste the way your lips slant over yours, moving closer and closer and ignoring his previous inhibitions –
Until a shout from the beach scares you both, jumping away from each other as Bokuto continues shouting for you two to come over with the rest of them. Sakusa catches something about a drinking game, and he groans at the knowledge that he’ll now be occupied for the rest of the night. 
With one last fleeting glance and a distracted smile, Sakusa offers you his hand, almost scared that you won’t accept it. 
But of course you do, just as you always have, and you two make your way back up the beach to your friends – the moment you shared now a sweet secret, the only witnesses being the night sky and the calming ocean.
꒰ ა ♡ ໒ ꒱
Your second night in Brazil starts off differently than you expected.
You attempt to catch your breath as you lean against the marble countertops in your bathroom, sucking in gasping breaths of air to steel yourself. Your fingers tighten around the edge of the white sink, and you let your head fall forward as your mind swims with hesitancies.
After you and Sakusa joined the rest of your friends again, you could barely keep your eyes off each other. You knew what was about to happen – Sakusa knew what almost happened.
The realization is dizzying, and at the start of this trip, you didn’t know it would end with you falling in love with your best friend.
So, you attempt to pep yourself up, imbuing yourself with confidence as you smooth over your clothes and look at yourself in the mirror. You have to admit that you look good, fixing your hair and putting on the best lingerie under your clothes.
After what happened earlier, you have no patience left. You need to kiss him – you need to feel him. You want to learn how to not make just any man feel good – but how to make Sakusa feel good. The sudden truth is shocking, but you’ve never felt more sure about anything in your life.
You can only hope Sakusa feels the same.
He’s just on the other side of the door, probably sitting on his bed and scrolling through his phone. Another wave of nerves threatens to overwhelm you with the realization of what you’re about to do, but you can’t bring yourself to stop.
When you started this trip, you wanted to learn how to touch a man.
You didn’t think you’d learn that you’re in love with your best friend.
So, with one last steely gaze, you push yourself off the counter, flicking the bathroom lights off as you make your way to the hotel room.
꒰ ა ♡ ໒ ꒱
Sakusa’s second night in Brazil started off with almost kissing you in the ocean, and now he knows it’ll end with him confessing his love for you.
You - his sweet, innocent best friend - stands in front of him, shyly pulling off your top as you face him. Having just left the bathroom of your shared hotel room, Sakusa swears he can still smell the sweet soaps enveloping your skin, and his jaw falls slack when you face him.
“I want to learn,” you begin, walking closer to him without breaking eye contact. Sakusa feels as if he can drown in you, wholly enamored with every move you make towards him. “I want to learn how to touch you,” you clarify, and it’s in this moment that Sakusa swears he could drown in everything that is you. If he thought he was overwhelmed with his love for you earlier, he is sorely mistaken when you move closer towards him.
“I want to learn how to love you,” you state, more sure this time as you attempt to convey all of your emotions into your words. 
“So,” you finish, eyes wide and desperate as you corner Sakusa on his bed. “Teach me?”
His eyes are wide, leaning against the mattress with his legs spread a bit more hopeful than he would like to admit. At the sight of you in just a bra, a rushed feeling of adrenaline washes over his body in waves, causing his heart to pound furiously against his ribcage. His head swims and he swears that the room is spinning when you step even closer to him, simultaneously knocking him out of his surprise and sucking the air out of his lungs.
“We-we…” Sakusa breathes out distractedly, voice tight with a restrained emotion that you now know is love.
Sakusa knows that he should say no – but after what happened earlier, his restraint is at an all-time low, and all he can think about is finally breaking down those walls. He wants to know what it’s like to kiss you – to love you. He wants to teach you how to touch him – just like you’re asking him to.
It’s all he can think about.
Therefore, Sakusa knows that he can’t lie to himself; he can’t lie to himself and even you can see it. Who is he to deny his feelings? Who is he to deny your feelings? The feelings that have been steadily blossoming inside him for years? He wants this more than anything - has wanted this more than anything else in the world for years. And after almost kissing you just a few hours prior, the feeling is more pronounced than it has ever been.
He wants the chance to hold you in his strong arms, to feel your fingers brush through his dark curls - kiss you like he’s seen numerous boyfriends kiss you over the years. It is all-consuming, and Sakusa is beginning to get overwhelmed with his all-encompassing feelings for you.
Sakusa Kiyoomi is your best friend, and he’s hopelessly in love with you.
And he knows that you know that now, too.
You watch as his eyes flit over the room, attempting to look at anything but you; a slight feeling of accomplishment fills you at the sight of your flustered best friend, and the newly imbued confidence urges your hands to reach for your bottoms.
“Teach me,” you implore again, swallowing thickly as you move to unbutton your shorts. The confidence suddenly morphs into nerves when his eyes dart to your scantily-clad chest, and the anxiety almost becomes all-encompassing; the feeling threatens to swallow you whole.
However, you can’t stop now - there is no fight in you to stop.
“You - you’re my best friend,” Sakusa manages to get out, and you can see his restraint crumbling when he finally meets your gaze. His dark eyes latch onto every inch of skin you expose for him, his fingers tightening around the bedsheets to ground himself until his knuckles turn white. Adrenaline buzzes through his veins, feeling like a thick, viscous syrup as the tension builds between you. Sakusa swears electricity buzzes through his ears as you simply continue your motions, hardly heeding his warning.
“I respect you,” you begin, closing your eyes tight as you pull your shorts off. Letting the denim pool at your feet, you smoothly step out of them, standing in front of Sakusa in just your lingerie.
At the sight of the dark lace adorning your body, the tall man’s grip becomes harsher, chest constricting with a desire that’s been hanging thick in the air for days - years. Sakusa feels the insatiable love he’s been wrestling with for years well inside of him, only now he struggles to push it back down. If he thought it was insatiable earlier, it’s multiplied tenfold now.
Seeing you make your way towards him, timid in your steps but confident in your actions, has Sakusa’s breath hitching in his throat. He knows that his composure is quickly deteriorating, but with you standing in front of him, asking for his help with those big eyes of yours, Sakusa hardly has it in him to deny his feelings any longer.
“(Y/N)...” he trails off, eyes tracing along your nearly bare body with a thinly veiled lust. The pleasure begins pooling in his lower abdomen, swirling in sweet anticipation that causes butterflies to erupt in his chest, his heart racing as you move to hold his hand. The feeling of your smaller palm embracing his, entwining your fingers in a tender caress, has Sakusa’s gaze darkening. He can feel his hardening cock throb against his thigh, begging for the touch of his best friend as your finger trails down his wrist, testing the waters.
“I respect you,” you interrupt him, shyly standing between his legs. Even with Sakusa sitting on his bed, he is still so much taller than you, and you can’t mask the anxiety and insecurity that crosses your features when he’s this close.
Even though his previous words held a warning, his legs spread for you when you move closer to him, trailing your hand down his clothed bicep. You don’t miss how Sakusa’s gaze darkens, tongue coming to lick his lips before his teeth catch onto the bottom one.
“As my best friend…” you start off, voice timorous as his large hand comes to cup your cheek. His palm is warm, fingertips slightly calloused as he caresses your cheekbone. It makes you shiver, leaning into his touch as your eyes fall close. “You..” you try to begin again, distracted by his addicting presence.
“As my best friend, I respect you,” you state, nuzzling into Sakusa’s warm palm as his thumb brushes across your lips.
“I respect you, and - “ a gasp escapes you as Sakusa’s fingers pull down on your bottom lip, causing arousal to flush through your body. His lips are parted, greedily taking in every word and action you give him; Sakusa feels light-headed, and you’re sure the room is spinning. “- and you make me feel safe.”
Your admission has Sakusa leaning closer to you, his hand moving to the nape of your neck to pull you to him. Stopping a mere centimeter away from him, his hot breath fans across your face and lips as his other hand grasps onto your hip. He nudges his nose against yours, lips just barely grazing each other’s as he takes a shuddering breath.
“Tell me,” his strong voice urges, begging you to tell him what he so desperately wants to hear. The years of pining after you have swelled to a head inside of him, and Sakusa knows he can’t resist these strong urges any longer. The past few days of pushing and pulling against each other have resulted in this, and Sakusa knows he wouldn’t have it any other way.
“So,” you say quietly, attempting to finish your plea before getting too distracted. “Teach me.”
And Sakusa feels as if all the air has been stolen from his lungs as his composure finally snaps, pulling you towards him and embracing you with a searing kiss.
Your reaction is instantaneous: Sakusa lets out a low groan as your lips begin to move against his, mouth parting to swipe against his bottom lip shyly. His grip on you only tightens when you let out a similar sound, a bit breathier and more high-pitched, and he feels his cock throb against his sweatpants. It takes everything in him to focus, head swimming with thoughts of you, you, you as he kisses you passionately.
Moaning against his lips when he licks into your mouth, you smile briefly at the faint taste of fruity alcohol. Sakusa is good, and he tastes like everything good in the world as he drinks in all your sounds, pressing you closer to his body as you curl into him. His hand falls to your cheek, gently opening your mouth to entangle your tongues in a similar embrace. It is messy, and nothing like Sakusa, as he moans into your mouth, seemingly just as obsessed with the taste of you as you are with his.
Sakusa’s lips are soft and plump as they slant over yours, desperately pulling you closer to him in an effort to feel all of you. Gripping onto his arms, you give in to his touch, obsessed with how light and good he makes you feel. Your head is reeling, and you swear that Sakusa is still spinning you around on the dance floor when he pulls away.
“Ki-Kiyoomi,” you whimper, clutching onto him as he pulls back slightly. Sakusa is panting heavily, lips parted and swollen as he groans at the sweet sound of his name falling from your lips.
“Shit,” he curses, swiping his thumb over your cheeks as you pull him in for another breathtaking kiss. When you curiously nibble on his bottom lip, Sakusa groans, an intense need overcoming him. In an attempt to get you even closer, the tall boy wraps his arms under your thighs, picking you up to hold you against him in a tight embrace.
You squeal into his mouth, immediately straddling him and smiling into the kiss. You quickly wrap your arms around his neck as he settles you against his hips, and you moan at the feeling of his hardness already pressing against your barely clothed pussy.
Sakusa laughs into your mouth at your cute reaction, hurriedly diving back in for another sweet kiss as your fingers play with the short hair at the nape of his neck. Arousal courses through his body as you begin rocking against his hardening shaft, and he can feel your body’s response is similar to his own.
“Say it again,” he demands, similar to earlier. His voice is much deeper than before, gruff with lust and slightly scratchy as he pushes the words past his swollen lips. It has you grinding back onto him, obsessed with the sweet sounds spilling past your best friend’s lips as he pulls you into another heated embrace.
“Kiyoomi,” you whimper against his lips, moving impatiently against yours as his hands drag down your body. His fingertips pad down your waist, brushing against the heated skin there as your mouth parts in another moan. The sound shoots straight to his cock, and Sakusa squeezes his eyes shut at the sweet ringing of his given name rolling off your tongue.
His touch awakens something inside you, and you can feel the wetness pooling in the dark lace of your panties as Sakusa begins to grind you against him. Your hands tug desperately at his shirt, silently begging him to take it off without breaking the kiss. He chuckles at your neediness, but it quickly turns into a hiss as you circle your hips around his aching cock.
Quickly obeying your wants, Sakusa pulls away to tug at the collar of his shirt. He swiftly takes it off, and you barely have time to admire his messy black curls, eyes blown wide with lust, and heaving chest before he’s pulling you back in for a passionate kiss.
Pleased at the sudden contact, you run your hands down Sakusa’s sculpted chest, and the desire from earlier has you smirking against his lips.
Gently, you pull away, pressing a hand to his chest until Saksua relents, falling onto the mattress. You truly think it’s the hottest thing you’ve ever seen – six foot three Sakusa Kiyoomi leaning against the mattress, lips swollen and chest heaving from your kisses, chest bare as your hands drag along the strong planes of muscle there. His grey sweatpants have a large tent in them, and you can barely help yourself when you lean down to place a chase kiss against the tip of them.
Your sudden actions have Sakusa rutting his hips up, a strangled gasp escaping his lips as you climb on top of him. Again, you straddle him, continuing your grinding motions as your lips begin tracing across his chest.
“Fuck,” Sakusa sighs, his eyes rolling to the back of his head at the influx of emotions swelling inside his heart. It pounds furiously in his chest as your lips flutter over every mole and freckle decorating his chest, tongue poking out to trace against his hard nipples as you drag your nails teasingly down his sides. The sensation has him shuddering in pleasure, especially with the way your hips drag along his clothed length.
“B-baby..” he starts, his breath hitching in his throat at the particularly delicious roll of your hips over his. It shoots straight to his cock, and he can feel beads of pre-cum stain his sweatpants at the feeling of your slick pressing against him. “I don’t know how much longer I can take.”
You finally pull away, your fingers thrumming across Sakusa’s chest as he sits up with you.
A million words flit through your head – affirmations of I love you, reassurances that you want this, and reminders that he doesn’t have to wait any more. And Sakusa seems to understand the words you can’t speak, his own head swimming with a billion iterations of the same confessions. The moment seems to stretch on for infinity, shrouding the two of you in a sweet embrace as you simply hold each other, relishing in the unforgettable moment that will change your lives forever.
So, Sakusa says the one thing he can say – the one thing he’s been wanting to say for years.
“I love you,” he murmurs, and his eyes are wide with adoration and tenderness as he finally spills his heart to you. He gazes at you, eyes flitting between your own as your lips part in happiness.
All you feel is love for him, and you can no longer hold back the mounting emotions.
“I love you,” you assure him, and Sakusa swears that he’s died and gone to heaven.
With awe in his eyes, Sakusa kisses you again; it is tender and gentle as he sucks your bottom lip into his mouth, moaning at the taste of you as you clutch onto him. The pleasure pools like little bolts of electricity near your womb, and it only intensifies as Sakusa rolls his hips from under you.
“Please let me take this off,” Sakusa begs, his voice thick with desire and love. His fingers play over the clasp of your bra as he leans down, sucking bruising kisses against the swell of your breast. Your hands move to tangle through his hair, and your head is thrown back in pleasure at the feeling of Sakusa’s thumbs running over your hardened nipples.
“Yes, please,” you gasp, desperate to feel Sakusa’s chest against yours. He groans as he expertly flicks the clasp off with one hand, quickly helping you shrug the intimate fabric off your shoulders.
Sakusa leans back to look at you, taking in the moment he knows he’ll remember for the rest of his life.
“You’re so beautiful,” he breathes out, voice airy as his eyes roam your figure. He bites his lip as he takes you in, sitting all pretty on his lap as you soak through your panties. It’s enough to have any man reeling, and Sakusa feels the air in the room thicken with tension.
“Please, Kiyoomi,” you beg, reaching for him. It snaps him out of his reverie, and Sakusa is quick to surge forward, taking you in his arms in another sweet embrace.
His lips are like sugared honey against yours, and Sakusa unabashedly lets out groans for you to soak in. Carefully, tenderly, he picks you up, strong arms tensing around you without breaking the kiss. He sets you down on the bed again, only this time he climbs on top of you, covering your body with his as his lips move down your jaw. His mouth is hot as his lips move against you, drawing out noises you didn’t even know you could make as his fingers press against your hips.
Gaining a bit of courage, you wrap your arms around his broad back, your legs spreading for him as he catches one on his hip. Sakusa continues kissing his way down your body, his tongue laving against your skin, nipping along your neck, kissing across your collarbones, and circling your pebbled nipple. When he gets to your breasts, Sakusa sucks your pert nipple into his mouth, moaning as you clutch his body closer to yours.
You feel overwhelmed when you urge Sakusa to shove off his sweatpants, his hard cock twitching against his tensed abdomen as your fingers wrap around the base of it. His head falls to the crook of your neck when you curiously pump your hand, enamored with the thickness of his girth.
“G-god, baby,” Sakusa moans, a deep groan tearing from his chest when you twist your wrist. He feels hot and heavy in your hand, and Sakusa can only entwine your fingers with his. Placing them above your head, he leans down to capture your lips in a heated embrace once again.
“Let me take care of you,” Sakusa moans, his eyes meeting yours as you slow down your hand motions. An evil thought fills your mind, and you decide to share it with him as you nod at him to remove your panties.
“All right then,” you murmur, his eyes not leaving yours as he slides the black lace down your legs. His gaze is intense and full of love, and you can’t help but pull him down for another searing kiss. “Besides, we’ll have forever to have fun.”
Your words cause Sakusa to take a shuddering breath, and he recognizes the promise that coats your words. A promise that there will be a next time, a promise of your love for him.
A promise that this will last forever.
“I love you,” he repeats, his dark curls falling against your cheeks as his lips move over yours. The touch is intimate, and when his fingers trail down your hip to press lazy circles to your clit, all you can do is moan his name.
You see Sakusa’s resolve crumbling as he pushes two fingers inside you, instantly curling them up to press against the delicate bundle of nerves deep against your walls. You moan at the sudden intrusion, and Sakusa lets a shuddering groan at the feeling of your pussy sucking his fingers in.
“I-I don’t know how much more I can take,” you gasp, the need to feel him overcoming any other emotion as you curl into his touch. His fingers are so long inside you, and with his thumb circling your aching nub, you feel your high approaching you much faster than you would like to admit.
“Good, ‘cause neither can I,” Sakusa murmurs, lips grazing yours as he pushes them deep inside you.
Soon, his fingers are replaced by the leaking tip of his cock, nudging against your sopping folds as his arms cage around you. Sakusa intends to savor this feeling – to soak in the pleasure that shoots down his shaft as he spreads your slickness around with the tip of his cock. He can feel how your walls attempt to milk him, clenching down around nothing when the head brushes past your entrance.
“K-Kiyoomi,” you moan, fingers tightening around the nape of his neck when he nudges the swollen head against your clit. His eyes drink in the sight of you flustered and already fucked-out underneath him, taking in the sweet sound you let out when he circles your hot clit with his tip. “Need you,” you moan, closing your eyes when he drags his cock through your folds again.
“God, baby, I need you too,” Sakusa moans, and he quickly relents his teasing in favor of pushing the tip of his cock just barely inside of you. The pressure is immediate, and you let out a cry when you beg him for more.
“Shh, shh baby. ‘Ve been wanting this forever, let’s enjoy it,” Sakusa coos, leaning his head to the crook of your neck. Placing wet kisses down the column of your throat, Sakusa presses just his fat tip inside you, almost cursing at the intense pleasure that surges through his body, before pulling away once more.
He can hardly constrain himself when you pull on his arms, a desperate look in your eyes as you beg him for more. All he can do is press in once more, hurriedly leaning forward for a kiss and moaning into your mouth at the staggering pleasure.
After years of pining after you, years of feelings he thought were unrequited, years of wishing and hoping that he could someday love you, it was finally here.
One last breathy plea from your lips is what has Sakusa’s composure finally snapping, and he lets out a long, drawn-out moan when he fully sheaths himself inside your tight walls. The pleasure is immense – your swollen walls stroking his shaft as he presses deep inside you, pushing so far until his leaking slit is pressed against your cervix. The feeling of your soaking pussy pulling him in, already fluttering around his length as his arms wrap around you, has him almost collapsing.
His knees feel weak when your arms tighten around his broad shoulders, the moan you let out music to his ears. Already Sakusa can feel sweat prickling against his forehead, and he takes a shaky hand to push back the curls that threaten to fall in his face. He wouldn’t miss your sweet reactions for the world – not when it’s all he’s been dreaming about since he was a teenager.
“G-god, Kiyoomi,” you gasp out in a broken moan, obsessed with the feeling of his thick length stretching you out. He feels so good inside of you, relieving the aching pressure that’s been built between your legs for days. You swear you can feel every throbbing vein along his shaft, can feel the beads of pre-cum dribble on his leaking slit when he presses so deep inside you. You can feel how he twitches when you moan for him, your legs high on his hips as he presses his forehead to yours.
“Feels s’good,” he groans, squeezing his beautiful eyes shut at the overwhelming pleasure. 
The feeling of your pussy milking his bare cock leaves Sakusa gasping for breath, and all he can do is kiss you over and over, willingly drowning in the feeling of you as you both adjust. He can feel how your mouth parts for him, your tongue entangling with his when it licks into your mouth. He can feel you gushing around his cock, soaking his shaft and running down his heavy balls begging to release inside you. He can feel how your fingers thread through his dark curls, slightly tugging on them to urge him to move when he starts taking too long.
And, most importantly, he can feel the love that pours from you, wrapping him in a warm embrace as you mumble against his lips.
“I love you,” you whimper, and Sakusa believes with every fiber of his being that he was made for you.
“I love you, I love you so much,” Sakusa returns, finally feeling confident enough that he won’t immediately cum. He pulls back, slowly, so slowly, so as to feel every inch of your walls tighten down on him. All he can do is let out almost pathetic sounds at the feeling of your pussy trying to suck him back in, savoring how it feels when he drags his cock out.
Resting just the tip inside you, Sakusa presses forward again, and lets out a loud expletive at the instantaneous pleasure that floods him. He’s never been this overwhelmed before – this overstimulated by the simplest touch; but the sight of his angel below him – the love of his life, moaning his name and grasping onto him when he starts rocking his hips – has him feeling euphoric bouts of pleasure that he’s never felt before.
With a sudden revelation, Sakusa knows he feels complete.
He's never been good with words – he’s never really known what to say to people. Always hiding behind snide remarks, or the cold, hard truth, has been Sakusa’s strong point. But now he wants to pour his heart and soul into you, especially with the drunken feeling overtaking him when you clamp down on his cock during a particularly hard thrust.
So, he says the only thing that makes sense.
“I feel complete,” he sighs against your lips, moving his hands along your body until they entwine with yours. He places them above your head, holding yours in an intimate gesture as he rolls his hips, grinding his cock inside you. The feeling stretches you out even more, and with the feeling of his other hand circling your throbbing nub, you feel as if you could dive headfirst into your orgasm.
His words are shy, but genuine. Just like Sakusa. The Sakusa Kiyoomi who’s been your best friend for years – the best friend you’re now in love with. The dizzying feeling builds up and over, and only seems to relent when he presses his cock home inside you.
“Kiyoomi – ah! – I feel complete too,” is all you can whisper against his lips, and he holds eye contact with you as he circles his hips.
Sakusa makes love to you, soft moans and feeble touches across each other’s bodies as he fucks into you. His cock nudges against that cushy spot along your walls, and you can’t help but clamp down on him when he does so. It feels euphoric how he holds you in his arms, the bare feeling of his cock dragging down your swollen walls until he pushes your slick back inside you, pressing so deep you swear you see stars.
His thrusts become insistent, and you find that you’ve become addicted to the sight in front of you. Sakusa, with his head thrown back in pleasure, eyes squeezed shut as he grinds his cock inside you, dark curls sticking to his face, holding you so gently and lovingly in his arms. His finger rubs desperate circles onto your clit, nudging against that spot perfectly until you finally crumble underneath his touch.
If Sakusa thought he was in love before, he was sorely mistaken. The sight of you cumming on his cock as he fucks it inside you, murmuring his name and confessions of love, has him falling even more in love. It’s all he can do to press his forehead to yours, mumbling against your lips similar words of I love you as he pushes as deep as he can go, holding onto your hips as he lets go.
It is the most intense orgasm he’s ever experienced, and is only further accentuated by the feeling of your walls continuously gushing around him, sucking him back in with a vice-grip. He lets out one last broken moan, his head falling to the crook of your neck as his fingers linger sweet shapes against your skin. With a shaky breath, you simply hold him, placing an exhausted kiss on his hairline as Sakusa relaxes his body against yours.
Hours could have passed for all Sakusa knows as he catches his breath, his cock still pressing inside you. He shudders at the slight feeling of overstimulation that shoots down his cock, but he can’t find it in himself to stop. Your walls still weakly flutter around him as he presses his cum deep into your walls, obsessed with how it feels to have your combined cum coating his shaft.
“K-Kiyoomi,” you softly call, aching for his attention. Looking down at you, Sakusa once again feels a deep love for you, warming through his heart like sweet honey as you smile at him. Bringing a hand down, he caresses your cheek, falling in love with how you nuzzle against his touch, closing your eyes in bliss as his thumb catches along his cheekbone.
Sakusa Kiyoomi has never been good with words, but in this moment, he knows that it’s the end of the world …
…As you both know it.
Because after this, everything will change for the better.
“I don’t know much, about how to label the things I feel,” Sakusa starts, feeling as if the stars in your eyes are brighter than those in the sky. He watches as you latch onto every word he utters, gazing at you with a devoted fondness as you lean up for another kiss.
Sakusa can’t deny you, and easily responds with the gentlest fervor you’ve ever felt.
“All I know is that – when I look at my friends, I feel love,” he states, murmuring against your skin as he places soft kisses all along your face. You sigh happily at the feeling of his soft lips against your skin, sinking into his touch as he continues speaking.
“When I look at a volleyball, I feel excited,” he continues moving to kiss along the seam of your lips. You attempt to clutch on to him, wanting to keep him close, but he easily pulls away with a loving chuckle. “Patience, baby,” he teases.
“And when I look at you,” Sakusa says, looking at you with all the love in the world. His eyes swim with warmth, dancing across his dark irises as he gazes at you, a fond smile on his lips as if he can’t believe what’s happening to him.
As if he’s the luckiest man in the world.
“I see everything.”
And Sakusa Kiyoomi now knows that he’s in heaven as you pull him in for another kiss, holding his future tight in his arms as he kisses you until the dawn breaks through the curtains.
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is2usopp · 2 days ago
msby4 + love languages
Tumblr media
sakusa + acts of services
he loves to do things for you and help you out with anything you need. he isn’t one to often verbally express his love for you but through these acts, he can definitely show you. he isn’t much of a morning person but when he wakes up before you he likes to make you breakfast in bed. and he loves to clean but he especially loves it when he can help you with your chores too. this could double as quality time as well, but when he sees you doing any task of the sort, he’ll shuffle toward you with a shy little ‘can i help you with that?’ after a long day, once both of you have dinner and take your individual showers, he runs a bath for you two to share. he’ll add bath salts or bath bombs, set up candles, and apply your face masks to help you relax. when you’re out of the house he’ll organize your desk or bookshelves, and fold your clothes so that you don’t have to do it later. even when he’d rather stay at home, he always goes out with you to help run errands without complaint. 
bokuto + gift giving
of all the things bokuto is he is not forgetful, especially when it comes to you. he remembers all the anniversaries and special occasions. every time he gifts you something for these occasions it’s always super meaningful. even though he puts a lot of thought behind it, giving you gifts always comes easy to him. he pays a lot of attention to you, and every time you say you really like something or put it in your cart for later, he'll remember that you want it. and when you mention to him that you’ve achieved something or even when you’re having a hard time, he’ll come home with pretty bouquets of flowers or little cakes and other treats for you. even on the days when there’s nothing special going on, he’ll bring you things that ‘reminded him of you’ or things he thinks you’ll enjoy. he’ll bring you random mugs, candles, pens, hair clips, books, or candy from the store with a “i just thought you’d like it” and a cute little shrug. and he always folds his gum wrappers into hearts for you.
hinata + words of affirmation
one thing about hinata is that he will always know exactly what to say no matter the situation. whether you’ve had a bad day and need some encouragement or he’s just being annoyingly romantic, it’s always just right. like when you’re going out and aren’t feeling too good about your outfit. you ask him how you look and he reminds you of how beautiful you are almost instantly. it isn’t just a thoughtless ramble either, you know that he means every single word he’s saying. he never fails to get you all flustered with that adoring look in his eyes and a ‘you’re the most stunning person i have ever seen’. or when you go to his games, he always shows his appreciation of you being there. he greets you and kisses your knuckles sweetly, calling you his ‘lucky charm’. even when it’s an away game, he’ll message you constantly about how much he misses you and reminds you of how many days are left until you get to see each other again. every time he accomplishes or wins something he’ll always mention you in his posts or speeches saying how grateful he is to have you and how he could’ve never done it without you.
atsumu + physical touch 
there isn’t a moment that atsumu doesn’t have his hands on you, whether it’s on purpose or subconsciously. (also i’d like to mention that he is still very respectful of your boundaries and whether you want him to be touching you or not.) he’ll hold your hand everywhere you go, like on dates or in the airport or just any public place (a bit of a possessive trait if you ask me but he’s cute so). he loves cuddling too, especially in the mornings when he definitely has somewhere to be, he can just never bring himself to detach himself from you. he never leaves you without a hug and kiss from you, he’ll stand there with his arms extended for as long as it takes you to notice. when you’re busy with something and he can’t hold your hands he’ll just wrap his arms around your waist and rest his head on your shoulder. whenever you two are just hanging out at home like getting work done or watching a movie, he traces shapes on your palms or thighs subconsciously. and at night before you go to bed he really likes combing your hair and even braiding it sometimes. he literally cannot go to sleep if he’s not playing with your hands or running his hand along your back.
Tumblr media
note: this is specifically how they show their love but i might write one of what they like to receive too if anyone is interested!! also if you want me to write one of a specific character with your own love language i would be so happy to do so ^_^ dm me or leave me requests loves <3
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kazenomegaminowanpisu · 2 days ago
Haikyuu boys walking in your room during online class
feat: Hinata, bokuto, kageyama, oikawa
a/n: Hope you like it some haikyuu fans✨😊
Tumblr media
—he will got stunned for a moment.
—he will Nervously looked at you, and at the same time you teacher start asking, "who is that at you back?"
—he slam the door and leave, that made you apologize a lot to your teacher and your classmates.
—will got surprised, of course.
—he will approach to you, and he will look closely at the camera, "Oh hi!, I am y/n boyfriend"
—your classmates were like "nice to meet you too" bokuto starts talking about himself and of course about your relationship.
—holding a milk, *sip* *sip*
—he will enter the room lay down on the side.
—and he will look at you while taking your class.
—after that cuddles.
—"Hi babe what are you doing"
—he knew that you were on your online class but he kept flirting with you.
—the teacher told you to stop doing it.
—but oikawa kept going, he started Kiss your face.
—that made you close your laptop And give you his attention.
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ashthemadwriter · a day ago
Things that Haikyuu men would cheat on you with!
Tumblr media
Fandom:Haikyuu Pairings:Various Characters X reader Genre:Angst (Lmao sure) Warnings:Heart breaking content ahead! A/n:this came to my mind while i was in the shower lmao.also,this post is just for fun,nothing serious or offending.i love all these boys!
Tumblr media
↬Tobio Kageyama ⇝ Milk
↬Osamu Miya ⇝ Food,specially Onigiri
↬Rintarou Suna ⇝ His bed
↬Kenma Kozume ⇝ Video Games
↬Ryuunosuke Tanaka ⇝ Kyoko Shimizu (i mean...)
↬Kei Tsukishima ⇝ Dinosaurs (lol nooooo)
↬Koutaro Bokuto ⇝ VolleyBall
↬Atsumu Miya ⇝ VolleyBall
↬Keiji Akaashi ⇝ Hentai Mangas
↬Tooru Oikawa ⇝ Himself (Narcissist lol)
↬Hajime Iwaizumi ⇝ He wont cheat Hes a loyal man
↬Shinsuke Kita ⇝ Farms
↬Shoyo Hinata ⇝ Also VolleyBall
↬Wakatishi Ushijima ⇝ The idea wouldn't even cross his mind
Yeah...just wanted to give ya all a heads up lmao goodbye
Reblogs are appreciated :>
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kiwipotat0 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Binging my comfort anime
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strawberrykake · 18 hours ago
Taylor swift lyrics as hq imagines pt.1
notes: timeskip!haikyuu (mainly for the first prompt)
“went at home and try to stalk you on the internet, now i read all of the books beside your bed” (paper rings, Lover)
—Iwaizumi, Ushijima, Kageyama, Hinata, Sakusa, Tsukishima, Sugawara, Atsumu, Meian, Lev
You remember the time you first saw him, thinking he was the most attractive man you’ve seen in your life. Never thinking that the day when you’d meet someone more attractive than your 2d crush would ever come. But it did. And now you’re acting like a crazy fangirl as you input his name in search engines, screen-shotting beautiful captures of him, like a hunter in the wildlife. Little did you know, you’d be the one to grace his bed. Read all his books on his shelf. To kiss him goodnight. To be the one on his lockscreen. One he’d gaze at when he’s on a long trip away.
“your sweet disposition and my wide-eyed gaze, we’re singing in the car getting lost upstate” (all too well, Red)
—Kita, Akaashi, Sugawara, Goshiki, Hirugami, Osamu, Hanamaki, Hinata, Aran, Ennoshita, Kai, Daichi
It was one of those days when you both felt a sudden urge to spend time outside, namely, hiking. So you were in the car as he drove down the long road to the mountain trail, passing a line of spruce trees, the smell of the rural air brushing against your noses. He had a hand on the wheel, drumming his fingers along to the beat of the music as he hums. You mimic his sounds, enjoying the view of the green scenery out your window and each other’s company.
“he looks up grinning like a devil” (cruel summer, Lover)
—Daishou, Atsumu, Kageyama, Oikawa, Tendou, Tsukishima, Suna, Kuroo, Bokuto, Hoshiumi, Terushima, Tanaka
Why does he always do that? Whenever he’d make a sassy comeback, or knows he pulled a dirty move against an opponent, or when he makes you uncontrollably blush, it is always followed by a mischievous grin. You don’t know what it is. But you don’t want him to stop. It’s one of his attractive traits. But you’ll never tell him that. Why? Because he’ll just make that same annoyingly attractive face again.
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nightqueen1221 · 2 days ago
Hinata x tall and gentle reader please where he can go to for his insecruties to especially his height (ya know like being made fun of when they're out in public, freinds, etc.). She also likes to tease him tho but he allows it and kinda likes it
Sorry if this is a bit short. This is my first Haikyuu request.
Tumblr media
-He isn't entirely shocked by your height since he deals with tall people all the time.
-Depending on what you say about him being short and teasing him, two things can happen.
-1. He gets pouty, crosses his arms, and kinda moves over to the side in "anger"
-2. He is dumbfounded, he just looks at you for a second and than gives you the argument that he isn't short he's just a little different.
-But for you it's a bit of an act.
-He knows you like to be a bit of a jerk at times so this is something he'll allow.
-While there is you as someone who is allowed.
-You'll sometimes have people talk about him on the street.
-"That kid wants to be in volleyball?"
-"Yeah, the girl he's with would have a better chance." They laughed.
-With neither of you wanting to cause anything, left.
-When you to both make it back to your's or his house he gets close to you.
-He like to hug or cuddle when he gets sad.
-He also talks making it sound like he is talking to you but he is actually giving himself a pep talk.
-"I'll show them, so don't you worry."
-He really is in love with the fact you will care for him when he feels bad.
-It makes him feel like you care for him more than anything.
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justmywriting1313 · a month ago
Taken for Granted (MSBY + Iwa x Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: You were their angel in disguise and they did a great job of destroying that too (starts fluffy and ends angsty. comfort in part 2 if requested)
Pairing: MSBY 4 + Meian and Iwa x reader  (a little bit Kageyama and ushijima x reader)
Trigger warnings: Harsh words from the boys! (except shouyo)
MINI UPDATE: I made a tag for this (taken for granted) and if an ask post comes under it its cause I have an update in that or I’m asking for an opinion so yeah just help me out when you see me asking for an opinion on what you guys want let me know!!! OKie enjoyyyy
Mini Update 2: TAGLIST is now closed...cause well there are 60 0f you and one of me and the one of me is overwhelmed and has not eaten in two days T_T
ALSO FYI: I get one more rude message or ask about when I'm going to write Part 2 or why I haven't written it yet and I swear to god I wont write it. I write these things and share them cause they bring me comfort and I would like to think they bring some of you comfort as well but I also have a life outside of this app/ website believe it or not and that life takes precedence so please
Tumblr media
The MSBY jackals team was chaotic... unbelievably talented and chaotic. 
It was a known fact not just through the team and their close friends but through the volleyball community as a whole.
On the court they were unstoppable. A force to be reckoned with. Each player shining in his own way with a trainer who always made sure the boys were at their best but off the court they were all man babies who had never grown up in some area or the other.
You had Atsumu who really was just a whiny-5-year-old-golden-retriever-boy who would give his love to anyone who fed him. More than once Meian or Sakusa have had to pull him away from strangers. Yes he had grown up since his Inarizaki days but not that much. He treated emotional maturity more like choice based on what the situation called for.
Then came big boy Bokuto whose mood swings and depressed moods required a gentle and sensitive touch along with a never ending patience. Though having improved from his high school days Bo liked to be babied and when he didn’t get the attention he wanted he became oh so sulkier. 
Hinata though an absolute ray of sunshine seemed to dance his way into troublesome situations that somehow never had anything to do with him. He needed stern reminders to take breaks and when you put him together with ‘tsumu and bo... well lets just say they were the trifecta for trouble. 
Sakusa you would think is the balance in the group. Mature, calm and collected and having significantly improved his social skills would be a PR dream but NOPE. He was still stubborn and absolutely detested being roped into the shenanigans of the above mentioned boys yet somehow was always at the centre of it all. He always had a long list of demands and was a control freak beyond belief. He like Bo liked his attention but refused to ask for it which made him all the more difficult.  
Together they put Meain (the tired-too-old-for-this-dad) and Iwaizumi the short tempered mom through the ringer. Finding a manager at this point felt like trying to find a nanny for children who could not be tamed. They had gone through more managers than there were players. Imagine the sigh of relief that the whole Volleyball community takes when finally you enter. 
At first glance it seemed like meat being thrown to the wolves. You seemed so delicate with a soft smile and only spoke in gentle tones. You refused to wear sports gear to the boiling hot gym and court. When asked about it you would shrug and say just because the boys were sweaty doesn't mean you needed to be. Much more comfortable in your flowy wide legged pants and knotted shirts. You were the image of soft. Meain and Iwa, both took one look at you and passed you off as another forgotten name manager who wouldn’t have a backbone... 
So imagine their surprise when one stern and strongly worded scolding from you finally got Atsumu to stop running off at games for food or to flirt with the next cute person he saw. He still bickered with the others but finally learnt to stop when he was pushing it too far. 
“‘Tsumu you walk away more than once from the team today and I will be throwing away the onigiri I had Samu specially make for you so you would have a snack for after the game AND I will make sure to schedule you for drills and cardio at night which I know you hate!”
They could only watch open mouthed as one hug and gentle smile or tender look form you had Bokuto coming out of his emo moods and bounding over to show everyone why he was the best. You didn’t even have to say anything for Bokuto to know exactly what you were telling him which always made him jump back up... Magic!
“Bo Its one practice match... you know that right? mistakes are made and thats okay! Its not all on you and what matter more is that you played your best... all you can do is learn from today okay?”
Hinata finally was no longer found in stare off’s and confrontations with people he did not know, you would twirl your way in and with an enduring smile and soft spoken words would diffuse the situation and bring their tangerine back to them. 
“Hi there gentlemen! I don’t know what the problem is but I can assure you that Hinata san had no part in it since he was with me the whole time... Aaah yes I am the manager and thank you so much for understanding. If you don’t mind I’ll be taking him with me! We have a match to prepare for!!”
Most impressive of all was how you had Sakusa’s needs down to a T. No longer did he have conflicting schedules that meant he refused to train that day or had to wait till the evening for the clean up crew to finish. He was always the first one in and out. Every habit was indulged from making all the boys clean up and sanitise after themselves to wearing gloves whenever you had to hand something to him. His stuff was kept separately from the others and sanitised more regularly and best of all you always place him in between Bokuto and Atsumu for interviews so they could carry the conversation.
“Hi Sakusa-san, I hope you had a restful weekend!! Here some sanitiser and don’t worry I stayed and Sanitised all the volleyballs so you're all good to go!”
Meian no longer needed to wrangle them together for the events and make sure they had cleaned up properly. He was now a semi-tired-middle-aged dad who had a little more calm in his life. Since your arrival Iwa no longer had to check his blood pressure everyday and ended his day with a smile. 
You were their angel in disguise...
But that also meant you were sometimes their figurative punching bag. 
After being the longest standing manager of almost 1 year the boys had gotten comfortable to the routines you had created and definitely started taking it for granted... You had taken all of it on the chin though. Every harsh word thrown in a fit of anger and harsh pettiness was taken and presumably wiped away. Atleast that’s how you liked to act and pretend to everyone including yourself though it eventually caught up with you... And the only person to notice was a certain human tangerine,
The day ‘Tsumu wandered off and you were too busy making sure they all had all their pre game rituals to bring him back and he almost missed the line up. 
“What the hell Y/N?? why didn’t ya come and get me?? I almost missed tha line up cause of ya... buck up and do yer job like whats wrong with yer?”  
The image of a red and angry faced ‘tsumu who yelled in your face and then shoved past you was something you kept telling yourself you put aside but one week later, though you greeted him with a smile you never let yourself be alone with him for too long. Atsumu had felt bad but since you had just smiled at him when he said a poor excuse of an apology he thought it was fine. Hinata watched with a frown when you came into work red eyed and kept your distance from your favourite faux blonde who whined for attention. 
The day Bokuto missed a spike that could have set the match in their favour and no kind words or soft smiles from you could do anything. You had followed him to a quiet and isolated corner to talk but you didn't get to say much, 
“And what would you know about working hard huh Y/N?? All you do is stand around, fill water bottles and try to talk about ambition and working hard as if you know anything about it... You have never loved something so much that you would do anything to be the best... You are just some lowly replaceable manager and You know nothing.. Nothing about us or the match so just shut up...” 
The following night the image of what was supposed to be your sweet Bo with a look of anger and hate painted across his face kept you up trying your best to quell the surge of insecurity, hurt and fragility you felt. You told yourself it was okay but you no longer hugged him as tightly as you used to. Bo had arrived to work the next day with the most pitiable expression but he thought it was fine when you said okay with pursed lips. Hinata definitely frowned as he watched you avoid Bo and his larger than life hugs patting his arm and pulling away. Bo sulking and pouting the rest of the day
The time you accidentally left the drafting papers for the line up back at the home court when they came for their away game and Meian was at his ropes end, 
“Y/N-san we hired you to be of help not hindrance... if doing something as simple as packing a folder is a difficult task then you are more than resign... this was such simple task... can’t you do anything right?”
You had definitely not cried to yourself that night and were completely fine and confident. Your eyes were not red and when Hinata along with Kageyama and Ushijima who you used to manage before pulled you aside to ask why your face was puffy you lied and said it was because you ate rice the night before. When Meian tried to pull you aside later to say how sorry he was, Hinata watched as you braced yourself as if expecting a fight before waving the captain of.
You didn’t think Iwa would also be the cause of another sleepless night worrying about your abilities but the day you accidentally scheduled some of the MSBY boys on the same day Iwa trained the adlers proved you wrong as he pulled you into a nearby storage room, 
“It was one thing Y/N! One thing I asked of you... I dont put any workload on you letting you off easy with just managing their game time and you messed that up... If you dont plan on working hard then please dont plan on staying too long!”
You had to wear a long sleeved shirt to hide the bruise of Iwa’s hand gripping your upper arm and you could no longer look him in the eyes, his words hanging heavy in the back of your head. At some point he had tried to corner you to apologise but when he saw the way you tensed up at his touch he let you by without saying a word. When Hinata accidentally walked in on you changing, a look of horror painting his face at the sight of your upper arm you lied and said you fell. You knew that Hinata didn’t believe you.
Hinata had had it. He along with Kageyama had coaxed the truth out of you one Saturday evening when they dropped by for a surprise visit and found you curled up and crying. To say they were angry would be putting it lightly. Kageyama was ready to march up the JVA and have you reassigned that second. Already pulling his phone out to call Kuroo but Hinata stopped him. After a promise of getting the boys to apologise in a weeks time or Tobio and Ushijima were stepping in the boys left but of course that’s never how it goes. 
The straw that broke the camels back was Sakusa. He had always been the one you connected the most too. He took into account that no matter how stern you were with the boys you were still delicate and wore your heart on your sleeve so it was ironic how the one you talked to the most would be the one to hurt you the most, 
“What. did. you. just. do?”
“I... Fuck I’m so sorry Kiyo-ku–” 
“Shut up just shut up and stop calling me that annoying name!! What is wrong with you Y/N are you mentally deficient that you couldn’t do something as simple as give me the right waterbottle...” As his volume rose the others started to notice and Hinata watched in horror as Sakusa put the last nail in the coffin... the damage done before he could step in.
“Good lord how dumb can you be Y/N it’s a fucking water bottle and I know I have some needs but this is like basically being able to read... like are you illiterate that reading a name was so hard... You were worried about being good enough well here’s your fucking answer YOU AREN’T.” 
As he became huffier he swung his arms and everything froze when you ducked back and away from him, shoulders tensing up and eyes squeezing shut as you held your breath. Sakusa’s last words ringing in the court and in your head with a level of finality you hadn’t encountered before. Sakusa watched aghast at your reaction. He wan’t going to hit you... good go even the idea made him sick to his stomach. He was just gesturing about not being able to hold all the bubbling anger and fear in but now his anger that had been reaching a fever pitch died down instantly as he watched you brace yourself for a fight, for a hit... from him. Everyone stood still but it was soon disturbed as everything happened at once. 
“Y/n I..” Sakusa didn’t dare take a step towards you but he tried to reach out and was met with more distance as you finally opened your eyes and looked at him before stepping back even further. 
“Please don’t Sakusa-san” You took a shaky inhale in visibly preparing yourself. Tears collecting along your lash line as you chanced a glance at some of the other boys. Bokuto who was making his way towards you stopped dead in his tracks when you took a large step away form him as well. Your eyes drifting over their appalled and horrified expressions before you met Kageyama’s and Ushijima’s behind Hinata’s shoulder. He looked scarier than usual as he stood taller and then the tears fell when you saw them. You suddenly felt so small and vulnerable standing there. Your tears didn't stop as you hunched over trying to use your sleeves to wipe at your eyes. 
“Sweetheart can ai come clo–” Atsumu tried but you violently shook your head. 
“NO... I need to um... I need to go” At your words Ushijima and Kageyama started making their way towards you. 
“Go where?” It was Sakusa’s voice. It was quiet and desolate, but you could still hear the fear in his voice. 
“Away” You couldn’t look at any of them as you met Wakatoshi in the middle. You knew if you looked at them then you would forgive them instantly and right now you didn’t want to. Kageyama was behind Ushi talking to Hinata who didn’t know what to do. Meian and Iwa felt their hearts break when they watched Ushijima softly cup your face turning it from side to side before learning forward to kiss your forehead while he wiped your tears. They couldn’t remember the last time you came to them for comfort in the same way. Your shoulders sagging in relief. 
“Away from us?” and this time it was Bokuto asking a question he knew he didnt want the answer to. You only nodded before being led out by your former team as the 6 boys watched.
okay obviously want to do a part 2 but what kind of ending are we looking for? 
LMK in my inbox please!!!!
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semifilms · a month ago
the type of boyfriend to say “text me when you get home.” and when you don’t text him for a while he blows up your phone until you answer
ATSUMU, HINATA, kuroo, BOKUTO, kageyama, NOYA, yaku, SUGAWARA, SUNA, hoshiumi, OIKAWA, TENDOU
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tooruhearts · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
they’re in love!! (with you)
→ feat. atsumu miya, oikawa tooru, hinata shoyo, sakusa kiyoomi || genres: fluff
Tumblr media
KIYOOMI is late to work. and it's not his fault. no, he didn't sleep in. he didn't forget to turn off the stove. he didn't forget his keys. in fact, he woke up at seven am like he always does. but kiyoomi is late to work and it's because of you.
"baby, one more kiss? the last one," you say, lips already chasing after his.
but kiyoomi puts a hand over your mouth. "you said that twenty kisses ago."
"last one, i promise, please?"
and now you're holding onto his necktie, eyes blinking at him, waiting for him to say yes. but kiyoomi is already ten minutes late to work and he knows that if he caves into you he will be even later. so he opens his mouth, about to say no, but then you kiss his cheek and whisper in his ear.
god. he can't say no to you.
kiyoomi kisses you, sighing into the kiss. he can feel your smile against his lips. what a little devil, he thinks. but that doesn't matter right now, because your lips feel like heaven and kiyoomi thinks this is paradise. and kiyoomi kisses you again and again and again until you're both breathless.
maybe he should call in sick today.
Tumblr media
ATSUMU sometimes gets this overwhelming warm feeling in his chest, a feeling that makes him want to almost cry. and it is times like these, as he’s laying in bed sick with a wet towel on his forehead, as you are holding his hand, that he realizes how grateful he is that you chose him. that you wanted to stay with him.
“babe, i love ya, will leave all my fortune to ya."
“tsumu, stop acting like you're dying. it’s just a cold.”
he snorts at your reply, but the warmth of your fingertips on his palms doesn't stop the tears from appearing in his eyes. he can feel his lips quivering, his face growing red (and not from the fever). so he pulls you closer to him, until your face is pressed into the crook of his neck.
“ya know i love ya, right? i love ya so much,” he whispers in your ear.
"i know tsumu, i love you too."
"even when you make me burnt porridge, i love ya a whole lot."
"yes, yes, you big baby," you giggle, lightly smacking his arm, "my big baby."
the night ends with you kissing atsumu's face over and over again until he stops crying (he stops when he falls asleep).
Tumblr media
TOORU knows all good things come to an end eventually. that forever is not a word that lasts, it's not a word that makes sense to him. that one day he will have to let go. but when his arms are tightly wrapped around you as you bask in the afternoon sun, your hair tickling his cheek, he thinks it might make sense after all.
forever is a word that tooru can finally picture and it takes shape in the form of you.
"you smell like me," he says, kissing the top of your head.
"you noticed? i used your shampoo."
"you're also wearing my jersey," he teases, "you like me that much?"
"tooru, you're literally my boyfriend."
he laughs. tooru can't help but tighten his arms around you, still laughing, your face pressed against his. you whine, saying he's crushing you. but tooru keeps you secure in his embrace, kissing your cheeks, your ears, your neck. kissing your lips. and yes, oikawa tooru is your boyfriend. he's yours, forever and more.
"you're soo clingy," you say.
"only for you," he replies.
tooru doesn't think forever is a word that lasts, but if it's with you, he will try. he will try to make it last until his last breath. only for you.
Tumblr media
SHOYO thinks you look stunningly beautiful. even now, as your clothes are soaked and you look terribly pissed off because the weather forecast didn't announce it would rain. even now, as your hair clings to your forehead and you're squeezing his hand a tad bit too hard.
"our picnic is ruined.”
"it's fine, we could always go tomorrow! and now we can go home and cuddle."
but that doesn't take away the look of disappointment on your face, or how your body slumps, or how smaller than usual you look. so shoyo pulls you towards him, making you drop the picnic basket, his face a mere inches away from yours.
"dance with me?"
and shoyo doesn't even wait for you to answer before he's twirling you around. hands around your waist, pulling your body each time closer to his, until all he can feel is your warmth instead of the rain soaking his clothes. until all he can feel is your heartbeat.
"shoyo, stop, this is embarrassing!" you say, but you're laughing and laughing with each twirl, with each step.
shoyo thinks you look stunningly beautiful. even now, as your hair clings to your forehead and your clothes are drenched. even now, as the rain pours over both of you and you two are dancing and laughing like mad.
Tumblr media
a/n: tooru’s is inspired by the song forever by lee junhyung!!
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kshira · 2 months ago
𝐜𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐞𝐱 𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐩𝐞𝐬
+ oikawa, kenma, sakusa, suna, atsumu, kita, bokuto, hinata
tw. fem!reader, cursing, praise, virginity loss(just once) m!&f!masturbation, f!oral, creampie, dirty talk, soft dom w/ sub reader
an. hiya i’m back and i present this <3
Tumblr media
+ “i think i love you more than fucking you”
sometimes things just happen—oikawa believes it’s just coincidence that he’d found someone to share his lifestyle with so perfectly. whenever he wanted to fuck, you were there—anything besides the circumstance just really didn’t phase him and at the end of the day, oikawa believed it was a casual relationship but he started to love more than fucking you in every room of his house, eating you out as you both struggled to watch a tv show or even when you wanted to blow him as he drove down a busy highway. oikawa started to live his life around you, he grew butterflies in his stomach when you were on your way to his house and even began blushing when you made a flirty remark—oikawa was falling into something he didn’t think he could get out of. “fuck toru, right there” your nails scrape against his back, feet locked on his muscled hips and god—your lips struggled to keep themselves on his own, oikawa pounded harder into you, searching for that spot that always had you cumming in seconds but as he pulled away to cup your cheeks, he knew he couldn’t do it, he had to say something. a nervous laugh vibrates through his chest and as you lock eyes, oikawa just simply smiles back, “i think i love you more than fucking you.”
oikawa regrets what he said but you didn’t seem to mind—maybe you didn’t hear him clearly, you obviously were still wanting more of him as you chanted his name like sweet honey melting your voice. he just assumed the words were left among the air and it’d stay like that, cradling the back of your head as he drove his cock harder inside you, pressing his lips into the crevice of your neck and whimpering when your walls clench harder around him. “i love you too toru” you whisper, combing your fingers through his brown locks, oikawa immediately shivers, straining his grip on your head and a blush staining his cheeks. “i love you so much, princess” oikawa replies, knowing he’s already about to cum and with your orgasm washing through you he just wishes this could last a little bit longer. but oikawa has time, feeling his seed leak from your hole when he finally cums, gasping out at how good it fucking feels. and oikawa regrets he didn’t tell you sooner, because fucking you feels great but fucking someone you love feels like his heart is burning and lips searching for you, never content unless you’re with him.
Tumblr media
+ “take my virginity”
kenma practically chokes on still air as you ask the question, strands falling from his messy bun as he pounds his fist against his chest, “you want me to take your virginity?” kenma repeats the question, using his lithe fingers to card through his hair as you nod slowly. “is that what you want?” your fingers feel kenma’s hand gently interlock with your own, gulping nervously before inhaling a sharp breath, “yes, i trust you.” his eyes widen, a small smile creeping through his lips, “i trust you too angel, i’ll try to make everything perfect.”
a bellowed whimper escapes your lips as kenma shifts between your legs, he leans up to wipe your juices from his chin. “are you ready or do you want me to make you cum again?” you feel the cockiness filter his words, chest heaving from the waves of pleasure kenma brought on his tongue. “come here” your arms open wide, watching the blonde crawl over you crashing his lips into your mouth, “see why i keep making you cum baby? you taste so good” kenma groans, hovering his cock at your slit, fisting the length while your legs wrap around his waist. “keep looking at me princess” kenma coos, cupping your cheek as he finally plunges his cock inside you, the burn singes through your body, wincing as kenma slowly pushes past the tight ring around his cock. he rocks his hips against you, bringing the other hand to hold your face within his grasps, nose rubbing along one another at the steady pumps inside you. “almost there, a-almost there” kenma whines, watching as his eyes hazily closing from how fucking tight you are, the juices of your pussy slathering his thighs. the pain finally subsides as kenma keeps his lips attached to your mouth, reeling his hips back to snap them right back into your tight hole. “so perfect” kenma whispers, sliding his thumb to place between your lips, “you’re so perfect angel, so fucking perfect for me.”
Tumblr media
+ “stop asking, i’ll just show you”
“why are you asking me so many questions?” sakusa raises his eyes, onyx orbs glaring at you from his spot on the couch beside you. you shift uncomfortably in his gaze, placing your arms over your chest in defense, “i’m just curious” you murmur as sakusa begins inching closer to you until his face is inches away from your own. “is it because you want to know what it’s like to fuck me, princess?” sakusa brings his hand up to brush strands of hair behind your ear, leaning down to press his lips against yours, “stop asking so many questions, pretty” sakusa murmurs through your mouth, gently pushing you down on the couch as he crawls over you—sakusa lays his hand flat on your stomach, slowly guiding his fingers to the hem of your shorts. “i’ll just show you” his hot breath fans over your lips, gasping as you feel his rough pads dip between your folds, “you’re so sensitive, this won’t take long.”
sakusa strips off the final piece of his clothing and you really could cum right on the spot—body sculpted like a god, chiseled like priceless marble, skin glimmering under the dim lights and dark curls bouncing through his fingers as he cards through them, “like what you see?” sakusa smirks, bending down to stifle your answer with his lips as his cock finally plunges into your hole. “i kept playing with this messy pussy but you’re still so fucking tight” sakusa groans under his breath, teeth sinking into his bottom lip as he struggles to push past your walls sucking him in. your fingers wrap around his curls tugging him on your warm mouth while sakusa grips the back of your knees spreading your legs wider. sakusa pounds into your pussy with vigor, snapping his hips to drive his cock harder inside you. and you think he’s fucking you to impress, paying close attention to your puffy clit rolling between his fingers but as you watch him easily pull your orgasm to the surface—this is just how he fucks, uses your body for whatever he wants but places your pleasure above his own. lips memorizing your skin, tongue exploring every inch of flesh and fingers tracing along the shreds of sweat dripping off your body—sakusa leaves soft words fluttering from his lips making your cheeks burn from his absent affection and finally when your eyes meet—he softens, placing a gentle kiss against your lips. “can i make a mess inside this perfect pussy? dump all my cum inside you till i know you’ll always be mine?” sakusa cups your cheek, watching your lips tremble with eyes half clouded and he can’t even control the way his cock twitches with every beautiful feature crossed along your face—almost like it’s second nature with another stroke before he cums deep inside your hole. sakusa was just showing you all the answers you kept asking but now he’s left with questions of his own like why his stomach burns for more and chest aching if he even thinks about going without your touch.
Tumblr media
+ “i keep dreaming about fucking you”
it’s the same realm of questionable intentions every single night, suna wakes up saturated with sweat, head dizzy from the dreams riddling his mind and his cock is so strained against his briefs that it’s almost unbearable. maybe it started when he noticed you from afar at a small shop he frequented or the couple of dates he’d been on with you—or maybe, just maybe, it was when you were with him the other day and your hand just so happen to slide across his thigh and suna thought he’d combust right on the spot. he’d had enough of dreaming about sinking his fat cock inside you, waking up with his chest heaving and practically cumming untouched to the filth covered thoughts. it was time—suna finally grows some courage as he is awoken again with his cock throbbing for release, he has to call you, he has to have you.
“i keep dreaming about fucking you” suna pants, propped against your door with his foot is wedged at the space from the frame so his abrupt crashing into your house doesn’t startle you too much—but he really hasn’t thought this through fully, running off of that heat pooling in his gut and you. just how much he wants you—any shape or form that you would give him, suna is willing—he’s that desperate for just a slither of your cunt. “fuck me then rintaro” suna desperately struggles to make eye contact with you, shifting his lips to curl a cocky smile, he leans down to line his vision with yours, “yeah? you know in that dream, you kept begging me to make you cum—think you can make my dreams come true?” and suna thinks—absolutely believes he’s died the single moment his cock becomes buried in your pussy, larger palms cupping under your knees as he presses them to your chest. the sight before him is so beyond words ever explained, reaching a divine high as he watches you being split open by him. suna truly thinks heaven is his resting place when it feels this fucking good, walls milking him dry as suna reels his hips back to feel your juices spill from your hole before he is slamming right back inside you. “god, you’re so fucking wet princess” suna rasps, leaning his heavy form down on your body while his hands cradle the back of your head, he places a sloppy kiss against your lips, “i’m going to cum so fucking deep in this pussy” he mumbles picking up the pace as he feels your cunt clench in response. “make it mine, make you mine” suna leaves his mouth agape as the rush of his seed paints your walls, a silent moan escapes his lips and suna secretly loves those wet dreams he’s been having—maybe it’s time he makes all of them a reality.
Tumblr media
+ “don’t stop touching me, please”
atsumu was tapping his fingers along the steering wheel to an obnoxious tune playing through the radio, humming steadily to a beat as he drove you and him back from a date night. his sleeves were pushed up to his elbows—revealing those toned muscles adorned on his arms, hair pushed back with just a few strands curtained on his face and a seldom smile on his lips. atsumu looked so good without even trying and you felt so filthy for a heat vibrating in your stomach gawking at him. “whatcha ya lookin’ at angel?” atsumu drags his eyes from the road, traveling them across your face down to your thighs rubbing together. a smirk toys along the corners of his mouth, “my girls needy, bet you’re so fucking wet right now.” atsumu feels your weight shift in the car, his face being peppered in wet kisses as your hand palms at his crotch. atsumu knuckles turn white as your fingers roll over his growing bulge. “m’gettin’ hard princess” atsumu grits his teeth, the car struggling to maintain the lane atsumu begins drifting so you pull back—but he’s deranged, lust drips from his eyes as he darts them back to you, grabbing your hand and shoving it back on his throbbing clothed cock. “keep touching me like that” atsumu groans—knowing he has to have you now.
“fuck princess just like that” atsumu groans, digging his nails into your hips as he bounces you on his cock, the angle bumping right up against that spongy spot—eyes crossing when he leans you back on the steering wheel to swip his thumb over your clit. “ride this fuckin’ cock angel, a-all yours” atsumu flips your shirt up to toy with your tits, bucking his hips up to meet your shallow strokes down on his cock. there could be cars passing by—headlights cascading down on your two bodies melting together while atsumu pounds harder in your soaking cunt but you have no shame, you do not care when he fucks you like his life depends on it. “baby stop clenchin’ i won’t last long if you keep making yer pussy so fucking tight” atsumu drops his forehead against your shoulder, mercifully rubbing harsher on your clit until an orgasm bubbles to the surface, his deep audible groans panting in your ear only aids you to fall over the edge, crying out while you cream his cock—atsumu shivers feeling his cum reach deep inside you. “all for you” he sighs, wrapping his arms around you as he gains some breathing room and who would think atsumu always seems to make you want to indulge in your most filthiest desires including him fucking you on the side of the road.
Tumblr media
+ “is this just sex?”
it seems shinsuke kita is oblivious to a lot of things but there’s on thing he is very keen on—fucking you. at this point you’re waiting by your phone, one quick message and you’re crawling into his bed, clothes pulled on the floor and bodies entangled—spoken like a mantra, his name falls from your lips so graciously. yet, that’s the summary of your relationship with kita—nothing more and nothing less, he seems to be content with the arrangement and you were until his fingers were interlocked with your own, kissing away frustrated tears as you creamed around his cock and the overload of affection he blessed your body with after everything was said and done. kita was someone that you craved—a being you wanted for yourself but asking the question became insufferable as he showed zero interest in anything other than fucking you. maybe that’s why anger clouded your judgment tonight as he pounded your pussy for all it was worth, strands of his hair brushed on your cheeks while kita nestled his face further into your neck, he stops as you mumble out the words almost like he’s terrified as the phrase slips from your lips, “is this just sex?”
“does it feel just like sex?” kita mumbles out, pulling his face from the crevice of your neck to linger his brown orbs down on you. he shifts from his position to drape one of your legs over his shoulder, bringing his hand down to circle your clit. “does it feel like i’m just fucking you when i want you to cum first?” kita averts his gaze to his cock slowly sliding through your folds, calloused pads circling your bundle of nerves while he rolls his hips to angle his length to bump right against your sweet spot. you can’t fathom a sentence by the way kita is fucking you, slowly bringing your orgasm to the surface while he continues pumping his throbbing cock into your clenching walls. “you’re more to me than just sex—a lot fucking more, angel” kita grunts, struggling to keep a rhythm as he watches your body wither beneath him. you fall so easily to his cock, the way he fucks you through your orgasm just to watch you fall apart all over again. you succumb to his spell—whatever it might be, kita has that effect on you, juices gushing around his cock and a sheen liquid spraying amongst his lower gut. he swallows a thick lump at how messy you are for him, he’s completely in love with every single feature adorned across your form and he craves just another look of your face when he’s pushing his cum deeper inside you—kita bends down to press a kiss on your forehead, slowly smiling when you can’t say anything back but a throaty moan, “does that answer your question? or should i just say that i want you for as long as you’ll let me have you, my pretty girl.”
Tumblr media
+ “i can’t stop thinking about you”
another week without you and bokuto thinks he’s going absolutely insane besides how much comfort he gets with your body sleeping beside his—it’s the feeling of your fingers tracing his skin, how you pay close attention slowly wrapping your lips around his cock, digits cupping his sensitive balls while all he can possibly do is throw his head back begging and moaning for more. with his phone on standby bokuto grabs it, quickly dialing your number, he hears how much croak enables your voice in the second ring. “hey pretty girl” bokuto shifts in the hotel bed, grimacing how the sheets are stiff and his left side is so cold, “hey kōtarō, it’s late you need to be asleep.” bokuto rolls his sweats down to his thighs, listening to his thick cock smack against his stomach echoing through the room. “j-just need you so bad princess” bokuto whimpers, blowing through any introduction as he notices how angry his cock looks twitching against his stomach, “i can’t stop thinking about you.”
bokuto usually takes his time working his orgasm to the surface but when his own hand is doing it—it’s completely a different story, “i hear how wet you are for me baby, just imagine i’m there—how much you need my cock.” bokuto can hear lewd noises drifting through his ear, soft throaty moans while he props the phone on his shoulder as the other fists his cock faster and faster till his thighs begin to tremble. bokuto screws his eyes shut, painting a pretty picture of you above him, bouncing on his cock while he slaps the fat of your ass, tits perfectly pouncing to every thrusts he pounds harder in your cunt. he loves how much your body begins to dissolve before him, he hates that his cum won’t be in your weeping hole, grunting and panting when he’s so fucking close now. “i’m about to cum, fuck i’m so fucking close angel” bokuto groans out listening to you hitting your peak, fast—shrill whimpers linger through his eardrum as he feels hot liquid splatter his stomach. silence seems to cast among your voices, bokuto sighs uneasy once his eyes finally crack open, it’s not enough—truly not enough. “video call now, i have to see you pretty baby, i have to see what’s mine” bokuto whines in the phone and you cannot possibly say no to him when his begging is just so cute.
Tumblr media
+ “nobody has ever made me cum”
“she’s totally exaggerating” you huff, watching a sex scene appear on the screen while you’re neslted under hinata’s arm, he softly chuckles, the vibrations of his chest stir your limbs, “yeah but when you cum really hard it can sound like that, babe.” though you haven’t had sex with your new boyfriend yet, the topic of discussion has come up a few times but never to the missing detail you seem to always forget to tell him. “oh, yeah totally” you avoid his lingering stare, providing your attention back on the show. hinata squints his eyes back at you before a playful smile tugs at his lips, “can i ask you a question?” you want to sink into the couch, you already know what he’s going to ask so before he can feed into his own curiosity—“nobody has ever made me cum, i know that’s what you’re wondering.” hinata hums back in reply and you silently watch the rest of your show but honestly—you wish he’d have a better reaction than that.
“shoyo—y-you don’t have to do this” your voice strangles in your throat as hinata leaves wet open mouth kisses on the insides of your thighs. “why would i not want to make you cum?” he smiles so sweetly and the insanity of thinking hinata really would just leave you another day without feeling what it’s like to cum—hard, he truly wants to make you sound just like on the tv shows you watch together. “b-but like this?” you squeak, chest heaving as hinata gently flattens his tongue to slide down your slit, “just relax angel, i want to make you feel good like you deserve.” he groans when you fist his hair in your grasps, jerking him harder on your heat as hinata begins running circles on your puffy clit with the tip of his tongue. his nails indent into the plush of your thighs as he laps and sucks the spillage of your juices from his ministrations. you’re already about to lose your mind, back arching off the bed while hinata flicks his warm muscle on your bundle of nerves, smirking against your pussy when you begin reaching a higher choked moan. “that’s right baby, cum on my tongue” hinata muffles through your cunt, bringing two fingers up to plunge into your tight hole, pumping the digits vigorously as he feels your orgasm quickly approaching. “sho—i think i’m gonna cum” your hips buck into his face, hinata hums into your cunt—the vibrations sending you straight over the edge, “no princess, you’re going to cum” he watches as you gush on his fingers, tits bouncing with the sharp breathes exhaling from your lungs as the orgasm hits you hard—enough to break the sound barrier with your moans alone. “if you sound like that i can’t fucking wait to hear you cum on my cock, pretty girl” hinata groans, crawling over you with a taunting grin sewed on his cheeks.
Tumblr media
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21-06-1996 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
ft. iwaizumi, hinata, oikawa, kageyama & ushijima
cw. smut. minors do not interact. fem!reader, phone sex, mutual masturbation (both f! and m!). use of the nicknames baby girl & doll. dildo usage w/ oikawa. consensual recording w/ hinata. you're needy, and they're more than happy to help you out, despite the distance.
tagging: @venusinbimbo 👀
Tumblr media
ぞ | IWAIZUMI was expecting it when you called him some time past midnight — he was already in bed, sorting out the days events in his head before going to sleep, secretly hoping that you'd call him, like you usuallly do. when your name flashed across the screen, he picked up immediately.
"hey, baby. you need me?" your whine reaches his ears after a few seconds, and as soon as he takes in the breathy tone — as soon as he takes in the sight of you seated on your bed back at your own house, tits and pussy out for him to see — his cock's feeling hot and stiff immediately.
"hajime," you mumble, hand sliding between your splayed out legs. "hajime, i can't cum." he blushes when you tell him your fingers aren't long or thick enough, that you just can't make yourself feel good enough anymore after having had his cock for so long.
snapping the waistband of his pants lower to free his cock, he spits onto his hand and grips his shaft, squeezing it and trying to mimick the feel of your cunt around him. "it doesn't feel the same without your pussy, either." he grunts, panning the phone camera lower and showing you how he's pumping his cock. "miss you so much, baby."
you sit up, eyes starry as you watch him work his cock up, eyes narrowed with focus and building pleasure. and when you stuff your fingers into your messy hole, cry out his name as you curl them into whatever spots you can reach, he lets out another groan. "fuck— i'm here, baby girl. cum with me, yeah? shit—"
ぞ | HINATA is delighted when you send him a message, asking him if he's free, if he's alone, if he can help you out with something — he gets the hint, gets that his sweet girl needs him to help her get off — and when he receives your incoming facetime request, he accepts with the first ring.
"baby," he giggles, and assures you that his roommate isn't around when you ask. "you want me to help you out, hm?" his eyes glimmer when you slip your panties off, showing him an eyeful of your dripping cunt. you're in your room, all the lights off except for the vanity at the corner, and he loves the way your skin glows in the dim light as you settle yourself into a comfortable position.
"want you to fuck me so bad," you sigh, and he thinks he's so lucky to have someone as gorgeous as you be so needy over him. "i just want your cock. when are you coming back to me again?"
he pulls his cock out, inhaling sharply when a bead of hot precum leaks out of his tip, and he flicks his thumb over it, letting the slick serve as his lube. "i'm gonna come back as soon as i can, promise. then i'll fuck you just the way you want it. m'kay?" he asks, and you nod fervently, so god damn pretty in his phone screen.
"baby," he calls breathily, watching sharply as you pump two fingers in and out of your cunt, brows furrowing with focus. "put in another finger, and lemme record this, a'right? you're so hot tonight." you blink up at the phone, into his eyes as he stares, and when you mumble an okay and do as he told you to, he swipes his finger across the widget window, pressing the screen-record button. "so hot, i love you."
ぞ | OIKAWA snickers when he picks up your facetime request, standing at the beach with the waves lapping at his feet, sun and sky shimmering behind him, and you let out a yelp and fumble to hide yourself from the camera. "tooru! i told you to pick up if you were alone!"
he laughs, pulling his phone closer to his chest and looking around, knowing already that there was nobody around close enough to see his phone with how bright it was out. "i just wanted to see you as soon as possible, is that so wrong of me?" keeping his phone pressed to his chest, oikawa heads over to the cafe sitting at the edge of the beach, shooting the girl at the counter an innocent smile before slipping into the restroom, empty as he'd expected it to be.
"we're alone now, sweetheart." he coos, and you give him a scowl before pulling out the dildo he'd given you as a gag gift on your last birthday. his eyes gleam when he sees it — he knows the thing was custom made in the shape and size of his own cock — and he flashes you a grin, pretty and so sly through the screen. "want me to guide you with it, hm?"
you nod, and the embarrassment on your face, making you look all cute and flustered, drives him to lean against the sink and palm at his cock. letting out a groan, he nods at you, eyes sharp. "just the tip, baby girl, tease yourself with the tip." you let out a whine, doing as he says but throwing a sweet, begging stare at him as you do — but of course, oikawa doesn't relent.
"slowly, mhm? use it to nudge your clit a little, up and down. just like that." he doesn't let you complain about how you want to fuck yourself, not tease — you called him for help, so now you'll have to do as he says.
ぞ | KAGEYAMA is shocked, flustered, taken aback and thrown off — but ultimately, he's immediately wishing he was with you right now, because holy shit, you're so beautiful right now — sitting on one of the chairs in your kitchen, one leg propped up onto the counter, one hand stuffing fingers into your leaky pussy.
"tobio," you sigh, when he snaps out of his stupor and asks you what the fuck you're doing. "tobio, i'm trying to cum — but i cant, 'cause you're not here." his face is red, and he's trying to shield his phone even though he's all alone in the room, on his bed — but your words drive a thrill through him anyway, he's always been one to have his ego lifted quickly, especially by your praise.
"tobio, you ever think of me while you're all the way over there, in Italy?" he responds with an embarrassed scoff, thinking of the many, many times he's fucked his fist to the thought of you, in bathrooms or in his room, and sometimes even in the lockers, when he accidentally opens up one of your nudes while in there and can't help the way his cock goes stiff.
"i'm thinking of you right now." he pans the phone lower, showing you that he's already got his cock out, fisting his length and wishing desperately that it was your snarky little mouth or your cunt that was around it.
the way your expression flickers into something less snappy and something cute has him smirking at the screen. "you were—" his breath hitches a little when he hears the way your pussy squelches as you curl your fingers in. "you were saying?"
ぞ | USHIJIMA raises the phone to his ear at first. he doesn't notice that it's a facetime, until you huff out a breath, a pout evident in your tone. "toshi, i'm facetiming you. look at me."
he clears his throat, and when he pulls his phone away to land his gaze on the screen, his eyes widen at the sight he sees — you're wearing a pretty dress, one he doesn't recognize so it has to be new, and it hugs all your curves and lines perfectly, the colour of it bringing out your complexion and eyes gorgeously.
the skirt of it is short, and the neckline is sheer, your cleavage pops out distractingly, and he's sure if you so much as sat down or stood up, the hem of it would ride up and expose your panties. his throat bobs as he swallows. "you look beautiful, love. is that new?" you nod, lifting a hand and placing it on your chest. "got it for you, toshi. i'll wear it out when you get back, for dates and all. if you like it, that is!"
he has to swallow again, wanting desperately to take a screenshot - he'll ask you to send pictures later. "sweetheart, i don't know about that." you blink, looking confused for a second - but then he continues, and the heat rushes to your cheeks. "i don't want other men looking at you the way i'm looking at you right now." he muses, drawing the phone a little further away so you can see the bulge in his sweats, heavy and thick against the dark material.
his fingers skirt over the waistband, before he pulls them down, freeing his cock — you blush at the sight of him, quickly getting angry and leaky as he continues staring through the screen at you. "get on the bed and spread your legs for me? you look so lovely, i can't help it."
Tumblr media
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iwas-baby · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
fucks you to sleep whenever you get antsy. he grabs your hips, pushing them against the mattress as your stomach is pressed against the sheets and you hug the pillow. he guides his thick cock over you hole, brushing over your clit to tease you as you hear his sexually frustrated grunts. you call his name, begging for him to put it in. “i know, babygirl i got you,” he slowly stretched you out, already pulsing around him and while your pussy takes inch after inch he lowered himself so that his broad chest is pressed against your back. your eyes are half shut, your mouth is open, drooling onto the pillow as he starts thrusting. he heard your unfiltered moans, whimpering as he touched every sensitive spot of your gummy walls. “more, please” you asked so nicely, he couldn’t resist. he starting fucking into you, basking in your screams of pleasure, pressing kisses on your neck and shoulder, even bitting down on your soft skin. “taking my dick so well, pretty girl, you gonna cream around my cock, yeah?” he asked while continually praising you, “you’re gonna be my good girl, aren’t you? gonna take all my cum too? fuck.” he can feel himself getting close the way your walks spasm, warning him that you’re going to cum. it only takes a few more deep strokes of his dick to send you over the edge, with him trailing behind not too long after. he stays inside you for an extra minute, after shooting his hot cum, gently pressing a line of kisses from your mid back to temple. “sweet dreams princess,” he cooes, seeing you’ve called to sleep.
— matsukawa, IWAIZUMI, aran, atsumu, hinata, suna, kuroo, semi
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luvbub · 4 months ago
Oh I've just read the "Surprising your long distance boyfriend" and I love it so much! Can you do the same for Hinata, Kenma and Suna. It's okay if you don't want to and just ignore my ask. Love u! ❤👉👈
surprising your long distance boyfriend - part two
feat. Hinata, Kenma, Suna
part one
Tumblr media
“I miss Y/n” Hinata sighs, slumped over on the restaurant table. He and his teammates had gone out for dinner, but his mind was only on you and how long it’s been since he’s last seen you.
“Yes okay we get it Sho, you miss your s/o, let’s talk about something else now” Atsumu rolls his eyes, clearly sick of how much he’s heard his teammate complain about missing you. But he had a point, so Hinata did his best to shake off his longing for you.
The boys continued to chatter as the waiter came by with their plates, with Hinata being the most rapt by their talks. And as the waiter left, Bokuto couldn’t help but burst out into laughter.
“Hmm? What happened?” Hinata asks, taking a bite of his food.
“No, no it’s nothing” Bokuto wheezes, sharing a knowing grin with both Atsumu and Sakusa.
Hinata thought nothing of this- as far as he knew, this wasn’t far from their normal behavior. And so dinner continued like normal for the four. It wasn’t until Atsumu called the waiter over, asking if they could refill all of their waters.
And as Hinata picks up his cup to hand over to the waiter, he finally glances up, his gaze casually trailing to the waiter. His eyes widen, the empty cup slipping out of his hands.
Because why on earth were you standing there, refilling his teammates’ cups. Still in shock, Hinata hurriedly stands from his seat to rush over to you, embracing you in his arms.
“Please tell me you just showed up now, and that you weren’t our waiter this entire time” Hinata murmurs, moving his hands up to cup your face.
“Will lying make you feel better Sho? If so then yes, I definitely showed up now. And I most definitely was not the one who brought out your food” you chuckle, placing your own hands on top of his.
Hinata had no way to hide the flustered look on his face. He was just going on about how much he missed you, and for him not to notice you was quite embarrassing.
But honestly, he couldn’t care less if he looked liked a fool in front of others. You were the only one on his mind now.
Just kidding he feels bad for not noticing you earlier.
When Kenma returned to his stream from his bathroom break, he was greeted by a large box in his stream room.
“Oh yeah, while you were gone a delivery man came and dropped this off. I think unboxing it would make for great content” Kuroo says, lounging on his chair like it was nothing.
Kenma shrugs to himself and takes out a little pocket knife, ready to open the box.
“I- OKAY we don’t need to use sharp objects on a box that says fragile on it, now do we? Look, you can just peel the tape off. So let me just...” Kuroo says, quickly taking away the knife from his best friend.
“You see that chat? I’m a grown adult and I’m still being treated like a child” Kenma rolls his eyes. But he complies with Kuroo’s wishes, peeling the tape off the top of the box. And when he does open the top flap, he sees you balled up inside the box, looking back up at him.
“I’m so glad you didn’t use the knife to open the box,” you joke, waiting for some sort of reaction from your boyfriend. Kenma goes speechless, reaching out a hand to help you stand up. And when you do, he pulls you in for a hug, still in disbelief.
“I- when did, how, I... oh my god” he sputters out, his embrace tightening ever so slightly. You were here. Right in front of him. He honestly didn’t know what to think, but he still held onto you tight. Part of him thinks that this is some sort of prank and that when he lets go of you, he’ll discover that it actually isn’t you.
But he eventually does scoot back to look at you, confirming his sights.
“Kuroo helped me plan this” you explain, and when the two of you turn to Kuroo, he gives two thumbs up.
“Yes I did and you’re welcome. But I kindly ask that you save the PDA for when I leave please” Kuroo awkwardly chuckles.
Unfortunately for him, Kenma refuses to break contact with you- even going as far as having you sit on his lap for the rest of his stream. He still needs to have you so close to remind him that you’re actually here.
Suna’s days are more or less the same. They’re not necessarily bad- he surely is enjoying his life, but he’s just living day to day. And today is no exception as he trails along with his friends towards a restaurant for dinner.
He nods along to the conversation about how this restaurant is seemingly all the rave these days. Suna even mentions how he heard getting a 30 minute wait is considered lucky.
But suddenly, Suna stumbles forward a bit when a passerby bumps into him from behind.
“Ugh, can you watch where you’re going” they sneer at him.
“I didn’t even-” Suna starts to retort but he pauses midway. There was familiarity in that voice. His hand quickly reaches out to grab the stranger’s arm, his thoughts scrambled as he surely hopes that his intuition is right. And when you turn to face your boyfriend, a grin adorning your face, you watch as his eyes widen ever so slightly.
In one clean swoop, Suna has your wrapped into his arms amongst the cheers of his friends. He buries his face into the crook of your neck, silent as ever. Lingering around are his friends, and after taking an abundance of videos and pictures, they continue their walk, leaving you and your boyfriend in each other’s embrace.
“Hey Y/n, we’re gonna head to the restaurant first to grab a table, we’ll meet you two there. Suna knows where it is” Osamu says.
As they walk away, you notice how Suna still hasn't lifted his face or moved from his spot.
“We should probably catch up with the rest of them” you murmur, but you feel Suna shake his head.
“Rin, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, can I at least see your face?” you chuckle.
And like that, Suna slowly lifts his head, a small smile forms the moment he locks eyes with you.
“C’mon, let’s go to-”
“It has been so long,” Suna interrupts you, earning a cute pout from you, “So I am kindly asking that I get to have a little bit of alone time with you right now. Please.”
And so the two of you stay on the sidewalk for a bit, simply enjoying each other’s presence. Suna’s days may be more or less the same, but on ones where you’re with him, they become his best days.
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earthtooz · 15 days ago
the type of partner that would never allow you to spend a single dollar and will cry complain if they found out you spoiled yourself from your own bank account. they acknowledge that you're independent and don't need to rely on them all the time, but respectfully, seeing the shopping bags upon shopping bags in your arms is a turn on (especially if you went on a spree with them in mind <3 they're not immune to matching couple things).
additionally, expect them to have minimum set budgets for you whenever you go out, even if it was a mere trip to target to buy some household items, they will demand you to spend an unreasonable $1000 or more,,, like wtf?!?!?
·˚ ༘ ─ ATSUMU, GOJO, BAKUGOU!!!!!!! oikawa, kuroo, bokuto, hinata, todoroki (he would offer his bank account instinctively / if he found out you spent your own money he'd be like 'oh...okay...why though?')
Tumblr media
maybe i should make headcannons abt these 😁😁😁 that would be SO tasteful
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igumie · 16 days ago
Being jealous of your pet - Haikyuu
Tumblr media
info : crack, fluff
warning : they’re idiots but they’re also cute idiots
Tumblr media
Glares at them the whole time they’re on your lap. Low key scares your pet and is proud of it. Its not until you glare at him to stop that he actually goes back to scroll on his phone (but not before giving it the middle finger LMAO)
-> Atsumu, Kageyama, Oikawa, Suna, Tsukishima, Tanaka, Nishinoya, Hanamaki, Matsukawa
Also glares at them but thinks he’s been sly but he’s really not. You can see him from the corner of your eye making faces at your pet and honestly you’d let him be cuz its funny but you dont want your pet to get traumatized™️ so you tell him to stop it
-> Tsukishima, Iwaizumi, Kenma, Kageyama (yes he’s in both)
Whines and whines and whines until you give him your full attention. Man’s desperate at this point. He’ll start to get all over you. Suddenly his arms are around your waist and his head is resting on your shoulder. Also kisses all over you face to ‘assert dominance’. Basically he just gets clingier than usual
-> Oikawa, Atsumu, Kuroo, Bokuto, Sugawara, Tendou
Pretends he doesnt care, but its clear as day that he’s jealous from the way he aggressively types on his phone and at the side glances he gives you and your pet. Its actually pretty cute and silly considering that you’re literally MARRIED to him yet he still gets jealous over your dear pet. You do nothing, you just appreciate the fact that your husband is just that much in love with you.
-> Sakusa, Iwaizumi, Yaku, Osamu, Akaashi, Suna, Aran (yes I can see him doing that fight me bitch), Shirabu
Just pouts. He does nothing else. Just sits there and pouts, silently hoping that you’ll give him attention soon. He’s so cute jskamslan just give him love and affection already
-> Hinata, Yamaguchi, Semi, Sugawara, Kita, Goshiki, Ushijima, Akaashi
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated :)
Tumblr media
tag list (open) : @hajiluvr ; @duckymcdoorknob ; @rae-main ; @k-ryuuguji ; @cosmonettica ; @kodzukvn ; @escapenightmare ; @gojoussunglasses ; @jahnvi-d ; @chifemi ; @xiaos-boywife ; @p-ol ; @uxavity ; @sukxma ; @crazycookies73307 ; @missrown ; @kodzukoi ; @iwaso ; @boo-kugo ; @hello0i ; @neermozhi ; @oyasumiares ; @hirugummies ; @kiyunas ; @lilacveiledsea ; @chiizfuyu ; @darlingimawitch
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sakusins · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: kuroo tetsuro, miya atsumu, sakusa kiyoomi, hinata shoyo
notes: another one mich chose for me to repost
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐊𝐔𝐑𝐎𝐎 pulls out his bento during his break with a softness in his eyes, guilt overwhelming his conscience when he realizes you still packed him his lunch despite the screaming match from yesterday. with a heavy sigh, he picks up his phone, facetiming you before even opening his box.
“tetsuro?” he swivels in his chair with a pout on his face, making you hold back a grin.
“i’m sorry,” he mumbles. you raise an eyebrow, not expecting an apology, having prepared yourself for a pouty boyfriend for receiving “no meat” in his lunch.
“you’re… sorry?” he nods, standing his phone up against the small cup that held his pens, guilt on his face as he begins to open his bento. your eyes widen as you realize he hadn’t seen the inside yet, excitement filling you that you’d get to see his reaction live.
“yeah, you made me lunch and everything even after i was so mean to you last night, i don’t deser—” he pauses as he glances down at what you’ve packed, staring at the plain white rice before him. you snort as his mouth hangs open, trailed off mid sentence from his shock.
“yeah, here’s lunch. enjoy,” you grin, making him scowl at you through the phone. grabbing it, he brings his face closer to the screen.
“you gave me plain white rice? no meat? no nothing? i’d never do that to you, you know. clearly you don’t deserve me,” he huffs, but his lips curl into a pout in disappointment. rolling your eyes, you shake your head before deciding to reveal to him your little trick.
“look under the rice, loser. don’t ever yell at me again, or i actually will give you plain white rice.” he tries to fight it, but slowly, a smile wins over his resolve, spreading across his face as he digs around and finds the meat, just as you’d promised.
“kay, i’m sorry i yelled at you like that, i should’ve been kinder. i love you,” he murmurs.
“i love you too, tetsuro.”
“you mean tetsu.”
“bye, tetsuro,” you grin before hanging up.
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 picks at his rice with his chopsticks with a pout on his face, shoulders slumped as you stare at him with a raised brow through the phone. he looks at you with sad eyes, wide and innocent, making you scoff.
“don’t look at me like that. hopefully this makes you think twice before you go around being a grump like last night,” you say firmly. he whines.
“how’ma s’posed ta eat plain white rice? it won’t fill me up the way i need ta play at ma best,” he insists. you snort, making him sag his shoulders even more at the lack of sympathy.
“and did you think about being at your best when we were arguing last night? no. you decided to be at your worst and be a big jerk. well this is what big jerks eat.” atsumu glances down at his bento once more, looking at his lunch for the day with utter disappointment.
“ya didn’t even give a note,” he cries. “no ‘have a good practice tsumie!’ what happened ta that?” you purse your lips to hide the smile.
“you don’t deserve a note.”
“‘m sorry,” he mumbles under his breath. this time, the smile can’t be contained, and you let it appear across your cheeks widely.
“what was that?” atsumu huffs, crossing his arms and looking away from his propped up phone.
“said i was sorry.” with a giggle, you nod happily, accepting his apology.
“good. you should be. now look under the rice, there’s plenty of meat for you to be a big strong setter and play at your best. and when you come home today, you’ll be nice, won’t you tsumu?” he digs into the rice with his chopstick, eyes lighting up when he sees that he didn’t in fact get just plain rice.
“yeah, i’ll be nice. sorry baby, yer too good ta me,” he mumbles, giving you a soft smile through the screen. smiling back, you blow a small kiss at him.
“it’s okay. i love you, see you when you get home, baby.”
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐒𝐀 calls you immediately, eyebrows furrowed and scowl set deeply onto his face, glaring at you as you pick up.
“so you’ve decided after one fight you no longer love me, huh?” rolling your eyes, you look at him deadpan, making him turn the camera to hold at his bento. “look at this,” he gestures at his food with a hand.
“yes, i’m looking. i see food, what’s the issue?” turning the camera back to his face, he scoffs.
“the issue is that you’ve pretty much admitted that you don’t care anymore because of one fight.”
“om—kiyoomi, do you realize how ridiculously dramatic you’re being?” his eyes stare at you in disbelief, expression almost disgusted.
“oh so now you can’t even call me by my nickname? okay, l/n,” he emphasizes your surname on his tongue, making you snort. pouting, he sighs in defeat as he slumps in his chair, staring at his meal dejectedly.
“i don’t wanna eat this,” he mumbles. “it’s boring.”
“well, you got what you deserve. this is why you shouldn’t be snappy with the person that packs your lunch on the daily,” you chide. groaning, he rubs his hand over his face, staring at the ceiling and counting to ten under his breath.
“you know, most people make their boyfriends sleep on the couch or something when they’re mad. this is ridiculous.”
“if i made you sleep on the couch, your back would hurt. i still love you even after a fight, you know,” you say softly, making him sigh before he brings his phone closer and looks you in the eyes.
“you’re worried about my back but not my stomach?”
“pretty much,” you nod. he shakes his head, squinting at you for a moment before clearing his throat.
“i’m sorry, love. i was out of line yesterday.” smiling to yourself in contentment, you nod approvingly.
“good, now look under the rice and eat your damn meat, you ungrateful jerk. and i’m setting your angry face as my new lock screen,” you giggle, making him pause from happily poking at the newfound meat in his bento.
“you took pictures of me through the screen?”
“i’m blocking you.”
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐀𝐓𝐀 stares at you with puppy dog eyes, lips pouting and head tilting as he tries his best to convince you. you stay strong, firmly shaking your head no.
“it’s not happening, shoyo. i’m not driving all the way there to bring you a new lunch, you can survive eating this for a day. maybe it’ll teach you a lesson—”
“baby, i learned my lesson,” he whines, looking at you through the screen with a doe-eyed expression. “i learned it really good, i promise, please don’t make me eat the rice alone,” he begs. shaking your head, you continue eating your own lunch, making sure to display the meat for him to see clearly.
“well, learn it some more. if you want to be rude, you have to deal with the consequences, so here they are. you can always drive yourself home if you want to eat it with meat so bad.” hinata groans, face finding his hands as he buries it into them, peeking through his fingers to see if you’ve had a change of heart. you haven’t.
“but coach will yell at me if i do,” he insists. “please, pretty please? i’m sorry, i’ll make it up to you, promise.” pretending to ponder it for a moment, you put your chopsticks down and stare at him through the screen.
“you have to wash the dishes for the rest of the week if i do, do you agree?” quickly, he nods, face breaking out into a large grin as his eyes light up.
“yeah, you got it, i’ll do them for the rest of the week, babe. you’re the best,” he says excitedly, making you smirk to yourself.
“okay, no take backs, got it?”
“got it.”
“okay. but first, look under the rice,” you snort, not being about to contain your laughter any longer. tilting his head in confusion, he pokes at his rice till his jaw drops, staring at the meat in disbelief.
“well, have a good lunch, baby. love you! i’ll leave my dishes in the sink for when you get back,” you say sweetly, blowing him a kiss before you hang up.
Tumblr media
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shotosjupiter · 26 days ago
synopsis + warnings: gn!reader + fluff. how the karasuno folks ask you out <3
Tumblr media
— DAICHI asks you outright. it took nearly every ounce of courage he possessed to ask you the question, but he had done it. eyes desperately searching yours, his hands reach out to hesitantly hold yours. it was right before volleyball practice, the school day ending for regular students. he had ran from the gym to your last class of the day and then with his hands on his knees, panting, he asked, "will... you please... go out with me?" he had asked in between breaths. he was left even more breathless when he heard your eager yes as a response.
— SUGAWARA presents you with flowers and his brightest grin. he didn't want to ask you empty-handed and he figured white carnations (they represent pure love, he checked) couldn't go wrong. stuttering just the slightest bit, he asks if you'll accompany him as his date to the local museum. he's sweating just a bit (a lot actually) as he nervously awaits your answer. you stare at the flowers for a bit and then look back up at him. his cheeks turn red and he can't help but bring you (and the flowers) into a tight, crushing hug when you say yes.
— ASAHI slides you a note in the middle of class. will you go out with me? is written out neatly across some spare notebook paper. you lift your head up to look at asahi, only for him to already be staring at you. he quickly turns his head down to his classwork, the tips of his ears bright red. his leg bounces up and down as he awaits an answer. you smile and hastily write yes i would love to with a doodle of heart and slide the note back to asahi's desk. you watch as his pen drops and he turns back in his seat to look at you, a grin spread across his face. you smile back and wave, your face heating up at the ecstatic expression across his face.
— NISHINOYA leans his arm against your locker as he pops the question casually. externally, he seems like the vision of cool-headed. he's asking the person of his dreams out, no sweat. internally? he is bouncing off the walls, screaming, nervous as hell, but praying to every entity above that you say yes. it took all of tanaka's energy to get noya enough swagger to ask you out at all. he looks up to you, eager for a response. when he sees you smile and nod to his question, he lets out a breath and then pumps his fist in the air in rejoice of victory. "you won't regret this, y/n!"
— TANAKA invites you to one of karasuno's games. he decides that if they win, then he'll ask you out. 'lo and behold, they do win. you make your down from the bleachers, eager to congratulate him when he runs to you, crushing you in a tight hug despite the sweat clinging to his skin. high on the adrenaline from the game and winning, he blurts out the question with no other thoughts on his mind other than wanting to be yours, "can you please go out with me?" he thinks that he earned two wins in a day when you say yes.
— KIYOKO asks you beneath the tree in the yard of the school. it was lunchtime, and she had made a bento for you and her to share. it was spring time and there were flower petals floating around in the wind. taking a deep breath, kiyoko turns around to face you and promptly asks you the question with her face slowly turning a shade of pink. the lunch she made you lays in your lap as you quickly grasp her hands and leave a kiss on her cheek. "yes of course i'll go out with you kiyoko,"
— YACHI sends you a text. it's the coward's way of asking, she knows. but you give her butterflies and make her nervous all around and this is the only way she could ever confess her feelings. she types it out in the cutest manner, y/n! i like you (; ω ; ) will you consider going out with me? she turns her on and off every thirty seconds to see if you've responded yet, and jumps off her seat, yelling cheers as she receives the reciprocation of her adoration.
— HINATA didn't know how to display his endearment towards you in any other way than the one he knew best: volleyball. he insists that suga pretend that he's practicing sets with him outside, conveniently next to where you sit during lunch. the ball manages to 'accidentally' be thrown right next to you. flinching, you grasp the ball to throw it back at the boys only to the (extremely messy) handwriting scrawled across the ball in a striking black shade: Y/N, GO OUT WITH ME PLEASE! hinata stands a tad bit in the distance, hands cupped around his mouth as he yells, "what do you say, y/n?"
— KAGEYAMA is a man of little words except when it comes to you. does he vocalize those words? absolutely not. you make him nervous as shit. he starts stuttering, words stumbling over the others, his mind running a mile a minute. however, one day after practice he falls into an easy conversation with you - stuttering only ever once a few sentences, he finds himself speaking words he never thought he would utter aloud. sweat is clinging to his back and neck (from practice or from being around you, he doesn't know) as he confesses just how much he likes you, his words coming easy for once.
— TSUKISHIMA is a secret romantic. he walks home with you, the two of you sharing a pair of earbuds as one of his playlists blares into your ears. you hum to the tune of a familiar song, and then promptly turn your head to tsukishima. not fast enough to have the earbud fall off your ear but with enough force for tsukishima to get his head out of his thoughts and turn to look at you, a question in his eyes. you grant him a small smile and nudge him, "do you think you could send me this playlist? i like it."
a slight blush blooms across his cheeks as he nods in response to your question. this was the playlist he made with the thought of all you made him feel and the idea of confessing to you one day. the fact that you liked it reassured him that maybe (just maybe) he had luck with you in the future.
— YAMAGUCHI fiddles his fingers as he holds out a bento full of all your favorite sweets. a note is written atop it, but you pay no attention to it as yamaguchi stammers out, "i like you. i like you so much. so take these please, even if you don't like me back." wringing his fingers, he brings up his head back up to look at you; he's met with a sweet surprise when you lay a quick kiss on his cheek and accept his confession.
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natashaiwaizumi · a month ago
what you’re like being married
types of married couples you guys would be
various characters x reader 
Tumblr media
You guys are so fucking annoying. Both of your social media accounts are flooded with pictures of the other and how much you love each other. If people make the mistake of inviting the two of you out you’re gushing over each other the whole time. Madly in love of course and everyone’s happy for you, though they would be happier if you were just as in love, just quieter
Bokuto, Hinata, Lev, Oikawa, Nishinoya, Sugawara, Tendou, Hanamaki
No one knows you two are married. Hell, people barely even know you’re together. You got together quietly and never made a big deal out of anything- at least publicly. Yes, you had found the love of your life, but neither of you saw the point of telling the whole world. There was a quiet ceremony and no pictures were allowed to be posted. It’s not until the two of you are out that a friend sees your matching rings and loudly gasps, asking how long you’ve been married. You turn to him then back to the friend answering, “like five years.”
Sakusa, Kenma, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Kyotani, Asahi, Akaashi, Suna
Everyone knows you two are married. It’s not like either of you are very public about your relationship but you don’t hide it so news gets around. You become that couple that everyone goes to for advice since your relationship is going so well. You definitely get those comments like “the way he looks at you” and he’ll be confused why it’s such a shock saying, “I always look at you like that, what does that mean?” he’s so used to being in love with you he doesn’t even notice. 
Ushijima, Iwaizumi, Kita, Osamu, Daichi, Sugawara, Akaashi, Yamaguchi
People think you two are just oddly close best friends for the longest. You just have a very light-hearted relationship filled with a lot of laughter and fun. So from far away you truly do look like friends, it’s not until you start making out mid-outing does everyone get the message. 
Atsumu, Terushima, Kuroo, Matsukawa
boys when their daughter gets a bf*
Tumblr media
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is2usopp · a month ago
Tumblr media
they get super flustered when you tuck their hair behind their ear. they stutter over their words and their face flushes a pretty red. it’s the cutest thing in the world, you do it randomly to catch them off guard.
kageyama, atsumu, hinata (both!!), oikawa, yamaguchi, sakusa, tsukishima, goshiki, tendou, koganegawa (he’s the cutest TT), kyotani, & yaku
same thing but instead they do it to you. they do it when you’re super focused on something or when you’re talking passionately about something. they don’t do it to get you flustered or anything (well maybe a little bit), they just really love to admire you.
akaashi, iwaizumi, kenma, kuroo (def both), bokuto, matsukawa, makki, ushijima, osamu, suna, aran, semi (maybe both??), & komori
Tumblr media
note: ik some ppl’s hair might not be long enough to tuck but i just love the gesture itself SM !!
Tumblr media
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