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Hey guys , I found this q/Ans thing on web and its very cool , it has a lot of q by fans and answers from J.K Rowling .Here is a screenshot to make your interest grow !!👇


It has lot more like this , go check it now if you want to know about hp books from jk herself !!

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with how ginny once idolized fred and george and the fact that she’s a smooth liar, she probably definitely pranks harry at least once a week.

and he falls for it everytime.

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Here’s the thing.

I genuinely can’t see Harry Potter as anything but straight. Noticing when people are attractive does not make you gay. Harry noticed Lily Evans was beautiful, but does that mean he had the hots for his mother?…

We are specifically told when he is physically attracted to someone. Every single time it is a conventionally attractive girl with nice hair. Bonus points if she plays quidditch.

I mean, headcanon whatever you want. You can put anything in fanfiction. It’s just that the actual canon points the other way.

While I’m on the subject, Ginny is also one I can only see as straight. Usually when I see people headcanoning her as bi, it seems to be an extension of the fanon idea of her being a tom boy. But despite loving quidditch and not crying as much as some others, she actually is very feminine. She smells like flowers; she has a girly bedroom; she has more friends who are girls canonically than any other female character. She also takes time to comfort a girl after Fred, one of her favorite brothers dies, showing a nurturing side generally seen mostly in girls. Loving quidditch and having a temper doesn’t take away from any of this.

Of course there is more leeway with Ginny due to not having access to her pov. However, like Harry she has a very clear type: Tall, Dark and Handsome. Michael Corner who while we don’t know his height, is referred to as “the dark one”. She seems to be more into Dean who is both black and described as being “even taller than Ron”.

Harry is also described as being tall by the time they get together and while he may be the lightest of her boyfriends, he at least has black hair, which usually comes with at least tanned skin. (Although if any of the main 7 is POC, it’s Harry)

Taken together it’s pretty clear that Ginny likes darker coloring. ( Therefore as much as I love her friendship with Luna, if she was bi, she’d be more likely to go for one of the patil twins than Luna. Or maybe Angelina Johnson. Also one of the many reasons Drinny would never happen. Draco is basically the opposite of every thing that attracts her. Some other things her boyfriends have in common are: not being pure blood, being in the DA; fighting against Voldemort; bravery: Michael risks his safety rescuing kids and gets tortured “badly” and still wants to fight, Dean literally come to battle without a wand.) Sorry for the tangent.

But, basically they both are shown to have very specific types within only the opposite gender.

With that said, here’s a list of characters I could easily see as being at least bi:

Ron Weasley ( his celebrity crush on Krum)

Draco Malfoy ( while Harry is primarily obsessed with proving he’s evil, Draco actually does seem to be obsessed with Harry personally)

Colin Creevey ( I definitely think he was gay.)

Seamus Finnigan ( never expresses any interest in girls)

Dean Thomas ( bi at the most, we don’t enough about him to say he’s not so why not)

Pansy Parkinson (probably not, but was actually the only slytherin interested in talking about how pretty Ginny was. jk, mostly)

Nymphadora Tonks ( she’s the one that actually strikes me as a tomboy, and to me does give a bit of a disaster bisexual vibe)

Luna Love good ( bi, could see her having a crush on Ginny, by the way she talked about her. It also seems like she may have initially had a crush on Ron, but by HBP she was way more into Ginny. Maybe she likes red heads. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover Rolf was one. But yeah, this is one I absolutely believe is either bi or lesbian. I also headcanon her to being on the autistic spectrum. It would explain as so much.)

Sirius Black (never expresses any interest in girls. Although, based on Canon, he’s more likely to be into James than Remus. I could see him as bi, gay, or asexual.)

Charlie Weasley (said to be more interested in dragons than girls. I personally think he’s probably Ace. Or he’s actually attracted to Dragons. Jk.)

Basically anyone besides Ginny and Harry is a possibility.

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Just Friends
by inspectorofthebeans

Y/n has always been best friends with the Weasley twins. No matter what they stuck together. Now fast forward a few years, their all grown now, the second war has just ended. What happens when the twins realize their both madly in love with Y/n? What will happen when she realizes she loves them as more than friends too? But that could never happen. After all their only Just Friends. Right?

Words: 11870, Chapters: 3/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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Since everyone is rating the Harry Potter ships, so will I


  • 3/10
  • I used to ship when I was little, so I don’t mind kids shipping this
  • The shitty oneshots in Wattpad are sooo funny
  • But it’s toxic so hahah no


  • 4/10
  • Makes sense
  • I don’t see anything exciting in this


  • 7/10
  • Not the most interesting ship
  • Died so young, such a shame
  • I love their personalities


  • 1000/10
  • Who wouldn’t ship them?
  • They’re cute as hell. We like them.
  • Also that ship name is sick af


  • 0/10
  • Homophobic
  • Doesn’t make any sense
  • I would die for Teddy tho

Jegulus (Regulus + James)

  • 6/10
  • I don’t ship it but it’s funny
  • Doesn’t make sense, but I get good vibes from people who ship this


  • 5/10
  • Makes sense ig
  • I don’t see anything special in this
  • Soooo straight. It’s boring straight.


  • 3/10
  • No.

Starbucks (Sirius + James)

  • 0/10
  • I didn’t even know people were shipping this..
  • They were brothers. James’ mom adopted Sirius. The end.
  • The name is fucking cool tho


  • 8/10
  • Makes sense
  • I like Luna is asexual headcanons, but this is really cute


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Hi anon! Thank youuuu! 🥰 Sorry it took a few days..things have been crazy.

Can I stay here tonight?

There was a knock at the door and Ginny groaned. She was so close to falling asleep. Maybe if she was silent, whoever it was would go away.

The door creaked open and a sliver of light shone through the crack. “Can I stay here tonight?”

If Ginny was on the verge of sleep moments before, she was wide awake now. She sat up in bed to look at the silhouette in her doorway. 

“Had enough of Ron and Hermione sharing a bed, have you?”

“They could use the privacy. I’ll sleep on the couch downstairs if you’d rather. Just didn’t want to get them in trouble with your mum.”

“No! It’s fine. You can have Hermione’s bed.”

“Er, right. Thanks,” Harry said appreciatively.

Ginny bit her lower lip as he quietly shut the door and cast lumos to help find his way around the room. Part of her wanted to invite him into bed with her; just for sleeping and perhaps a snog. But she wasn’t sure if they’d reached that point in their renewed relationship yet. They’d talked and mulled things over, but the rebuilding of trust would take more time.

Up until this point, they’d only shared a few walks and private snogs in the orchard. Of course, Ginny wanted more. She wanted everything with Harry. It had always been him, but she didn’t want to move too quickly.

That didn’t stop the thoughts in the back of her mind that suggested being in his arms might help her sleep more soundly.

The thoughts of a better night sleep were enough to sway her. “Unless…you wanted to sleep in my bed. With me.”

She saw him freeze and look up at her. “I—do you think that’s a good idea? Not that I don’t want to. It’s just—I don’t want to rush things…” Harry trailed off.

“Me, either. I just thought maybe I’d sleep better if—well, you know. If you’d rather sleep on the camp bed, it’s fine—”

“No, I—I want to! If you don’t mind.” There was an awkwardness to the conversation that was completely opposite of their usual easy banter.

“I don’t,” Ginny said simply.

She scooched over on the bed to give Harry room to climb in. He extinguished the light from his wand as he hesitantly laid down next to her. The awkwardness quickly evaporated as she rested her head against his chest.

Despite everything they’d been through, Ginny felt safe with Harry by her side. They settled into a comfortable silence as their breathing became heavy with sleep. The last thing Ginny remembered thinking before she succumbed to the slumber was, I could get used to this.

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Heirs to Broken Thrones
by iwoulddieforginnyweasley

Albus Potter used to picture fifth year as something that was supposed to be great. He’d be good at Quidditch by then, surely, and he and Rose Granger Weasley would be up to no good, carrying on their parent’s legacies.
It turns out your eight-year-old dreams don’t always come true because Albus can’t even get on a broom without falling over, Rose is barely speaking to him, and Albus thinks he might just give up on even trying to uphold his father’s reputation, it’s never done him much good.


Pureblood galas, blood magic, and hopelessly falling for your best friend.

Words: 851, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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headcanon that ginny refuses to call albus severus by his name and instead calls him alby

she introduces him to everyone as alby s potter

she says that alby is short for albert

and that s is for son of a bitch

people laugh cos they think she’s joking and that the bitch in question is ginny

she’s not joking and she is not the bitch in question *glares at harry*

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Hi Anon! If I left a kudo, it was because I really liked your story! Thank you for writing and sharing it! ♥️

I certainly wasn’t thinking a year ago when I was a lurker that someday my specific kudo or comment or rec would mean anything special. I freak out when someone I admire likes something I’ve written, so I’m floored and touched that you think of me that way.

I also wasn’t thinking that one day people would try to distinguish my kudo from a comment from my rec lists. Please don’t think that my kudo means it was just decent. I can’t really say what leads me to do one or another since what resonates with me really is dependent on how I’m feeling that specific time and place. I’ve had stories I initially read that I liked, only to reread at another time and love, and vice versa.

I chronically overthink my rec lists and fear how people may interpret my recs (or lack of rec). There really are so many stories that I’ve read and really enjoyed but haven’t put on a list – but there are all sorts of possible reasons for that. Sometimes it’s because I didn’t remember the story (I’ve found some that I missed after posting a list). Sometimes it didn’t match my head-canon. Sometimes I just narrow it down because otherwise, I would list every story I’ve ever read. Sometimes it’s just that I haven’t posted a different list where I’ve categorized the story. I don’t want people to think because I haven’t included them in a rec list, it doesn’t mean I genuinely didn’t like or love or resonate with their story.

And regardless of my or anyone else’s opinion, the fact that you have written and shared your story is an incredible achievement. Never forget that. Please continue writing. I hope to read more of your work one day!

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Romione flirting be like: *intense bickering* 

Hinny flirting be like: *throws each other in a pond and starts splashing water at each other*

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Ron, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about my feelings for Ginny.
What are you talking about? I knew already.
What? How?
Don't insult my intelligence, mate; you literally got bruises from the bludgers because you kept staring at Ginny during Quidditch practices.
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Training Prompt Tuesday!!

“She was as wild as the waves, and I don’t think she’s coming back.”

Rules: write a drabble from the prompt above and then tag me in it so I can reblog it!!!

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I have a head canon that when Ginny found out she was pregnant with James the first thing she said was go to Bills house. Harry was out of town on an auror mission. She was terrified, and Bill knew the most about raising kids (other than Molly, but she didn’t want her to know just yet)

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Ginny Weasley, much like her brothers, tended to lean into the dramatics when she was tipsy. Yet another similarity among the red hair and the freckles and the knack for quidditch. “She is the artist, and we are mere canvases.”

Hermione nodded. “Something like that.”

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AO3 fic rec

Author:   cottagepiesupremacy

Fandom: Harry Potter

Tag Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Ships: Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley, James Potter/Lily Evans Potter, Sirius Black/Remus Lupin, Marlene McKinnon/Dorcas Meadowes

Characters: Harry Potter, Teddy Lupin, Mary Macdonald, Ginny Weasley, James Sirius Potter, Albus Severus Potter, Lily Luna Potter

Additional tags: Post-Canon, Marauders Friendship (Harry Potter), Desi Harry Potter, jily, wolfstar, dorlene

Summary:  Harry is cooking dinner when Teddy comes in with some old boxes belonging to his dad. They find an old photograph of their parents and their friends on a camping trip. They discover that one of the people in the photograph is Mary MacDonald, the only one who is still alive. They meet up and she tells Teddy and the Potter family about her lost friends.

Languages: English

Chapters:  6,274

Words: 7903

Link to fic:   Unlocked Memories

check out their  tumblr

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holy fuck

i had a mental breakdown this weekend and bleached my hair and dyed it blue

and in better, more exciting news I HIT 100 FOLLOWERS i know its not a ton but i really didn’t think anyone would actually like the shit i post so thank you thank you thank you i love and cherish each and every one of you!! i have some stuff coming out soon im just going through some mental health stuff lately and school is #kicking my ass

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This is my head canon and here it comes…

This scene is from movie the closer and in this scene while he is talking about something she is cleaning his glasses to take the attention to herself. In my mind it is a little bit different and including hinny stuff…

At the dinner table everybody is smiling, talking and mostly eating. He was happy to be there especially having family around him. He was in the middle of the eating his favourite pudding but somehow he released something irritant feelings. He remembered who is lost now forever. Their faces, lifes, wifes and loves was passing from his eye frame very quickly. He can fell that in his chest pressure was growing up very quickly and he is in trouble with swallowing either. His heart beat was getting faster like he was running hours and begin to sweat. He was knowing what was coming. Healers were warn him for that situation who seems war and violent in their lifes. This was stick to fighters, soldiers like glue. This was post traumatic stress disorder and it was increasing now. He can feeling his hands start to shaking and he was feel uncomfortable. This attacks was coming most likely when he was feel happiest moments because people who dies for him deserve his life too. In this moments he was fell regret of being alive. He can’t prevent himself from this thoughts because he was still feeling quilty for that brave people who was died during war.

While he was struggling with his memories someone from next his seat take his glasses from his eyes and start cleaning them carefully. All he was seeing is a moving fire next to him but it was nonsense because it was not burning him. Small hands put his glasses back in their places gently and he saw his wife besides him.

After clean his husband’s glasses Ginny start to caress Harry’s cheek with great love and said “you’re welcome”. Suddenly he fells relieved and more light. She was always perfectly understand him and be there to support him. Merlin he was really lucky to having her.

He took her hand from his cheek and kissed inside of her palm. While he was looking his beautifull blissfull wife he said in wisper “thank you”.

Ginny was getting reddish on her cheeks along bare neck. Now she was really looking like a fire and next few hours maybe he can burn himself in her skin too. It was one of the awkward moments and Ginny said most awkward thing to him. “ look at your little eyes”. One of the she’s favorite body part of him was his green eyes. And he answered same awkwardness “i can’t see my little fresh picked toad eyes”.

Then everything progress badly for him because she punched his stomach. He couldn’t breath a while and his eyes was getting watery. This was the consequence of getting married with proffessional quidditch player and he fall in love this possibilities. A little bit further Mrs. Weasley was watching them and she ask with concern. “Harry dear are you ok ? ” she was ready to get anger with her daughter for her behaviour but suddenly Harry brusted out of laughing. It was pure and long laugh and his eyes get watery this time with joy not pain. Every body on the dinner table started smile and laughter with him. They were confuse but nobody control their laugh too. At the end they exhausted with laugh and Harry barely be able to answer the question of his mother in law’s question. “ yes ! I had never be ok like this in my life time!” Because all is well…

@blvnk-art I admire your work and here is the story for you. Please make my story into the living art.

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Me, when I started publishing fanfiction, thinking everyone will love me and I should be professional: Hello, all, here is a little something I’ve been working on. Enjoy! 

Me now: What’s up, fellow trash goblins! It’s everyone’s LEAST favorite SLF writer, back with more Bad Stuff! Check it out, you’re probably gonna hate it, but let’s see if we can raise the amount of comments I get on my stuff from ONE, to TWO! :) why am i like this what am i doing with my life

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