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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
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Join us! At the Academy of Sacred Sound. We will be experimenting with meditative states of consciousness to enhance song writing and sound creation. This is a spiritual course, a healing course and a musical course. Explore the instrument inside of you! Use my discount link to get half off this month! For more info on this course, go to -

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Check out my Grateful Dead crocs from their 50th anniversary in very good condition offers accepted :) I’m a huge Grateful Dead fan but I find my size finally so these are extra and need a good home ~ peace love Lizzy

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Silver sparkle featuring yoga, hippie, and earthy

Silver sparkle featuring yoga, hippie, and earthy

This download includes a 3264 x 4928 px JPG people stock photo featuring natural, meditation, and boho.
Download Silver sparkle featuring yoga, hippie, and earthy


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You remind me of the babe

(What babe?)

The babe with the power

The power of voodoo

(Who do?)

You do

Remind me of the babe🎶

-David Bowie

(Labyrinth Magic Dance)

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1. Read a book

2. Take a shower or bath

3. Listen to some upbeat music

4. Dance 

5. Play an instrument

6. Wear something comfy

7. Meditate 

8. Do yoga

9. Draw

10. Write poetry

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I’m giving my blog a makeover to an aesthetic more fitting to my lifestyle. I appreciate anyone who stays here to see where this goes but feel free to unfollow if it’s not your taste. Thank you for you time, feel free to message me, stay safe loves 💖

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Dear friends,

I had made a new Tumblr called @fallenforfall and it is officially running as of now. However it won’t be officially posting until summer of 2021. So that being said, do give it a follow. It’s really cool.

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I don’t fit a set aesthetic.

I like harem pants but also black lapel collared coats. I enjoy colour but also darker tones. I want to travel the world in person and through the page. I write and I paint and I laze around watching TV.

I don’t fit a set aesthetic and that’s alright because I’m me with all my eccentricities and passions.

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I’ve had so much fun over the last couple of weeks bringing these guys into the world 🥺. Okay granted this isn’t what one would call a conventional hobby but I cannot deny the thrill of getting them here safely and wanted to show you all their progress 😊 I never knew the intricacy of mushroom growing and how easy it is to screw up, how these babies survive in the wild is beyond me. Only 3 cakes have come through so far, praying on the rest 🤞 Such a cool little experiment, I feel like some little mountain pixie scurrying off to check her mushrooms in the early hours of the morning to see how much they’ve grown overnight 😂 Almost don’t want to eat them 🙈

Almost 😈

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