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Silverstream: Come on Scoopy! It’ll grow back! Forgive me? Pleeeeeaaassseee *gives huge sad birb eyes and chases after the earth pony*

Smolder: How long until Silver realises Strawberry is just yanking her tail and that Citrine is just using an illusion spell to hide the fact her mane is back to normal?

Gallus: Magic can fix bad manecuts. Who knew?

Sandbar: Evidently, Strawberry. 

Gallus: Well it’s been a month so far.  I respect that dedication to the prank.

Ocellus: W-wait what? How do you know this?

Smolder: Because over the last month whenever Strawberry is near Silver, Citrine is nearby with her horn alight.

Yona: Pony shouldn’t prank Hippogriff like that. Makes friend Silverstream sad.

Sandbar: Maybe. But the mistake has urged Silverstream to get better at using scissors before she does any manecuts.

Ocellus: Shouldn’t someone tell Silver at some point? I agree with Yona, it does seem a little bit mean.

Silverstream: Oh, I already knew. Gee ‘Celly, I know I’m silly but i’m not blind. Not yet anyway! It’s just more fun to re-prank her back! Victory will be MINE!

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@fluorescent-floof​ ‘s furtober day 17

prompt: beak

this gal used to also be named thornshadow, but i redesigned her and she’s not a sona/main so she needs a new name! (pls suggest some ahaha. doesn’t need to be the same naming convention.) she’s a hippogryph. (also i drew this in like 20 minutes so i’m proud of that speed)

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A scene from yet another Tails of Equestria game I’m in.  It’s pretty plot heavy, so I imagine that the context will be lost with 99% of the people who see this.  In short, the party found the macguffin, an NPC revealed that they were actually a mysterious entity (that was unnamed but I’m calling The Director), and destroyed it effortlessly before vanishing.  It was dramatic enough to motivate me to do art, so I could that as a success for the DM.

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The common ancestor of the pony races and the griffins, the hippogriff!
This ancient ancestor is long extinct, but the remains of their civilizations still stand. It’s said deep within an underwater temple of the hippogriffs is a pearl with the power to change the species of the user. Supposedly the hippogriffs used this to escape into the sea, driven from their above ground home, where they built a civilization and slowly died out.

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