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chuutoro · 23 days ago
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since it’s pride month, throwback to this beautiful cover and this wholesome interaction between two icons
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andy-clutterbuck · 3 months ago
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5x03 | Four Walls and a Roof
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iamacolor · 25 days ago
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truly spoken like a man who named his dog bella
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00vi · a month ago
I regret watching this beautiful OST from KinnPorsche 😭! Its chock-full of spoilers you guys! (But holy chicken tenders, it's amazing!! I can't wait for these heartwarming & badass scenes!)
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Wtfudge you guys is my soul ready for all these scenes??? Kinnporsche is literally destroying me. It's so good, and that OST is so perfect!
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gogogy · 5 months ago
quackity's spanish streams are such a win because
a. quackity
b. quackity's voice
c. quackity's smile
d. quackity having fun
e. quackity speaking spanish
f. quackity being quackity and therefor perfect and deserving of the entire world and i love him
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smallville lex luthor is hot and sexy and I stand by that
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transpat · 5 months ago
the rooftop parallels absolutely crushed me like both eps were about discovery, one of pat's feelings and the other of their family history. both eps acted as a major shift in the narrative and both rooftop scenes were preceded by major fights. both times pat fumbles with guilt even when it isn't his fault. both times pran takes to the roof when his anger and pain get too large to contain. both times they reached out to the other but the first time pran let his fear overtake and left pat but this time he was the one who called him, he was the one who fell into pat, clung onto him. this time too, pran's instinct is to run away, what he needs is space and time, but this time he waits for pat, pat who understands this w/o him having to voice it, pat who carries his weight when his legs can't lift him up anymore. running away isn't pat's thing to do, but pran tells him he can't take it anymore and pat understands and complies and whisks him away.
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mrcowboydeanwinchester · 3 months ago
listening to jackles' version of simple man for the first time in a while and oh god oh fuck dean just wanted to have a home with carpets and a slow cooker and love at every corner. and he fucking deserved it
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jakemyboy · 2 months ago
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Yes. I had treats. 🤣
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fairyscorpicus · 2 months ago
Who wanna bet that none of us visited Yancy even tho Mark literally reminded us to visit him in Space
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midnightfloodlight · 3 months ago
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🌅 🌄 dusk🌠 🎇 🎆
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andy-clutterbuck · 9 months ago
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💫 Happy Birthday, Andy! | September 14, 1973💫
“One of my first lessons [at RADA] was pretending to be a starfish. They said to me, ‘Andy, that was amazing! You really had the quality of a starfish.’ And I’d been asleep all the time!”
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vargaslovinghours · a year ago
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A softer form of suffering 
#💟#Doodles#Art#Edgar#Scriabin#Silliness is back on the menu#Had a sudden burst of inspiration paired with missing them a bit so here they are again lol#I was watching some pencil tests for a cancelled movie :( But they were so beautiful and a bit close to Edgar's body type#Dynamic animation gets me so bad ♪ Not to mention the gimmick of this one was strong silhouette and I love that!!#Bit inspire give it to Edgar#The first one was effectively a warmup so I like the other two better but I still think he looks cute uwu#A couple Scriabins! ♥#Trash Scriabin obviously from the latest update hehe ♪ He's got the personality for it#And because I don't think I'll ever get over the little bit of fuzzy fluff there he is again#I can't believe it's already sleeveless season so out in full force agh I can't even bear to draw long sleeves right now#The next two are quite silly lol - Eat the Menu: Olive Garden is such a comfort food of a video for me#No matter what kind of mood I'm in Keith suffering through the desserts never fails to make me feel better hehe#The absolutely despair in his voice as he eats them is so funny to me#Apparently the word is actually spelled ''dolcini'' I wasn't paying the closest attention lol#And a silly sorta chibi Edgar to round us out uwu#I don't think I'll make it it's own post but I did want to mention it somewhere - I had another Vargas dream uou First time in a while#Almost certain it's linked with the inspiration burst so that's interesting science right there#It wasn't right after reading the update or anything! It took a few days so either it's on a delay or it's something else altogether lol#I'm honestly amazed by just how much presence they have in my dreams I don't really dream about drawn characters as if they were humans#They did switch back and forth between being in and out of paintings in the dream tho so I guess my brain can't decide either lol
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latinposeidon · 4 months ago
Most of my reasoning behind interpreting Willie running away in Dessert as jealousy more than an order from Caleb comes from things like angst and RSD headcanons, but part of it's alsocoz like,,,,,, imagine Willie and Alex talking about the club.
Like at some point after they reunite, Willie tells him more about the HGC. And after the conversation's gotten past all the serious angst and gets a bit lighter, Alex asks why he ran away on the dance floor. So Willie tells him that Caleb had been trying to interfere with their relationship, and that the whole reason he got Dante and Fuego involved was to make them jealous. And that it worked.
And you can just see Alex completely short-circuit as he realises oh. Someone as sweet and caring as Willie who looks like this
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Was jealous of him. Just the absolute bluescreening that boy would go through is absolutely incomparable
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jopsmoke · 4 months ago
my interests and passions will come and go but i will be rotating alex turner in my head until i die
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tinyclowndancer · 9 months ago
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dinbeskarbaby · 7 months ago
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carterrkane · 2 months ago
I deeply relate to John Granby and Henry Ferris because I too would immediately develop a crush with Will Laurence because he's hot and then fall in love with him because he's a good person, and I'd be just as weird about it
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roughentumble · 4 months ago
i still think you could make a geraskier story outta the lindworm tale
#witcher tag#ogc tag#lindworm tag#and it would be both cool and funny as hell#geralt is the monster fighter who hears about all this and. when the king and queen beg. he sighs in a very put upon way#and agrees to help#and jaskier is this nasty worm prince who slithers and wants to eatfuck his new husband(hes a worm he isnt picky abt gender)#but then the night is over his layers are shed and he's a Shiny new Human with Wide Eyed Appreciation For The World!!!#WOW did you know walking upright is WEIRD!!!! you dont have to worry NEARLY as much about sharp rocks!!!#he's suddenly a lot less interested in being a prince#he's like i wanna abdicate Right Now and go Explore The World can i tag along mr husband?#(geralt: no. jaskier: pleeeeaassseeee i really want to *puppy dog eyes*)#hes a bit wide-eyed and naive abt some stuff and is Entranced with the Beauty Of The World now he's not a wormyguy#(rdj meme voice: he is entranced by the beauty of the world now he's not a wormyguy)#and he is DETERMINED to follow geralt around. and his parents are actually cool w/ him abdicating cuz like#he spent all that time as a lindworm they did NOT train him to run a kingdom. he had no tutors. he would not know what to do#his personality's done a total 180 he's very cheery now#and dammit all. geralt. begrudingly. kind of likes the annoying lil guy.#and they COULD get the marriage annuled and geralt TOTALLY PLANS TO ok it was a marriage for the sake of contract fulfillment#but. well. i mean. time gets away from them and..... the ex-prince who now fancies himself a bard isnt AWFUL company.....#and then a couple years down the line they have a REAL ceremony with a perfectly normal amount of clothes removal afterword
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awigglycultist · 18 days ago
... OLI??
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