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#his dirty talk
yugiohz · 8 months ago
I loooove howl’s moving castle because no matter how pretty and mysterious and talented a guy is his house will still be rancid as fuck I love that touch of realism ☺️
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goldenimpact · a month ago
hello! im one of the people from twitter! i came here to say that i really really love your AUs and your fanarts a lot and thank you for giving so much xiaoae food QwQ my fav has to be the merman and mutual sickness AU tho. something about two yanderes being into each other is really nice (and twisted too) and its not common to see BOTH being into each other hehe also the merman AU ahhh its too cute no matter who the merman is hhhh ok im hitting word limit thank you for reading this qwq
Tumblr media
hello!!!!! thank you for coming all this way to tell me!!! i’ve done a lot for the mermaid AU, so about mutual sickness..... love them. i always want to draw for them.... they’re both different types of yanderes, so their interactions are a mess!
Xiao wants to hide Aether away from the world so no one can hurt/taint/touch/see him, but Aether wants to be seen with Xiao always so everyone knows that Aether is the best (and one and only!!!) for Xiao!!!!
It’s a mess.
(note: they aren’t dating in the comic below)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bonus: xiao before the comic!
Tumblr media do you out-stalk your stalker?
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kurokori · 10 days ago
Second attempt:
Luo Binghe: Shizun, I've been a bad boy~
Shen Qingqiu, holding a letter in his hand: This master is quite aware.
Luo Binghe:
Luo Binghe: I can explain-
Shen Qingqiu: I cannot believe that you-
Luo Binghe: Shizun, whatever he said I did, I didn't do it
Shen Qingqiu: You broke Liu Qingge’s-
Luo Binghe: He started it!
Shen Qingqiu: Binghe.
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j0succ · 2 months ago
Shigaraki + hand kink? Either his hands or the readers, I just feel like he has a thing for it 😌
Tumblr media
He’s not expecting it to happen. He’s balls deep inside of you, one hand carefully gripping your hip as you bend over his bed, bony hips thrusting against the meat of your ass with every pump. You’ve been at this for - what, an hour? He’s already fucked you once, with all that comes with it- which is to say, with you brokenly panting and moaning his name so loud that he’s sure everyone in the bar proper could hear it.
Cute as your noises were, he figured that he should give them at least a bit of peace - and his own ears were starting to get tired of the way your voice was cracking and pitching - so he’d placed a finger over your lips to shut you up. He hadn’t expected you to open your mouth and wrap your tongue around it, pulling it and the finger next to it into the warm cavern of your mouth. 
There’s something about you being perfectly happy to suck on his greatest weapon whilst he fucks you, blissed out and helpless to do anything but take what he gives you even knowing he could turn you to dust over his shitty unmade bed, that really does it for Shigaraki. 
“Fuck,” he breathes, voice as scratchy and low as ever. “Huh, you really like those, don’t you? S-slut-- you know I could fuckin’ . . . kill you from the tongue outwards, yeah?” You moan around the digits in your mouth in response, eyelids and lashes fluttering. He feels the pulse of your sex around his cock and has to stop himself from cumming inside of you right there and then. “Haaa-- guess you like that too. Figures-- shit, you’re lucky you feel so good-- Mmm, your tongue . . . S-suck harder-- That’s right, g-gonna pretend my fingers are my dick? Shit--”
Tumblr media
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didsomebodysaypancakes · 2 months ago
Gonna poke my head into supernatural drama to say that not telling your co-star of 15 years that you're making a spin-off (featuring every main family member in it but your co-star's) of a show that is as much theirs as it is yours is bizarre behavior and a definite dick move. Even more so if you're apparently super close friends.
And if said co-star found out about it with the rest of the world on Twitter, then he has every right to express his hurt over that on Twitter.
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dreamquackity · 10 days ago
I take it you saw the same buildmart post I did then. Imagine saying if your bad at Parkour Warrior you're just dumb and need to be better. Why does buildmart have a precieved intellectual superiority over the other games? So many people hate buildmart, why does it get to stay?
yeah. and its not just that. i’ve been seeing them talk in negative n belittling ways to dream several times over now n whenever dream replies to them trying to justify himself i die inside. like if u keep up w dream’s mcc reddit activity u KNOW he largely replies to comments that disagree w him so he can explain himself. u know he has adhd n experiences rsd. it’s widely talked about in fandom spaces such as twitter where they’re incredibly active in. so why trigger it on purpose. they’re fucking stupid as shit too. buildmart isn’t a ‘building’ game its a memory game. u don’t need an eye for building beauty so long as u can very quickly and easily replicate things u see lmao. there’s genuine arguments to be made for issues in the game but some people act like if u say anything remotely negative about buildmart u like want noxcrew dead or something. noxcrew made parkour warrior too, but why is it okay to shit on one game they made but not the other?
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ihatebnha · 3 months ago
do you think katsuki would be a secret horny bitch or some shy nerd? i know most ppl perceive him in fics as the guy whos been itching to fuck you but i kinda like the idea where he’s shy and awkward when you just make a dick joke yk?
OH MAN, I love questions like this... so bear with me for a sec...
I know this might be a little bit... disputed... by some (despite how I can go into more detail if needed)... but I am honestly sort of with you in believing that Bakugo probably leans more to the shy nerd and traditional side of things when it comes to things like dick jokes.
Not to say, you know, that he's really all that freaked out or bothered by them (because he obviously knows when people are messing around)... but what makes them different is when they're specifically about or coming from you.
Because more so than it being an either-or situation, it's almost more like it's both... being interested in you (and wanting to fuck you) is what actually causes him to get flustered in the first place, mostly due to the fact that he doesn't want to mess up what you have or expose his feelings over a silly joke.
(And if you aren't already dating, I think he's more of an... ask them out first... type guy.)
I just honestly think that... Bakugo is probably a total prude when it comes to relationships and views them as pretty special, mostly because he'd never enter one if that isn't what he really wanted... so to joke around about fucking (something I can see him believing to be "a couple's activity only")... takes away from the actual... courting process and/or shows he's not as serious about other things when it comes to being with you.
(Even if he does have his own needs.)
I do see it being the other way around, though... if you weren't dating and Bakugo thought he didn't have a chance with you, or that you didn't like him back. Not that I believe he's one to fuck around, but... if he knows he can't be in a relationship with you, the least he can do is joke about dicks with you right back as a way to tease or flex.
(And honestly, though this can go both ways, I think virgin!Bakugo gets a lot more flustered than non-virgin!Bakugo... mostly just due to lack of experience in general. I see a more mature Bakugo getting flustered because he doesn't want to talk about you like that, scare you off or admit that the jokes are sorta... true.)
Regardless, hopefully this made some sense!!!
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pettyprocrastination · 2 months ago
I would happily let din djarin rail me raw like a wold-west saloon hussy but if I EVER let that man but his gloved hands in my mouth or my pussy I would immediately kill myself because those things are rancid and I am not getting a space sti because this bitch is so touchstarved he blacks out at skin-to-skin contact
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bitterrosebrokenspear · 17 days ago
I know I said “You’re not a real Fate fan unless you hate Fate’s version of the character” but “hate” here is kind of a strong word. It’s more like “You know enough about their lore that Fate’s version always seems very incomplete and there’s always something you’d add/change/do differently,”
Literally some of the best Fate fans for specific characters are ones who are literature/mythology nerds who know a ton of facts about them and their take on the character is always “Well I wish Fate had done this or that” or “I just added some aspects to them” that feels SO much richer and more interesting than the Fate version.
Like I don’t necessarily hate Fate’s version of Diarmuid but I hate how he’s typically handled and how he’s very obviously nerfed, and there’s so much that’s left out of his character. Like, in Scathach’s trial quest he just offhandedly mentions the Fianna were formed to help usher in the Age of Man in Ireland and I wish that his motivations, his desires to help mankind move forward (despite literally being raised by gods and fae) were touched on in Fate canon. That he was (in some versions) a demigod, and that some Servants are just rumored to be the sons of gods and goddesses or have divine lineage like Caeser and Iskandar and they have Divinity because of that but Diarmuid doesn’t? He doesn’t even have some Fae-related skills taught to him despite being the son of Donn? Wouldn’t that add so much more to his desire to help aid humanity?
That’s just Diarmuid! There are far, far worse examples of Fate doing characters dirty and megafans who are mythology nerds making them seem so much cooler. I think if you’ve read and studied the mythology/history behind a Heroic Spirit you are actively making the character better for other people, if you’re at least interested in the character beyond whatever Fate is showing of them that’s still really valid.
I just can’t fathom someone who’s not at least a little bit interested in the character beyond one lousy gacha game. “Well it’s not supposed to be accurate!” okay but it could be? And still be cool? You know these characters don’t have to be wildly misrepresented to be cool and interesting, right?
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cwc-ii · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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fantasydaydreamers · a month ago
I feel like if kami caught his s/o watching his stuff he would tease them so much before starting to play with them, and offering to let them plan some future lives(outfits/act/ect). And those always do better because he over performs since he knows his s/o is watching him and wants to make sure they enjoy the show.
Camboy au's are so GOOD why aren't there more!?!?!
Oh Kami would be so SMUG. Knowing you're watching him makes him go all-out. The dirty talk, whimpering, moans, begging...
What he does depends on what role Kami plays in the relationship but he's so sexy regardless😭 I'm talking top or bottom Kami here😩
I THINK HE WOULD BE SO GOOD AT EXPLAINING HIS FANTASIES. Yeah...his dirty talk is amazing but he knows how to get his audience to visualize with him~
I think he would hide it from his classmates but the idea of being caught excites him~ he might've talked out that fantasy during one of his streams~
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pocketramblr · 4 months ago
I love that it implies that Hak does try to not get new kids into the Organisation!
hawks’ hero complex wont let him let someone else act when he can take care of it and 50 other things at once, and the fact that izuku looks like an adorable downy baby bird is not helping the instinct to protecc
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