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#his smile I'm crying
recapitulation · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[id: two gifs from the 36th episode of the series "Word of Honor," showing Wen Kexing smiling widely while shaking his head before turning to Zhou Zishu. /end id]
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kang-puppy · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
this is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen
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itaruchi-trash · 3 months ago
[CN Translation] Kiro’s 欲忘言光ER <Brilliant Fire Date>
!Spoiler warning! : The followings contain contents for dates of Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice/Love and Producer that are yet to be released in Global server. If you do not wish to be spoiled then please refrain from going undercut.
Tumblr media
Karma Quote : “As long as the mountains and the rivers remain unchanged, our promise will never fade.”
Before proceeding : I highly recommend everyone to read the translation of 1st Westmoon AU Kiro date translated by lovely @cheesy09​ . Click here to read. 
The date we’ll be reading today is Brilliant Fire Date 璨火之约. This date does not align with the main plot story of original MLQC. But is the part of side AU “Westmoon”.
The translation is undercut. You have been warned about spoilers.
If you see any “---” sign then it simply indicates change of scenes in the place.
[Note: So, the place here mentioned often is “Sān Mèng Fāng” but we’re just gonna go with “Three Dreams Square” ‘cause that’s the only translation I found.]
璨火之约{Brilliant Fire Date}
Preview : “On a quiet night, I was suddenly taken away from the ‘Three Dreams Square’ by a man in the black! When he finally stopped on the roof, I found out that the man in black was indeed Kiro! But what’s with this sudden “kidnapping”....”
After a few silent drizzles, the weather got colder and colder, and the sky of the Banquet has a new meaning.
I put aside the ink brush, rubbed my cold hands and felt a headache when I looked at the half-finished writing on the paper.
Although it has been so busy lately, the faint worries will always churn from time to time.
Since I met him briefly in the cave, I have never heard from Kiro again. In a blink of an eye, ten days have already passed.
MC : "I don't even know where he is now nor if he is safe..."
Tumblr media
Thinking of this, I sighed lightly and lowered my eyes in a daze.
At this moment, I suddenly heard a bustling noise from outside which was very strange at the quiet courtyard of ‘Three Dreams Square’ garden.
Suddenly, the candlelight on the table was shaken violently by the howling wind and the window beside me was knocked open in an instant!
I opened my eyes wide and watched the unexpected guest who had suddenly broke in. Almost in an instant, the person dressed in black had already arrived in front of me.
MC : "Ah-!"
I only had time to exclaim and the man had grabbed my arms and slammed me into his embrace unbearably.
[The BG looks like this~ (*´꒳`*)]
Tumblr media
The air pressure created by his movements blew the paper on the ground.
MC : "Who are you?!"
In a panic, I wanted to struggle out of his arms but suddenly I felt a breath of familiarity from him.
At this moment, the sound of approaching footsteps came from outside the room. -------------- The man in black made a decisive choice and led me out from everyone, passing by the owner of the wine shop who was about to enter the house.
The dense branches and leaves rattled, I subconsciously buried my head and the uneasy feeling caused by my feet hanging in mid-air made me afraid to move.
??: "Are you scared?"
Tumblr media
A clear voice rang in my ears and I looked up in disbelief.
Then I met a pair of familiar azure blue eyes.
When I came back to my senses, I realized that I was being carried along a narrow wall and he was running across the narrow wall. My heart jumped up to my throat for a while.
As I listened to the sound of my clothes flapping, I subconsciously clung to the only arms I could rely on.
The buildings of the ‘Three Dreams Square’ were constantly being left behind. All the scenes in the night seemed to have turned into paintings backwards, becoming too far to concentrate.
I don't know how long it took but the person holding me finally tapped his toes and jumped onto the roof of a pavilion as light as a swallow flying.
The tiles cracked softly the moment we landed, I waited for an opportunity and then reached out to pull down the mask off the face of the man in black.
The young elegantly pretty man's face appeared unconcealed before my eyes. It really was Kiro!
The heavy rock hanging in my heart finally fell and I couldn't help raising the corners of my mouth, showing a big smile.
MC : "It really is you!"
Tumblr media
However, in stark contrast to my joy was the indifferent and unmoved light flowing from those deep blue eyes.
For a moment, the joy of reunion and all the questions that I wanted to ask, all cooled down in the cold night.
I pressed my lips and whispered uncomfortably.
MC : "I'm relieved to see you safe and sound..."
Kiro finally let go of his grip on me. He glanced at me blankly and sat down casually on the roof.
Kiro : "They aren't worthy of doing anything to me."
After he said these two sentences coldly, I felt at loss again.
Although he is Kiro, the young boy who spent that period of suffering with me as a child but after many years, an invisible wall has been created between us.
Thinking that, I didn't say anything, just lowered my eyes and carefully used my hands to support myself against the roof tiles, trying to sit down like him.
Right now, there is only soft sound of stepping on the tiles between us.
The night wind hovered over the roof, and the tired bird who had returned to the forest seemed to be calling for his companions. The call was intermittently far but near.
When I looked down from the roof, I realized that it seemed to be the suburbs, and not far away was a large area of unfamiliar wheat fields, with scattered lights winding down the pavilion.
In the freezing silence, Kiro spoke first.
Kiro : "But, being a witch, isn't this too easy to be kidnapped?"
Tumblr media
[T/N : MC seems to be some sort of witch/shaman in this AU.]
There was a hint of joking tone in his voice.
The suffocation was creeping up on my chest, I couldn't help but face him.
MC : "Don't you know how strong you are? I had no room for resistance."
Tumblr media
MC : "And...I felt your breath that made me have an intuition that you won't hurt me."
Kiro : "My breath?"
Kiro suddenly turned his head and firmly stared at me.
Kiro : "What kind of breath?"
I immediately regretted what I said because after all, even I, myself don't know where this inexplicable feeling came from.
After hesitating for a while, I randomly found an answer.
MC : "I guess it was a breath that had a hidden energy."
Probably believing my explanation, Kiro withdrew his gaze. But since he came for me specially, why is he saying nothing?
MC : "Kiro, you..."
Kiro : "There isn’t really any important business as to why I came to you."
Tumblr media
As if he had guessed what I was thinking in my heart, Kiro spoke softly.
Kiro : "It's just that I said I would find you, that's why I came."
Kiro's eyes were on the wheat field ahead. I couldn't see his expression clearly but I could feel that I was slowly drawing closer to him.
Suddenly, the sound of music approaching from under the building was heard. Along the path in the wheat field swaying in the wind, a group of people happily came closer and closer with torches.
The fire light gradually illuminated the empty space under the pavilion and also illuminated the beaming smiles on the faces of the group of people.
With a *Bang-*, a huge ring of fire ignited in the open space and then people began to sing and dance around the ring of fire.
MC : "Is this...a celebration festival?"
In the tradition of the West Moon, if you encounter a happy event worth celebrating, you must light up a grand fire and invite everyone to drink and dance around the bonfire.
Kiro obviously noticed the movement below but as if dissatisfied that the original silence was broken, he watched quietly without saying a word.
But I looked at those men, women and children with great interest. Judging from the dress of the oldest man, this should be a celebration of the harvest.
Seeing them dancing with joy, a past that is so far long as to be forgotten suddenly flashed in my mind.
MC : "Come to think of it, when we were young....we used to live together, didn't we?"
Tumblr media
Kiro raised his eyes slightly and lowered it a bit again while looking at me. I cleared my throat and continued.
MC : "We were at a wedding in the village one day, and I think the festival held at that time was similar to this."
MC : "At that time, we starved for several days and the owner of the house gave us a large bowl of warm porridge because we were pitiful."
Through the burning bonfire in front of me, I felt like I could see the wedding banquet from my childhood again and the corners of my mouth could not help but rise.
MC : "If it's now, a warm porridge wouldn't seem like a big deal."
MC : "But the aroma of the porridge back then and the feeling of fullness after eating remained in my memory for a long time."
I tilted my head and glanced at Kiro, who seemed to be listening carefully and I couldn't help but smile slightly.
MC : "I still remember when you said that later when you grow up, you'll definitely become very strong. So, that you won't be hungry anymore."
Kiro's eyelashes trembled slightly. He bent his leg, changed his sitting position and spoke in a sluggish tone.
Kiro : "Is that so."
Tumblr media
Kiro : "I don't remember."
Although, he looked cold and indifferent, I was keenly aware that the mood between us has changed a bit and even the coolness in the air seemed to have softened a lot.
Perhaps, because the bonfire below gave me warmth that I was no longer anxious about his cold expression and continued his words.
MC : "Even if you forgot, you still have unknowingly achieved your goals."
MC : "You have indeed become very strong."
Worried that he would misunderstand me, I hurriedly added another sentence.
MC : "This is a compliment!"
Some unfamiliar, long-lasting emotions surged in Kiro's heart.
After a long time, he bowed his head and took out an oil paper bag from his arms which was full of candied fruits.
The moment I saw the sweet candied fruits, I suddenly stopped.
Tossing one into his mouth, Kiro's hand gently handed me the oil paper bag and before I realized it, it was already in front of me.
Kiro : "If you want it, take it yourself."
Tumblr media
MC : "Did you buy it on purpose?"
Unexpectedly, Kiro shook his head.
Kiro : "I just have a habit to take some with me."
Kiro : "Although, I do like the taste of candied fruits."
He ate another one as he spoke and the raised corners of his lips were interesting but didn't match his cold face.
I lowered my head, picked up one and put it in my mouth. The taste of candied fruit is as familiar and sweet as in my memory.
I don't know where the courage came from, whether it was the sourness or warmth that came from the candied fruits but my eyes lit up suddenly.
MC : "Kiro, why don't we go down and join them in their festival?"
MC : "I mean, you remember very little about your past but if you re-experience what you've done before, maybe you can think of something?"
Just when I thought he would refuse in a cold voice, Kiro stretched out his arms and in instant, he brought me to the ground with ease.
As soon as we walked from the hidden path to the brightly lit open space, the villagers greeted us warmly when they saw us and even invited us to dance together.
I searched my body for a long time and finally found a delicate ornament and gave it to the villagers as a gift.
[The BG~ (*´꒳`*)]
Tumblr media
Before us was the rhythm of lively singing, loud laughter, fiery sparkling bonfire, well-dressed people and the smell of the food in the air.
I couldn't help walking into the crowd while Kiro followed me without a word.
Villager A : "Are you two just passing by?"
Villager B : "Passing by the celebration is a blessing you know! Because today is the most lively harvest festival in our village!"
I smiled and nodded greetings to the villagers. The fiery fire illuminated the innocent happy smiling faces in front of me and made my mood lighter.
Even the frustrations that have been pressing on my heart since waking up, seemed to have dispersed a lot with the sound of singing and dancing.
Seeing that the villagers have been graciously inviting us to join the dance circle, a little girl even stretched out her hand. I was a little moved and couldn't help but look back at Kiro.
MC : "Shall we join them together?"
Beside the warm bonfire, I looked at him expectantly . However, Kiro lowered his eyes and refused me mercilessly.
Kiro : "I'll pass."
MC : "Aren't we here to participate in this festival? Let's just dance together."
I continued my way to the circle without giving up and pulling onto his sleeve as I spoke.
Kiro : "...."
Although silent, his eyes looked towards the lively crowd.
The splendid firelight outlined his turned face. At this moment, his profile seems to have softened a lot.
Suddenly, a strange hand stretched out before me. It turned out to be an unfamiliar and well-dressed young man. His face was slightly red and he looked a little nervous.
Young man : "Miss, can I invite you to dance with me?"
MC : "Eh?"
I could only react slowly but Kiro, who was supposed to leave suddenly appeared in front of me and replied in a deep voice before I could.
Kiro : "She won't dance."
Tumblr media
The young man was frightened by his cold expression and could only sigh and leave.
I looked at Kiro with a bit of amusement and finally pulled onto his sleeves.
MC : "I'm inviting you for the third time now. Are you really not going to dance with me?"
This time, Kiro didn't immediately reject me.
With our eyes facing each other, a faint look that I didn't see clearly passed through his eyes. In the end, Kiro nodded imperceptibly.
I caught his movement sharp and clear.
MC : "You promised! No turning back now!"
Tumblr media
Fearing that he would change his mind, I quickly pulled him into the crowd dancing by the fire.
Accompanied by simple singing, loud songs and drums, the dancing around the bonfire is simple, casual and unrestrained.
I happily imitated the other people's appearance, jumping on the beat of drums and turning on my tiptoe a few times. My long skirt twirled and I danced gracefully.
Kiro was also held back for moment by the enthusiastic villagers and could only lightly dance around the bonfire with them.
From time to time, I glanced at Kiro, who frowned helplessly at first but slowly seemed to be infected by the joy around us and stretched his eyebrows. I couldn't help but smile happily too.
Finally. a little tired from jumping, I panted and stopped.
Kiro : "MC."
Kiro suddenly called my name softly. I turned my head and saw him approaching me slowly.
The bright fire light shone on him, making his blue eyes more clear and translucent.
I lightly turned my head.
MC : "What happened?"
Kiro's eyes sank.
Kiro : "You're still the same as before."
After he finished speaking, he paused for a moment and smiled.
Tumblr media
Kiro : "This is just a gut feeling but this feeling shouldn't be wrong."
With the swaying fire, it seemed that the blond boy who shared a bowl of hot porridge with me excitedly appeared before my eyes.
The bonfire then also reflected his azure blue eyes.
I raised my head and stared into Kiro's deep eyes. In the long gone years, those eyes, even though have experienced many things, they are still vaguely the same as in the past.
Same as those days when we depended on each other.
MC : "Maybe, the past doesn't matter too much anymore."
Tumblr media
I couldn't help but blurt out.
MC : "I have also forgotten many things but I worked hard and even managed to become a witch."
I paused for a moment and then continued.
MC : "Of course, if you really want to find all your memories, you'll be able to find them slowly since we'll meet again."
MC : "But I hope you'll learn to live well in the present too."
MC : "Just like now, why don't you forget about it and enjoy the bonfire while singing and dancing happily?"
I looked at Kiro with a smile and didn't evade at all.
The warm atmosphere and cheerful music gradually took away those alienation and past regrets of the passing years.
The fiery light from the bonfire stretched our shadows, blended it and imprinted it in the dark night.
There was a smile on Kiro's face that I had never seen before. At the moment when his eyes overlapped with the light, I could see the gentle emotion flowing from them.
Tumblr media
Kiro : "Your make sense."
Kiro : "Then, let's continue with this festival together."
Tumblr media
I subconsciously wanted to hold his hand but after thinking about it, I withdrew my hand and just moved closer to him quietly. is not the time yet, or perhaps the gap that is missing in our hearts has not been filled yet.
But it doesn't matter, we have found each other.
And in the years to come, we won't lose each other again.
[Moral of the date : Westmoon kiro doesn’t need white hair or tattoo to be a cold intimidating assassin.]
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