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Phantom Assassin
by DreamerJanto

In a world dominated by Heroes and Villains, there is one group unknown to both of them hiding in the shadows waiting for the right moment to strike the Assassins! That moment is soon to arrive as a highly trained Izuku’s latest mission is to infiltrate UA High. Will Izuku remain a cold-blooded assassin or will Izuku rise and become a true hero? Read Phantom Assassin to find out!

Words: 7010, Chapters: 2, Status: In-Progress, Language: English

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Midoriya’s father thoughts!

I have two feelings for this man, it’s ooh I can’t wait to see what he looks like and also you better not act like you haven’t been absent from your child’s life for his whole childhood!

I know it says he’s been working abroad to make money for the family, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t like send a letter home or email Izuku or like a quick phone call! There’s no excuse for that!

I just don’t want it to be a reunion where he doesn’t apologise or say something about not being in Izuku’s life, and leaving Inko to raise Izuku all alone!

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I feel like Hisashi underestimated how much of a bastard his son was.

Chapter 10, amirite?

@owlf45, please continue to feed us with that Imaginary stuff. Don’t think I wouldn’t see that wedding post.

[Obligatory “click for better quality” insert]

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A while ago, I did a post where I speculated about everyone’s favorite absent father with my three ideas about who he is and what he is based on the little that we know about him.

1) Inko said he breathes fire

2)He obviously makes enough money for Inko not to work and get Izuku All Might merch

3) He and Inko are on good enough terms that the one time she has a sort of mental conversation with him, it’s wistful and not bitter.

4) He’s such a non-entity in Izuku’s life that whenever he thinks he’s going to die against Muscular, he thinks about his mother and All Might, but never his father.

5) He has a job working abroad. 

6) His name is a pun on the term “hisashi buri” or “it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you” and his name’s kanji is the “ku” in Izuku’s name, which is also the part of Izuku’s name that is homophonous to “9″/”kyu”

As of the most recent chapters, this is all we know about him.

Now, I don’t feel like digging through my blog to find that old post but the theory on it I listed as most likely based on manga evidence played into the trope “When you coming home dad?” 

In that post I mentioned that I thought it was the most likely, and that I hoped not because it bored me. 

Here’s why. 

I’ve seen it in far too many anime and video games and at the moment he’s apparently playing that trope straight despite twisting and inverting all other common tropes. 

Yeah, shitty parents do exist-and yeah I know culturally there is a different attitude. 

However, if you don’t cross your own child’s mind as they fear dying, you are a shit parent. Period. 

I see people say shit about Mistuki Bakugo and while her parenting isn’t top-notch, she still is there for her son and wants him to be his best and not the overly puffed up version created by everyone worshiping him and his quirk. 

So far, the only time Izuku’s actually in the manga referenced his dad was indirectly when he was talking to Kouta about how he tried to see if he had his mother or father’s quirks. 

Inko is the only character who ever directly talks about his father and so far, that’s only TWICE. 

I’m not saying his dad should be his focus or anything, but the fact that his father is such a nothing to Izuku and his life is both odd and kind of upsetting. Especially since, like I said, this is playing that trope way too straight whenever so far, the manga’s been soooo good at presenting things in such a way that it does show another perspective. e.g. Izuku’s overly self-destructive tendencies which we see in so many other shounen heroes are shown here for the dangerous habits that they are and exemplified in All Might. 

Again, the fact his dad is so far removed from his life that he might as well be dead, doesn’t have to be dwelt upon, but if your parent is absent a lot, it should come up in your own headspace, especially whenever you’re down or depressed about something. Like, say, being told you can’t be a hero without a quirk or something. 

It just bugs me. I never liked this trope once I figured out these various anime and manga characters who’re missing a parent weren’t missing them because they were dead but working overseas and never coming home. For instance, in Yu-Gi-Oh! I always thought Yugi’s dad was dead because he and his mom (who has only ever appeared once) lived with his grandpa. Later I found out that his nameless dad just worked overseas.

I know it’s a different cultural attitude, but it still does something to a kid to have a parent perpetually absent. 

Horikoshi has promised Hisashi’ll appear, and despite my favorite theory not being this, I do think thematically Izuku’s dad being just a salaryman who works so much he might as well be a ghost to his own family, does fit more with Izuku’s journey. It doesn’t mean I have to like it because everyone has their own tastes. When we see Izuku’s Dad, for once, in the future, it’ll settle a lot of speculation about the man.

Who knows, perhaps it’ll be this but Horikoshi will write it in a nuanced way. He is definitely a skilled enough writer. 
The rest is just fun stuff. The serious speculation and thoughts are over. 
Keep reading if you want to see some babbling about the theory I have the most fun with.

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Izuku Was Fourteen When He Knew
by lunaryama

Fourteen-year-old Izuku’s life was crumbling apart, pieces of himself breaking away as each day went by. His father didn’t love him, his mother didn’t believe in him, his teachers don’t care about him, his friends were all leaving him, slowly but surely, everything Izuku had left was leaving, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to get them back, no matter how hard he tried.

That is until one day he found himself being saved by the last person he would’ve ever expected.

Who would’ve thought? The two boys that were once deemed as enemies would not only save each other but themselves as well.
TW !!

please please read the tags before you read, some of the mentioned topics can be triggering for certain individuals, even though the mentioned topics are only implied, I don’t want any of you accidentally triggering yourself, so please be aware of the tags before continuing.

Words: 1509, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of songfics.

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Lift Me Higher
by Tubacabra

Aizawa knew the whole class was thinking that too. They know how much his smile brings about the ability to push through even the toughest situations, they know how kind he is to everyone around him, even to Bakugou. His friends also know that if they ever see that man again, his body would never be found.

Words: 3716, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of Let Me See the Sun

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Alright, so I’m not sure if any of you have see New Girl, but if you have do you remember how Schmidt would refer to his mom and her lover as “My mom and my mom’s friend Susan” ??

Ok, so my sleep-deprivation gave me this idea, but what if Izuku’s dad came back and tried to fix things with him and Inko, and Inko was trying but Izuku wasn’t very open to the idea??

So every time he has to introduce his parents to someone, he’d be like “This is my mom and my mom’s friend Hisashi.” And everything Hisashi mentioned he was Izuku’s dad, Izuku would just nervously laugh.

I know it’s not really the same concept, but the thought came to me and I found it funny, so I was like ‘Hey why not post in on tumblr’ 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Blood of the Covenant
by Konilt

Izuku reaches, uninvited, the ruins of a castle where now stands an ancient bountiful manor, its shadow an ominous presence on the faded colours of the horizon.
It looks isolated and sinister, but he’s not a suspicious young man, and rather instead a man of science.

He only now needs to convince the count that he is his bastard, to finally escape from what he ran away in the first place.

Words: 1344, Chapters: 1/7, Language: English

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by Draco Kasai

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. We all know of the story when the four nations lived in harmony until the fire nation attacked. Well, this isn’t that story. This is a story about a young boy who was blind to what happened around him. Thought to be weak and useless but really he had power. The boy starts his training right away wanting to help and save others. With obstacles in his way and danger lurking in almost every turn he will go through great trials to test his resolve. And although his skills aren’t perfect I believe Izuku will become a great hero.

Words: 5493, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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