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Lapset tekevät juhannuskokkoa Koirasen majatalon maalle Peräahon- eli Tyttärmäkeen. Ennen kokon tekivät paimenet. Tämä kokko on ainakin 8 m korkea: taakkaa nostetaan nuoralla, ennen siirtyi se kädestä käteen, pitkin nurkkaa seisottiin. Tytöt tuovat "kämärii" s.o. risuja. x
Juhannuskokko - ns. "seärkokko" - Pajakankaan mäellä; poika on kiivennyt latvaan sytykettä viemään x
Iso kokko - ns. säärikokko "seärkokko" - juhannusaattoiltana ennen sytyttämistä x
Tyttärmäen kokko palaa x
Nurmijärvi, Valkjärvi, 1930
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Stokesay Castle, constructed at the end of the 13th century, boasts a Great Hall "unchanged for 700 years." Hopefully it is cleaner, but that is none of my affair. Stokesay Castle is in Shropshire, near the Welsh border. (@whatstacydid IG)
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Happy Birthday, Historia Reiss! [01.15]
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German Jewish soldier, was awarded the prestigious Iron Cross in 1917. During the 1930s he was photographed boldly wearing his Iron Cross as he confronted Nazi paramilitary units (SA) who had come to enforce the boycott of his shop. Stern was arrested, but managed to escape and eventually made his way to America. During WW II he donated his now-infamous Iron Cross to a scrap-metal drive so it could be melted down for ammunition. Though he was already forty years of age, he joined the US Army and earned a Silver Star, America’s third highest medal for bravery, for gallantry in Italy.
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YMIR X HISTORIA: wrestling college AU
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the unfinished love made by isayama...
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They say; the queen was born from a mussel. The foam of the waves hit his body, his delicate shores.
cr: EnvieP1 on Twitter.
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Monumental sculpture, Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico, circa 1885.
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queen historia’s + little baby girl <3
“you’re the best part of my day,” she purrs between your legs, slanted gaze admiring how you pant and shiver from the slightest touch, “whimpering for more and then some.” she pinches your inner thigh, earning a mewl from your lips. “what a naughty girl. but you want to make your queen happy don’t you?” you nod feverishly, hands reaching for hers. only once you feel her digits slot between yours, do you surrender to her every touch.
hange’s + dirty ex
the brunette’s intense gaze shines beneath her glasses, optics catching the light at a harsh angel while she observes you dancing with the alcohol in your system. “has she always looked that good when she’s intoxicated?” hange asks a bored levi, her eyes sparkling. the male beside her offers a brief comment. “nah, you’re right levi - she’s always been a dirty girl. showing off her body like i didn’t touch it first.” as you approach, hange tilts her head back and pats her lap. “come back where you belong puppy. your mouth sounds sweeter when it’s on mine.” you slither onto her body, legs hooked over her hips as you drop your lips to hers, moaning into her mouth. she hisses before spitting, “good fucking girl.”
annie’s + virgin
fingers penetrating your entrance, annie releases a low growl at the immediate tension of your walls. “relax, princess.” the blonde coos softly, pressing a soft kiss between your legs, just above your clit. “it’ll only hurt for a little bit, then you’ll feel so fucking good.” eventually your tight body warms into her touch, nursing every inch of her fingers till they’re nudging deep inside you, twisting and taunting every possible sound from your mouth. “you gonna cum sweetheart? i feel you getting close.” you can’t lie, you can’t resist, not when you’re creaming on her fingers, a dazed expression clouding your gaze.
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Estaba escrito que moriría por ti, y aunque el spoiler era evidente quise quedarme a quebrar un poco más esta absurda historia.
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Bildiğim tek bir şey var;
"Seni hiçbir bakış açısıyla affetmeyeceğim ben..!"
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Lincoln, Lincolnshire (@duffers102 IG)
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Eren & Historia
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Caught Masturbating
Dialogue or thoughts of various AOT characters as they catch you getting off without them.
🔞 mdni | masterlist | varied readers
Characters [all 18+]: Annie, Armin, Bertholdt, Connie, Eld, Eren, Erwin, Gunther, Hange, Historia, Jean, Kenny, Levi, Marcel, Marco, Miche, Mikasa, Moblit, Nanaba, Petra, Pieck, Porco, Reiner, Sasha, Yelena, Ymir, Zeke
Warnings: smut; masturbation, fingering/hand job, oral, Dom/sub tones, degradation/humiliation, tiny bit of blasphemy, dubcon, voyeurism, exhibitionism, Daddy 1x, spanking, orgasm control, sensory deprivation
Key: "Dialogue." // 'Thought.'
AN: This is an old work of mine previously posted on tumblr.
Tumblr media
Punishes you
Annie | "You wanted to get caught. Didn't you? Well, I'm here now. So what will you do next, hm?"
Erwin | "And here I was going to let you ride my face tonight. Now you'll have to earn it."
Gunther | "Mm, very naughty of you. Didn't you want to be good for me? You really forced my hand here. Beg me a bit and I might let you pick your punishment, but you better make it fit the crime or I won't be so nice a second time."
Kenny | "Sweet thing, couldn't wait for Daddy? Look so needy all spread and wet. Shame it has to be this way. Ass up. Count loud so the neighbors can hear you or you don't come."
Levi | "Tsk, couldn't even keep it in your pants? Fucking brat. Don't get shy now. In fact, slap your clit three times or I'll make sure you don't get to sit for a week. Don't play with me."
Miche | "Oh, didn't even see me there? Then put your hands up and you're going to watch me come without being able to do a thing about it. Maybe you'll think before being so disrespectful next time."
Porco | "Woah, hands off what's mine, slut."
Yelena | "Make some room or I'll make it for you, brat. You were so busy getting yourself off, you didn't even know I was there. We need to figure out how to teach you some self-awareness. Maybe the flogger in the right spot at the right time will get it across better."
Ymir | "Oh, my bad girl. It's going to take a while to make this rule stick, huh? On your knees. Now."
Zeke | "You heathen. Come here before you make a mess. Ah, no. Crawl."
Joins you for mutual masturbation
Connie | "Hey! You're having all the fun without me. How about we watch each other?"
Eren | "Oh shit. Wha-hey, you got started without me? I'm hurt. I'll forgive you if you make some room for me, help me out."
Jean | "Fuck, you look amazing. Mind if I join you?"
Marcel | "Honey? You're up? Wha-oh. Wake me up next time. C'mere. Fuck you're so wet."
Marco | "Ah, woah. You know, we're usually better as a team. Think there's some room for me there with you?"
Pieck | "How about we see how long you can keep your hands to yourself if I lay next to you."
Petra | "I think this would be a good couple's activity. Scoot over."
Zeke | "You need some help there? Give me your hand and I'll guide you."
Watches you secretly
Annie | 'I should probably leave, but what's the harm when they look so focused?'
Armin | 'That's it. Spread your legs. Please, just a little mo-ah. To be those fingers...'
Bertholdt | 'Oh man, I shouldn't do this. It's wrong. Just turn around right now and... I didn't know they liked that. They look so beautiful. Maybe just a minute won't hurt.'
Eld | 'I wonder what they'd do if I stepped out. Would they be more likely to call me a pervert or give me a taste? Maybe both.'
Eren | 'Is that... it is. They look so into it. D-did they just say my name? Fuck, that's hot. I didn't know they were so vocal.'
Marcel | 'I don't think today could get any better.'
Miche | 'Shit. I hope they didn't hear my zipper. Then again, maybe it's better if they do.'
Reiner | 'I feel so guilty, but if they didn't want to be seen, maybe they shouldn't have made so much noise. Do they want to be watched?'
Watches you openly
Kenny | "Oh, fuck. What a goddamn sight this is. No, no, continue. You seem awful busy and I'm awful interested in a show tonight."
Eld | "I thought you liked spreading your legs. Seemed you were enjoying it a whole lot a moment ago. How about this... You do exactly what you were just doing and I'm going to watch those hands of yours. Then, after you catch your breath, you're going to watch me take you apart with mine."
Erwin | "Go slow for me, pet. You're so lewd and you blush so pretty. Can't end this too soon."
Hange | "Show me what you like. I wanna see you make your toes curl. Y'know, for science."
Levi | "Are you close already? Hands up. Stop whining or I'll have to stuff that insolent mouth of yours."
Mikasa | "Go on. Let me see you. Don't be shy. You're dripping like some kind of indulgent dessert."
Nanaba | "Hey there. Yeah, surprise, hah. What started all this, hmm? Miss me, sweetheart?"
Porco | "Keep going. You wanted to come so bad, then let's see it. But I bet you can't without my help. You know you come ten times harder when I get you off, but you seem so determined. Poor thing."
Sasha | "You look good enough to eat, baby. Show me how wet you are."
Blushes, asking if you need a hand or mouth
Armin | "I know you seem to be doing fine on your own, but do you trust me? I want to try something. Close your eyes. Is it snug? Can you see through it? Perfect. Lean back and enjoy yourself."
Bertholdt | "Don't be embarrassed, angel. I know, that's rich coming from me, but I mean it. Why don't you sit on my lap? Give me your hand and help me help you."
Mikasa | "If you want, I could just lay between your legs and give you a hand. What do you say?"
Historia | "Oh! I didn't realize you were home. Wait! Don't get up. Could I have a taste, please?"
Marco | "You seem a bit bothered. Want me to do that thing you like with my tongue?"
Moblit | "No, I'm not insulted. In fact, I'm enamored, if I can be honest. Can I try?"
Petra | "You look like you've got things, erm, handled, but could I, I mean, would you mind if I showed you a little trick that really does it for me? I bet you'll like it."
Reiner | "Wow. Sorry. I-uh, thought this room was empty. I'll just g--what? Are you sure?" [5 minutes later.] "C-can I join you? You look so fucking good. It'd be an honor to taste you. Please?"
Sasha | "Please? I'm starving! It's torture watching you and not playing."
Tumblr media
Thanks so much for reading! If you enjoyed this format and wanna see more, please smash the heart and tell me in the comments or tags of a reblog 💖
Taglist: @antoxsmith @bakidose @butwestillrememberyourname @casuallyck @chaotic-nick @eyesucket @pockcock @theinariakuma
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✨New “Attack On Titan” Official Illustration✨
Gives me Summer vibes 😌🍉
Tumblr media
The vets are so cute 🥰
Tumblr media
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Ögats historia (L'histoire de l'œil), 1982
Photo: Helene Schmitz
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zeroxxlhero · a month ago
Caste! AU! Historia x Fem! Reader
P.S. Everyone is 18 and up.
Warnings: NSFW (Depictions of sex, a tiny bit of angst, college AU, SNK Caste AU)
Pairings: (Historia x You) (Hitch x You)
Tumblr media
Caste! AU! Historia who's hated you since the beginning because you were always in her way and couldn't keep your mouth shut like the rest of the obedient delusional idiots.
Caste! AU! Historia who took her hate with her to college because she couldn't stand to see you get away with disrespecting her.
Caste! AU! Historia who despised you because you dated her best friend Hitch after stealing her from that asshole Marlowe.
Caste! AU! Historia who just loves to argue with you and start unnecessary arguments because she finds it attractive when you get angry and bothered.
Caste! AU! Historia who threatens you to stay away from her best friend but you simply decide to irritate her even more and send her videos of you fucking Hitch.
Caste! AU! Historia who chooses the same courses as you, as if she had to go to college, just to sit a seat away from you and annoy the everlasting fuck out of you.
Caste! AU! Historia who has her lapdogs Ymir and Reiner watching over you but they're your best friends so any dirty information is already invaluable.
Caste! AU! Historia who hates you because she can't deal with a force that's a thorn in her side and now she makes it her life's work to destroy you. Big mistake because apparently you were the niece of Willy Tybur, the head of the most powerful man in Marley and now she's being chewed out by her father, which had never happened.
Caste! AU! Historia who's so obsessed with you that she does everything to crumple your confident empire but the walls just continue building up until there's nothing else.
Caste! AU! Historia who's so infuriated when people think you're so cool because you survived the wrath of Historia Reiss and she decides she's had enough.
Caste! AU! Historia who corners you into the bathroom and tries to egg you on for a reaction, but now you're both arguing because you were in a bad mood and Historia was more harsh with her words.
Caste! AU! Historia who relishes in the way you finally snap and roughly fuck her against the bathroom sink.
Caste! AU! Historia who likes the way your fingers roughly thrust into her pussy.
Caste! AU! Historia who likes the way you call her an obsessive, greedy bitch because this is all she's ever wanted.
Caste! AU! Historia who likes the way you leave hot fresh hickeys on her neck as a reminder that she was the one that fell victim to you.
Caste! AU! Historia that has the best orgasm in that bathroom and she's pissed when you discard her like some trash and leave but it has her feeling so fucking good and wanting more. A lot more.
Caste! AU! Historia who anonymously invites you to a party a day after you break-up with Hitch and manages to get you into a room, immediately jumping your bones as soon as the door closed.
Caste! AU! Historia who becomes your bitch that night, letting you flip her on her stomach and fucking her into the mattress with the newly-bought strap that she hid in the bedroom.
Caste! AU! Historia who screams your name so loud when she cums, she doesn't worry about neither her friends or strangers that can hear her from outside the door.
Caste! AU! Historia who's going to visit your place every time she gets horny, satisfied and always leaving with her pussy sore.
Caste! AU! Historia who doesn't like the way you flirt with girls to piss her off so she flirts with a guy that you had beef with and almost manage to sleep with him.
Caste! AU! Historia who gets excitedly horny when you beat the guy into the ground and send him scurrying, pussy already wet when you direct your anger to her.
Caste! AU! Historia who absolutely loves when you pull and yank on her hair as you pound into her.
Caste! AU! Historia who loves when you strike her on her ass or face.
Caste! AU! Historia who loves when you overstimulate her and leave her crying.
Caste! AU! Historia who's worst obsession has now turned into her greatest pleasure.
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sidelyamievi · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Eyes brighter than the full moon.
cr: bakvvan_ on Twitter.
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postwarlevi · 2 months ago
AOT characters guilty pleasure favorite reality/competition shows!
Levi - Hells Kitchen or any other show where Gordan Ramsey yells. Also, Supernanny. Discipline at it's finest.
Erwin - Trivia shows like The Chase/The Amazing Race. Knowledge is power, also always asks Levi to be on the race...he says no.
Hange - Naked and Afraid/Wipeout. The crazier the better!
Miche - Rupauls Drag Race/(American) Ninja Warrior. After a hard day Miche just wants to watch the good stuff.
Sasha - Chopped/(Americas) Next Top Model. Cooking and drama dress up, what else could a girl need?
Jean - Masterchef/Top Chef. Learns what NOT to do.
Connie - Big Brother/The Kardasians. He just loves the game play and the drama.
Historia - Say Yes to the Dress/16 and Pregnant. She kind of relates? I'm sorry I have no excuses for this
Eren - Survivor/Fear Factor. Likes to see who makes it past the gross stuff.
Mikasa - The Bachelor/Love Island. Maybe someone can find love.
Armin - Americas/Britains Got Talent/The Voice. Get's invested in peoples stories and wants to root for them.
Somehow inspired by @m-jelly
Feel free to disagree and add your own. I can only remember so many!
I had a hard time placing some like Dancing With the Stars, My Cat From Hell and Masked Singer. Who watches those?
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