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Honestly I just find history so interesting. I home other people do this too, but whenever I’m watching a show or a movie I really enjoy looking up what was going on in that era. Who was the ruler of said country the story is based in, what wars were going on, anything really. It give me so much to go off of while watching. It helps me have a better understanding of what the characters are doing and why.

I also love how there is so much going on at the same time in history. When in school everything is so chopped up and you really ave no concept of time, but when you start looking at things yourself, you start to understand. It’s just so freaking amazing. I love it.

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“found this intriguing.. yet odd. I’m onto something..yet I feel I’m being cautioned.. maybe the answer at the end of my questioning wont soothe this despair. what if after all this and all my searching I am just seen as a "spook” “qook”.. Something is up dude.. but I get this fucked up sinister feeling. I hope I’m wrong but… watch the truman show, it’s pretty much a goodway to explain how I feel yet.. the end of the movie is where I feel I stand.. staring at that metaphorical door. I feel a sharp poke on my right arm.. it stopped.. shit like this swear probably give people ptsd of their nightmares.. yet I’m just…going.. taking it in, in a way.. this place is so odd to me.. and idk wtf to do about it. I am being reminded of the family and friends I have. I was told my grandmother spoke to me even as she sleeps as of yet. it’s odd. odd I tell you. I am odd..yes.. I feel unaware of the true nature of what I feel is masked in lies. yet truth I believe still remains.“ >>>>> my words to a friend, I text her all sorts of shit.. been working on not going to her so much..because I don’t want to bother her..even though she’s been so cool to tolerate my essays lmfao

Does anyone else feel perplexed about this thing we call "LIFE”?

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Laß warm und hell die Kerzen heute flammen,
die du in unsre Dunkelheit gebracht,
führ, wenn es sein kann, wieder uns zusammen.
Wir wissen es, dein Licht scheint in der Nacht.

Protestant pastor and religious reformer Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote the poem Von guten Mächten (By good forces) in 1944 when he was in a Gestapo prison because of his resistance to the Nazis. It is his last theological text before he was murdered by the Nazis on April 9, 1945. 75 years ago today, he was hanged at the Flossenbürg concentration camp—just one month before the end of the Second World War. Convicted for treason, he was one of the last victims of the Nazi terror regime.

Bonhoeffer’s Christian theology influenced the post-war period like no other of his generation. His dictum that the church was there for others broke with old tradition, where the church largely focused on itself. Bonhoeffer preached the presence of Christ in the world and for him, faith meant following Christ fully, no matter what the consequences were.

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Gerrit Beneker at his easel 1915 painting "Sure! We’ll finish the job"

Gerrit Albertus Beneker (January 26, 1882 – October 23, 1934) was an American painter and illustrator best known for his paintings of industrial scenes and for his poster work in World War I.

Beneker was born on January 26, 1882 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the son of Bartel Albertus Beneker, who had immigrated from Serooskerke in the Netherlands, and Pauline Catherine Steketee. He first studied at the Chicago Art Institute, where his teachers included John Vanderpoel and Frederick Richardson; later he transferred to the Art Students League in New York. In September 1907 he married Flora Judd Van Vranken from Marcellus, New York, with whom he would have four children.

After working as an illustrator in New York, he became a student of Charles Webster Hawthorne in 1912 at the Cape Cod School of Art; although his work brought about frequent moves, he returned to the area in the summers and in 1920 bought a summer house in Truro, Massachusetts.

In July 1918, Beneker was hired, under the title of “Expert Aid, Navy Department”, to create posters and illustrations for the war effort. It was in this period that he painted his most familiar work, “Sure We’ll Finish the Job”, which sold over three million copies.

Later Beneker spent four years painting workers of the Hydraulic Pressed Steel Company in Cleveland, Ohio as part of a labor-management relations improvement project; similar projects were carried out at the General Electric plant in Schenectady, New York and at the Rohm and Haas plant in Philadelphia.

He died on 23 October 1934 in Truro.

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Ghumakkad billa tour to Ihlara valley Turkey. Due the valley’s plentiful supply of water and hidden places, this was the first settlement of the first Christians escaping from Roman soldiers. In the Ihlara Valley there are hundreds of old churches in the volcanic rock caves. The best-known churches are Ağaçaltı Church with cross plan, Sümbüllü Church, Pürenliseki Church, Kokar Church, Yilanli Church, Karagedik Church, Kirkdamatli Church, Direkli Church, Ala Church, Kemerli Church and Egritas Church. #travelingram #traveling #travelingphotographer #traveling_arte #tourist #wonderlust #ihlaravadisi #tour #adventure #couplegoals #solotraveler #sologirltravel #history #ghumakkadbilla who wants to take this tour?? comment down! (at Ihlara Vadisi Aksaray)

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10 Books about Medieval Art you can now download for free, courtesy The Met Whether you are interested in the rise of Gothic art in 12th century France, or the arms and armor of the samurai in Japan, The Metropolitan Museum of Art has something for you.

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Yeah, George III does get an unfair rap in the US. Objectively speaking though, the fault on the British side of the Revolutionary War mostly came about via the incompetence of Parliament.

I mean obviously he gets a bad rap over in America but I was mostly talking about in general. We the British, his people call him Mad King George. I mean he was an alright king unlike his grandfather and father before him he considered himself British and a British king (not German like them who would visit Germany often and choose to go there over Britain). He seemed alright to me just very sick. I remember watching a documentary about him with my dad and it quite interesting to learn about him. I must admit I don’t remember too much of the detail but general feeling that he really shouldn’t just be remembered as the Mad King.

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James Stewart’s character in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939), everyone’s image of the idealistic politician, was based on a real historical figure, Senator Burton K. Wheeler (D-MT). Wheeler was well-known for a lifetime of advocating progressive causes, from defending labor rights in his home state to exposing the Harding and Coolidge Administration’s complicity in the Teapot Dome scandal and serving as Bob La Follette’s running mate in 1924. Within a year of the movie, Wheeler became a pro-Nazi isolationist who supported America First, held hearings on Jewish influence in Hollywood and leaked American war plans to the press, thus soiling his reputation beyond repair. Not for nothing is he Charles Lindbergh’s Vice President in The Plot Against America.

The key learning here is that people need to be realistic about politics and politicians and not put anyone on a pedestal. You’d think that were obvious, and yet

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Bazı geceler yaşanır, yaşayıp yaşamadığını ayırt edemezsin. Öyle ölümdür bazı geceler, sabahları öyle zulümdür. O günün gecesi de sabahı da hafızamın yanmasını istediğim yerinde saklanıyor. O gün ortalık yangın yeriydi, o gün ortalık anacık babacık günüydü o gün ölenin cesedi bile o anda soğurdu ama ben kalktım, o gün, orada, tuttum yine seni sevdim. O gün orada beni gidecek yerim yoktu, o gün inanacak kimsem yoktu, o gün sırtımı yasladığım ağaç bile dallarını kafama vurmuştu ama ben kalktım, o gün, orada, yine seni sevdim. O gün azapartık bir ömür takipçim olacak sanıyordum, o gün birdaha yüzüm gülmeyecek sanıyordum, o gün senin sırtın dilendi, o gün ben en umulmaz ağrıları tek başıma sırtlanırken yine orada çaresizce Bi kadın seviyordum.

Seni seviyordum

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Lin-Manuel Miranda

Jefferson resigned in 1796 in order “to be liberated from the hated occupations of politics, and to remain in the bosom of my family, my farm, and my books.” He gave the letter to Washington. 

Washington spoke little with Jefferson after this, for he realized how much the man had done to undermine some of his preferred Federalist policies while in office. The two corresponded until approximately three years before Washington’s death, but the letters were about farming. 

Sources: the following sources were used - the collected letters/writings of Alexander Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton the Revolution, Ron Chernow’s biography of Hamilton, The Intimate Life of Alexander Hamilton by Allan McLane Hamilton, Hamilton by Richard Syllia, and Charles Cerami’s book called Young Patriots. In addition, War of Two by John Sedgwick and Washington and Hamilton by Tony Williams were used throughout. 

Follow us at @an-american-experiment where we are historically analyzing the lyrics of Hamilton with a new post every day!

Mr. President, you asked to see me?
I know you’re busy.
What do you need, sir? Sir?
I wanna give you a word of warning.
Sir, I don’t know what you heard, but whatever it is, Jefferson started it.
Thomas Jefferson resigned this morning.
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