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St Stephens, Stockbridge, Edinburgh.

From a wander in the capital a couple of weeks back, Saint Stephen’s was designed by William Playfair and opened for worship in December 1828. Reconstruction was carried out in 1956-1957 by installing a floor across at the gallery level to create halls below and a church above. St Stephens was sold by the Church of Scotland in 2014 and it is now privately owned.

Future plans are to create ‘A Dance House for Scotland’ and a world class theatre in the round. It is now owned by the former head of the English National Ballet, who intends to convert it into a world-class dance school and venue.

In May stories were circulating that some of the pews had been removed from the building, this is against planning laws, the building is grade A-listed and any work inside or out must be done with consent of the city planners and I would think Historic Scotland and The Cockburn Society would raise questions over this.

The City of Edinburgh Council confirmed that its planning enforcement team “will carry out an appropriate investigation” following the reports from members of the public.

I also notice the building’s webpage is “temporarily unavailable.”

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A bit of July 5th history…

1687 - Isaac Newton’s work Principia is published, outlining his laws of motion and universal gravitation

1775 - Second Continental Congress drafts the Olive Branch Petition to King George III

1811 - Venezuelan Declaration of Independence from Spain

1937 - Spam, the luncheon meat, is 1st introduced into the market by the Hormel Foods Corporation (pictured)

1994 - founded in Washington by Jeff Bezos

2003 - SARS is declared “contained” by WHO after affecting 26 countries

2017 - Volvo announces all new models by 2019 will be either hybrids or battery powered - 1st auto maker to do so

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… A woman marked by suffering, devout in her faith and exceptional in her courage. From a childhood in which she was adored and feted and then violently rejected, a fighter was born. Her resolve almost cost her her life as her father, and then her brother, sought to subjugate her to their wills. Yet Mary maintained her faith and self-belief. Despite repeated attempts to deprive her of her life and right to the throne, the warrior princess turned victor and became the warrior queen. The boldness and scale of her achievement are often overlooked. The campaign that Mary led in the summer of 1553 would prove to be the only successful revolt against central government in sixteenth-century England. She, like her grandfather Henry VII and grandmother Isabella of Castile, had to fight for her throne. In the moment of crisis she proved decisive, courageous, and “Herculean”—and won the support of the English people as the legitimate Tudor heir.’
-Mary Tudor: Princess, Bastard, Queen by Anna Whitelock

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Strangle them, break their bones, threaten them all you like. They will always come back for more. Because they are Tudors!

When it comes to unusual, the Tudors take the cake. love them or hate them, you can’t deny they are one of the rarest dynasties in history, outsmarting and out-living all of their rivals.

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