fannyrosie · a day ago
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Enoshima, 2019
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sensualdoe · 10 hours ago
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All that is gold does not glitter by Aclotheshorse
Do not delete description.
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kitsnicketts · 12 days ago
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Finally got photos of my wool coat and the different ways it can be worn
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marzipanandminutiae · 12 days ago
I was thinking about it and it’s true
I’ve never felt uncomfortably warmer in seasonally appropriate Victorian or Edwardian clothing than I would be in seasonally appropriate modern clothing
like I know Abby Cox did a video about this but it’s such a strange feeling to be intellectually aware that you’re wearing six layers and feel the same temperature as if you were wearing one
“I am wearing Many Clothes,” I think, at a summer event. “I should feel much hotter.” I am sweating no more than I would in jeans and a tank top
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watertowercraftco · 8 days ago
All the skirts and dresses I made in 2021 plus my apron.
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wastelesscrafts · 4 months ago
Bernadette Banner over on YouTube did a really good video Abt upsizing clothes with insertion lace. she also has great videos on hand sewing basics
Thank you for your excellent suggestion! I love Bernadette Banner's video's, but somehow I've missed her insertion lace video.
If anyone's interested in historical fashion, Bernadette Banner's YouTube account is well worth a view.
Her playlist on historical sewing techniques is a great resource on sewing by hand, as mentioned.
Upsizing clothes with insertion lace (Bernadette Banner):
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life-on-the-spectrum · 11 days ago
I made a skirt!
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Technically, I made two skirts. Technically, I made two petticoats, I planned on them both being under a darker brown piece I have. But the brown one got ripped again and I’m mad at it for being a thirty-five dollar skirt that has torn three times in nine months because it’s made of the cheapest garbage cotton I’ve ever seen. Fast fashion must die.
Screw that brown skirt, because this yellow thing that I made out of a bedsheet (Someone left a bedsheet in the apartment before we moved in and it doesn’t fit my mattress.) is super-comfy and coordinates with FOUR of my everyday tees and one of my dressier peasant tops. It’s warm as shit, too, and it was easy to make because it’s all rectangles with just a bit of gathering. 
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notlikeothernurses · 4 days ago
I watch Doctor Who for the plot.
The plot:
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maybeindigo · a month ago
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My 1830s waistcoat I finished fully Months ago, ft. anachronistic everything else. The plaid lined up better than I expected!
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Tiny watch pocket in the chest!
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tinawiththeglasses · 5 months ago
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✨ Made a little 1890s hat today ✨
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badassindistress · 8 months ago
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And I'm calling it a day!
The finishing touch will be either buttons or cufflinks but I can't make up my mind which, so I'm leaving that for tomorrow.
It's so comfortable! And extremely satisfying that this morning I had wrinkly fabric and now I have a dashing shirt!
Want to make one? These are the instructions I followed!
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fannyrosie · a month ago
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Back in early December, I went to Kurumed (a nutcracker themed café) for lunch with @sapphira-doll. Sapphira told me she would dress up Christmasy, so I did the same. She had to go home after lunch, so I decided to walk a while and visit the area. For pictures of the café and walk, see my Instagram post. Outfit rundown: Dress: old Mary Magdalene Jacket: vintage Collar: Axes Femme Hat: thrifted Axes Femme with added Mary Magdalene corsage Bag: thrifted Axes Femme Shoes: thrifted Yosuke Doll head brooch: Fuwari Candle holder earrings: Phantom Jewellery Crest brooch holding the jacket closed: vintage
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sensualdoe · 6 months ago
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March heart by Little Women Atelier
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cheapieclassic · 7 months ago
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Let the dirndlification begin 🎉
The dirndl top is finished and I hate buttonholes! It was still very fun to sew - I might add a panel of blackwork embroidery to strengthen the button plackets on each side, but that's for another day ☀️
Handmade dirndl vest with thrifted shirt, dress and belt.
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expartebollmanisirrelevant · 2 months ago
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this is what i wore to work last night
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kitsnicketts · 4 months ago
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The sleeve cuffs are ✨ginormous✨ on me so I’ll have to fix that somehow but YEAAAAAH
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renartandysengrin · 22 days ago
Homeworking + single digits outside = cottagecore, mori kei and ALL THE LAYERS!
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pennybunlolita · 7 months ago
Made a faux collar based off of a Black Peace Now pattern from the first issue of the GLB.
Doodle with a messed up hand.
Torchon ground bobbin lace bookmark I made last week.
Torchon ground with a footside and fan for practice, on a roller pillow I made with paper towels and felt 🙃
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marzipanandminutiae · a year ago
I don’t know what new historical costumer or historybounder needs to hear this, but Sense and Sensibility Patterns is run by a woman- Jennie Chancey -who founded a blog called Ladies Against Feminism, wrote a bunch of books about Biblical submission to one’s husband, and is married to a conservative politician with whom she used to run a sketchy, exploitative business they claimed was helping women in Kenya
She’s gone remarkably quiet on her views since getting big with historical costumers (a largely progressive demographic). But she has yet to publicly address whether she still believes all that, so…better to just avoid giving her money for now
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maybeindigo · 5 months ago
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This God Damn Shirt is finally finished, after redoing the shoulder width, the back, and the collar— at least the cuffs turned out pretty nice
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