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Im looking to make new friends on this page as my IRL life has become pre desolate and boring. we can talk about anything im just looking friends or someone to care for.

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Yesterday morning, I was shocking while talked on the phone with one of my senior campus. He said that, one of my friend, has died at 2 AM that day. And he called me to confirm the news, which I dunno about.

I think first he was joking around, or else, but it was real. My friend has really passed away. With trembling hand, I texted on group class to share the news. I was really shock, until I couldn’t typed the text properly.

Oh God, this news is really hit me up. It just like, stoke in the morning, where I was doing my morning routine, and imagining dreams and willingness out of my life. God knock me out through this news. yeah, absolutely. I just realized it. He suddenly met his death when only 22, that’s so young. What about me? What have I done through my 25 years? And why, some of my willingness didn’t correlate with the after life? Why I am too greedy about life sometimes? Even those things will be left out behind when I die later.

Moreover, why are you hardly chasing things that can’t benefit you for the after life saving? and only think about the world happiness instead?

Just why?

Don’t you know our main purpose to be created is to pray to Him? Is He need our prayer? 

Nope, we, human, who need it.

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Hey y’all! If anyone is feeling lonely or needs to talk, please please dm me!! I respond quicker to Snap and Instagram but you can message me on here too! I will respond either way!! You don’t even need to say “hey how was your day”. Just hit me up everyone!! My Instagram is @imdanihigareda and my Snap is also @imdanihigareda. I’m here for you all my loves!!

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Why do you think it’s okay to text me a ‘how are you?’ text after over five months of not talking outside of figuring out who gets the apartment and our shared bed. You were supposed to go off to basic, and never talk to me again. Judging by how you’ve handled past break ups, and how angry you were last time I saw you in person, I could have sworn you hated me and would never speak to me again. Then, unprovoked, you text me out of the blue. As if we were never together. Talking like how we did before we ever dated, just as friends who got along well. I never thought I’d get that back but I feel there’s an underlying reason as to why you’ve texted me but havent told me why yet. I know the minute you mention the issues on our relationship, I will go off on you about how many issues I had and put up with during it. I guess it’s just a waiting game to see if you really just want to be friends again or if you’re just looking for someone to emotional pour into again because I was the only one you ever half confided in to. I won’t attach myself to you as a friend until I am one hundred percent certain you just want to be friends. If you don’t, then fuck you for coming back into my life when I’ve been doing so damn well recently.

- K

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