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Izone Minju Personality Tarot Reading📖


Izone Minju personality Reading 📖 ➡️

(The Fool, Judgment, Six of wands, Five of pentacles)✨

Minju is someone who likes experiencing new things in life out of curiosity + getting the vibe of doing new stuff in general. She tries to have this type of mindset that things will work for her no matter what type of situation it may pertain to. Let’s just say she has a lot of faith vibes about her persona. She has this determination aura that she knows what she wants from certain standpoints in life and can get what she wants with the right circumstances. She can play it to her advantage if she really needs to to prove a point and get what she desires. She likes having control when she is able to. Again she has a strong determination to succeed in many areas no matter what the cost may be for that to happen. She may have tendencies to be a little redrawn at times and feel isolated. She may feel Ike something could be missing still after she has done a lot.✨

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Trying out the style of Yusuke Nakamura. He is being an amazing artist, gets me very inspired.

Their ways intersected somewhere at the village of Toyooka. Around 20 years have passed, the area got renovated, technology are continuing to develop… The only thing left unchanged is tough fait of people who were deprived of calm, happy life by being born as mages. 

P.S. Yep, I copied half of 1st picture from some other work, but please don’t judge! I started it 3 years ago when I was copying all the time. I have changed a lot, unlike harsh fait of those two strong teenagers xd

Hitomi, Trimo

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