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Tumblr media
The pieces in between and the ending to a dream Can’t begin again, though I try forgetting every now and then So I’m reaching in the light, swaying on the waves tonight Deeper than you know, deep inside my heart it goes You barely waved and see how it beats
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crimson-snowfall · a year ago
One Big Happy Family, pt. 2.1/3
Word Count: 1315
Genre: Crack/Comedy
One Big Happy Family, Part 2.1/3: Hideyoshi & Mitsuhide edition
Additional Notes: Hi! Sorry this took a really long time, but I’ve been going through a lot irl so yea idk if anyone was actually looking forward to this but nonetheless sorry for the wait!
Tumblr media
Hideyoshi choked on and spat out his tea.
"Lord Hideyoshi! Please maintain your composure!" The reporting vassal cried out as he hurriedly retrieved a rug to clean after his lord's unexpected mess.
Hideyoshi took a few deep breaths to recover from the initial shock, then wagered to hear the news again. After all, quelling a rebellion on one of the Oda territories left him without adequate sleep lately, and he considered the possibility that he might've just heard things wrong.
"Yeah, I'm sorry for that, but can you repeat what you just said?"
The vassal shifted about uncomfortably on his spot. Saying it for the first time already took a lot of courage, and having to repeat the news after seeing his lord's reaction wasn’t certainly any easier. However, he cannot keep him waiting forever, so swallowing the lump of fear in his throat, he repeated,
"It's about Lady Hikari. Yesterday, she was spotted holding hands with--"
"Father! Sorry I'm late!" The lady in question, Hikari Toyotomi, burst into the room just before the vassal could finish his statement. The vassal let out a sigh of relief as his opportunity to get out of his current predicament came into the room, because knowing Hideyoshi, almost everything else is irrelevant when one of his daughters is within his presence. The vassal wasted no time in getting out of the room, and his lord let him.
"Were you running in the corridors again? You know I would rather wait than have you running around," Hideyoshi gently scolded his eldest daughter. He hasn't seen her for weeks, and he honestly didn't feel like starting their tea time with the unpleasant rumor he'd probably misheard to begin with.
"You're such a worrywart, Father. I'm no longer a child, you know," Hikari said as she took out the snacks a certain someone had given her that morning. She had begun pouring tea for both of them when her father noticed her new hairpin.
"That hairpin suits you very well, Hikari. Did your mother pick it for you during the festival yesterday?"
"No, mother didn't accompany me to the festival this year," she replied nonchalantly, and Hideyoshi's worries began to resurface. 
"Then did you go to the festival alone?" Concern was evident in his voice, but deep down he hoped that that was the case. Sure, he'd still end up scolding her for going alone, but at least, it wasn't  as bad as the alternate scenario. Hideyoshi silently prayed over and over in his mind to hear a 'yes,' but alas, he wasn't meant to hear such a comforting response in that situation. Not being the type to beat around the bush, Hikari braved the situation and went straight to the point.
"No, I wasn't alone. I attended the festival with Mitsuyoshi, and he's the one who gave me this hairpin," Hikari confessed as she touched the ornament affectionately, a faint blush on her cheeks.
Hideyoshi's abstinence from drinking tea or having any of the sweets after asking such questions quickly paid off, because he certainly would've ended up repeating his reaction from a while ago upon his daughter's confirmation of his worst nightmares.
"What do you mean-- I mean, why are you with Mitsuyoshi? Didn't I forbid you from going out with him? Don't you know there's been rumors going around that the two of you are lovers because you went to the festival together?" Hideyoshi was starting to get riled up, but Hikari knew her father well enough and she had been mentally preparing for this moment for quite some time now.
"Those were no mere rumors, my dear father. Our feelings for each other are mutual, whether you like it or not," Hikari calmly stated before taking a sip on her tea, hoping that the warmth of the drink would reinforce her nerves for the scolding she knew her revelation had warranted.
"Is that so, Hikari? So you're not even going to try to deny the rumors that you two are… are lo… lov-"
"But you were the one who raised me to be an honest person," she didn't want to cut her father off, but Hideyoshi looked like he was in pain just trying to get the words out of his mouth.
"Exactly! That's why I don't understand why you're so taken with that son of a snake! What's so great about--"
Hikari just silently hung her head as her father went on a tirade against her lover. She thought that the least she could do for her father was to let him scold her to his heart’s content, but at the same time she also had an upcoming appointment with her lover, which meant that she needed to go soon. After finishing her tea and listening to her father just scold her for another half an hour, she finally decided it was time to go.
"I'm sorry father, but I have somewhere I need to be right now," Hikari apologetically said as she stood up to leave, bowing her head as deeply as she could, before running out of the room.
Of course, Hideyoshi wasn't just about to let his eldest daughter run off again and so he gave chase, but Hikari thanked her lucky stars when she spotted her little sister as soon as she turned a corner. Pulling out a small pouch of the younger girl's favorite candies from the sleeves of her kimono, Hikari bribed her  with it. She leaned down and placed the pouch on her sister's hands, then gave out a quick instruction,
"Hitomi-chan, won't you cool father's head off for big sister? I'll get you more candies if you do, okay?"
Hitomi gave her older sister a cheerful nod at the mention of more candies, before Hikari took off once more. It didn't take long before their enraged father came into sight, and in retrospect Hitomi thought that her father would have definitely accidentally run her over had she not called him out the way she did.
"No running in the hallways, Father!"
Hideyoshi froze on his tracks upon hearing his younger daughter's high-pitched voice, and he was greeted by her cute, albeit frowning face as he looked down.
"But your sister is off to meet that--"
"No buts! You told me so too yourself!" The little girl huffed indignantly at her father. Whereas Hikari was a perfect blend between him and his wife, Hitomi was quite the spitting image of himself. Hearing someone who looks like him scold him for not following his own teachings, even though that someone was a little girl, had quite the effect on him. Hideyoshi sighed in defeat, before picking up his younger daughter in one arm.
"Father is so sorry, Hitomi-chan. Now, will you tell me what's that you're holding in your hand?"
"Candies! Now, will you help me with them? I know you won't let me finish all these by myself anyway," Hitomi asked her father earnestly, and the moment Hideyoshi saw his little Hitomi flash those pleading eyes on him, he knew that there's no point in even trying to argue about the candy.
"Okay, okay. Will Hitomi-chan join her stressed out father for tea then?"
"Yes, I'd love to!"
Tea time with his younger daughter went off smoothly in comparison to the one with his older daughter, save for the time the little girl tried pouring tea for him and almost ended up scalding him with the hot water. Watching Hitomi as she is now reminded him of how Hikari used to be when she was younger and more obedient, but now he had to accept that she might have entered her rebellious years.
"And since when did she learn to be so sneaky anyway, using her sweet little sister to escape me like that? That Akechi boy is really a bad influence on her…" Hideyoshi groaned under his breath.
Tumblr media
Anyway, this is part 2.1 of 3 because this one turned out longer than expected so I decided to just split it into two parts, which means there will still be a part 2.2 to this before part 3 (which I’ll keep a secret as to who will be involved in it for now)... also yea I know the name Mitsuyoshi is just a mash-up of Mitsuhide and Hideyoshi’s names ahgshghaf pardon my lack of creativity lmao
See also: [[Part 1: Ieyasu & Mitsunari edition]]
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Playing in the Alpha’s World - Pt 6
A/N: Thank you to @littlemissyina for Hitomi and Hayami. 
I had two laptops, one landline phone and two mobile phones. I was sat in my pyjamas as I was watching Nobunaga interview a young man. I had gone through all of the resumes that had been piling into my inboxes over the past few weeks, narrowing down the candidates that seemed ideal on paper. The agreement was that Nobunaga, Mitsuhide and Hideyoshi would all take care of the first round of interviews. In contrast, I would conduct the second round. I was just to watch in as a silent adjudicator on the first round, to give my opinion before going to the shortlist. The interview was always opened with the statement that they would be reporting directly to an omega, without saying my name, and their reaction was the first impression. A couple of toxic individuals had shown their true colours, revealing that they wouldn't be taking orders from someone who they believed to be beneath them in status.  
Even in such supposedly modern times, it was surprising how much stock was still put into someone's true nature. A lot of the resumes and cover letters had been pushed towards working under Nobunaga and Shingen, hoping to impress the big names when they never realised to get their attention then my approval and appraisal was required. I had spent my time since graduating college working my ass off to perfect my job. Until a few months ago, my bosses had no idea that I was an omega, and now I had a ballsy solution to the problem and had the confidence to stand up to two arguing alphas about it as well.
“Kayda?” Nobunaga was sounding drained.
“No one today would take orders from me, let’s be realistic here,” I put my camera and microphone on, showing them that the most effort I had made was to brush my hair and teeth. “Mitsuhide, you know enough people, anyone come to mind about who would do my job and take orders from me?”
“Well, why are we disclosing her nature? Surely if someone just thinks she’s their boss, and she’s sickly-” Hideyoshi began.
“It took you all one glance at my bedsheets to work it out, and then I had one full heat, and half of the company was already participating in rumours about me," I interrupted. "We need them to be able to take instructions from me, and not feel like they are a lesser person for it. Which is where I think we need to lean away from alpha types and go for the beta, possibly even another omega?"
Then I had an email that caught my eye. It babbled a little in the cover letter, but the sender was more than capable of getting herself into and out of mischief it seemed. The boys all had their eyes on me as I called the number at the top of the resume.
“Hello! Kurosawa Hitomi speaking,” she chirped brightly.
“Good evening, apologies for the late call, but this is in regards to the resume sent for the junior secretary position at Oda Industries,” I had my ‘boss’ voice on, the one I used to order the alphas around. “I’d like to arrange an interview, would tomorrow morning be acceptable for you? The lack of time for you to prepare will not be held against you.”
"I can attend at seven-thirty in the morning?" She sounded unsure of herself.  
“Perfect. Please ask for Toyotomi Hideyoshi on your arrival," I smiled before ending the call. "I think she might be the one," I spun my chair back to face the three of them. "And there isn't a chance in hell I will be up for that interview. I'm not allowed out of bed before eight-thirty unless I take the call while I'm still in bed."
“We’ll see,” Nobunaga was starting to get bored now, he was scrolling through his phone and definitely texting Ieyasu. I could work out some of the words used, and ‘naked’ and ‘lube’ were definitely among them.
“I’ll let you get on with things. If I’m awake tomorrow I’ll dial into the meeting in the morning,” I laid out, before exiting out of the call.
Hitomi was more than a little perfect. She knew exactly what to do when I was physically showing her the ropes and had no qualms when she was told that she was answering to an omega. Hideyoshi also really liked the look of her, much to Mitsuhide’s amusement, but she was professional to the last. So I had nothing to worry about.
Then a name had cropped up during the search for her counterpart, Yoshimoto was Shingen's cousin who worked as an artist, and he had a couple of omegas. One of them was called Hayami, and she was perfect for the other side. She had the bubbly personality for days with recruitment, and with her being involved with Yoshimoto, then she wouldn't have the same problems that I would have since they had been together for as long as anyone could remember.  
When I showed her what was expected of her, she already had it memorised and under her belt.
My main two callers were Hitomi and Hayami, which is exactly what was expected. It was more than a slight rarity for my physical presence to be required, only for the big figure clients really. Virtual meetings were becoming a lot more practical once the software was making its way around companies, the video meetings meant that I only had to look professional from the waist up, providing I could avoid needing to stand on camera. Kenshin had enjoyed pushing things on more than one occasion, which Shingen always seemed to know about and would privately message me with an exact explanation of Kenshin’s administrations. Thoroughly annoying, and always accurate as well. The man did know sex as everyone could breathe.  
It worked. It limited my heats, maximised availability, and they even began to expand the remote working situation and set up across senior employees. It meant hiring mothers with kids who were sick, and still able to attend to their role enough to keep things ticking over in their physical absence. It gave Oda Industries a huge boost, people had always wanted to work for Nobunaga or Shingen because they were big names and it meant you had made your way in the world. Now, it was a general desire of being able to maintain a balance in life between having a career and having a family. The profile of the business was boosted to international levels, they were looking at establishing bases in New York, London, Berlin and then maybe stretching down to Canberra. Nothing was official yet, but standing in Berlin on the street and looking around at their history, Kenshin seemed to be enjoying himself as well.
“Kayda?” Nobunaga was stood a short distance away, before approaching. Ieyasu was muttering about it being cold, a scarf wrapped around his head and pottered dutifully behind Nobunaga. “You’ve seen the other two-”
“I've seen them on video, I haven't physically seen them in person. Shingen wants to take on London, it's a cultural hot spot, perfect for him and recruitment is one of those… areas that will always be in demand. So I say let him set up there, he'll take Yukimura, and leave Sasuke to run the Kyoto branch. You want to take on New York, it holds something for you. Possibly more to do with the potentials for Ieyasu to expand in his fields of study, the big universities and grants are in the United States. Hideyoshi will run the Kyoto branch, reporting back to you as he always does. Mitsuhide, he needs a project, so he's left with Berlin. You want me to be here to keep an eye on him. I'm also the central point then for all of the world," I reeled off before looking back at him.  
“There’s plenty of opportunities for me to establish a bar. It’s a lively city, and we can hold up in our own place,” Kenshin interjected.
“I guess we’re moving to Berlin,” I smiled at Nobunaga.
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Will be updated as I post, unless I get so busy then I might just do a periodical dump.
Ikemen Sengoku
Mine - Masamune x OC (Himiko)
Forever Starts Now - Ieyasu x OC (Yumeko)
The Chase - Mitsuhide x MC
Returning to You - Kenshin x OC (Irisa)
Welcome Home - Sasuke x MC/Reader
Strings of Peace - Nobunaga x MC(Mai)
A Handful of Konpeito -  Nobunaga x OC (Riko) w/Oda Forces & Haguro
Valentine’s Day - Sasuke x OC (Yina)
Ohayo, Little One - Mitsuhide x OC (Ichika)
Cool Off, Kitten! - Short Ver / Long Ver -  Masamune, OC (Yumi Kawashima), cackling soldiers
Happy Birthday, Mai! - Short Ver / Long Ver - Mitsuhide, MC/Mai
Her Return - Short Ver / Long Ver - Mitsuhide, OC (Ichika Saito)
My Lucky Charm Series - Nobunaga x OC (Yina)
Sticky Situation
Sweet Droppings
Ikemen Revolution
Beautiful - Kyle x MC (Modern Day AU || TW: Miscarriage)
Ikemen Vampire
Wrapped - Isaac x OC (Cantera)
Yes, Daddy - Le Comte x MC/Reader
Just Ten Minutes - Sebastian, Leo, Theo, Vincent, OC (Yina)
Enough - OC (Yina)
Ice Cream for Two - Short Ver / Long Ver - Theo, OC (Sofie Taylor), wasted ice cream
Cake Face - Azami Izumida, OC (Megumi)
Ikemen Sengoku
Janukurpara - Mitsunarix MC(Mai)
Ikemen Revolution
Marital Bliss - Zero x OC (Cutie)
Ikemen Vampire
Additional Training - Theo x OC (Yina) x OC (Evelyn)
Needs Sugar - Theo x MC x Arthur
Not Cold Enough - Theo, OC (Sofie Taylor)
Priorities - Itaru Chigasaki, OC (Megumi)
AllOverKinkTober 2019 Masterlist
It’s You, Cara - IkeVamp Holiday Exchange Gift - Leonardo x MC
Ikemen Sengoku
Hitomi Kurosawa
Ichika’s Backstory - The Perfect Fit - Prologue // 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7
Ikemen Revolution
Ikemen Vampire
Yiseña “Yina” la Madrid
My Touken Ranbu works have been moved to my specific TR sideblog, please click here.
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Hakuoki Edo Blossoms Complete Encyclopedia
Iba Hachiro
Chapter 1
Battle of Toba-Fushimi
Demon’s Arm
Furies (1)
Hachiro Iba (2)
Hajime Saito (1)
Headquarters (1)
Headquarters (2)
Heisuke Toudou
Isami Kondou
Kai Shimada
Kama Inn
Keisuke Sanan
Kodo Yukimura (1)
Kodo Yukimura (2)
Osaka Castle
Ryojun Matsumoto
Sanosuke Harada
Shinpachi Nagakura (1)
Shogunate (2)
Susumu Yamazaki (1)
The Watch
Toshizo Hijikata (1)
Water of Life
Kouyou Regulatory Company
Fury Corps (1)
Kotaro Motoyama
Gunbei Iba
Princess Sen
Imperial Army (2)
Aizu Domain
Yoshinobu Tokugawa
Denshu Company
Yugeki Unit
Tokugawa Affiliate Daimyo
Hideyoshi Daimyo
Josai Domain
Chapter 2
Katsutaro Hitomi
Shogi Company
Sekisho Hakone
Odawara Domain
Yase Clan
Okubo Family
Furies (2)
Kanryusai Takeda
Chapter 3
Chikage Kazuma
Black Ship
Empire of Japan
Imperial Nationalist Party
Makoto Flag
Northern Alliance
Ronin (1)
Ronin (2)
Sendai Domain
Takeaki Enomoto
Chapter 4
Kazue Souma (1)
Keisuke Otori
Kyuju Amagiri
Republic of Ezo
Risaburo Nomura
Souji Okita (1)
Shogunate Army (1)
Keisuke Sanan
Chapter 1
Dutch Studies
Fushimi Magistrate
Genzaburo Inoue
Haiku Collection
Kofu Castle
Shogunate Army (2)
Chapter 2
Demon (1)
Deputy Commander
Kashitaro Itou
Katamori Matsudaira
Rules of Conduct
Chapter 3
Itabashi Inn
Kan’ei Temple
Kaoru Nagumo (2)
Kodo Yukimura (3)
Mito Domain
Chapter 4
Kodo Yukimura (4)
Magumo Clan
Oshu (2)
Shirakawa Castle
Yukimura Clan
Final Chapter
Boshin War
Ryouma Sakamoto
Chapter 1
Fury Corps (2)
Fushimi Inari Temple
Eastern Campaign
Hikone Domain
Kaoru Nagumo (1)
Kuwana Domain
Kyo Shiranui
Owari Domain
Ryouma Sakamoto (2)
Shintaro Nanaoka
Terada Inn
Tosa Domain
Chapter 2
Country Samurai
High Ranking Retainer
Hamaguri Rebellion
Ikeda Inn
Zuizan Takechi
Chapter 3
Choshu Domain
Deai Chaya
Hitotsubashi Clan
Matthew Perry
Satsuma Domain
Shinsaku Takasugi
Shirakawa Domain
Yodo Yamauchi
Chapter 4
Kaoru Nagumo (3)
Final Chapter
Yataro Iwasaki
Shinpachi Nagakura
Chapter 1
Awanokami Katsu
Shinpachi Nagakura (2)
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Bonari Pass
Demon (2)
Ieyasu Tokugawa
Jonai Domain
Nagaoka Domain
Seikyo Corps
Ustunomiya Castle
Yonezawa Domain
Yoshimichi Haga
Chapter 4
Shinto Munen Style
Yonezawa Castle
Final Chapter
Matsumae Domain
Shiei Hall
Susumu Yamazaki
Chapter 1
Ishida Medicinal Powder
Susumu Yamazaki (3)
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Koshu Kaido
Kyoto Military Commissioner
Mibu Roshigumi
Ryunosuke Ibuki
Shogunate Army (3)
Chapter 4
Oshu Kaido
Utsunomiya Domain
Final Chapter
Western Studies
Kazue Souma
Chapter 1
Aburano Koji Incident
Executive Lieutenant-Minister
Kazue Souma (2)
Saburo Miki (1)
Saburo Miki (2)
Taxation Conspiracy
Tennen Rishin
Chapter 2
Nagaoka Mansion
Sanjo Ohashi
Shinkai Inoue
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Assistant Army Minister
Assistant Army Minister Aide
Benten Fortress
Futamata Pass
Government of Hakodate
Guardians of the Imperial Tomb
Hachiro Iba (3)
Infantry Magistrate
Final Chapter
Chikage Kazuma
Chapter 1
Supreme Commander
Chapter 2
Choshu Expedition
Masujiro Omura
Western Medicine
Yasutsuna’s Demonslayer
Chapter 3
Aizu Castle
Demon’s Code
Oshu (1)
Chapter 4
Toshizo Hijikata (3)
Sanosuke Harada
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Imperial Army (1)
Chapter 4
Souji Okita
Chapter 1
Hiding Place
Souji Okita (2)
Susumu Yamazaki (2)
Chapter 2
Chrysanthemum Sword
Master Shusai
Yamashironokami Fujiwara Kunikiyo
Chapter 3
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Chapter 4
Ansei Cholera Disturbance
Toshizo Hijikata
Chapter 1
Gold Brocade Flag
Hachiro Iba (1)
Izuminokami Kanesada
Shogunate (1)
Toshizo Hijikata (2)
Vice Minister
Chapter 2
Biography of Kiyomasa
House Arrest
Kamo Serizawa
Kansei Teikun
Ryouma Sakamoto (1)
War Chronicle
Chapter 3
Army Minister
Drill Manual
New World Army
Ogaki Domain
The Art of War
Tottori Domain
Yorimitsu Minamoto
Yoshitsune Minamoto
Chapter 4
Hajime Saito (2)
Chapter 5
Infantry Head
Matsumae Pass
Hajime Saito
Chapter 1
Isn’t it great
Chapter 2
Assistant Instructor
Chapter 3
Imperial Nationalist Warrior
Outlaw Ronin
Chapter 4
Battle of Sekigahara
Final Chapter
Battle of Miyako Bay
Heisuke Toudou
Chapter 1
Shogunate Doctor
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Full Mastery
Hokushin Itto
Masamune Date
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Tumblr media
C’mon, c’mon, c’mon and follow me We’ll swim towards the darkness at the bottom of the sea Just like the love we hold, let’s hold hands and never let go If you’re here let’s take it slow
We’ll tip and toe along this winding road While taking off our shoes we’ll keep on goin’ with the flow So keep your eyes locked onto mine, and don’t look away If you’re here can you promise you’ll stay?
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joshuakiryusmom · a year ago
Tumblr media
Teacher tell me all about my life Down on which road am I meant to decide? Or are you simply gunna tell me that no one knows all the answers, right? But I Truly I don’t want to suffer ‘till I die Just a calm, simple life would be fine Or is it dumb to want to fly all alone into the blue sky?
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Tumblr media
All I need is to simply call out your name And look I can’t help but loving you the same “What’s that face?” As we sit in this empty room You turned to me with that playful smile you do Today as well, I have fallen here for you
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Tumblr media
Be careful Hitomi~ If you don’t pay enough attention someones gonna see what you’re doodling~
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joshuakiryusmom · 2 years ago
hitomi: 🌹🍒🍊🧡📙😊📀🍏🍐🌠🍇🛍️🔮💜🍆🌸🌷
🌹 How easy is it for them to connect with others and make friends? On the flip side how easy is it for them to make an enemy of someone? Are they the kind of person who hangs around the food table at a party and never talks to anyone or are they the type who can talk to anyone?  -Its very hard for her to make friends, at least. After living with her aunt and cousin. She because very closed off and terrified of letting people close to her heart. So while she comes off as friendly and everything theres always this wall she doesn’t let down. She’d the person who stays in the background and takes in the whole moment and try to commit it to memory than try to enter it herself. The only time she really does is if someone drags her in. Hatsume, or Class 1A is really good at dragging her out and getting her to lower that wall alot.
🍒 What kind of things do they expect from their relationships? Does this differ between platonic relationships and romantic ones? Is your OC “demanding” or a door mat? What kinds of things do people expect from them in a relationship?  -She really doesn’t expect much. Just someone to be kind to her. And until Shoto she wasn’t even looking for a romantic relationship, didn’t think she deserved to be in one due to how much her aunt and cousin mentally fucked her over. Shes a giant doormat tho, she’ll try to take everything on herself and let others use her for whatever they need. Be that someone to dump onto or make her a pretty much house caretaker. The good people in her life are probably just looking for her to be able to relay on them and not have to be strong all the time. To say what she wants and value they want to know that about her as well.
🍊 What is your OC’s favourite meal? Snack? Dessert? Drink? Any reasons behind this besides liking how it tastes?  -Not soup thats for sure. She loves Sango but god did she kill soup for her. I feel like she adores little premade bento boxes and stuff like that. Simple and easy to eat food. She’s probably not a fast food type person and would rather cook or bake everything herself. She also probably develops a love of soba noodles thanks to how much Shoto loves them. She probably loves onigiri alot too. Something about that is cute too me.
🧡 Who is your OC’s favourite person? Why is this person the top of their list and have they actually met them (an idol or rolemodel or celeb can be someone’s favourite after all!).   -Thats a huge list of people. She looks up to heros like Ms Joke and FatGum alot. Those two are her fave heros. People she knows are def Sango and Aizawa. Sango is literally her only family left at this point, Hitomi doesn’t even care if they’re not blood related she thinks of them as sisters and is so proud of how strong she is for being a single mother and still raising a child and running her own agency. She want’s to be just as strong as her when she becomes a hero. Aizawa is the closest thing to a dad she has now, and when her aunt and cousin kill her motivation to become a hero he’s the one who literally slams it back into her head how much she wanted to be one and helps get her back up to snuff. She’s know him ever since she was a baby pretty much and she looks up to him so much. She doesn’t care if the media doesn’t know him she’ll scream his praises before she was in UA and once she is she’ll do her best to make sure he doesn’t regret all the time he took outta his life to get her back on the hero track.
📙 What kind of subjects (of conversation, of discussion, in school or whatever) does your OC find interesting or engaging or that they can talk for hours about? What kind of stuff do they just find fun?  -Obviously anything art related. She knows and tries so many different art forms to increase her own quirks abilities she loves sharing the information with others. She probably also loves hearing Midoriya geek out about heros, she likes debating different advantages and disadvantages with said heros quirks. Also adores hearing Hatsume geek out about her inventions and is even willing to lend a hand if she can make sure they won’t break her in half while she works on them.
😊 What can make your OC smile even when they’re feeling down? What cheers them up and makes everything feel better for them? Is your OC genrally a happy person and do they enjoy making others smile? What about your OC makes others happy?  -It’s hard for her to even let people in when shes feeling down. I’m not even sure on this question. She tries to be a happy or at least, tries not to let people see how not happy she is. She wants to make others happy more and focus more on their own mental health than her own. Probably the best way to get her to smile is either silly mha equivilant Bob Ross painting videos where her friends get together with her and all do it or to just get her to sit around and distract her from whats making her sad.
📀 How easy is it to shock your OC? To confuse them? To lie to them, to manipulate them? How are they with feelings of trust? Can your OC be trusted?  -She’s easily flustered, I know that. So shes prob easy to shock and confuse them. And its easy to make her doubt herself. She lives with her heart on her sleeve so its easy to use that against her. But i feel thats what also makes it easy for others to grow to like her and be close to her. She treasures what people tell her about themselves and does her best to remember them and use those facts to encourage them.
🍏 Does your OC have any triggers? What is the history behind these triggers and are they related to any disorders or mental illnesses? In what ways does your OC react to being triggered?  -Suddenly being touched or someone reaching quickly to grab her. Her aunt and cousin did that alot and she’ll literally panic to the point shes probably vomitted once or twice. Shes equal parts touched repulsed (due to them and also despite her dad begin very loving towards her was never around often due to his pro hero work so she wasn’t held alot) and touched starved. You have to reach for her very carefully. But she’s gotten good at fighting this panic and stuff when shes doing hero training or out on patrols later on in life. It still effects her just not as much. This is also why her and Shoto are such a soft couple with hand holding being mostly a few fingers or simply leaning on each other instead of snuggling. They both relate to each others stuff on that (since I def hc shoto is touched repulsed and starved as well) so they balance each other out on it to make sure they’re both comfortable.
🍐 What is your OC’s mentality? Are they overall positive? Negative? A bit of both? Describe their thought patterns and reasoning behind their choice making!  -Hitomis a mix of both happy and sad, but it mostly depends on what point of time it is. Before her fathers death she was very happy and confident. After her aunt she was very withdrawn and sullen. Nows shes a weird gray mixture of shit. All of it is based on her own self confidence pretty much though.
🌠 Who was your OC’s first friend? Do they remember them or are they still friends now? Talk about some of the people your OC has lost contact with over the years. Do they have any regrets about losing these people and would they revist them if they could?  -I haven’t thought about childhood friends though, but the main friend in her life is Hatsume. They went to the same middle school together and kinda just clicked with how eccentric they are and wild. When Hitomi is helping Hastume create her babies its such a mess I feel like she got banned from helping in UA because of the chaos. She did lose touch with Aizawa during the time she was with her aunt and she regrets it alot, especially after he sees how down on herself she became. To t he point him and Sango pretty much held her at gun point over taking the UA entrance exam. Shes so thankful he got back in her life and doesn’t like, super blame her for dropping her training. But he does make her try really hard to get to where she should be.
🍇 Day or Night? Sun or Rain? Summer or Winter?  -Daytime, for the colors. Sun. And she prefers summer cause she doesn’t like the cold too much.
🛍️ Function or Aesthetic? Skirts or Pants? Heels or Flats?  -AESTHETICS. Pants. And Flats, she likes the mobility she has in them.
🔮 Star gazing or cloud watching? Hand-holding or snuggles? Early mornings or late nights?  -Cloud watching, she likes to paint the different shapes as practice. Hand holding cause of her issues. Early mornings cause seeing people waking up is very endearing to her in a way people falling asleep isn’t.
💜 Music or Silence? Swords or Spells? Cities or Nature?  -Music, she can not stand silence it fucks with her head. I guess swords? Not too sue for this one. Nature.
🍆 Tea or Coffee or Hot Chocolate? Sweet or Spicy? Fruits or Vegetables?  -Hot coco. Sweets. Veggies.
🌸 What does your OC’s voice sound like? Their laugh? Are they good at singing? Do they have an accent?  -GOD I HAVE NO IDEA. Like I literally have no idea. Also doesn’t help so many vas are in MHA that if I tried looking I’d prob see they had some roll in there and then its confusing. I can see her being someone who has a cute clumsy singing voice. Like she could sing, if she learned and practice but she doesn’t. She probably has a really cute laugh though, light and bubbly but also pretty loud.
🌷 In what ways would your OC alter their body if they could? How would they do it using mundane means (hair dye, surgery, make-up?). What is their ideal look for themself?  -For a while she was really embarrassed over her Vitiligo. She hides it based on how she dresses, preferring clothing that covers her up for the most part. She really only lets more skin show around the people she feels super comfortable around. Though she wouldn’t want to change it cause its the closest she can ever get to her mother due to her passing away after Hitomi was born. So while she doesn’t like it too much she doesn’t want it gone. Just wish it wasn’t over like her entire body.
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