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RIVALS || 1. Oh no


Pairing: Hitoshi Shinso x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Comedy(?) idk🥺

Summary: The both of your bands have been rivals ever since you guys debuted. But you have a little secret, you like their lead guitarist, Hitoshi Shinso. Whenever the both of your bands perform in an event, you secretly hate each other, but y’all have a little tension in the air when its just you two. ;)

A/N: just to clear things up (if it’s confusing, the one where you tweeted the pic is actually accidental since you kept tweeting abt it in ur stan acc(hence a screenshot of the stan account). ONCE AGAIN constructive criticism is appreciated 🥺 and yeah I know its kind of fast paced since i dont like slow burns👀. Anyway, i hope you guys enjoy! (Also pls dont mind the slight typos🥺)





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Pairing: Hitoshi Shinso x Reader

Summary: The both of your bands have been rivals ever since you guys debuted. But you have a little secret, you like their lead guitarist, Hitoshi Shinso. Whenever the both of your bands perform in an event, you secretly hate each other, but y’all have a little tension in the air when its just you two. ;)

Genre: fluff, angst if you squint, comedy(?) i guess(?)

A/N: this is my very first SMAU please be nice🥺 although critiques r appreciated☺️❤️



1. Oh no

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“You Should be Careful Next Time.”


Pairing : Hitoshi Shinso x Reader

[@httpswwwtbhkcom’s masterlist]

Summary: You were just walking around Musutafu when suddenly a villain appears and almost takes hostage of you. Luckily, Shinso was there and saved you.

Warning: Some wrong grammars, reader almost getting kidnapped, 

Genre: Fluff, civilian reader, hero Shinso


Y/n- your name, F/d- favorite drink,

A/n: 2nd post of the day!

Shinso’s hero name here is Mindjack

Reader: Neutral


Made by: qmaykun on Devianart! Click here to see the fanart!

☽✧ ✦ ✧☾

You were just walking around the city, why were you know getting dragged by a villain? You were just minding your own business, they should mind their own too. 

☽✧ ✦ ✧☾

6 minutes prior…

“Next please!” The cashier of the cafe shouted. You were waiting your drink to be served then off you go to the wilderness of Japan. 

You were scrolling through a photo of your family. You sighed. You miss them, Your home was somewhere out of the city. You moved in in an apartment not to long ago. 

“F/d for Y/n!” A worker called. You stood up and took your drink, silently thanking them in the process. You walked out of the cafe to your apartment. You wanted to wander around the city to gain familiarities of it. So you did what you wanted.

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chapter xi



catmail - a social media au

summary || Y/N finds a cat in the U.A dorms, which turns out to be Hitoshi Shinso’s furry companion. As a way of means, Y/N blackmails Hitoshi in order to get the things she desires. But, will she be able to have what she learns she desires the most as she spends more time with the boy and his pet?


@xxoperatexx@thegalxe@sizzlingbarbarianglitter @rachelexe

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Hitoshi Shinsou x Reader


Word Count: 1,532

Warnings: Language

A/N: This is just kind of a filler chapter, I promise that the next chapter is the beginning of ~Hell Week~ and I am having a blast writing it. I’m gonna have to use so many descriptor words, I have so many ideas for how all these performances look and II just need to write them DOWN. I hope you enjoy this chapter!! And thank you for the support to everyone who keeps reading it, you mean the world to me 🥺(Also out of curiosity should I draw Mina and Denki like I imagine them in this AU too?? Would that be a thing anyone is interested in??? Let me know!!)


Shinsou felt someone shake his shoulder, making his eyes shoot open. He’d fallen asleep, apparently. “I’m so sorry sir, but we’re going to be landing soon, and you and your girlfriend don’t have your seatbelts on…” she explains, and he raises his eyebrow. Girlfriend? He doesn’t have a… oh my GOD your head is on his shoulder and you’re sleeping on him. And his head is on top of yours. “Uh… sorry,” he mumbles, his face turning a bright red. “It’s alright, sir, just buckle up, okay?” He nods, gently shaking you awake, but you mumble something about 5 more minutes, shifting and burying your face deeper in his neck. He feels the blush on his face flood throughout his body, and his heart speeds up.

He did NOT want to move you. He wanted to let you cuddle him and let him hold you forever, but unfortunately the plane was going to land and as much as he wanted to stay close to you, he also didn’t want you to fly out of your seat and hit your head and die. “Come on, kitten, you need to put your seatbelt on,” he says, gently shaking you again. You shake your head, a small yawn leaving your mouth until you realize just who exactly you were laying on. This causes your spine to go rigid and you sit straight up, trying to hide the ever-present embarrassment showing on your face. “Seatbelt, (Y/n/n),” Shinsou says, buckling his and pretending like he, too, wasn’t the shade of a literal tomato. You nod, quickly buckling up and looking over at him. “So, um… we slept for a long time,” you say, and he nods. “Yep. Yeah, we did. Best sleep I’ve gotten in a while,” he answers, clearing his throat and looking around at everyone else on the plane. “Me too, me too,” you respond, looking out of the plane window. That’s when the pilot comes over the loudspeaker, telling the passengers that the plane was about to land. And that’s when Shinsou gets even more anxious than he already was. That’s also when you remember what he said about plane crashes. ‘Take offs and landings are the scariest parts because that’s when things go wrong and crashes happen most often.’

Without even giving it a second thought, you reach out to hold his hand again. You give it a reassuring squeeze, and you see like maybe .5% of his anxiety go away, but hey at least it was some of it. “We’re gonna be okay, Shinsou. Don’t even worry about it, if anything happens I won’t let you get hurt,” you reassure him, and he glances at you before nodding. Of course, that’s right when the plane starts to actually descend, and you swear you can feel Shinsou’s soul leave his body and you aren’t even a part of his soul or body. Luckily, though, you land perfectly. Nothing bad happens, and you see the relief flood through him. His hand was still in yours, though. Looks like he got a little comfortable with that part, and didn’t even try to take it away until everyone began to unload. Before you could grab your bags from the overhead, he did the job for you, handing you your bag with a small smirk. “I have a five dollar fee for manual labor,” he says, and you roll your eyes. You both begin to walk off the plane, and you noticed all his anxiety seemed to have gone away now that you were back on land. And of course that meant his sarcastic ass was back. “And I have three cents to my name.”

“Looks like you’ll have to pay me back some other way.”

“And what is this other way you are mentioning?” He opens his mouth, about to say something, when suddenly a flash of blonde and pink interrupts your little moment. Just like always. “I hope you both slept well,” Denki winks, resulting in him getting a punch to the arm from Shinsou. “Ow, man, what the hell?”

“I must have slept better than I thought, that was harder than I anticipated.”

“Yeah you slept well because of your little cuddle buddy over here.” Denki gets punched again. “I cannot believe you guys slept on each other, (Y/n). It was so cute I took like eleven pictures and I bet that’s why he slept so well,” Mina whisper squeals to you, and you roll your eyes. “Mina, we slept well because we’re both genuinely exhausted from our energetic best friends who even after an eight hour flight still seem to be bouncing off the walls and causing us pain,” you respond and she laughs. “Hey you’re not the only ones who took a fat nap. Of course, I didn’t cuddle with the love of my life that I’m pretending isn’t the love of my life, but hey it was still nice.” You shoot her a small glare to which she responds to you with a wink. You sigh, glancing over at Shinsou. He was still being badgered by Denki, and he looked very unamused, but you can’t deny how attractive he looked. You were definitely developing a bit of a crush on him, not that you’d ever admit it out loud. The way you two can talk for hours and never get bored as well as… well everything else about him really is just so appealing to you. Not to mention the strange connection you feel toward him. He’s like your favorite song that you listen to every day but never seem to get tired of.

“Hellooooooo? Earth to (Y/n),” Mina starts frantically waving her hand in front of your face, pulling you out of your thoughts completely. “You okay there?” she asks, and you nod. “Yeah, I was just thinking about some song lyrics, don’t worry about it.”

“Well, I hope those song lyrics have something to do with that sign over there that says Hollywood and literally proves that we are, in fact, in Los Angeles about to start Hell Week. This is all becoming so real now,” she starts to ramble on excitedly about how y’all were really genuinely truly there in Los Angeles, about to perform in front of world famous artists all over again, and hopefully make it through to live shows where you would then go on a world tour for many months until the winner was finally revealed. You take a deep breath because quite honestly, all of this was very stressful, and as excited as you were, you were also scared. If you would happen to get through to the live shows, that means that you would probably have to drop out of the university in Tokyo that you worked ridiculously hard to be able to attend. But on the other hand, you’d finally be doing what you’ve always wanted to do.

As much as you loved going to school, actually being able to perform your songs in front of people is what you’ve always wanted to do. You just put it on the back burner because living in a society where getting a degree means getting a good job resulting in earning more money means your dreams need to wait. But there’s also that nagging fear of what if you don’t even get through? Or even worse, what if you don’t and Mina does, or if you do and Mina doesn’t. You two have been attached at the hip ever since the beginning of university, so being here with her albeit great, was also scary. And what if you both did make it. What would happen to Nyx? Could you bring her with you? And even then, would you have to quit your job? What if you made it to live shows but eventually the world decided you weren’t what they wanted, do you just go back to living a normal life like nothing ever happened? And what if-

“(Y/n)? Are you okay?” you hear Shinsou’s voice and feel a large hand grasp onto yours. You hadn’t even realized you’d zoned out, but Shinsou did. And he could tell your little zone out episode wasn’t necessarily a good one. He starts rubbing your hand with his thumb to try and help you out, calm you down a bit, and it does work. You nod your head, giving his hand a light squeeze. “I’m okay. Just thinking,” you assure him and he raises an eyebrow. “You’re sure?”

“Yeah, I’m good. I promise.”

“If you need to talk about anything uh… I’m here for you, you know that right?” he says, low enough that Mina and Denki can’t hear him. You give him a small smile. “I know. And I’m here for you if you need anything too… so.”

“Can you two stop flirting? We need to get to the hotel and get ready for the hardest week of our lives!” Mina shrieks, and you both let go of each other’s hands. For now, you do your best at pushing all the fears your brain is conjuring up inside you to the very back of your mind. Who knows. Maybe this week will change your life.

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So you know Hitoshi Shinso from BNHA? If I was in a match against him, I’d lose.


[Battle starts]

Shinso: …What is love?


[Shinso wins]


Me: …

Shinso: Bless you!

Me: *Didn’t sneeze* Thank you!

[Shinso wins]


Me (to myself): Ok, all I gotta do is not talk!

Shinso: Hey.

Me: *Doesn’t say anything and gets ready to attack*

Shinso: Wow, ok, don’t talk then.

Me: Oh my gosh I’m so sorry I didn’t-

[Shinso wins]

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∴ 000 — 𝖞/𝖓’𝖘 𝖍𝖔𝖊𝖘

introduction to y/n’s friend group including: mina ashido, denki kaminari, hanta sero, kirishima eijiro, & katsuki bakugou
𝖘𝖔 𝖍𝖎𝖌𝖍!
profile introductions
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