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#hitoshi shinso

The first Image is from the original manga, is that wasn’t obvious. 

I saw some people thought Shinsou’s face was a little off from the manga, so I decided to do an edit to make it look a little bit more from the manga, but still keeping the anime style. What do you think?

Anime and Manga photos I used from here!

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random soft headcanons

characters: shinso, denki, dabi, kirishima, bakugo, todoroki

a/n: why do i either comfort or hurt myself with these …. anyway i love this kind of pain everyo once in a while <3

☄︎ 𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐒𝐎 always pets your head softly in order for you to fall asleep faster and immediately cuddles you after waking up because of a nightmare.

☄︎ 𝐃𝐄𝐍𝐊𝐈 jokes around a lot but definitely knows when to be serious so when you’re not joking anymore either, he’s always there to give you the best hugs to feel better.

☄︎ 𝐃𝐀𝐁𝐈 sometimes randomly looks at you when you’re sleeping in his arms and worries that someday you might be scared of him.

☄︎ 𝐊𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐌𝐀 always makes sure to tell you every once in a while how much he loves you, appreciates you being there or just that you’re doing great.

☄︎ 𝐁𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐆𝐎 isn’t the best with words and stuff but he automatically talks to you in a certain tone sometimes that just screams “i love you so much” or “thank you for being here”.

☄︎ 𝐓𝐎𝐃𝐎𝐑𝐎𝐊𝐈 knew from the moment he met you that you were more than a friend to him - you made him feel things he would’ve never been able to describe, even to this day.

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Shinso: :(

Midoriya: Turn that frown upside down

Shinso: ):

Midoriya: Now listen here fuckface

Literally everyone: *scared shitless bc he is fucking scary when he gets mad*

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Shinso: from now on, dad, if anyone laughs at you, they’ve gotta go through me.

Present Mic: really? anyone? what about the Hulk riding a rhinoceros? would you stop him from laughing?

Shinso: wait, is the Hulk laughing, or the rhinoceros?

Present Mic: both, but the rhinoceros doesn’t know why. he just tries to fit in.

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Kaminari: *sitting in shinso’s lap*: Pay attention to meeeeeee

Shinso: We were just making out a few seconds ago-

Kaminari: I don’t see your point

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hi! i can definitely do these characters, but i’ll be doing them separately so things stay more organized. i hope you don’t mind, thanks for requesting! (also idk if you meant your first time with them or your first time in general, so i did first time in general)

shinso, bakugo x fem!reader

warnings: virginity loss, pussy eating, premature orgasms, a very embarrassed bakugo

a/n: this was not proofread or edited, sorry for any errors or if it doesn’t make sense, i was just mindlessly typing

reminder that requests are open!



- it would probably be his first time too

- mans gets no coochie, he’s too busy out doing hero shit

- but even if its not his first time, he’s still cumming like a virgin

- it’s just really tight y'know :(

- don’t laugh, don’t speak, just pretend it didn’t happen bc he’s still gonna fuck you real good, whether he cums prematurely or not

- talks you through the whole thing

- surprisingly gentle

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Antes de entrar a U.A; Shinsou y Masoka eran amigos desde el kinder. 

Un pequeño dibujo que hice un poco tarde, por las clases de bachillerato que tenía.Aquí demostré un flashback cuando Madoka (creado por mí) y Shinsou (canónico) empezaron a gustarse; siendo amigos desde el kinder.  En la secundaria Nabu, Shinsou era bulleado por sus compañeros con respecto a su quirk; siendo que el lavado de cerebro forma parte de villanos y él deseaba ser un héroe a pesar de los estereotipos que promulgaba la sociedad.  Cuando ellos estaban en tercer año, a la hora de salida; un grupo de 3 chicos se burlaron de Madoka por cantar muy mal en el coro de la escuela. Shinsou confrontó a los chicos, manipulándoles para que dejen a Madoka en paz… ella muy alegre agradeció a Hitoshi por defenderla, sabiendo que él sufre más bullying que la misma Madoka. En ese instante Shinsou se ruborizó (siendo que le gusta Madoka), diciendo que su voz es encantadora.

CURIOSIDAD: A Madoka le cambié el color de pelo porque el rosa pastel cercano al lila se parece mucho al de las flores, pero lo estoy haciendo para otro personaje; por eso lo puse en un rosa más oscuro para que tenga otro estilo, ya que la mayoría de personajes tienen ese color de cabello.


Originally posted by hazystrangers

En este dibujo imité el estilo de Horikoshi, para que se vea más cercano al anime UwU por cierto estoy esperando la quinta temporada y quisiera mejorar en el dibujo que hago.

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Couldn’t get the first scene I wrote for Perfectly His out of my head, so here we are. Y/n is modeled after me, cause drawing a bald faceless y/n is difficult and weird for me. Low key proud of this one.

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Shinso: Hey, have you seen Kaminari anywhere?

Kirishima: No I haven-




*the sounds of plates shattering from the kitchen*

Shinso: I think I found him.

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Shinso: Its been so long since I slept I can officially smell colors.

Kaminari: How are you still alive????

Shinso: Thats the question I’ve been asking every day

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I mean why not, we love them bbs together.

(also first time drawing Shinso’s hair so it looks like shit)

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can you do one when Hitoshi Shinso is the submissive one

Requested by @r3bb3cca1996

Sorry for the late reply! I hope you find this oneshot to be satisfactory!!! Thanks for allowing me to try to write about watersports! <3 I’ve also decided to write this in second pov for once.

WARNINGS: NSFW, 18+, Watersports, masturbation, overstimulation, Shinso may be OOC…


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(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ Dating Shinsou would include…


(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ Dating Shinsou would include…

● Loves cuddling!

● He sleeps all day long, period.

● Sends you cute cat videos when you’re not around him.

● Y’all insult each other, but it isn’t serious.

● He loves playing/messing around with your hair.

● If you lay down beside him, and y’all start cuddling. Know that he won’t let you go.

● Vine references all day all night.

● You have to force him to go shopping with you.

● Will sometimes talk to you on the phone at night.

● Not really into PDA, but will hold your hand in public.

● Shinsou isn’t really the romantic type, so don’t expect much from him when it comes to dates.

● You have a cat together (~˘▾˘)~

● Calls you the basic pet-names like: Kitty, baby/babe, y/n.

● You would have to wake him up in the morning because there’s no way he will wake up early by himself.

● You have to reassure him that his power isn’t villain-like.

● If you need answer for your homework, he’s always there to help you.

● He gets REALLY flustered when you kiss him.

● He’s a surprisingly good cook.

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cuddling w/ the bnha boys


title is pretty self explanatory, just a few headcanons on what it’s like to cuddle with some of my favorite bnha characters.

visual aid is included!

warnings: fluff, titty talk on izuku’s

characters: todoroki, midoriya, shinso, hawks

requests are open!



- was very hesitant at first

- if you asked to cuddle with him he’d go for some very stiff spooning

- but as you two grew closer he grew more comfortable and now you have to pry him off of you

- quite literally suffocates you all the time

- he doesn’t really have a favorite position, he just loves being close to you, but if he had to pick, it’d be when you let him lay his head on your chest

- cradle his head, play with his hair, do something to let him know you’re there

- it makes him feel protected, which is something he never really felt growing up



- sweet boy

- he’s constantly busying himself, and as a result he wears himself down

- you’d realize this before he does, and you have to bribe him with cuddles just to get him to come to bed

- now i headcanon izuku as a closet perv, so obviously he’d wanna be laying in a position where your tits are somewhere near his face

- also likes to wrap his arms around your waist

- he really doesn’t realize how tired he is until he feels your fingers in his hair, and your chest rhythmically falling and rising with your breaths, slowly lulling him to sleep

- homeboy is out in like less than 15 minutes



- keigo. poor little touch starved keigo.

- he’ll never tell you this, but he cried the first time you held him

- now he DEMANDS you two hold each other every night

- he can’t fall asleep if you don’t

- he likes to be facing you, his arm around your shoulder and yours strewn across his waist, and your legs tangled between his

- pulls you closer in his sleep

- sometimes, he’ll lay on top of you, resting his whole weight on you while he uses his wings as a blanket



- ceo of cuddle/nap dates

- absolutely loves how peaceful you look when you’re sleeping

- his favorite way to cuddle is you laying on top of him, resting your full weight on him

- he loves it, it’s very grounding and comforting for him

- he never says it though, he’ll just lay on the bed/couch and drag you down to lay on top of him when you walk past him

- loves rubbing your back/shoulders when you two are like this

- he’s asleep in like 2 minutes

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