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Vanilla Cream ·Shinsou Hitoshi·

If you were to be honest, working at a coffee shop wasn’t at all like the fanfics you read made it out to be. It was rude customers, creepy men and sometimes just plain boring. 

Luckily, with a few of your crazy co-workers/friends, you could get through a simple 8 hour shift. But for now, you slouched, one elbow perched on the register counter, your chin in hand. 

“This is so boooring.” You groaned, glancing at the door. 

“That’s because you’re working the register,” Kaminari told you, “if you worked the drive through, your little head would hurt." 

Before you could shoot back a clever retort, the bell above the door went off, signaling a customer. 

You turned to face them, your bright smile on your face. "Welcome! What can I get you?" 

The customer in question was a boy with indigo hair and purple eyes who looked like he desperately needed some sleep. 

He was cute. Very cute. 

The boy in question gazed tiredly at you. "A vanilla sweet cream cold brew." 

He looked like the last thing he needed was sleep, but it wasn’t really your place to question it. 

"I’ll have that right out, Mr. Uhhhh?" 

He sighed. "Shinsou." 

You beamed. "Alright, thank you!" 

You walked over to Kirishima and sighed. "The cute boy wants a vanilla sweet cream cold boy." 

Kirishima gave you the look. "You’ve said maybe 5 sentences to each other total." 

You frowned. "But he’s cute, and maybe he’ll be back tomorrow." 

"Here’s the pretty boy’s drink." 

"So you agree he’s pretty?" 

Your red haired friend sighed. "Yes, he’s pretty." 

"I see that as an absolute win!” You said, walking to the counter. 

“Here you are Shinsou, one cold brew." 

He took it, your fingers making the barest amount of contact. "Thanks." 

You beamed. "No problem, come back soon!" 

You heard Kirishima and Kaminari sigh. 

"What? He could’ve been enchanted by me and come back tomorrow!" 


True to your own words, he did come back, he came back everyday and ordered the same thing. 

And you, unbeknownst to him, had become absolutely smitten with him in that short time he entered and left the shop each day. 

"Hey,” you said to him one day, “I’m on break in a few minutes, would you….mind if I hung out with you?" 

He blinked. "No, go ahead." 


A few minutes later, with Shinsou’ signature drink in hand, you sat across from him at a table and slid his drink to him. 

"So,” you said awkwardly, “it’s nice to formally meet you. I’m (Y/N)." 

"I’m-oh nevermind, you already know my name." 

You laughed. "Don’t worry, it would’ve been cute if you’d have introduced yourself again." 

He blushed, but only a little. "Thanks." 

You both sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes before he set his cup down and looked at you. 

"Do you want to go on a date with me?" 

You blinked. ”Yes. Oh my god.“ 

Shinsou’s eyes widened. "You will? So, are you free after your shift?”

You nodded. “Yes. Completely. You’re looking at someone with a lot of free time." 

He smiled and gave a little wink. "Then I guess I’ll pick you up after your shift." 

You felt your mind bluescreen as he stood up, his wink too much for you. 

As he left, you heard a whoop from behind the counter. 

"Yeah (Y/N)! Get some!” Kaminari yelled. 

Not even being publicly embarrassed could stop you from being on cloud nine. 


After your shift, you anxiously waited outside, constantly checking to see if anything about you was wrong. But everything seemed good to you. 

There was a tap on your shoulder. “Don’t mean to interrupt.”

You blushed. “Shinsou! You scared me." 

He chuckled. "Sorry, guess I’m quiet." 

"Only a little." 

Shinsou rubbed the back of his neck. "You ready? I hope you don’t mind just taking a walk as a date." 

"You could take me to a junkyard and it would still be enchanting." 

He coughed, face red. "Do you mean to do that?" 

You tilted your head. "Do what?" 

"Be cute." 

It was your turn to blush. "I wasn’t trying or anything! I just say what comes to mind!" 

Shinsou took your hand in his own and smiled. "It’s effective." 

"Like a Pokemon." 

"I mean, yeah I suppose so." 


The walk was the most exciting walk in your life. And you’ve been on some interesting walks. 

But, walking with Shinsou, with his hand in your own and the cool breeze blowing by…it was something out of one of your dreams.

And Shinsou was so sweet. He bought the both of you dinner from a street vendor and then you both watched the sunset. 

It was a shame that it had to end. It was the best day you’d ever had.

"I.. I hope we can do this again.” You said, looking at your feet. 

“I do too." 

Then, an idea came into your head and you kissed his cheek softly.

"W-what was that for?" 

You smiled. "Incentive, to maybe go on another date sometime." 

"Trust me,” he said, “I don’t need any incentive to do that." 

"Well, then as a thank you, for a great date." 

"You’re welcome. Good night, (Y/N)." 

"Good night, Shinsou." 


You blinked. "Oh. Then, goodnight, Hitoshi." 

And then you walked inside, laid down in bed and screamed into your pillow.

You were more whipped than the cream at the cafe. And you loved it. 

You couldn’t wait to see him again. 

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*after edging myself for hours waiting for Shinsou* You're home~ I've touched myself like you told me to... I've been a good girl, I haven't cummed yet. I've been so good, please? Don't want this toy anymore. Need you... Can I please cum on your cock?

*locks door behind him, smirking and sexily pulling off his tie, going towards where you are on the bed* i guess my pretty little kitten does deserve do cum hard on my thick cock~


Originally posted by lummophoenix

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3 and 15 for Shinsou please. Also, I love you

Of course bby, I love you too 🥺💜

3 - “Baby, come back! I was joking!”

15- “Can we please just talk this out like adults?”

Just a Prank // Hitoshi Shinsou


Master List

Warnings: Language

Rating: Pretty angsty ngl

Pairing: Shinsou x Reader

Hitoshi was already having a rough day. It just seemed like everything just kept going wrong for him, so he was more than ready to get home to you and just relax. But that is not what he got, at all. As soon as he stepped in the door you’d jumped up into his arms, making him grunt.

“Hi kitten” he grunted, wrapping his arms around you so neither of you fell. You smiled at him, placing your arms around his neck.

“Hi” you responded, leaning down to give him a quick kiss. He returned it happily and placed you back down on your feet. “How was work?” You asked staring up at him and playing with the hair on the back of his head lightly, his favorite. His eyes shut tiredly as his head leaned into your ministrations.

“Awful” he answered, making you almost wince at what you knew was about to come.

“I’m sorry baby, why don’t you go take a quick shower and then we can watch a movie or something?” You suggested, making him sigh and nod. He gave you another kiss before making his way to the bathroom. As soon as you heard the door click shut, you scurried over into the living room.

You immediately went to where you had a camera set up and quietly started talking. “So ‘Toshi said he had an awful day at work, and now I feel like a dick but I can’t go into the bathroom to take this stupid thing off. So I guess we’re just gonna have to roll with it” you sighed, looking at the fake purple looking bruise on the side of your neck.

You made sure it was still hidden from plain sight and went to sit on the couch, getting comfortable. It wasn’t too long before Hitoshi came out of the bedroom, hair still pretty wet from his shower. He walked over to you and handed you a hair tie before sitting down in front of you, facing the tv. A small laugh left your lips as you pulled his hair back, out of his face. He turned around and sat on his knees in front of you, placing a hand on each of your legs. He leaned up and gave you another kiss before climbing up to sit next to you.

He placed an arm around your shoulders and got himself comfortable. You looked up at him to see him staring at the tv, not really paying attention to you. You glanced over at your camera before climbing onto his lap, straddling his hips and facing him.

“Well hello there” he commented, glancing you up and down briefly before meeting your eyes. You placed your hand on his shoulders as he moved to push your hair back out of your face. You saw his eyebrows furrow, and you mentally filled as he moved your hair back again, inspecting your neck. “What the fuck is that?” He asked, eyes scanning the purple spot furiously.

“What’s what?” You asked, mock confusion in your voice. He moved his eyes to your face, trying to see any emotion that came across it.

“Why is there a hickey on your neck?” He asked roughly, making you furrow your eyebrows and bring your arms down in front of you.

“There isn’t?” You stated, coming out as more of a question. You swear the look he gave you made your heart shatter. He looked hurt, and angry, and confused all at the same time.

“Can we please just talk this out like adults?” He asked, moving you to sit next to him instead of on top of him. “It’s clearly there (Y/n), I can see it. Don’t pretend it’s not” he added, making you sigh. “How the fuck did it get there?”

“It’s not a hickey babe, I swear. I burned myself with a curling iron this morning-“ he cut you off with a scoff, standing to his feet.

“That’s bullshit, your hair isn’t even curled” he retorted. The hurt and almost disgust in his eyes gave you a sinking feeling in your stomach. He sighed and shook his head, walking back toward your bedroom.

“Where are you going?” You asked, shooting up to your feet after him. You reached out to grab his arm, but almost as if he knew you were trying, he pulled it forward.

“To Denki’s, until you’re ready to stop lying and tell who the fuck did that” he almost growled, before storming off. This time you successfully grabbed his wrist and pulled him back. “(Y/n), leave me alone” He said, voice cracking as he turned around. As soon as you saw the tears in his eyes, you knew it’d gone too far. In your daze of getting ready to reveal your horrible prank, he’d once again stormed off.

“Baby, come back! I was joking!” You called quickly, chasing after him. You didn’t care about the camera not seeing you right now, you needed to fix this. “I swear babe, it’s fake. I’ll wipe it off right now” You said hurriedly, grabbing his bicep. He turned to face you once again, jaw clenched as he gestured for you to go get a makeup wipe. You complied and dragged him back to the living room. You ran the makeup wipe over the spot on your neck, effectively smearing and revealing its fraudulence. His face softened slightly, but he still looked hurt. “Baby I’m sorry” you frowned, hugging around his neck. He let out a breath and squeezed you back.

“Why the hell would you do that to me?” he breathed into your hair. You hugged him close, letting him hide his face in the crook of your neck. “That hurt kitten”

“I’m so sorry ‘Toshi, I feel horrible” You mumbled, leaning your head against his softly. His hair dampened your cheek but you didn’t mind. “It was for a dumb youtube video”

“Have I ever mentioned that I don’t like you?” he asked, making you giggle and nod.

“Yep, several times. Completely justified” You answered. You pulled back from him and went to grab the hidden camera. You finished your video quickly before shutting it off. “I am so sorry babe”

“At least it was just a prank” He commented, sitting down on the couch. “Now you have to do whatever I want for the rest of the night because you hurt my feelings” He stated, opening his arms up. You nodded, a small smile coming onto your face.

“That’s fair” You sighed.

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Oh oh! So exciting! Could I please get hmmm... either aizawa, Shinso or Tokoyami. Readers first time seeing the snow! Thank you!

Shinsou and Tokoyami’s Love’s First Time Seeing Snow

WHOLESOME GOODNESS YES!!! I know for a fucking fact there is no more snow on the ground, but fuck you let me dream. I dropped Aizawa cause I have so many ra’s for him, but thank you for asking for my underrated (#2) bird boyfriend. I’m very excited. I need to shut up now and write I’m sorry.



Originally posted by tokoyamis

🐱Shinsou knew his lover was not from Japan, and he knew for a fact they came from a much warmer environment than what he was used to, but it never really clicked that they might not have seen snow before.

🐱He only put two and two together when, in the middle of class, they let out an awestruck gasp drawing everyone in the room’s attention. (Including the teachers, yikes! sorry babe)

🐱Their little wonder filled smile and sparkling eyes as they gazed out the window was enough to melt his cold dead heart a little and draw a smile out of him — he had the cutest little lover didn’t he?

🐱He looked out at what they were staring at, and for a moment he couldn’t figure out what it was until he noticed the little white flakes falling from the sky; suddenly the cute little outburst made sense to him. He’d have to show them the wonders of snow… just after the teacher was done lecturing the class.

🐱That’s exactly what he decides to do, immediately pulling them up and out of their desk and back to the dorm to get better prepared for the colder weather — he was going to take them on a walk, build a snowman, have a snowball fight. They hadn’t seen Shinsou so dedicated and excited to do something likes this in a. While, but it wasn’t like they had room to talk.

🐱So the second he’s done prepping he’s dragging them out of the dorm, ignoring all of his classmates questions. He brought them to a little park not too far from the school, children already playing around in the snow.

🐱First thing he shows them is, obviously, catching snowflakes on their tongue — classic right. He also shows them how to make the perfect snow angel, something he can proudly say he’s absolutely amazing at (You can pry this hc from my cold dead hands). He chases them around and has the time of his life in the snow with his amazing lover, enjoying the way the snow rests on their hair and face making them look like an angel of sorts.

🐱Eventually their antics catch the attention of some rowdy kids, who decided to start a snowball fight with the couple — bad idea. Shinsou and his love absolutely decimate those poor kids, but made up for crushing their tiny egos by building snowmen with them.

🐱Both of them caught a cold immediately the next day, but it comes with the territory and cuddling up on the couch with some hot chocolate together isn’t so bad anyway.



Originally posted by tokoyamis

🕶He actually figures out that they’ve never seen snow before they started dating, they admitted it offhandedly when the two of them were having lunch with some other members of 1-A. He thought it was precious… almost innocent… and he loves innocent things. (Wowza, who would’ve thought?)

🐣So the first snowfall they ever experience is after the two of them have become official, and taking into account what they mentioned to him previously, he plans ahead to make it a memorable date for the both of them. (One that he desperately hopes he can share with you for many years to come).

🕶So when the day comes — a Saturday thank goodness — he wakes them up earlier than they normally would please and tells them to dress warm. Which they reluctantly do, curious to see what their ‘dark and brooding’ boyfriend is plotting.

🐣When they get down to where he’s waiting patiently, he greets them with his adorable rare smile and tells them to close their eyes as he leads them outside of the dorm. They feel little cold wet things hitting their face — rain? When Tokoyami tells them to open their eyes they realize it wasn’t rain, but snow, and they were standing in a winter wonderland. Tokoyami swears there was nothing cuter in the world then their smile at that very moment — so big, so sweet, so innocent.

🕶The two of them took a walk, Tokoyami letting them take in the beautiful early morning scenery with a smile. He was sure they would love this, but the payoff was way better than he thought it would be.

🐣When they stopped in the middle of the sidewalk with a distant look on their face, Tokoyami was worried something was wrong. Until they turned to him with the widest smile — he could practically see the lightbulb go off above their head.

🕶”Hey, lets make those snow thingies,” they flapped their arms up and down at their sides with a big joyful smile.

“A snow angel?”


(They were gonna be the death of him)

🐣So, being the good boyfriend he was, he decided to make snow angels with them. Not a single one was any good, but he had to admit it was fun to do — hell Dark Shadow even joined in and made a few (really really awful) ones.

🕶After all that’s said and done, he continues his walk with them until they reach a little cafe that just opened. The two of them head inside to warm up and have some hot cocoa, an essential part of snowy weather in Tokoyami’s opinion.

Lmao, I totally forgot I chose those emoji’s for Tokoyami. I swear I love him, its just fun to pick on my emo baby bird. Anyway, I have this weird specific HC that Shinsou really likes the cold and gets super fucking pumped (pumpernickels) about all its activities… so yeah this was totally just a way for me to put that shit out there. I know he’s OOC, but honestly idc excited for snow Shinsou will always win in my heart.

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I seem to be unable to decide whether you are the dawn or the sunset, lavender boy. You represent new beginnings well. But the evening is so beautiful, is it not? I want something to match you. You are so wonderous, I am in awe at both your newest mornings and captivating evenings. So, for now, I suppose you must simply remain Lavender boy.

Trying to compare the sunset with the dawn is like comparing the sun and the moon, each with their own importance in the natural order of life.

“The sun is more important!” You cry and I shake my head with a sigh.

While it is true that the sun gives us warmth and light, the moon gives us balance and hope.

You can’t have one without the other.

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But orchestra music can sound really dark and creepy too tho I love it as well its mostly calming that's true. What music genre do you listen to the most?

I’m not sure, it changes a lot.

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