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berecovered · a month ago
thinking about how life really is just about connections. how connections are what make life worth living. connections to people, to places, to things, to music, to films. how these connections can make you feel so much, and how beautiful that is.
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nonbinarykai · 3 months ago
This is a bastard jay blog only, no uwu soft boy Jays allowed
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oliverfolger · a month ago
! wtnv 195 spoilers
why does khoshekh being some master theif who's trapped in a floating alien cat body bcuz his master theif gf faked her death make much more sense than half the shit in this series
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blueforget-me-not · 6 months ago
Damn y’all ever read some shit so good it knocks you into another gender
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berecovered · 2 months ago
create! create! even if it’s been a while. even if you don’t know what to write or draw or sing. connect with what once brought you joy and you will remember how. create in a new way, knit or dance or crochet. try spoken word or painting. poetry or pottery. the freedom in creating… it’s liberating
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lanyuan · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ashs-slut-hut · 24 days ago
every day i think about the fact that the fandom had a collective meltdown when they realized there wasn't a love interest for varian (and heaven forbid we do fandom without shipping) so they decided they were Totally Cool with shipping a child with grown adults for like. three whole fucking years until anna and kait said NO here have a blond garbage man to project all of your issues onto instead and oh yeah he and varian?? totally in gay stupid love with each other
and now i'm transgender because of it
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adhdwtf · 4 months ago
lokius doing the “guess which clothing style is our own” tiktok trend and loki’s outfit is his full black suit and mobius’ is the brightest hawaiian shirt you’ve ever seen in ur goddamn life w shorts and socks w sandals
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vindesia · 2 months ago
shut the fuck uo and get away from me if u dont like halloween you are not able to be trusted
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amondf1 · a month ago
Spooky story 4
Tumblr media
It was a nice funeral Bale thought to himself as he attended it. He was of course in a fake form, even if his real form is not as horrible as most demons from hell the average person would still freak out. He always loved attending the services of those he had made deals with as a way to welcome them into his service. This one was a special case today Bale gets his first superstar to serve him in hell forever, Huge Jackman.
See Huge soul is now owned by Bale as such he can morph it to appear, however, he wants it to be. But the process takes time and as of right now it should be almost finished as the funeral ends. With that Bale slide away from the crowd and in a puff of red smoke, he was back to his little corner of hell. He hated the fire and brimstone look like so many of his fellow demons. He instead chooses a chateau de Versailles copycat. With gardens and massive rooms all over to keep his captured souls busy with their punishments.
Bale also did not like the sense of torture as other demons he like to humiliate his property and have them do different tasks. He viewed them more as servents, otherwise he would have to spend a lot of time torturing them and that is a lot of work.
As Bale entered his gate he was greeted by one of his many servants. Nick was a beautiful man before being sent to hell. He made a deal with Bale to become a world-famous bodybuilder. He did now he works for Bale as a servant. Bale always loves the way Nick looks all roid out, but now in hell, he is twice the size he ever way. He looks like he could burst from his muscles but he will not. He now had trouble fitting through most doors and does not walk only waddles.
Bale thought that was a nice touch with his size and the uniform of a head harness that is holding a replica of Bale’s dick in his mouth. All of this is attached to a collar and Nick’s upper body is all naked to show off his pierced nipples and since he was a bodybuilder he now wears posers all the time. Bale thought a nice bright pink would be hot to show off. Also, it makes it clear that Nick’s dick is now only an inch long. In hell people or souls do not need to eat or piss so ya it is a thing.
Bale now had transformed back to his normal self. A tall 6′6 very muscle human-looking man. WIth black hair and a chisel chin and face. His body is large and muscle not as much as some of his servants but is up there. He always thought his body looked like that Instagram model  Alessandro cavagnola only instead of normal skin his skin was a dull red. Which speaking of which Alessandro was someone to who Bale wanted to make an offer, he thought that Italian stud was just so hot and he would love to own him one day.
But Bale returned back to his current moment ( his mind often times would wonder a lot). As Nick took his jacket Bale was back to his main outfit of going shirtless with skin-tight spandex shorts and a ruby red necklace around his neck. As always Bale had to check himself out in the mirror by the door. He loved how he looked. Also seeing Nick’s tiny dick get hard too in those posers always made Bale a bit happy.
Once done Bale walked through his massive house looking at his different servants or toys doing as they are supposed to do. But he was also on a mission to see if Huge was done. He walked into the one-room which had a standing-up tanning bed-like thing in the middle of the room. A timer was on the outside and with a loud ring. Bale’s newest creation was done and ready to be played with.
Out pop Nuge Jackman in a 3 piece suit. The suit really was almost skin-tight which showed off every curve in Huge new big beefy body. But no matter how close the suit is to ripping it will not. Why because this is hell nothing follows the rules ever. But this part was Bale loved the most the look of confusing for his new servants before they know about their fates.
Huge was shocked the last thing he remembers was being dead but now here he is. Not only that but his body is so young looking and his muscles have ballooned up. Also what was up with his suit it was like a second skin. He could not feel anything else but it, then he looked up and notice the demon standing before him. He now remembered the deal all those years ago and it looks like neither has the demon with his growing bulge in his shorts.
Huge try to say something but found he could not at all. With a defeated look in his eyes, he bowed his head and allowed Bale to escort him out to Huge new home forever.
As Huge was lead through the massive chateau he saw his fellow trapped souls. In one of the massive grand room, he saw three muscle men. He knew they were muscular due to them wearing nothing but jockstraps all of the red. They were running on 3 treadmills without slowing down. They had a look of pain on their faces. It was because they have been running for such a long time explained Bale. Bale explained it that these 3 were soccer players and part of their punishment is to run with rock-hard erects. It is very discomfort. They do get breaks but usually, it is them being fucked or used like a cheap sex toy. Then it is right back to run.
Bale did say that what really gets these guys is that they are not able to cum while running. But he did tell Huge if you look at their asses then you would notice that they are desperate to be fucked. But they are forced to run non-stop. HUge thought of a question but Bale reading his mind told him the answer. None of them in hell will need food or water or sleep.  
Huge then was lead by some windows of his first tour of the mansion. Outside on marble stands were very ripped muscle men. All looking different from around the world. They were doing several different classic bodybuilder poses. But they were not moving at all. If not for their skin having color he would have thought they were statures.  Each one had massive muscles almost cartoonish level size. They also were not moving but what would have made Huge laugh in the past was each one of those massive guys dicks where small. Not just small but almost micro. Compared to their bodies it was safe to assume the actual size was an inch at most. Well, then some later on in the walk had massive dicks. This one-man dick must have been almost 2 feet big. Bale took Huge out to view this specimen up close. Bale told Huge the man’s name was Sam. He is used now as a breeder with the other slaves. He is a natural top and the look on his face as he is ramming others is priceless.
Once back inside Bale lead Huge to the main room, his throne room. There instead of a normal chair made of wood, this one was made of men. While no parts but the chair itself was made of about 4 men all muscle men in different positions and bend in different ways so that They formed a massive chair. It would have been impossible to see men like this normally in such strange positions but fuck it this is hell after all.
It looked like 2 men were used as the seat of the chair and another as the backing. Somehow two are bending into positions from the arms of the chair and 2 others are used as the footrests of the chair. Huge worried this would be his fate soon. If only he knew.
As Bale sat down on his throne and then told Huge to step aside and keel on the side. Huge did as he was ordered. Then Nick from before walked in with another man just as massive. The two were carrying a massive silver tray that was easy 5 feet around and on top of the tray was an equally large silver cage. It was an old-school birdcage. The pair put it down off to the one side and lifted up the cage dome part. Bale then told Huge to crawl into it and kneel. Huge knowing what was coming and assumed a kneeling position while the dome was lowered again onto the cage.
Huge Jackman was in a birdcage. Bale sitting down on this throne looking over at the former star and told him not to worry at all that everything will be fine. Huge not wanting to believe him but knowing he really did not have much of a choice in the matter. Just then a large muscle almost the size of Nick but not him walked in. He was dressed like the other servants and he bowed his head and told Bale he had a visitor. Lary was here to see him.
Bale under his breath said, “What the fuck does he want now. ok bring him in”. The servant bow his head and went back to the front to get the new guest. In the meanwhile all the other servants appeared in their different outfits and uniforms along the main room. On either side on their hands and knees heads bowed. Huge could not get over the number of hot guys Bale had enslaved over the years. There must have been a hundred or so of them. Just then the servant walked in and took his place in the line.
The person who walked in was no person but another demon of hell. This one was much bigger than Bale and his muscles were broad. He had a powerful build to him. His skin was lime green and his hair was white. While bale hand on his skin-tight shorts this new demon had on full-length skin-tight pants which showed off everything. He also had on a leather cross harness. His face though was much different than Bales. It looked mean and more demonic than Bale’s face which looked human just with different colors.
“What do you want Larry? Bale asked in a sarcastic tone while looking at his nails trying to show how little he cares for his guest. In a deep thundering tone, Larry said he hear Bale got a new pet and asked what he would be doing to this new pet. As he turns and with deep red eyes and sharp-looking teeth smiled at Huge in his birdcage.
Bale laughed and asked if Larry wants to know or if he was just upset? larry growled at Bale but knew not to push it since this is Bale territory. Bale then told Larry what plans he did have for the suited Huge Jackman. He is going to be the new entertainment around here. Larry looked confused but Bale said to hang around a bit and the pair can talk over a meal. Then Bale raised his hands and the whole room was swapped in a cloud of red smoke. Huge saw everything turn black.
Onside by the one pool and near some hot enslaved Statues in the garden Bale is sitting at a table with Larry on the other side. The two are sitting at a small patio table. Their food is that found all though out hell. Stuff no human even the ones trapped there can eat. But it does not matter the servants are nearby ready to refill up their plates with this crap food. Larry thanks Bale for the meal and was pleased with how fast he put it all together and moved everything around. Bale thanks him and said that his powers were growing fast now. Since from the throne room to there was only 3 seconds. But now Bale told Larry the show is about to begin.
The pair looking over at the stone patio looked almost like a stage. Just then from out of nowhere beams of lights as if on a stage came out and light up the patio and out came walking Huge Jackman wearing his suit and smiling and sing one of his famous songs from one of his movies. His voice sounded like it was hooked up to a speaker system but again this is hell so nothing is where it should be. He was singing and dancing like he was on stage on broadway. Just then some others joined him on stage. They were other servants of Bales they were dancing and singing as perfect backup dancers and vocalists.  As they should since they are owned by Bale and he can make them into whatever he wants them to be whenever. It was such a sight.
Huge did on stop songs and dance with the music coming from out of thin air. But as Larry and Bale eat their food Huge keeps singing without stopping since he is in hell he found he ever gets tired or needs any rest. He sang all of his songs before larry shouted out Single ladies. The music changed in an instant and Huge began to dance around and sing that classic Beyonce song. Both Bale and Larry were laughing at the sight before them. With Huge and the other muscle slaves as backup dancers singing that female song it was so funny looking. The pair would shout of different songs and seeing the poor star having to quickly move between the songs was torture in its own way.
Larry and Bale laughed for a bit drinking what looks like Champaign when Larry in the most caddy tone possible asked if Bale ever actually punished or did anything fun with his souls. Bale knew this was coming as it has always been the case between the two demons forever. Bale not being such a sadistic ass hole like Larry wanted to show off. So with a snap of his fingers, Huge appeared on his knees before the pair.
Except for this time Huge body was being morphed. This was done by Bale thinking of different things to do to Huge to show Larry that he is still a big bad demon. As Bale started getting upset and began to bad mouth Larry Huge body was shifting while Bale was talking and he did not notice but Larry did.
Huge body was changing to him being a sexy firefight, to him being a twink, to him being a massive 400 lbs muscle freak, But it was not just in the body either for a few moments Huge was a female than to a pregnant one then back to a male. Bale was busy telling off Larry but he remembered that what ever he thought of that happen so he quicky stopped and put Huge back to his normal self. But Bale was not done since Larry seemed so unimpressed. Time for some big moves and big plays. With a snap of his fingers more red smoke appeared. And everything went black for Huge.
Soon Huge was busy running on a treadmill going at a full sprint. Thanks to the special fibers in hell this allowed him to remain fully suited while running without ripping anything and giving his body all the felxiablity it needs to achieve the objective. Larry was a bit more impressed but ultimately he and bale dished out some more petty insults before Larry left. According to Larry he had to leave since he could not drink any Champaign Bale had since it was too burned. This just grind Bale since obviously the Champaign is burned they are in hell. The house is surrounded by pools of fire. 
But this gave Bale time to enjoy playing with his new toy.  
Huge Jackman was actually a skill fuck toy Bale found out. It turned out he had in his past life taken it up the ass several times. To his shock one was for his role as Wolverine. Bale fucked Huge in everyway possible, from kinky bondage that if not for hell would have been extrem to pup play, to even morphing Huge Jackman into a massive muscle freak over 666 lbs of pure muscle. Bale settled in on his toy being dressed in a form-fitted tuxedo to serve as his butler and song bird. 
Life was great for Bale he finally gotten a celebrity soul, but lucky would soon be on his side. Larry is having a soul pool game. Bale looked at the invite, could be a lot of fun he thought to himself as he readied the invite as he was balls deep into Huge’s tight muscle hole. 
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doodwhy88 · 4 months ago
I hate bon from twf and here's why
1. He's mean to banny
2. He forgets billy exists , like how do you do that they're such a funny little guy?
3. I don't have a third thing I'm mainly just mad about the billy thing like how do you forget billy????
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berecovered · a month ago
the older I get, the more I realise how important it is to speak out about things. to share your experiences. because by doing so, other people may share their experiences, things they didn’t think they were allowed to talk about or would be judged for. you never know what someone else is going through, and sometimes it can be so reassuring to meet someone who has been through something similar. for them to say I’ve got through this, and I know that you will too
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