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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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Just a bit of a heads up for my mutuals and other followers:

I’m gonna be away from tumblr for a bit. I’ve been having a rough time recently and my mental health has been taking a toll from it. This is largely due to tumblr XDD

So, for a while, I’m gonna step away. It won’t be forever, and it probably won’t be more than two weeks, if it even reaches two weeks XDD

So, to those that’re worried: I’ll be okay, I’ll be back, I just need some time to take care of myself. Don’t forget to take care of yourselves too!!! If this hellsite ever gets too draining for you, delete the app or close out the site, leave your laptop in the wrong room so you don’t have the energy to get it (maybe that’s just a me thing XD). In the end you’ll be alright, but it’s okay to take steps back.

Anyways, I leave yall with a See Ya Soon! Don’t worry about me, nothin crazy happened and nothing crazy will happen ;u; if someone really needs access to me, I might check in every few days, or ask some of my other mutuals and they can direct you to my discord :3

Take care Yall!!! Love ya :3


(Squid for comedic effect)

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not me doing something i shouldn’t be doing but im doing it anyway bc i need serotonin maybe idk why does the post stuff look so weird to me rn it looks so  flaaaaaaaaat

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no i think the guy im thjnking ofs name is nick…

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Would it be silly to watch Hannibal for the third time in one (1) month? Yes, absolutely.

Am I considering it? Yeah! Yeah I am.

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Day 22: Water - #febhyurary

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so like should i get a start on my 25+ chapter preplanned and completely thought out plot heavy Tommy centric dystopian man vs man futuristic au or the skephalo skaterboy au i randomly though of last night

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It is a little bit odd to be someone who was weirdly mature as a kid but as im getting older, im… getting more and more immature

#idk man might have something to do with no longer shaming myself into silence and stillness as intensely as i used to#echo leech speaks#did u know i experience anxiety over making fucking memes??? stupidest shit to make but here i am#still getting into my head thinking abt how Everyone is gonna think im an obnoxious asshole just for giggling over something stupid#a constant work in progress this is#just ya know. thinking#im mentioning this cuz sometimes i talk to ppl abt their childhood and also see posts made by teens and kids#and i feel exactly the same way i felt when i was a kid listening to my peers talking#just completely confused and very out of sync; always gonna be outside and nobody even notices#idk man its been a long time so im not sad abt it. just thinking it over#again especially because more and more i let myself act the fool. is that the correct phrasing?#jesus fucking christ im still processing the fact that somehow i didnt die as a teen lmao. i do not know wtf to do except keep going i guess#waxing poetic abt my slow melancholy mood whilst just... hanging out. felt very relaxed today#did get pissed off but eh. it doesnt affect anything so it essentially didnt happen at all#also my mouth tasted like weed all day ;_; nobody said anything so i guess i didnt smell#note that ppl are always getting in my fucking space so if i did smell then they wouldve reacted; they didnt so im cool#im trying to be careful cuz i know i have pretty high likelihood of addiction but i also dont know wtf im doing#huh... maybe i should talk to someone abt that... fiddle a bit in research maybe.#hm#anyways im halfway to giving up on keeping my big stupid mouth shut#also made a decision in regards to writing and may or may not dive into it in detail. who knows
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Dream smp is wild. Like you find all of these awesome beautiful fan arts that are usually really sad or complicated and u listen to insanely dramatic discourse from the people around you and you go “dream smp must be a well made soap opera or something” and it’s like nope Minecraft rp server actually

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Karşı fikirde olan biriyle kavga etmek yerine tabi bu da senin düşüncen deseydik dünyamız

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i should go home

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<div> —  Philippe Jaccottet (1925-2021)<br> </div><span><p>Je ne veux plus me poser<br> voler à la vitesse du temps</p><p>croire ainsi un instant<br> mon attente immobile</p></span>
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Depuis le début du siècle, soit en 21 ans, ma fille a habité à 15 adresses différentes dans 4 villes et 2 pays (10 en Angleterre et 5 au Japon), mais nous habitons sous la même lune, levée 8 heures plus tôt chez elle. Et ça me rassure. Parfois nous lisons les mêmes livres, mais c’est rare. D’autre part, elle ne boit jamais de whisky et laisse crever presque toutes ses plantes vertes. Conclusion, elle n’est pas parfaite, mais je l’aime d’autant plus. Et pas seulement parce qu’elle m’a envoyé aujourd’hui un beau et bon livre-guide consacré au Pays basque, “Guide Papier”.

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<div> —  Eric Reinhardt, <i>Comédies françaises.</i><br> </div><span>S’abandonner. Se faire confiance. Les choses les plus belles se produisent toujours naturellement, sans qu’on y ait songé.</span>
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