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My initial thought when the pandemic happened and everyone was forced to stay home is that I would spend more quality time with my family, get to bond with them and actually have fun with them. Well, that happened during the first few months of the lockdown. My cousins would always come over every weekend or it is us who would go to their place. We would bring in foods and have Sunday potluck sessions.

But sadly, as months passed, we can no longer sustain that for many reasons. One, ang gastos. May pandemya nga eh. Second, it’s physically tiring especially for me to cook for a number of people. Third, I don’t know, maybe we also wanted to connect with other people - say our friends and officemates, like we normally did before the pandemic happened. And when this potluck sessions stopped, I also noticed how familiarity bred contempt in this household. Changes in the household became evident.

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Welcome to Cafe Funiculi Funicula!

Today is a rather chill day. Since my plan to go out today was cancelled, I thought of considering today as a free day. Besides, I didn’t really schedule anything to do aside from working on my clearance.

I noticed how my jaw is yet again clenched, my cheeks tight, my shoulders stiff, my breath shallow - it’s back.

I hate that it’s back but somehow, I know that I can manage.

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When my hands are shot and I’m a some sort of retired music teacher, I think I’ll obtain a library science degree and either become a librarian, become a rare book seller, and/or open a cat bookshop and cafe that teams up with a local shelter to help adopt cats!

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Mum have collected bookmarks since she was in school and I have recently found an interest in it as well. Found these today. With the bear. I love them and I can’t understand. A porcelain figure, Christmas cards and a bookmark with the bear. Somethimes stores do that but also, it feels like a sign.

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The stores have put up their Christmas stuff and even though it hurts, it’s also interesting to look at everything. This bear, I often called Lullaby my bear and her middle name Nalle-Maja, nalle translates to bear. I will put this on her grave. Not yet of course. I can’t really handle how much I love it. And how much it means to me to find a worthy Christmas decoration for her grave.

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i was diagnosed w adult adhd recently and it rly just…makes so much sense .. idk.. my therapist at the time didnt specialize in it but she knew enough to diagnose me but my symptoms rly cross over into autism spectrum disorder

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these two as a figure skating pair and the sheer Aesthetic of that thought completely broke my brain for approx. 45 seconds (-from whoever put this idea in the prompts doc)

  • their routines would actually be them flirting together


  • -Anakin was like. A Juniors legend. Gunna be Legit.
  • Got scooped up from a tiny local tournament to be trained by THE Qui-Gon Jinn when he was 9 (Obi-Wan ended up teaching him instead, but that’s another story)
  •  -His whole style is Big, Flashy Jumps, acrobatic spins, he just. Flies
  • -Then, some big competition happens when he’s like 17. Palpatine bought off the judges and Maul sabotaged his skates. He lost when he should have won and broke his ankle and he’s never gunna jump the same again.
  •  -Meanwhile, Padme just got completely screwed over by her long-time doubles partner, who is. IDK Clovis or something. Who is like “seeya we can’t be partners anymore” and she is like WHAT DO YOU EXPECT ME TO DO. I NEED A PARTNER TO COMPETE. FUCK YOU.
  • -So she does what she usually does and bitches to Satine. Who sends her to Obi-Wan. Who says, “Oh I have an idea.”
  • -“Anakin. If you do doubles and not singles, you don’t need to jump. You can just support your partner. You can still compete.

So Anakin needs to learn not to hog the spotlight. And Padme needs to learn to loosen up and breathe more into their routines. And there’s a lot of Charged Touching during practice cause Anakin needs to like. Lift her.


They have to learn how to fall together and that’s a completely different thing than learning how to fall alone, but now they have to be aware of everything


And Anakin is the guy who goes for the big, flashy moves. And Padme is all about elegance and precision.

  • "Stop trying to make me into Clovis!!”
  • “Stop trying to control what I do in this routine!!”

anakin is determined to do the outlawed backflip

  • “It was outlawed for a reason! Don’t you want us to win?”
  • “Technically it’s not outlawed if you land on one leg.”
  • “Oh, on the ankle you already broke once?”
  • “No, I have another ankle, Padme.”

An Ina Bauer moving into a toe loop or an Axel and lead into a twist lift would be interesting.

  • So Padme does an Ina, bends back while Anakin grabs her hands moves into a death spiral bring her up into a toe loop or axel and then into a twist lift
  • I am going to shamelessly borrow from Marina Anissina’s life here: Clovis left Padme to go and partner with another woman, who is the Love of his Life or something.
  • and in the Triumphant Final Scene of this sports movie, they’re going up against him and his new partner, and they place second, while Anakin and Padme take first. And Padme just. Winks at this asshole, standing below her on the podium
  • YES THEY DO! And Padme is all passive aggressive like, “Congratulations Clovis. You did wonderfully. I’m very happy for you and grateful for all you did for me. Without you I never would have met Anakin, so thank you very much from the bottom of my heart,” for my win, asshole.
  • Then they kiss on the podium with their gold medals THE END

The sequel is Anakin and Padme helping set up Obi/Satine/Cody and using the baby twins as leverage for why they need more than one babysitter at a time.

(Leia breaks everyone’s hearts and wants to play hockey)

Han and Leia meet when they are both between 15 and 17. They are playing shinny. Leia checks him so hard he falls into his stick and breaks it. He falls in love on the spot.

She thinks he’s a flirt who isn’t serious. She finds out nearly a half decade later.

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