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#ho yinsen

When Tony was three, he didn’t want to make weapons for Stark Industries. He wanted to make robots and planes and toys. His dad wouldn’t stand for it. He let him know that weapons were the only future for him. 

When Tony was five, his father had him watch the violent commercials for SI, showing how the weapons helped soldiers and the war. Tony saw grenades exploding in people’s faces and it felt wrong to make those kinds of things. 

When Tony was nine, his dad sent him to boarding school, and Tony realized his dad never loved him. He sent him away from his home, from his mom, from Jarvis, just because he didn’t want to deal with Tony. Howard only thought that Tony was distracting him from making weapons when he should be helping him making weapons. Tony knew he wanted to please his father. Wanted to be home.

When Tony was thirteen, he hit his rebellious phase and started hating his dad’s guts. He wanted nothing to do with him, his company, or his name. He made plans to make his own name, to make non-lethal weapons and useful AIs for everyone. He attended protests against the war, wishing his dad would be out of a job, knowing he should be out of a job. He went against every rule in the Stark textbook: he broke the law, he dated around, he wasn’t proud to be a Stark. 

When Tony was fourteen, he met Rhodey. Rhodey who was kind and protective, Rhodey who helped him with his pranks, Rhodey who could match him wit for wit, Rhodey who made Tony laugh and smile. Rhodey who wanted to go to the military. “Air-Force,” Rhodey said, fixing Tony’s designs of a plane. Tony didn’t know why someone would want to go to war. “I’m defending my country. I’m helping other countries,” Rhodey said. Tony didn’t respond. 

When Tony was seventeen his parents died. Rhodey was there for him, but there wasn’t much he could do. Tony was just left with crushing weight of the knowledge that his mom and dad died while Tony was disappointing them, while they were disappointing Tony, and neither one of them could ever try to fix it. It was too late.

When Tony was eighteen, he said goodbye to Rhodey at a train station. “I’ll write to you,” Tony promised, “I’ll visit you, even if the military forbids it.” Rhodey kissed him on the forehead, “I know you will.” Tony didn’t let go even when Rhodey leaned back, “you’ll come back to me?” Rhodey smiled at him softly and hugged him tightly. He didn’t answer.

When Tony was twenty, he was waiting anxiously next to a phone, willing it to ring, and for Rhodey to be on the other end of the line, telling him he was okay. “I’m okay,” Rhodey said as Tony picked up the phone, and Tony didn’t know he couldn’t breathe before, until relief hit his lungs. “Physically. Otherwise… well, it’s war.” Tony didn’t chuckle like Rhodey. “I wish this would end.” Rhodey paused for a minute before saying slowly, “yeah me too.” 

When Tony was twenty-one, he took on the mantle as the CEO of SI. 


When Tony was thirty-eight, he heard the words “is this the last act of the great Tony Stark?” 

The last few days were hell. Being waterboarded, having painful surgery with no pain meds, being forced to create weapons… it all wasn’t great. But the most painful part of it all was knowing his weapons have been used by his enemies. The most painful part of it was not knowing what happened to the soldiers tasked with protecting him. It was not knowing what happened to Rhodey. And it was knowing it was his and his weapons’ fault. 

“No, it’s not,” Tony swore to Yinsen. 


It might not have been particularly calm as soon as Tony got back from being kidnapped, but after a press conference, talks with people who thought he was crazy, and lots of junk food, Tony was dragged to bed by Rhodey, to finally calm down. He resisted at first, but being cuddled, having Rhodey’s warmth spread all over him, he slowly came to terms with sleeping. It wasn’t so bad, with Rhodey’s chest as the pillow. 

As Tony’s eyes drifted close, they slightly opened as Rhodey asked him, “what happened in Afghanistan to make you do this?” 

Tony didn’t have the energy to explain how his company is probably double-dealing under the table, or how he swore to Yinsen he’ll be better, or how he thought the Arc-Reactor could be a good replacement for making weapons. Instead, he told him the reason that laid in his heart instead of his logic, a reason Tony knew Rhodey would understand. “You were hurt. I thought you were hurt. My weapon hurt you like it hurt me… didn’t want that. Wanted to protect you. Made weapons to protect you. Stopped making weapons to protect you…”

Tony closed his eyes and let sleep take him. 

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Stephen pulled him closer and Tony took the opportunity to straddle his lover’s legs and snuggle in close. Stephen sighed and wrapped his arms around him and for a moment they just sat there like that.

“I wish I could have met Yinsen,” Stephen said quietly. “He must have been a superb surgeon to keep you alive through all of that. And… I would have liked to say thank you to him.”

Tony nodded but was otherwise silent for several minutes. “I wanted to bring him here. Well, get him back to his family and then bring them all here. I wanted to… I don’t know. Give him everything. He did more than just save my life. He gave me a purpose. I was wasting my life before him. That’s what he asked of me, just before he died. Don’t waste your life.”

“You haven’t,” Stephen said with the very clear intent of stopping any chance of Tony spiralling down into a dark moment. “Trust me, you haven’t.”

Tony’s smile was grateful and then he chuckled. “Yinsen knew how to make a pointed remark too. He told me I was a man who had everything and nothing. He was right too. Then, anyway.” He wriggled around until he was facing Stephen properly. “Maybe not so much anymore.”

“Why, Mr Stark, that was positively saccharine of you,” Stephen said dryly but there was an edge of fond amusement about him.

Tony screwed up his face in mock disgust. “You’re right. It was. Ugh. I need coffee. Black and bitter, like my soul.”

Stephen abruptly tipped them over until they were lying on the couch with Tony underneath him. “I’ve got a better idea. Let’s make out until James gets back. I like hearing his screams of horror as we corrode his brain.”

Tony laughed. “Making my sugarplum get out the brain bleach? I like it. Come here.” With that, he pulled Stephen fully down on top of him and there were no more words.

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Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Mid-Avengers: Endgame (Not canon compliant)

Summary: “Don’t waste it. Don’t waste your life, Stark.”


If Yinsen had met Tony inside the soul stone instead of Morgan

Warnings: Implied major character death

Word count: 1,087 (this was sitting in my drafts for months and i forgot how i was going to finish it so im just posting what i had which is why it ends Like That)

“And I am Iron Man,” he breathed, staring the titan down with all the strength he could muster. The stones vibrated, the energy coursing through him reaching an unbearable crux as he crooked his fingers to snap. There was a brief flash of something in Thanos’ eyes, but it would only be a drop in the back of Tony’s mind as he snapped his fingers. For a split second, it felt like he was getting burned alive, hot prods of pain radiating from his right arm through his entire body. Then, it all vanished under a flash of white.

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[from this au

Content Warning: medical stuff, aftermath of violence.  again, on par with Iron Man 1. 

Yinsen examines the wound on the young Sword Smith’s chest. It’s deep, dangerous, and the only saving grace was that the Demon’s claws didn’t seem to be poisoned.  It’s a miracle the young man’s heart was even beating, a miracle his lungs still worked. 

The sweat on Yinsen’s brow rolls down to his temple and he barks at his assistant to mop it up.  The Wysteria Estate makes a habit of employing efficient people, and the Kakushi at his side jumps into action, dabbing his temple and forehead promptly.  

Yinsen’s hands are carefully, carefully, sewing up his charge.  He’s a doctor, not a swordsman, not a smith, he has no aptitude for fighting but his lungs swell with an effort anyways.  What is a doctor if not one who fights for his patients?  As long as the young man before him struggles to live, Yinsen will act to help. His breaths flood his blood with oxygen, and he forces his hands steady, forces his eyes to focus, forces, forces, forces. 

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with us not knowing what the h in morgans name stands for i know a lot of people think its happy or that the r*ssos want it to be howard because their tw*ts but what if its stands for something more significant like ho to honor yinsen the man who started it all by saving tony on that cave

I like the idea of naming her after Yinsen, but I can’t help but think that the name “Ho” would have different meanings for an American girl. “Honor” maybe?

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The scenery changed to that of a desert dunes with no Morgan to be found. He was slightly confused as to why he was here and why it looked…so familiar.  His confusion turned into surprise when he turned around and on the ground, just a few feet away, was the first ever Ironman suit he made within the cave with his first arc reactor against the helmet. 

“I see you finally made it.” a voice came from behind him. “I’m glad to see that you didn’t waste your life.”

Tony pivoted around on one foot and he froze, his chest bursting with disbelief at the sight of his friend from those fateful three months in that cave… “Yinsen.”

Yinsen gave Tony a smile. “It is good to see you, my friend.”

Tony took a few steps forward towards Yinsen and when he was right in front of the other, he felt a hand pressing against the small of his back. 

“Did I keep you waiting?” Tony found himself asking. 

“No, you came right at the right time. Now come.” Yinsen gave him a little push and Tony stumbled slightly before he blinked and then, everything around him changed to his childhood home, Yinsen still by his side. 

He felt Yinsen pull away from him before he felt himself being engulfed in a warm hug. It took him a moment to realize who was actually hugging him and he only did when the person pulled back, smiling at him.

“Aunt Peggy?” Tony’s eyes widened. She looked like she had in the 80s.

“It’s good to see you again.” Was all Peggy said before she moved away and was replaced by a familiar couple, both hugging him close.

“Welcome home, Young Sir.” Edwin Jarvis greeted like he always did, Anna echoed the greeting. They step away and behind them was another couple, one that made his eyes tear up and there was a lump in his throat, both looked just like they had the last day he had seen them.

“My Anthony…” Maria Stark rushed forward, wrapping her arms around Tony.

“Mom…” he swallowed as he felt her place a kiss on his cheek before she moved away, letting her husband walked up and stop in front of Tony. Father and son stared at each other, the lump in Tony’s throat seemed to increase in size. Two hands dropped onto his shoulders before he watched the corner of Howard’s mouth twitch upwards. 

“I’m proud of you.” 

Tony’s brain stalled when he heard those words as he stared up at him, mouth opening and closing before Howard gave him a quick hug and pulled away.

“Young sir,” Edwin spoke up. “You have one place to go.”

Tony frowned and when he blinked, he was in a bar with people all around. He squinted through the crowd, trying to find whoever it was that he needed to see here.

Then, he saw it, a head with red hair walking and sitting down in a booth on the other side of the bar. He moved through the crowd, walking closer and closer until he was right at the table before he froze when he saw that the booth had one other person.

“Mr. Stark.”

“Agent.” Tony managed to get out, as Phil regarded him with that same old smile. “Fancy seeing you here.”

“Well, I fancied myself a drink.” Phil stood and Tony just let himself move and bring the other into a hug.

“God, Phil, I’m…-”

“If you apologize, I will hit you.” Phil scolded good naturally before pulling back and sitting back down. Tony didn’t even have time to look at the other occupant as she was already tugging him, making him sit down beside her. 

He felt her hug him tightly, whispering something Russian in his ear that was familiar, when they were close friends. 

“You want anything to drink, Tony?” asked Natasha when she let him go. 

“Yeah.” he grinned at the two, feeling right at home with the two. “Scotch.”

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headcanon + Ten Rings


“The Ten Rings aren’t your typical terrorists. They’ve raised secrecy to an art form. We still don’t have the first clue what’s really behind them.”

  • After the incident in Afghanistan Tony Stark vowed that he’d eradicate every last bit of the Ten Rings. He has no remorse for anyone who is part of that terrorist group. To him “if they knew what they were getting themselves into then why be part of it in the first place”
  • The above statement might make Tony seem heartless, but he’ll give each person he meets relating to this group a fair chance. If they were taken hostage or used in any way for this group’s gain he’ll show some form of mercy.
  • Tony encountered the Mandarin once, he had JARVIS scanned each and everyone of those rings he wore. And till this day Tony still has no idea what everyone does. He’s worked through 3. Nightbringer, Zero and The Liar. 
  • Tony has nightmares of that encounter, but he’ll never talk about what happened. Not to anyone.
  • Tony has a scar on the back of his left shoulder, resembling the ten rings of the group’s symbol.
  • Why does Tony Stark hate canned pineapple?Because there’s TEN RINGS in a can of pineapple! He hates pineapple
  • One thing that he took from his entire Ten Rings experience is that the world does not revolve around him. And that maybe there’s other people out there that care about him. Professor Ho Yinsen was the first man to honestly treat him with compassion not relating to his money.
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look, if yinsen didn’t call out tony’s woe-is-me bullshit and dared him to do better, we wouldn’t have iron man and thanos’ vast army would never have been defeated twice. so, technically, ho yinsen, extraordinary physicist with very steady hands who once performed an open-heart surgery inside a cave, saved the mcu. in this essay, i will — that’s it, that’s the essay. 

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Tony was chewing at the leash before IM1, which is why Obie was okay with cashing him in, even though it meant killing the golden goose.

But then Tony not only survives, he comes back harder to control, and not in the way he’d previously been difficult (ditching the award ceremony to play craps, needing regular check-ins and emotional work). Now Obie realizes he can’t read him, Tony’s traumatized restraint isn’t a petulant mood he can literally handle him out of–when Obie tries, it only makes Tony more distant. Instead of having to cajole him into making presentations, Obie now has to distract him from taking too much interest in the business and making decisions without his counsel. Suddenly Tony’s keeping projects and parts of his house secret from him, defending boundaries all over.

This pushback puts Obie on the back foot more than the failed assassination did, and he decompensates and escalates into physical abuse pretty quickly. In the context of Obie being there to pick up the pieces after Maria and Howard died, you really get how insidious that guy’s been since Tony was a (vulnerable grieving) teenager.

It doesn’t work anymore because Tony’s spent weeks of intense quality time with Ho Yinsen, MD.

Yinsen repairs Tony’s heart, and puts a shield around it. Yinsen asks Tony simple questions that have very profound answers. Yinsen demonstrates calm abiding heroism, and the confidence that Tony is also capable of it. Yinsen does all of this while deeply grieving his family. A gifted surgeon, a man of faith, a father and husband, and someone with more love, compassion, true optimism, and mentorship in his little finger than Obie’s ever faked.

And it’s increasingly, painfully, creepily obvious to Tony way before he learns of the real betrayal.

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