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lovelybluepanda · 7 months ago
Gentle reminder that your hobbies should make you happy, not stressed. They're not chores. Don't let them become that.
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intj-aesthetics · a year ago
Hey kids, take it from an old forest hag: it's totally okay to half-ass your hobbies
... trace that picture for your journal
... like old cars without knowing how to fix them
... watch the movies without reading the comics
... super glue the part of the model
... learn one (1) way to make a braid
... watch how-to videos for every step of the recipe
... google every second word in that article
... use the automatic setting on your camera
And don't be ashamed. Real life isn't school. The all or nothing mentality is not healthy. Don't gate-keep yourself from stuff that might be fun. Shrug, grin, and hold eye contact with a boomer while you do it. It's good I promise.
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mentalcentral · 4 months ago
friendly reminder that it's not a bad thing if you switch between hobbies a lot! some people like to stick to a handful of hobbies over years and others like to try out a different hobby every other week. it's ok!!! hobbies are meant to be fun and you don't have to feel bad for losing interest or changing your mind regularly!
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werelivingarts · 3 months ago
new hobbies to try out during covid ✨
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
During COVID, I definitely feel a lot of boredom and also feel like I’m wasting a lot of time. Therefore, here are some suggestions of hobbies you can try out! You might also have your own interest, which can be history or science, so I would 100% support you to do research and read about them! 
Some more hobbies to try out:
🚴🏽‍♂️Stay active: swimming, running, working out, yoga, hiking, biking, skateboard 🎨Creativity: film-making, painting, origami, drawing, doodling, comic strip creating, photoshop, digital art, DIY, music making, song-writing, knitting, playing new instruments, acting, calligraphy, reusing and recycling materials, redesigning and decluttering your interior 🎧Communication: blogging, writing, podcasting 🧘🏻‍♀️Mental health: journaling, meditation 🧠Mind: chess, coding, puzzling, researching, online volunteering, enrolling in an online class, selling your old stuff online, learning a new language, listening to audiobook and podcast
QOTD: What hobbies do you have?
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pereczke · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Well, here it is! My starter and current collection of stickers! :) I love my new hobby!
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randomreasonstolive · 2 months ago
Reason to Live #6025
 Excitedly rambling over something you really love and the other person smiling, listening intently, engaging/asking questions, and them finding it endearing, and them sending you things related to your interest from time to time :)  – Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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lovelybluepanda · 3 months ago
Why discipline is actually toxic
Let’s look at the oficial definition: “The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience.“
However, when i had this epiphany of discipline being toxic I didn’t think of the definition but at the way people promote this on social media. 
you have to follow a strict schedule most of the time
regardless of what you have going on or how you feel, you have to follow the schedule
you sacrifice a lot of things in order to accomplish this “discipline ideal”
you have to prioritize your tasks more than anything else
the most annoying one which i believed for years: discipline is the highest form of self-love and that’s the only way you can achieve your goals
I understand the importance of doing things because they are a must, everyone has such tasks in their life. HOWEVER, i do not like the idea of romanticizing this very “formal” way of punishment. I think discipline is a form of punishment in the long term and that is the reason some people drop out hobbies, interests etc and just want to do nothing because they are burnout. 
Now, if motivation doesn’t last, if discipline is toxic, what can someone do to achieve their goals? Love. That’s the answer. Let me elaborate on this. 
If you love what you’re doing, you’ll keep doing it because you enjoy doing it. If you love yourself enough to realize when you need to take it easy or when you really want to meet with friends instead of doing something, you will 1) make yourself a priority and 2) don’t feel regret for having to give up on something. You can meet with your friends and still do that task/practice for 10-15 minutes. If you love that task, you won’t miss a day practicing it because 1) you don’t feel pressured by a schedule and 2) you don’t feel like “you have to” do that thing. You do that thing because you love doing it. 
The highest form of self-love is actually love. Love yourself, love your interests, love your flaws, love your friends etc. 
Today i had a very long to-do list. However, today is the only day when i can meet with my dad. If i were to follow the “discipline” propaganda which i see everywhere on Instagram, the rational decision would be to finish my to-do list because others will understand that i’m busy. However, how much can you actually postpone people and not feel like you self-isolate or until you hate your “interests” because they take much more than your time? 
I think discipline can make you hate your interests/hobbies just as much as the pressure to be good at it. Why? Because there’s no fun. The focus of discipline is progress, not your emotional fullfilment and sooner or later that comes and affects you. 
Twin post: how to love everything in your life
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kenro199x · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Godzilla Skeleton Premium Gashapon (2021)
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pasture-raised · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Rocky Acres Living
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I had some time at the weekend and decided to paint up a couple of little pillars with flame braziers for AoS.
I thought they would be the perfect opportunity to try doing a tutorial on how I paint old stonework, just in case anyone is interested!
So here goes!
Step 1:
I started by spraying the whole thing with Chaos Black undercoat. Then, I painted a base layer of Mechanicus Standard Grey. It took a couple of coats to get a nice even finish to cover the black. Once this was dry, I took some heavily watered-down Celestra Grey and used an old brush to stipple on the surfaces in random patterns. This gives a bit of colour variety to the stone and also give the impression of surface texture on the stone.
Tumblr media
Step 2:
For this step, I covered all surfaces in a heavy wash of Agrax Earthshade, paying close attention to make sure it didn’t pool and dry in any strange/unsightly blobs.
Tumblr media
Step 3:
Once the Agrax Earthshade had fully dried, I went over the whole surface with a drybrush of Dawnstone. This helped to pick out the moulded texture on the stone and is also great for blending the painted “texture” of the Celestra Grey from step 1 and make it look more natural. Next, I did a lighter drybrush of Ceramite White (this is now discontinued but Corax White would work just as well) and focused on the more extreme raised edges such as corners etc. This was done just to lift the sharp edges and give a bit more contrast.
Tumblr media
Step 4:
Next up, I started working on weathering the stonework. I started by getting some watered-down Camo Green and stippling on in random places, exactly the same way as the Celestra Grey in step one but in less areas. I also tried to think where moss might naturally grow on the surfaces and focused on those areas to try and make it look more realistic.
Tumblr media
Step 5:
Once the Camo Green was dry, I did the same thing using Nurgling Green this time. For this step, I used a smaller brush and focused mainly on the areas which were already covered in Camo Green. This helped to give some more texture to the moss/lichen and makes it stand out more against the grey background of the stone.
Tumblr media
Step 6:
Next up, I took some Typhus Corrosion and lightly painted it into the recesses of the pillars and around the bottom edges. This gives a bit more depth to the colours and also represents the accumulated grime and dirt that would gather over the centuries.
Tumblr media
Step 7:
With the stonework now done, time to finish off the details! First up, I painted the metal rings and plates in Rhinox Hide. Once this was dry, I stippled on some watered-down Mournfang Brown, making sure to leave some of the vase colour visible underneath. Finally, I picked out some small areas with watered-down Troll Slayer Orange, focusing on places like rivets, joints etc, and again leaving plenty of the base colours visible underneath. I find this is a really quick and easy way to paint rust and I think it gives a great overall result.
Tumblr media
Step 8:
For the brazier on top, I painted the whole thing in a basecoat of Balthasar Gold. I went over the surfaces with 2 coats to give a nice even colour.
Tumblr media
Step 9:
The final stage! I went over all areas of the brazier with Nihilakh Oxide which I had thinned slightly using some Lahmian Medium. Again, for this stage I paid close attention to how the paint was pooling and manipulated it to make sure there were no strange looking tide marks etc.
Tumblr media
And that’s it! Hopefully this will be useful for anyone who wants to try painting old stonework! I’ll post up some more pictures once I’ve finished painting the flaming skulls which go in the braziers.
Happy Hobbying
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dizzywritess · 3 months ago
Hobby Ideas for your Characters!
Tumblr media
Welcome, welcome, one and all, to the 2nd theme of my account! (much more visible on my instagram, I assure you). Spacecore, one of my all time favourite aesthetics. Moving on- today's post is about hobbies! I've compiled a bunch of common and not-so-common hobbies you can use to flesh out your characters. I hope you enjoy the post, as well as the new theme!
Have fun!
American football
Horseback riding
Bird watching
Cake decorating
Graphic design
Collecting (pins, buttons, coins, etc.)
Jewellery making
Candle making
Soap making
Cross stitch
Doll making
Scrap booking
Interior design
Watching movies/tv shows
Video games
Playing the piano
Playing guitar
Making music
Music theory
Music producing
Learning languages
Listening to podcasts
Listening to music
Fruit picking
Making jams
Flower arranging
Ice skating
Playing chess
Playing boardgames
Pole dancing
Movie reviews
Bullet journalling
Visiting places of intrigue (ghost towns, haunted mansions, etc)
Learning in their free time
Picking up new vocabulary
Book binding
Social media
Graffiti/street art
Picking flowers
Catching bugs
Caring for animals
Writing letters to those you know
Walking through natural environments (beaches, forests, etc.)
Telling stories
Stand up comedy
Road trips
Skateboarding or roller skating
Mountain biking
Film making
Role playing
Home brewing
Making their own clothes
Party planning
Martial arts
Treasure hunts/geocaching
Water polo
Building things
Making playlists
Selling things they've created
Wood burning
Making bath bombs
Fabric painting
Scuba diving
Crossword puzzles
Flying kites
Making models
Playing drums
Weight lifting
Watch documentaries
Yard sales
Lock picking
Wine tasting
Joining clubs of their interests
Making models
Visiting museums
Tumblr media
That's all for today! Follow me on tumblr and/or my instagram @/dizzy.writess for more content like this!
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fabriziocarminati · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yes, it was only a matter of time for my first miniature designed by me. An Imperial Main Battle Tank. You can find this beauty at the
I’m pretty proud to the final result !
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