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shootingstartarot · a year ago
Tumblr media
We have completed a major task and THE WORLD says 'well done!' Now we can enjoy our freedom and success, it is a truly happy ending and a big reward. While the person on the traditional design is looking back into the past, her body is moving into the future. She is surrounded by a laurel wreath and the zodiac symbols for the 4 fixed signs, all representing completion and success. Who could better represent ultimate bliss and success than our sunshine JHOPE!
This beautiful interpretation of THE WORLD as J-Hope was realized by jukaaaaaaaa92 (insta) ❤️ It was such a pleasure to work with her and she captured everything I wished for this card perfectly! Thank you so much 💜 please check her out, her work is amazing!
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miiilkteaa · a year ago
My edit🥺💌
twt : purplejini_07
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proudtobeadepphead · 2 years ago
Jung Hoseok | One Dance [Happy Birthday Hobi]
New edit I made for Jhope' s birthday! ❤
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