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the only way we know how to win is dramatically.... | pens vs jets, 23 jan 2022
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MIKA ZIBANEJAD | majestic ( NYR vs ARI. 01.22.2022. )
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So this is what I was busy with last year and had to keep secret until now - my first illustrated children's book! :D
Eddie the Yeti is a new book series being written by Christopher Scott, with character designs and illustrations by yours truly! Hard Work Wins the Game is the first book in the series, which follows Eddie, Arney, and Chuck as they learn how effort you put into practice can pay off come game time. The book is 32 pages long, and is filled nearly cover to cover with my artwork! I'll be sharing it some of it online, but to see everything I drew, considering buying the book and supporting the author who chose me for this opportunity! You can do so on the website here, as well as see even more artwork I did. There will also be some more artwork on the book series' Instagram page as well! Website: https://eddietheyeti.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eddietheyetibooks/
Pre-production was from late July to late August,  and then I illustrated pretty much in the whole book in five weeks after that. Phew! And now, I can finally show it off! :D
                           Patreon | Twitter | DeviantArt | Youtube
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your first star nathan bastian!
njd vs car // 22.01.22
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opposites attract | pens vs jets, 23 jan 2022
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When do you go to chief and lobby to be part of the rotation to do shootouts now?
Colton: Well, I don’t know. Maybe on the way to the bus right now? Um, I don’t know, no. I don’t know if that’s the smart play to do. I think we know who needs to go on the shootout. The nifty forwards. The guys that put the puck in the net.
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CHRIS & MIKA | chris has a game and seals it with a victory hug from his bf ( NYR vs ARI. 01.22.2022. )
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can you do 1 with ej also i don’t remember if i’ve said it when i reblogged but congrats on getting 1.5k !! you deserve it so much !
1. "wow, that kid really is your mini me." (from this prompt list) (i changed it up a bit. like one word)
part of "life with the johnsons" series
it was no secret that lila was a daddy's girl. she loved everything he did. she was his little shadow whenever he was home.
it was the first family skate of the year, so you were helping ivy get all her layers on, "can we get hot chocolate?" she asked.
"i don't know, bug. we'll have to see." you smiled, peppering kisses across her face.
"where's landeskog?" lila panicked, running into her room, which she shared with ivy. landeskog was a stuffed horse she had begged you to get, and she named landeskog, wanting to match with her father.
"here!" ivy picked up the stuffed horse and handed it off to her sister.
lila stached it, and held it to her chest, "what do you say to ivy?"
"thank you," lila muttered.
"your welcome." ivy beamed, picking up her own stuffed animal, a stuffed ladybug (since it was her nickname), and ran off to the living room where zach was waiting.
you cleaned up a few toys, before heading into the living room where all three kids were sitting on the couch, their eyes glued to the tv as they watched old jockey highlights.
erik came down the stairs and paused next to you at the bottom, "wow, those kids really are your mini-me's." you chuckled.
"what? can you blame them? i'm awesome." erik smirked.
"you're okay." you joked.
"can we go now?" lila whined.
"can we get snacks?" zach asked.
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in honor of @whitemxnswhore watching her first hockey game and seeing a fight break out, i decided to rank essentially what it would be like if NT played hockey (feel free to fight me on this im willing to debate) (also shoutout to @hayleydeservedbetter for becoming a bruins fan love u)
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something very come hither about all this.... | pens vs jets, 23 jan 2022
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Alexander Wennberg pregame - FLA @ SEA - Jan 23, 2022
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Another feel-good moment from tonight’s game: @JilliantDempsey watching her youth team during the first intermission 🥰
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mat brings you flowers
just a little blurb 🥰 send in any requests
word count: 472 (no warnings)
Tumblr media
You were making lunch in the apartment you shared with your boyfriend, Mat, when you heard the front door unlock. Your lips immediately formed a smile and the butterflies broke free in your stomach. It was crazy to you that even after 2 years of dating Mat still had this effect on you.
"Anyone home?" You heard him drop his luggage and make his way into the apartment. "Kitchen", you yelled back, stirring the tomato sauce on the stove. You quickly turned the heat of and turned around just in time to see Mat enter the kitchen. He was dressed in a black suit and light blue dress shirt with its first few buttons undone. In his hand a beautiful bouquet of flowers. He smiled wide.
He had been traveling for the last 6 days, completing 3 away games. Those few days were horrible being away from him. Not waking up next to him, having dinner with him, or cuddling after he comes home from games all bruised and exhausted.
When he entered the kitchen you ran to him throwing your arms around him. He caught you easily with a chuckle, hugging you tightly. "I missed you." "I missed you more." Inhaling his scent you felt safe and at home again. Mat tugged on your hair to pull your head back so that he could kiss you. You melted right into it pulling his mouth closer by his head.
"Here, I got you flowers." You pulled away a bit so you could inspect the beautiful bouquet of flowers he held in front of you.
“Aw, Maty, thank you.” You pressed another kiss to his lips. “Why? Oh no, did I miss something?” He chuckled, but shook his head.
“No.” His hand found the back of your neck pulling you in for another kiss, not seeming to keep his lips off of yours. “Can’t a man get his girl some flowers?”
“Why, of course he can. But you’ve never really done it before. Thank you, they’re very pretty. I love them. And you.” You grinned at each other and you gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before going to go grab a vase from the hallway closet
“How was your flight?”
“Pretty good. I’m tired though. Whatcha cooking? Smells good.”
“Spaghetti. Hey!” When you walked back into the kitchen you saw him tasting the sauce. He chuckled and put the spoon down. He took the vase from your hands to fill it up with water. You put the flowers in and wrapped your arms around Mat’s torso. He pressed a kiss against on top of your head.
“Hey Mat? You can surprise me with flowers anytime.”
“Noted.” He kissed you. “Now, can we eat? And then I’m gonna need to catch up on my cuddles. It’s been a long few days.”
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congrats to jarry and geno’s naked back
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can i get number 8 with thomas bordeleau please:)
8. "can you please come get me?" (from this prompt list)
tw: drinking/alcohol consumption (i am in no way advocating for underage drinking, nor do i condone it)
you bopped your head along to the music through your earbuds as you worked on homework. thomas, unlike you, was out partying with his friends. it wasn't something he did all the time, but it was something he did occasionally to just have fun and spend time with friends.
you worked on homework in the silent house. you jumped when your music stopped and your phone started ringing loudly in your ears. you disconnected your earbuds and answered the call.
"y/n?" brendan's voice came through.
"who else would this be?" you joked.
"look, i think you gotta pick up-" brendan was cut off by thomas grabbing the phone.
"baby!" he shouted, causing you to wince and pull the phone away from your ear.
"hi, t." you smiled, "how much have you had to drink?"
"not that much," he answered, "can you please come get me?"
you smiled, "where are you?" he gave you the address, and you were grabbing your keys and driving to the house.
you parked your car outside the house and walked in, grimacing at the heavy smell of crappy beer and sweat. you pushed through everyone till you spotted thomas.
"thomas." you smiled.
his head whipped in your direction so fast you thought his neck would break, "y/n!" he cheered.
"hi." you caught him in your arms right in time before he hit the ground, "you ready to go home?" he nodded his head, "all right, let's go home." you smiled, wrapping an arm around his shoulders as you led him outside to your car, but not before saying your goodbyes.
you got him buckled and after you made it to the driver's side and had gotten your seatbelt on, thomas was out cold. you smiled, shifting the car's gears and driving home, humming along quietly to the music playing through the speakers.
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