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I was tagged by @kotkaniemi to post I’m assuming my fave hockey players and I’m ngl it was kinda hard to get this many 😅

I don’t know who’s done this or not but I’m tagging y’all anyway: @thomasbradys @redflavour @pucksandpoutines @a24film @alexclaremont-diaz @for-that-cotton-candy @pksuburban and anyone else that wants to do it!

Also everyone feel free to fill out my bingo card and let me know if you get a bingo!

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Me: It says Roman. Is that Josi? It looks like Josi.
Sister: Who else would it be?
Me: Polak.
Sister: True.
Me: Čechmánek.
Sister: ...
Me: Holy shit. I just dated myself; I'm old--
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2019-20 Muskegon Lumberjacks Final Team Stat Leaders
Games Played: Donald Kempf & Christophe Fillion (49)
Goals: Danil Gushchin (22)
Assists: Danil Gushchin (25)
Points: Danil Gushchin (47)
PIM: Tanner Edwards (206)
Plus/Minus: Danil Gushchin (+21)
Games Played By Goalie: Jonathan Williams (28)
Wins By Goalie: Jonathan Williams (12)
Fewest Losses By Goalie: Ewan McDevitt (1)
Fewest Goals Allowed By Goalie: Ewan McDevitt (5)
Saves By Goalie: Jonathan Williams (670)
Shutouts By Goalie: Jonathan Williams, Noah Giesbrecht, Eric Green & Ewan McDevitt (0)
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an interaction from my hockey practice
Ren: guys there’s a bug
Ren: don’t kill it, it’s a stinkbug!
Mo: I’d eat it but it might be toxic
E: you’d... eat... it?
Mo: yeah. Bugs are very nutritious
Mo: I’ll just move it into the trash can. Stop screaming, you’re scaring it.
M: yeah you’re scaring it, E
Ren: the bug was only scared cuz of your face
E: Hey I have a finger for you
Ren: thanks love
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Girl Meets World - T.Seguin (Part 9)

Warning: Swearing, anxiety half-smut(does a blowy count?)

“Wait, so you’re moving to Dallas?” He asked.

“Well, I could…”

“Baby, don’t move just for me.”

“You don’t want me to?”

“That’s not what I meant.” Tyler sighed, pressing a soft kiss to my forehead, as he pulled me to standing.

“Okay, what do you mean then…”

“I mean you should decide on where you move because of you, where you like the best… not because of me.”

“Got it.”


“Ready for the flight?” I asked, sitting back down and clicking through my emails on my computer.


“I might not even take the job, I could just stay in New York and-”

“Rachel!” He said, almost angry. My eyes widened as I watched him slam his hand on my desk. I noticed the plaster he had on his finger, making me wonder where he’d gotten it.

“I’m listening.” I said quietly as I gave him a moment to speak but he didn’t.

“I don’t want you making this decision based on me…”

“I know…” I sighed, shaking my shoulders as I logged off my computer, “You just happen to be a perk to choosing Dallas.”

“You are crazy.” He rolled his eyes, pulling me up again, this time kissing me.

“I like kissing you…”

“Mmm me too, T…”

“Is your suitcase here or do we need to go to your apartment?”

“It’s in my car, don’t tell me you drove here…”

“From Dallas, no. From the airport, no, I got a taxi.”

“And how much did that cost you?”

“More than I’m willing to disclose to you.”

I smiled, my cheeks warm with blush, “Should we go?”

“I’m ready when you are.”

“Then let’s go.”

I grabbed his hand and led him out my office, saying goodbye to Emily before popping my head into my assistants’ room.

“Bye girls, I’ll see you on Tuesday.”

“Are you off with the boyfriend?” Ebony asked.

“The boyfriend is right here…” I hissed and she giggled.

Tyler poked his head in beside me, “Lovely to meet you… Ebony and Annaïs…”

“Hey Tyler…” They cooed as they winked at me, waving as we walked towards the elevator.


“Anna?” I asked, spinning around as we made it into the lift. I pressed the button to open the doors and stepped outside, Tyler still standing close to me even though my boss was right in front of us.

“So this must be Tyler Seguin?”

“How many people have you told, R?” He asked me, shaking Anna’s hand.

“My you are handsome, the two of you are a pair.”

I smiled, “You wanted to speak to me?”

“Actually wanted to speak to Tyler, well… just for a moment.”


“You’ll be okay there for a moment?” Tyler asked and I nodded before Anna laughed.

“Of course she will Mr Seguin, your girlfriend’s an independent woman…”

The two of them chatted and walked off to Anna’s office. I was confused as to why she wanted to speak to him, but could only think it had something to do with the Mens Vogue cover he would be on in a few months.

I waited by the elevator, smiling every few minutes as people appeared out of it and gave me a confused smile.

“I’m back, I’m back-” Tyler laughed, walking up to me and snaking his arm around my waist.

“What was that about?” I asked, the two of us walking into the elevator.

“She wanted to tell me not to screw you over…”


“I’m being serious… she was all, don’t hurt that young woman she’s beautiful and-”

“You’re lying.”

“I’m really not. She told me that you had some shit relationship in the past and it messed with your work and I can tell she wants, of course what’s best for the company, but also you, baby-”

I rolled my eyes, “I swear, if you’re lying I’m going to punch you.”

“Wouldnt be the first time…”

“You lied or I punched you?”


My jaw dropped.

“I lied that I liked kissing you…”

“Oh thanks.”

“Cause I love kissing you.”

His head dipped down to kiss my lips, soft and sweet. I smiled into his kiss, “Anna was right…”



“Bad ex-boyfriend?”

“Something along those lines…”

“Want to tell me?”

“Not right now.”

He nodded, pulling away as the elevator doors opened on the ground floor. We walked to my car and drove straight to the airport, “Which flight is it?”

“The one to Toronto… ever been to Canada?”

“I went to Vancouver once, it was fun.”

“Well, Toronto’s better.” He smiled, resting his head ontop of mine. “You look gorgeous in your work clothes.”

“I don’t exactly wear this on flights usually…”

“Not comfortable?”

“Not as comfortable as sweats.”

“You wear sweats?”


“Only designer?”

“Alexander Wang, Gucci…”

“You have Gucci sweats?”

“Hmm… you don’t think I have Gucci?”

“Wouldn’t take you as the Gucci kinda girl…”

“I’m not, but they’re comfy.” I smiled, arching my back against his chest as we waited for the gate to open for our flights.

“So who are you wearing today?” He asked.

“You don’t really care, why are you asking?”

“Because you’re into my stuff… I should get into yours-”

“You mean hockey?”

He nodded, arms tight round my shoulders.

“Well for your information I’m wearing a pastel teal Valentino silk blouse under a Peter Do duck egg blue suit with Jimmy Choo suede pumps…”

“And your jewelry?” He asked, kissing right above my ear.

“Swarovski crystals for my earrings… no necklace… glass rings from Maryam Nassir Zadeh.”

“Your bag?”

“Fendi leather brown tote.” I smiled, “It’s big enough for all my work and… things.”


“Well, I went out yesterday and bought your mother something… I tried to get something on Tuesday but couldn’t find anything that caught my eye.”

“You did?”

“Hmm, well I wasn’t exactly sure she’d like it but-”

“What is it?”

“Well I got her a purse.”

“A purse?”

“Hmm, all women need a bag- and I promise you it’s not overly expensive so I hope you mom will take it and-”

“You’re adorable, Rachel.” He kissed me properly now, despite the fact there were hundreds of people around.

“If she doesn’t like it she can change it…”

“Falling…” He whispered to me, “Falling in love with you…”

I sighed happily, “It’s a black leather handbag from YSL… and I did pay for it even though they’re my sponsor.”

“Your sponsor?”

“Hmm, where else do you think I get the beautiful clothes from?”

“Buying them?”

“Yes- but most of the items in my closet are YSL… they send me items to promote them on my Instagram-”

“And I’ve noticed you haven’t posted a picture of me…”

“You haven’t of me either, T… don’t spin it on me.”

“But you’ve been on my story-”

“Not the same.” I shrugged, “Maybe we’ll get one this weekend that I can use…”

“I might use that carousel one…”

“That feels like a lifetime ago.” I smiled, though it was only 5 days ago. “Oh, I forgot to tell you earlier, but well done on the wins against the Blues and… I forgot.”

“The Avs.”

“Oh yeah Avalanche.” I remembered, smiling, “I saw that nice goal against the Blues in Over time.”

“You know what overtime is?”

“I’ve spent the last few days learning… I get the offside rule, now.” I smiled, kissing his cheek as our flight’s gate number was announced.

“Come on, crazy…” He laughed, dragging me towards our gate which was only a short walk from the main waiting room we were standing in, since it was so crowded.

“You good?” He asked as we queued up to walk onto the plane.

“Umm… I’m okay.”

I felt my ears burning as a random person bumped into me, shoving me against Tyler who caught me instantly.

It didn’t help that once we were on the plane, it was packed, with people putting their bags up in the overhead lockers before they’d let people past.

Tyler’s strong grip around my waist loosened as a man let him in front before I fell over his foot that was stuck out into the walkway.

“Move your foot, man.” Tyler helped me up and we quickly moved up to First class away from all the hustle and bustle of economy.

“Everything okay?” He asked and not a moment later, I felt my eyes stinging with tears.

Tyler tried to calm me as the air hostesses went through the safety meeting, and through turbulence but I wouldn’t stop crying. Thankfully everyone else in first class had either their headphones on or were asleep so I wasnt disturbing anyone but Tyler and the crew.

“Hey gorgeous, come here…” He said as the plane stabilized and I climbed into his lap. I’d kicked off my shoes and felt the soft fabric of his hoodie under my fingers and my toes as I curled up into him.

“I don’t know why I’m crying-”

“That fucking man, I swear to God-” He swore which made me laugh.

“I’m sorry-”

“Shh, don’t be…” He kissed the top of my head as he loosened my ponytail, running a hand through my hair.

“I don’t deserve you…”

“Yes you do, all of me… just close your eyes baby.”

I did as he spoke to me, telling me about things he and his mom did growing up, how she sacrificed so much for him to do hockey… and his sisters.

“Are your sisters going to be there?”

“On Sunday, Mom’s cooking lunch.”

“I can’t wait to meet them, hear all their stories about little Tyler…”

“Just you wait till I meet your parents and your brothers…”

“My brothers will best you up.”

“I can take them.” He chuckled, kissing the side of my head as I began to sniffle, the tears disappearing as quickly as they had arrived but my puffy cheeks not so much.

“Watch a film with me…” He said as he started poking buttons on the screen in front of him.

“There’s an hour left of the flight, T… what film lasts an hour? Why don’t we watch some hockey-”


“That’s what I said, isn’t it?”

I clicked some buttons and soon enough a recent game came up on the screen, Leafs vs. Bruins.

“Oh Matthews-” Tyler whispered beside me, “Marns… Freds… Mo-”

“What are you saying?” I whispered in response.

“You’d never be able to watch a game with me…”

“Good, I only want to watch you.”

He smirked, kissing my cheek… “I cannot wait to get you home, baby…”

“Well, I can’t wait to get off this fucking plane.”

Tyler squeezed my hips as we both watched the game, sharing headphones between us.

Soon enough they announced that the plane was landing and I moved to my seat, still latching onto Tyler’s hand.

“My car’s in the long-stay car park, I’ll get it whilst you clean up?” Tyler suggested, kissing both puffy eyes as he dragged both our suitcases away.

I threw my handbag over my shoulder and went to the bathroom, splashing cold water on my face before re-doing my makeup.

Just as I was about to leave the bathroom, my phone started buzzing with a call from Ebony.

“Oh hey Ebs, what’s going on?” I asked, she never called out of work hours unless there was an emergency, Annaïs was always the one to call out of hours. This had only happened twice before, now three times.

“You might want to check Cosmo, right now…”


“Hmm… and Sportsnet and Hello! and Daily Mail and-”

“Cosmo first?”

“Technically Vogue but…”


“Hmm… it’s about you.”


“Some intern wrote an article about you and how you were dating Tyler… now it’s all over the news and your pictures are everywhere.”

I was very picky with what pictures of me went out on the internet, incase of job interviews and such. I had my instagram, and I was on a few other people’s but had never really been snapped by paparazzi or people in public, so when I saw a photo of me holding his hand as we walked through the streets of New York, it was surreal.

There were more pictures- us at the wedding, us playing golf with Jamie and Katie, tonnes of pictures of us in New York, now there were ones of us at the airport too.

I raced out the bathroom towards the exit, where I noticed Tyler waving through the car windscreen.

I looked down at my phone, jaw dropping as I saw an article Ebony had just sent me, titled,


I felt myself get very hot as I walked over to Tyler.

It wasn’t like I knew it wasn’t going to come out, Tyler and I weren’t exactly discreet about being in a relationship, but we’d never announced it. I felt like someone had invaded my privacy and it was totally out my control.

I dropped my phone on the tarmac beside the car, smashing the corner, but I hardly noticed it through my teary eyes.

“What happened?”

“Tyler…” I handed him my phone.

“You don’t seriously care about this? It’s only a little crack-”

“TYLER!” I cried, my head now in my hands. I was shaking and it felt like it would never stop.

“I’m driving home now, baby… okay…” He said, “We are not doing this in a parking lot-”

The drive was long, especially as I wouldn’t stop fidgeting, my whole body shaking with anxiety as I closed my eyes and hoped the whole world would cave in.

We arrived at Tyler’s waterside house, and I was still sobbing… so much for the makeup I’d just fixed.

“Out the car, come on.” Tyler said as he hopped out. I unlocked the door and slid out, Tyler easily picking me up and carrying me into his cottage.

“I want you to tell me what’s wrong…”

“There are pictures of us all over, T…”

“Where? What pictures?”

“Just all our pictures… some random people took photos of us and now they’re on magazines and people are commenting and-”

Tyler laughed.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Because you are…”

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you are.” He continued to laugh and soon enough I was laughing too. Tyler shook his head as he kissed my forehead, “In all of the photos you look hot and I’m sure there are all these articles jealous of how I got such an amazing woman… all those men sitting behind their screens and-”

“Its not just about the photos, T… they invaded our privacies.”

“Did you think people wouldn’t find out?”

“I mean, eventually, but when we told them.”

“That’s not how celebrity life works, baby.”

“But we’re not celebrities…”

“I am, and so are you. You think people don’t know who you are? You have a Wikipedia page for god sake…”

I rolled my eyes, “You searched me up?”

“The night I first met you… once you left Luke came over apologising for a Miss Wilson… so I looked you up.”

“You’re a creep.” I shook my head.

“Yeah, but you’re dating that creep, so what does that make you?”

“A victim.”

Tyler laughed, pressing a hot kiss to my lips, “We can’t change it now… I know it makes you nervous, but now it means I can show you off however I like-”


“I mean, now when I go around people will know I have a beautiful girlfriend without me having to tell them, it’s easy isn’t it?”

“You’re crazy.”

“So are you.” He chuckled, kissing the side of my face, “Now, is it bad that I really want to fuck you… like now…”

“It would only be bad if I really didn’t want to fuck you… which is never…”

“Fucking hell-” He swore, kissing my lips again, hands running through my hair like he ran through his own.

“In the kitchen?” I asked, a little shocked.

“I want you on every surface… anywhere… anytime-”

“Oh god, I’m dating a horny teenager.”

He smirked, peeling off my blazer and blouse, placing them up on the coat hook close to where we were standing.

“I dont have time to fold them…” He sighed.

“We have all the time in the world…”

“Not if I want you now.”

I blushed, peeling away his hoodie and t-shirt underneath. His hands went to cup my boobs that were held up by my mustard I.D. Sarrieri lacy bustier.

“Oh god… I didn’t get to appreciate the place last time…” He whispered as he pressed tiny kisses to my expose boobs, biting lightly along the seam of the bustier.

I bit my lip hard as he squeezed my boobs before unbuttoning my suit trousers. Underneath I wore a matching mustard lace thong- I couldn’t help but shake my butt at Tyler who released a guttural groan at my little dance.

He kissed me harder now, grinding my hips against his as his hands squeezed the skin of my butt so hard I’m sure there would be bruises in the morning… even the thought of that turned me on.

“Your turn, Seguin.”

His surname rolled off my tongue so easily, and I quickly got to work pulling down his jeans that weren’t belted and tugging at his socks for them to be off.

His cock was already bulging through the fabric and I smirked up at him before kneeling down in front of him and tugging his boxers down to his ankles.

He stepped out of them quickly, hard cock brushing against my cheek which made him shudder. My hand gingerly touched the base of his cock, and my tongue licked the small droplets of pre-cum that were already forming at the tip.

“Rachel…” He sighed as I pumped my hand up and down his dick, smiling up at him as he threw his head back.

“You want me to?”

“Of course, baby…”

I licked the tip again before taking the first half of his shaft into my mouth, loving the sensation of him. He was mine- mine mine mine… and I love it.

Tyler’s hands moved into my hair, guiding me further and further down onto his dick. The tip of his dick hit the back of my throat and I gagged, Tyler immediately twitching inside of me.

“Fuck Rachel…” He swore, and I made the noise again as the tip hit the back of my throat. I hollowed my cheeks as best I could and released his dick with a satisfying pop before jerking my hand up and down at lightning speed.

Soon enough he was coming, and I licked it all off, kissing Tyler once I’d stood back on my feet, so he could taste his orgasm. He did this to me, so I would do it to him.

“Hungry?” Tyler asked as he heard my stomach rumble lightly. I gave him a quick nod and he pulled his boxers up before leading me into the kitchen.


“Hmm, this is my summer house.”

“Your summer house?”

“I dont exactly need a winter house in Toronto when I stay with my mom for Christmas and I’m in Dallas the rest of the year…”

“I suppose, so you come here every summer?”

“Hmm and then we go up to Cape O'Connor Bay sometimes too… me and the boys- you too if you want to?”

“Cape O'Connor Bay, is that in Canada?’

"Hmm, up north… about an 8 hour drive. We take my pickup truck and shove everything in the boot. Boys drive up in their own cars and we stay at my lodge there.”

“You have a lodge there too?”

“9.85 million a year baby…”

“I guess we are pretty rich, eh?”

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