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‘Sti due “sconosciuti da una vita” compiono gli anni oggi! 😂😂😂

Bette Midler e Woody Allen che spengono rispettivamente 75 e 85 candeline 🎂🎈

Potrei citarli in tanti film, ma Lady Midler mi perdonerà se sono in fissa con Hocus Pocus. Lo stesso per Woody Allen che, avrà pure vinto l'Oscar, ma io tengo un vera dipendenza per Tutti Dicono I Love You… anche se più recente ho amato alla follia Midnight In Paris!

Happy Birthday!

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Okay, my Tiny and I have been watching a show together. Once, it was My Little Pony, then She-Ra (hence that one She-Ra fic I wrote When the Bow Breaks) and Glitch Techs, all of which were far better than I expected them to be.

This year, we are working our way through the seasons of Just Add Magic. It’s actually amazing. It’s all the best parts of a prime time soap - all the bad parts, Ratatouille + Hocus Pocus…all perfectly fine for any age. And it has Dee Wallace (SPN’s dear Mildred) and a few other familiar faces. I’ve been really impressed. We are watching it on Amazon Prime. I don’t know if there is any other way to watch it. I thought I should pass that along in case any parents were looking for something they can watch and actually enjoy with their kids.

I expected a campy dumb kids show and got Desperate Housewives with a G rating: Just Add Magic.


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