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I am well aware that this is a very old and probably discredited meme, but I got to thinking about what houses the first season Archivist team would have been sorted into.

Jon Sims:  A Ravenclaw.  The most Ravenclaw student to ever be sorted into that house.  The quest for knowledge has driven him since the very beginning and overridden everything else including his common sense and sense of self-preservation. He is so much a Ravenclaw that he makes Hermione Granger herself look like a slacker.

Martin Blackwood:  Most people would probably classify him as a Hufflepuff, but I think I’d put him in Slytherin.  The connection with the Web aside, he managed to get a job at the Institute with a bogus resume and did well enough that if Jon hadn’t found the letter, he could have kept it up indefinitely.

Sasha James:  Her, I would put in Gryffindor.  She tangled with the Distortion and was actually annoyed when Jon thought she should go home for the day because she was injured.  She was able to tease Jon and Martin even while she was helping pry the worms out of their arms and legs, and the only reason she fled the Archive during Jane Prentiss’s attack was to go get help.

Tim Stoker:  I would classify Tim as a Hufflepuff.  The fandom basically has him pegged as the Team Mom, but my take on this comes from that most of the issues he had with Jon in the second and third season were because of the impression that Jon’s mental health was deteriorating, and that he felt like Jon had betrayed him.  And of course, his death was an act of self-sacrifice to avenge his brother.

If you guys disagree, let me know what you think.

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aight so i’ve been reading some harry/ron fanfic and they’ve just got me thinking


we can all agree that the whole “emotional range of a teaspoon” is hella wrong and that Ron is probably the most emotionally mature of the golden trio.

Hermione is logical and analytical and doesn’t have time for emotions or listening to her heart. she’ll go with her brain, every time.

Harry on the other hand has the time for emotions but has no fucking clue how to process them. *cough* HBP

so when Ron and Harry get together the summer before their fifth year–much to the surprise of no one–Ron has a little teaching to do.

Harry has strong morals; he is guided by his sense of right and wrong, we know this. but these feelings of righteousness and the need to fix things that are wrong are powerful feelings, easily overruling anything else.

Harry hasn’t had time to think about his softer feelings: liking someone, navigating how to handle yourself when you find out you have feelings for them, especially when you’re around them.

so naturally when Harry starts to wonder if how he feels about his best friend is normal for most best friends, he immediately shut it down.

Voldemort is back for Christ’s sake, he doesn’t have time to think about having a crush.

but when Harry rescues from the lake in the second task Ron has a moment of contemplation. he was the person Harry would miss the most?

at first Ron couldn’t believe it, but when he thought about it a little more, it actually made sense. Harry was his best friend, and he didn’t have a family like Ron did to have the strong emotional attachment to.

but then Ron thinks about it more and puts himself in Harry’s shoes. who would he miss the most? there was his family, of course, but in these past years Harry had definitely moved up in Ron’s chain of importance. and why was that?

Ron took a couple weeks to contemplate just what his feelings towards Harry were. He knew he loved him, but Harry was his friend, so that was it, right? He knew he missed Harry when he wasn’t around him, and he’d probably follow Harry just about anywhere. He knew he trusted Harry with his life.

But all of this didn’t feel like it really encompassed everything Ron felt for Harry. There was this feeling, this warmth that spread in his chest that didn’t quite match up with what he would expect to feel for his best friend.

He was ardently protective of Harry, too. But again, it was different than the protection he felt for his siblings or Hermione.

Now, Ron figured out he was bisexual when he was 13 and realized that he was the only boy he knew who fawned over Victor Krum in the way that he did.

So Ron took that information, and took the feelings he got when he thought of Harry and realized there was a pretty good chance he was harboring feelings for his best friend.

He took a few days to watch Harry, to see how he should go about telling him, and wondered if maybe Harry felt the same way.

Since the second task Harry had gone a bit more quiet, his interactions with Ron a bit shorter and he avoided eye contact. Ron wanted to do something about it but he wasn’t sure what.

He may have known how to handle his emotions, but acting on them, that was an entirely different story.

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( this is kinda short but i didn’t have time to work on it to much today. hope you like it anyways xoxo -Ally)


Originally posted by winter-and-zombies

  • George is not his brother 
  • And that was the first thing you noticed about him
  • They all said Fred and George 
  • So you called them George and Fred
  • They looked different too
  • George had a dip on the top of his nose from where you guessed he had broken it at a young age
  • And his eyelashes were longer
  • But being able to tell them apart made a big difference when you started to date George
  • Because you were the first one who didn’t accidentally kiss his brother 
  • He loved when you would wear his clothes 
  • Seeing you in your first Weasley jumper made him almost shake with joy 
  • He loved seeing you in it because it made him feel like the rest of his family had accepted you into the heard 
  • He loved you with all his heart 
  • You were everything to him
  • And he made sure that you know that 
  • Whatever makes you happy you would have 
  • He would shower you with affection 
  • Ether in public or private whatever makes you more comfortable
  • If you are on the quidditch team he keeps an extra eye out for you 
  • He makes you feel loved 
  • And that is all he ever wants you to feel
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the marauders fighting death eaters

sirius, whispering: i think he’s angry

james, whispering back: what makes you think he’s angry?

sirius, even more quietly: you can tell his mood by his hands. for example, right now he’s pointing a wand at us violently, so i don’t think he’s very happy to see us

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A/N: Hey guys! I’ve had many people tell me to write another instalment of Twins so here it is. I’m not super proud of it cause I just wrote it while not doing my work in Maths. But anyway here it is.

Warnings: Swearing as usual.

Here’s the link to part one

‘Oi mate, you okay?’ Fred asked as George walked toward the two of you.

‘Yep.’ He smiled as he brushed his hair out of his eyes. It was true. He did look a lot more happy today. He had been very upset the past few weeks so seeing him happy made you happy too.

‘What’s got you smiling?’ You asked as the three of you walked toward the Gryffindor common room.

‘What (Y/N)? May I not smile when I am in the presence of the only person who will ever compare to me?’ He laughed.

‘I can’t tell if you mean me or them.’ Fred laughed. ‘I mean, I’m sure that you mean me but still.’

‘Of course I’m not talking about them! You are the only person who will ever be on the same plane of excellence as me dear brother.’

You rolled your eyes at the two of them and moved over to your friend.

‘Hey Katie!’ You grinned at her. She looked taken aback.

‘Oh, uh… h-hey (Y/N)…’ She mumbled nervously. You raised an eyebrow at her nervous demeanour.

‘What’s wrong?’ You asked her. Was she mad at you? Had you done something to make her mad at you? You couldn’t remember doing anything to upset her.

‘I- uh…’ She stammered nervously.

‘Hey love.’ George murmured to her as he kissed her on the cheek. You were confused. You knew that was George and not Fred but since when were the two of them together?

‘O-oh.’ You muttered. ‘You two are…?’

‘Y-yeah.’ She stammered back.

‘Is there something wrong with Georgie getting some?’ Fred asked, taking your hand in his. You laughed at your boyfriend and shook your head.

~The Next Week~

During the week you had been seeing George and Katie together acting all cute and coupleish. You weren’t sure why, but it bothered you. You really didn’t know why. It wasn’t your life. Your friends had the right to live however they wanted and you had a wonderful boyfriend yourself. So why on earth did this bother you.

You were eating lunch when suddenly Katie sat down beside you in a huff. You looked up, confused.

‘Dude. Are you okay?’ You asked. She immediately scowled upon hearing your voice.

‘Your boyfriend is a total asshole.’ She glared. You were confused. When had she been talking to Fred?

‘Fred?’ You asked.

‘UGH. FRED, GEORGE! WHO FUCKING CARES!’ She hollered, causing many students to look up.

‘Katie what happened?’ You asked, after dragging your friend away from the prying eyes of the other students.

‘George just t-told me that he was only ever d-dating me to get to you and s-since that had obviously worked, he no longer n-needed to date me.’ She whimpered.

This left you stunned. You had no idea what to do. Well you thought that that was the case but you started to leave.

‘(Y/N)?’ She asked after you, but you kept walking.

‘Which one are you?’ You said through gritted teeth to the first twin you saw. You could normally tell the two of them apart but not when you were mad. The red haired twin smirked at you and simply said:


Your anger grew stronger upon the confirmation and you had to use all your strength to stop yourself from punching him.


George stood there not believing what had just happened. He did feel awful for what he did and he regretted it. He knew that you wouldn’t stay mad at him forever but you had been mad at him before and you could stay made for a while.

~Two Weeks Later~

‘(Y/N)?’ You heard a familiar voice ask as you were packing up your cauldron. You turned, unimpressed towards the brother of your boyfriend.

‘Make it quick.’ You said, not wanting to talk to him. He moved towards you but you took a step back.

‘I’m really sorry (Y/N). I’m the fucking worst.’ He sighed.

‘You’re damn right you are.’ You replied, not batting an eyelid. He sighed.

‘But I apologised to Katie. I let her slap me as well. Fred yelled at me and then we cried together. You’re the last person I need to talk to. I acted like an idiotic bed-swerver and I don’t deserve to live.’ He smiled half-heartedly. ‘I never should have tried to come between you and my brother. I just- No. There’s no way that I can rationalise my behaviour. I just… please forgive me?’

You sighed. On one hand you still wanted to throw him off of the tallest tower in the entirety of Hogwarts and then drown him in the black lake, but on the other hand you still cared about him a huge amount and if you and Fred stayed together he would be a huge part of your life.

‘I… Forgive you.’ You said begrudgingly.

The two of you smiled and walked back to the common room together. 


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Ravenclaw: *makes a pun*

Slytherin: *face palming and contemplating disowning ravenclaw*

Ravenclaw: *cackling* you love me,,,, remember; you love me

Slytherin, grimacing: … I do….. I really do….

For anyone wondering, we were watching Kungfu panda, and I said “well, he was Tai-d up for a lung time” (the antagonists name is Tai Lung)

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Harry Potter mood boards A-Z

T - Tonks 

“I was never a prefect myself,” said Tonks brightly from behind Harry as everybody moved toward the table to help themselves to food. Her hair was tomato-red and waist length today; she looked like Ginny’s older sister. “My Head of House said I lacked certain necessary qualities.” “Like what?” said Ginny, who was choosing a baked potato. “Like the ability to behave myself,” said Tonks. 

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