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Sorting Sonic Characters Into Hogwarts Houses- Part 6 of 6

Chip- Hufflepuff

Chip, a forgotten yet likable character from Sonic Unleashed, could not be more of a Hufflepuff as he has the house all over his personality. He’s obsessed with food, is loyal to the core to his friends, wants justice in protecting the world, and works hard to find out who he is as he’s lost memory.

Mephilis- Slyterian

The villain from Sonic 06 is another big Slyterin. He uses cunning tricks and strong ambition to achieve his goals in awakening another monster and destroying a kingdom.

Elise- Gryffindor

Princess Elise from Sonic 06 is for sure a Gryffindor like her teacher even though shes the damsel in distress (sorry, I don’t like this girl). She’s very brave and does some pretty daring things (by daring, stupid).

Tikal- Hufflepuff

Tikal is very loyal and just, making her perfect for Hufflepuff. She hates conflict and violence, only wanting peace for everyone.

Chaos- Slyterin

Chaos, the big monster from Sonic Adventures, is very resourceful and determined despite being used by others a lot. That thing would be a good Slyterin.

Big- Hufflepuff

As much as it gets in my nerves to admit that this annoying character would be a hufflepuff. As much as he gets under my skin, he is strong in having big qualities of the house like loyalty and patience.


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Sorting Sonic Characters Into Hogwarts Houses- Part 5 of 6

Infinite- Slyterin

The side villain from Sonic Forces would definitely be a Slyterin. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals and power alongside Eggman in a takeover.

Omega- Slyterin

Here’s another robot character and Slyterin one that isn’t bad. He’s got ambition, but uses it to help those who have reprogrammed him that aren’t so evil.

Orbot- Hufflepuff

Yes, this robot and his co robot are actually soft hufflepuffs. They are very loyal to each other and stick with their creator Eggman even though they aren’t that for him.

Cubot- Hufflepuff

The same can be said about Cubot and his house than can be with Orbot. He’s got a differently personality and is more clueless, but the two robots are still quite similar.

Mighty- Gryffindor

Not much is known about Mighty, but he would most likely me a Gryffindor. He does seem to be quit brave and daring in what he does in Sonic Mania.

Ray- Hufflepuff

Not much is known about Ray either, but he seems to be a Hufflepuff. He seems to be quit loyal and accepting in what he does in Sonic Mania.


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Sorting Sonic Characters Into Hogwarts Houses- Part 4 of 6

Maria- Hufflepuff

Some might think she was a Gryffindor because of her brave sacrifice, but Maria was a loyal Hufflepuff to her grandfather and best friend Shadow in giving up her life. She was also very just and accepting while alive.

Sticks- Gryffindor

Sticks is definitely a daring Gryffindor. She’s willing to do whatever she thinks is right and is a brave, wild girl others think is nuts.

Tangle- Gryffindor

Tangle is another Gryffindor girl who is full of chivary. She’s willing to fight to protect her village, longs for adventure, and makes a friend in quiet Whisper.

Whisper- Ravenclaw

Whisper may be different than her best friend, but she’s got her own awesome qualities as a Ravenclaw. She’s definitely smart and creative, even if quiet about it.

Sally- Ravenclaw

We’ve got another Ravenclaw girl here. This character is very computer smart and uses her intelligence in order to get things done.

Cosmo- Hufflepuff

Some people may have forgotten about this character, but Cosmo was a loyal Hufflepuff though and through who like Maria gave her life for her friends. She had a strong sense of justice in wanting to make things better.

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Sorting Sonic Characters Into Hogwarts Houses- Part 3 of 6

Vector- Hufflepuff

He may not look like one, but Vector is a soft hearted Hufflepuff. He’s very loyal to his friends, works hard as a detective, and uses justice to solve cases while being a little too friendly at some times.

Espio- Ravenclaw

Espio would be in a different house than the rest of Team Choatix as he is definitely more intelligent than the rest of them. He’s a creative Ravenclaw who uses his skills both to be a detective and fight as a ninja.

Charmy- Hufflepuff

Charmy would end up in the same house as Vector as they are both friendly, naive Hufflepuffs. He’s definitely loyal and just.

Jet- Slyterin

It makes sense that the cunning leader of the Babylon Rouges would be a Slyterin. Jet is willing to do what it takes to get whenever he sets his mind to done.

Wave- Ravenclaw

Wave would be in Ravenclaw as the stronger thinker in the group. She’s definitely smarter than the boys she works with.

Storm- Hufflepuff

Believe or not, not every Hufflepuff would be a hero. This dull in the brain anti hero is most definitely loyal and diligent when it comes to his team.


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Sorting Sonic Characters Into Hogwarts Houses- Part 2 of 6

Rouge- Slyterin

Rouge could not fit any better in any other house. She is the pure definition of being ambitious and cunning which she uses to steal jewels and get her way in situations.

Shadow- Slyterin

Shadow like his sort of friend above would also be a Slyterin. He uses his ambition and resourcefulness to try to avenge his best friend but ultimately team up for good also for his best friend who sadly lost her life.

Silver- Hufflepuff

Silver is a hufflepuff though and through with his justice for his people and loyalty towards his friends. Sure he’s brave as well, but these qualities stand out above that.

Blaze- Gryffindor

Blaze also shares some traits with her best friend Silver, but she her bravery and delivery stands out a long with her desire to protect everyone and use her powers to keep them safe.

Cream- Hufflepuff

Come on, Cream is for sure fluffy hearted Hufflepuff. Literally her main traits are how gentle and loyal she is towards everyone and how she is accepting towards them no matter how different they are.

Cheese- Hufflepuff

Cheese is pretty much shares the same qualities as Cream and would be right by her side in the same house. He’s the pure definition of loyal when it comes to besties.


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Sorting Sonic Characters Into Hogwarts Houses- Part 1 of 6

Sonic- Gryffindor

Sonic is the equivalent of brave and daring, not to mention often reckless for what he thinks is right. Can’t picture him in any house but Gryffindor.

Dr. Eggman- Ravenclaw

Not all villains are in Slyterin, as this one proves well. Eggman is very creative and intelligent in terms of technology and robots, so he would fit right into Ravenclaw.

Tails- Ravenclaw

Tails is very intelligent and creative, so he’s be perfect for Ravenclaw. He’s only a child and her can come up with super creative inventions and is great at fixing machines.

Knuckles- Gryffindor

Knuckles is totally different than Sonic, but bravery, chivalry, and the desire to what he thinks are right are some of his strongest qualities as well. He would also do great in Gryffindor house.

Amy- Slyterin

Not all Slyterins are bad, and Amy is proof of that. While she can use her ambition for her obsessive crush on Sonic at times, she also uses it for more noble things like helping her friends and fighting bad guys.

Metal Sonic- Slyterin

This may be a robot, but he’s full of ambition and will use being cunning to serve his master and take on the enemy he was designed after yet is totally different from. Sonic may be Gryffindor, but his robot counterpart is of the house of Slyterin.

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Hogwarts houses according to my lockdown moods

Gryffindor: My bed is warm and cozy and I haven’t left the house in weeks… is the world still standing?

Hufflepuff: I do not know what day of the week it is, but I can tell you what tasks I have done and which still need to be done ^-^

Ravenclaw: lecture hall? Fuck that. Online class all the way…multitasking heaven *-*

Slytherin: Masks are amazing and if I see you not wearing on I’m gonna judge you so bad

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*on a mission*

Hufflepuff: ok, who’s turn is it to give the pep talk?

Gryffindor, rolling their eyes: Slytherin’s.

Slytherin: Fuck shit up out there and don’t die

Ravenclaw, wiping away a tear: Inspirational

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What do we think Andrew’s Hogwarts house is????

I think hes a Ravenclaw…but I also think hes a bit of a Hufflepuff…

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Ooh. I used to love that show back in the day (still would, but it’s not streaming anywhere that I’m aware of) and watched all 20 seasons in about a 4 year period. Now, it’s been a long time since I’ve watched it, and I don’t remember ALL the characters that well, but I’ll hazard a guess…

Law & Order: Jack (Gryffindor, and the only one whose secondary I am sure of – Slytherin Secondary, he will adapt on a dime and run with a new approach in the courtroom, all in the service of getting the bad guy), Abbie (Ravenclaw), Jamie (Gryffindor), Claire (Hufflepuff). Rey (Gryffindor), Lennie (Slytherin - hurt by betrayal, he never betrays another cop/friend), Ed (Hufflepuff), Anita (Ravenclaw).

L&O: SVU: Olivia (Gryffindor), Eliot (hmm, not sure, Gryffindor?), Fin (Gryffindor), Munch (Ravenclaw).

L&O: Criminal Intent: Robert (Gryffindor), Eames (Hufflepuff).

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Ravenclaw: So basically my plan for dealing with pretty much anything this month is just no sleep, drink lots of coffee and hope that the power of love can get me through it all.

Slytherin: Do you take constructive criticism?

Ravenclaw: Not without crying.

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Slytherin: Sir, I’m colourblind, I didn’t see the red light.

Officer: Okay, but that doesn’t explain the dead body in the back seat.

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Hogwarts houses as contestants on The Bachelor:

Gryffindor: “I’m looking for someone to go on life’s adventures with”

Ravenclaw: “I’m looking for someone who I can connect with on a deeper level.”

Slytherin: “I’m here to find love. I’m not here to make friends.”

Hufflepuff: “I’m only here to make friends.”

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It’s amazing, like removing a lense we thought would help us see the world only then to find life crisper and more intricate without it, when we look at people without the lense of limited qualities. Whether it’s personality tests, horoscopes, the color code, love languages, whatever they are, they never tell the full story.

I’ll use Hogwarts Houses as my example.

My brother is a Gryfindor, his wife is a Slytherin. They’re raising a baby together who will never ever have to question whether or not his parents love each other or him.

I’m a Ravenclaw, and my best friend is a Hufflepuff. In her case, she sometimes struggles with anxiety, yet when it comes down to it she has the heart of a lion, the wit and cunning of a fox, the intellect of a scholar, and the warmth of purest intent. And I there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to protect each other.

We miss those facets if we only look at the colors on our badges *ahem* *looking at you J.K. Rowling*

We’re people, infinitely vast, and deeply complex. We deserve more than limiting labels.

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Hufflepuff: I sure showed those guys, huh?

Hufflepuff: Did you see how uncomfortable they got when I started crying?

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How is Heat Working?

Slytherin: Gryf?

Gryffindor: Sly

Slytherin: if I’m always cold…wouldn’t that mean I’m always a warmer temperature than what is around me? If it is cold and I’m cold naturally, then shouldn’t it feel like my normal temperature?

Gryffindor: Sly-

Slytherin: also, how can the temperature make me feel colder than it? It should only feel cold till I become that temperature. Ice doesn’t get colder than the freezer. Boiling water doesn’t get hotter than the fire heating it. Why can I get colder than the temperature around me? That doesn’t make any sense!

Gryffindor: right but-

Slytherin: or you! You always are warm so the temperature should feel freezing to you since you are warmer than it by a lot and it has a huge temperature difference but you don’t even mind it! It’s not fair

Gryffindor: you are not fair

Slytherin: *looks to Gryffindor with a raised eyebrow* excuse me?

Gryffindor: ….

Slytherin: ….Gryf?

Gryffindor: you literally need to pause and breath. I have no idea…. we should ask Ravenclaw

Slytherin: …. why didn’t I do that in the first place?

Gryffindor: because you aren’t smart

Slytherin: …. yeah, fair enough

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