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#hogwarts houses
Hufflepuff: Gryffindor and Slytherin are screaming and shouting outside, don’t you think you should do something?
Ravenclaw: You're right, I should.
Ravenclaw: *closes the window*
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calummss · 2 days ago
Harry Potter Headcanon: Being Harry Potter’s Twin Would Include:
requested by: @luvlesabyy
a/n: not really happy with this but hope you enjoy nonetheless :)
Tumblr media
annie lily potter, is what i imagine your name to be…
harry would be born minutes earlier and hold it over your head for eternity
‘i’m older than you so i should decide.’
harry is a copy and paste version of james except for his mothers eyes, whilst you look exactly like lily with james’ eyes
the day of voldemort’s return, harry got the scar on his forehead whilst he targeted your eye
hence why you got a small bolt like scar across your eye (it looks cool)
voldemort didn’t know which child would fulfill the prophecy so he targeted you both
when both of your parent’s died that night you were set out on your uncle’s doorstep
you both grew up with uncle vernon, petunia, and dudley
which was literally the worst time of your life
whilst harry slept under the stairs, you were forced to sleep on the couch every night
most of your childhood was spent cleaning the house
and when that one letter arrived your whole life changed
you remember walking through diagon alley with hagrid and harry, looking at all the unfamiliar things that were kept away from you
hagrid bought you your first pet which was a black cat
you were literally over the moon
when you met hermione one the train whilst hunting down the food trolley you were skeptical at first but came around quick to like her
you, harry, ron, and hermione got along quick and shared the way to the great hall where you were sorted into your houses
all of you made gryffindor which all made you very happy
and your face when you had your first feast at the sorting ceremony…
your face was priceless
hogwarts felt like home to you the second you set foot in the castle
but the fact that every year something was trying to kill you or harry felt very odd
you’re very daring and brave, taking shit from absolutely no one
stupid question? you’ll get a stupid answer
you never understood why snape hated harry so much but was more lenient of you
took you three years to figure it out
you’re very good at spells and have all of them memorised, from pronunciation to wand movement
when professor lupin joins hogwarts you instantly had a connection
and when you find out about the drama with lupin, sirius, and peter pettigrew, you feel like your trust has been broken
after lupin leaves hogwarts you’re still in touch with him and decided to move into his place
he buys you all your school supplies etc.
during the triwizard tournament you befriend fleur seeing her sitting alone after the second task
you comfort her and tell her that it’s all right
when she leaves with the rest of the school she placed a crumpled piece of paper in your hand with her phone number
and a few years later you attended her wedding
when snape takes over the school you go into hiding, you weren’t embarrassed to be a half blood but you wanted to survive to tell the story
the battle of hogwarts is a night you really don’t want to think about
but at the end everything worked out and your alive and well
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fantastic-nonsense · 17 hours ago
Where would you sort the Batfamily?
So I actually answered this years ago, back when I'd read a lot fewer comics and knew the characters much less well than I currently do, and yet I still managed to peg the majority of them with the same sortings that I would give them now. That being said, I've changed my mind on one or two of them (notably Tim) and changed my reasoning for my choices for a couple more (even if the sorting choice itself remained the same), so here's my full sorting opinions. This response got super long, so I'm putting my explanations along with comic panels for reference under the cut.
tl;dr core Batfam sortings: "Jason, Tim, and Steph are Gryffindors. Dick and Cass are Hufflepuffs (but both are basically hatstalls between Slytherin and Gryffindor, respectively). Barbara and Duke are Ravenclaws. Bruce and Damian are the family's resident Slytherins."
Bonus sortings (which have no further explanation):
Helena Bertinelli is probably a Gryffindor, both because she's the type of person who would have asked the Hat to put her there and because so many of her actions over the years have been informed by a deep yearning to be brave and move past the trauma she endured as a child, but you could also make a really solid case for Slytherin (which purpleladyofthenight has done here).
Kate Kane is also a Gryffindor. She wears her heart on her sleeve, chases risks, and unapologetically refuses to hide who she is or compromise her own values for the sake of advancing her own interests (see: getting discharged from the Army because she refused to deny being a lesbian).
Talia al Ghul's a Hufflepuff who's been traumatized so much she now behaves like a Slytherin out of self-preservation. Basically her entire characterization pre-Death and the Maidens was centered around loyalty, love, and honesty; the tension between her love and loyalty to her father and her love and loyalty to Bruce informed most of her actions until the LexCorp era. Unfortunately, she was forced to gaslight gatekeep girlboss her way out of repeated instances of brutalization, exploitation, and abandonment, which gives her the veneer of being a cunning, ambitious Slytherin while hiding most of the Hufflepuff heart she showcased for decades (this is my attempt at an in-universe explanation for Grant Morrison's character assassination).
Selina Kyle's a Slytherin who would have also done extraordinarily well in Hufflepuff. She's a brilliant, out-of-the-box thinker who has no issues ruthlessly exploiting the weaknesses of terrible people for personal gain, and ultimately she's an incredibly prideful woman who values her own resourcefulness and independence above most other things (a consequence of her childhood and adolescence), but she's also motivated by a deep-rooted sense of fairness and a desperate desire to protect those around her.
Alfred and Gordon are both Ravenclaws. I feel like Gordon is fairly self-explanatory. Alfred (despite being a character who you could make a solid case for belonging to any House) is as much characterized by his pragmatism, wit, and creative problem-solving as he is by his tireless care for and loyal protectiveness of his charges. Ex-intelligence spec ops, former actor, and accomplished scientific botanist (he breeds roses), Alfred wears a lot of hats that point to a wide and varied love of various intellectual pursuits. While his role within the Batfamily suggests Hufflepuff, his personality, hobbies, and skillset all say Ravenclaw.
Explanations for the core Batfam sortings follow:
The Boys:
Bruce: I think you could probably make a solid case for Ravenclaw depending on which interpretation of Bruce's character you go with, but in general he's pretty much Slytherin's poster boy. Local rich man traumatized as a child looks at Gotham and thinks "I'm going to personally wage an extrajudicial war on crime by becoming a vigilante and stopping enough crime to get my NYC-sized city to 'absolute zero' murders?" Ambitious, determined, prideful, resourceful, and self-reliant. He's a snake.
Tumblr media
"I'd like to point out that the number of murdered innocent souls has been dropping since hte night you rang the bell and put on the cowl." "One year, soon, it will be zero. Absolute zero."
Dick: Hufflepuff, but like...not for the reasons people stereotypically put him in Hufflepuff, if that makes sense? It is not, in fact, because of his fanon happy-go-lucky and family-oriented personality that I put him there, but because Dick is the epitome of "have I done enough [for those I love and everyone else around me]?" His iron-clad morality and his deep sense of personal justice inform basically everything he does; he pretty much orients his self-identity around it (and threats to this identity threaten his emotional state...during the Blockbuster arc and its aftermath, for example). Also, Dick's manipulative workaholic tendencies are largely because he can't turn off the part of his brain that's oriented towards helping others (in his most self-righteous moments, manipulating them or hiding things from them is his way of helping them, saving them, or trying to get things done). He's been through so much pain and suffering, only to come out the other side as a fundamentally kind person who very purposefully works to cultivate relationships with his family/friends and believe the best of people (even when he's immensely frustrated with them and acts like an asshole). And, as others have pointed out:
Tumblr media
"Brave, unselfish, utterly kind"/"Always confident, always kind, always cool"/"Next to Superman, Dick Grayson is that one guy alive that every other crime fighter trusts." -Return of Donna Troy #2/Nightwing (2016) #9/Brave and the Bold (2007) #15
Dick's pretty universally trusted and respected by the superhero community because of those traits.
Note: I barely resisted sorting Dick into Slytherin, because Bruce and Dick are actually a lot alike (most people don't want to admit this), and a lot of the qualities they have in common orient Dick towards Slytherin in the same way they do Bruce (you can see here for a more in-depth explanation on this from thebatmanfiles, who did sort Dick into Slytherin). However, The Hat doesn't just take into account your most prominent personality traits, but what types of things you're likely to value, need, and/or orient yourself towards as you grow up. I think Dick prioritizes and values different things than Bruce does (particularly his desire for positive and meaningful relationships with other people-even if he's not always good at maintaining them, his need to be seen as trustworthy, and his different perspective on justice from Bruce), which makes me say "Hufflepuff" rather than Slytherin.
Jason: Gryffindor. thebatmanfiles did an extraordinarily good write-up on "Jason is a Gryffindor" once upon a time, and it's certainly more articulate than I could ever hope to be on the subject. This sorting is pretty self-explanatory, but Gryffindors value courage, bravery, and daring nerve. Jason has all three personality traits in spades; he also in many ways exemplifies both the best and worst traits of Gryffindor House. He looks before he leaps, takes initiative, and throws himself whole-heartedly into whatever he does (whether that's saving and protecting people or crafting his entire villainous persona specifically to spite Bruce); his stauch determination and commitment to doing what he thinks is right shines out from every depiction of Jason regardless of writer. This is just as true in his Robin days as it is as Red Hood, both pre-Crisis and post-Crisis:
Tumblr media
"It was ill-advised, Jason, but you didn't do wrong. On the other hand...initiative is one thing, but I wish you'd stop taking on such grand schemes for yourself. You don't have to keep proving your worth to me. I'm sold."
Also, the boy has never been subtle once in his damn life and he doesn't care to be; you know exactly where you stand with Jason at all times. He's probably the most straightforward Gryff sorting in the group, for all that he's a lovable little nerd that values education and was dedicated to his studies.
Tim: Gryffindor. This one's changed; I used to think he'd be a Ravenclaw, and I still think you would probably sort New 52!Tim (aka "Not Tim") there. Pre-Reboot!Tim, however, is a Gryffindor. While he's better at the more "cerebral" and detective aspects of the job, Tim’s most prominent pre-reboot traits are not actually his detective or tech skills: they’re his reckless, impulsive bravery, his tendency to throw himself whole-heartedly into whatever he sets his mind to doing, and his ability to analyze and think very quickly on his feet in dangerous situations, all of which are noted Gryffindor traits. Also, Shiva once specifically called out his rather foolhardy courage and his assumption of an honorable fight in the face of death (aka, her), which is so incredibly textbook Gryffindor behavior it hurts:
Tumblr media
“So brave. So naive. You speak to my honor. You speak to my heart. I have neither. But I respect courage. Even foolish courage like yours. From such foolishness is born the soul of a warrior. We will meet again when you are grown, Little Bird. And that day will be the last on earth–for one of us.” -Green Arrow #135 (1998)
Tim became a hero not because he was a "super genius" or wanted to show off, but because of his determined, stubborn belief that Batman needed a Robin...also he walked right up to Dick and demanded he return to being Robin because Bruce needed him, and then went "well, might as well be me" when Dick refused. Boy belongs in red and gold.
However, I don't think Ravenclaw's a bad sorting for Tim by any means, and I think he'd do well there (you also wouldn't be in bad company by sorting him there, considering Tynion, noted Tim Drake stan, also sorts him there). He's just not a Ravenclaw shoe-in like people often sort him as; he's more of a Hermione-type.
Damian: Slytherin, but you could make a solid case for Damian being an emotionally closed-off Hufflepuff if you wanted to (it's all there in his stray animal collection habit). Damian is a Slytherin primarily because of his values and priorities rather than any core personality traits he has; he was raised to value blood ties, ambition, cunning, and leadership above all else, and those values have persisted even as he has grown beyond his childhood. Damian is a fascinating character to sort because he's undergone some of the most dramatic and interesting character development in comics, going from a spoiled bratty assassin who didn't see the value of life, changing his entire life perspective, and becoming a person who deeply cares about others (even though he pretends not to). But undergirding that care and consideration is a deep pride in his own abilities, a fierce ambition and desire for both respect and acceptance, and a desire for self-reliance even as he's taught that it's okay to trust and depend on others. He's a lot like his father (again, a consumate Slytherin), which Alfred remarks on:
Tumblr media
"There's no denying he can be difficult, but underneath all the defensive bluster, Young Master Damian is the inheritor of his father's courage, his determination, his desire to do what is right."
Damian's deep devotion and care for those he's deemed worthy of such loyalty is a core Hufflepuff trait, but the way he behaves and acts on that devotion is extremely Slytherin in nature. My deciding factor on choosing Hufflepuff or Slytherin for Damian was ultimately his behavior in Williamson's Robin run. Jon Kent, his best friend and textbook Hufflepuff, became Superman and instantly went "I want to use my powers to make the world a better place." Damian hooked him up with a teenage activist group and went “That’s cool. I’m proud of you! Meanwhile, I’m going to run away from home and deal with my family trauma and overwhelming survivor's guilt by fighting ninjas in a death match tournament run by my great-grandmother. See you in six months!” That's Slytherin behavior right there, folks.
tl;dr I personally want to sort Damian into Hufflepuff, because I think he desperately needs the stability, safety, and acceptance that Hufflepuff would provide (the same stability and growth that he gains from being attached to Dick for the majority of his first year as Robin and having Jon as his best friend now), but ultimately Damian is a Slytherin and would absolutely choose it if given the choice.
Duke: Ravenclaw. 11-year-old Duke looked at the Riddler threatening to cut power to the entirety of Gotham unless someone asked a riddle he couldn't answer and went "Ah yes, this is obviously a job for me specifically." He may be a reckless dumbass, but more than that he's fiercely independent, pretty confident in his own judgement, loves to learn new things, and prioritizes his individuality (to the point of refusing to be Bruce's Robin because he refused to be "just another Robin"). He's not a rule-follower by any means and displays a lot of headstrong enthusiasm, but at his core Duke is a creative and critical thinker who happens to be an adreneline junkie. There are also a couple of instances of Duke thinking of his life as a set of problems to solve and basically projecting his questions about his own life and place in the world onto his cases, which I think says a lot about him:
Tumblr media
"I just feel...lost. I mean, all these kids popping up with powers like mine. If I solve the case, maybe I'll understand who I really am."
He's a problem-solver, not a problem-seeker; it just so happens that his version of "solving problems" often results in him Causing Problems on Purpose in order to get the job done. Also, Duke goes to the Luna Lovegood and John Mulaney School of "You know those days when you're like 'this might as well happen? Life is already so goddamn weird,'" and I admire that about him.
....tldr I think he's a Ravenclaw in the same way that Hermione is a Gryffindor: while Hermione is a bookish and intellectually-focused Gryffindor, Duke is a reckless and impulsive Ravenclaw. He's actually a lot like Tim in several ways, and in that respect I'm absolutely not opposed to those sorting Duke into Gryffindor; if someone wants to give me a better explanation for why Duke is a Gryffindor instead, I'd be happy to read it.
The Girls:
Babs: Ravenclaw. Canon!Babs is everything fanon says Tim is, tbh, and I don't know why people keep trying to project that characterization on Tim when Babs is right there. Librarian, PhD, got a JD from Harvard because she was bored, values knowledge (and having knowledge), and her vigilante job is literally working with how information is acquired and distributed....if there's ever a Ravenclaw Batfam member, it's Babs. She's also fiercely competitive, a known inventor, and absolutely brilliant. Also, a moment of your time to remind everyone that she built a VR simulation room and designed multiple fighting simulation games to help the Birds and Batfam train. Babs is really out here inventing Star Trek-level tech in the early 2000s, we stan women in STEM:
Tumblr media
“But you designed this game, Babs. And this incredible virtual reality projection room.” -Birds of Prey (1998) #19
Cass: Hufflepuff. Most people, I think, would see Cassandra's daring recklessness, cocky courage, and dogged determination to do what's right and sort her into Gryffindor. However, ultimately Cass's core personality traits are her compassion, loyalty, and her relentless dedication to The Cause, and her priorization of those things to the detriment of her own health screams "Hufflepuff." Even across universes and the massive personality shifts between them, Cass's deep compassion, absolutely iron-clad morality, and loyalty remain her most prominent traits:
Tumblr media
“Dammit, I could’ve-” “No more killing!” “Exactly! How many more will he kill??? You can’t fix him, you understand? He’s not like me! Or you!” “Killing is killing. And killing is wrong.” -Batgirl (2000) #72
Tumblr media
“WHY?” [Cass rips the Bat symbol off Kate’s uniform] “This symbol…special. Means don’t kill. Means never kill.” -Detective Comics (2016) #974
However, I think it's far to say that Cass would be the Batfamily's hatstall; the Hat would try pretty valiantly to choose between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff before recognizing that Gryffindor would probably just nurture her already out-of-control recklessness while Hufflepuff would (hopefully) provide the belonging and grounding she needed she gain a better emotional outlook on life.
Steph: Gryffindor, through-and-through. Steph knows what she wants and good luck to you if you get in her way. Steph, at her core, is a fighter; she's had to fight every day of her life to be taken seriously by pretty much anyone in her life, and it's shaped who she is as a person. She's a lot like Jason in that way, actually, except where Jason externalizes his determination and anger as rage about the injustice around him, Stephanie externalizes hers as hope in a better tomorrow. She keeps fighting to prove the odds wrong, and that...that is sheer Gryffindor stubborness:
Tumblr media
"Fight or flight...I choose fight. -Batgirl (2009) #2
It takes enormous courage for Steph to go through the amount of shit she has, wake up every day, and say "there's room for hope in our line of work, too." Her courage, determination, and sheer commitment to continue fighting when everyone in her life (Bruce, Tim, Babs, her mom, etc) tell her to quit while she's ahead and go home scream "Gryffindor!" to the rooftops, and we are grateful for that Gryffindor stubborness every moment.
.......okay, whew, I think I'm done. I already explained my bonus sortings, but hopefully these explanations effectively explain why I sorted everyone where I did.
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Hufflepuff: How do you do that?
Gryffindor: I'm fearless.
Ravenclaw: I saw you run from bees yesterday. You flailed around and tripped over a chair. It was both hysterical and sad.
Gryffindor: I'm mostly fearless.
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slytherin4ever · 8 months ago
Draco: Scorpius, you are old enough now, I think it is time we have the talk.
Scorpius: Dad, no! I already know where kids come from we really do not have do this
Draco: Oh, no I do not mean that kind of talk. I mean the “a lot people in your family are actually criminals” talk. So, it all started with your great grandfather Abraxas, who-
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Hufflepuff: Well, maybe it’s all for the best, you know I always say, when one door closes, another one opens.
Ravenclaw: No it doesn’t. Not unless the two doors are connected by relays, or there are motion sensors involved.
Hufflepuff: No, no, I meant…
Ravenclaw: Or the first door closing causes a change of air pressure that acts upon the second door.
Hufflepuff: Never mind.
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