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One Step, Two Steps
Pairing: George Weasley x Fem!Reader
Summary: Y/N and George has a complicated and undefined relationship until Y/N has had enough and decides that she’s not fit to keep playing their dangerous game.
Word count: 1.8k
Warnings: semi-smut and messy writing.
Tumblr media
‘We’re just friends.’ She tells her friends when they ask about him. She’s lost count of how many times they tried to pry her open but she liked what they had behind closed doors. Whatever it was.
‘We’re just friends.’ He says as he hit another bludger across the pitch, maneuvering his broomstick to fly to the the other side of the open field. Ears deaf to the million dollar question.
“So what’s going on between you two?” They’d ask.
‘We’re just friends.’ They repeat to themselves when they’re all alone, wearing nothing but a loose blanket over their bodies, one on top of the other. Skin hot and flushed to the touch.
‘We’re just friends.’ They say while they leave marks on each other’s soft, delicate skin. Hands gripping the sheets, soaked in sweat and tears as they reach for their peak.
Hair splayed onto the bed, legs around his hips and hands running through his hair. He groans against her as she runs another hand on his back, nails leaving a trace of her on his body.
Thrusting his hips back and forth, he looks at her face as she pants with her mouth slightly parted. He releases himself at the sight of her, knees unable to support his body.
She climbs on top of him and continues for her sake, this time. She admires the noises that fall out of his mouth as she moved. When she finally reached her peak, she lay on his chest for a while until his breathing became steady.
Once he’d fallen asleep, she’d dress up and leave. It was a routine they’d practiced many times before.
She’d forgotten when and how it started but she knew where it’ll end. Y/N knew better than to let herself be swayed by his kisses and his gentle touch. She was no longer certain of when they’d cross the border of being just friends and now, stuck in their dalliance. They were playing a dangerous game and Y/N wasn’t about to let herself lose.
Y/N took a gulp from her butterbeer, her friends huddled around the table. It was Alicia’s birthday blowout in The Three Broomsticks since they couldn’t leave for London.
She had been told that it was only going to be the three of them – Alicia, Angelina and Y/N.
“I’ve already got a dress picked out for next week!” Angelina wiggled in her seat from the excitement.
“I wonder who I’m going with.” Alicia sighed dreamily, tucking a hand under her chin.
“You’ll be leaving me alone to myself, then?” Y/N hinted.
The two snorted and Angelina spoke. “As if you’ll be going alone.”
Y/N leaned back on her chair while her friends snickered, brows arched in confusion.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“I bet you’ll be the first to get asked.” Angelina said with a smirk before breaking out in a sing song tease with Alicia. “By George.”
As if on cue, the door burst open and in comes Oliver, Lee, Fred and George.
The girls immediately sat up and made space for the newly arrived boys, leaving an empty seat next to Y/N.
“Seriously, I thought it was only going to be the three of us.” She whispered, feeling betrayed.
Y/N settled further in her seat as the empty seats get taken, George sitting beside her.
It wasn’t unusual for them to sit near each other but Y/N felt a shift in her heartbeat. Her stomach churned at the whiff of his ginger hair. One more minute spent beside him adn it’s game over for her.
Y/N pushed her chair back and abruptly stood. The group stared at her in confusion and shock.
“Er,” she tucked a hair behind her ear. “I gotta go study for the test tomorrow.”
She snatched her bag from the chair and hurriedly left the group without a glance.
George shifted in his seat as his friends stared at him with wide eyes, Angelina and Alicia silently sipping their drink.
He didn’t know why Y/N bolted out of her seat when he arrived. It couldn’t have been because of him, could it? He’s never seen her act so strange. Given that she was always a little bit weird. But he was used to him and her being weird together.
The silence was broken when Lee spoke.
“So..” He trailed, taking Y/N’s unfinished drink. “I can drink this then?”
It had been a week after that small encounter in The Three Broomsticks with Y/N and George had been trying to get to her but she always had somewhere to be.
“McGonagall’s expecting me.”
“I need to tutor some of the juniors.”
“Gotta go help out at the basement.”
Since when did the basement need helping? For a few days, he let it slide. Maybe she really had stuff to keep her busy. But not once did she look back at him when she’d gone and it didn’t sit right with George and he was determined to put an end to it.
The last period felt longer than usual as George waited for it to finish so he can finally do what he planned. During the class, he tried to get her attention many times but it was like he didn’t even exist to her. When they were finally dismissed, he immediately swept all his things in his bag before swiftly blocking Y/N as she made her way to the door.
“Excuse me.” She mumbled, exerting great effort to not look George in the eye as he towered over her.
“Since when did we becamepolite to each other? Knock it off, Y/N.” Y/N crossed her arms and George mimicked the gesture. There was never an exchange of thank yous or excuse mes, it was just shoving and picking at one another.
“Knock what off?”
“Stop whatever you’re doing because you’re driving me insane.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Y/N nudged his shoulder. “Let me go now. I got homework to do.”
George hadn’t planned what to say when he finally got through to her so he let her walk hurriedly past him. With a sigh, he watched as Y/N disappeared into the crowd.
The night of the Yule ball was quick to approach and George found himself standing by the stone archways, watching as his twin waltzed around with Angelina in his arms. The room was buzzing and a new set of punch were served at the bar. The Great Hall was adorned with white Christmas trees and the ceiling rained of light snow and colourful lights subtly danced along the floor.
A week or two ago, he’d been planning how to ask her out to be his date. Maybe pick out a tie that matches her dress and show up early at her door to escort her down like the princess she was in his eyes. But there he was, standing alone as he observed from the distance.
They never talked about the things they did behind closed doors but to George, it was one of the things he liked about them. With Y/N, he was most comfortable and vulnerable. She and him fit like puzzle pieces. They understood one another even without saying anything out loud.
But maybe it was time to clear the air and finally voicing his feelings towards her. It killed him to not be able to be jealous or to have her attention fully for him, because he had no right.
A quick scan of the hall led his eyes to a lone figure sitting in one of the empty tables untouched by the lights. George didn’t hesitate to tread the dance floor towards her.
“You look great.” He approached her with his hands in his pockets, trying to hide how nervous he really was. “It’s a shame this area is poorly lit.”
She looked good from afar but she was even more beautiful up close. Her chest was covered by a black floral bustier with a slightly puffed skirt that goes down just a little past her knees. Her hair was brushed neatly into an elegant ponytail, perfectly done to expose her neck and a string of pearls dangling from her ears.
He extended a hand when she didn’t respond. His mind already coming up with ways to revive his dead self esteem if she ignores his gesture as an invitation for a dance. He released a breath of relief when his plan proved to be unnecessary as she slid her hand in his.
They were both silent as they smoothly inserted themselves into the sea of dancing pairs. George snaked his hands around her waist and swayed her along to the music, trying to catch her eyes as they moved.
“Being away from you pains me greatly.”
Y/N lifted her eyes to look at his. They were among many other students but as she looked into his eyes, everything else melted away from her vision. It was just she and him like it had always been.
“I…” She breathed out, finally deciding to break her silence. “I can’t keep doing this with you, George.”
His face reflected confusion, unaware of Y/N’s true feelings. He didn’t need to wait long before he finally knew.
“What do you mean?” He tried to look for answers but her conflicted expression didn’t give away much.
“I can’t keep pretending like we’re just friends. I can’t keep pretending that I don’t feel anything towards you.” With that, they both stood still as the world around them continued to move. “Because I do. I tried to stop it but…”
What else did she need to say? She was short of an explanation for him and for herself. Y/N tried so hard to pull away but one step back is two steps forward when it comes to George. She was too late to get away. There was nothing else to do but to embrace it and bask in it, they’ve done everything. What could go wrong?
George held her hand and trailed out of the hall, stopping halfway one of the empty stairwells.
“I don’t get you, Y/N.” He hasn’t let go of her hand.
“Me neither.” She chuckled as she tried to steady the beat of her heart.
Unexpectedly, George closed the gap between them by stepping on the same level as she. It wasn’t like they’ve never done this before. But there was something different this time, in the way he held her against him and the way his lips wasn’t in a hurry like the other times. Their chests rising and falling in the same slowed pace and their lips tenderly dancing in one rhythm and bodies melting into one.
She was the first to pull away and he rested his forehead against hers as they breathe each other in.
“I can’t do this anymore, either. Friends don’t do the things we do.”
Y/N was sharply pulled out of her fantasies at his words. She was about to speak when he cut her off.
“Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?”
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i love you (theo nott)
pairing: theo nott x reader 
summary: the three times theo almost said i love you and the one time he did 
warnings: swearing! angst! 
word count: 6.1k
fourth year, yule ball
“If you don’t hurry up you’ll be going alone,” Blaise chided at Theo. 
“Do you still not have a date?” 
Theo stiffened slightly when he heard Pansy’s voice, he knew wherever Pansy went, she was near. He picked up his head in time to watch her sit across from him at the Great Hall table. 
“No he doesn’t,” Blaise informed the two girls “and it’s not like girls haven’t asked him either.” 
Theo could feel the heat rising in his neck. He didn’t want to talk about this. He had been trying to work up the courage to ask her but Pansy was always by her side.
“Well we have some exciting news don’t we Y/N?” Pansy nudged her. 
“It’s not that big of a deal Pans,” He watched she blush slightly. 
“Our very own Y/N has officially found herself a date!” Pansy clapped her hands together while Blaise cheered. 
“What’s going on here?” Draco sat on the other side of Theo
“Y/N has a date to the Yule Ball,” Blaise shared. 
Theo wanted to slam his head into the table. He shouldn’t have waited so long. 
“Well who’s the lucky guy?” Draco smirked nudging Theo’s leg slightly under the table. 
“Cassius,” she smiled shyly. 
“Warrington?” It was the first time he had spoken into the conversation and his voice came out harsh. “You’re going with Warrington?”
“Is there a problem?” Y/N challenged him. 
“Cassius Warrington is a prick,” Theo shrugged trying to play off his jealousy as Blaise and Draco shared knowing looks. “Didn’t think that’s the type of guy you were into.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” 
“Just that he’s a twat and will probably end up in bed with someone else by the end of the night.” 
“Theo!” Pansy scolded. 
“Yeah?” she was standing now and her voice was slightly raised “Well at least he had the balls to ask me and not make me wait around wondering if it was going to happen. That’s more than you can say.” 
He watched as she stormed off out of the Great Hall. 
“You can be a real ass sometimes Theodore,” Pansy told him as she went to follow her.
“Real smooth mate,” Draco clapped his hands slowly. 
“I think I’m going to have to write that one down, what about you Draco?” Blaise laughed 
“Oh it’s definitely going in the playbook.” 
Theo scoffed and mumbled for them to fuck off before he made his way back to the dungeons to wallow in his own pity. 
When the night of the Yule Ball came, he had not seen Y/N the entire day. She hadn’t even spoken to him since their argument in the Great Hall and he missed her.
He looked at his dress suit in the mirror before letting out a nervous breath. 
“Just swallow your fucking pride for once Theodore,” he whispered to himself. 
He met the boys at the bottom of the stairs as they waited for their dates to walk down. Blaise made sure that Theo was within arm reach to grab him in case Cassius said anything that pissed him off. 
Draco nudged Theo slightly while he was speaking to Blaise about the previous Triwizard Task and his eyes shot to the top of the stairs. 
It felt like all the air in his lungs was sucked out as he watched her descend the staircase, wearing an emerald green silk dress and her usual jewelry was replaced with more expensive and elegant pieces. Her hair was pinned back away from her face showing off her strong collarbones. 
“Holy shit,” he breathed out. 
When she reached the bottom of the stairs with Pansy in tow he made a move to step forward, but Blaise grabbed him before the movement went noticed. A sinking feeling was left in his chest when he watched Cassius take her hand and kiss her cheek. 
“Sorry mate,” Draco clapped his hand onto Theo’s shoulder before taking Pansys hand. 
He spent the entire night watching her. Watching her dance, watching her laugh, he didn’t want to take his eyes off her. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. 
“Are you going to ask me to dance?” Tracy Davis asked him and he had almost forgotten he was her date. He shook his head no before she scoffed and walked off. 
“The starring is getting a little creepy Theodore.”
“Fuck off Pansy.”
He felt her lean against the wall next to him and he prepared herself for a lecture. 
“You really upset her the other morning,” He felt his heart drop “You know she wanted to go with you, right? She said no to like two guys before Warrington because she wanted you to ask her. And then when you never did...”
“She said yes to him,” Theo finished as he watched her laugh at something Cassius whispered into her ear. 
“Do what you will with that information Theo, but you didn’t hear it from me.” 
He found himself outside in the chilly air leaning up against the wall as students around him snuck off to do Merlin knows what. 
“I’ve been looking for you,” He stiffened “Thought you had disappeared back into the dungeons.”
“Just needed some air,” He shrugged. 
He turned to face her as she stood shyly in front of him. 
“Yes all that standing around can get exhausting,” She mocked him and his lips curled up at her words. 
“Dancing isn’t my thing.” 
“Right,” She tilted her head at him “Just like asking girls to the dance isn’t your thing either.”
“You look breathtaking,” He changed the topic. 
She blushed at his words and looked away from him.
“No need get all shy on me now,” he teased her.
“Shut up,” She shoved his shoulder lightly and laughed as he feigned it hurting “Thank you though, for the compliment. All I got from Cassius was a ‘looking good’.”
Theo scoffed and shook his head. 
“You don’t deserve that.”
“Relax Theo,” She grabbed one of his hands and played with the rings that adorned them. “I left him to find you for a reason.”
“And that reason was?” He teased. 
“Oh I just needed you to compliment me and tell me how awesome I am,” she sarcastically rolled her eyes “I wanted to dance with you.”
He felt his heart skip a beat and the heat rise to his cheeks again. 
“Yes you Theodore,” She grabbed his other hand now and pulled them into the courtyard “I had to ask cause we both know you wouldn’t.”
“Very funny,” He sent her a playful glare. 
“I thought so.”
He rested one of his hands on her waist while the other laced her fingers with his. She rested her head on his shoulder as they moved slowly together, dancing to the loud music they could still hear. 
“Have I told you that you look beautiful tonight?”
“I bought this dress for you,” she blurted out. 
“What?” His eyebrows drew together in confusion as he looked down at her but she kept her head on his shoulder, not meeting his eye.
“I bought it with you in mind. I thought you were going to ask me and when Pansy and I went I saw it and I knew it was your favorite color so I just...I don’t know it’s stupid.”
He felt her bury her head into his neck as he grinned from ear to ear. 
“I was going to ask you,” he told her “I was just scared to.”
He could feel his heartbeat in his chest and he wondered if she could feel it too. 
“Why?” her voice was a whisper. 
“I don’t know I got in my head about it,” he mumbled as the continued to dance around “You make me nervous.”
He felt her pull her head away from his neck and look up at him. Glancing down at her he saw the grin on her face and he rolled his eyes. 
“I make you nervous?” 
“Shut up,” he mumbled avoiding meeting her gaze.
“I cannot believe I make Theodore Nott nervous,” she teased. 
She took her hands from his hand and shoulder and wrapped them around his neck instead. His body felt like it was on fire as he wrapped both his hands around her waist. He finally met her gaze looking down to her eyes and he swore he lost his breath again. 
She was looking up at him and smiling softly, they didn’t even care that they stopped swaying and just stood looking at one another. He felt like he was drowning in her scent and he loved it. 
He couldn’t fight off the grin that was on his face as they shared the peaceful moment. 
Kiss her. 
“Yes?” Her voice was a whisper.
“Can I kiss you?” 
He swore his heart was going to rip through his chest with how fast it was beating. 
Theo wasted no time as he brought his lips down to her soft ones. He kissed her gently as he pulled her body closer to his. He smiled into the kiss as she let out a giggle. It felt like he was on top of the world. 
They pulled away and he rested his forehead against hers. They both couldn’t hide the blush on their faces as they smiled at one another. 
“It took you long enough,” She teased him. 
“Y/N I-” 
“There you two are! We’ve been looking-” Blaise stopped in his tracks causing Draco and Pansy to knock right into him. “What’s going on here?”
Theo and Y/N shot away from one another as their friends caught their moment. 
“Nice going Blaise you ruined their moment,” Pansy huffed “It’s freezing out here can we go back to your dorm? The ball is pretty much over.”
“Y-Yeah let’s go,” Y/N smiled at her friends as she glanced over at Theo who nodded at her. 
The two made their way to the other side of the courtyard to their friends. Pansy immediately grabbing Y/N’s hand and putting space between the boys and them. 
“Did you tell her?” Draco nudged Theo’s shoulder. 
“I was about to before Blaise interrupted us,” Theo sent a punch to Blaises upper arm. 
“I’m sorry how was I supposed to know?” 
“Don’t worry mate,” Draco slung his arm around Theo “There will be plenty of opportunities to tell her you love her.” 
fifth year
“GO DRACO!” Pansy cheered loudly.
The two girls stood in the Quidditch stands cheering on the Slytherin team as they played Gryffindor. It was freezing outside but they didn’t mind, both wearing sweaters from two certain team players. Y/N loved the feeling of being wrapped in Theo’s scent even if the sweater was twice her size.
The Slytherin house began singing some song about Ron Weasley as the game continued but Y/N paid no attention as her eyes stayed glued to a certain brunette. Her eyes never left him from the start of the game.
“Draco Malfoy has caught the golden snitch! Slytherin wins !”
Cheers erupted as the teams flew down to land. Pansy and Y/N were jumping up and down celebrating but it was cut short as a fight broke out on the field. They watched as the Weasley’s and Potter went after Draco, causing Blaise and Theo to step in as well.
Her hand latched onto Pansys arm and she held her breath as she watched Theo go at it with George Weasley. When the fight was broken up the teams were escorted into the castle and to either the Hospital wing or Umbridge.
Theo held the icepack on his eye as he sat on a bed next to Blaise. The two didn’t catch the bad end of their punches with the Weasleys. They waited for Draco to be examined while they joked about the Gryffindor team being done for the season now.
“Are you out of your mind?”
Theo tried to fight the grin that was making its way onto his face as he watched her storm up to him, enveloped in his Quidditch sweater.
“Relax pretty girl-“
“Don’t give me that,” She pointed a finger up at him. He was grinning from ear to ear now. “You could’ve been hurt or what if they decided to use magic and hex you? Or you could’ve been thrown off the team for the season Theodore! And for what? Malfoy who was probably running his mouth!”
Blaise stifled a laugh and Theo elbowed his ribs.
“Are you done?”
Her arms were crossed as she glared at him. She nodded her head slowly while looking at him expectantly.
“First of all we all know Weasley couldn’t hurt me if he tried,” Theo smirked as Blaise laughed.
“Theo,” Her tone was warning.
“Okay okay I’m sorry for making you worry,” he grabbed his free hand and pulled her between his legs. “But I’m going to defend my best friend no matter what stupid shit he says. I would do it for Blaise or Pansy or you. Especially you.”
Y/N tried to hide her smile at his words because she wanted to stay mad at him for making her worry. She frowned when he pulled the ice pack away from his eye and she saw how bruised it was.
“Your eye,” She put her hand on the side of his cheek and he flinched slightly at the contact. She quickly pulled her hand away feeling guilty for hurting him.
“Hey it’s okay,” He whispered as he grabbed her hand and put it back on his cheek “Look it doesn’t hurt.”
“You have a black eye Theo I know it hurts.”
“You should see the other guy,” He smirked and Blaise laughed out. The two stopped as they saw Y/N’s unimpressed face.
“I’m going to go make sure Pansy isn’t hovering on poor Madam Pomfrey as she checks on Malfoy,” Blaise got up from the hospital bed while giving Theo a thumbs up.
“I’m also not kicked off the team,” Theo placed both his hands on her hips “They threw the first punch so we aren’t getting punished. Self-defense you know?”
Y/N rolled her eyes but the smile on her face let Theo know she wasn’t mad at him anymore.
“Yeah self-defense sure.”
“Why were you so worried about me anyway Y/L/N?” He teased.
“I was worried about all of you actually.”
“I don’t see you yelling at Draco or Blaise about their actions.”
“Well if you really want me to go-“
“No,” Theo cut her off “They’re fine you don’t need to check on them.”
“Well you seem pretty fine to me,” She put her hands on her hips looking down at him.
“Actually I’m in a lot of pain right now,” Theo faked “My lips hurt real bad.”
She rolled her eyes again knowing where Theo was going with this.
“I think they need to be kissed to be all better,” He smiled up at her with his big green eyes.
“Well then let me go get Madam Pomfrey,” She smirked as his face fell “She’s the professional and all.”
“Stop it,” He whined grabbing her hips to stay in place “You know what I meant.”
“I’m not sure I do Theodore.”
“You’re a pain in my ass,” He mumbled pouting slightly.
“Oh shut up Nott,” She placed both her hands on his cheek now as she leaned down “You know you love me.”
He felt his heart stop and then skip a beat at her words. Merlin if only she knew. He swallowed thickly as he screwed his eyes shut before letting out a breath.
Before he could finish his sentence her lips were on his again. He hadn’t kissed her since the Yule Ball and had he missed it. He could feel the butterflies in his stomach as her hands moved into his curly hair. He deepened the kiss and pulled her closer between his legs.
Merlin I love you.
“It looks like you are feeling all better Mr. Nott,” Madam Pomfrey announced her presence.
Y/N quickly pulled away from him and they looked over at the older woman.
“You are free to go then.”
Madam Pomfrey turned and went to help another patient as Y/N hid her face in Theo’s neck. He laughed as she turned red in embarrassment.
“It’s not funny,” She whined pulling back to face him.
“It’s a little funny,” He grinned at her tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. “But I am getting sick of us getting interrupted like that. Next time we have to make sure we are alone.”
“And what makes you so sure it will happen again?” She grinned.
“Please Y/N, you can barely keep your hands off me,” He teased and watched her jaw drop before shoving his shoulder.
“Keep going Nott and I’ll give you another black eye to match the one Weasley gave you,” She pulled away from his grip and made her way to find their friends.
“C’mon I was kidding!” He laughed as she stuck her middle finger up at him.
sixth year
“Do you think Draco and Theo have been acting weird?” Y/N blurted out at dinner with Pansy and Blaise. The two shared a look before sighing out and nodding their head.
“Yeah they seem kind of different this year,” Blaise told the two girls “They sneak out of the dorm late at night, they don’t show up to meals or even want to hangout like we used to. I feel like I’m being left out of something.”
Y/N’s heart hurt for Blaise as he confided in the girls.
“I feel like I was finally getting somewhere with Theo and now it’s like he doesn’t even want to be around me,” She pushed her vegetables around with her fork.
She missed him. She missed how he always sat close to her. She missed how he would stay up late with her to help her with her homework. She missed how he would read to her at night when they both couldn’t sleep. She missed his smile and his laugh. She missed her Theo.
“I’m sure they’ll come around guys!” Pansy’s voice was unconvincing “They probably are just worried about their dads.”
She remembered reading about how Theo’s father was sent to Azkaban along with Draco’s at the end of last school year. He left school early to ‘attend to business’ his father had left for him. She remembered how he cried in her arms the night before and didn’t want to leave her. He promised to write her over the summer break. He never did.
And then when they returned to school this year it was like the Theo she had known for years was gone. He was replaced by someone unrecognizable.
The three spent the rest of their meal in silence before making their way back to the Slytherin common room.
“Do you think you could help me with my Ancient Ruins essay?” Y/N asked Blaise as they entered the common room.
“Yeah,” he nodded his head “Yeah of course.”
Blaise knew that she usually relied on Theo for homework help, he knew that it crushed her that he wouldn’t even spend time with her anymore. He did his best to fill those shoes for her but he knew she would rather be doing it with Theo.
“I’m going to go grab my book. I’ll be right back,” Y/N went up to her dorm that Pansy had returned to just minutes before.
“Blaise is going to help me with the Ancient Ruins essay if you want to join us-“
She froze.
She froze as she saw him sitting on the edge of her bed. He was waiting for her. He wouldn’t look up at her but he knew she stopped in her tracks because of him.
Her eyes shifted wildly from Theo to Pansy silently begging Pansy to help her. She didn’t know if she wanted him to leave or if she didn’t want Pansy to leave her. Her eyes were panicked as Pansy finally spoke.
“I’ll tell Blaise that you’ll be a few minutes,” She scurried out of the room sending her best friend an apologetic look.
The air was thick and the tension was high between the two. She didn’t want to speak first. No, she wouldn’t speak first. He owed her an explanation, a long overdue explanation.
“I see Blaise has taken my place as your tutor,” He spoke coldly, still not looking up at her.
She scoffed and crossed her arms.
“Why does it fucking matter? You weren’t going to help anyway.”
Theo frowned at the sound of her voice. It was cold and harsh, nothing like her usual soft voice she used with him. He kept his eyes trained at the floor, he knew if he looked at her he would break.
“You know the least you could do is look at me Theodore.”
He cringed at his full name coming out of her mouth, but he stayed silent. He didn’t know why he was here. One minute he and Draco were fighting in the Room of Requirement about the cabinet and the next he found himself sitting on her bed.
“Is there a reason you’re here or are you just here to make comments about who I spend my time with now?” She was trying to get him angry wanting something from him, some sort of reaction.
“This was a mistake,” He sighed as he stood up from her bed and finally met her eye. He watched as her face fell and hurt flash through her eyes.
“What was a mistake? Coming here or me and you?” She challenged.
No. We were never a mistake pretty girl.  
“I wasn’t aware there was a me and you,” he spoke so stoically and suppressed his emotions.
“You’re a fucking twat Theodore Nott!” She stormed up to him and shoved his chest “I hate you! You’re a liar! You said you didn’t want to leave me! You said you would write me! And you lied! You never wrote me! I spent my entire summer worrying about you! I was terrified something happened to you! I hate that you don’t even care how worried I have been about you! It’s like I never mattered to you!”
He stood in place as she continued to push at him. He stayed silent as she let out every piece of emotion that had been building up against him. He eventually grabbed her wrists and halted her movements.
She looked up at him and took in a sharp breath. He knew she could see the bags under his eyes, she could see how thin he had become. He knew she could see right through him, she could tell he was just trying to put up a front.
“Tell me it meant nothing to you,” She glared up at him “Tell me it meant nothing and I will leave you alone Theodore.”
He swallowed thickly. His heart lurched in his chest and he felt bile rise in his throat.
“It didn’t mean anything.”
Tell me you know I’m lying.
Tell me you won’t leave me.
Please just hold me pretty girl.
“Stop lying to me,” She gritted her teeth “I’ve known you for six years now Theo I know when you’re lying.”
“I’m telling you what you need to hear.”
Her eyes dropped from his as she looked down to the floor. He was breaking her heart, and his own but this needed to be done. He needed her to hate him so that she would remain safe from the Dark Lord.
He watched as her eyes slowly began to rise again but they stopped. They both stiffened as they saw what she had caught. His robe had ridden up as he grabbed ahold of her wrists, and his dark mark was partly visible. He dropped his hold on her and took a step back. Theo felt like he was going to be sick.
“You’re one of them?” Her voice was filled with shock, and Theo noticed the small steps she had taken away from him.
“Why wouldn’t you tell me?” Her eyes met his again and he felt his throat dry up as he saw the tears building up in her eyes. “I thought you trusted me-“
“This isn’t about you or me or us. This is something much bigger than us Y/N. I just,” Theo ran a hand through his messy curls as he tried to find the right words “I swore to myself I would keep you safe and being close with you only puts a target on your back. I can’t- we can’t go back to how things were before.”
“But I know now. You don’t have to hide from me, you can talk to me,” She tried convincing him “Theo please.”
“I can’t put you in harms way. I would never forgive myself. I’m sorry but it’s better this way,” Theo kept himself stoic as he watched the girl he loves begin to crumble “You can’t tell anyone about this.”
Her hot tears were flowing down her face as she tried to come up with words to convince him to stay and not follow the dark path his father had set for him.
All Theo wanted to do was hold her in his arms and make all her pain disappear. She wasn’t supposed to find out this way and it tore him apart inside seeing her like this. He knew he had to get out before he changed his mind.
“I’m sorry,” He whispered as he turned and made his way to the door.
“Please don’t go Theo, we can figure out a way to get you away from all of this. We can go into hiding or-“
“Don’t you get it?” Theo spun around, his own tears pooling in his eyes “I can’t escape this Y/N. This is the path I am supposed to take. I am a Nott and I will follow what my father tells me to do in order to stay alive and to keep the people I care about alive. This isn’t some fairytale that we read about where we all get a happy ending. I don’t get the happy ending Y/N. I’m a fucking Death Eater.”
Y/N was frozen in shock at Theo’s harsh voice. He was always gentle with her and the boy that stood in front of her looked like a stranger. The boy she grew up with, befriended, studied with, fell in love with, was no longer there. He had been replaced by someone hard and cold.
“I don’t know who you are anymore Theodore,” her voice was a whisper and she couldn’t meet his eyes “The boy standing in front of me is not the Theo I knew. You’re not my Theo anymore.”
Theo had never experienced heartbreak before, but hearing those words come out of her mouth he felt his heart shatter in his chest.
There was a knock at the door and both their heads whipped over to the dark wood that was slowly opening.
“Y/N?” Blaise came into view as he opened the door. His eyes landed on the two heartbroken teens in the middle of the room. “Is everything okay?”
“I was just leaving,” Theo spoke coldly as he quickly walked out the room and past Blaise. He shut the door behind him but he stood in place. He could hear her sobs break out the second he closed the door. He wanted to turn around and rush back inside and kiss her and tell her he loves her. But, he knew he couldn’t.
“Hey it’s okay, what happened?” Theo heard Blaise comfort her as she cried.
“He’s gone Blaise,” She cried “Theo’s gone.”
“Y/N he was right here I don’t understand?”
“No Blaise he’s a different person. The Theo I’m in love with is gone.”
Theo felt light headed as he heard her words and the sobs that followed. He stood outside the door and listened as Blaise tried to comfort her as she cried.
later in sixth year
The day felt cold, the sun was shining and students were laughing in the courtyard but it all felt so cold to her. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt warm.
“I can’t believe the year is almost over,” Pansy whined as she stood in front of Y/N and Blaise who sat on a bench together “It feels like we just got here.”
“What are your plans for the summer break Parkinson?” Blaise asked
“I don’t know. Probably traveling with my family like usual.”
Y/N stayed silent as the two discussed their summer plans. This was usually how things went after she found out about Theodore. She kept to herself and only spoke when someone tried to bring her into the conversation. She let her eyes betray her and make their way to the top of the Astronomy Tower.
Her breath caught in her throat when she saw him. He was leaning over the railing as Malfoy paced behind him. He was smoking a muggle cigarette as he watched over the courtyard like a hawk. She tore her eyes away before he noticed her looking up at him.
Although the two hadn’t spoken or even looked at each other since that night, she noticed that Theo tended to always reside in the shadows near wherever Y/N was. She wanted to be angry at him but all she felt was exhaustion.
“Y/N are you coming?”
Her eyes snapped over to her two friends as they stood ready to walk back inside.
“Coming to what?”
Blaise and Pansy shared a look that didn’t go unnoticed by Y/N, who slumped down suddenly feeling guilty for not listening to her friends.
“The Great Hall? Dinner is in five.”
Her eyes flickered back up to the Astronomy Tower and noticed the two boys had disappeared.
“I’ll meet you guys there, I want to bring my books to our room. They’re getting heavy.”
Pansy went to object but Blaise nudged her, he knew Y/N needed space.
“Yeah we’ll see you there.”
Y/N slowly made her way to the Slytherin common room, she wasn’t hungry and wanted to avoid dinner completely. The common room was empty when she arrived and she trudged her way to her shared dormitory.
Collapsing onto her bed, she wanted to curl up into a ball and cry. She didn’t want to return home for the summer holiday, she knew it would be spent in silence. She felt guilty as she remembered how hard Pansy and Blaise were trying to take her mind off Theodore. She had such good friends but all she wanted was to turn back time and be with Theo again.
“You should be in the Great Hall.”
She froze but quickly composed herself as she shot up and narrowed her eyes at the tall brunette standing in her doorway.
“I wasn’t hungry.”
“That seems to be the case a lot lately huh?” He raised his eyebrows as he looked around the room he used to know so well. The picture of their friend group they had taken during fifth year was faced down on her desk so she wouldn’t see it. He frowned taking in everything that changed on her side of the room.
“Why are you here Theodore?”
She sounded exhausted and he felt his heart ache.
“You can’t keep living like this,” He shrugged as he hesitantly took a step inside “The skipping meals, not sleeping, pushing Parkinson and Zabini away.”
“And you suddenly care for my wellbeing because?” She snapped at him and watched him flinch slightly.
“I’ve always cared.”
“You have a lousy way of showing it.”
The two stared at one another, feeling like they were looking at a stranger.
“No you know what Theodore,” She cut him off and rose to her feet “You got to talk last time, you got to say everything you needed to say but it’s my turn now. You don’t get to show up here and tell me how to live my life. You lost that privilege when you walked away that night. You used to tell me how you were scared that everyone you care about would leave you, that you couldn’t be left alone with your father. Well take a look around Theodore, you’re the one that left.”
She was standing in front of him now pointing a finger up at him.
“I would’ve done anything for you Nott. God even after I found out about the mark I was up for days trying to think of something I could do to help you. You were my best friend and- and you just walked away like I was never important enough for you to stay!”
There were tears in both their eyes now as she finished her rant to breathe. He couldn’t control himself any longer as he reached for her and pulled her into his arms. She sobbed as he wrapped himself around her and buried his face in her neck. He felt her wrap her hands around his robes to pull him closer.
“I’m so sorry. I’m-,” Theo choked “I’m so fucking sorry. I just- I need to protect you. I couldn’t live with myself if something were to happen to you because of me. You are the most important thing in my life. I know you might not believe me and I’m sorry for that. You mean the world to me.”
Theo pulled his head back and looked into her eyes. It was now or never.
“I have to do something tonight and after that I won’t know when the next time I’m going to see you will be,” He tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.
“Theo what…”
“But I need you to know this before I go. I need to know that I told you so maybe you won’t hate me as much okay?”
She nodded her head slowly at the boy as he sucked in a breath.
“I love you Y/N,” He whispered “I am so in love with you that it drives me insane. I’ve been in love with you since fourth fucking year. Everything I do is to protect you and I know you might not understand that now but maybe you will one day. I just- I love you and I never want you to think otherwise.”
His green eyes scanned her face as he finished, he was terrified of her reaction. His eyes widened as she pulled his face down to meet his lips. He felt his heart skip a beat as her soft lips landed on his and he pulled her even closer.
They only pulled away when they were forced to catch their breath but she held his forehead against her own.
“I love you too,” she whispered shyly “You’re a pain in my ass but I do love you Theo.”
He tried to suppress the shit eating grin that took over his face as he pulled her in for another kiss.
“Please don’t leave me again,” Y/N whispered as they pulled away “Theo whatever you have to do tonight, please just stay with me.”
Theo let out a sigh as he took her in, trying to memorize the way she felt in his arms and the way she looked at him.
“You know I would stay with you forever if I could, but I have to do this.”
He could feel his heart tearing as he realized he had to leave again.
“Theo please I just got you back,” Y/N begged as she grabbed onto his robes again.
“I need you to stay in your room tonight okay? Don’t go wandering the halls, don’t come looking for me. Just please stay in your room until it’s safe,” Theo begged.
“How will I know it’s safe?”
“You’ll know okay? Please just promise me Y/N?”
She took in the look of desperation on his face as he begged, she realized this wasn’t easy for him either.
“I promise,” She whispered nodding her head.
“I have to go okay? I promise I will see you again pretty girl,” Theo held her face in his hands “Remember that I love you alright?”
Y/N nodded her head slowly as he pulled her into a final kiss before pulling away and making his way out the door.
She wanted to cry, she didn’t know if it was from sadness of Theo leaving again or happiness that he felt the same way. Either way she let herself shed a few tears before her worries started to creep in.
How would she know he was okay?
She paced silently and tried to distract herself from thinking Theo was in any danger. She hadn’t even realized how much time had gone by until Pansy and Blaise came barreling into the room.
“Oh my god you’re okay,” Pansy breathed out as she threw her arms around Y/N.
“Of course I’m okay, what are you on about?”
“Y/N…” Pansy and Blaise shared a look before Blaise met her eyes again “Dumbledore is dead and Draco and Theo are missing.”
A/N: if you guys want a part two to this lmk! I was thinking about it being like seventh year during the war and after???? 
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pariahsparadise · 3 months ago
nsfw headcanons- fred weasley
a/n: because i wanted to do something for kinktober, and this seemed like the easiest. this post contains mature content, 18+ only please. as always, lmk if reader isn't gender neutral at any point and i'll fix it. characters are aged up to 18+, i do not write nsfw content about minors.
pairings: fred weasley x gn!reader (i wrote it with fem!reader in mind, but i think it turned out gender neutral regardless)
wc: 0.5k
warnings: nsfw below the cut!
okay, first things first, and we need to establish this: fred is a literal sex god
he can easily go 3 rounds on an average day, possibly even more on days where he's racing around on high energy
usually a dom, but open to switch if you want to try anything
and i mean anything
let's just say that fred's mischievous demeanour definitely extends into the bedroom
will absolutely tie you up (with your consent ofc) and kiss down your chest and stomach, fingers fluttering across your thighs just to rile you up
if you try not to let it show, he'll switch tactics, mouth sucking hues of red and blue onto your collarbone, fingers digging into your hips, driving you absolutely crazy when he pulls away
having the audacity to fucking smirk down at you as you buck your hips up, silently begging for more
"words, y/n. i'm afraid i can't read your mind"
but that's ironic, because you swear he can sometimes
literally knows your body better than you, can tell what you want before you even know you want it, fred just has great instincts
can either fuck you hard and fast or make slow, passionate love to you, depending on what you're both feeling
there's no in-between, but needless to say you love both
likes to degrade you, but mostly he just wants to make you feel good
thrives off of your praise
literally, one of your first times having sex, you gasped "fuck fred, that feels so good" and he absolutely lost his shit, fucking you into oblivion
he had to carry you to your classes the next day, your legs really said no❤️
the biggest fucking tease ever
will send you notes from across the hall declaring things like
"love your make-up, can't wait to ruin it"
"i'm going to fuck you senseless, love"
and it pisses you off to no end because of the tremendous effect it has on you, your cheeks turning redder than his hair
while he simply watches your face and grins before easily slipping into a conversation with george
it's always fun when it's the other way around though
you don't tease him often because he's always giving you attention anyways
but when you're in the mood, you like to whisper obscenities in his ear with the softest voice, and fuck if it doesn't drive fred insane
will most definitely drag you to his dorm when he breaks (he can go surprisingly long sometimes without cracking), but god, it's worth the wait
if you can't keep up with him, he will 100% throw you over his shoulder, uncaring of what anyone else around you thinks
basically, fred weasley would definitely give you both the hottest and most loving sex
treasure this man
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calummss · 2 months ago
Hello Mother, Sorry, Narcissa…Polly
Harry Potter x Peaky Blinders | Polly Gray/Narcissa Malfoy
summary: you were looking for her for years and then you found her with a whole new family
words: 4.3k
a/n: this is my most prized one-shot
Tumblr media
God it’s freezing, you thought to yourself as you stepped through the mud and puddles of Small Heath, Birmingham. You were picking at some kind of 1920s dress you chose to wear just before you made your way through the misty town. Travelling into another reality, decades before you were born was not in your weekend plans, but it was an opportunity you couldn’t back away from. You had to find her, and get the answers you so desperately longed for. It had been five years since you last saw her. You had to know what happened to her. Was she banned? Did she choose to come here all by herself? Was she trapped?
You caught a glimpse of your reflection on a shop’s door. Your hair was styled into a neck-length wavy bob. Your eyes were widened with alertness and glimmered with frustration and disappointment, your lips were pressed together nervously. You were wearing a purple satin dress with a layer of mesh topping the fabric with various flowers. You paired it with some nude heels and a black fur coat. You had to fit in. You had to look authentic in order to pass. You passed several working boys with newsboy caps and women taking their children for a walk. You entered a street named ‘Watery Lane’ when an old lady came outside her barricaded door to grab a milk bottle.
‘Excuse me, Miss.’ You speed-walked over to the pavement, trying to get her attention before she hid back behind her door. ‘I’m looking for this woman, her name is Narcissa Malfoy. I was told that she lives here, in Small Heath. I have a picture if you wouldn’t mind taking a look?’
The old lady opened the door to step outside. Your hands were rustling through your pockets filled with other small items. Finding the photo, you pulled it out of your pockets and handed it over for her to look at.
The lady’s face turned into a look of surprise and shock. You cocked your head to the side, trying to get a glimpse of her facial expression.
‘That’s Polly Gray ye’ lookin for.’
You furrowed your eyebrows repeating the name back.
‘Yes, she lives seven houses down from ‘ere. That way,’ She pointed down the muddy street. ‘Do ye’ have some kind of business with her?’
‘Business? Why would I?’ You took back the photo, cramming it back into your pockets. You kept your hands inside due to the cold. The whirling wind was dancing around, making you tremble.
‘Ye’ lookin’ for her,’
You nodded.
‘No one willingly tries to go to Polly Gray.’ She emphasised her name.
‘Why’s that?’
‘She’s part of the Peaky Blinders!’ She said in a tone like you were supposed to know. ‘The Peaky Blinders rule Small Heath. No stone gets left unturned with ’em. They know everythin’.’
‘The Peaky Blinders are a gang?’
‘Yes. Not a peaceful one either. I like to keep my distance from them, even though they provide many good things for us.’
You smiled and continued to talk to the old lady trying to find out more about the Peaky Blinders. Apparently it was a family oriented gang and the leader, Tommy Shelby, seemed to have all the sheeps under control. His brothers, Arthur and John ruled alongside him. They were feared by most people and anyone who did not do as they said, would end up blind or dead. They were known for sewn in razor blades at the peak of their hats. Hence why they’re called the Peaky Blinders.
‘Thank you for helping me, Miss…,’
‘Cork. Mrs. Cork, darling, ‘n’ it’s quite alright. Stay safe and good luck with that business of yours.’
You smiled once more, shook her hand and turned your feet towards the south of the street. 7 houses down, your mind repeated the words over and over again to make sure you wouldn’t accidentally end up on a stranger’s doorstep. Your mind was racing with so many questions and possibilities you didn’t know if you wanted answers. Arriving at house number 6, you noticed that the door was slightly open. You knocked loudly, hoping that someone would come and fetch you to finally see if it were true. If Narcissa was truly here. After a few minutes there was still no person in sight so you dared stepping into the house of the most feared gang in Birmingham.
Looking around you saw a staircase that led upstairs and a living room decorated in tons of colourful rugs and furniture. Pictures were standing on top of the fireplace and empty whiskey bottles and used ashtrays piled upon the small table standing in the middle of the room. The curtains were shut and the sunlight illuminated the red fabric, tinting the walls.
You stepped around the small but cozy living room when you neared yourself to a picture frame standing on top of drawers in the far right corner. It was Narcissa—well Polly, holding a cigarette in her right hand, smiling at the camera. You studied the picture with a faint look of frustration on your face. You never knew why she left without a word and without a trace. How could she leave her family behind like they meant nothing to her? Narcissa, your mother and you, had a connection some could only dream of. Since you were born she wasn’t only your mother, but your best friend. She may have not been the best person, following her values and husband, but she was the best mother one could wish for until she left after the Wizarding War and never came back.
You tried your best to stay calm and friendly but with every second a glooming ball of anger grew inside of you. You still couldn’t fathom the fact that she left you all alone in a broken place with no one to go to. Your father and brother weren’t exactly people one could talk to, but before you could think any further, you were interrupted by a young boy who seemed about 10 or 11 years old.
‘Who are you?’ He asked, carefully stepping towards you.
‘My name is Y/N, I’m a friend of Pollys. Do you know her?’
The boy nodded carefully not knowing who you are, but he came even closer trying to see you better. He walked around you in circles taking everything in he saw.
‘Ye’ not from here are you?’ He looked you straight in the eye.
‘That’s right. I’m from a far away place, you see,’
He shrugged not caring too much about your answer, instead he started to walk off but before he could close the door you yelled after him.
‘Do you know where Polly is?’
He nodded again. ‘Yes.’
‘Can you tell me where she is?’ A hint of hopefulness in your tone.
‘She’s in the back of the shop. I’ll show you.’
Breathing out in relief, you took one last look at the picture and stepped behind the table in order to walk through the doorway. You were now in a small but neat kitchen. You saw a cabinet full with porcelain plates, a used loaf of bread, a glass of jam and two giant wooden green doors. They must open the house next door because the house was too small for another space.
You stared at the half-eaten sandwich that was sitting on the dining table. ‘Is this yours?’ You questioned the boy you still had no name from.
He nodded whilst taking the sandwich with both hands and took a large bite.
‘I forgot to ask for your name?’
‘Well it’s nice to meet you, Finn.’ You grinned whilst he stuffed his face with more bread.
Staring out of the kitchen window that was tucked behind red silk curtains, you took a quick look outside out of curiosity before your fingers graced the table as you walked around it.
‘Polly is behind that door.’ Finn pointed to the green doors behind him.
You moved towards the green door and took one last breath. You cleared your throat, adjusted your dress and hair for no reason making you chuckle. This was the moment you waited for. Five years in waiting. The time had come. You had no idea if you were going to be content or insolent the second you would see her. Your hands found themselves to the cold, rusty door handle and with a hasty pull you swung the door open to be greeted by a beam of sunlight and four men standing and sitting around an old table that looked like it was seconds away from falling to dust.
Standing at the door frame, your legs felt glued to the floor like your entire body was put into a cast. You couldn’t move. Maybe because you expected to see her straight away. You took this time to take in the surroundings.
The room looked like a hand grenade exploded just moments before you entered. There were barely any walls that kept the rooms apart, instead the bricks were out by 10cm; the floorboards were finished in old dusty wooden boards; there was a large blackboard with a chart on it, filled with loads of words and numbers; by the table stood a few stools, ashtrays, bottles of whiskey and tons of paper filled the surface. At the table you saw the four men invested in their tasks before you stepped in and took their attention. The tallest one had a mustache that stood out very prominently, the other man was biting on a toothpick, the man on the left was smoking a cigarette and in between the three stood a dark haired man with piercing blue eyes that looked like ice itself. His forehead creased with lines whilst his eyes gave you a questioning look.
‘And who the fuck are you?’ The man with the toothpick said. You could tell he had a big ego.
‘Who the fuck are you? Talking to me like that.’ You stepped towards him not breaking eye contact.
‘I asked first.’
‘I asked second.’ You snapped back.
‘My brother asked you a question.’ The tall one barged in trying to intimidate you.
You rolled your eyes and placed your hands behind your back, softly rolling your feet up and down. ‘I don’t remember talking to you.’
His eyes squinted into slits with anger.
‘Back off, Arthur.’ The brown haired boy grunted, dragging smoke from his cigarette and effortlessly inhaling it back through his nostrils.
Balling his fists, Arthur went back to his original spot not being in the mood to argue with you. The other man continued to stare at you without saying a word.
‘I live here.’ The man with the toothpick answered, pulling down his shoulders to look taller and bigger.
You laughed to yourself not being able to contain it. Just because situations were serious didn’t mean you were.
‘What’s so funny?’
‘Oh it’s nothing,’ You trudged towards an unoccupied chair, letting yourself fall into the seat. You leaned your head back before continuing. ‘I’m looking for Polly Gray. I was told she lives here.’
‘What do you want from Polly?’ The man with the blue eyes joined in on the ongoing conversation he seemed so disinterested until now.
‘I want nothing but the truth from her for now,’ You stared at him. ‘And to see if it’s truly her. To see if ‘Polly fucking Gray’ is here in body, mind and spirit.’ You huffed loudly being annoyed by all those questions.
The man with the icy blue eyes started to wander around the table, taking a drag of his cigarette every couple of seconds. His feet stopped in front of yours.
‘And what business do you have with Polly Gray?’
‘Business that doesn’t concern you.’
The man chuckled.
Whilst you were swapping words with the man, someone in the far back of the room had entered the room from the outside, a large box covering their face that kept the anonymity of the person. You pushed yourself off the chair and took a few steps forward before stopping in your tracks. The person was wearing a pair of black heels with black tights, a long black skirt that was veiled in a purple jacket that fell to their knees—a woman.
‘Coppers placed these boxes in front of the shop, Tommy.’ She said, and you knew exactly who it was. ‘Said it was unfinished business.’
Tommy, the man with the blues eyes rolled his eyes. ‘Polly, there a lady that wants to see you,’
‘Who is it?’ She carefully placed down the boxes on another table in the back and took her hat and gloves off. Her dark brown hair was pulled into a half up-half down and her eyelids were covered in sparkly eyeshadow. When her eyes landed on your presence she froze in an instant. Her brown eyes almost popped out of her eye sockets and her lips started to tremble.
‘Y/N…?’ Narcissa gasped, making the others in the room stare at her.
‘You know her?’ The surprise in Arthur’s tone made it clear that Narcissa or Polly, whoever she was at this given moment had never talked about you.
‘Hello Mother, sorry Narcissa, … Polly, do you still remember me?’
The man with the toothpick walked towards her and tried to talk to her. ‘Mother? Pol, what’s going on? Who’s Narcissa?’
‘How did you find me?’ Her eyes were still wide, not believing what stood before her.
‘Honestly,’ You paced towards her. ‘I guessed. Took me five bloody years though.’
You paced around her frame taking advantage of the silence that was growing between the walls.
‘I thought I’d never see you again. Thought the Ministry of Magic casted you out to some kind of prison world, but it turns out that you willingly left Father, Draco, and I!’
The men in the room were completely silent.
‘I thought maybe you fled from Voldemort's return but I was disappointed to find out the truth. You left because you felt like it. You left me!’ You yelled out the last sentence, fighting back tears that would roll down your face and show just how hurt you were by her actions that had caused you so much pain. ‘I asked around Hogwarts, the Ministry of Magic,’ You stopped. ‘God, I even contacted Bellatrix to just find you alive...to make sure you weren’t killed at Hogwarts or as an aftermath when everyone went after the remaining Death Eaters to get justice for themselves, but no one ever found you. No one had seen you after they last saw you with Draco on that bridge.’
Your mother’s face had fallen to an expression of shame. Her eyes were glossy, she was fidgeting with her fingers and her feet were tapping up and down on the wooden floor.
‘Y/N my dear,’ She started shakily but you interrupted her.
‘I needed you! You left me alone after the battle. I was only seventeen! I needed a mother. You were just as loyal to the Dark Lord as Father was, yet he didn’t run and leave his family behind.’
A tear rolled down her face. She stepped towards you carefully, approaching you like a person that wanted to gain the trust of a scared cat.
‘I’m so so sorry.’ She sniffled, placing her hands at the side of your cheeks. ‘That look in your eyes, hurts me a-’
Realising what she had done, you ripped yourself out of her grasp and took a step back.
‘No! You don’t get to feel sorry. You’ve had time yet you never came back so don’t lie to my face. Not now, not ever.’
You had completely ignored your surroundings. You didn’t care what they’d hear, you didn’t care about the neighbours, the birds, the children, no one. You were hurt by someone you trusted and loved most of your life and the hole she left in your heart couldn’t be patched up with a safety pin.
‘Polly what the fuck is this?’ You saw John take the tooth pick of his mouth.
‘Yeah Polly,’ You maintained eye contact with her exhausted eyes. ‘What the fuck is this?’
‘How about you woman, just relax, aye?’ Arthur stepped in front of you, trying to maintain a wall between your hot headedness and your mother’s regret.
‘You don’t tell me to relax when I have been looking for her for five years. So get out of my fucking way or I’ll kill you.’ Your right hand found itself into your coat’s pocket, gripping tightly onto your wand’s handle.
‘Listen here you f-‘
‘Arthur,’ Polly suddenly said. ‘Step aside. She’s right and she will kill you before you can even extend your arms.’
‘Pol,’ Arthur kept his eyes on you. ’She won’t be able to kill me…’
‘She will Arthur. Just trust me on this. It’s alright.’ She reassured him before he stepped back.
‘Y/N, dear,’ She came closer. ‘I left because I had no other choice.’
‘You had a choice. You could’ve chosen to stay with me! I could’ve protected you.’
‘I had no choice. I was facing hatred from the entire Wizarding World. Everyone wanted me dead because of your father. I decided to save myself and leave.’
‘That’s not true.’ You held back tears, lips trembling with sadness. In the back you could hear the men discuss the meaning of Wizarding World. ‘Just…stop…lying.’
‘I never hated you. I never wanted you dead.’ You choked on your tears. Once that first tear broke free, the rest followed in an unbroken stream.
‘You woman, just calm down.’ John stepped between you too just like his brother had just a few minutes ago. ‘You don’t get to step into our home and make the rules.’
More rage started to build up within your heart. You were made to look like a fool. Just a foolish girl that’s too emotional, but they would never understand the pain. Your hand found itself back to your wand, tightly gripping it before pulling out of your pocket and placing the end under his chin making sure to push it in a bit. But all he did was laugh.
‘You think I’m scared of a stick.’ He smirked.
Taking a moment to look around you saw Tommy, Arthur, and Michael as you came to find out, find amusement in the scene.
‘John, get out of the way now!’ Narcissa chided, stepping to his side.
‘I’m not afraid of her. After all, the only thing she has is a little stick.’
That was the last you’d be disrespected again. The rage finally boiled over, continuing to spill. Just as the spell was about to leave your lips, you saw a bird sitting on a pile of files on the table.
‘Avada Kedavra.’
The bird died as soon as you said the words and fell to its side. You retrieved your look back to John who clearly believed you now.
‘If you don’t want to end up like the bird, I suggest you take a big step to the side and leave me the fuck alone.’
And without further questions he went back to his seat. The other’s eyes were glued to your every move.
‘What the fuck are you?’ Arthur asked but it sounded very aggressive. ‘A witch?’
‘Ding, ding, ding. God you men are fucking stupid. We’ve been standing here for ages and you just realised? Jesus.’
He was about to stand up but you only held your wand high with a smirk before he sat right down.
‘So if you’re a witch,’ Michael spoke up. ‘And my mum knows what you’re talking about…is she too?’
You let out a half-suppressed, scornful laugh, twirling your wand around your fingers, raising it towards Narcissa. ‘Correction,’ you stated, ‘my mother.’
Your head turned back to face her.
‘C’mon, Mother, show them what you can do.’ You tried saying with a straight face, but failed miserably as you edged the wand closer to her.
She looked up at you, and then them, uncertain what either party might say.
‘I don’t practice anymore.’
‘But you did?’ Michael questioned.
‘So all your predictions and readings were real then?’ Arthur joined the conversation, fingers tapping against a glass of whiskey he poured himself.
‘That’s not how it works.’ You rolled your eyes, retrieving the wand back to your pocket. ‘We’re not those kinds of witches.’
Tommy, who wasn’t really integrating himself into the elephant in the room for the past half an hour or so suddenly cleared his throat very loudly.
‘So, let me get this straight.’ He placed his smoking cigarette between his index and middle finger, eyeing you up and down. ‘You’re Polly’s daughter from some fucking Wizarding World that came here to see if Polly was here because she apparently left?’
‘Precisely, Tommy.’
‘Is this some kind of fucking joke?’ Voice low, rough, sexy. ‘You expect us to believe your little show?’
‘Does it look like I’m joking.’ You cocked your head to the side, growing tired of the conversation.
‘Darling,’ Your mother stepped towards you, her soothing voice bringing back memories you once wished to erase. She held out her arms, asking you for a hug. Frankly, you didn’t want to, you didn’t want her to think that she was forgiven but you couldn’t fight the urge any longer. ‘
Her arms found themselves around your back, pulling you into a tight embrace as you buried your face into her neck. You were sure she could feel the dampness of your tears on her skin and clothing. It was quiet in the room. Neither you or her said anything, only her reassuring shushing accompanied your muffled sobs.
You finally had your mother back. After years of searching, pain, sadness and anger, you had her back. Your heart was slowly patching up again because you could never truly hate her.
She continued to hold you tight, her warm hand rubbing circles on your back just like she used to when you got bad marks in Transfiguration.
‘Everything she said is true,’ She sounded defeated.
You let yourself out of your mother’s embrace you longed for for all these years and looked at her, and then them.
‘My real, real name is Narcissa Malfoy and this is my daughter, Y/n Malfoy.’
The corner of your mouth lifted for just a second not wanting to give her satisfaction after she had done the bare minimum of telling the truth.
‘My family,’ she looked at you before correcting herself, ‘My husband, son and I committed a terrible crime of following the so-called Dark Lord, who believed pure-blooded wizards were better than others. We destroyed so many lives, especially those of the young that fought to protect the school where the battle took place.’ She continued with a heavy heart. ‘I was ashamed and had to get out of that world to save myself. My daughter never followed his lead so she didn’t face any hate, only that she was my daughter. I came here for a fresh start. Abandoned my family and magic to live a normal life.’
Tommy, Arthur, John, and Michael were silent like the moments before an execution.
‘But,’ Michael said unsure, taking his time to find the right words. ‘If you’re her mother,’ he gestured to you, ‘then what am I?’
‘Michael,’ Narcissa chuckled. ‘You’re still my son. I birthed you. You have my blood. I came here in 1884 and worked a bit of magic. All I did was become a part of the Shelby family. You are all still my family. My blood.’
‘We never doubted that, Polly.’ Said Arthur. ‘But that is one hell of a lie, cover up, whatever you wanna fuckin’ call it.’
You sat back down in the chair you previously sat in before Narcissa came through the back door. Your body felt ten times heavier, you felt lightheaded and overwhelmed.
‘I never lied.’ Polly said in an even tone. ‘Don’t you dare accuse me of lying, Arthur. I am still your family.’
Your heart was racing as your chest tightened; it felt as if the center of your head — right behind your nose was being pulled. A ringing noise shrilled in your ears. You stood up and felt like you had drunk enough alcohol for the entire month. Your hands clasped your ears as you tried to stop the awful sound from penetrating your ears but it didn’t help.
‘Y/n, are you alright?’ Your mother’s worrying voice barely made it past the ringing in your ears.
You tried to answer but you couldn’t let out a sound. Suddenly your knees buckled, and what looked like black clouds pressed their way into your vision.
All of this was too much. But the hardest part would be if you were going to leave for the Wizarding World or to stay with your mother, who despite everything she’s done was still your mother. Would you abandon your mother like she did you? Or would you stay by her side?
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wingardiumhogwartsosa · 5 months ago
Harry : This is Snape’s tears
Y/n : Wh- what?
Harry : His memory
Y/n : Let’s see then
Harry : *puts snape’s tears into the thing that I forgot the name of*
Snape’s Memory :
Tumblr media
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moonlit-imagines · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
requested by anonymous
It was a silly spell, but effective all the same. One that when cast, would make the recipient blurt out the first thing on their mind, and Draco was feeling particularly nasty towards Hermione today after she showed him up in Defense Against the Dark Arts class.
A little shock to Hermione’s left side and she suddenly shouted, “I’m in love with you, y/n!” The class snickered and Hermione’s face turned bright red, quickly looking over at a very shocked and surprised you. “May I please be excused?” She asked the professor and rushed from the class as you glared back at the blonde haired menace.
“I’ll go check on her, sir.” You stood up and walked past the spell caster, knocking his books on the floor and giving a sarcastic “oops” before leaving the room. You knew exactly where Hermione had run off to, the deserted girl’s bathroom. Upon walking in, you heard her muffled sobs and found her sitting on the floor. “Hermione…it’s okay.”
“It’s not!” She shouted back and echoed through the deserted restroom. “I didn’t want it to come out that way, especially not in front of everyone. That was completely embarrassing!” Hermione explained while you crouched next to her, moving here hands from her face and wiping her tears with your handkerchief.
“If it makes you feel any better, I threw Draco’s books on the floor as I left.” You told her to try to get a smile back on her face. It worked. “And hey, here’s another secret. I’m in love with you, too.”
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lilahisntsadanymore · a month ago
Tried to write some cozy, Christmas vibe fanfic where everyone is happy. Ofc Y/n is Sirius' daughter because I like this trope in Golden Trio era fanfics idk sorry aaaa
The reader pronouns: she/her (I decided to start adding this instead of writing it in the pairing thing like a character x pronoun!reader)
Pairing: friends!Golden Trio x reader, dad!Sirius Black x reader, hints at Fred Weasley x reader, a bit of Jily
Words count: 4.1k
Tw: none, everyone is safe and happy (well, except Y/n’s mother and Regulus who still died but Sirius knows he was a good person), this is an AU where James and Lily lived but Peter didn’t want to go to Azkaban so he made everyone think Sirius killed him, also there might be some typos because I wrote it on the laptop during online classes lol
≫ ──── ««•◦ ✪ ◦•»» ──── ≪
Christmas at Grimmauld Place
Sirius sat in the living room of his house impatiently. He was finally able to meet his daughter after so many years. This could have been done earlier, but Remus advised it's better to wait. So Sirius waited. But now it was finally the right time. The Christmas break.
Y/n was more than excited to go home this Christmas break. Well, home, her new home. So far, she lived with her godfather Remus, but this year she was supposed to visit the house her father inherited and lived in. The house at Grimmauld Place. Y/n was anxious, but still couldn’t wait until the train arrives at the destination.
"How do you feel about meeting Sirius?" Hermione asked.
"I've got mixed feelings." Y/n answered truthfully. "Imagine meeting your dad for a quick moment after him being in Azkaban for twelve years, not seeing him for over a year and eventually spending Christmas together."
“Don’t worry, Y/n, he’s awesome!” Harry assured excitedly. He, Ron and Hermione had spent some time with Sirius last summer. Y/n didn’t understand why she coudn’t while they could, but she didn’t want to argue with Remus.
Suddenly the train stopped and the passengers were able to exit it. Finally. It were just a few hours but to Y/n it felt like eternity. The quartet rushed to get off of the train. Y/n looked around the station. She saw Lily and James, but neither Sirius nor Remus were nowhere to be seen.
“Mum, dad.” Harry smiled at his parents.
“Good afternoon.” Y/n, Hermione and Ron greeted in unison.
The older couple greeted them and explained they came to pick them up alone to not catch unnecessary attention. The more people, the louder it would be. So Sirius, Remus, Molly and Arthur were supposed to stay at Grimmauld Place.
As they waited for the rest of Weasley kids to join, they talked about school. Well, Lily tried to keep the conversation about grades, classes, the teachers, while James talked about quidditch.
“When I was 16,” the man recalled as he put his arm around his son’s shoulders, “I became the captain. After that happpened, your mother didn’t miss a single match.”
“Let me remind you it was the year Marlene finally got on the team, she’s my best friend.” Lily pointed out, laughing. “I still hated you back then!”
“Oh please, you loved me.” James teased.
Y/n, Hermione, Ron and Harry started giving looks to one another as they all beamed. Despite graduating many years ago, James and Lily sometimes still did act like teenagers (as much as Lily would never admit it). Their little squabble was interrupted by the arrival of the rest of Weasley children.
“Alright, is everyone ready to go?” Lily asked, when she and James finished greeting them all.
≫ ──── ««•◦ ✪ ◦•»» ──── ≪
The Potters apparated the kids to the house at Grimmauld Place. Well, outside of it, because of all the safety charms put on it. Lily used her wand to reveal the house. Two residential blocks of the number 11 and 13 were shoved away by the house of the number 12 suddenly appearing between them.
Old stairs were leading to the front door, which surprisingly didn’t have anything that could be the handle or even just a hole for the key. A thing that draw Y/n’s attention was a silver knocker in a shape of a serpent. There was a doorbell, but before anyone could press it, James pointed at it and warned:
“Don’t use the doorbell. It wakes up the portrait of Sirius’ mother, your grandmother, Y/n. And it’s so bloody loud.”
The door could be opened either by someone from the outside or with the use of magic. Of course, James used magic, but in the matter of seconds Molly Weasley appeared in the hallway, greeting everybody.
“It’s good to see you too, Mrs Weasley.” Y/n beamed at the woman after receiving a tight hug.
The girl looked around. The hallway looked gloomy and dark, it had a scary vibe. Y/n didn’t expect the rest of the house to be different. Maybe somehow she could get used to sleeping here, but she felt that the first night could be difficult.
“Sirius!” Harry exclaimed as soon as the door of the dining room opened. He ran to the man to hug him.
“Dad...” Y/n whispered as she felt a weave of both happiness and anxiety overwhelming her body. She put down her trunk as the man walked closer to her.
Sirius looked at his daughter with the biggest smile ever. Y/n was beaming as well. Compared to the last time they saw each other, both of them changed. They saw each other for a short moment in the end of Y/n’s 3rd year. Y/n grew up. And Sirius, well, he was clean and had normal clothes instead of a prison suit.
“I’m sorry for leaving for so long, but your safety comes first.” Sirius embraced Y/n. “I promise it won’t happen again.”
“It’s all good now.” The girl assured. “I’m not angry.”
Sirius and Y/n pulled away from each other. Neither of them knew how to act or what to say. The man turned to the rest and proposed to show them their rooms. Hermione, Harry and the Weasleys occupied the same rooms as they did last summer. 
Sirius showed Y/n her room. It was near Hermione and Ginny’s room. There was a big bed with scarlet and gold bedsheets. Other necessary bedroom furniture like the wardrobe, the desk with a chair, some shelves and a nightstand were made of a pale brown type of wood. There was a dark carpet on the floor in a colour between brown and grey. The walls were covered in scarlett wallpaper with gold stars.
“It was renovated just for you.” Sirius announced. “I hope you like it.”
“Like? I love it!” Y/n assured. “I can’t wait to properly move in after this school year.”
“Since you’re planning on moving in, with Remus’ permission of course, there is one more thing you have to see.”
Sirius led Y/n to the drawing room, which was on the first floor. It had huge windows through which the street was visible, even though the building was theoretically hidden for anyone outside. Y/n’s attention was drawn to the big tapestry of what she figured was her family’s family tree.
“The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black,” the girl read out loud, “Toujours pur. This thing is old, isn’t it?”
“Very old.” Sirius nodded. “It was made somewhere in the 13th century. I despise this bloody thing, but I figured you should see it. Here’s your grandmother. An awful, spiteful woman with a violent temper.”
Sirius pointed at a small porait of a woman, under which was written ‘Walburga Black’. Her either black or very dark brown hair were put in an elegant hairstyle. Y/n noticed something weird. She was born into the Black family, same as her husband Orion Black.
“Did she marry her second cousin?” Y/n asked and made a puking expression after her dad confirmed that.
Under Walburga and Orion there were two sons - Sirius and Regulus. The girl knew from Remus that her father was disowned, so she wasn’t surprised to see his portrait burned off of the tree. Under him, there was an empty portrait. It was Y/n’s. It was signed with ‘Y/n Black’.
“They used to not keep track of descandants of disowned relatives,” Sirius began explaining, “but after mother found out I ‘killed’ a few muggles and a half blood, she probably regretted burning me off. And that’s probably why she left me this house in her will.” A chuckle escaped his mouth.
“Turning in her grave right now, isn’t she?” Y/n laughed.
“Spinning violently, I suppose.”
The both of them burst out with laugher. Y/n knew Walburga would hate her and was really glad that Sirius wasn’t like his mother. Their little laughing session was interrupted by some screams coming from the hallway.
“Speak of the devil.” Sirius muttered under his breath and rushed out of the room. Y/n walked after him.
After watching the adults trying to close the curtains on Walburga’s screeching portrait, Y/n asked Sirius to continue the house tour. The next stop was was a room on which’s doors was a sign Do Not Enter Without the Express Permission of Regulus Arcturus Black.
The room looked like nothing was changed since Regulus died, as Y/n assumed. The drawers of his desk probably hid many interesting things that would tell the girl more about him or the rest of the Black family. But out of respect to him, Y/n didn’t want to open these drawers.
The decorations proudly highlighted that Regulus was a Slytherin. The walls, the windows, the bed, everything was in green and silver. A thing anyone who entered the room noticed firstly, was a big crest of the House of Black over the bed along with the family’s motto.
Sirius’ room, which Y/n saw later on, was very different from Regulus’ room. In this room, the Gryffindor colours played a big role along with muggle posters sticked to walls.
≫ ──── ««•◦ ✪ ◦•»» ──── ≪
The first day at Grimmauld Place was quite...intense. Y/n got into bed with many thoughts on her mind. From how deranged her grandmother was, to what could have happened to her uncle. Or her mother, whom she didn’t get herself to ask Sirius about. All she knew from Remus was that her name was Cynthia, she was a Ravenclaw and a friend of Luna Lovegood’s mum.
On the next day’s very early morning, sudden knocking ripped Y/n out of her sleep. Who could it be at such early hour? It was a bit after 5am. The girl stood up and walked to open the door.
“What happened?” Y/n asked in a whisper when she saw the Weasley twins on the other side of the door.
"Good evening, Pupcake." They said in unison. It was a nickname they made up for Y/n.
“Are you gonna look for presents with us?” Fred asked, whispering.
“It wasn’t exactly what I would do at 5 in the morning, but alright.”
The girl slowly closed the door of her room and tiptoed to the stairs with the twins. Of course Y/n wanted to find out what will she get for Christmas. Who wouldn’t? Well, while the present from Mrs Weasley was obvious, Y/n was eager to know what Sirius planned on giving her.
As the three friends were quietly sneaking down the stairs, Y/n’s hand brushed Fred’s hand on the banister. Thankfully it was still dark, so the twins couldn’t see how Y/n blushed. Yes, Y/n had a crush on her friend’s older brother and no, she didn’t want anyone to know. It was so cheesy, she was sure she would be made fun of for it.
The reason why Y/n wasn’t on the Gryffindor quidditch team was that she was a quite clumsy person. She could stumble over her own feet sometimes. Exactly how she did this time. She fell off of the last step of the stairs.
“Bloody hell.” Y/n swore as the portrait of her grandmother began screaming. The curtains slid away, revealing Walburga Black once again yelling several mean things.
Y/n’s heart sped up, she didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, the twins were 17 already, which meant they could apparate. Fred gently grabbed Y/n by the arm and apparated to another room.
Taking a look around, Y/n figured she’s in the twins’ room.
“Thanks.” She managed to say, still in panic from what has just happened.
“Did you think I’d leave you there?” Fred asked.
"Shhh, quiet, lovebirds." George shushed. "We don't want anyone to hear us, do we?"
Y/n nodded, pretending she didn't hear the nickname. Fred did the guesture of zipping his mouth shut.
A moment later, they heard Walburga's scream quiet down and eventually disappear. But then another sound disturbed the three teenagers. Someone was coming to the room as they could tell by the sound of steps, which was getting closer and closer with each one.
"Fredrick Gideon Weasley and George Fabian Weasley!" Now it was Molly's scream filling the house. "Can't you behave just this once?!"
The woman violently opened the door. She had a furious expression on her face, which softened immediately when she saw that Y/n also was in the room.
"We're so sorry, Mrs Weasley." Y/n began, knowing she can always talk a way out it. "It's my fault, I woke up early and asked Fred and George to go to the kitchen with me to eat earlier. I tripped over my own feet and woke the portrait up."
"It's all good, sweetheart. It's almost 6, we all needed to wake up anyways." Molly smiled at the girl.
"I didn't mean to do it. I didn't know it's so easy to make her start yelling and everything..."
"As I said, it's alright. How could you know? Will you come help me with breakfast?"
"Of course, Mrs Weasley, that's the least I can do to express how sorry I am."
"And you," the woman turned to the twins, "you will help me clean up after breakfast. Without magic!"
Molly left the room. Y/n winked at the twins and walked behind the woman. The girl knew she could also convince Molly to not punish the boys. That was a thing Y/n was known for - if there was anybody who could persuade people out of something (or into something) it was Y/n. She often used this skill with teachers.
Sirius and Remus were in the kitchen, drinking coffee. They heard the conversation Y/n had with Molly, it reminded them of their times at Hogwarts. Sirius smiled at his daughter, she reminded him of young himself.
"Good morning, Molly." Remus said.
"Good morning, Remus, Sirius." The woman replied.
"I'm sorry," Y/n chimed in, "you know, for the wakeup."
"We were up anyways." Sirius assured. "You know, the full moon's coming up and-"
"That's enough, Padfoot." Remus interrupted him.
"Oh no," Y/n's face saddened, "does it mean you won't be with us for Christmas?"
"Unfortunately. But Lily and James are here. Not to mention it's the first Christmas in many years you'll spend with your dad."
"I know, I know. But I'm just worried about you. As always."
"And as always I'll be as good as new after the full moon."
Y/n gave a hug to her godfather and her father, then began helping Molly with breakfast.
Of course the girl felt bad about what Remus had to go through each full moon, but there wasn't anything she could do about it.
About half an hour later, the breakfast was almost ready. Molly asked Sirius and Remus to carry plates, cups, forks, knifes and all that stuff to the dining room. In the meantime, Y/n was finishing pancakes.
"Pupcake is making pancakes," Fred chuckled, apparating into the kitchen,"I hope you didn't poison them."
The boy suddenly appearing in the room was a little surprising, but also expectable. Y/n didn't let it scare her.
"I poisoned only the ones for you, Freddie." The girl announced, trying to make her voice sound serious.
"We all know you love me too much to actually poison me." The boy sat on the kitchen counter, knowing Y/n is joking. “Besides, how would you know which ones I’ll eat?”
"You should know by now that I can easily read your mind and predict your actions.”
“Oh, really? Then what am I thinking about?”
“Easy one. Me.” The girl said undoubtfully as she put the last pancake on a plate.
“Damn it, you really can read my mind, Pupcake.”
Their cute little moment was interrupted by Sirius clearing his throat. Y/n turned around and Fred nervously jumped off of the kitchen counter. The awkward moment when they all just stood in the kitchen silently felt like eternity but lasted only about a few seconds.
“Seems like everything’s ready,” Molly announced as she walked into the room, “kids, could you two call the rest for breakfast?”
“Sure thing.” Y/n replied with a smile. She grabbed Fred by the wrist and dragged him out of the room.
The girl went to wake up Hermione and Ginny while Fred was supposed to wake up the boys. Good thing they didn’t have to wake up Mr and Mrs Potter, because they passed by them on the stairs.
≫ ──── ««•◦ ✪ ◦•»» ──── ≪
The breakfast was huge and delicious, very similar to breakfasts at Hogwarts. Pancakes, french toasts, some fruits and veggies, tea, coffe, orange juice. After the breakfast, it was the time to put up the the Christmas tree and decorate it.
With so many people, decorating the tree wasn’t so easy. Maybe it was a little chaotic, but at least it was fun. Sirius stood a few meters away, just watching everyone putting the ornaments on the tree and chattering. Of course there were some tiny agrues and squabbles, but what would be Christmas without these?
He looked at Y/n discussing the decorations with Harry, Ron and Hermione. They reminded him of himself and his friends. Such a shame Peter was a traitor. Hopefully this new generation didn’t have to deal with people like him.
Sirius heard about this group Harry and a few other students (including Y/n) made. Dumbledore’s Army. James and Sirius were the only adults that knew about it so far, because they overheard Harry and Hermione talking about it. They both approved of this idea.
Later on, Y/n sat alone by the firepace in the drawing room. She was on the floor, looking at the dancing flames. It was the evening to the fire was the only source of light in the room. Out of a sudden, Y/n felt someone sitting next to her. Dad, the girl thought.
“What are you thinking about?” The man asked, noticing that his daughter looks a bit worried.
“I wish mum was here with us...” Y/n said in a dreamy tone. Maybe she was kind of avoiding answering the question or maybe she was sharing a part of her thoughts. “Dad, how did mum die? Remus never wanted to told me, he said he wasn’t sure if you’d want me to know.”
“I knew you’ll ask about it someday,” Sirius sighed, “although I kept hoping you won’t. But you deserve to know what happened. Cynthia, Pandora and Regulus had their little group and their shenanigans. Nobody knew what were they plotting about-”
“So they were just like you and your friends?” Y/n interrupted, chuckling.
“I guess you could say that. Everyone was shocked when me and your mother announced we’re getting married. They thought she went dark, because Regulus was a deatheater and she was hanging out with him a lot during our Hogwarts days.”
“My uncle worked for Voldemort?” Y/n felt chills run down her back. She despised Voldemort and his pathetic supporters, but at the same time she was terryfied by the thought of them. She didn’t get why would her dad let his brother become a deatheater.
“Partially. In the end it turned out that he, Cynthia and Pandora were making up a plan to destroy him. It all was between the three of them, even I barely knew anything. Then Reggie disappeared, so your mum went to look for him and never came back. I’ve lost all contact with Pandora, but I know she was working on something that would help with defeating Voldemort...”
“Pandora is Luna Lovegood’s mum, I’m friends with Luna-”
“Really? Cynthia hoped you’d be. She and Pandora had it all planned out, they even promised each other that your middle name was going to be Luna and Luna’s middle name was supposed to be Y/n.”
“And it is! We had many conversations about it, many theories were made.” Y/n chuckled, “Anyways, she said her mum died when she was 9. She was working on some new spell. So, are there any clues left on what mum, uncle and Pandora were doing? Maybe stuff they left? Some advice or something?”
“I see what you’re trying to do. I liked this idea with that group you joined, but I can’t let you end up like your mother. This is the real world, this is dangerous, if you make a mistake, there won’t be Harry to correct you.”
“I didn’t ‘join’ Dumbledore’s Army, I co-founded it with Harry, Ron and Hermione. I understand I can die, but I’d gladly die fighting for what’s right, so that the younger wizards could grow up not even knowing who Lord Voldemort was-” Y/n began explaning in a violent tone of voice. She felt offended by her father thinking she isn’t good enough to fight the deatheaters.
“Hey, hey, hey, calm down,” Sirius chuckled, putting an arm around his daughter’s shoulders, “it’s good to see you show off your mother’s will to fight and that violent temper so typical for the Black side of your family, but calm down. I need you to understand you’re the only family I have left and I don’t want to lose you.”
≫ ──── ««•◦ ✪ ◦•»» ──── ≪
When the house is packed with two Blacks, one Granger, three Potters and six Weasleys, nobody expects mornings to be calm and silent. Y/n was woken up by someone banging quickly and loudly on her door. She groaned, but opened the door to see Hermione, Harry and Ron.
“I’m so glad you’re awake!” Hermione exclaimed.
“Mione, I’m pretty sure your bloody knocking woke her up. ‘I’ll just knock lightly to see if she’s awake’, yeah, lightly my arse.” Ron cursed, imitating the girl’s voice.
“My voice does not sound like this!”
“Oh, yes, it’s more of ‘my voice does not sound like this’.”
“Stop it, Ronald.”
“‘Stop it, Ronald’.”
“Seriously, stop it, you two.” Y/n chimed in, since Harry looked too entertained by their squabble to stop them. “Something happened?”
“Yes! It’s Christmas, Y/n!” Hermione poined out, giving Y/n a hug. “Happy Christmas!”
“Thank you, happy Christmas to you too!” Y/n hugged Hermione back and gestured the boys to join in the hug. “Happy Christmas, everyone!”
The four friends walked downstairs together. The decorated Christmas tree was in the dining room, so that was were they headed. As they walked in, they saw everyone was waiting for them. Lily, Molly, Arthur, Ginny, Fred and George were already sitting by the able. Only Sirius and James were missing but Y/n guessed they were asleep.
After greeting everyone, Ron took a seat on the side of the table where his siblings were, Harry sat on the opposite side, next to his parents. Next to him sat Hermione and next to her Y/n. Mrs Weasley handed out her gifts to everyone.
Y/n, as she thought, was given a handmade sweater. It was sweet how every year Mrs Weasley gave gifts also to Ron’s friends. At this point Harry, Hermione and Y/n could feel like a part of the Weasley family.
Suddenly everyone heard the door open. Not long after that, Sirius and James walked into the dining room. Y/n remembered it was the full moon last night, so they most likely spent the night keeping an eye on Remus.
“Happy Christmas, everyone!” The men exclaimed in unison.
It was so good to finally spend the Christmas with so many people. It was exactly what Sirius needed after so many years in Azkaban. He felt as if he turned back in time to Christmas at Jame’s parents’ house. They were carefree teenagers, right before everything fell apart just a few years later.
“I think Cynthia would like you to have this,” Sirius said to Y/n, giving her a small present box, “it’s been passed from mother to daugher in her family for many, many ages. Happy Christmas.”
Y/n opened the box and carefully took out the thing that was inside it. She was holding a beautiful silver necklace with a moon. Y/n saw her mother wearing it on a few photographs she saw in the past. The girl really liked it, she hugged Sirius as a way of saying ‘thank you’. She was sure she would start crying the second she tried to form a sentence.
“It’s really gorgeous.” Hermione admitted once Y/n had the necklace around her neck. “And it makes so much sense. Cynthia is the Greek moon goddess. And your middle name is Luna, which is Latin for the moon.”
“I’ll never take this off.” Y/n smiled, fiddling with the little moon hanging from her neck.
For the first time in many years, Sirius was happy again. It wasn’t same as before his perfect not-so-perfect life fell apart, but it was way better than Azkaban. And now every Christmas and every summer was supposed to be like this. The thougt of it mixed with today’s Christmas spirit filled him up with happiness. True happiness.
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multifandomimagines · 5 months ago
Adversary - A James Potter Imagine
Characters: James Potter x Reader
Word Count: 2690
Summary: James Potter and the Slytherin reader have a seemingly useless rivalry, yet are forced to be around each other by their mutual friend, Remus Lupin.
Written by: Jasper
A/N: This imagine was inspired by a vision that I had a few months ago after trying to reality shift to the Marauders era! Hogwarts is more of a university in my desired reality, but this imagine can work for any age. I hope you like this imagine, and definitely check out our page! We’ll be posting multifandom stories, and I’ll also be posting more for all different characters from Harry Potter! So, keep an eye out for those, and we’re also accepting requests! 👀
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t ours - credit to who it belongs to.
Tumblr media
“We’re meeting in the library after dinner, if you want to come.” Remus said, consciously taking small steps beside Y/N, knowing his long legs normally took too big of strides for her to keep up with. The two of them walked through the ancient, crowded halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, carrying arm-fulls of books that neither of them would dare attempt to stuff into their already overfilling bags, which were both currently slung across their shoulders.
Y/N and Remus had a complicated friendship, really— not that anything was technically wrong with their relationship particularly; the two of them were rather close with one another. No, nothing was wrong with their friendship at all. The complicated part had absolutely nothing to do with the two of them, but it had everything to do with Remus’ group of friends… especially James Potter.
“Will James be there?” Y/N asked, looking over at Remus with narrowed eyes. He was avoiding her gaze, as he normally did with anyone, but this time it was different. She noticed him doing this lately whenever he was contemplating telling her a lie or not, and it was getting on her nerves. “You know you can tell me if he is, right?”
“Can I, though?” Remus said finally, pushing the brown, wavy locks out of his eyes and looking over at her. “If you even simply know that he’ll be around, you decline my invites immediately. I want to spend time with you, but it’s difficult when you refuse to even be around him. It’s become preposterous at this point— this feud you two have with each other is ridiculously childish.”
Y/N scoffed, looking away from him at once, “You act as if I started the whole thing. He’s hated my guts since day one— that’s his doing, not mine.”
“He just doesn’t quite understand you, that’s all. The same goes for you with him.” Remus stated as they both rounded a corner, finally reaching the Grand Staircase. “Maybe if you two got to know eachoth—”
“Ugh, don’t you dare finish that sentence.” her face scrunched up in disgust at the mere suggestion. “He just doesn’t like me because I’m Slytherin, let’s face it! Him and Sirius are always making comments about it— it’s like they act like being Slytherin makes me some sort of demon or something.”
“Sirius just… has a complicated history with Slytherins. James, on the other hand, very much plays into the Gryffindor and Slytherin rivalry; it’s nothing personal, he just doesn’t know you personally all that well.”
“And who’s fault is that?” Y/N glared over at Remus, feeling that he doesn’t quite understand. James has hated her since their first day at Hogwarts… how would she fix that when he refused to speak to her or even look in her general direction, unless it was to say something passive-aggressive?
“Oi, Moony!” a male voice echoed through the staircase behind them.
“Speak of the devil,” Y/N mumbled under her breath, refusing to turn around. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head out of pure annoyance at just the sound of his voice.
James Potter came sliding down the railing behind Remus, jumping on his back and nearly toppling them both down the moving staircases, “Sirius and I are very pleased to be able to cause some trouble in the library tonight.”
“No, we have to study for our essay, remember?” Remus replied, grabbing ahold of the railing to his right, practically only just barely saving both of their lives. “Y/N has two essays coming up, as well.”
“Don’t tell me you invited her…” James said through gritted teeth, jumping off Remus’ back with a loud thump. The staircase shook lightly underneath them, making Y/N instinctively lean to her left to steady herself.
“You do realize I’m right here?” she stated, finally snapping her head in the direction of the two Gryffindor boys, glaring over at James with a new kind of fire in her eyes. Their eyes locked onto each other’s for a brief moment, darting wildly back and forth, scanning each other’s anger-filled faces. She could’ve sworn there was some type of heavy tension between the two of them— she suddenly, for some reason, felt nervous with his eyes on her.
James was the first to look away.
“I have things to do tonight suddenly— I’ll just study some other time, yeah?” James told Remus quickly, his jaw clenched and prominent, refusing to look in Y/N’s direction. Y/N let out a loud scoff to James’ left, prompting him to roll his eyes fiercely.
“Absolutely not! I’ve already forced Y/N to come tonight, I’ll do the same for you.” Remus turned to James. “Besides, the library is so quiet, it’ll almost be like neither of you are even there.”
The walk alone to the library was tranquil. The dim and cozy halls of Hogwarts were seemingly way less crowded than earlier that day— nearly all students were back in their common rooms now that dinner had concluded, yet there were still a few lingering Hufflepuffs in the first floor corridor.
Y/N was dreading this; her heart rate only seemed to increase the nearer she got to the library. Despite purposefully taking as long as humanly possible to get there, the library loomed ahead of her in the distance, making her let out an audible groan. Remus was lucky that they were best friends— if anyone else had forced her to do this, they’d likely end up in the hospital wing.
Finally reaching the end of her journey, Y/N turned to check her reflection in a nearby window. She couldn’t quite fathom why she cared so much about her appearance before seeing Remus’ friends (she contemplated why she wasn’t making herself look less attractive— she even considered doing it for a moment, but quickly scrapped that idea for reasons that even she didn’t know), but nonetheless, she straightened her clothes and smoothed down her hair. Taking a deep breath, she finally opened the doors to the library.
The library was rather dark— the sun had set outside quite early that night, as daylight savings had ended two weeks before. The only illumination came from the numerous, warm colored lanterns that were hung on the towering bookshelves positioned throughout the vast space of the Hogwarts library.
Y/N spotted the four Gryffindor boys across the room, sitting at one of the long tables placed in the middle of one of the many walkways. She made her way over to them, gripping onto her notebook tightly, her knuckles turning white and her palms sweaty. Without saying a word, she took a seat in the only open spot at the table, which happened to be across from James. Of course, she thought, clenching her teeth forcibly.
As she sat down, she glanced at him with hooded eyelids, quickly realizing his own eyes were already on hers, following her every move. She quickly looked away, recognizing the same nervous feeling that she had felt hours before when his eyes were on hers. She didn’t quite understand it… Why was he making her nervous? She hated him. She hated him and his annoying need for causing trouble all the time, she hated him and his irritating cockiness, and she definitely hated him and his perfectly good looks and—
“Y/N, are you starting on your essay or not?” Remus had whispered at her right side, snapping her out of her imposing thoughts of James.
“Huh? Oh yes, sorry,” she replied, briskly glancing back up at James who was again ignoring her, his eyes following the quill that he was writing with. She felt as if she were going crazy. She couldn’t concentrate on anything but him, and to her surprise, the thoughts weren't all necessarily bad ones.
“Does anyone have an extra ink bottle? I ran out—” Sirius whispered, glancing around at the four others at the table with him. Peter reached into his bag rather quickly, accidentally dropping a heavy book down into it and smashing his only other ink bottle. Y/N rolled her eyes, reluctantly reaching into her own bag that was hung across the back of her chair. She fetched out two brand new ink bottles, handing one to Sirius and the other to Peter. Sirius raised his eyebrows as he reached out to grab it, “Maybe you’re not so bad after all.”
“I would use tergeo on that mess you made, Peter,” Y/N glanced around the front of Remus at Peter’s terrified face. “Before Madam Pince sees.”
Peter made sure not to risk waiting any longer in doing exactly what Y/N suggested as he briskly nodded and summoned his wand from the inside of his robes (that he obviously didn’t bother to change out of). Y/N wondered briefly how a guy like Peter even got into a friend group which included James Potter and Sirius Black, seeing as to how the two of them were so naturally cool, while Peter was so naturally awkward. He sort of seemed like the type of person that James and Sirius would make fun of, now that she thought of it, not become friends with. Y/N supposed the only reason was because Peter was Gryffindor; she felt that if Peter were in Slytherin, James and Sirius would think of him differently, which was rather upsetting.
Y/N shook away her thoughts, skimming through the Alchemy book resting just underneath her elbow. Alchemy seemed to be the worst possible topic to be working on when her thoughts were already preoccupied, because Y/N was having the most difficult time concentrating on even simply reading her textbook, let alone beginning her essay on the subject. Her eyes trailed upwards, looking around to see if anyone had noticed how much she was struggling, which she silently hoped no one did; especially Remus.
James took in a sharp breath, prompting Y/N’s eyes to dart towards him. He was already staring at her; his eyes boring into hers, his pupils dilated in the low lighting. Y/N swallowed hard, yet stood her ground, still looking at him, despite her heart pounding in her chest and her ears ringing. Her eyebrow lifted in a questioning manner, to which he stood up abruptly, fists clenched at his sides. The entire table looked up toward him, watching him stalk off somewhere deeper into the library, leaving his belongings on the table to show that he’d be back.
“What’s up with him?” Sirius whispered across the table to Remus, watching James round a corner in the distance.
“Looking for a book, I suppose.” Remus answered, looking back down at his paper, which was already halfway filled with neatly written words. Y/N suddenly felt embarrassed for not having anything yet written, making her shove her book over her paper to hide it, standing suddenly from the table, just as James did moments before.
“I’ll be back,” she stated to the table, walking off in the same direction that James had taken. She wasn’t entirely sure what she was doing, but what better way to fix your concentration problems than confront them head-on? Finally seeing James at the end of the empty aisle, she confidently walked up to him with a seeming purpose in her stride, “What is your problem?!”
“Why are you even talking to me?” he asked, without even as much as a glance in her direction.
“I’m serious, James. What are you playing at? I don’t understand what I’ve done to make you hate me so much.” Y/N said, suddenly filled with determination to get an answer out of him. “You’re ruining everything for me— I can’t even concentrate on my schoolwork because of you. You’re invading all my thoughts and you’re… confusing me.”
“Well, that’s just the thing, isn’t it?” James said finally, pushing a book back into it’s place on the bookshelf, then turning towards her.
Confusion taking her over, she furrowed her brows, “What? What’s just the thing?”
“You say that I’m invading all your thoughts— that I’m confusing you.”
“Yes, because you are. Just like you’re confusing me right now,” she scoffed, realizing that she was stupid to even think she would get answers out of him in the first place. “You know what? Never mind, James. I don’t even know why I thought this was a good idea.”
Y/N turned away from him, anger and annoyance filling every inch of her up, so much so that she felt as if she would explode from it. Taking a step away from him, she suddenly felt a firm grip on her wrist, pulling her backwards. Without warning, James’ lips came crashing into hers, his hands making their way up to embrace her face, his fingers tangling into her hair. Without even realizing it, she eased into the kiss, all her anger and frustration disappearing from her at once, gripping onto his shirt and pulling him towards her even more.
James pulled his own lips away from hers gently, glancing down at them with a new, soft expression on his face.
“I think you just confused me more,” Y/N said quietly, chuckling under her breath and staring into his calm, hazel eyes. The sight of them almost surprised her— it was odd to see them look back at her so calm and collected, not filled with the usual storm raging within them that she had become so accustomed to.
Maybe she could get used to this.
“The truth is,” James started. “You’ve been confusing me since our first day at Hogwarts. I didn’t want to like you— I even tried convincing myself I didn’t like you, as you may have noticed— but I can’t pretend anymore, Y/N. No matter how hard it is for me to admit; no matter how crazy I feel for saying it: I think I’m mad about you.”
“You, James Potter, need to get your mood swings in check.” Y/N laughed, her face easing after a few seconds. “I’m not even sure why, but I think I’m mad about you, too.”
James briefly smiled at her for what seemed like the first time ever, and oh, what a beautiful sight it was. His smile made her smile, and she was sure he would now use that to his advantage every chance that he got. “How about we keep this to ourselves for awhile? See how long it takes the others to catch on themselves?” James suggested, a grin tugging at the corners of his lips.
“It’s like you used Legilimency on me,” Y/N chuckled, taking a step towards James again. “My bets are on Remus to be the first to figure it out.”
“Obviously,” James pulled Y/N closer to him by her waist. “Sirius and Peter are oblivious.”
Their lips found their way to each other again, this time moving with gentleness and ease and, most surprisingly to the two of them, with comfortableness; something that was so new to them, yet felt so easy.
Y/N and James pulled away from each other, James once again grabbing the book he had left on the bookshelf, and Y/N waiting by his side. They both made their way back to the table where their three other friends still sat, their heads in their books and their quills scratching against the papers in front of them. Y/N smiled to herself, finally feeling comfortable for the first time since entering Hogwarts. Everything finally seemed right, and she couldn’t wait to see what the future held; finally feeling like she belonged.
James and Y/N made their way back into their seats at the same time, sitting quietly and as nonchalantly as possible. Remus looked up at them both, his pupils narrowing and his eyebrows knitting— the other two boys were oblivious, just as James had said merely minutes before.
“Friends now, are we?” Remus asked Y/N and James under his breath, a smirk forming on his lips as his gaze fell back onto his essay in front of him.
Maybe it was safe to say that Y/N and James weren’t able to keep their secret for long, at least not with the pair’s brightest friend, Remus Lupin.
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unqualified-sea-turkey · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Daddy's boy.
Pansy Parkinson, Slight Mattheo Riddle x Malfoy!reader
Summory: Draco has never stood up to his father and Pansy is about to find out the hard way what its really like dating a daddy's boy. If only she'd listened to Y/N.
A/N: just killing time.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Knocking on your own bathroom door felt weird, pressing your ear you can just about make out the soft sniffles and quiet whimpers.
"Please let me in Pansy." you sigh leaning against the doorframe unsure of what else you could try.
She'd been in there for over 20 minutes and showed no sign of coming out soon.
Draco could really be a spineless twat sometimes.
"You should come too."
it was those four words which had set all this into motion, you could honestly kill Draco Sometimes.
Spine rigid, eyes widened slightly. You slowly move yourself into a sitting position, looking at your idiot brother across the fireplace.
"Of course, we'd love to it's about time I got to meet your parents." Pansys smile is blinding and her eyes are bright as she gazes lovingly at Draco, She wouldn't be smiling like that if she knew them.
But you just know that Draco has made her whole year by inviting her and your friends for the weekend.
The boys would be fine Mattheo was a Riddle for goodness sake but Pansy? To put lightly your parents were snobs and very Rich ones at that. They'd pick her to pieces before you'd even reach dessert.
You had to shut this down and quickly.
"Draco are you sure this is a good idea? It's just you know what father can be like with unexpected guests." you meet his eyes, a silent warning.
It doesn't go unnoticed by Pansy who scowls in your direction but you barely acknowledge it too busy locked in silent battle with Draco.
You didn't win, Pansy was stubborn and Draco was a fool. You suppose they were a fine match.
It was a tense train ride home and an even tenser car ride, your driver had picked you all up and the five of you had chatted idly in the back until you arrived home.
The walk up to the house was short, even Mattheo and Blaise kept their mouths shut which made a peaceful change.
Finally stepping inside felt nerve wrecking for some reason, you looked to Pansy who looked like she'd been here thousands of times.
"father" Draco called you inwardly snorted, of course he was calling for him first. "in here." came the short reply.
You found your mother and father sitting at the obnoxiously large dining table, standing to great you, you all shuffled forward as your mother ushered you and Draco into a quick hug as your father remained seated at the head of the table.
"come take a seat leave your things by the hallway we'll have them brought up to your rooms. There are cards with your name for your assigned seat." your mother explained.
Draco found his place next to father, typically. Yours was at your mother's side opposite end to Draco, Blaise next to Draco, Pansy by your side and Mathheo on her side, your mother the other head of the table.
If Pansy was surprised that her and Draco hadn't been placed next to each other she hid it well. Taking her seat with grace you noticed your father looking down his nose at Pansy.
He disapproved that much you knew and he hadn't even given her 5 minutes.
Dinner was silent for the most part but every once in awhile Pansy would try and compliment your parents on the home and like a good friend you tried your best to back her up.
Mattheo answered a few questions from your father mainly about studies and plans for the future.
Your father may not like Pansy but it seemed to be going well.
Things came to a head in the middle of dinner clearly your father had gotten bored of playing nice.
"Is this really your choice Draco? I do beg of you to reconsider. I expected better of you." everything and everybody in the room froze, Draco kept his head down, coward. Blaise and Mattheo glanced between Draco and your father wondering if he was going to say anything, he didn't.
"Now now Lucius Draco's young he has plenty of time for choices later." your mother's voice was gentle but held no room for arguments and although your mother isn't defending Pansy really she isn't insulting her which is always a plus.
Pansys cheeks looked pink and your chest squeezed with guilt for not trying harder to stop this "Pansys wonderful if you give her the chance, she's as smart as she is brilliant." you spoke up.
"Your brother can do better Y/N." you openly snorted at that almost choking, you place your knife and fork down and finish chewing.
The next sound you hear is Pansys knife and fork clanging as she drops them, scraping her chair back slowly as she stands excusing herself to the bathroom.
"Something you would like to say?" your father is glaring at you now daring you to challenge him. You take a sip of your goblet setting it down slowly, you ignore the feeling of eyes on you.
"As a matter of fact there is father, no Draco cannot." your father frowns looking at you to continue
"Do better." you clarify shooting your brother a dirty look.
"Draco cannot do better. You should be thankful he brought any girl home at all let alone one as wonderful and clever as Pansy" Blaise and Mattheo snort quietly into their food.
"I beg your pardon?" your father starts but your mother cuts him off before he can continue "now that's enough let's finish dinner. "
And that's what brought you to the now crying girl in your bathroom.
And what had Draco done? Nothing. As per usual. The boy was as far from a man as he could possibly get, he hadn't even come to check on her.
"Please come out you mustn't let him get to you Pans he's a snob and a cruel one at that. Don't give him the satisfaction of seeing you cry. "
It's silent for a moment before the door creaks open, you waste no time in barging inside finding Pansy stood at your sink attempting to fix her face.
"I did warn you." you try, coaxing the girl to say something, anything.
"I've loved Draco for so long it was like a dream when he finally told me that he wanted me." she meets your eyes in the mirror but doesn't turn.
You don't speak only nod.
"I'd face voldemort for him and he wouldn't even face his father for me." finally turning, you quickly wipe the pity off your face the last thing you wanted to do was make this worse.
"I suppose I've learned something though." you gesture for Pansy to continue and she meets your eyes with a wild determination that would put even the gods to shame.
"Never fall in love with a daddy's boy."
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no but imagine gen-z at hogwarts
'i've so many exams coming up I hope the basilisk gets me' 'mood bruh'
'i want to fucking kill myself' 'why?' 'i left my book all the way over to the west towers'
'so expelliarmus just yeets the wand out of someones hands? cool!'
'mr [insert name] get back to bed, it's not safe here, you could die' 'might as well face that, what have I to loose'
sending howlers filled with vines and pop culture references
playing rap and tiktok songs on speakers everywhere
doing tiktok dances
'we know there's like an aesthetic going on, but please let us use pens dipping quills again and again is too much work'
begging mcgonagall to recreate memes with them
no blood discrimination
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Not What It Looks Like (G.W x Fem!Reader)
Y/N and George gets caught in a compromising position inside an old broom closet.
Warnings: descriptions of tight and dark space
Note: Thank you for everyone who liked, followed and reblogged my previous posts. I was planning to post yesterday but I had a surprise visit from my friends. Anyway, hope you enjoy this! See you on the next one. ;*
Tumblr media
The Weasley twins were known trouble makers at Hogwarts so it wasn’t a surprise when one afternoon, the halls of the castle echoes with heavy footsteps as they run from Filch – the school caretaker.
The poor old man had his cat , Mrs. Norris, on his arm as he ran limply after Fred and George after they dyed the cat’s fur in a bright shade of pink. The twins sped off along the corridors, startling some of the students peacefully walking about.
Filch wasn’t far from them but he had a hard time running which slowed him a bit. The twins on the other hand, reached a two way split in the corridor. Fred took the left side and George went right.
George had been panting and his legs started to feel sore so he stopped running to catch his breath. He held on his knees as he heaved, heart jumping in his chest.
He hadn’t been resting for long when he heard Filch and Mrs. Norris coming near his direction.
It was then that George noticed that he wasn’t the only one in the corridor. He recognised the girl to be in the same year as his brother. Without thinking, he ran.
Y/N was a prefect who’d been assigned to patrol near the second floor corridor during the break. She was just pacing back and forth slowly, waiting for her duty to be over, when she heard heavy footsteps.
She stood in the middle of the corridor in attempt to stop whoever was running when she felt a hand wrapped around her arm. Before she knew it, she had been swept away.
“Let go of me!” She shouted as she hit her abductor.
“Let go at once or I’ll have you punished by the headmaster!” She tried all sorts of empty threats to scare him off but to no avail.
She looked back to see what it is they were running from when she saw a figure she’d recognise anywhere. Filch wasn’t keen on students with magical abilities, especially the prefects.
He thought that they were a kiss ass and show offs. He loathed the prefects so much as to torment them all the time when he was around, scolding them for the smallest things. Y/N wasn’t exempted from this torment as she too had her share of bad experiences with the old man, with him having her go down the swanky basement or shouting at her for no reason.
She sprinted faster than ever, even advancing before the boy, afraid to be caught by Filch. She knew he’d recognise the badge and will have her head even if she hadn’t done anything wrong.
“Wait, let’s hide in here.” The boy pushed her towards an old wooden door and pulled it open.
Without another second, they shuffled in the room and closed themselves in. It was dark and musty inside but they didn’t care. They held their breath as footsteps passed near the door, the boy holding a hand on his and Y/N mouth to avoid a slip of sound.
When they were certain Filch was gone, they allowed themselves to breath.
“Lumos.” She whipped her wand out and lit the room.
“I think he’s gone.” The boy whispered.
“Alright, let’s go.” She answered before pushing the door but it didn’t open.
She pushed again but the door won’t budge. The boy put his hand on her shoulder to gently push her aside.
He used his arm against the door but it still won’t open.
“That’s odd. Try alohomora.” She suggested.
The boy pointed his wand to the knob and still, the door didn’t move an inch.
“Did you say it correctly?” She was growing frustrated by the second.
The boy looked at her with his head tilting. “Yes, I said it correctly.”
It was then that she recognised him to be her classmate from several classes. The other half of the notorious prankster duo. George Weasley, who was now crouching slightly so as to not hit his head on the low concrete.
“Well what do you suppose we do, George?” She looked a round the room to realise it was less of a room and more of a closet.
It was littered with stacks of rusty tin buckets, rags and other cleaning materials.
“You know me?” His eyes lit up. It was probably from the light at the end of her wand.
“Who doesn't?” She replied. Tucking loose hair behind her ear.
“How are you sure I’m not Fred?” He leaned his head back slightly.
Y/N leaned on the wall only to stand again when she felt it was damp. Smoothing out her uniform, she replied. “You have a mole on your neck.”
Realising how it must’ve come out, she widened her eyes and tried to take her statement back. “Not that I look at your neck or any other parts of your body, of course.” But failing miserably.
George lifted a brow and hummed lowly.
“Forget it. We must find a way to get out of this dump.” She waved it off.
Y/N had already lost track of time and she was frustrated. She’d been scratching at her legs and neck and all the exposed skin due to the small mites in the closet with them.
Apart from that, she was breathing neck on neck with George as the room seemed to grow smaller by the minute. There wasn’t much room for the both of them and could only stretch out one arm’s length before hitting a wall.
If it wasn’t for their wands, the room would’ve been pitch black due to the lack of windows.
George had tried to break the door down with and without magic but to no avail. It was then that they started to feel the strain in their legs for standing too long and without much movement.
“Should we try shouting for help?” Y/N lit up at her sudden thought, a glimpse of hope after what felt like hours.
“Are you mental? Filch could hear us we’d be deader than dead!”
“Well, do you have any other ideas on how to get us out?” She waited for a brief moment and when George didn’t answer, she smiled sarcastically. “I guess not.”
She took a deep breath in preparation and lifted her hands in front of her mouth before pressing her face on the door. Y/N was about to yell out when she felt something small walked over her feet.
Out of instinct, she held onto George’s neck and tried to climb on his body by wrapping a leg around his hips.
“Ow – bloody hell – woman what are you doing, oi!” He tried to pry her off him but just like the door, she wouldn’t budge.
“There’s something down there! Walking! Crawling!” She said in a hurry, her voice coming off airy.
“Where? Ow! If you keep moving like that, I’m as good as Headless Nick.” He said pertaining to the headless ghost.
“Sorry but please!” She pleaded as she held on the wall for support. “Just hold me up, George!”
Seeing the desperation and the frightened look on her face, George sighed before scooping Y/N’s other leg and carrying her.
One hand held onto his neck while the other rested on the wall behind George, her fingers splayed out in disgust.
It was silent for a few second before Y/N started to swing her legs again.
“George it’s coming up my leg! Its climbing!” Y/N continued to whimpered as she wiggled and twisted in George’s hold.
With George being so tall and the closet so low and tight, he was hitting against the walls and the ceiling.
“Y/N stop!” He complained.
Since he was holding Y/N with both hands, he accidentally dropped his wand, causing the light to turn off, leaving them in the dark.
With George temporarily blinded by darkness and Y/N wailing around, he knocked the tins and all the other supplies down, making a lot of noise along with their whimpers and grunts.
The lack of air in this cramped room didn’t help their situation. With not much air, Y/N’s weight on his shoulders and her hair in his face, George was out of breath.
He panted while she mewled.
“Y/N, I swear to Merlin you’ll be the death of me.” He gasped, drowning in her hair. “It’s so tight! Stop moving!”
Just then, the wooden door blasted open, missing them by centimetres. And there stood Fred, eyes wide in shock. Students gathering behind him.
“Bloody hell mate! Get a proper room or something!”
“It’s not what it looks like.” Y/N scrambled out of George’s grip and fixed her clothes. Cheeks red and flushed.
“Yeah, right.”
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cutesouls · 20 days ago
i love you more (theo nott)
pairing: theo nott x reading 
summary: after learning he loves her back, she spends her seventh year defending his honor eventually getting herself into trouble
warnings: swearing! fighting! smut! gif not mine!
word count: 4.8k 
part 2 to i love you 
Tumblr media
seventh year
The sound of tortured screams bled through the air of the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. The new professor wore a dark smirk as he watched older Slytherin students use the Unforgiveable curses on younger years. The air was thick with dark magic and students fear.
Y/N stared blankly at the front of the classroom as Gregory Goyle performed the Cruciatus Curse on a fourth year that Amycus Carrow had been punishing for reasons that Y/N missed. She caught Pansy shift uncomfortably next to her out of the corner of her eye as they watched the student flail back and forth on the floor in pain.
The sound of the door opening pulled students out of the trance they were under, watching the horrific scene in front of them. Severus Snape, the new Headmaster, stepped through the doors and Y/N’s curiosity rose. Snape was never seen much around the castle, barely showing up for meals or feasts, so his presence in the classroom appeared odd.
“Headmaster,” The Carrow brother bowed his head slightly.
“That is enough Mr. Goyle,” Snape drawled as his eyes remained on the Carrow. Goyle seized his actions and stood up straight for the Headmaster. “I just wanted to inform you that two students will be joining this class tomorrow. Treat them respectfully Amycus.”
Y/N shared a look with Pansy before searching for Blaise in the classroom. She wondered if they thought the same thing that she was thinking. Her heart leapt at the idea of seeing her green eyed boy again.
“It is a little far into the year don’t you think Headmaster? I wouldn’t want any of my students to fall behind and need to be…punished.”
She shivered at the insinuation the professor was making. She knew he stole any opportunity to inflict torture on the students of Hogwarts. He was sick and twisted just like his twin sister.
“There will be no punishing these two individuals and you will soon learn why Professor,” Snapes voice was short and the tone he used was final. “Or you can dismiss your class and I can discuss it with you now.”
Y/N’s eyes flickered between the two men, it seemed that Snape was trying to get Carrow to challenge him. The other students in the class seemed to have picked up on the tension as well as they watched the two adults speak.
“Very well, you are dismissed for today class. Come tomorrow better prepared to behave.”
Students shot up and raced out the door of the classroom. She felt Pansy drag her to keep up with her as she led the way out.
“Merlin I can breathe again!” Pansy took in a deep breath to add to her dramatics but Y/N agreed with her. It always felt like she was slowly suffocating in that class.
“Do you think Malfoy and Nott are coming back?” Blaise asked as he caught up to the two girls.
“I don’t know,” Y/N shrugged attempting to keep her emotions at bay, she didn’t want to excite herself only to be disappointed.
“I hope so,” Pansy scoffed “It’s getting quite boring around here wouldn’t you guys agree?”
“Pans we just watched a boy we grew up with use the Cruciatus Curse on a fourteen year old, is that not up to your standards?” Y/N spoke dryly.
“You know what I mean! We never do anything anymore! All we do is spend our time holed up in the Slytherin common room!”
“Well yeah I would prefer the safety of our house than getting cursed by a professor for not walking on the correct side of the hallway or some bullshit like that,” Blaise huffed before he whispered the password to enter the common room. “I mean seriously I knew Snape was cold hearted but letting Professors torture students? It’s a little extreme.”
“A little?” Blaise narrowed his eyes at Y/N as she spoke and nudged her slightly.
“I just miss how things used to be,” Pansy sighed sitting down on one of the couches “I mean we used to be this intimidating group that everyone feared or was jealous of until suddenly we weren’t anymore. Draco and Theo wanted nothing to do with us and we were just supposed to accept it.”
Silence followed as Pansy spoke, they knew she was right. They all missed the group they used to be and the fun they used to have but things were different now. There were much bigger things going on in the Wizarding World than what pub they would visit in Hogsmead on the weekend.
The common room doors opened and the trio watched as other seventh years filled the room as they finished classes for the day. Crabbe and Goyle sat in two armchairs near the couches trio filled, and the Greengrass sisters joined the Pansy and Y/N.
The smug look on Goyles face was slowly eating away at the strong walls Y/N had built up as the year went on. She could never understand how one could torture a fellow student and feel good about it after.
“You should’ve seen the little pricks face as I casted at him,” Goyle smirked as he retold the story to a group of six year boys that were around him.
One of Y/N’s eyes twitched and she sucked in a breath. She could tell Goyle had been attempting to step up and fill the big shoes that Draco Malfoy once wore as the ring leader of their year of Slytherins and Y/N was getting sick of it.
“Yeah real tough of you to do a professor’s dirty work Goyle,” The words left her mouth before she even realized it. “Seems to me like you’ll always be a follower to others. You used to do the same shit for Draco, right? Of course, it was less cruel when Draco was in charge.”
She heard Blaise take a deep breath next to her as everyone’s attention flickered between her and Goyle.
“Oh piss off Y/L/N, I’m not a bloody follower,” His eyes narrowed at her and his eye twitched at the word ‘follower’. “The little shit deserved it.”
“Oh yes, not handing in an essay on time because he was in the infirmary is certainly cause for punishment,” her voice was dry.
Goyle shifted in his seat as his eyes grew dark, his neck had splotches of pink from embarrassment on being called out.
“I do what is expected of me. If the professor says he deserves it then he deserves it,” Y/N opened her mouth for another remark but Goyle beat her to it “I’d tread carefully on lecturing me about Unforgivables Y/L/N, wasn’t it your boyfriend who cursed Dumbledore to his death?”
The room stilled as Goyle wore a twisted grin, Y/N felt as though ice was poured over her head at his words. She knew that it wasn’t true, she knew he was just trying to get a reaction out of her but all she saw was red.
Before anyone could blink properly, Y/N had casted spells paralyzing Goyle on to the floor. Blaise tried reaching her as she shot up and across the room, wrapping her small hands around his thick neck.
She hated when she heard people speak poorly of Draco and Theo, especially people who were once their friends. She could feel Goyle’s heartbeat against her hands on his throat. It seemed everyone in the common room snapped out of their shock at the same time as people started telling her to stop.
She felt Blaise wrap his arms around her waist to pull her off but she kept a tight grip on Goyle’s neck. His eyes were filled with fear as he laid paralyzed beneath her. Pansy pried at Y/N’s hands as Blaise finally tugged her off  Goyle’s body. She was breathing heavily as Blaise placed her back on her feet, blocking her view of Crabbe un-paralyzing his friend and helping him up.
“Breathe Y/N/N,” Blaise spoke lowly forcing her to look at him.
“He’s not worth it,” Pansy placed a hand on her shoulder.
Y/N took a deep breath as she focused back on her two friends as they watched her with concern.
“You’re fucking psychotic,” Goyle seethed bringing everyone’s attention back to him, his neck red as he caught his breath “You and Nott deserve each other.”
“How about you shut the fuck up mate?” Blaise barked sending him a cold glare.
Goyle huffed before storming up to the boys dormitory and his posse followed closely, not meeting Y/N’s eye. She watched as they left and reality finally sunk is. Her eyes became blurry as she held back tears. She wouldn’t cry in front of all these people.
“He deserved it Y/N,” Daphne Greengrass spoke up sending her a comforting look “We all know that Theo was a good person.”
Y/N gave her a tight smile before mumbling to Blaise and Pansy that she was going to her room. The room was relatively empty this year, as it was only being occupied by three girls instead of the usual five. She got into her bed and reached for the familiar Quidditch sweater that she so vividly remembers wearing to his games. She pulled it close to her as she longed to find his scent within it, but it stopped smelling like him months ago.
She released a choked sob before turning over and watching the photo that sat on her bedside table. It was a group photo that was taken during their fifth year. They were sat on the Slytherin couch waiting to leave for some party, but Pansy insisted they all took a photo. Draco, Blaise and Theo sat on the couch all together while Pansy was sat on one of Draco’s leg and one of Blaise’s leg. Y/N remembered Pansy saying something about not picking favorites between Draco and Blaise and sitting on both their legs. She had each of her arms thrown around the boys pulling them close. Pansy wore a shit eating grin, while Blaise laughed as she pulled him close. Draco was looking at Pansy with a small smile.
Next to Blaise sat Theo, who would not allow her to do the same thing as Pansy and sit on both him and Blaise. He had pulled her down onto his lap wrapping his arms around her waist. Y/N was laughing in the photo as Theo mumbled something into her ear before pulling away to watch her laugh. He had a boyish grin on his face as he watched her laugh, his eyes flashed with what Y/N would describe as love.
She fell asleep crying while watching the photo move and replay over and over again.
Waking up the next morning she felt the weight of everything that unfolded yesterday come crashing down again. Her eyes followed Pansy’s movements as she got ready for the morning and huffed knowing she had to get up.
“Good morning slugger,” Pansy winked at her.
“I didn’t punch him Pansy,” Y/N rolled her eyes as she sat up in bed, gently placing Theo’s sweater to the side.
“Oh that’s right you just cut off his airflow almost suffocating him.”
“You are hilarious Pans, seriously.”
Pansy blew her a kiss as they continued to dress and get ready for the day. Eventually, the two made their way to the Great Hall watching fellow Slytherins turn and whisper at the sight of Y/N.
“For Merlins sake,” Y/N mumbled as she watched students turn to look at her.
“There she is!” Blaise cheered as she sat across from him at breakfast “We missed you at dinner last night.”
“I fell asleep,” She shrugged as she buttered some toast.
“Everyone thinks that Goyle deserved it,” Blaise informed her “Which I think pissed him off even more.”
“So he probably ran to Snape or the Carrows and told on me like the child he is,” Y/N huffed.
“Do you think Carrow will let him…” Pansy trailed off and swallowed thickly as the trio thought about what Carrow would allow Goyle to do if he thought Y/N needed to be taught a lesson.
“Snape told him to be on his best behavior because of the two students joining us. He won’t do shit,” Blaise spoke confidently.
Y/N nodded her head and tried to soothe the worries that began enveloping her mind. All her classes leading up to Defense Against the Dark Arts, was spent in silence from her. Her anxieties became too strong and controlled her entire mind as she worried about seeing Goyle and Carrow. Her pace to Defense Against the Dark Arts was slow and Pansy and Blaise noticed, sharing a knowing look.
“I’m telling you that you will be safe Y/N/N,” Blaise grabbed her arm gently to keep up with him and Pansy.
“Besides I’m sure if he were to try something we could get enough people to pretend like it didn’t happen, like Goyle made it up.”
Her panics grew as they entered the class and Professor Carrow was nowhere to be seen. She took her normal seat next to Pansy and Blaise sat behind them today, an empty chair next to him. The class slowly started filling up and students were buzzing about who the two students would be. That was the absolute last thing on Y/N’s mind as Amycus Carrow walked into the classroom, his eyes trained solely on Y/N. “Good Afternoon class,” His voice was cold as he scanned the room. She let his eyes flicker to Goyle at the front and he wore a smirk. “I had a very informative lesson planned for today, but something has come up.”
The students shifted anxiously in their seats and Y/N felt like she was going to throw up.
“I have heard that students are unable to behave properly and are starting unnecessary fights. These fights are both physical and magical. This is unacceptable in my book and any student that thinks they will get away with something like this will be punished.”
She swallowed thickly and shifted in her seat at his words. Her hands were shaking under the desk and she felt Pansy grab on and give her a small squeeze.
“Y/F/N please join me up here with Gregory Goyle,” Amycus Carrow wore a sick smile as he spoke to her.
“Sir-” Blaise tried to speak up.
“This is not up for debate Mr. Zabini.”
Y/N felt all eyes on her as she stood up slowly and made her way to the front. She stood exactly where the fourth year stood yesterday as she faced Goyle. She could hear Carrow lecturing the class about behaving and how she had acted out. She heard him tell Goyle’s twisted version of the story as she held a blank face.
“Mr. Goyle please help me in punishing Ms. Y/L/N in her disobedience.”
“With pleasure professor.”
Y/N watched as Goyle’s wand raised and faced her chest. She held her blank expression as she watched him pull his wand back beginning the motions of the Cruciatus Curse.
“Professor what is going on here?”
Goyle’s movements stilled as he turned to face the classroom entrance. Y/N watched his expression morph into shock. She furrowed her brows and turned her head to the voice near the doorway.
Her mouth dropped as Snape made his way into the classroom towards Goyle and her, but she wasn’t focused on her Headmaster. Her eyes were glued to the two figures standing at the back of the class with confusion written across their faces. The blonde flickered his eyes across the room accessing the situation while the curly haired brunette had his gaze fixated on her.
Draco Malfoy and Theodore Nott stood in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, in their normal school robes while everyone was staring at them.
“Headmaster,” Carrow choked out in shock “I thought you wouldn’t be arriving until the end of the lesson.”
“There was a change of plans,” Snape grunted eyeing Goyle.
“Well I was just about to show the class what happens when you attempt to hurt another student. Ms. Y/L/N here attacked-”
“I am well aware of what went down in the Slytherin common room last night,” Snape silenced him “I know that it was instigated by Mr. Goyle and that it was due to his actions in this class yesterday. Ms. Y/L/N has a clean record and has not performed anything like this before. Usually with first time offenders we do not punish them with an Unforgivable Cure Professor. We went over this yesterday did we not?”
Y/N tore her eyes away from Theo’s, furrowing her eyebrows as she turned to the Headmaster and Professor. How did Snape know what really happened?
“Yes Headmaster.”
“Do not disobey me again Amycus or else it won’t be me you will be answering to,” Snape spoke coldly and she shivered knowing that Snape wasn’t afraid to bring the Dark Lord into matters at Hogwarts.
“Yes Headmaster.”
“Theodore Nott and Draco Malfoy have returned to Hogwarts. I have high expectations that you will treat them properly and not based off rumors that have been spread. If there are any issues brought upon these boys you will answer to me. Am I clear?”
Students across the class nodded their heads in agreement. Y/N noticed Goyle shift his feet nervously as he avoided eye contact with the two boys and the Headmaster.
“I will be dismissing this class immediately to speak with Professor Carrow,” Snape motioned for the students to leave “Mr. Goyle please stay behind.”
Y/N couldn’t hold back the smirk that made it’s way to her face at the words. She quickly made her way to Pansy who held her stuff before darting out of the class in search for the two boys that disappeared.
“Y/N slow down!” Blaise called as he tried to catch up with her.
“Where did they go?”
“The common room probab-”
Y/N took off to the common room before Blaise could finish his sentence. She heard him and Pansy following behind her as she made her way down into the castle. Quickly speaking the password and stepping into the room, her eyes landed on the familiar two boys that sat on the couches near the fireplace.
She let out a breath as she laid eyes on him. His back was facing her so all she saw was a head of messy curls and his broad shoulders. She watched as Draco gave him a smug look and nodded his head over at her. Tears blurred her vision as Theo whipped his head around and quickly shot up at the sight of her.
He had her in his arms in a heartbeat. She felt his strong arms pull her close as he nestled his head into her hair, kissing her head softly. Her arms snaked around his waist and she took a deep breath in, letting her drown in his familiar scent. They pulled back slightly and Theo moved his hands to her face, cupping her cheeks in his big hands. His eyes scanned her face, neck, shoulders, and down looking for any sort of cuts or scars.
He wouldn’t admit it out loud to Draco but he was terrified the moment he stepped foot into the classroom as he watched Gregory Goyle about to perform the Cruciatus Curse on the girl he loved. His mind couldn’t help but race with thoughts on if this has happened before while he was gone. The guilt was eating away at him.  
“You’re here,” She choked out looking up at him, his eyes snapped up to hers again. She noticed the tears brimming in his eyes as well. “You came back”
“I’ll always find my way back to you pretty girl. I can’t stay away from you for long or I’ll go insane.”
She giggled in pure joy as he pulled her into an embrace again.
“You should’ve seen her Malfoy!” Blaise’s voice pulled her out of her own little world with Theo “He face was turning blue and she wasn’t letting go anytime soon! It was insane!”
Y/N flushed as she overheard Blaise telling Draco the story of her fight with Goyle yesterday. Theo led them to the couch and pulled her into his lap, just like he did in the photo on the side of her bed. 
 “I cannot believe you almost killed Goyle because of Nott,” Draco shook his head in disbelief.
“It wasn’t just because of Theo!” She objected “He spent all class yesterday cursing a fourth year for Carrow. It was disgusting and then he was bragging about it. I just happened to lose my cool when he brought Theo up.”
She felt Theo laugh behind her as he pressed a soft kiss to the side of her head.
“I should’ve done it again when he called me psychotic and made that snide remark about me and Theo deserving each other,” She huffed crossing her arms. Draco and Blaise smirked in amusement while Pansy giggled. She felt Theo still under her at her words.
“Do you want to come upstairs?” She whispered to him and he nodded his head.
The two made their way up to her room as the three friends behind them made jokes and teased saying stuff like ‘can’t even keep it in your pants for ten minutes Nott’.
She sat on her bed quietly as Theo took in her side of the room, like he did the last time he saw her.
“You lifted the picture up,” He nodded to her bedside table. He took in her confused face and explained himself “Last time I was here, you had this faced down. Like you didn’t want to look at us.”
Her mind flashed with the memories of that night and she blushed remembering his words.
“I missed you,” She spoke as she reached out to bring him between her legs. He slid into them easily as he peered down at her.
“Trust me, I missed you so much more,” he caught her chin in his hand and tilted her head up to him as he brought his lips to hers.
His lips were soft against hers, and he seemed almost hesitant, unsure if she wanted him to kiss her. Once she slid her arms around his neck, it was all the confirmation he needed. He deepened the kiss and picked up her thighs, wrapping them around his hips as he switched them so he could be sitting. She gasped at the quick movements and he took it as an opportunity to dart his tongue into her mouth, exploring a foreign place and fighting for dominance with her own.
She pulled away for air and Theo immediately made his way to her jaw and down her neck. Kissing, nipping and sucking at any skin he could. When he reached the junction of her neck and collarbone, she let out a moan in pleasure. Theo felt dizzy at the beautiful sound. He pulled away to his admire his work across her neck, smirking proudly at the marks that littered her skin.
“Now everyone will know that you’re mine,” He looked up at her with hooded eyes.
“I think the entire school knew where my heart belonged without the need for hickeys on my neck Theo,” She rolled her eyes at him.
“I know,” he shrugged “but I’ve been wanting to mark you since fourth year.”
She shivered at his words looking down at the beautiful boy she was perched on, she couldn’t help herself.
“I love you,” she ran her hands through his hair pulling at the ends slightly. “I love you more,” his eyes lit up at her words and Y/N swore she saw blush rising into his cheeks before he captured her lips with his once again.
Their actions were quick and needy as they undressed one another. They both needed this, needed each other in more ways than one. Theo brought her back to the mattress kissing her hungrily before trailing kisses along her neck and down her chest. He smirked up at her lazily before placing kisses along her breasts. He brought one hand up to cup her left breast while his lips sucked on her right.
“Theo…” She arched her back and moaned at the sensation.
“I’m gonna take good care of you pretty girl,” He kissed up her neck again.
His fingers trailed down her body and along her thighs. She was itching with anticipation as he fingers made their way closer to her heat. He pulled away from her lips to watch her as he dipped one finger into her dripping core.
“Fuck pretty girl,” Theo dropped his head into her shoulders “You’re so wet.”
She bucked her hips up uncontrollably at his words as he worked her. He pushed a second finger into her and pumped at a slow pace. His thumb circled her clit and he grinned as he heard her gasp.
Theo continued to pump his fingers into her as he flicked at her clit, he could feel her clenching around his fingers.
“Theo please,” Y/N whined “I’m gonna…”
Theo pulled his hands away before Y/N could finish and she whined at the contact.
“Theo what?”
She opened her eyes to look up at him as he grinned down at her. She squirmed under him and bucked her hips up to his. Her core grazing against his hard length that was covered by his briefs, both gasping at the sensation.
“Y/N,” He warned.
“Please Theo,” She begged.
Theo lowered himself on her and she was electrocuted with pleasure as his clothed length met her core.
“Fuck,” Theo gasped in her ear as he rolled his hips against hers creating friction where they both needed it.
“Theo if you don’t fuck me right now I swear-” Y/N cut herself off with a moan as he rolled perfectly against her clit.
“Ask nicely pretty girl,” He teased as he watched her face drown in pleasure.
“Please Theo,” She met his eyes “I need you.”
That was all it took for Theo as he leaned back and rolled his briefs off, freeing himself. He quickly lined himself up at her entrance, letting his tip nudge her slightly.
“Are you sure?” Theo searched her eyes.
“Positive Theo, I want you to show me how much you love me.”
Theo felt dizzy at her words but composed himself quickly as he sunk into her. They both moaned as he entered. Year’s worth of emotions, unsaid words, and love flowed through them as Theo rocked his hips into hers. He pumped in and out of her as she threw her head back in pleasure. He reached one of his hands down and circled her clit, watching her face contort into pure pleasure.
“Fuck Y/N…love you so much…you have no idea…gonna be the death of me,” Theo was rambling.
Y/N felt the familiar swirl in her belly as she clenched around him causing Theo to moan.
“Theo I’m so close,” she panted.
“Come for me pretty girl,” He spoke gently in her ear “go ahead love.”
The new nickname had her breathless and she released. She felt dizzy and disoriented as she climaxed, moaning Theo’s name causing him to tip and finish as well. He collapsed on top of her as they both caught their breath.
Theo rolled off her and they turned to face one another, lazy smiles adoring their faces. He reached up and tucked piece of hair behind her ear before placing a soft kiss on her nose.
“I’m sorry for leaving,” He whispered “I just wanted to keep you safe.”
“I know Theo.”
“It won’t happen again I promise you. I’m never leaving your side again.”
She smiled softly at him and nuzzled into his chest. “Next time I see Goyle I’m gonna fucking kill him. Who does he think he is talking to you like that I’ll teach him a fucking lesson-”
“Theo relax,” Y/N giggled.
“I just never want you to hurt again. I love you. Merlin, I will never get tired of saying that.”
Theo shifted slightly and reached up an arm behind him pulling out a piece of clothes under him. He took in the shirt and grinned.
“You know I have been looking for this sweater,” He teased as she tried snatching it from his hand.
“Give it here, it’s mine.”
“I believe it is actually mine love, I simply let you borrow it.”
“It’s my favorite sweater Theo you can’t just take it,” Y/N whined.
“Oh no I can’t? Not like you took it?”
“You actually gave it to me to wear so.”
Their eyes snapped to the door and Pansy froze at the sight of them, quickly covering her eyes and rushing out the door.
“You guys they’re naked!”
Y/N and Theo laughed as Pansy screeched.
“I’m so happy I’m back,” Theo pulled Y/N closer to his arms. “I love you pretty girl.”
“I love you more Theodore Nott.”
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pariahsparadise · 4 months ago
time for a barbie-cue
word count- 1.0k
pairings- fred weasley x gn!reader
author’s note- welcome to my third fic on tumblr! I can’t write good smut, fluff makes me want to poke my eyes out, so you get angst. unedited/not proofread bc i hate reading my own stuff. english isn’t my first language, so bear with me. This is also kinda fast-paced, sorry. lmk if the reader isn't gender neutral at any point.
warnings- non-canon plot (obviously), swearing, reader kinda explodes on fred? Idk i hate it when people make the reader cry because there’s no way that i’d ever let a man see me cry, so you get mean!reader instead.
prompts- “This will be the last time you lie to me”, “You know it’s not like that”. Both are in bold.
“You need to break up with him.”
You started, nearly dropping your roll on the floor, “What? What are you talking about?”
The tall Quidditch captain stared you down, her black hair bouncing around her face beautifully. “You heard me,” said Angelina Johnson, seemingly unphased by what she was proposing as she snatched an apple from Katie Bell, ignoring the indignant “Hey!” that came from the Chaser. Taking a bite from the fruit, she went on, “You know exactly what he’s doing. He’s missed, what, five dates now?”
You blanched, not quite ready to come into terms with reality yet, “That’s just because he’s been busy with the joke shop, you know how important it is to him-”
“I didn’t know that Chloé went by the name ‘Joke Shop’,” interjected Katie, diving across the table to snatch her apple back from Angelina. The taller girl shot her a glare, easily manoeuvring the fruit out of her reach, and turned back to you with a sigh, “While I hate to admit it, and I definitely would’ve put it in a nicer way, Katie’s right. Fred’s been following that Beauxbatons girl for a month now like a little puppy. You really do deserve better than that.”
You shook your head, her words already churning into white noise in your head. “Sorry, but Fred would never cheat on me. And screw you for even insinuating that, I thought you wanted the best for me!” you said, your anger blurring your touch with reality.
“I do! It’s why I’m saying this-”
“You’re just trying to get in between my relationship! I knew you’d never gotten over your little crush on Fred. Piss off, Angelina,” you snarled, pushing yourself up from the table, striding out of the hall swiftly.
Later that evening, you stood outside the Gryffindor entrance, waiting for Fred to show up. The sympathetic glances from the Fat Lady did nothing to help your sour mood, and you found yourself resisting the urge to claw the painting to shreds when she started singing a mournful song about her past lovers.
She had just begun a particularly depressing verse when you heard a familiar laugh from around the corner. Recognising it as your boyfriend’s, you started towards the source of the sound, determined to salvage your relationship. You stopped the second you rounded the corner, freezing up at the sight of your boyfriend’s arm loosely strewn around the blonde girl’s shoulder.
His head was thrown back in a genuine laugh, brightening up the dim corridor as it bounced around the hall, his eyes shining brighter than the stars. You couldn’t remember the last time you had made him laugh like that, and the sick feeling that had been building up over the last weeks hit you with full intensity.
Chloe was the one who saw you first, her eyes immediately widening in- guilt? Fear? Pity? You couldn’t tell, you couldn’t breathe. You watched as she slipped out of Fred’s hold, and it was only then that he saw you. His hands, which were reaching out for Chloe, immediately dropped to his sides, and he looked at you uneasily.
“Hi,” he said, obviously unsure of himself. When did we get this awkward?, you thought, swallowing hard before you said back, “Hello, Fred.”
The absence of his usual nickname made him visibly wince, and his eyes fluttered to Chloe’s for help. An irrational feeling of anger stabbed through you, and you turned to Chloe, pleased to find that your voice sounded harsher than you had intended for it too. “I’m sorry, could you leave us for a second? I think my boyfriend finds your presence distracting.”
Noting the pair's gobsmacked expressions with some satisfaction, you gave the blonde a fake smile as you twiddled your fingers at her, making sure that she was out of earshot before turning back to Fred. “The fuck was that for?” he blurted, cheeks going redder than his hair, “You had no right- you know it’s not like that with the two of us-”
“Actually, you have no fucking right to be mad at me right now! And lately, it seems like I don’t know anything about you Fred, considering you’ve been at her heels for the last month!” you practically spat, feeling all of the rage that you had bottled up for the past weeks pour out of you in one fiery meltdown.
“You’ve stood me up five times in a row, ditching me every single time to hang out with Barbie here, it’s like you don’t even care about me anymore!” you continued, hands coming up to rake through your hair.
“What was I supposed to do? You’re a total bitch to her, there’s no way I could hang out with both of you together!” he said frustratedly, pacing up and down the corridor.
You nearly screamed, was he really comparing his girlfriend to a girl that he had known less than a month? “Who cares if you couldn’t hang out with us together? I’m not even talking about that! You haven’t been putting any effort into this relationship recently, it feels like I’m trying to date a wall sometimes. Although a fucking layer of bricks might make a better boyfriend than you, at least I’d be able to depend on it!”
“Chloe might make a better girlfriend than you, at least she isn’t such a bitch all the time!” exclaimed Fred. When his words finally caught up to his brain, he immediately turned to look at you. He saw your face buried in your hands and felt a brief stab of regret, his mouth falling open in an apology, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that.”
You lifted your head after what seemed like ages to him, and he was taken aback when a steel gaze, hard as stone emerged, contrary to the tear-streaked face he had imagined. “Actually, you did,” you said coolly, your voice sending a shock of fear through his body- was there a part of you that had always been this frightening?- “This will be the last time you lie to me, Weasley. We’re done. I wish you a great fucking life,” you said, turning on your heels and striding away, leaving Fred staring at you, open-mouthed, not knowing what to do.
part 2 is up now!
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calummss · 6 months ago
I Must Not Side With A Liar | Fred Weasley
summary: after your detention with umbridge, fred is furious
requested by: anon
words: 1.7K
Tumblr media
Another year at Hogwarts, your fifth to be exact and it’s also the amount of Defence against the Dark Arts teacher you’d have. In your first year, Professor Quirrel turned out to be Voldemort; in your second year, Professor Lockhart was the self-absorbed teacher who never did anything of what he said and then wiped his own memory. Then Professor Lupin joined you for the third year. He was the best Professor you ever had but he left very hastily at the end of year 3. You don’t know why but rumours were flooding the corridors of him being a werewolf. In year 4 Mad Eye Moody, well Barty Crouch Jr, used Polyjuice potion in hopes of killing Harry Potter and bringing back Voldemort (which he succeeded in). And now starting Year 5 you were wondering who would’ve taken this position. Some say it’s cursed. You wouldn’t even be surprised if it were.
You were walking through the halls of Hogwarts trying to get to the Great Hall. You found Fred and George sitting next to Lee, Harry, Hermione and Ron, and sat yourself next to them.
‘Just in time to meet the new Defence against the Dark Arts Professor.’ Fred said, his eyes glued to the teacher’s table.
You scanned the table to see a Lady, dressed in all pink, sitting like a doll on a display window, waiting to be picked by the richest girl who sets her eyes on her. Dumbledore started his speech soon after repeating everything you’ve heard the last five years at the best wizarding school in the British Isles and Europe. When he was finally done with the main part of his speech, he started to introduce Professor Umbridge; the lady in pink. But she interrupted him with a small cough signaling her desire to say a few words.
You glanced at Fred with furrowed eyebrows. He did too.
‘Thank you, Headmaster, for those kind words of welcome. And how lovely to see all your bright happy faces smiling up at me.’
Your eyes scanned the room to see no one smiling.
‘I’m sure we're all going to be very good friends.’
‘That’s likely.’ Fred and George snickered.
After her unnecessary long speech the feast was near and you dived into the delicious food in front of you. You continue to talk to Fred before you decided it was time to head up to the common room.
‘Wait I’ll come with you.’ Fred spooned the last helping of Sticky Toffee Pudding into his mouth.
He slung his arms around your shoulder and pulled you into his side. After you arrived in the common room you separated ways and headed to bed. Tomorrow you’d have your first DADA lesson and you were sceptical of what was going to happen.
The next morning you woke up to Crookshanks jumping on your bed. You gave him a few pets before glancing at the clock. 9:25pm—shit! Defense against the Dark Arts would start in 5mins and you’d be late for your very first lesson. You changed out of your clothes in a matter of seconds and ran down the stairs, through the common room door. One step after another you sprinted through the corridor trying to make it to the DADA classroom. When you arrived you saw that all students were rushing into the room. Seems like Professor Umbridge was late, so hopefully she didn’t notice your absence.
You saw Hermione wave you over and rushed towards her.
‘Where were you?’ Hermione whispered.
‘I woke up late.’
Hermione giggled before you were squeezed into the classroom from behind. You walked towards the front and sat behind Harry who already placed all his belongings onto the desk.
‘Harry, why did McGonagall not tell us to get new books?’ you leaned forwards.
‘Maybe we’re getting advanced spell books after what happened during the Triwizard Tournament.’
You hummed at him before sitting back down. Last year ended in a way no one would’ve guessed in a million years. Lord Voldemort came back and killed Cedric Diggory, a 7th year Hufflepuff student in cold blood. Maybe Professor Umbridge was here to better your magic…
You sat in silence before a pink figure paced towards the front of the class and coughed to get everyone’s attention.
‘There, now,’ said Professor Umbridge sweetly. ‘That wasn’t too difficult, was it? Wands away and quills out, please.’
Many of the class exchanged gloomy looks; the order ‘wands away’ had never yet been uttered by a teacher before; they found this interesting.
You shoved your wand back inside your bag and pulled out quill, ink and parchment. Professor Umbridge opened her handbag, extracted her own wand and tapped on the blackboard that spelled out:
Defense Against the Dark Arts A Return to Basic Principles
‘The constant changing of teachers has shown in your past tests and the Ministry of Magic simply cannot allow you to be sent into your OWLs with the knowledge of a 3rd year.’
The class exchanged confused looks but carried on listening to her unusual and extremely annoying voice. Sometime after Hermione had asked why there weren’t any defensive spells, Professor Umbridge had simply stated that they were unnecessary in a safe classroom.
‘What use is that?’ said Harry loudly. ‘If we’re going to be attacked, it won’t be in a -‘
Professor Umbridge cut off Harry and spent the next minutes discussing the no-magic-rule-whilst-she’s-here.
Harry continued to argue with that old hag about what and who might attack everyone but she kept brushing it off until Harry exclaimed a name that quieted down the classroom in a matter of seconds. It was so quiet, the crawling of spiders could’ve been heard.
‘I don’t know...maybe Lord Voldemort.’
‘Ten point from Gryffindor.’ she shouted out. Umbridge turned her attention back to the class. ’You have been told that a certain Dark wizard has returned from the dead -‘
You’ve had enough. You were tired of people not believing Harry just because he was a boy.
‘He’s not dead!’ you jumped up from your seat. ‘Harry fought Lord Voldemort.’
You could feel the eyes of your classmates burn into your back.
‘That is a lie.’
‘It’s the truth.’ both Harry and you protested.
‘Detention for the both of you! My office this evening at 8pm, don’t be late.’
Harry and you sat down in defeat as you didn’t want to lose Gryffindor more house points. You spent the rest of the day talking to Harry in hopes of cheering him up.
‘Hey, Y/N,’ you turned your head to see Fred running up to you. ‘How are you? I heard what happened with that old hag Umbridge in class today.’
You puffed out a breath as you tried to not anger yourself anymore. ‘I’m fine. Just frustrated.’
‘Why would you start an argument with a teacher, Y/N?’ Fred questioned. ’It’s unlike you. You’ve never done such a thing.’
‘Well maybe it is time to start standing up to people. Professor Umbridge is a lying git and you know it.’ you snapped back at him.
‘I was just saying,’ Fred held his hands up in defense.
‘Well maybe you should stop.’ you turned your head towards him. ‘Now if you’ll excuse me, I have detention to attend.’
You hurried past him not in the mood to talk to Fred any longer. On your way through the corridor you met Harry who also got detention.
‘Y’think we’ll survive?’ you snickered.
‘Let’s hope we do because I want to prove her wrong.’ Harry smiled at you.
When you arrived at Umbridge’s office you noticed (not that it wouldn’t be obvious) that her entire office was covered in pink. Pink cushions, pink chair, pink teacups. She sat Harry and you at a desk and gave each of you a quill, but no ink.
‘Harry you must write down, I must not tell lies, and Y/N, you must write down, I must not side with a Liar.’
‘Professor, you didn’t give us any ink.’ you remarked, trying to get her attention.
‘Oh, you won’t be needing any.’ her high pitched voice spoke before returning her attention to her teacup.
You gave Harry a confused look but started scribbling on the piece of parchment Professor Umbridge had laid before you. You wrote down your lines but after a few seconds you felt a slicing pain on the back of your hand. Harry felt this too. You turned your hand and saw that red lines were appearing. The words I must not side with a liar were now sliced into your flesh. You looked at Harry who looked at Umbridge. She didn’t seem to be paying a lot of attention.
‘Is something wrong?’ she suddenly said.
‘No. No, nothing at all.’ you said quickly before continuing your lines.
When detention was finally over, your hand was tinted a bright red. Harry and you left Umbridge’s office and walked towards Gryffindor Tower.
‘I need a bit of fresh air.’ you stopped. ‘I’ll come up in a bit.’
Harry smiled at you before continuing to walk past the moving paintings.
You sat down on a nearby bench and tears started to flood down your face. All you did was stand up for a student that had been bullied continuously and now you had to pay the price by getting your own letters carved into your hand.
Your head snapped towards the end of the corridor where you saw Fred peek from behind the corner.
‘Fred.’ you sniffled, wiping away your tears.
‘Is this about our small argument from before?’
‘What? No, of course not.’ you sat up. ‘It’s because of Umbridge.’
‘What happened at detention, Y/N?’
You lifted your hand to let Fred see what she had done.
Fred’s eyes turned into slits, as he started to chew the inside of his cheek.
‘That old hag did this to you?’ he asked.
‘How could she do that to you? You’re a student not a prisoner!’
‘Fred, it’s fine, forget about it.’ you sighed.
‘Forget about it? No, we should talk to Dumbledore about this.’
‘Dumbledore won’t be any good but if you could just hold me for a while.’
Fred sighed out and wrapped his arms around you.
No one hurt the one he loves and he was going to make sure of that.
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wingardiumhogwartsosa · 9 months ago
Snape : Umbridge, do you think this filthy cat is cute? *holding a cat*
Umbridge : Merlin! Adorable! Can i have that, Snape?
Snape : With pleasure *giving the cat to umbridge*
Snape : Have fun! *closing umbridge’s office door*
McGonagall : *casually scratching umbridge’s face*
Umbridge : AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!
McGonagall : *casually shitting everywhere and walk out the door*
Snape : How was it?
McGonagall : *transforming back to human form* We should do it again sometime
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moonlit-imagines · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
requested by anonymous
“I just hate how much recognition he gets. Whenever I introduce myself, all I get is, ‘Potter? As In Harry Potter?’ or ‘I wasn’t aware there was two of you!’” You complained, slouching in your spot on the couch while Ron sympathized.
“Oh, I know what you mean. Do you know just how many older brothers I have? I’m always overlooked for everything, and the hand-me-downs!” Ron groaned, explaining his shared feelings with you. “I’m the youngest boy, but not the youngest child. I’m basically worthless.”
“Oh, don’t sell yourself short, Ron.” You punched him in the arm, trying to lift his spirits a bit. “I’ve met your family, you’re in no way forgotten.” You assured him, partially turning it into a competition. “Me on the other hand? The family me and Harry got pretends like we don’t even exist! They gush and gush over their own little boy, but all we had was each other. Now Harry hasn’t got the time of day for me.”
“Yeah, right. Harry loves you, you know that. He’s only busy with studies and such.” You two truly were starting to compete a bit, but what’s a little competition between friends and your shortcomings?
“Don’t forget saving Hogwarts every year.” You added and Ron quieted himself for a moment. “I’m just saying, Ronny, we definitely got the short end of the stick, but I guess it could be worse.”
taglist: @ravenmoore14 // @summersimmerus // @the-did-i-ask // @azazel-nyx // @randomfandomimagine // @scarthefangirl // @locke-writes //
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provocativelyposedsloth · a month ago
Part two: Imagine saving Professor Snape from a werewolf
It’s been a while but I thought I would do a part two to this story, hope you enjoy it.
Part one here:
FYI if you’ve read my other fan fiction you’ll notice I reused my previous scene of treating the werewolf bite, it’s not plagiarism if I wrote it right?
“Did…did It get you?” You asked
“What? No…no I’m fine……..thanks to you” he smiled down at you.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile Professor” you said with a small grin spreading on for face.
“Until now, no one’s deserved it” he said stroking your hair.
That was the last thing you heard before you lost consciousness.
“Y/N!? Y/N!?” Snape’s shouted at your unconscious form, trying to shake you awake but it was no use. Your skin was pale as milk and cold as ice, he knew that he needed to get you to the hospital wing immediately if you stood any chance of surviving. He quickly casted a feather light charm, scooped you into his arms and took of running back towards the castle.
Snape burst through the doors of the main hall and made a bee line to the infirmary much to the surprise of Madame Pomfrey who had just began to make her rounds handing out potions to the sick students under her care.
“MERLIN’S BEARD, WHAT HAPPENED” she said as Snape gently laid Y/N’s body on the nearest empty bed and wiped the sweat from his brow.
“Werewolf attack, she’s lost a lot of blood we need to work fast” Snape said in between deep pants of breath.
“The headmaster must be notified” She raised her wand and sent her patronus off. And then she dashed off to her supply closet and returned with an armful of bottles and bandages. She set down the supplies next to Y/N and began cutting away her bloody robes to get a better look at the wound. Just then Dumbledore and McGonagall hurried into the room and they both stopped dead in their tracks at the sight of Y/N.
“Well don’t just stand there like a bunch of ninnies! I called you for help” snapped Pompfrey. “Severus, hold her arm still. Albus hold her legs she’s not going to like this one bit. The professors moved into position and Pompfrey handed McGonagall a large glass jar.
“Powdered silver? You don’t mean……..It can’t be….a werewolf did this?” said McGonagall looking down at Y/N with tear filled eyes.
“Get it together Minnie, we don’t have a lot of time” Pompfrey said as she uncorked a bottle of dittany. “Now sprinkle the silver over the wound and don’t be stingy.” As she took out her wand and began a diagnostic scan on Y/N.
McGonagall stuck her hand in the jar and scooped up a heap of fine silver powder and began to sprinkle it on Y/N’s shoulder.
The moment the silver came in contact with the wound Y/N let out blood curdling scream and struggled against Snape and Dumbledore’s grip. A sickening sizzle filled the room as the silver reacted with Y/N’s flesh.
“Keep going” Pompfrey ordered and McGonagall brought another handful of powder from the jar.
Y/N continued to scream and thrash “please….please no more” she pleaded
“Sshhhh sshh, it will be over soon” Snape said as he tried to hold her head still.
It took almost the whole jar of powdered silver to cover the sizable wound and by the end of it Y/N was too exhausted to scream instead she whimpered “please….please” as Snape stroked her hair.
“Ok Minerva that should do, now step out of the way as I apply the dittany”
McGonagall sighed and retreated shaking, refusing to look at Y/N. Madam Pompfrey applied the dittany with only small winces in protest from Y/N.
“ok gentlemen, I think you can let go while I bandage her up” she said looking at Snape and Dumbledore.
As Severus began to walk away a weak hand reached out to him “please stay” Y/N whispered as his eyes met hers. He didn’t know what to do, students actively avoided him any other day, but now a helpless, injured Hufflepuff wanted him to comfort them.
“Miss Y/L/N Madame Pompfrey needs to bandage your wounds and I would only get in the way. I’ll be right over there” he pointed to where Dumbledore and the others were huddled whispering. Her weak grip tightened and her eyes pleaded with him to stay.
“ugh if you insist, I will stay but let me at least move out of Pompfrey’s way” he said as he wiggled himself free of your grip and settled on her other side. Reluctantly he took up her hand. As Poppy began to wrap her arm and shoulder with bright white bandages that were quickly soiled by the dark grey fluid draining from the carnage. Satisfied with the result she uncorked another potion bottle and attempted to get Y/N to drink it.
“Come on sweetie, its just a sleep tonic. You need to rest” but Y/N refused
“Y/N stop struggling and drink, it won’t hurt I promise” Snape said trying not to sound annoyed. But still Y/N resisted, he rolled his eyes impatiently and pried her mouth open long enough for Poppy to pour the potion in. Almost immediately she closed her eyes and her head fell to one side.
“What do you think the chances are she recovers from this?” McGonagall asked in a hushed voice, like she was afraid of getting the answer.
“… I can’t say for sure, but we’ve at least stopped the bleeding. Now we need to administer blood replenishing potions and cross our fingers.” Poppy said, gathering up a handful of small red bottles and retuning the Y/N’s side.
Pompfrey uncorked the bottles one by one and gently poured them into Y/N’s mouth and massaging her throat until she swallowed. The more bottles she emptied the more the color began to return to Y/N’s skin, but she was still dangerously pale.
“What happened?” Dumbledore asked to no person in particular.
Snape stepped forward and recounted the tale.
“ I was gathering potion supplies in the forbidden forest when I stumbled upon miss Y/L/N. After inquiring as to what she was doing in the forest in the middle of the night we started to make our way back to the castle. Then she shoved me out the way as the beast came barreling towards us. Next thing I know the thing had her pinned with its jaws. She did something and it let her go and turned its attention to me, I told her to run but she got the bright idea to jump on the wretched beast back and it pinned her to the ground once more before I could finally kill the bastard.”
“Well thank god you were there Severus, and at least the rest of the students will be safe without the werewolf prowling around the forest. You did well my boy.” Albus said, clapping Snape on the shoulder.
“I’m lucky she was there honestly.” Snape said looking back at the sleeping form of the child who saved his life.
Poppy had finished administering various potions and began cleaning up the all the soiled bandages that littered the floor.
“We’ve done all we can for her, now all we can do is wait and make her comfortable.”
“Her parents must be notified” Albus said.
“I’ll get Pomona, she’s her head of house after all.” McGonagall said, relieved that she had an excuse to leave as the smell of blood and burnt flesh was starting to make her sick.
“It’s been a long night, wouldn’t you say Severus? How about we retire to my office and have a drink?”
Snape remained where he was, not giving any indication that he had even heard the headmaster.
“Severus?” Dumbledore repeated, snapping the potion master out of his trance.
“My apologies sir, what was it you wanted?” Snape replied, finally turning his gaze away from Y/N.
“I suggested we ended this stressful night with a few drinks in my office, unless you would rather stay with Y/N?”
Snape knew that he wasn’t going anywhere until he was sure that Y/N was going to be okay, but he was damned if he was going to give Dumbledore the satisfaction of knowing that he cared deeply for a student.
“Now that I think about it, you should probably stay in case Poppy needs help brewing any potions; if that’s alright with you of course.” Dumbledore added, giving the “cold hearted” potions master an excuse to stay.
Relieved Snape replied, “yes that’s probably a good idea”
“I’d like to be notified of any changes in her condition, but I am relieved she is in such good hands. Goodnight Severus.” With that the headmaster turned and walked out of the infirmary.
Snape pulled up a chair to Y/N‘s bedside and settled in for a long night. He watched the slow rise and fall of her breaths and said a silent prayer that she would make it through this, but in his gut he knew that if she did her life would never be the same. The viscous discrimination against werewolves was well known in the wizarding world and there was no sign of if it getting better anytime soon. Within a matter of minutes this poor child was sentenced to a life of pain and loneliness that is if she ever woke up in the first place.
It had been hours and Y/N had shown no sign of regaining consciousness, that is until the silence of the infirmary was broken by soft pained whimpers. Snape’s eyes snapped open to find Y/N starting to stir, her eyes began to flutter open and it was obvious that she was in pain.
“Shh shh, Y/N you’re okay; try not to move I’m going to get madame Pomfrey, just hang in there.
He rushed off to get Pompfrey as Y/N started to panic and thrash about.
“Severus she’s going to hurt herself, we need to immobilize her!”
Snape pulled out his wand and quickly cast a body bind spell on the terrified child. She immediately became stiff as a board but her eyes were still wild with a mixture of pain and freight.
“Sorry dear, but you were starting to do some real damage to yourself. You’re okay, there was an accident but you’re safe now.” Poppy said as she gestured for Snape to get a calming draft from the shelf.
When he returned Y/N‘s eye were still wide with terror and filled with tears, he settled back at her side and took up her hand in an attempt to comfort the poor child. Pompfrey administered the potion and Y/N‘s rapid breathing began to slow. The body bind was released and Poppy started to asses the wound that had started to bleed again,
“Oh dear, we’re going to need more powdered silver and dittany.” She said rushing off to her store room.
They were both relieved that this round of powdered silver was applied to an unconscious Y/N, and they were spared the agonizing screams that filled the room with the first application of the substance. After giving Y/N even more blood replenishing potions both caretakers collapsed into their chairs.
“Poppy, tell me the truth what do you think miss Y/L/N chances are at surviving this?” Snape asked.
“Honestly Severus it doesn’t look good, and I can’t risk giving her anymore blood replenishing potions for fear of overdose. If that wound starts bleeding again I fear we will lose her.” The matron responded with tears welling in her eyes. She was wiping them with her sleeve when the Hufflepuff head of house shuffled in, still dressed in her night clothes.
“How is she? How bad is it? What can I do to help?” She fired off the questions so quickly they sort of all blurred together in the rush to get out of her mouth.
Poppy stood up “it’s bad Pomona, I fear she won’t survive. But for the time being she is stable. Did you get in touch with her parents? They should get down here sooner rather than later to…to…say goodbye” The tears were flowing freely from her eyes now as she excused herself.
“My god, I had no idea it was this bad” Professor Sprout said to the passing madam Pompfrey before joining Professor Snape at the bedside.
“So did you get in contact with her family” Snape inquired.
“Uh, yes unfortunately I did” she replied
“What does that mean?” Snape asked with an eyebrow arched.
“You don’t know about her family do you Severus?”
“Enlighten me” he responded.
“Well, the Y/L/Ns are a small offshoot of the Black family, by marriage of course. They are a hard sort of people who were none to happy to see their daughter be sorted into the lowest house at Hogwarts, their words not mine. Ever since the sorting they have been distancing themselves from her. They are her parents in name only and unfortunately this has pushed them over the edge and gave them the excuse they needed to finally ostracize her for good. They are not coming and refuse to allow her back in their home. Furthermore they have already drawn up the papers to make her a ward of the state.” The plump herbology professor dabbed her eyes with a handkerchief as she stared down at Y/N.
“I…I see” was all Snape could think to say, he had no idea about Y/Ns family life and he couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor girl. He was no stranger to dysfunctional home lives and he knew exactly how lost and confused she must be feeling. He was not looking forward to letting her know that now she wasn’t even going to be allowed to return home, or that sad excuse for a home.
“I’m so glad you were with her in the forest tonight Severus, without you who knows what sort of state we would have found her in; if we found her at all. If you want to retire to your quarters I can take over from here.”
“If it’s all the same to you professor Sprout I would like to stay with her.” Snape said trying not to sound too defensive.
“Are you sure? You’ve never struck me as the comforting type.” Sprout said not trying to hid the surprise in her voice.
Snape tried to mask the anger in his voice when he responded,
“Contrary to popular belief I am not a heartless bastard, and despite what you heard this child saved my life tonight. Without her that beast would have killed me and I am not leaving her side until I can be sure she knows how grateful I am.” His voice had a barley discernible quiver to it and he prayed she didn’t notice.
“Oh Severus, of course. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions, I’ll check back in in the morning. I’m glad she’s in good hands.” She quickly took her leave much to Snape’s relief.
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Would you do a slight NSFW Draco Malfoy imagine of him dating a Slytherin who's good friends with Hermione, Ron and Harry and she manages to convince Draco to go to the Three Broomsticks with the Golden Trio and be cordial with them since she's promised him some alone time if he's nice to them since she wants them to see that he's not all bad because they don't get what she sees him in?
Hello! This one took forever to write, I lowkey got stumped and I couldn’t figure out how to write the ending, lol. I didn’t want to go all-in so this is what I came up with. I love Draco Malfoy so I want to do him justice!
                                           ϟ ϟ ϟ
Draco watched as (Y/N) (L/N) adjusted her lipstick in his dormitory mirror, studying her silhouette as she bent over his dresser. As an upcoming superstar for the Slytherin Quidditch Team, (Y/N) was quite popular and often found herself being the center of attention. But once the school caught wind of her relationship with the Draco Malfoy, it did not take long for them to be considered the power couple of Slytherin House. However, despite sharing a perfectly healthy relationship, there were a few students that questioned (Y/N)’s partner of choice.
These complaints came from the three most determined students of Gryffindor House. Despite being in separate houses, the Golden Trio and (Y/N) managed to become great friends, effectively breaking the hateful stereotype between Gryffindor and Slytherin relationships. During their second year, (Y/N) found herself in quite the predicament when she fell off a borrowed broom hours past curfew. She spent a fair amount of time sprawled across the training grounds staring up at the starry sky trying to ignore the excruciating pain of her broken arm. It was then that Harry, Ron, and Hermione stumbled upon her still body as they pursued the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets. Hermione Granger was the first to approach her, momentarily scolding (Y/N) for breaking the rules before examining the extent of her wounds.
Harry and Ron followed cautiously behind Hermione, the two of them exchanging worried looks before kneeling beside (Y/N).
“It’ll be alright,” said Ron with a sympathetic smile, “We’ll take care of you.” 
From that day on the four of them were inseparable. Which was a natural outcome when a group fabricated lies to fool Madam Pomfrey or any other staff member, for that matter. When they were not chasing dangerous creatures within Hogwarts, they often spent their time near the Quidditch Pitch, with Harry and Ron teaching (Y/N) the basics of the game while Hermione reviewed her books from the ground. As time went on (Y/N), and Hermione calmly listened to Harry and Ron’s rants about Draco Malfoy and how much they despised him. 
Being from the same house as Draco Malfoy, (Y/N) often found herself conflicted between choosing her friends and abiding by the “your house is like your family” statement. She could not think of one occasion where Malfoy had been rude to her directly, but she could not excuse his behavior towards her friends. It was not until Professor Snape paired them up for a Potions essay that (Y/N) and Draco began learning more about each other. Draco was used to boasting and putting on a show in front of other students, but he quickly realized that (Y/N) would not succumb to his usual tricks.
Draco lay comfortably against his bed, his arms crossed behind his head as his eyes landed on the plaid pleated skirt his loving girlfriend decided to wear for their Hogsmeade trip. (Y/N) looked at Draco’s reflection, a devious smile playing at her lips as she bent forwards, giving her boyfriend a better view of what he quietly desired. At this movement, Draco clicked his tongue and scowled in her direction, swiftly rising from his four-poster, and making his way towards her. 
“Little nymph,” uttered Draco against her ear, rubbing small circles against her hips as she straightened up, “We could just stay. Avoid the trouble... and have a little fun ourselves.” Under different circumstances, Draco would have been thrilled to visit Hogsmeade with his beloved, but he knew they would not be spending the afternoon alone. 
(Y/N) cleared her throat, her eyes landing on the silver “I” on Draco’s robes before excellently replicating Professor Umbridge’s high-pitched voice, “Boys and girls are not permitted to be within eight inches of each other,” she teased, leaning back into Draco’s grip as he scoffed. Spinning her around, Draco lifted her onto his dresser, pushing her skirt up farther up her thighs. 
“I’d like to think I can change your tune rather quickly,” Draco snapped, pressing chaste kisses against the smooth skin of her neck, “I’ll never understand how you imitate that woman so perfectly” he added, earning a giggle from (Y/N).
“One of my many talents,” retaliated (Y/N), wrapping her arms around Draco’s neck, “You know, I can’t help but think this is your way of distracting me” she added, twirling small strands of his platinum blonde hair.
“Ugh,” groaned Draco, “I just don’t understand why we have to spend our Saturday with Potter and his stupid friends,” he spat but quickly scowled at (Y/N)’s hurt expression. 
“I’ve told you before, Draco,” (Y/N) frowned, “They’re my friends too and I wish for us to get along. It took me a while to convince them, but they’ve agreed to give you one more chance,” she said, placing her hand against her boyfriend’s cheek, “I want them to see the real you, the Draco I fell in love with.”
Draco turned his head away from (Y/N) but held her hand to acknowledge her words. Despite being together for a little over a year, he still found it quite difficult to let his guard down completely. He supposed it was due to his family’s teachings and the expectations of his Father, but throughout his relationship with (Y/N), he came to realize there were far more important matters. One of them being keeping (Y/N) (L/N) safe and content. 
“Fine,” Draco uttered, his grey eyes meeting hers, “I’ll do it for you, Darling” he added, pressing a gentle kiss against her forehead before capturing her lips in a sweet kiss. (Y/N) smiled against his kiss, pressing her forehead against his once he pulled away. 
“I appreciate it, Draco,” She whispered, pressing a light kiss against the tip of his nose, “and don’t forget, I promised you a little reward if you behave.” (Y/N) added seductively, leading Draco’s hands underneath her short skirt. 
Draco hummed contently, harshly squeezing the back of her thighs and lifting her against his body, her legs wrapping instinctively over his hips, “Well then, I’ll make sure to be on my best behavior,” He said, kissing her once again and setting her down in front of him, “We better get going, it’s not polite to keep them waiting.”
(Y/N) laughed at his change of behavior, taking one final look in the mirror, and heading towards the door. A loud smack suddenly filled the room, earning a small yelp of surprise from (Y/N), “Draco!” she exclaimed, turning to face her seemingly innocent boyfriend, “Why don’t you save the spanking for later?” she teased as Draco chuckled. 
“Alright, alright,” He added, raising his arms defensively, “but you are aware of how much I adore those little skirts you wear.”
(Y/N) opened the door of the boys’ dormitory and took another glance back at Draco, “and that is exactly why I wear them,” She winked and scurried down the stairs, filling the stairwell with her giggles as Draco chased behind her. 
                                            ϟ ϟ ϟ
Meanwhile, at the Three Broomsticks, Ron Weasley let out his fourth impatient huff of the afternoon, leaning his hand into his palm with a noticeable scowl on his face. “I can’t believe we’re doing this,” he grumbled, taking another swig of his Butterbeer as they waited. 
Hermione sighed once again, “Ron, this is for (Y/N), just try to give him a chance.” Even though she was attempting to sound positive, Hermione could not help feel wary of what was to come. They had never seen eye to eye with Draco Malfoy and his new position on Umbridge’s Inquisitorial Squad made the situation even more cumbersome. 
“Ron’s right, Hermione,” added Harry, crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned back into his seat, “I find it hard to believe that Malfoy has a ‘good’ side.” Hermione scoffed at his words, glaring at the crabby boys beside her, “Oh, stop it!” exclaimed Hermione, “You two know how much (Y/N) cares for him, we at least have to make the effort to talk to him.” Ron and Harry looked towards each other, exchanging abhorrent looks until Hermione elbowed them both. 
“Bloody hell, Hermione!” exclaimed Ron, tenderly rubbing his aching side, but quickly shut up once he noticed the presence of his friend (Y/N) and her boyfriend. Hermione quickly rose from her seat and greeted (Y/N) with a tight hug before awkwardly turning to face the silent Draco Malfoy. 
“Hello, Draco” she greeted, extending her hand for him to shake. Draco shifted his eyes towards (Y/N) who gave an encouraging nod as he gripped Hermione’s outstretched hand. 
“Hello, Granger,” He replied, a meek smile playing at his lips as he turned towards the boys sitting at the booth, “Weasley, Potter, good to see you.” 
Ron absentmindedly let his jaw drop, hesitantly replying “Erm- Good to see you too, Malfoy”, carelessly scratching his head as Hermione returned to her seat beside him. Harry, however, did not speak, he only acknowledged Draco with a subtle nod of the head as he sipped his Butterbeer. Draco smiled towards (Y/N), pulling a chair out and gesturing for her to take a seat, “I’ll go order us some more drinks,” He stated, kissing the top of his girlfriend’s head before sauntering away.
  Ron watched Draco go in shock, “good to see you?!” he whispered harshly, slapping his hand against his forehead, “I sound like a prat!”. Hermione scowled once again, shooting a reassuring look towards (Y/N), “Ron’s just getting used to this, I’m sure he’ll behave once Draco returns” she stated comfortingly, taking (Y/N)’s hand into hers with a smile, “But honestly, I didn’t expect him to say that either.”
(Y/N) laughed, patting the top of Hermione’s hand as she glanced back at Draco at the bar, “I told you he was polite,” she added with a grin, “You just have to get to know him.” With nearly perfect timing, Draco returned and took a seat next to his girlfriend, wrapping his arm around the back of her chair. Ron examined the situation carefully, his protective instinct rising as Malfoy got closer to his friend.
“Madam Rosmerta will bring our drinks soon, I also requested an assortment of pastries” Draco spoke out, lacing his fingers with (Y/N)’s underneath the wooden table, “My treat,” he added, earning a satisfied smile from his girlfriend. 
Some of Ron’s animosity disappeared at the mention of free food and he gave a small nod of appreciation towards Draco, “Thanks, Malfoy” he uttered, looking towards Harry and Hermione who were also having a difficult time understanding this “new” side of Malfoy. 
A wave of silence fell over them. It seemed like they were unsure of who should speak first, but upon feeling the gentle squeeze of (Y/N)’s hand, Draco cleared his throat, “So, (Y/N) tells me you two taught her how to play Quidditch,” he added, nodding his head towards Harry and Ron curiously. 
“Uh, yeah,” Harry replied, speaking up for the first time since the couple’s arrival, “(Y/N)’s a natural though, it didn’t take long for her to learn the basics.” 
“That reminds me,” added Ron, grinning as Madame Rosmerta set down their freshly baked pastries and full goblets of Butterbeer, “(Y/N), you haven’t told us your favorite Quidditch team! I think you should have a pretty good idea at this point,” he said, bringing his cup to his lips to take a generous gulp. 
(Y/N) took the opportunity to play a joke on her friends, taking a bite of her warm apple tart before saying, “Why! The Chudley Cannons, of course!” 
Harry immediately regretted taking such a big drink, choking on the liquid before (Y/N) even finished her sentence. Hermione let out a panicked squeal, patting Harry’s back as he violently coughed, “T-The Chudley Cannons?! Have you gone mad?!” He exclaimed tearfully, looking towards (Y/N) in bewilderment. 
Ron subtly placed his hand over his mouth, concealing his smile as Harry finished up his coughing fit. Draco, on the other hand, could not hide his amusement and snickered at Potter’s antics. (Y/N) burst laughing at Harry’s reaction, quickly shaking her head, “I was just pulling your leg! The Chudley Cannons are complete rubbish!” 
Ron let out an angry scoff, “Hey! It is just a management problem! The players are quite good!” He defended while Harry violently shook his head. 
“I’m glad it was just a joke, I was ready to take you to Madam Pomfrey” Harry exclaimed, dabbing his mouth with a napkin and sinking back into his seat.
“And what would she have done?” Hermione asked dubiously, taking a bite of a pumpkin pasty.
“Unless she knew a cure for madness, she would not have been much help,” chuckled Draco as he sipped his Butterbeer, earning a noticeable smile from Ron and Hermione. 
Harry rolled his eyes and grabbed pastry off the tray, “Yeah, yeah,” he grumbled in annoyance, “She could’ve examined (Y/N)’s head or something, I don’t know”
“Who do you follow then, Potter?” Asked Draco curiously, wrapping his arm around (Y/N)’s shoulders as they continued their conversation. 
“Uh-” Harry paused, caught off-guard by his question“Well, the Bulgarian team has some great players, but I’d say it’s between them and Ireland” He admitted, recalling the 1994 Quidditch World Cup, “Can’t say I have a favorite, though” 
“The Gryffindor team is definitely your favorite,” teased (Y/N), “but that is a bit biased since you are their Seeker.”
Harry playfully rolled his eyes at her comment, “Can you honestly say your favorite team isn’t the Slytherin team?” He asked, pointing an accusatory finger towards (Y/N). Both she and Draco laughed, shrugging at Harry’s reasonably accurate comment, “You got me there” she admitted.
“We are quite good,” Draco admitted proudly with a nod of the head, “Never lost a match until you came along,” he added, shrugging towards Harry, “I promise we’ll beat you next time, (Y/N) and I have been training non-stop.” 
Harry snickered at Draco’s comment, “We’ll see about that, Malfoy,” he grinned, “I’m not going to let you off easy just because you’re with (Y/N).” 
Draco clicked his tongue in amusement, “I want a fair match, Potter.” He stated sternly, “I wouldn’t be satisfied if I won a match just because you threw it” 
“Then we’ll settle this on the field,” Harry stated confidently, raising his Butterbeer in satisfaction and finishing it off. 
After a surprisingly pleasant outing, the five of them walked back towards the castle, hoping Professor Umbridge would not catch them sneaking in the extra special butterbeer Madam Rosmerta brewed per Draco’s request (and compensation, of course). Disregarding educational decree number twenty-six, Draco snaked his arm around (Y/N)’s waist, pulling her closer to him as they strode towards the Great Hall. Once there, Hermione gave (Y/N) a hug as they happily exchanged goodbyes for the evening. Draco and (Y/N) gave the Golden Trio one final wave before turning towards the direction of the Slytherin common room, making their way there quicker and more excitedly than usual.  
Delighted to find his dormitory empty, Draco urged his girlfriend into the room and swiftly locked the door. Although he would not give her the satisfaction of knowing this information, he actually had a great evening at Hogsmeade with (Y/N) and her friends. However, this realization did not deter Draco’s excitement as he recalled his dear girlfriend’s promise before they left. 
Placing a hand against the small of her back, Draco pushed (Y/N)’s stomach against the dresser she used to tease him earlier. “I’d say I put forth my very best manners today, wouldn’t you agree?” He muttered against her ear, earning a small gasp from her as one of his hands gripped her hip and the other sneaked towards the buttons of her shirt. A sultry moan slid past (Y/N)’s lips as Draco’s hips ground against her clothed behind. 
Encouraged by her noises, Draco wrapped his fingers underneath her chin and lifted it so their eyes met in the mirror, “Should I take that as a yes?” He asked huskily, pressing a kiss against her cheek as he gave her throat a squeeze.
 The boldness she exhibited earlier quickly cast out the window as she gave a rather desperate nod, enthralled by Draco’s movements. (Y/N)’s mind had strayed farther than she had expected it to. It did not matter how confident she acted before their usual teasing started, as soon as his expertly calculated movements began, she became putty in his hands. The feeling of his fingers tracing lines up her thigh until they were hidden under her skirt made her heart beat wildly. Draco carefully inched his fingers up her inner thigh, ghosting them over her dampening core, but moved them away without pressing them into her. Shifting her hips, (Y/N) let out another small whine as she attempted to at least brush herself on Draco’s fingers, earning a small tut from him.  
“Cat got your tongue, Princess?” inquired Draco, his hands moving to flip her skirt up, exposing the flimsy black lace underwear she flashed earlier, “I’m not going to do anything until I hear that pretty little beg of yours…” he added, removing his hands from her body and loosening his emerald green tie, his school robes discarded at his side. Draco’s words sent shivers down (Y/N)’s spine, his low tone forcing her thighs together to provide some friction, something her observant boyfriend had taken note of. 
“Oi, where are your manners?” he retorted, gripping her hips hard enough to bruise. Fed up with her silence, Draco slapped his hand against her exposed ass cheek, the cold, silver rings decorating his fingers adding another layer of pleasure as she gasped harshly. “I’m not going to ask you again,” With that, Draco hooked his index fingers underneath the lacy fabric and yanked it down her ankles, her arousal on full display. 
“I-I’m- Please, Draco,” (Y/N) whined out, squeezing her thighs together in front of him, “I need you, please touch me..!” She begged, another gasp overtaking her as Draco swiped two fingers against her folds. 
“That’s a good girl,” He praised, dipping the press a kiss against the back of her neck, smirking at her moans as he finally inserted a finger inside of her, “Keep making those noises for me and I’ll reward you” demanded Draco, lowering himself onto his knees as he pumped his fingers. Flattening his tongue against her folds, (Y/N) let out a sensual moan, her hands reaching for the corners of the dresser in an attempt to anchor her shaking legs. Draco smirked as (Y/N) shuddered at the sudden loss of contact, rising to his feet while he fiddled with his belt, “Let’s get started then, shall we?” He stated, kicking his trousers away and gripping (Y/N)’s hips tightly, her skirt pushed up to her waist as he ground his erection against her needy core. 
As their moans and groans echoed throughout the empty room, Draco could not help but think about giving in to her requests more often. If all of them ended with her writhing and calling his name underneath him, he did not have any qualms with entertaining Potter and his friends for the afternoon.
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lilahisntsadanymore · 2 months ago
We're the black sheep
Chapter Five
I think this is my favorite chapter so far. Y/n and Sirius' date feels a bit cheesy but it's the first date scene I've ever wrote and I have never in my life been on a date with a boy, I'm sorry hahah
Words count: 3.3k
Link to WATBS masterlist
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
On the next day after breakfast [Y/n] played a little Quidditch with Owen. Just because she wasn't on the team didn't mean she couldn't help him practice, play just for fun. After that, [Y/n] and Circe decided to not eat lunch in the Great Hall and instead sit under 'their' tree by the lake. When [Y/n] finished eating an orange she took from the Great Hall, they still had Circe's homemade chocolate biscuits her mother sent her. Out of boredom, the girls started hexing some two third year Gryffindors using non-verbal magic. They didn't notice Remus Lupin walking their way.
"Northcott, Hannigan," he said causing the girls to look up at him, "ten points from Slytherin."
"Why?!" [Y/n] asked innocently, "Is it illegal to sit on grass?"
"Absolutely not, but from what I know, hexing other students is."
"Remind me what were you and your friends doing a few hours ago?"
"D'you want a biscuit?" Circe chimed in, giving a small shake to the box of biscuits she was holding.
"That's bribing, but thank you, " Remus said taking a biscuit, "that makes it five points."
"You can take two." She looked at him innocently.
Remus shook his head but took a second biscuit anyways and decided not to subtract any points from Slytherin this time. [Y/n] and Circe smiled at each other and laughed when he walked away. Around 3pm they walked to their dormitory.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Back in the dorm, the girls had to find a good outfit for [Y/n]'s date. The room was empty, all the other girls were either doing homework in the common room or snogging boys in bathrooms.
Circe started throwing clothes out of [Y/n]'s trunk. She didn't bother yet to put them in drawers. Well, not all of them. If she wore them already, she would occasionally fold them and put into drawers.
"Oh, Merlin," Circe squeaked, "this one's perfect."
[Y/n] sighed at her friend's choice. It was a long sleeved, knee length, white dress with a pastel coloured flower print.
"I'll be cold." [Y/n] complained. The fabric was rather thin.
"Then he shall give you his jacket. If he's going to wear one."
"Yeah, yeah. I see Sirius Black giving his jacket to a girl. Especially to one he has hated for the past few years."
"He might be an idiot, but I heard a Ravenclaw girl say he's a gentleman."
"Whatever. I'm not wearing this dress. It's completely not my style."
"Then why is it in your trunk? Wear it or I'll hex you."
"I'll hex this dress. It's in my trunk because mother insisted, you wouldn't imagine how stubborn she is!"
"Oh really?" Circe's voice turned a little sarcastic as she rolled her eyes and began looking for some different piece of clothing, preferably a dress. She pulled out another knee-lenghted one with also long sleeves but loose. It was black with light brown print.
"I can wear that." [Y/n] admitted. She matched the dress with a small, black purse and heels in the same colour. The girl put some mascara on and checked herself out in the mirror.
"I hope he looks at you the same way you look at yourself in the mirror." A chuckle escaped Circe's mouth.
"If he doesn't see how gorgeous I look, he's blind."
Fifteen minutes before 5pm, [Y/n] exited the dormitory and walked to the place where Sirius was supposed to meet her – the fountain in the courtyard. The boy was there already. [Y/n] looked at him.
"You look-" she was speechless. In that moment she realized how handsome Sirius was. He had his usual haughty look on his face, the sign of aristocratic genes. He was dressed in a white shirt with a black plaid vest over it and black trousers with shoes in the same colour.
"You don't look too bad yourself, love." Sirius smirked and offered [Y/n] his arm. She took it and they began walking to the village.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
As they were walking, they passed some other students, who were clearly confused seeing [Y/n] and Sirius getting along. Some people thought there will be a cold day in hell before these two talk to each other without using insults in each sentence.
[Y/n] thought they'll just go to the Three Broomsticks, but she was wrong. Eventually Sirius dragged her into Madam Puddifoot's tea shop, where couples usually went on dates. [Y/n] didn't like looking at couples, but decided to just ignore them since she was on a date herself.
When Madam Puddifoot walked up to the table with two menus, Sirius made an order immediately.
"Cheesecake and cappuccino for this beautiful lady. Same for me."
"An often customer, huh?" [Y/n] looked at the boy, raising her eyebrows when Madam Puddifoot walked away.
"Yeah, did you think you're special?" Sirius asked, making [Y/n] angry. As he noticed that, he smiled and said, "I'm joking. I was here with the boys to try everything and see what would be the best."
"Don't joke with me like that." The girl crossed her arms. The dress' long sleeves hid the bandage on her injured arm, which was good because she didn't want Sirius asking questions about that. Even if he apologized afterwards.
Soon Madam Puddifoot brought them the food Sirius ordered. It was in fact one of the best cheesecakes [Y/n] has ever ate.
"So," Sirius spoke, "I thought you'd be another pureblood supremacist. But I got, let's say, some information that you're not."
"I just don't give a fuck about it," [Y/n] said truthfully, "my family would disown me if I told them, but I just don't get their obsession."
"You literally threatened Northcott for using the muggleborn slur," he smiled, "so it's more than just not giving a fuck."
"I just wanna live in a world where everyone is equal. Don't tell anybody I said that, but Evans is a great witch despite being a muggleborn."
"I told my parents the same. They hate me now." Sirius chuckled, but it was obvious he wasn't joking. A lot of people would expect his family to disown him already.
"I'm sorry. It must be hard for you, since you're the older son, the heir of one of the oldest wizard families."
"Only if I cared. James, Remus and Peter are my new family."
[Y/n] and Sirius kept talking about their families and their obsession with blood status. Both of them notices pretty big similarities between them. Belonging in pureblood families, not agreeing with their belief, being the "worse child". Experiencing similar trauma brings people closer.
After they finished eating, they took a walk around Hogsmeade. It was getting quite dark outside, the sky had a nice half orange half pink shade with a few clouds visible. Some people would say it looked kind of romantic.
"I know it might be too early," Sirius decided to break the silence, snapping [Y/n] out of her thoughts about the sky, "but...do you wanna go to the ball? With me, I mean."
"What ball?" [Y/n] was confused, she didn't remember anybody mentioning any ball. Not even Circe, who would be the first one to get all excited about it.
"The one Dumbledore talked about in his welcoming speech. It's right before the Christmas break." Sirius chuckled. He considered the confused look on [Y/n]'s face rather cute.
"Oh, I didn't pay attention." In her head, the girl recalled chatting with Regulus about why he and everyone else thinks Dumbledore is an idiot. [Y/n] smirked.
"So, will you go with me?" Sirius asked again.
"Sirius Black, who could have any girl, wants to take ME on the ball?" [Y/n] laughed lightly, "I would be delighted to go." She had no idea if she was kidding or not. All she knew was she was going to the ball with Sirius. The Sirius she perceived as her enemy until now.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Sirius walked [Y/n] back to the entrance of her common room around 9pm. There wasn't anyone in there, other students were in the dorms already. Except for Circe, who wouldn't be herself if she didn't wait for her best friend to come back. She needed [Y/n] to tell her everything about the date.
Even though [Y/n] was tired, she told Circe everything with the smallest details. As she talked about it, she could feel the excitement still pumping through her body. Circe squeaked, when [Y/n] got to the part where Sirius asked her to the ball. Talking took the girls about three hours, which made them a little sleepy on the lessons next morning.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Nearly two months had passed. Relations between [Y/n] and not only Sirius, but also the rest of the Marauders, warmed up a lot. They were sometimes seen around together, talking calmly or even laughing occasionally. Even some professors couldn't get used to seeing that. Usually when the Marauders and [Y/n] or some of her friends talked, it was an argue which led to subtracting points either from one of the houses or both. It changed and nobody knew if it was the time when they all grew up to finally bury the hatchet, or it was just silence before the storm. Sometimes even [Y/n] wasn't sure about that. Sirius was taking her on dates, James was similar to Owen – [Y/n] thought - they could talk about Quidditch but the Slytherin boy didn't consider it a good idea, Remus and Peter were [Y/n]'s study buddies sometimes. A few times even Circe joined in, who was more positive than Owen about the idea of making friends with Gryffindors. The Marauders wouldn't call [Y/n] a friend, but surely she wasn't an enemy anymore. Only Regulus seemed upset about [Y/n] getting along with them, but it was understandable.
[Y/n] told Sirius how sad Regulus seems to be. He obviously missed his big brother, they didn't properly talk since Sirius got sorted to Gryffindor. Things got only worse when Regulus got sorted to Slytherin a year later. In public they would only insult each other, but one afternoon Sirius got an idea.
As [Y/n] was hanging out with Regulus, Circe and Owen in the courtyard one afternoon, they noticed an angry Sirius marching their way. The boys stopped playing wizard chess as Sirius stood in front of his brother.
"HOW ARE YOU?!" Sirius' voice was furious as he shouted the sentence in French, Regulus didn't seem to get what he was trying to do at first, "I MISS YOU!"
Then the younger Black understood what was his brother's intention. He stood up, putting an angry look on his face. He also shouted in French:
And with that, Sirius walked away. [Y/n] smirked at the idea, understanding everything each Black shouted. It was a brilliant way for the Black brothers to communicate. Everyone, well most likely almost everyone, just thought they're fighting again while in reality they were just talking.
"That genius son of a bitch." [Y/n] whispered admiringly.
"Fuckin' drama queens." Owen sighed, not understanding a thing from what Regulus and Sirius shouted at each other.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Sirius' birthday was getting closer with each day. He told [Y/n] that she didn't have to bring him any gift, but she decided to give him one anyways. He paid for a lot of things for [Y/n] on their dates so it just felt right.
One evening [Y/n] sneaked in her brother's classroom. There were stairs leading to a room, which was a bedroom. [Y/n] carefully knocked on the door of the bedroom, obviously Cieran was going to be there. It made her mission more difficult but a little stress is good sometimes.
"Come in, [Y/n]." The man said.
"How did you know it's me?" The girl asked when she entered the room, closing the door behind her. Her brother was sitting by his desk, it looked like he's checking some homeworks.
"The way you knock ratted you out."
[Y/n] looked around the room, as she sat on a bed behind the chair Cieran was sitting on. She noticed a shelf on which there were some expensive beverages. Her brother wouldn't notice if she borrowed one bottle.
"So, how's being the teacher going?" [Y/n] asked innocently.
"Can't complain. Tests can be a pain in the arse but I used to say the same thing as a student."
[Y/n] stood up quietly and very carefully walked to the shelf. She hoped the wooden floor won't squeak. She scanned all beverages and put a hand on a bottle of firewhiskey.
"I saw Regulus spending with you a little too much time, more than a student should spend with a teacher." [Y/n] said.
"I help him with Defence Against the Dark Arts." Cieran didn't move his eyes from the test he was screening.
"Defence Against the Dark Arts?" [Y/n] scoffed, "Or more like only Dark Arts? Please, don't turn him into a mini you. I don't want Reg to become a dea-"
"Don't finish the sentence. How did you know? How did you know I'm one of them?"
"All I can say is, be more careful with your sleeves. When did you...become...you know?"
"Three years ago. You, on the other hand, have been spending a lot of time with the other Black." Cieran smoothly changed the subject of the conversation.
"I really like him," [Y/n] admitted, walking closer the desk with the bottle behind her back, "what are you checking?"
"Your tests about Dementors. Soon we'll get to vampires, then maybe werewolves. I would appreciate if you could go now."
"Oh, yeah, certainly. Goodnight, Cieran." 
[Y/n] walked out. In quick pace she ran back to her common room. She was so glad Cieran didn't notice her stealing the bottle.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
One November evening the girls were in their dormitory, preparing for a party. They were the only Slytherins invited since it was Sirius' birthday party. At least they didn't have to wear their robes because it was a weekend. The girls got ready in less than an hour and left the common room wearing cute dresses – more fancy than casual, but not too fancy.
The Fat Lady looked suspiciously at [Y/n] and Circe, not wanting to let them inside at first, but eventually they got in thanks to Peter. The music from the radio was playing loud. [Y/n] looked around the Gryffindor common room, it was much more cozy than Slytherin's one. Sirius was standing by the fireplace with James so the girls walked up to them.
"Happy birthday, Black!" [Y/n] exclaimed, giving Sirius a bottle of firewhiskey.
"Thank you, Hannigan," the birthday boy smiled, "I told you, you don't have to give me anything. Where did you even get it?"
"It's a secret." She didn't want to tell him that actually she stole the bottle from her brother's little collection.
"Be careful, Sirius," James interjected, "your girlfriend could have poisoned it."
"I would poison it only if it was for you, Potter." [Y/n] smirked.
"Well, if you were my girlfriend I'd drink it gladly then."
"I'm not Black's girlfriend by the way."
[Y/n] laughed awkwardly for the first time ever, making James and Circe chuckle at her. They all kept talking with Sirius for a while until some other people wanted to wish him a happy birthday and give presents. In that case, [Y/n] and Circe walked to the table with drinks.
"Didn't expect you here." A female voice said.
[Y/n] looked at the voice's direction to see a beautiful girl with long, blonde, a little wavy hair. Her eyes in the ocean shade of blue were piercing [Y/n]. She recognized the girl from a few classes they had together.
"Nice to see you too..." [Y/n] paused for a moment, "McKinnon, is it?"
"What are you doing here, Hannigan?"
"I happen to be invited. By Black."
"I wouldn't expect him to invite such a-"
"Listen, sugar, don't finish the sentence. I'm here to have fun, not to make enemies."
[Y/n] took a drink and sent a fake friendly smile towards Marlene. When Circe also took a drink, the girls walked away from the table. They looked around, there weren't many people they could talk to. Circe recognized a few Ravenclaws but that was it.
"Hello, guys." The girls said in unison as they approached Remus and Peter who were sat on two red armchairs.
"Sirius will be getting drunk with that firewhiskey tonight!" Peter laughed.
"So this is alcohol free?" Circe asked, pointing at the drink she was holding.
"Obviously." Remus nodded, smiling at her.
"And I gave you a biscuit," the girl pretended to be offended, "two biscuits!"
The four of them laughed as the girls sat on the sofa in front of the armchairs. Soon, Sirius and James walked up to them, so the six of them moved to sit near the fireplace. They were talking, enjoying a nice atmosphere. Even if there were two Slytherins in the common room of Gryffindor. A year ago [Y/n] had no idea she would sit there and actually enjoy the presence of Gryffindors. She was happy, at the moment she felt happiness. The feeling her family warned her about, the feeling her family taught her to push aside. But it was nice. Would be nicer only if Sirius eventually asked her out, but it could be too early for now. [Y/n] had to focus on the present moment, not the future.
After some time, James got up and decided to look for Lily. The boys weren't sure if she was even going to be there. She was most likely to stay in her dorm since she wasn't on the best terms with the Marauders. At least not with James and Sirius, who she seemed to hate from the bottom of her heart and wasn't afraid of showing it, but even that didn't push James away. Remus seemed to be the closest to Lily. When she wasn't near Severus, she would exchange a few words with Remus, considering him the most tolerable Marauder. Once, he even invited Lily to a study session with [Y/n] in the library. The girls didn't talk much, but they seemed to be okay with each other's presence.
"Wanna dance?" Sirius asked out of a sudden, offering [Y/n] a hand.
"You can't dance, Black." The girl chuckled.
"Neither can you. Come on, Hannigan, it'll be a little practice before Dumbledore's ball!"
[Y/n] took Sirius' hand as she got up from the floor. They walked closer to the radio and started dancing. The song was slow, but not slow enough for a classical dance. But at the same time slow enough to dance holding each other. [Y/n]'s hands were on Sirius' shoulders, while his hands were on her waist. They looked into each other's eyes with slight smiles on their faces.
"They look happy." Circe commented, making Remus and Peter nod in agreement. They all were supporters of whatever was between [Y/n] and Sirius.
A sudden scream made them look in the direction of the staircase leading to the dormitories. A second after that, they saw Lily Evans running down the stairs with James chasing her.
"Please, just one dance, Evans!" He begged.
"No! Leave me alone, Potter!" The readhead shouted as she ran out of the common room.
"Honestly, Potter should leave the poor girl alone." Circe said.
"Tell us something we don't know," said Remus, "he seems strong, but we don't know how many more rejections can James take. We're worried about him."
"Well, maybe someday he will eventually convince her to go out with him." Peter chimed in with a hopeful tone of voice.
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