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#hogwats mystery

not me being in the cover-

anyways check it out ig


check out my other story - the dare game

{also can someone read it and give me an honest opinion? I based it on my friend cos she wanted me to, and i wanna kinda add smut seens which ik she wont mind, but it feels weird if i did that cos im writing as if im her x }


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Reading : Order of the Phoenix

And this line had me laughing wayyy to hard


It’s when Harry go back to Hogwarts and Sirius goes with him in his Animagus form !!

Isn’t he adorable 😍💫

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Remember when Ron got his Hogwarts letter in the fifth year and also found out that he’s the prefect ?

Mrs Weasley was praising him saying : Oh wonderful Ron !! Everyone in the family is one .

And Fred and George said : them whom I and Fred are then ? Next door neighbours ??!!

I love that freaking line !!!!!!!!!!

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Now this is interesting, a quest surrounding one of the clubs. So far the clubs have been just glorified objective markers so it’s cool to see an actual story attached to one.

Also Sphinx club just happened to be the club I had the highest points in. So I wonder if I had higher points in a different club if I would have gotten a different quest.

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Ron: I like those pants Hermione

Hermione : Thanks ! They were 50% off !!

Ron : I would like them 100% off ;)

Hermoine : That’s not how a business works Ronald ! Honestly don’t you have idea how business works ?

Harry and Y/N : * laughing together *

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Are you having suicidal thoughts ?

Let me help you then , please read if you are having them it may or may not help that much but this is the least I can do

  • Write the things that depress you in a notebook , phone / computer etc .
  • After you have written everything you wanted … DELETE IT or TEAR IT ( if written in a notebook )
  • Then write the positive things about life print them or write them somewhere and remind yourself to look at those every day you wake up , go to bed , in between , whenever you get time
  • Life’s not a game don’t end it , every person is born for a purpose no matter how big or small is , and don’t give a shit to the person’s who don’t appreciate you or you think they don’t care about you

Life your life queen size 👑 ~

Life’s not a grocery list !! Things can be a different than we planned no harm !!

If you are facing problems or want someone to talk about message me here or wattpad ( I go by the same name there )

I don’t judge as I know how it feels , talk to me rant to me I’ll patiently listen no worries 🖤

~AR ✌️

P.S : repost to help someone

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Ida Powell Headcannons:


-Her Patronus is a white swan, like her grandmother Bethwyn Powell, while her older brother Jacob’s Patronus is a black swan.

-Ida is very close to her grandfather, ex-Auror Rhodri Powell.

-There were rumors that Rhodri and Ida’s father Owain were secretly allies of You-know-who, however; after Owain was killed by death eaters, most of those claims were scilenced.

-The rumors started to re-emerge after Jacob’s expulsion.

-Ida’s father died roughly 6 months before she was born.

-Ida’s mother Mercy Powell works full time at St. Mungos.

-Due to the Powell’s reputation, Ida rarely hears from her relatives on her mother’s side.

-Ida acquired her love of Shakespeare from her grandmother.

-While in school, Ida often found comfort in taking walks alone by the Great Lake.

-Her favorite Professor is Professor Flitwick.

-Her happiest memories are when her grandfather first took her to see a professional ballet production of Swan Lake when she was 6, when she and Jacob would re-enact Shakespeare plays in their backyard, and when she successfully learned her first charm, lumos.

- Her boggart would be Death Eaters (they later change to the ones who killed her father once she descovers who they were).

-Her Amortentia would smell like rain clouds and mint leaves

-She was given her father’s old pocket watch for good luck before leaving for Hogwarts her first year.

-She also received her brother’s five-year old barn owl named Celmente.

-Her favorite kind of wizard candy are Sherbert Lemons.

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Remember when Harry accidentally did some magic and stormed out of the Dursley’s his immediate reaction was planning his life as a outcast ? He’s such a drama queen 😂😂

And that’s the reason he’s James Potter’s son !!!!!!!!!

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who should i use as a faceclaim for merula snyde? back when i wrote for her like two years ago i used gifs of naomi scott, should i keep using her or someone maybe got a better idea? i was maybe thinking of kaya scodelario?

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Harry :Are you ready to get up and interact with people ?

Draco : * demonic screeches from under the cover *

Harry : understood have a good weekend babe

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Information About Ida M. Powell:


Name: Ida Morgan Powell

Meaning: (Worker, Sea Defender, Eminent)

Nicknames: little alarch/swan (this is used by her grandfather)

Birthday: July 10th 1973

House: Slytherin

Status: Pureblood

Wand: willow wood, unicorn hair core, 10 ½ inches, and fairly bendy flexibility

Hometown: Bangor, Wales



Father: Owain Powell (passed)

Mother: Mercy Powell (alive)

Siblings: Jacob Powell (older brother by 6 ½ years, missing)

Grandparents: Rhodri and Bethwyn Powell (father’s side, alive) and Jacob (passed) and Katherine Albright

Other immediate family members: Carys Powell (Aunt, father’s side, alive), Henri Albright (Uncle, mother’s side, alive), Araminta Albright (Henri’s wife/Aunt, alive) and Sonja Albright (younger cousin, 3 years old, alive)



Likes: spending time outside, taking walks, sewing, singing (alone), flying, reading Shakespeare, listening to her Grandfather Rhodri’s stories, winter time, watching ballet performances, writing in her journal, wizard chess, slow dancing (or at least the concept of it), sunsets, and rainy days inside

Dislikes: Sweating, playing quidditch (too overwhelming), being the center of attention, gossip, shallow people, being considered “not Slytherin enough”, the sound of thunder, large crowds, and not living up to her elders expectations

Strengths: Loyal, determined, respectful, mild-mannered, cunning, clever, soft-hearted, modest, goal-oriented, driven, and dedicated

Weaknesses: Shy, sore loser, stubborn, reclusive, struggles with balancing her head and her heart, shys away from conflict, has a hard time trusting and opening up to others, once her trust is lost it’s near impossible to get it back, and has a rather sharp tongue when upset


Talents: Singing, needlepoint/sewing, potions, charms, and dancing (she has natural rhythm)

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