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now would be a good time to break out.... the MARSHMALLOW FLAVORED ENERGY DRINKS

YEAH BRO!!!!!!


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beyonders canon divergence? not to be unnecessarily intrusive but if you want to PLEASE tell me what you would do with that au

OK SO BASICALLY I’ve been obsessed with fire emblem three houses and I was like hmmmm actually this has big beyonders vibes and then in the beyonders server we were assigning characters to characters which had me thinking and then like. What if Rachel joined maldor and embraced darkness all in the hope of returning home when that day comes in five years? And she’s forced to help maldor take over lyrian and betray her friends? And like it’s just a SUPER interesting concept

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kris, upon realizing that pencils can become swords in the dark world, stuffs about 20 novelty pencils into their pockets for the next time they go. they want to know what the one with a bear eraser is going to look like

they get into the dark world and immediately fall over under the weight of 20 swords bc they are still a twig

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I am constantly in awe of your creative power. Like, your writing?? Your art?? The fact that you knitted your own sweater for cosplay purposes despite only having knit One (1) thing before and it was a scarf?? You’re so fucking powerful

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I like that we've all caught the poncho brain worm. really fun seeing everyone's takes!

ponch time.

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I have designed one poncho and three mages in the last 2 days. what curse did you cast on me kan /j


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acquired a wig last night for cosplay and now I am wondering what the worst haircut kris has ever had looked like

toriel used a bowl to cut their bangs once

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oh what I meant was au where kris is older but they are still the one getting possessed ajdhjskdk. you don't have to answer this if you don't want to

OH okay! yeah okay

so like. same startup as here

theyre still pretty… quiet, and at a college it’s much easier to… well, disappear. who notices that one kid who never asked questions to begin with is, like. being even more quiet than before. who notices one person wandering around staring blankly at walls and sculptures. who notices someone who was already absent.

well, the answer is frisk and chara.

chara is a lot more demanding of them, following them, trying to ask what’s going on and why they’re acting so Weird. frisk hangs a bit behind, but is just as worried. but kris doesn’t really answer. they say they’re fine, over and over, in the same tone.

(the first time chara talks to them, by the way, kris says it’s good to see them again. flat and monotone, still, but…

there’s something that makes think chara think the last time the speaker saw them wasn’t, like, the last d&d session.)

anyways, they all follow kris together into some old storage room in the dorms–

and they all fall through together.

from there, well. things probably get More Complicated. but the one thing kris is sure of, the one thing they know–

chara and frisk know they’re gone.

and they haven’t been forgotten yet. 

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au where kris is the older sibling

is… isn’t that lovely boy kris,

like i like it but. im already ficcing this

i guess like some kris focus stuff since they wont appear as much:

depression hit in their mid-teens, right around the time toriel and asgore divorced for Many Reasons. they kinda fell apart hard and ended up like missing a lot of school and stuff, and a younger asriel wasn’t super equipped to help with what was happening (although he absolutely tried and, uh, wore himself out with it pretty bad). it took… Longer Than It Should Have for toriel and asgore to notice how bad kris was getting, bc they were kind of caught in their own stuff, but Eventually it got thru and kris started going to fucking therapy and getting on meds

theyre doing… Okay nowadays. they still feel pretty rattled and uncertain a lot of the time, and they dont really feel like they have anyone they can rely on (they recognize that azzy probably shouldnt have to take any more responsibility for them, altho sometimes they slip up with him). still, theyre making it bit by bit, and theyre going to a community college rn while they focus on figuring out what they want to do, which will probably be music

also they’ve made two (2) human friends

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walls, 🏟️⭐

🏟️- Who was your intended audience?

hmmm good question. originally I just wanted a slow burn that everyone could read. clearly that did not happen. because of how much sexual content (however implicit) there is, I generally rate it 16+ or 18+ at this point.

⭐- What’s a scene/paragraph you’re proud of?

Chapter 14:

If people wanted advice, they went to Asgore or Toriel. If they wanted self-defense tips, they talked to Undyne. If they had a question about some scientific matter, they called Alphys, or even Sans if she was unavailable. Even Frisk would be asked for help if there was a problem with human-monster relations.

Papyrus might be asked to babysit every once in a while, but no one ever wanted his opinion or advice on a problem they might have. Any time he came across the others talking about their difficulties, they either immediately clammed up when they noticed he was around, or they’d continue speaking in hushed whispers, thinking he couldn’t hear.

Previously, Papyrus had liked to think—or pretend—that it was because he was so great and thus too intimidating to show weakness to. But as time went by, it became harder to deny that they all just thought he was dumb, and easier for him to believe that he really was.

I really like that I came up with this bit because I think it really shows Papyrus’s ultimate problem: that no one believes in him, and because of that, he doesn’t believe in himself.

I also, again, like Chapter 20 a lot because according to readers I did a really great job of making Devon and Mettaton’s date seem fairly normal on the outside, but really creepy and fucked up when you pay attention.

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lancer for the ask meme

ah……. i see that u’d like to peruse my sonboy thoughts……

A: Lancer is a genius at engineering! Look at the thrashing machine he and Susie built together! It’s literally canon that this funky lil dude is very smart and capable of building things with his hands!

B: When Lancer is left unattended for too long, he WILL eat half of Rouxls’ stock of Rouxls roux and he WILL later get violently ill all over Rouxls’ new shoes when he goes to seek out Rouxls for help with his upset stomach and WILL have Rouxls take care of him, much to the Duke’s chagrin. (Rouxls doesn’t actually mind though, he’s just concerned about Lancer and helps nurse him back to health because while he may be a tsundere dad, he’s still a dad…)

C: Lancer is haunted by the King of Spade’s neglect and total disregard for his life when the King is finally jailed… He wakes up crying some nights, because the thought of his own father wanting to kill him has damaged him psychologically. He sometimes makes his way over to Rouxls’ room to sleep in his bed for the night, as his biological father never let him do… Rouxls always allows Lancer to climb into his bed for the night.

D: Lancer has puppy features. He’s puppy. He looks like a plush toy of a boston terrier under his mask. I don’t care if it gets disproven in canon, either!! I have the galaxy brain, I get to decide what sonboy looks like!!!

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allium and rhododendron!

Allium-  What’s the best thing you can cook? I have a weird case of Afraid Of Fire, so no frying. But boiling things is easier (Don’t have to stand near), so i could make some Pasta if someone else stirs the sauce. I can put some potatoes in the oven too, i guess. My family realyl just eats a lot of precooked food- either pckaged or ordered from services where homecooks make you a menu. We all have executve dysfunction and very little time.

Rhododendron: What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had? real-real-real answers are too heavy so. I keep thinking my nightmares fixtation with deathmazes where i lose my family either come from too much death gate cycle or too much dizzingoff center and I can’t tell which one. A slightly more serious answer- my good friend’s mom is very ill and there was a time where i kept dreaming his dad has died and i had to comfort them.

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dalinar kholin

hmm… Warriors by imagine dragons is generally a Knights Radiant song for me but it works with what we find out bout the Kholin origin story it work for him too

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2, 12, 15, 28 for the wlw ask!


2. talk about the girl who made you realise you liked girls

picture me age twelve about to watch mamma mia for the first time. now go to 2:20 on this clip of dancing queen the moment when that one extra throws the towel behind her and joins the group? my lesbian awakening

12. do you have an ideal ‘type’? what would they be like?

my ideal type is my gf i don’t really have a type! i can’t think of a unifying factor for the girls i’ve dated! i like butches and femmes and nonaligned women all the same!

15. what’s the best thing about liking girls?

wamen pretty

28. do you identify with butch/femme labels?

I’m a soft butch! 

send me some soft wlw questions!

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