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witchbuck · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
let me touch you (where your heart is) by sirencalls explicit ♡ 1.5k ♡ buddie
In the process of discovering and trying out each other’s kinks, they’ve ended up playing around with feminization a lot. Eddie will moan to Buck about how wet he is just like a girl, how his clit is always begging for attention, and it gets Buck hot and bothered faster than most other things they’ve tried. It’s not that he wants to be a girl because he doesn’t; he likes the subtle degradation of it, the praise that comes with being Eddie’s good girl.
So when Eddie is deep inside of him waxing poetic about his tits and says they’re probably big enough that Eddie could fuck them, Buck is suddenly overcome with a need to see if he’s right.
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prettyboybuckley · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
when we're in the dark by prettyboybuckley 3.1k | Explicit | Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings | Evan "Buck" Buckley/Eddie Diaz
So, yeah, Buck can sleep through virtually anything. And he knows it.
But Buck is also a kinky fucker, something Eddie found out pretty early on in their relationship and has gladly gone along with. With Shannon, he never got to do stuff like that, but Buck always wants to try something new, something more exciting than the last thing.
Eddie never expected this, though.
And the thing is, he's into it. Very, very into it, and he feels a little ashamed about that because it's not something he's supposed to like.
read on ao3
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afterafternoons · 28 days ago
In Case of Emergency
The 118 discuss their "In Case of Emergency" contacts.
ao3 link
“Hey, guys, wait up!” Buck calls, flagging Hen and Eddie down as they begin to load their victim into the back of the ambulance. He’s got a black cellphone in hand, and he takes the stairs two at a time, spirited by some nonexistent emergency — their victim stable, but in need of an audience with an actual doctor. 
“I got the guy’s phone.” Buck huffs, passing it off to Eddie who holds it up to show their victim the fruit of Buck’s initial panic. 
“It’s your lucky day, buddy.” Eddie jokes, “Why don’t we give your emergency contact a call?” 
“Sure.” Pete croaks, strapped into the gurney. “It’s my brother, he’s listed under ICE.” 
“Very good, Pete.” Eddie praises, only slightly distracted in his search for the vic’s contact list, “In Case of Emergency. You, my friend, have earned yourself a gold star in safety.” 
Hen snorts at that. 
“What?” Eddie asks, his eyebrows quirking together in the briefest display of confusion. 
“A gold star?” She teases, “Who taught you that? Ana?” And then, after a second of thought she adds, “Eddie… is Ana your ICE?”
“I think it’s still Shannon.” Eddie shrugs, handing the phone off to their patient. “Haven’t really thought about it, I guess.” 
Hen can read Eddie better than that, but she doesn’t press the issue further. 
“Why, who’s your ICE?” Eddie asks. 
Hen deadpans, “My wife.” 
“Hey, Buck?” Eddie finds himself asking, when there’s a lapse in emergencies and the 118 find themselves sitting around the loft. “Who’s your ICE?”
“I think it might still be Ali.” Buck frowns, tapping into his phone. He hadn’t really thought about it to be honest… the 118’s just always had his back in his hour of need. 
“Not Taylor?” Chimney supplies. 
“At least it’s not Abby.” Eddie mumbles. 
“Hold on a minute now.” Hen says, throwing her two cents into the mix, “You two can’t make fun of Buck for who his ICE is when Eddie’s is still Shannon; and who’s yours Chim? Tatiana?”
“No way,” Chimney replies, “it’s been Maddie — for years now.
“What about Ana and Taylor?” Hen challenges, “Who are their I.C.E.’s?” 
“Probably her sister.” Eddie shrugs, at the same time Buck comments absentmindedly, “Probably her cameraman.” 
“Her cameraman?” Chimney repeats, wondering if he’d heard right. 
“You two are pathetic.” Hen decides, turning back to her magazine. 
“Maybe you two could have each other as your I.C.E.’s?” Chimney proposes, the cameraman comment remaining wholly undiscussed, “There. Problem solved.” 
“Or,” Hen counters, despite having acted like she was past this conversation, “maybe you two should have a grown up conversation with your respective girlfriends.” 
The whole ordeal weighs on Eddie long after the conversation is said and done. It’s the not definitively knowing who’s depending on him in their hour of need that gets him. 
Of course he’s Christopher’s ICE, that just comes with the territory of being a parent, but he doesn’t know for sure that he isn’t Ana’s. 
…Is that a step either of them is ready to take? 
That night, after dinner, he’s a little reaffirmed to see Ana’s phone light up with a call from her sister, just as she’s moved to take her leave — ICE displayed in a banner at the top. “I’ll talk to you later, Edmundo.” She waves, starting down the drive as she holds her phone to her ear. 
Closing the door behind her, Eddie’s own phone lights up:
“Hey, I know you were joking,” Buck says, by way of greeting, “but I was thinking about those gold stars…”
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eddiediaz-buckley · 5 months ago
So I promised myself I would never pick up another Ryan Murphy vehicle after barely making it out of Glee alive and with my sanity, but I have put my clown make-up back on and binged 911 and Lone Star and now I'm curious as to who some of your favorite 911 blogs/posters are so I can feed my new hyperfixation?
Okay! Home now and ready to provide some blogs for you :) This is by no means a complete list and I will probably forget people lmao
Positivity/No Mentions of the Q-word:
@siriuslyjamie @liesoverthec @yelenabelous @translucent-bisexual
Amazing Giffers:
@juliesdahlia @evaneddie @aa-lionheart @cinematicnomad @stevenrogered @hennwilson
FanFic Masters:
@marcia-elena @mansikkaomenabanaani @hmslusitania @datleggy
My other best pals who I love so much:
@selenaurrr @burzekbrettsey @just-fandomthings @marauder-girl @nighting-gale17 @basil-the-writer @lovelessmotel
Welcome to the fandom friend! :)))
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lesbiandiaz · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
thank you to @edmundoevan for the wonderful gif!
i can't believe that after just five months in this fandom i've just reached 700 followers! thank you all so much!
a special shoutout to my beloveds, it is an honour and a privilege to be insane with you all: @sainteddie, @witchbuck, @honestlydarkprincess, @prettyboybuckley, @holdmygum, @edmundoevan, @afterafternoons
my friends and mutuals who i adore: @monsterfuckerdiaz, @zjm, @lovelessmotel, @evanbukley, @bigfootsmom, @buttercupbuck, @thisissirius, @bieddiediaz, @diazboys, @buckactuallys, @fruitydiaz, @ghostdiaz, @nymika-arts, @capseycartwright, @spidermaneddie, @werewolfdiaz, @enbyeddiediaz, @trashbaget
there are so many more of you, and i love you all. thank you for making me feel so welcome in this fandom!
i wanted to do a little something in celebration:
send me a 💕 and a prompt from this, this or this list for a short ficlet
send me a ☘️ and i'll tell you why i followed you/what i love about your blog (mutuals only)
send me a 🌸 and your fic/edit/gif tag and i'll add some of your creations to my queue
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zjm · a month ago
Let's spread some love: tag your favorite people/bloggers and let them know how appreciated they are 💗
ooh this is so cute; I'm a little in love with everyone I follow or talk to 🥰 @msmarvelouswinchester @thezalbum @marvells @anaels @ne8ula @rafael-silva @oneawkwardcookie @yellowwperil @maddieandchimney @mazieken @maddiebuckley @actuallysara@buckleys-diaz @strandtk @buckbuckley @buckactuallys @bisexualdiazs @bieddiediaz @diazchristopher @lovelessmotel @concepts @chrissiewatts @danieljradcliffe  @ravens-words @imightbe-a-robot @nymika-arts @stellalore @edmundoevan @eddidiaz @eddidiaz @evanbucxley @evanbuckleys @evanbukley @patterluke @johnbroutledge @simushangchi @simuliius @from-nova @federicocesaris @floralbuckleys @firefighter-diaz @miriammaisel @zeethebooknerd @zaddyzayn @ad1thi @mistmarauder @tarlosbuddie @lesbiandiaz @sainteddie @lesbianbuck @lucifersmorningstars @prettyboybuckley @kaz--inej @buttercupbuck @nancy-gillian @theedorksinlove @honestlydarkprincess @immortalbuckley @holdmygum @abednadir @bitchdiaz the rest of the @weewoofam cause ily all 🥰🌼
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diazboys · a month ago
Tumblr media
Hello there!
Who knew I’d be making a post like this so soon after creating this blog??? Not me, that’s for sure. I’m still shocked af but incredibly happy that there’s so many of you here, even though this blog is barely six months old! I have more followers here than I have on my main, which I’ve had for years dsjasakl
I guess what I’m trying to say is that it makes me feel so happy and so grateful that even though I don’t contribute much to the fandom, all of you have found your way here and decided to stay :’) It means the world to me 💚 Joining this fandom and letting a dumb weewoo show ruin my life was the best decision I’ve ever made 💚 (or a decision that was partly made for me by @buckactuallys and @eddieshearteyes who dragged me into this mess jksdkjas I love u both 💚)
If you want to join me and celebrate this milestone together you can send me a:
🚒 to make me choose between things/episodes/characters/anything
🔥  to request a moodboard
📣 to get a music rec
🧯  to get a tiny ficlet based on your prompt/line
It might take a while, but I’ll try my best to make you a little something.
I never know who to tag cause I don’t want to be a bother but I’ve just wanted to give a little shout-out to all the lovely people I’ve met here, I love you all a whole lot 💚
@buckbuckley @caroandcats @capseycartwright @lesbiandiaz @sainteddie @uselesslesbianhufflepuff @prettyboybuckley @bobbiamorse @simuliius @rafael-silva @bloodybuck @from-nova @nymika-arts @immortalbuckley @alberthan @honestlydarkprincess @concepts @actuallysara @mazieken @buckleys-diaz​ @oneawkwardcookie @edmundoevan @lesbianbuck @bisexualdiazs @buttercupbuck @evanbukley @littlespooneven @christopherismybuddie @diazchristopher @eddiebiaz @alkaysani @edmundoevan @silvarafael @evanbuckleys @eddiezdiaz @bieddiediaz​ @eddidiaz @holdmygum @thisissirius @mistmarauder @stellalore
and a special mention to the entire @weewoofam - sorry for not mentioning you all, I tried, but i just wanted to say that even though i don’t talk much in the server, i’m having the time of my life with you there, you are an amazing bunch and i love you loads :’) ♥
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phdna · 7 months ago
10 Fandoms 10 Characters 10 Tags
@papersergeant-pencilsoldier tagged me, thank you!
Marvel - Toss up between Tony, Steve and Bucky, don’t make me choose (but by Tony I mostly mean 20th century Tony because canon is a lie)
X Company - Alfred Graves (or pretty much any other character, this show didn’t play around with characterization - shout out to my sideblog @nofandomtoosmall )
Tolkien legendarium - Beleg
Narnia series - Lucy Pevensie
Disney - either Belle or Cinderella
Pixar - Andy from Toy Story
The Martian - Chris Beck (just for the record: he was my favorite way before there was even a movie, Seb was just a very welcome bonus!)
Dune series - Lady Jessica
Jane Austen - Fanny Price (novel version! No movie has got her anywhere near right yet)
Musicals & related fandoms - too many to count, but I’ll go with Calamity Jane because as a child I was just OBSESSED with her
Tagging the first 10 people I see on my activity page - but no pressure, do it if you want to: @angry-carlisle-jr @rain7evergreens @holdmygum @iasmelaion @fishcustardandclintbarton @whatmetalarm @whostheblondegirl @eisffin @jaune-chat @steverogersnotebook @scaredysap @crying-over-supersoldiers
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brendaonao3 · a year ago
For a portmanteau for Pattinson's Batman I offer: RBatz instead of RPatz
I can’t with RBatz, sorry :DDD  I think I’ll stick with Battinson instead
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witchbuck-archived · 2 months ago
“Eddie is…” Buck trails off. He’s got his head in Grace’s lap and she’s carding her fingers through his hair while the shower runs in the background, her husband just beyond the bathroom door. “I don’t really know, actually. Every time I think I get close to figuring it out, he does something that makes me change my mind.”
Grace hums in response, the shower turning off and leaving the place a little too quiet for Buck’s brain. Buck is antsy, and he knows Grace can tell. “Do you want to talk about it? Or do you want us to help you take your mind off of things?”
That’s an easy question to answer, heat bubbling under Buck’s skin. “Take my mind off things. Please.”
Or, if the Texas wildfires did one good thing, it was introducing Buck to Grace and Judd.
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prettyboybuckley · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
cause in your warmth i forget how cold it can be by prettyboybuckley 3.3k | Explicit | No Archive Warnings Apply | Evan "Buck" Buckley/Eddie Diaz
Whatever he thought Eddie was doing, he is not prepared for the ice-cold feeling against his nipple, his body seizing up against the touch as his eyes fly open.
Eddie is grinning down at him, an ice cube in his hand. He gets onto the bed, straddling Buck. “How's that feel?”
“Cold,” Buck grumbles, pretending to be mad, but Eddie's hand comes down again to touch the ice to his other nipple, and Buck's whole body arches into the touch. It's a strange feeling, so close to pleasure, and he craves to feel it again.
OR: Buck and Eddie get hot on their wedding night, and then cold, and then hot again
read on ao3
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eddiediaz-buckley · 5 months ago
@holdmygum i got ur ask!! I'm still at work but when I get home I'll compile a list for you 💕💕
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zetsubonna · 5 years ago
Z, I come to you for more Queer Auntie advice. I am Not A Fan of condoms because I personally feel like they make sex super uncomfortable, however, STIs (I have the birth control implant, totally covered there). It just occurred to me that maybe I should explore more brands - do you have any suggestions, or resources?
Okay, so, my current partner and I are fluid bonded, BUT, back when I was in the latex times of my life, I developed a taste for the expensive and the exotic.
I don’t think they make Rough Riders anymore, lol. BUT Kimono brand is good, and they make an ultra thin. I think ultra thins are generally good, I’ve had some luck with Durex and Trojans, but I’m an innie, too, so I can’t speak for someone who isn’t.
As far as resources though, hmm. I actually stopped doing research into sex stuff during my decade of celibacy? So I’m gonna pull a Dr. Tyson and admit that I am dated as fuck and I don’t know very much.
Erika over at Oh Joy Sex Toy has some ideas! I thought she might. Her partner has some, too. For internal condoms, too.
 I’m up for audience suggestions! Anybody got a thing?
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spacebuck · 5 years ago
@holdmygum replied to your post “have you read Every Door Opens? more importantly have you read Melt...”
I believe in the comments on melt into, melt until (iirc???) they said something along the lines that they wrote the fics while working/to help them work through some personal stuff and weren't planning on writing anything else or being super active in fandom? But I could be wrong and it could be someone else I'm thinking of
@ anon there u go pal!!
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